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The UTA brand draft has come and gone, and much like the NFL or NBA drafts, the brand drafts left us with plenty to talk about and a new world of potential matchups.
 We here at UTA the Magazine decided to do our best impressions of the talking bobble heads you see and hear before and after every draft.  Join us now as we break down the UTA brand draft and go over each pick.  We'll start with Wrestleshow 
Wrestleshow draft review
A solid overall draft but this roster could end up being top loaded with the established main eventers and upper mid carders already on the roster. The mid card provides solid depth and the developmentals all have promise. not too many reaches or questionable picks with this draft. 
Best pick: Sean Jackson
Biggest head scratcher: Sanctus
Could surprise: Scott Stevens
John Sektor: UTA Legacy champion. Possibly the most popular performer in the UTA at the moment. How he steps up in the Machine with Alex Beckman out injured at the moment will ultimately help determine how this pick finally grades out but right now it looks real good. A
Cecilworth Farthington:  Machine member, seems to be more of a comedy act stuck in mid card. Hopes are high for this talented performer but something is missing from this performer being taken seriously or this grade being any higher. B-
Alex Beckman: Machine member and unofficial in ring leader of group. Dominating run through Ring King tournament and reign as Prodigy Champ have fans solidly in her corner. Will her injury from Ring King derail her promise and momentum?  A 
Bronson Box: Great pick here. All the potential to be one of if not the next monster heel in the UTA. Solid showings and one of the most talked about moments at the Ring King PPV all show that the momentum and development are there, all that may be missing is the right opponent. A-
Sean Jackson: Ace in the Hole, former two time World Champion. He's one of the best in the company today. No doubt about this one A+
Scott Stevens: Issues are hounding this star. Has looked great at times and at others is being questioned or in some heavy controversy. Boom or bust pick here. C
Chris Hopper: Has Chris peaked? Has had "uncrowned World Champion" on his resume for a while. Age isn't as much of an issue as his possible falling out of favor with the fans. Hopper is still a great addition for Wrestleshow. Is a heel turn what will bring him the World title so many have been expecting of him? A -
Brother Judas: Are we getting the same Brother that helped terrorize the UTA with Simon and the Reverend? If Yes then this will be a good depth pick here despite the limits of being so reliant on The Good Reverend. If no, then it will be a while before this pick grades out. Right now, we're grading on what is, and not what might be. C+
Sanctus: Subject of a lot of rumors within the UTA. Lots of potential and promise but also some things are missing for this performer to be taken seriously. Potential feud with Brother Judas will show if this pick was as big of a waste as some think. D
CBR: His personal issues appear to be behind him, especially with his long and deep run in Ring King.  Dynasty member who figures to be a key player in the potential upcoming feud with the Machine. Would help his own stock if he goes after a title soon.  B -
Abdul Ahad: Returning after a long hiatus but has yet to appear on UTA TV.   Is going to draw some heavy comparisons to Abdul Bin Hussain. Jury is out on this late round pick. Incomplete 
Lucius Jones:  Returning after a long hiatus but has yet to debut on UTA TV.  Jury is out on this late round pick.  Incomplete 
Kendrix: The forgotten member of Dynasty here. The decision to join them was good for his career but the follow through has been lacking.  Is in danger of becoming forgotten in the loaded group of Dynasty and the stacked Wrestleshow roster.  B
Zhalia Fears: Has gone from being part of a hot feud with Second Coming and Crimson Lord to being depth filler on the Wrestleshow depth chart. Forgotten in all of this is her proven track record of success. Will likely be worth more than where she was picked in the draft.  C+
Dylan Windsor: Has yet to debut on UTA TV.  Jury is out on this late round pick.  Incomplete 
Sabrina Baker: Has yet to debut on UTA TV. Has worked at house shows. Jury is out on this late round pick.  Incomplete