WARPEDLIVE 49 "DETROIT" - 06.03.12

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WARPED49 6/3/12 Detroit, MI - Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center

WARPED returns to the states for more Midwest Discovery! We hit Detroit for the first time. PKA will name a #1 Contender to the World Title to face Korrupt at WARPED50. Plus...

Match List:


Main Event - Grudge Match
SwitchBlade vs. William Wallace

Singles Match
The Rough Ryder vs. Alexander StarrZoe

FnX Rules Tornado Tag Team Match - WARPED50 Preview
Crowbar & Anton Chase vs. Cameron MaCNichol & Leon Stone

WARPED48 Rematch - Singles Match
John Yuma vs. John Pariah

Tag Team Showcase
The Queens Dynasty vs. Maple Leaf Strike Force

Three Way Dance
Robb Daniels vs. Blake Blomberg vs. Henry Malikin



WARPED49 6/3/12 Detroit, MI - Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center


You open the DVD of WARPED 49 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Two Weeks Ago -

John Yuma walks towards the camera after a hard fought battle against John Pariah

"The times they are a changin! Pariah, you shook my hand, I shook yours. I raised your arm, WARPED 49 you will raise mine. "

Two Weeks Ago -

Drug Money Inc. step up to the camera.

Blake: Well I knew that this contest was going to be difficult for us. I did my best, and I'm sure my partner did too, and that's really all you can do. Considering the nearly seven months of ring rust I had built up and the challenges I've been faced with on my road to sobriety, I believe we put up a good showing. Unfortunately there was that situation with the referee missing our tag, and hurting our momentum. However, I don't want to go and blame the officiating for the loss. The referees are only human, and humans make mistakes quite often. Trust me, I've made so many mistakes in my life it's not even funny. I think that we will take this experience and come out even stronger next time. So who are we facing at the next show?


Blake: We're not booked? Well see you in a month then.

They walk off.

Two Weeks Ago -

The curtain is thrown back and out from behind it walks Robb Daniels followed by Bret Hamilton his manager fresh off his win over Drug Money Inc. There is a cameraman waiting for his post match reaction. The cameraman motions for Daniels to walk over to the camera. Bret Hamilton is patting him on the back pointing towards the man as they begin walking in his direction.

Robb Daniels: I hate to say I told you so--But I told you So! I told everybody. Mainstream is where it's at! Two against One now thats just plain pathetic. When two men--double teams left and right and a major advantage--and those two dumb shits still could't get the job done.

Bret Hamilton: I could have easily laced up the old boots--put on the trunks and stood on the other side of those ropes to be Robb's partner. But he wouldn't allow it. He told me it would be the perfect opportunity--the perfect opportunity to display his skills and prove to each and everyone of those british bitches in the crowd that he is the man.

Robb Daniels: I'm the face of this company whether they want me to be or not. The fans love my 'I don't give a damn' mentality. They love to hate me but when it comes down to there very core they love everything about me. They stand out there chanting my name with all those nerds with there Robb Daniels and Mainstream t-shirts on--standing beside there wives and girlfriends while there standing aww of the "Innovator of Wrestling" getting damp for the future champ!

Daniels runs his fingers through his hair flicking the sweat at a man passing by.

Robb Daniels: Until management realizes the diamond there big fats asses are sitting on is a damn gold mine I will continue--week in and week out to put asses in the seats--and sell more merchandise then any of those idiots in the 'public locker room'. I'll go to the extreme defeating multiple men--challenging the unbeatable and winning the unthinkable. I've made my point now I'll earn my spot--Korrupt might as well shine up that World Championship he holds so dear--that seemingly can't be taken from him. Because I'm gonna take it from that sick freak...

Daniels pushes the camera out of his face walking by the camera man along with Bret Hamilton as they meet Lauren Parker and Alexis Brooke. Alexis takes Bret Hamilton arm & arm as Daniels does Parker also. The group walk down the hallway out of the light as the camera begins to film Drug Money Inc.'s reactions.

Scene 2

Triple Threat Match - Robb Daniels vs. Blake Blomberg vs. Henry Malikin

Randy Long: "The opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Triple Threat match! Approaching the ring, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 165 pounds and representing Drug Money Inc, Blake "The Snake" Blomberg!"

“Snakeman’s Dance” by GG Allin hits as the fans cheer for Blomberg and his partner, Villano Vi, and they make their way to the ring.

Randy Long: "His opponent, from Northumberland, England, weighing in at 185 pounds - Henry Malikin!"

The arena is at a slow humming murmur. That is until the opening guitar riffs for the song "Busy Being Born" by the band Middle Class Rut hit the PA sound system. The fans then go into a straight down the middle discharge of cheers and jeers for that young U.K. kid Henry Malkin. Malkin emerges from the backstage area with a cock grin upon his face. Clad in his ring gear, with a black warm up suit sweat jacket, Henry makes his way from the back and down the ramp. As he gets to the middle of the ramp Henry kneels down to one knee. He looks to the fans on his left and his right and then looks dead center at the ring. Henry extends his arms outward in a posing fashion. He soaks in the ambiance and then gets to his footing once more walking down to the ring. Henry then slides in the ring and quickly makes his way up the nearest turnbuckle, posing once more at the top of it. With his arms extended outwards as if he were on a crucifix. His music then dies and Henry hops down from the turnbuckle, unzipping and removing his jacket, handing it to a valet at ringside.

Randy Long: "And their opponent - from Knoxville, Tennessee, weighing in at 235 pounds and representing Mainstream - Robb Daniels!"

*This world will never be what I expected
*And if I don't belong who would have guessed it
*I will not leave alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late

Two large blue bursts of smoke explode into the atmosphere of the arena.

*Even if I say it'll be alright
*Still I hear you say you want to end your life
*Now and again we try to just stay alive
*Maybe we'll turn it around 'cause it's not too late
*It's Never Too Late

As the fog settles to the floor the “Innovator of Wrestling" Robb Daniels appears out from behind the black curtain followed by Lauren Parker and manager Bret Hamilton.

*No one will ever see this side reflected
*And if there's something wrong who would have guessed it?
*And I have left alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late

The fans with mixed reactions cheer and chant his name as the stairs step through the ropes. Daniels climbs on the middle turnbuckle of the corner facing the crowd and camera with arms in the air. The music comes to an end.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 49! We're officially back in the states and back on our Midwest Discovery tour, tonight in Detroit!"

Kris Red: "Hell yeah, and kicking the show off with three young upstarts in the company."

Tony D: "Of course, originally it was to be a Four Corner Survival with a newcomer Nick Romeo, but we're told he's unable to make it."

Kris Red: "That's too bad for him. Clearly he forgot that WARPED is now a Top 10 Fed at RoughKut."

The bell sounds as Robb Daniels starts trash talking both Blake Blomberg and Henry Malikin. He steps up and pushes Malikin, and then pushes Blomberg. He steps away, confident. Blomberg looks out at ringside where his partner, Villano VI, tells him to beat his ass! Malikin has a couple words with Blomberg and suddenly the two come after Daniels! They pound away at him, backing him into the corner. They now each grab an arm and double irish whip him to the opposite corner. He hits hard and stumbles out as Malikin hits a spinning wheel kick! Daniels gets to his feet and Blomberg runs and hits a jumping clothesline! Daniels fights up to his feet as they back him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Daniels hits the ropes.. Blomberg leapfrogs and Daniels runs under him and slides between the legs of Henry Malikin. He gets up, spins Malikin around, kicks him in the gut and tosses him through the ropes to the floor.

Tony D: "Robb Daniels is pretty outspoken with how great he thinks he is, and it appears that has gotten back to his opponents tonight. They're really targeting him!"

Kris Red: "But he's fighting through it!"

Blake Blomberg then delivers a chop to the chest of Daniels, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Daniels counters.. Blomberg hits the ropes and Daniels drops down and backdrops Blomberg over the top and down onto Malikin! Both men go down!

Tony D: "And Robb Daniels is fighting both of these men off!"

As both men at ringside start to get to their feet side by side, Daniels has something in mind.

Kris Red: "And looks like he's going to fly!"

Daniels then slingshots himself over the top rope onto both men, taking them down! Robb Daniels gets to his feet as Villano VI comes over and starts mouthing off something to Daniels and Daniels pulls back and connects with a right hand to the face, taking the masked man down!

Tony D: "And down goes Villano VI!"

Kris Red: "He's clearly been the more outspoken and unhappy member of Drug Money Inc since their arrival here and right there he paid for it."

Daniels now brings Henry Malikin up and rolls him into the ring and then helps up Blake Blomberg and kicks him in the gut. He then irish whips him toward the guardrail just as his partner is getting up and Blomberg puts on the breaks to not run into Villano VI! The two compose themselves and Blomberg turns around only for Daniels to leap off of the apron with a double clothesline!

Tony D: "Down goes Drug Money Inc!"

Daniels now slides into the ring and Malikin puts the boots to him.

Kris Red: "Henry Malikin was ready for him. I tell ya, after losing to SHEEP SHEEP in London two weeks ago, Henry needs this win tonight!"

Malikin brings him to his feet.. Irish whip to the corner. He charges in and leaps.. but Daniels moves and Malikin hits face-first on the top buckle! Malikin stumbles out of the corner and Daniels spins him around, kicks him in the gut and sets him up for something.....then flips out into a Canadian Destroyer piledriver!

Tony D: "The Daniels Bomb!"

Daniels now covers, hooking the leg..



Blomberg slides into the ring..


Kris Red: "So much for getting that win!"

The bell sounds as Blake Blomberg realizes he was too late! Daniels smiles and rolls out of the ring. He shrugs his shoulders and puts his arms in the air as the referee slides out to raise his arm in victory. Bret Hamilton and Lauren Parker join him in celebration.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Robb Daniels!"

Daniels turns to walk up the aisle when Villano VI comes out of nowhere with a steel chair to the back of Bret Hamilton! He then hits Daniels in the gut with it! Villano VI then grabs him by the head and steps up off of the barricade and flips back, hitting Sliced Bread #2 on the floor! Lauren screams out for im to stop!

Tony D: "Sliced Bread #2 on that hard floor to Robb Daniels!"

Kris Red: "I've never seen that before!"

Villano VI starts kicking Daniels and Blake comes over and insists he stops, pulling him away. He tries to talk some sense into his partner as the referee tries to separate them, insisting they go to the back. Fade out.



Scene 3

The scene fades backstage where we see WARPED Wrestling Booker and Authority figure, PKA, chatting on the phone at his desk.

PKA: "What do you mean the Queens Dynasty isn't here yet? ... ... Has anyone even heard from them? ... ... Great. Well, great. At least the Maple Leaf guys gave notice. Guess now I'm gonna have to modify the show format a bit. Well, who knows, maybe I can free up a spot in the Elite Duos so that Leon and Robb stop bitching at me. ... ... All right, thanks. Bye."

PKA looks up at the camera.

PKA: "Do you really not have anything else to do? I'm busy."

"Sorry, but I was told to come get your official comments on the Elite Duos tournament." says a voice behind the camera.

PKA: "Oh, that's right. Well, if everyone hasn't heard, I've got this genius idea and it's called the Elite Duos. Basically there are eight tag teams that are going to compete in an unprecidented tournament here in WARPED over seven events in the month of July. That's right, seven shows in the seventh month. Clever, I know. For the first time we'll run two doubleshot weekends, we'll continue the Midwest tour, and we're going to crown the first ever Tag Team Champions in WARPED."

He pauses and lifts up a paper that says ELITE DUOS INFO at the top. PKA looks through his list of teams on that piece of paper.

PKA: "Some of these guys aren't happy that I paired them together, but the rest seem fine with it. SwitchBlade and William Wallace might hate each other now, but as a team, they're going to equal money! Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar? Come ON! They've been more of a cock-tease for the tag team division for the last six months, and now they're in there. Cameron and Ryder were great together at the last show. Jimmy Helmsley and James Stall are outsiders and with Helmsley's involvement with guys like SwitchBlade and Wallace, not to mention this company really after the NEWera shows, I think they'll be great in the tournament. Established teams like Maple Leaf Strike Force, Drug Money Inc, the new team of John Pariah and Jacob Rollins, and maybe even The Queens Dynasty if they can actually show up. Look, this tournament is going to be golden, pony boy. Now, go away. I've got to decide on the World Title #1 contender."

"Thank you, sir" is heard from behind the camera, which now pans toward the floor and fades to black.


Scene 4


The scene opens with Jacob Rollins sitting on a steel chair in the locker room. He seems uneasy as he looks around him while the other wrestlers walk around. He nods at them as they pass by, when a familiar face stops in front of him - John Pariah. Rollins stands up and faces him. Pariah smiles.

John Pariah: Looks like you’re settling in nicely here.

Jacob answers nervously.

Jacob Rollins: Yeah, kinda getting the hang of it.

Pariah nodded.

John Pariah: Good.

He slowly walks away to leave but Jacob stops him.

Jacob Rollins: Hey John…

Pariah turns and faces him.

Jacob Rollins: Thanks for this opportunity, man. I really appreciate it.

Pariah smiles.

John Pariah: You’re welcome. Just show them that I wasn’t wrong in picking you as my partner for the Elite Duos.

Jacob nodded.

Jacob Rollins: For sure, man. For sure.

Pariah pats his shoulder and turns to leave as the scene fades out.


Scene 5

WARPED48 Rematch - John Pariah vs. John Yuma

Randy Long: "The following singles match is scheduled for one fall and is a WARPED48 rematch! Introducing first - from Glen Rowan, Australia, weighing in at 232 pounds, John Yuma!"

"The Times They Are a'Changin" by Bob Dylan hits and John Yuma comes out from the curtain. His entrance is simplistic. He doesn't use fancy pyros, he simply walks down the ramp, enters the ring, and prepares to fight.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 227 pounds - John Pariah!"

[The arena lights go out-and lights begin to flicker with a heavy drum rhytmn. The fans light up as yellow lights come up from the stage and "Moving Forward" by As I Lay Dying hits the PA system.]

We're born helpless but guided by humanity
What was compassion
Soon controls the way we think
Familiarity has left me desensitized
And inanity keeps deception disguised

[The lights come up and the fans cheer loudly as John Pariah steps out onto the stage, and crouches down-looking at the ramp beneath him.]

We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around

[The fans explode as he stands up-yelling to the crowd and throwing his arms into a crucifix. He heads down the ramp, and slides into the ring, posing on the ropes as the music begins to fade out.]

Tony D: "Time for a rematch from WARPED 48 between the two John's.. Pariah and Yuma."

Kris Red: "Pariah picked up the win after their match last time and both men seem to have respect for each other. Let's see how it turns out tonight."

The bell sounds and both men lock up in the middle of the ring and jockey for position.

Tony D: "Both men trying to overpower the other, now. We should mention that John Pariah is in fact in the upcoming Elite Duos tournament with newcomer Jacob Rollins. Visit for all the details on that tournament."

Yuma applies a side headlock. Pariah counters out into his own side headlock. Yuma backs him into the ropes and pushes him away from the ropes. Pariah goes off the ropes and Yuma comes at him with a clothesline, taking Pariah down. Pariah gets to his feet and Yuma kicks him in the gut. Irish whip.. Pariah off the ropes.. Yuma goes for a clothesline but Pariah ducks under and hits a hip toss! Yuma up again and Pariah with another hip toss! Pariah goes into the cover..


Kick out!

Tony D: "John Pariah trying to get the win quickly there following the two hiptosses but just a one count."

Kris Red: "Well clearly he wasn't going to beat him there but I'm sure he's sending a message saying that he's already got him down on the mat to pin him, so watch out."

Pariah brings Yuma to a seated position and kicks him in his back! Yuma screams out as Pariah then brings him up and knees him in the gut. He grabs the arm and twists it, going behind with the submission, but Yuma elbows out. He runs to the ropes, bounces off and Pariah leaps up with a calf kick, taking down John Yuma! He covers again..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Another kick out from John Yuma. And of course we all want to extend our thoughts to John Pariah and his family after the recent loss of his brother, JP Olesen."

Kris Red: "That really is horrible. But despite that, Pariah is still a fighter and didn't cancel his booking here tonight, so hats off to ya. Losing someone is never easy."

Pariah grabs the arm of Yuma and twists it, keeping him down on his knees. He goes behind Yuma, who reaches up with his free arm and pulls the hair of Pariah. The referee starts a count of 5 and Yuma immediately releases. Pariah now kicks Yuma in his back once more and he screams out! He brings Yuma to his feet and goes for an irish whip but Yuma spins out and slaps Pariah in the face. Pariah swings but Yuma ducks and drives Pariah into the corner back-first! He then kicks Pariah until he falls to the mat and YUuma now brings him back to his feet. Irish whip to the corner, Yuma comes at him and Pariah puts the boot up, nailing Yuma in the face! Yuma now comes back at him but Pariah backdrops him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Tony D: "And John Yuma flies!"

Kris Red: "And he crashes and burns!"

Pariah now climbs the turnbuckle to the top as Yuma pushes himself up off of the floor. Pariah then hits a Moonsault from the top, taking Yuma down! The fans go wild and pat Pariah on the back as he gets to his feet.

Kris Red: "Very impressive moonsault!"

Pariah brings Yuma up and rolls him into the ring, and follows in, making the cover..



Kick out!

Pariah brings his opponent up and delivers a knife edge chop, but Yuma ducks under and goes for a belly to back suplex, but Pariah lands on his feet! Yuma turns around and Pariah leaps up hitting the Codebreaker!

Tony D: "Ghost Bullet Theory!"

Pariah hits the double kneecrusher to the face and Yuma is out! Pariah with the cover..




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - John Pariahhhhh!"

The fans cheer as "Moving Forward" by As I Lay Dying hits the PA System. The referee raises his arm in victory.

Tony D: "Very impressive victory for John Pariah tonight as I believe this is his 200th win in his wrestling career. What a milestone."

Kris Red: "And it's his second victory with no losses here in WARPED. This guy knows what he's doing."

Tony D: "Without a doubt he sure does. The entire match it seemed like John Yuma could never get any solid offense in. It was all Pariah."

Pariah looks down at Yuma, who's holding his head in pain. Pariah puts his hand out and Yuma shakes it, and Pariah nods before heading out of the ring. Yuma is left sitting on the mat with a look of disappointment on his face as we fade out.


Scene 6

Two Weeks Ago -

Crowbar and Jessika stop in front of the reactions camera and look around. Crowbar looks at Jess then back at the camera.

"Switchblade, I don't like you, but you have my respect, but come on, you could have done a hell of a lot better in that match, we both know it, looks like being away a while has really turned down your game, man."

Crowbar shrugs

"Also, Cameron, you're a bitch, that's about that...though I still have no fucking idea what the fuck was going on backstage..."

Crowbar looks at Jessika then walks off scratching his head, Jess looks at the camera, shrugs and smiles before following.

Two Weeks Ago -

SwitchBlade makes his way over to the camera following his tag team win.

SwitchBlade: "Now THAT'S how you win a match. Crowbar, you're welcome. Now do me a favor and never tag with me ever again. And Wallace, I hope you learned a valuable lesson tonight. You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't pull off The Lone Ranger's mask. And you don't throw a sucker punch at me. See you at 49."

SwitchBlade walks away from the camera.


Two Weeks Ago -

Leon walks right up to the camera infuriated. He obviously has something to say since he rarely does reactions any more.

Leon: That match was stolen from me yet again, Switchblade ruined my chances of winning my title. I had Wallace right where i wanted him, a few more minutes and i would have been walking way the new evolution champion.

Leon looks at his own bad blood title.

Leon: At least i still have you.

Leon looks back at his sister.

Leon: Come on whore its time to get home.

Fade out...

Scene 7


The scene fades backstage where we see Anton Chase and Chelsea Stone close together backstage chatting and seemingly flirting. Anton asks how Chelsea is doing following the aggravated assault incident with her brother last week. At that time, like clockwork, Leon Stone then comes from around the corner to discover this and starts yelling at his sister and Anton!

Anton Chase gets inbetween the two and tells Leon to mind his own business! Security then rushes over and seperates them as Chelsea looks left at her brother, then right at Anton. She goes with Anton as Leon shouts out "CHELSEA! GET BACK HERE!" as security holds him back. She shakes her head in disappointment at her abusive and overly protective brother as the scene fades.


Scene 8

FnX Tornado Tag Match - Cameron MacNichol & Leon Stone vs. Crowbar & Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following contest is a FnX Tornado Tag Team Match! Approaching the ring, first - from Detroit, Michigan! being accompanied by his sister Dyan, this is Cameron MacNichol!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol steps through the curtain, with his sister Dyan trailing a step behind him. Ignoring the cascade of boos that shower down on him, Cameron walks down the ramp, focused on the ring in front of him. As Cameron reaches the ring, he helps Dyan up onto the apron, and they climb through the middle rope together. In the middle of the ring, Cameron raises his right arm and clenches his fist, as Dyan applauds her brother. As the music dies down, Cameron walks to the ropes and begins trash-talking fans in the front row. The hometown crowd continues to boo and chant "YOU SOLD OUT".

Randy Long: "And his partner - from Dayton, Ohio - Leon STONE!"

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Leon Stone walks out to a chorus of boos as he goes down the ramp. Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Leon steps into the ring and joins his partner.

Kris Red: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's Chris Brown."

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. first, from Long Beach, California - Crowbar!"

"Crush 'em" by Megadeth hits the arena as it goes completely black. It continues with red lights flashing to the beat. As the chorus hits the lights fade off and a blue spotlight illuminates the walkway as Crowbar steps out to cheers from the crowd. He raises his arms then punches the air as the lyrics "Crush 'em" hit. The arena lights fade back but with a red tint, showing his manager Jessika Rudakova standing behind him and a Crowbar in his hand. He smirks and starts heading down the walkway as the crowd continues to cheer and chant "Crowbar! Crowbar!". He reaches the end of the walkway and starts walking towards the steps before shrugging, laughing and climbing onto the ring, stepping inside. He raises the crowbar in the air before pounding the corner post with it a few times, raising it in the air again as the music fades. Jessika Rudakova heads to the back as Crowbar prepares for the match.

Randy Long: "His tag team partner - from Los Angeles, California, "The Future" Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

The bell sounds as the four men start throwing punches! Cameron and Crowbar battle as Anton and Leon go at it! Crowbar takes Cameron MacNichol into the corner and starts booting him in the midsection repeatedly. Meanwhile, Anton Chase backs Leon Stone into the ropes. Stone battles back, the rage inside of him being shown right now. Irish whip from Stone, but Chase counters it and sends him into the ropes. Anton shouts out at Crowbar who meets Chase in the middle of the ring with a quick double hip toss! We see Cameron MacNichol roll out of the ring, while Leon Stone gets up to his feet and Crowbar hits a snapmare as Anton then hits the ropes and returns with a dropkick to the face!

Tony D: "That's some impressive team work by Crowbar and Anton Chase!"

Kris Red: "No kidding. Maybe Crowbar and Chase should've teamed up for the Elite Duos!"

Cameron MacNichol whacks Crowbar in the back with a trashcan lid! Crowbar drops to a knee and Cameron swings and nails him in the skull with it and Crowbar goes down.

Kris Red: "It sure as hell didn't take long for the weapons to get inserted into this FnX Tornado Tag match!"

Cameron turns around and Anton Chase comes off the top buckle with a Missle Dropkick that takes Cameron MaCNichol off his feet! Chase goes into the cover..


Kick out.

Tony D: "Just a one count as Anton Chase makes the first pin attempt of this match."

Chase brings MacNichol to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Irish whip to the ropes.. Mac holds on.. Chase runs and Mac backdrops him over! Leon Stone brings Crowbar to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, backing him into the corner. Cameron comes and helps now as the two put the boots to Crowbar.

Kris Red: "And now a double team from Stone and the Dirty Mac!"

Tony D: "This is all perfectly legal!"

Cameron tells something to Leon and he then exits the ring and grabs the trashcan of weapons and dumps it out. The Detroit crowd chants "YOU SOLD OUT!" to Cameron MacNichol and he pauses to look around at his hometown.

Tony D: "These fans in Detroit clearly still remember what happened the last time Cameron was here in his hometown of Detroit!"

Leon Stone picks up a kendo stick and tosses it into Cameron, who catches it. Leon then grabs the actual trashcan and slides in as Cameron swings at Crowbar but he ducks and spears Cameron to the mat! He now delivers repeated right hands but Stone nails him over the back with the trashcan! Cameron gets up now and both men put the boots to Crowbar. He tries to crawl away but they stop him and continue beating him down. Anton Chase now gets up on the apron and Cameron notifies Leon, who then dropkicks Chase off the apron and back down to the floor! Cameron brings Crowbar to his feet and shouts at Leon.

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol seems to be calling the shots for his team tonight, perhaps getting his tag team knowledge up a bit as he's set to team with The Rough Ryder in the Elite Duos."

They then execute a double snap suplex on Crowbar, and Cameron covers..



Kick out!

Leon then says he's got this as he covers Crowbar..


Kick out!

Leon Stone tells the ref to count faster! Crowbar starts rolling toward the ropes and the two men follow, putting the boots to him some more. Cameron pushes Leon Stone aside as he puts Crowbar's neck over the ropes and steps up, choking the life out of him!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol is choking Crowbar right now with that bottom rope. And once again, this is all legal! No rope breaks, no tags, no Disqualifications.. it's all legal!"

At ringside, Chelsea Stone comes out from the backstage area to check on Anton Chase who's getting to his feet at ringside. Leon Stone notices his sister out there and reaches over the ropes, telling her to stay away from him!

Tony D: "We understand that there's some sort of friendship recently formed between Leon's sister, Chelsea, and Anton Chase, and this clearly doesn't make Leon happy."

Kris Red: "Friendship? Please! They're bangin' and you know it!"

Cameron gets off of Crowbar and tells Leon to get his ass over here! Leon comes over and the two irish whip Crowbar into the ropes but he holds on! Leon then turns back to look at his sister helping Anton up and he is furious!

Kris Red: "Look, if I was Leon Stone, I'd let my sister do whatever she wanted, especially after what happened."

Tony D: "Of course you're referring to the domestic violence issue between him and his sister last week.. and Chelsea, good for Leon's sake, didn't press charges. But he needs to get control over his anger."

Cameron charges at Crowbar and he gets the boot up, nailing Cameron on the face. Crowbar now picks up the kendo stick and wacks Cameron MacNichol over the skull and he drops to the mat. On the other side of the ring, Anton Chase reaches and grabs the feet of Stone, allowing Crowbar to then wack him in the back with the kendo stick! Anton now slides into the ring and hammers away at the face of Leon Stone, backing him into the corner. Cameron is in the opposite corner now trying to recover and Crowbar swings the kendo stick and nails him in the skull! Cameron drops to the mat as Anton Chase lifts Leon Stone to the top and climbs up. Crowbar grabs the trashcan and sets it up in the middle of the ring for Anton, who sets Stone up for a Hurricanrana but Leon Stone fights back. Chelsea then shouts out "Come on, Anton!" and this distracts Leon enough for Anton to nail a right hand on Stone, leap up and snap off the Rana and Stone lands on the trashcan!

Tony D: "What an impressive Hurricanrana!"

Anton covers..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "But Leon Stone isn't done yet!"

Crowbar now brings Cameron MacNichol to his feet and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. Crowbar climbs up, setting him up for a Top Rope Suplex. Anton Chase quickly slides to the outside and grabs a chair but Cameron's sister Dyan grabs the chair, not allowing Anton to take it with him! Anton pulls the chair back and this distraction allows for Cameron MacNichol to headbutt Crowbar, causing him to drop off the turnbuckle onto the mat. Chelsea Stone then gets in Dyan's face and the two start bickering until Dyan slaps Chelsea across the face and Chelsea tackles Dyan! The two start beating on each other on the floor, pulling hair and slapping as the fans go wild!

Tony D: "I never thought I'd be able to say this but..... CAT FIGHT!!"

Kris Red: "The sisters are on the loose! Just let 'em go!"

Crowbar is up and he gets kicked in the face by Cameron from the turnbuckle, and then pulled in for a Piledriver. Cameron lifts Crowbar up but he's able to escape back down, holding the ropes. Cameron then hits a Sunset Flip over Crowbar for a pin..



Anton Chase breaks it up with a kick to the head! Chase brings Cameron MacNichol to his feet and sets him up for the Chaos Theory but Cameron backdrops him to the mat! Crowbar, kendo stick in hand, swings, but Cameron ducks it, bounces off the ropes and hits the Clothesline from Hell! Cameron with the pin on Crowbar..



Anton Chase pulls MacNichol off of Crowbar and sets him up for the Chaos Theory! He lifts him up, gets in position, and drops him down on his face! Chase rolls him over onto his back and his shoulders are down..




Tony D: "Oh, God."

Leon Stone nearly busts a steel chair right over the skull of Anton Chase, who falls on his back with the chair wrapped around his head. The crowd erupts in boos as Stone covers Chase, a look of fury and anger on Stone's face..




Ding ding ding!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Cameron MacNichol and Leon Stone!"

"Seize The Day" plays as the crowd boos. Stone is on his knees, looking down at Anton Chase with disgust. He then removes the chair from his skull and starts pummeling him with right hands. The referee tries to pull Leon Stone off and eventually is able to. Stone slides out of the ring as he keeps his eye on Anton in the ring the entire time. Chelsea then enters to check on Anton, and Leon stops in his tracks. Leon starts heading toward the ring but Cameron stops him, with Dyan at his side. The two escort Leon to the back and he does NOT look happy. In the ring, the referee, and now Crowbar, tend to a bloodied Anton Chase.



Scene 9

Elite Duos Reaction

The voice of Tony D is heard.

Tony D: "Following the announcement of every team in the Elite Duos Tag Team Tournament, our staff requested the Reactions of some of the teams involved. Let's show you what SwitchBlade had to say earlier this week."

Fade in...

*SwitchBlade turns on his camera and stare dead into the camera. He does not look happy.*

SwitchBlade: I have a small announcement to make. I've been very busy this past week, and so I was unaware of PKA's announcement for the upcoming Elite Duos tag team tournament. Now being the first every tag team champion is fine by me, and that's why I signed up for it. But when I saw the list of teams...

*SwitchBlade holds up a piece of paper to the camera*

SwitchBlade: I noticed something. Right here.

*He zooms the camera closer to the paper until every team name can be seen clearly. He then points to the underlined team of SwitchBlade and William Wallace*

SwitchBlade: "SwitchBlade...and William Wallace?

*His hand shakes the paper*

SwitchBlade: SwitchBlade...and...WILLIAM...F**KING...WALLACE?!

*SwitchBlade crumples up the paper and violently throws it behind him. He stares back at the camera, his eyes narrowed and his teeth grinding.*

SwitchBlade: IS THIS A JOKE!? HUH?! Because it is NOT FUNNY! PKA, you've done a lot of stupid things around here, and for the most part I let them slide. But this? This is not crossing the line. This is taking A GOD DAMN LEAP OVER IT!

*He pauses and takes a deep breath to calm himself down.*

SwitchBlade: "You know what? I'll still go through with it. When I promise something I stick by it. I will compete and "team" with Wallace in this tournament. But when this is all over, you and I, we're going to have a serious talk. And if I don't like what I hear, then i'm going to do whatever it takes to ensure that this 'Ultraviolent Reboot' comes to an end. Not a promise. Not a guarantee. Destiny."

*SwitchBlade gives the camera one last look of disgust before shutting it off*


Scene 10


The scene opens with William Wallace laughing while looking at a monitor. He has just finished watching Switchblade's views on their teaming together for the Elite Duo's Tournament.

Wallace: Switchy there is no end to your comic genius man. You want to complain about being in a team with me? Really. You shouldn't be angry at PKA, you should be thanking him! A have proved time and time again that there is no one better in this company than me. If it were anyone else that was drawn with me they would be walking about like they just won the Lottery, but no not you, you just want to complain, you'll never be happy until you change your attitude. PKA has given you the best possible chance to be one half of the First ever WARPED Tag Team Champions by teaming you with me. So crack a smile and lets win some gold son!

Wallace walks away to prepare for his match.


Scene 11

Singles Match - Alexander StarrZoe vs. The Rough Ryder

The scene fades into the ring where it's time for Alexander StarrZoe vs. The Rough Ryder!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 237 pounds, he is the undefeated - Alexander StarrZoe!"

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

StarrZoë shakes his head and takes a microphone from Randy Long. Starr, with the microphone in his hand, walks back and forth, staring from the referee to his opponent for the night, Rough Ryder. Alex then looks around the arena, a tired and worn out look on his face. Starr spins his two fingers in a circular motion, as though saying “come on, hurry up!” and looks at his wrist, staring at a mock wristwatch.

Alexander StarrZoe: “Okay, where the hell is he? Didn’t the asshole say he would be here to make an announcement before the match?! Look, Pat, before you come out here, I’m going to warn you of something very simple; if you come down the ramp and announce any other name except mine, we’re going to have some serious issues. While guys like Switchblade, Korrupt, and Rough Ryder were standing on the sidelines, the other names on that list of yours, running their own promotion or dusting off their wrestling boots, I was here, making Warped relevant. Before me, Warped was a hole in the wall nothing that boasted no real roster, now, people pay attention to us. We’re no longer a regional independent promotion, we’re big time, because of ME! So, if you dare tell the world anyone else is deserving of the World Championship, I’ll beat the fuck out of you. You don’t want to see what I’ll do to you and whoever you announce as the Number One Contender. I’m the only man deserving of that shot, hell the belt is still MINE! You cost me the title three times now, you’re lucky I still let you walk.”

Starr shakes his head.

Alexander StarrZoe: “Ryder, lets be realistic, this isn’t your place. I may be beginning to question my decision of who I backed between PKA and Joey, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t still make it my personal goal to get you out of MY promotion. I give you credit for being smart enough to know better than to let Pat lie to you, but I’ll be damned if you thin you’re taking my championship from me Ryder. Tonight, I’m going to beat you so badly, you’re not going to be in any condition to wrestle if you are named the Number One Contender.”

StarrZoë drops the microphone.

Korrupt: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA....whoa!

Korrupt comes from the back with the WARPED Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He curls up on the top of the stage and sits down on it, the fans boo him, chanting "PAPER-CHAMPION! PAPER-CHAMPION!" over and over again with a rhythmic clap. Korrupt looks around at them and rolls his eyes, making a hand motion.

Korrupt: Yap, yap, yap! See Starr, you and these fans have something in common, you don't know when to shut the fuck up.

The fans boo even more as Korrupt shrugs his shoulders.

Korrupt: Now...Starr...buddy...pal...amigo...homie, you and me both know that...what you're saying isn't fair, IN FACT. The idea that you believe that you deserve another championship is very new to me. Tell me Starr did you pin me one-two-three? Oh no..? Uh do you have the belt around YOUR waist? Nope! Have you managed to see that you aren't as good as you BELIEVE yourself to be? Slowly, but surely you are. See Starr, you gotta play ball, that's what it's all about in WARPED right P-K-A!? It's about makin' paper, drinkin' brewskis, and watchin' a twenty year old Puerto Rican strip dance in front of you for five dollars, THAT'S WHAT WARPED IS AM I RIGHT?!

Some of the guys in the crowd cheer, the others boo Korrupt who cackles quietly and rolls his eyes towards Starrzoe.

Korrupt: What I guess I'm trying to say is...get in line. I'm sure there are PLENTY of people who want to face the Korrupt-ster in the back! I'm sure there are a lot of hungry little wolves just drooling at the mouth, WANTING to try and pry this belt from me. See Starr, you aren't the only one entitled to championship. It isn't about you anymore Starr, it's about ME and what I WANT. And what I want, is to NOT see your ugly face again. What I WANT is to defend the belt against someone who can't get the job done. What I WANT is someone...who's name isn't Alexander...Starr...ZOE.... so I'm here to make an announcement as to WHO my next opponent will be!

The fans look surprised Korrupt stands up and dusts himself off, then walks down the ramp slowly so the fans can hear him.

Korrupt: Most of you know him, some of you could careless! Standing at an impressive six feet and THREE inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred and THIRTY POUNDS EVEN! He is a WARPED Wrestling veteran, he's the one and only...LEON...SSSSSSSSSSSSTONE! C'MON DOWN LEON!

The fans are in an outrage as Korrupt points towards the ramp. He waves his arm for Leon to come on.


Suddenly, different music hits...and Korrupt's face turns into a scowl as he recognizes it. The fans cheer as "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns is playing and they see PKA stepping out in a black vest over his blue dress shirt, and black dress pants. His music dies down as he walks up the ring steps with a microphone in hand.

PKA: "Did you guys start the party without me?"

He steps through the ropes and enters the ring, then adjusts his black vest and looks at the three men in the ring.

PKA: "As I promised, I am here to name a number one contender for the World Title to get a shot at our WARPED 50 Supershow coming up."

Suddenly a voice blares from the back.

Voice: Alright alright, this is getting a little ridiculous.

The Rough Ryder makes his way out from the back, Jessica Reyes not far behind, holding Ryder's chair.

The Rough Ryder: I've sat out back and listened to this back and forth bickering of mental-children for long enough. Fact of the matter is, Patrick, we all know who you're going to name as the number contender to face Borrupt. It's not even a question. NOT ONLY did I PIN William Wallace; which would have entitled me a shot at his pointless belt, but I PINNED KORRUPT. I PINNED your World Champion. What more could I possibly do to nail it into your head that -I-.... Jayson "The Rough Ryder" Ryder, deserve, and will be getting... this title shot? Patrick, PKA, if you want ANY... any credibility to your name as a booker? You have to start making the right decisions. And the right decision is to have I, the uncrowned king of WARPED, as your number one contender.

Ryder shrugs, and continues toward the ring. PKA looks at Korrupt, who is still expecting Leon Stone anytime, surely. He then looks at StarrZoe, who tells him to make the right decision. Ryder enters the ring as PKA brings the microphone up.

PKA: "There are a ton of people here who are future World Champions. Some of them have held the World Title in the past, while others haven't reached that goal yet. Honestly, there are a ton of people who deserve it, but only one person who, in my mind, has what it takes right now to challenge Korrupt for the title. Starr, rumor has it you STILL blame me for not winning the World Title back those last two times. Rumor has it maybe you want to fight me. Rumor has it you're threatening to kick my ass if I don't give you this shot. Thing is, I don't give a fuck about rumors, because the fact of the matter is that you're still undefeated. Our team won at the Second Anniversary Show. Korrupt purposefully got himself counted out in your first rematch, and two weeks ago he got himself purposefully disqualified. If you want to beat me up because of that, fine. But quite frankly, you've had TWO rematches. I think it's time you take a step back. Ryder, congratulations. You're going to WARPED 50 as the number one contender."

PKA nods at Ryder, who smiles from ear to ear. PKA heads through the ropes and StarrZoe goes after him. Starr shouts at PKA as he heads up the aisle "YOU AND ME AT WARPED 50! YOU AND ME!" .. PKA turns around. "You and me? Ha.." as Starr starts out through the ropes but The Rough Ryder pulls him away. Ryder then drills him with a right hand though, and Korrupt quickly exits the ring as well, taking his title with him.

Tony D: "That's huge! It's going to be The Rough Ryder and Korrupt at WARPED 50!"

The referee calls for the bell as The Rough Ryder is atop Starr, pummeling with punches.

Kris Red: "StarrZoe is pissed and The Rough Ryder is taking advantage of his rage!"

The cameras show Korrupt and PKA seperately head to the back, both a good distance from one another. We then see Jessica Reyes cheering on Ryder who brings Starr to his feet and sends him to the corner. Ryder delivers a hard right hand, followed by another, as the ref tells them to get it out of the corner. Irish whip by Ryder and Starr hits the turnbuckle back-first, stumbling forward and into a knee lift from Ryder! Cover!


Kick out!

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder is now getting his first World Title shot one on one in WARPED in.. who knows how long!"

Kris Red: "He's got his work cut out for him tonight, though. Keep in mind that Alexander StarrZoe has gone 17 matches without officially losing the match. If Ryder could knock him off and give him his first loss tonight, that would be huge for his career and a big momentum shifter for Ryder heading into his World Title match!"

The Rough Ryder brings StarrZoe to his feet and backs him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Starr counters and tries for a backslide, but Ryder won't allow for it. He overpowers Starr, flipping him over. Starr lands on his feet and goes for a kick to the midsection, but Ryder grabs the foot! He throws it away, causing Starr to spin out and go for a kick to the head, but Ryder ducks that, and Starr then does a legsweep, taking Ryder down! Starr covers..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Alexander StarrZoe is quick on his feet, that's for sure."

Both men get to their feet and come at each other, only for Starr to take Ryder down with a headlock takeover. He holds him down to the mat and the ref counts..


Kick out!

Ryder powers up, as Starr keeps the headlock on. The Rough Ryder now backdrops StarrZoe, but he lands on his feet! Ryder turns around and Starr nails a spinkick to the temple, taking Ryder down! And he rolls out under the bottom rope.

Kris Red: "Ryder out of the ring, perhaps to rethink his strategy here."

Starr now hits the ropes and comes toward Ryder, flipping over the top, but Ryder moves and Starr hits the floor!

Tony D: "Oooh a crash landing for Starr after The Rough Ryder moved away from that Somersault Plancha!"

Kris Red: "I've had that happen to me before. Trust me, it hurts."

The Rough Ryder rolls into the ring and tells the referee to count him out! The ref begins a count of ten. (1...)

Tony D: "If Starr gets counted out, his undefeated streak is over!"

(2...) Ryder watches on as Starr is still motionless on the floor. (3...)

Kris Red: "I don't think that ending a streak via countout is the best way in the world, but it'd end the streak nonetheless!"


Tony D: "I don't think The Rough Ryder cares how he does it, though. Starr really has to find a way to get to his feet now!"

(5...) The Rough Ryder leans up against the corner, watching on as the fans cheer for StarrZoe to get up! (6...)

Tony D: "The referee up to a count of six now. Man, we might need some EMT's out here to check on Starr after that sickening thud to the floor."

(7...) Starr begins slightly moving, as Ryder talks with Jessica through the ropes. She assures him this match is all his! (8...) Starr rolls onto his stomach, the fans cheering him on.

Kris Red: "The ref is nearly to ten!!"

(9...) and Starr pops up and rolls under the bottom rope just in time. Ryder looks pissed as he comes out of the corner.

Kris Red: "Starr's in!"

But Starr isn't 100%, as he's still lying on the mat. The Rough Ryder puts the boots to him, causing him to roll out of the ring again. Ryder follows and brings Starr to his feet, delivering a hard right hand. He then grabs him by the arm.. Irish whip into the steel steps!

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder with a powerful whip into the steps on Starr there, and it looks like he's headed back to the ring again."

Indeed, Ryder rolls in the ring and tells the referee to count again! The ref hesitates, because of Ryder's actions moments prior. Ryder tells him that his job is not to be the moral police, it's to count! The ref starts a 10 count again.. (1...)

Kris Red: "Somebody needs to slap that referee. He be trippin'!"

(2...) and Ryder says to hell with it as he rolls out of the ring and picks up Starr, rolling him into the ring. He follows in and covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Looks like The Rough Ryder didn't want to wait again for a count, or maybe he thought he'd have a shot at pinning Starr after he's clearly been hurt."

Ryder gets on top of Starr and begins punching him in the face once.. twice.. three times.. four times.. five times! He then brings Starr to his feet and lifts him up - backbreaker! Ryder then runs to the ropes, bounces off and returns with a Diving Knee Drop to the face of Alexander StarrZoe. He then hooks the leg -



Kick out!

"You Suck" chants roll through the venue as The Rough Ryder brings Starr to his feet. He then sets Starr up for a vertical suplex. Ryder lifts him up but Starr is able to wiggle free and land on his feet. He then wraps his arms around the waist of Ryder, pushing him toward the ropes, and the two roll backward, Starr rolling up Ryder..



Kick out!

Both men get to their feet. Starr with a clothesline - Ryder ducks it - Full Nelson Suplex from The Rough Ryder! He covers..



Kick out!

Ryder gets to his feet, looking down at Starr, who's clutching his back. Ryder looks out at the fans and motions to his waist and says "Future World Champ!" and the fans boo. He now grabs a handful of hair and brings Starr up, with the ref telling him to let go of the hair! He does, but then he hurls Starr through the ropes.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder is in firm control right now but he can't win the match on the outside of the ring!"

Kris Red: "He can weaken Starr some more, though, that's for sure."

Ryder heads through the ropes and brings Starr to his feet, taking him to the announce table. Ryder then tries to slam Starr's head off the table -

Kris Red: "Look out!"

- But Starr elbows him in the gut and slams his head off the table instead! Starr then grabs a handful of hair from Ryder and goes to slam his head off the table a second time, but Ryder pushes him away and rolls into the ring. Starr quickly follows, sliding in. Ryder gets to his feet and Starr nails him with a right hand, and then kicks him in the gut. Irish whip from Starr.. Ryder hits the ropes.. Starr with a spinkick~ Ryder ducks! Ryder hits the ropes and comes back with a high knee, taking Starr down! He covers!



Tony D: "And a twocount! Starr got the shoulder up just at the last split second there."

The Rough Ryder shakes his head and heads through the ropes, walking along the apron, taking his time as he then starts climbing the turnbuckles. He gets to the top as Starr gets to his feet and he jumps and punches Ryder in the gut! He then grabs him and tosses him down to the mat! The fans cheer as StarrZoe motions for Ryder to get to his feet, which he does. Ryder up.. Starr grabs him from behind for a German Suplex, but Ryder elbows out of it. He runs to the ropes, bounces off, and Starr goes for a clothesline but Ryder ducks and applies the sleeper hold!

Tony D: "And now the sleeper hold has been applied! The Rough Ryder looking to wear down the undefeated Starr."

Ryder puts the pressure on, and Starr starts to fade, slowly falling down to a seated position, as Ryder still stays standing with the hold applied. "StarrZoe! StarrZoe!" chants fill the building and Starr starts to fight through the sleeper, slowly getting back to his feet. He then pulls at the hands of Ryder, trying to free himself from this submission hold. The fans still cheer him on and he is able to break free! He then runs toward the corner, steps up on the second buckle and hits the moonsault onto Ryder, taking him down! He stays on top for the pin!



Kick out!

Tony D: "What a maneuver by Starr!"

StarrZoe now brings Ryder to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another, and another. Irish whip into the corner.. Starr charges in but Ryder gets an elbow up. Starr shakes it off as Ryder hits the ropes and returns only to get a Roundhouse Kick to the temple! Ryder goes down and Both men are down in the middle of the ring and the referee starts the 10 count. (1...)

Tony D: "StarrZoe is mounting a comeback but he didn't quite have enough to make the pin on The Rough Ryder."


Kris Red: "There's a lot on the line right now and both men have a lot on their minds I'm sure. Ryder knows he's got a future World Title shot coming up, and Starr knows his undefeated streak is on the line right now. But I wonder what's going to happen with Starr and PKA?"

(3...) They start to move and find their way to their feet. (4...) Both men get up and Ryder throws the first punch. Starr fights back with a right hand of his own. Ryder the nails him with a right hand, and Starr nails him with another, then another, and a kick to the side, then a kick to the gut. Starr then hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline - and he connects, taking Ryder down! The Rough Ryder is back up to his feet now but Starr is quick as he goes behind, locks his arms around the waist and snaps off a High-angle German Suplex! Starr then hits the ropes, comes back, rolls and flips - hitting the senton!

Tony D: "Philly's Finest Flyer!"

Starr with a cover..



Thr- Kickout!

Kris Red: "Just two!"

Ryder now rolls out of the ring, saying he's out, as he pushes his hair out of his eyes. Starr then slingshots over the top and takes Ryder down! He quickly brings Ryder to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Starr climbs the apron and then climbs up the turnbuckle as The Rough Ryder is slowly getting to his feet. Starr leaps off with a Flying Clothesline and takes The Rough Ryder down!

Tony D: "StarrZoe off the top!"

He makes the cover!



Kick out!

Ryder once again starts rolling toward the ropes but Starr stops him and brings him to his feet. Ryder then rakes the eyes of Starr, and the ref tells him to watch it or he'll get DQ'd! Starr grabs at his eyes as the ref checks on him. Ryder hits the ropes and comes in for a clothesline but Starr moves and Ryder takes out the referee!

Kris Red: "Ref bump!"

The fans boo as Ryder looks down at the referee. Starr then hits a German Supelx! He gets to his feet and points to the turnbuckle as the fans cheer!

Kris Red: "Oh you know what's coming!"

Starr leaps onto the top turnbuckle and the fans get on their feet. He then comes off the top with the 450 Splash!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!"

Starr lands on Ryder, hitting his finishing move, but the referee is out as Starr has Ryder pinned! The fans count out loud 1... 2... 3... 4... 5.. until Starr gets off of Ryder and checks on the referee.

Tony D: "StarrZoe probably would've had the win there but the damn referee is out cold thanks to The Rough Ryder!"

Starr shakes the referee, trying to make him come to, but it isn't working. Starr turns back around as Ryder is still on the mat. He looks around, wondering what to do, and he sees Jessica Reyes smiling. He shakes his head and brings Ryder to his feet, and Ryder kicks Starr in the gut and sets him up between his legs for the Dangerous Driver! He hooks both arms in the style of a Pedigree, but Starr grabs the legs of Ryder and takes him down to the mat. He then holds his legs and slingshots him face-first into the turnbuckle! He then hits a backslide on Ryder...

Tony D: "A backslide pin.. and the ref is still down!"

The fans continue to count and Starr lets go of Ryder. He shakes the ref, trying to help him wake up. Meanwhile, Jessica Reyes slides in the RYDE or DYE chair into Ryder. Starr turns around and Ryder drives it into his gut. Starr doubles over and Ryder brings the chair down over his back!

Tony D: "Oh come on! That's human flesh being hit with that chair. Knock it off!"

The fans boo as The Rough Ryder tosses the chair out of the ring. He then heads to the referee to wake him up, when none other than PKA comes running down the aisle.

Kris Red: "Our fearless leader has arrived!"

PKA slides into the ring and checks on the referee, and Ryder tells PKA to make the count! He then covers StarrZoe... and PKA looks back, then down at the ref, and back at them.. and counts!




Tony D: "What!"

NOO! Kick out just in time!

Kris Red: "Ho-ho-hooooooooly crap that was close!"

Tony D: "I swear I thought The Rough Ryder just ended the streak!"

Ryder grabs his head and his jaw drops as he's kneeling next to the body of StarrZoe. Ryder can't believe that he was that close! PKA then heads back and checks on the referee. Meanwhile, Ryder asks for the chair again from Jessica. She hands it through the ropes and Ryder is ready to nail Starr, who's slowly getting to his feet. PKA sees this and gets up, telling Ryder to put it away! PKA then takes the chair from Ryder. Starr gets to his feet and sees PKA with the chair and thinks PKA is about to hit him as he gets in a fighting position, but PKA shakes his head and tosses the chair away. Starr gets in PKA's face, saying that Ryder hit him with a chair and PKA tried to count him out?!?! Starr shoves PKA and PKA drops his head.

Tony D: "Oh my!"

Kris Red: "These two have argued a lot but that's the first time either has laid a hand on the other... And that's not a great idea."

PKA tells Starr he didn't even see the chairshot, because he was too busy running out here to make things right again. Starr argues that PKA is just going to screw him over again. PKA turns his back on Starr. "I'm out" as he starts through the ropes but Starr pulls him back in by his arm. PKA then shoves Starr and right into a schoolboy roll up from Ryder!





Kick out!

Tony D: "Another near fall!"

Both men get to their feet and Starr looks back at PKA like WHAT THE FUCK? PKA turns his back and heads through the ropes, wanting no part in this. The Rough Ryder then kicks Starr in the gut and puts him between his legs.. he hooks both arms, lifts him up and drops down on his knees, Starr's head hitting the mat.

Tony D: "The Dangerous Driver! But PKA has left! The ref is still out!"

Someone slides into the ring now.. it's Korrupt!

Tony D: "The Champ is here! What for, though?!"

World Championship in hand, Korrupt then nails The Rough Ryder over the skull! Korrupt then grabs Starr and puts him on top of Ryder and goes to shake the referee who is slowly coming to.

Tony D: "What in the world is going on!"

Korrupt slips out of the ring as the referee slowly crawls over and counts..








Tony D: "Three count! Starr's the winner!"

The bell sounds and this match is over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Alexander StarrZoe!"

"Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA System as Starr rolls onto his back, still motionless after taking the Dangerous Driver moments ago. Ryder is also out, and a trickle of blood is on his forehead after that shot to the skull from the World Title. Korrupt slithers into the ring, title in hand. He looks down at Starr, and then at Ryder who is beside him. Korrupt holds the championship in hand and says "Neither of you will ever take this from me!" .. Fade out.



Scene 12

A graphic appears...


20 x 3 - J = 50

Scene 13


The cameras then catch up with PKA as he's pacing back and forth backstage in the hallway.

PKA: "Look. I might be the quote-unquote "Authority Figure" around here.. I might be the man in charge of "booking" around here.. but I'll have everyone know that I am an eleven year veteran, a professional wrestler, and a pretty damn good one at that. Just because I put on a fucking suit and a nice vest or dress shirt doesn't mean I'm not the same guy I was eleven years ago or the same guy I was a year ago. I've put aside any differences with a ton of boys backstage in order to make this a better place than it was when Joey Matthew ran things. But no, it wasn't good enough for Starr. Well, you want to put your hands on me? You want to blame me for every single non-win you've had lately? That's fine. You're still undefeated, though. So stop your bitching. Thing is, I wonder how much longer you'll be undefeated, because at WARPED 50.. you've now got a match. That's right. I'll see you in the ring, and after I beat you and end your little 18 and 0 undefeated streak.. you'll be 18 and 1.. and you CAN blame me for screwing you out of THAT win."

PKA heads out of camera view as the camera zooms in on the concrete wall before fading out.


Scene 14

Main Event Grudge Match - William Wallace vs. SwitchBlade

The scene fades to the ring area for the main event!

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - he hails from Glasgow, Scotland, and weighs in at 254 pounds. The reigning WARPED Evolution Champion - William Wallace!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

Randy Long: "And his opponent! From Boston, Mass, weighing in at 192 pounds - SwitchBlaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. William Wallace rushes SwitchBlade, taking the veteran by surprise.

Tony D: "Whoa, look out!"

He rams him into the ring corner and then delivers repeated right hands! He takes SwitchBlade out of the corner and lifts him up then charges and slams him to the mat!

Tony D: "William Wallace wasted no time in attacking SwitchBlade, and perhaps took him by surprise there!"

Wallace brings SwitchBlade to his feet and sends him to the corner, but SwitchBlade comes right out with a clothesline, taking down the Evolution Champion! SwitchBlade now grabs the leg of Wallace, spinning him over and locking in a STF! Wallace, aware of his ring position, grabs the bottom rope, forcing SwitchBlade to release the hold. Both men scramble to their feet and SwitchBlade hits a drop toe hold on Wallace. He then goes for the STF again but Wallace is able to kick SwitchBlade, who stumbles back into the ropes. Wallace gets to his feet and on the rebound, lifts Switchy up and locks in a Bear hug.. (or tries to) .. as SwitchBlade quickly escapes and delivers a chop to the chest of Wallace. Returning the favor is Wallace, who delivers a chop of his own! SwitchBlade stays on his feet and delivers a chop back to the chest of Wallace, who then returns the favor again with a chop of his own! SwitchBlade goes for another chop but Wallace ducks and hits a 1/2 Nelson!

Tony D: "William Wallace with the half nelson suplex! And now what's he doing?"

Wallace heads to the corner and starts messing with the top turnbuckle. The referee comes to Wallace and sees what's going on and Wallace pulls off the cover of the turnbuckle.

Kris Red: "Looks like Willie wants to expose that turnbuckle pad for some damage to Switchy!"

SwitchBlade is up, though, as Wallace took too much time. He spins Wallace around and nails him with a hard knife edge chop to the chest. SwitchBlade grabs his arm.. Irish whip.. Wallace counters and pulls SwitchBlade chest-first into the top exposed buckle!

Tony D: "And SwitchBlade strikes that exposed metal!"

SwitchBlade reels back into the waiting arms of Wallace, who connects with repeated Trapping Headbutts! He releases the hold and SwitchBlade stumbles back into the corner, grabbing the ropes to hold himself up. Wallace now lays in the punches in the corner as the referee begins a 5 count.. 1.. 2.. 3... Wallace continues punching but stops at 4. He backs up, putting his hands up. He then steps toward SwitchBlade and the veteran refuses to stop as he kicks Wallace in the gut, but Wallace retaliates with a hard right hand. He pulls SwitchBlade out of the corner and applies an Abdominal Stretch. SwitchBlade reaches out for the ropes as the fans get behind him!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is in a precarious position right now as Wallace has the abdominal stretch applied in the middle of the ring."

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade desperately wants this win tonight, as the first time these two met in the ring, Wallace won via disqualification. He's gotta fight through this!"

SwitchBlade feeds off the fans' cheers, slowly escaping the submission. He goes for a hip toss, but Wallace clubs him in his back, lifts him up and drops him with a belly to back suplex. Wallace gets to his feet, hits the ropes and returns with a Leg Drop! He covers..



Kick out!

Wallace brings SwitchBlade to his feet and whips him into the ropes. SwitchBlade bounces off as Wallace ducks down, but SwitchBlade kicks him in the face. He then hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline but Wallace hits a Spinebuster! Wallace covers... but the left leg of SwitchBlade is under the bottom rope.

Tony D: "Great job by SwitchBlade getting his leg under the rope and not wasting his energy to kick out."

Kris Red: "He's a 14 year pro, Tony D! He knows what he's doing in that ring."

Wallace, frustrated, brings SwitchBlade to his feet and sets him up for an irish whip into that exposed turnbuckle. Wallace sends him toward it, but SwitchBlade puts on the breaks, grabbing the top ropes and putting his foot on the middle buckle. Wallace comes in after him but SwitchBlade hits a back elbow. He then grabs Wallace by the skull and slams his face off the exposed buckle! The referee tells SwitchBlade not to do that again!

Kris Red: "Ooh his faaaaace!"

SwitchBlade quickly follows up with a discus clothesline! He covers..


Wallace gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Tony D: "And a wise move by Wallace there as well."

SwitchBlade nods in approval of William Wallace's ring presence as he brings him up to his feet. SwitchBlade delivers a right hand, backing Wallace into the ropes. Irish whip.. Wallace hits the ropes and SwitchBlade goes for another discus clothesline, but Wallace ducks and goes behind for a German Suplex, however SwitchBlade elbows his way out of it, then hits a Running STO Takedown! Wallace rolls out of the ring, clutching the back of his head. SwitchBlade follows him out as Wallace walks up the aisle. He grabs him by the beard and forces him into the ring again! SwitchBlade slides in and Wallace nails a quick Fist Drop onto the back of SwitchBlade's head! Wallace now sets SwitchBlade up for the Sitout Powerbomb, but SwitchBlade hits a backdrop over the top rope, sending Wallace crashing down at ringside!

Tony D: "It looked like Wallace was setting up for the Freedom Drop but SwitchBlade escaped just in time!"

The referee begins a 10 count as SwitchBlade motions for Wallace to get back in here! (1...) Wallace is down and out at ringside as the fans chant for SwitchBlade. (2...)

Tony D: "The fans are firmly behind SwitchBlade tonight, as always."


Kris Red: "Wallace hit that floor hard. He might need a few seconds to himself."

(4...) Wallace starts to get to his feet as SwitchBlade backs up to allow him to enter the ring without an issue. (5...) Wallace walks around the ring, keeping his eyes on SwitchBlade the entire time. SwitchBlade tells him to get his ass in here! (6...) Wallace heads to the announce table and grabs the Evolution Title.

Tony D: "This isn't no dq, William! You can't use that!"

He ignores Tony D, though, and heads back around the ring where he was moments ago. (7...) Wallace holds the title like he's going to rush the ring and use it, but then lets his guard down and starts backing up. SwitchBlade puts his arms out as if to ask "what are you doing?" (8...) Wallace backs up, title on his shoulders.

Kris Red: "Is William Wallace leaving?"

Tony D: "He's going to be counted out and lose this match if he doesn't make it in by the count of ten!"

Kris Red: "This is no way for a main event to end!"

SwitchBlade yells for Wallace to get in here and fight, but Wallace turns his back and heads through the curtain. (9...) SwitchBlade sighs as the fans are booing. The referee counts 10 and calls for the bell.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via count out - SwitchBlaaaade!"

SwitchBlade doesn't look happy though as he tells the ref that this isn't over. He goes through the ropes and runs up the aisle.

Tony D: "Is SwitchBlade going after William Wallace?!"

Kris Red: "Looks like it!"

As he reaches the curtain, though, Wallace comes through with a right hand out of nowhere. SwitchBlade stumbles back and drops to one knee, as Wallace then kicks SwitchBlade in the face!

Tony D: "William Wallace with a cheap shot through the curtain! SwitchBlade had no idea!"

Wallace now sets SwitchBlade up for the powerbomb, lifts him up and hits it!

Tony D: "Oh my goodnesss! The Freedom Drop on the metal ramp!"

Kris Red: "That looked painful.."

Wallace reaches down and picks up his Evolution Championship from the ground, and he now stands over SwitchBlade. He grins and holds the title in the air as the fans erupt in boos! Wallace heads through the curtain, leaving SwitchBlade on the ramp."

Kris Red: "Well, they're now tied up with 1 win each, but both were in questionable fashion. Disqualification first, and now a count out! And to think, they're going to be a team in the Elite Duos!"

Tony D: "I could never imagine those two teaming after that match."

Suddenly, a great deal of heat can be heard coming from the crowd.

Kris Red: Must be some kind of encounter in the crowd. Out of nowhere, Jimmy Helmsley attacks him and begins laying his boot into the back of Switchblade’s head.

Tony D: There’s your answer right there. Jimmy Helmsley has invaded Warped Wrestling once again.

Helmsley picks Switchblade up and immediately hits his Drama Dropper super kick, incapacitating Switchblade from getting any momentum for an attempt at a comeback. The impact of the move sends SwitchBlade up the aisle, and Helmsley approaches. Security begins running out as Helmsley steps away from them and SwitchBlade, and grabs a microphone from the announce table. He pulls out a piece of paper.

Jimmy Helmsley: Hold it right there stooges, I have in my hand an official Warped Contract stating that from now, until the Elite Duos is over, I’m an official guest of this company! As a guest, I am as welcomed to be in that ring as that piece of garbage lying on his back.

With that, Helmsley walks up the aisle. He leans down as Switchblade is still struggling to get to his feet.

Jimmy Helmsley: I’m sure everyone here knows that on June 10th, New Era Wrestling is hosting their annual London Brawl pay per view event. The winner of the brawl gets an opportunity to fight for the New Era world championship. My boss Travis Blaine decided to throw pity to this company again and stated any Warped superstar is allowed to compete.

Helmsley chuckles and stands back up for a second, only to kick Switchblade across the skull, preventing him from getting to his feet.

Jimmy Helmsley: After New Era dominated Warped in our joint shows, most of the superstars in this company knew better than to get involved in our business again…. Well, most of the guys in this company.

The camera motions down onto Switchblade.

Tony D: Well it’s obvious that he’s talking about Switchblade. Jimmy has been jealous of him since the day they met,

Kris Red: These two have had twitter wars for the past number of weeks about Switchblade competing in the brawl.

Jimmy walks back over towards Switchblade and grabs him by the air.

Jimmy Helmsley: I warned you what would happen if you stepped back into my ring. I gave you the chance to back out and you didn’t listen. All of this, Switch, is because of you. You’re forcing me to be here tonight so I could teach you a lesson. New Era is where the real superstars belong, something you haven’t been in a long long time.

A few of the fans start throwing a little bit of trash. They don’t want to see a New Era star beating down on their hero.

Jimmy Helmsley: Consider this your last warning. June 10th is my night. It’s the beginning of my road to becoming world champion for the third time. I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way, especially an outside old timer like you. Call Travis Blaine. Bow out. The London Brawl is my night and if you show up, you’ll realize why. I’ll see you when I see you.

Helmsley throws the microphone in Switchblade’s face as he goes back through the crowd.

Tony D: That was disgusting. And to think, he’ll be competing with James Stall in the upcoming Elite Duos event.

Kris Red: SwitchBlade took a hell of a beating tonight - first from Wallace, and then from Helmsley. Somebody come help the guy..

Tony D: "Fans, that's going to do it for WARPED 49! We'll see you next time on DVD when we'll be coming to you from the place it all started - Chicago!"

The camera zooms in on a motionless SwitchBlade as the show fades to black.