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WARPED45 "Wichita Warfare" - 4/15/12 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom

WARPED continues the Midwest Discovery as we debut in the HOME BASE of WARPED - Wichita, Kansas!

MAIN EVENT: World Title Rematch
Korrupt(c) vs. Alexander StarrZoe
To make things right, PKA has already granted Alexander StarrZoe his World Title rematch against Korrupt. Will Korrupt's reign as champion be short lived? Will StarrZoe become a 2x champion? Or will Korrupt come out victorious and prove that he is the rightful champ? And how will StarrZoe react to PKA granting him this shot so soon?

Grudge Match
William Wallace vs. SwitchBlade
After their war of words at WARPED44, the Evolution Champion William Wallace and the great SwitchBlade will go head to head for the first time ever!

Tag Team Match
Maple Leaf Strike Force vs. Wichita's Greatest Tag Team
After making an impactful debut at WARPED44 by taking out Grendel, the Maple Leaf Strike Force make their in-ring debuts as they face local talents "Wichita's Greatest Tag Team"

Four Corner Survival
Leon Stone vs. Anton Chase vs. John Yuma vs. Gary Mac
Four men with a lot to prove will be in this fast-paced match known as the Four Corner Survival Match. Three men inparticular have more to prove than one, as Anton Chase is now the #1 Contender for the Evolution Title, to Leon Stone's disdain. Also, many say that John Yuma pulled up an upset against Gary Mac at the last show, so there's plenty to be settled there. Two men start in the ring, and they will tag out periodically, but tags aren't necessary. International "Scramble" rules are in effect, so once a wrestler exits the ring, another may enter and be legal. These matches are often very fast-paced and tend to break down, so it's sure to be an exciting match!

Triple Threat Debut Match
Joey Hollywood vs. Henry Malikin vs. Anjelleka Slayter
A triple threat debut match featuring Joey Hollywood from Canada, Henry Malikin from England and Anjelleka Slayter of Nebraska all making their WARPED debuts.

AND: With this being the home base for WARPED, as well as the hometown for PKA and WARPED Founder Joey Matthew, will we hear from the current boss and/or former bosses?

Also to appear - Crowbar, Cameron MacNichol, The Rough Ryder, Silas Bullock, and more!

Footage of Korrupt, Sean Edmunds, and Cameron MacNichol being forced to join the RING CREW following the last show and before this one! They're sure to be happily cleaning and setting up ... yeah, right.

Get to the show an hour early for a special autograph signing and picture with Wichita's own PKA and Kris Red, as well as other WARPED talents.

WARPED45 "Wichita Warfare" - 4/15/12 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom


You open the DVD of WARPED 45 Wichita Warfare and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from SwitchBlade

SwitchBlade makes his way to the exit. He's wearing his street clothes and carrying a sports bag. He notices the camera and goes over to it.

SwitchBlade: "I gotta say, Sabra brought her A game tonight. You know, at first I was willing to admit that I was wrong about her. But then her mentor tried to get involved. And then she tried to cheat her way into a victory. Guess I was right about her after all. Sabra, go back to SCW and stay out of my ring."

SwitchBlade goes to leave, but stops himself and turns back to the camera.

SwitchBlade: "Oh, and one more thing. Wallace, i'll see you at Warped 45! Try not to disappoint me, a'ight fella?"

SwitchBlade laughs as he walks away from the camera.


Scene 2

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from the new John Yuma

-Yuma approaches the camera, still in his wrestling attire-

"Gary... all came true as I said it was. We stole the show! I saw the tenacity in your eyes. You want glory, you want to become the World Champion. You're in a company rattled by corruption. Stand with me and fight. Put your ego aside and help me restore this company to its former glory. At WARPED 45, I know you'll have an answer for me. Its time for you to choose your OWN fate. See you at 45."

Yuma walks away


Scene 3


Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 45 live from our homebase of Wichita, Kansas! We're glad that you've joined us!"

Kris Red: "That's right Tony D. I'm glad we're still alive after last night's tornadoes. Wow!"

WARPED 45 is about to kick off. The crowd is alive in Wichita, Kansas when “Accidents” by Alexisonfire hits and from the back emerges Travis Blaine. Behind him is Jimmy Helmsley, “RAW” Randy Altzer, and NEW North American Champion, Doc Holiday.

Tony D: “As you all know, beginning April 29th WARPED and NEWera will be going on tour together. First stop will be Hampden Park in Glascow, Scotland. It is an outdoor venue. That should be fun.”

Kris Red: “It should be. I hear we might be in for some rain. That will be wild.”

The foursome enter the ring and glare around at all the WARPED fans who don't really know how to take NEW guys being on their show. Travis Blaine is handed a microphone.

Travis Blaine: “First and foremost I want to thank WARPED for having us this evening. It is an honor and a privilege to be apart of tonight's festivities.”

But before he can continue RAW snatches the mic from his bosses hands and begins pacing the ring.

RAW: “So this is WARPED? This is the big deal Travvy here has been making? You know something boss man, I just don't see it.”

He faces Travis with a look of concern on his face.

RAW: “How in the HELL is ALLOWING these small time bingo hall spot monkeys going to help NEW in any way?”

This gets an instant negative reaction from the crowd.

Tony D: “Wow, “RAW” Randy Altzer ladies and gentlemen.”

RAW: “I mean, are we doing them a favor? And if so, why? What has WARPED ever done for NEW and most of all what has WARPED ever done for me? So you mean to tell me, we're going to take these guys to the United Kingdom with us and compete on MY show? Have you lost your mind, Travis?”

Travis is nodding his head disagreeing with RAW's every word.

RAW: “You dragged us half way across the world from our tour of Japan where tomorrow night I am scheduled to beat Troy Turners ass all over the Saitama Arena and become the NEWera World Heavyweight Champion at Bloodlust, just to sell some damn tickets? I am too good to be standing in this run down ring surrounded by fat out of shape Kansas rednecks.”

The booing is deafening.

Kris Red: “I don't think RAW is looking to make many friends here.”

RAW faces the crowd once more with a look of disgust on his face.

RAW: “Oh I'm sorry, did I offend you? Well you should be offended. Consider it tough love. You all need to lift a weight or two. Do some sit ups, anything to get rid of that gut.”

Doc Holiday steps forward laughing and clapping for everything RAW had to say. RAW hand shim the mic.

Doc Holiday: “I totally agree with you, Randy. Us being here is a total waste of our time. I'm used to standing in front of thousands and instead... I'm here standing in front of a few hundred. Its like the stone age up in this bitch. Your boys in the back who give their all on a nightly basis do it for maybe a few hundred bucks at a time. Meanwhile, I'm getting that big money these WARPED cats can only dream of. And believe me, it will stay a dream because none of you are good enough to be on MY level.”

The fans continue to boo as Jimmy Helmsley is now handed the mic. Jimmy takes a moment to take in all the hate before speaking.

Jimmy Helmsley: “You know, before I got here I was excited to stand in front of you all and talk about how much of a great experience this will be but now... now I'm disappointed. You have guys like Grendel, William Wallace, Leon Stone, Anton Chase, Alexander Starrzoe and many more bland and uncharismatic individuals in the back who are dying to get the Hell out of WARPED and join a premier company like NEWera. I think Travis Blaines idea was to try and steal some of you but now that I've seen you, none of you are worth stealing. Its tragic really, usually places like this is where the true heart of the sport exists but the only thing that exists in WARPED is mediocrity. All I see when I look at the roster is a bunch of has been's in Switchblade and a bunch of never weres.”

He pauses to soak in the extreme heat they are all receiving.

Jimmy Helmsley: “So do yourselves a favor and don't show up in the UK. You don't want to get hurt now.”

But before he can finish the mic cuts out. Jimmy hits the mic with his palm and the group starts to become angry at being silenced.

Tony D: "Thank God their mics have been cut.."

"Lost My Way" suddenly starts to play and the crowd cheers as SwitchBlade makes his way through the curtain with a microphone in his hand. He twirls the microphone playfully as he walks to the top of the ramp.

Tony D: And SwitchBlade has decided to speak out on behalf of Warped.

Kris Red: Ugh...they had to wake THIS old fart up? Where's StarrZoe when you need him?

The four individuals already in the ring turn their attention to him. SwitchBlade waits for his music to die down. He looks ready to speak, but the fans prolong the moment with a "SwitchBlade" chant. SwitchBlade grins, but finally gestures for the fans to dial it down a little.

SwitchBlade: You know what I hate? When you're at home, you've kicked your shoes off, you're trying to have a good time with people you know...and then you spot the biggest bug you've ever seen. So you squish that bug because, let's face it, nobody likes having bugs in their home, and the next day you find even MORE bugs. And soon, you have yourself an infestation. Anyone know where i'm going with this?"

SwitchBlade walks down the ramp.

SwitchBlade: "Maybe you do, but let me spell it out for our "guests" in the ring. Right now, I see a few annoying bugs standing around in my home. So now I need to squish them."

SwitchBlade drops the microphone and stands ready to get into the ring with the four invaders as they egg him on.

Tony D: And SwitchBlade doesn't hesitate to face off against the NEW group.

Kris Red: He's an idiot if he does. It's four on one! Not even SwitchBlade could handle those numbers.

“Who Shot Ya?” by The Notorious B.I.G. begins to play over the public announce system as the lights dim and the crowd in Wichita begin to chant “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” As the cheering begins to reach deafening levels, a spotlight focuses on the top of the ramp, the curtain is pulled back, and former Warped World Heavyweight Champion Alexander StarrZoë appears from a mist of smoke, a look of confusion on his face as the crowd’s chants reach a new level. Alex takes it all in for a moment before raising his hand into the air and silencing the crowd, a microphone in his hand, he stares into the ring at the four men, still attempting to register what is going on. Starr looks lost, a vacant look in his eye, the usual expression of joy he sports absent from his face.

Starr: “I know I’ve been gone for a while, silent, uncharacteristically unspoken. A lot of people have wondered where I’ve been, some have heard about the run-in I had with Crowbar, the CWC Tag Team Championship match in Berlin, my issues with PKA and Korrupt, and the rest of the shit storm I’ve been involved in within the last few weeks, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t just take it to new heights and honestly, I don’t need this right now. I’m aware that Warped is going on an international tour, our first since the start of the company, hell, I’ve even been told we’re co-hosting the events with another promotion within the CWC family, but I wasn’t told what the promotion was, so I was holding out hope it was a place I’ve heard of. I know a lot of the Warped roster and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on many things, but I think I speak for the majority when I say who the fuck are you guys? When I first heard of Newera…right now actually, I kept thinking to myself; ‘what are they, some start-up that lucked into a spot with the CWC? I’ve seen those types come and go within a month, chalk another one up to the Pro Wrestling X effect.’ I thought maybe you guys were looking to get your foot in the door in professional wrestling and were trying to come along for the ride with Warped, we would play the ‘big brother’ here and get you guys on your feet. Then I thought it over and realized that there was a ‘NEW’ in the CWC before but thought ‘nope, I haven’t seen Wild in months!’ and trust me, none of you assholes are Wild. So here we have four jerkoffs that I’ve never once laid eyes on, who of whom is even a champion, a champion mind of you of a promotion I didn’t have the slightest clue existed until all of two minutes ago, and just because you guys run some shows in over-hyped venues where the local basketball women’s team draws a bigger crowd, you have the balls to call us ‘bingo hall spot monkeys’? These ‘spot monkeys’ work their asses off monthly to have better matches two times a month than any of you jackasses could have in your entire careers! They’re not in it for the money like you prima donnas, working 15 minute matches just to cash in your part of the gate and calling it a night.”

StarrZoë looks around as the crowd begins to cheer “Warped! Warped! Warped!”

Starr: “Hell, the guys in the back may be considered ‘small time’ to you douchebags, but it’s of note to point out, most of them are more famous and beloved worldwide than you could ever hope to be. See, unlike you pricks, they worked their asses off for that recognition, you’re all just over-hyped, over-paid, and under-talented nobodies who wondered into a spot on national television and suddenly you’re hot shit? As for me, bland and uncharismatic, motherfucker, do you know who you’re talking to? I don’t care if you’re about to win the World Championship at that little hole in the wall VWF knockoff or not, that’s like winning a Gold Metal in the Special Olympics, everyone gets one! I’ve been known for my wrestling talents around the world for more than ten years; my name has sold out bigger arenas across the globe than the entire NEWera roster could…combined…for the rest of their careers. Warped is admittedly a step down for me, but only in exposure and schedule. I still bust my balls and I still love what I do, it’s just that after ten years of being the best at what you do, you deserve a break, you know? Well, I guess none of you would know about that, none of you will ever be that successful in this business. Dying to leave Warped, am I? Why, so I can hop ship and join a ‘premier’ company like NEWEra? I’m sorry, if you guys consider Warped a small pond, that must make me a big fish, but if I joined NEWera, I’d be like a fucking shark in a swimming pool! It’s funny though, you mentioned the name of four of our competitors, Wallace, Chase, Leon…who I can’t really say deserves to be on this list, but okay, and myself; and as I’ve mentioned before, and no matter how much I loathe Leon Stone and no matter how big of a joke I think Anton Chase is, I doubt any of them would know who the fuck you are either! Shit, you four are probably the biggest Alexander StarrZoë fans here tonight, honored to be in my presence, I’m sure you’re all going to be leaving here tonight swooning like teenage girls after a Backstreet Boys concert, or whatever the newest MTV boy band is these days; what you four and the rest of NEWera should have done is kept your mouths shut and opened your ears, let the real professionals on this tour teach you nobodies something of value, maybe you could have taken it back and actually improved upon that second-rate promotion you’ve got, but now, it’s most likely that I’m going to have to beat that respect into at least one of you. The decision is hard though, do I pick the ‘big bad gangsta thug’ from Oakland who looks like he’s trying to make a name off of his resemblance to Tupac and a shotty collection of botched aerial moves, someone who refers to himself as ‘RAW’, looks like he’s maintained solely on protein drinks and steroids since he was a child, and has catchphrases and a questionable history that sounds like they were penned by a 12 year-old, bear in mind his finisher is called the ‘Epic Win’ and the ‘Beat Submission’, or some kid that’s been NEWera World Champion twice, is so original he named his finishers after Eminem’s two shittiest albums, and whose biggest claim to fame is being a big name in NEWera, congratulation Jimmy boy, you’re the king of the nobodies, the lord of all those that do not matter. Being the most popular member of the NEWera roster has to be similar to driving a Prius; most people don’t take notice and to those that do, you’re just a big joke.”

While Alex contemplates his decision, the lights in the area again dim; Starr can be heard in the darkness;

Starr: “Uh-oh gentlemen, it looks like I’m not the only one you pissed off…”

"Empire" by Machinae Supremacy plays as the fans give a mixed reaction. The lights swarm red as they knew who was coming out.


Korrupt comes out from the back, he take a seat at the top of the stage and glares directly at the three men along with their boss.

Korrupt: I'm sorry, uhm...that was kinda mean. HI...I'm Korrupt...nice to meet you three. It's ALWAYS nice to meet guys who aren't afraid to speak their minds. I seem important so you MUST have a good reason for coming out here and basically badmouthing my home....? No reason...? None whatsoever? You're just a couple of loudmouth fuckers who just wanna start shit they KNOW they can't finish? MKAY...I with that. So let me address you pathetic worms as to how the system goes around here, because if yer boss Travis Bland over there--yes I did say Bland on purpose--forgot to mention to you that I'm not one to mince words with bastards like you...I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally think you should have stayed quiet. See I may be crazy, I might act weird, some people call me an asshole, but one thing I don't appreciate is when I invite someone over for a little get together and they badmouth mah crib. Now I don't come over to NEW and take a piss in your toilet and don't flush don't come here...take a shit...and think that you're not going to be handed out any repercussions.

There was a mixed of cheers and boos as Korrupt puts a finger over his lips.

Korrupt: Shhh...shhh shut the fuck up I'm talking. ANYWAY, let me get a good look at you three guys. OOOO~ one of you has a shiny nice belt...the other two look pretty shitty...annnnnnd now I'm done caring. See, I don't know where you guys came from? NEW...I guess they didn't teach you how to shut up and be quiet...but you've got another thing coming if you think I'm gonna sit down...let you come and wipe your muddy FUCKING feet on our welcoming mat, and think I won't...say anything. See, I try to be reasonable, I really do. I'm a pretty understanding guy...a-and...

He pauses for a moment and runs a hand through his hand as his eyes turn a dark color.

Korrupt: ....I try not to be a violent person...and I try not to be...b-be bias, because that's not what WARPED is about. But seeing that you guys could care less about what you say. I guess it's okay if I get rid of you right...? I mean, you've said your peace, you've talked your about back them up...?! How about I come down there...and I make myself a human Matryoshka doll set?! How about it you fuckin' monkeys do you wanna see that?!

There were cheers, as Korrupt twirls the mic in his hand.


Before Korrupt can go...he was cut off by music.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!"

The crowd then watches as PKA emerges from the entrance.

PKA: "Everyone stop. There will be a time and a place for you all to face each other. Let's wait until the first leg of the UK Tour with NEW, Six Man Tag.. you three versus you three. And for now, I'd like to politely ask the NEW crew to leave us, or be escorted out."

Five security guards then comes up from behind PKA. Travis Blaine and his NEW talent decide to make their way out. They exit the ring reluctantly and hop the barricade, heading through the crowd as Korrupt, SwitchBlade, and StarrZoe look on, taunting them.


Scene 4


Kel Kris Red: Kelly Calloway is in the parking lot covering a developing story.

Kelly Calloway: It appears that an unknown black tour bus has arrived without a parking pass and an unidentified driver. Many of the crew has been waiting patiently for the door to open and the driver to exit. Kel Kris Red: I saw that bus earlier Tony and I was wondering who exactly that was. Kel Tony D: Same here Kris--it can’t be anyone on the payroll here. Kel Kris Red: Before the next match begins Kelly do you think you could approach the vehicle and see if you find some answers. Kel Calloway begins walking towards the bus in the dimly lit parking lot. While approaching the vehicle the door opens. He then sees the person step down onto the ground followed by a woman. The man is dressed to compete in the ring and the lady is wearing a bright yellow cocktail dress. Kel Kelly Calloway: It’s the newest acquisition of WARPED Wrestling--Joey Hollywood. Joey--Joey…can I have a word. Kel Calloway runs over to Joey Hollywood sticking the microphone in his face trying to interview him. Hollywood stops and turns to him putting his hand over the microphone and pushing it down out of his face with an aggravated look on his face. Kel Kelly Calloway: On behalf of everyone here Welcome. Kel Joey Hollywood: Thanks. Kel Hollywood continues to walk on by Calloway with the beautiful brunette on his arm. He opens the door and walks into the back door of the Wichita ballroom. Calloway turns back to the camera and pulls the microphone back up to speak. Kel Kelly Calloway: Back to you Tony and Kris. Kel

Scene 5


Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from PKA

PKA is shown walking up to the camera, still in his business attire - black slacks, black vest, and a purple undershirt. His hair is a little out of place, though; it's slightly messy. He grins.

PKA: "I'd say tonight was a success. Sure, it got started off a bit rocky, but I'd say it ended......well."

Suddenly Deja comes up from behind him and wraps her around him. He smiles.

PKA: "As far as the StarrZoe thing goes.. I'm going to make this right. Instead of making him wait, I'm granting him his contractually obligated rematch for the World Title in two weeks in my hometown of Wichita. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab a front row seat and watch Korrupt, Sean and Cameron clean up."

PKA kisses Deja and she walks off one way, while PKA heads back the other.


Scene 6

Triple Threat Debut Turns to Singles Match Debut
Joey Hollywood vs. Henry Malikin

The scene then fades to the ring area where Joey Hollywood and Henry Malikin have both made their way to the ring, both newcomers to WARPED Wrestling. In what was originally slated to be a Triple Threat debut match, Anjelleka Slayter was held up due to the severe storms last night, and now it will be a one on one match.

The bell sounds! Joey Hollywood and Henry Malikin stand in front of one another. Malikin pushes Hollywood and barely causes him to move, which then causes Hollywood to push back, sending Malikin onto the mat. Malikin quickly gets up and slaps the spit out of Hollywood' mouth!

Kris Red: "Whoa! Henry Malikin with some balls there!"

Joey Hollywood grabs Malikin and irish whips him into the ropes, Malikin bounces back and looks for a shoulder block but Hollywood does not go down. Hollywood grunts and Malikin hits the ropes and comes back to a spinning heel kick from Joey Hollywood.

Tony D: "Impressive spinning heel kick from one half of the tag team known as MAINSTREAM!"

Hollywood gets on top of Malikin and pounds away with right hands. He brings him to his feet.. Irish whip into the ropes.. Malikin holds on and Hollywood charges in but Malikin pulls the ropes down and Hollywood goes overboard.

Kris Red: "The tag team division is building slowly but surely, Tony D! I can't wait for- oh hold on!"

Hollywood gets up and slaps the apron while Malikin leaps over the top and lands on top of him!

Kris Red: "What a maneuver!"

He stands up and poses as the fans cheer for the impressive high risk move! He brings Hollywood to his feet and whips him into the steps! Hollywood clutches his gut as Malikin slowly approaches. He brings Hollywood to his feet and rolls him into the ring and climbs onto the apron and then the top rope. Hollywood gets up and Malikin leaps off but Hollywood hits him with a right hand to the gut!

Tony D: "Impressive counter there!"

Malikin clutches his midsection as Hollywood comes up at him and hits a knee lift! He then hits a neckbreaker and covers...1..2... kick out! Hollywood brings Malikin to his feet and slaps him across the face, scoops him up and slams him down. Hollywood then drops an elbow and covers 1..2... kick out. Hollywood brings Henry Malikin up and goes for a bulldog but Malikin pushes him off and Hollywood hits the ropes and returns to a calf kick from Malikin! He quickly covers 1..... 2.... kickout! Henry throws a fast furious arsenal of Judo chops, quick kicks, and open handed slaps to daze his opponent.

Tony D: "Look at the quickness of Henry Malikin!"

He then goes for another open handed slap but suddenly Joey Hollywood counters and whips him into the corner.

Kris Red: "Looks like Joey Hollywood is quick on his feet as well!"

Hollywood charges in as Malikin stumbles out and he grabs his head and pushes up off of the turnbuckle, hitting a Tornado DDT! Hollywood kips up as Malikin seems to be out. Hollywood shouts GET UP! Malikin slowly starts up to his feet and Hollywood hits the SUPERKICK!

Tony D: "That's a Wrap!"

Joey Hollywood makes the cover......1.....2......3!"

Kris Red: "Joey Hollywood with the win!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Joey Hollywood!"

"Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace begins to play throughout the ballroom. The lights dim and when they come back on inside the ring Joey Hollywood is seen trying to take a knee as an unknown man enters the ring dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He’s holding a lead pipe in his hand. Henry Malikin walks towards the man whom slid under the bottom rope into the ring. As he walks closer the man takes him out with a stiff shot to the throat with the pipe. He begins to approach Joey Hollywood looking up at him from a worn down and tired position.

Tony D: Who in the hell is this--and where is security?

Kris Red: Probably still watching out for the NEW guys. Somebody has to stop this!

The man walks back to the backside of the ring motioning for a microphone. Randy Long refuses to hand him his microphone so the man steps outside the ring removing Long from his seated position taking both his microphone and chair. The man walks back to the ring sliding the chair into the ring just in reach of Joey Hollywood. The man ascends the ring stairs before stepping through the ropes into the ring. He walks around the ring pacing running his fingers through his hair. Hollywood stands as the two meet in the center of the ring and embrace with a hug and a handshake.

Kris Red: Oh hell no. I knew he was coming but I didn’t know it would be this soon.

Tony D: You’re right Kris--it is him…it’s Robb Daniels! The mystery man is Robb Daniels the best friend and partner of Joey Hollywood.

Robb Daniels: Good Evening Wichita!

The fans begin to briefly cheer with mixed emotions across the crowd.

Robb Daniels: First off--I would like to say that Joey and I are thrilled to be here!

Hollywood walks back to the center of the ring with his own microphone.

Joey Hollywood: Yeah--we would love to tell you that. But if we did we’d be lying. This is the biggest dump in the Midwest.

Robb Daniels: This so-called “ballroom” is the most pathetic excuse for a venue that I’ve ever seen.

Joey Hollywood: When we told most of the time we wouldn’t have our own private dressing room we were shocked.

Robb Daniels: So we went out and bought the tour bus each and everyone of you have been gawking about all afternoon.

Joey Hollywood: Some of you may wonder--why we’re here. That’s an easy question to give an answer for…

Robb Daniels: I can go ahead and tell you--it’s damn sure not for the money!

Joey Hollywood: See Daniels and I--we’ve been there and bought the t-shirt. We’ve reached levels of success that most of these guys in the back could only dream and imagine of accomplishing.

Robb Daniels: A true challenge. Not just a physical challenge--but a mental challenge. This company is full of good young talent whom put on wonderful wrestling shows with low budget funding for middle class americans.

Joey Hollywood: Typically not our style but what the hell--we came from a company based in the Southeast who made annual trips across the globe yet were afraid to make trips across the states. The room for expansion was unbelievable but the shithole was stalled out for years. We kept it on life support--until we left.

Robb Daniels: We left--to come to you…WARPED Wrestling. We heard you were starting a Tag Team division. And for those of you who don’t know. This company is a member of a circle of other wrestling promotions called the CWC. And the CWC ranks singles competitors as well as tag teams monthly and yearly. Last year Hollywood and I were the CWC Tag Team of the Year for 2011. We’re pretty good at this--we know what we’re doing. And we believe we can do a lot for this company. That is why Joey Warped brought us in to help develop your new tag team division.

Joey Hollywood: Let us remind you we’re not here to be nice and makes friends.

Robb Daniels: This is strictly a business venture on our parts.

Joey Hollywood: Tonight is just a small glimpse of what where capable of.

Robb Daniels: What you’ve seen before you tonight is a look into the future--of better things to come. You all should get use to this…because it’s the best thing going today.

Joey Hollywood: Mainstream! It’s not just a name--it’s a way of life!

"Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace begins to play once again as Hollywood and Daniels exit the ring followed by Hollywood’s brunette beauty.

Kris Red: Things appear to be going in a different direction here than what I thought.

Tony D: How could two men bring such a change--

Hollywood and Daniels turns around at the curtain and are joined by Daniels fiancé Lauren Parker and the groups manager Bret Hamilton. They stand together as the group of Mainstream.

Scene 7

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from ???

Jessica Reyes and The Rough Ryder enter the scene, and stop in front of the camera. Ryder smirks and unfolds his chair, sitting down in front of it. He reaches over and grabs the "Leave your thoughts on tonight's event" sign, and holds it in front of the camera.

The Rough Ryder: "You know, everyone walks past this sign and do one of two things. They either A.) Stop and to say "I told you so, but I'll see 'Insert Random Feud Here' next week!". Or B.) They walk by all bitter and pissed off, "Oh he or she cheated" or "Hey, I had an off night" or "You know the sun was in my eyes, I had the flu, and my dog just died". Fact is, nobody really takes the time to leave their thoughts. I don't care if PKA doesn't like it, he can fucking cut me if he wants when he airs this. But you want my reaction? You're going to get it."

Ryder tosses the sign, and leans back getting comfortable.

The Rough Ryder:" First thing I want to say, is I truly feel bad for you StarZoe. From DAY. FUCKING. ONE. since I came back to the WARPED world I told you not to trust PKA. Sure, Joey has flaws, all men do, but PKA is worse. He's manipulative, he's incompetent, and he just tried to use you to take Joey out of WARPED. See what happened after that? He's not your friend, he doesn't respect you, you're just another pawn in his massive game of WARPED chess. Hopefully, by now, you've opened your eyes and seen this.

And of course, point two. Cameron MacNichol, Sean Edmunds, Korrupt... I respect the fact that all of you stood by my side when we fought for Joey. When we fought for WARPED. However, I must say my victory tonight should not be a surprise, especially from you Korrupt. Face facts, you're a one-hit-wonder. You win the title, then your tiny little mind can't handle it and you lose focus. You're far too focused on StarZoe, and tonight it cost you son. You should know better then to bring no less then 100% when you step up against me, and you obviously didn't tonight. Shame shame on you.

Finally, if PKA allows this to go on this long, I don't care what WARPED 45 has in store for me. Hell, I don't care what WARPED 50 has in store for me! All I know is this- at the end of the day it doesn't matter if it's WARPED 1 or WARPED 100, the results are always the same. A large, black "W" is placed next to my name in the history books. Proof point, you're either with me, or against me. Ryde or Die, bitches. "

Ryder picks up his chair and ends his rant, exiting the scene.

Scene 8


The scene opens back from an inter-mission as we are with Kelly Calloway and Anton Chase backstage at Warped 45, a warped banner hanging in the background and Kelly ready to conduct an interview

Kelly: Ladies and Gentlemen I’m Kelly Calloway here with “The Future” Anton Chase and up next we have a fatal four way match between Gary Mac, Leon Stone and you Anton. How do you feel about winning you’re match last week and becoming the number one contender to the evolution championship?

Anton Chase: Last week I earned my shot at William Wallace for the evolution championship to only have him try and cheat his way out of facing me.

Kelly: Yes! What were your thoughts on the way William tactics last week?

Anton Chase: its funny how William has turned so quickly since the second anniversary show isn’t it? And last week’s dirty tricks well that just show that once I get my shot he knows that belt is coming back around my waist. William’s tricks last week will only make it sweeter when I do claim what is rightfully mine.

Kelly: And to moving on to this week, a fatal four way which has been somewhat of a war of words between you and Leon Stone with how last week’s events took place. Leon has stated many times you stole a victory thoughts?

Anton Chase: I stole a victory huh? I don’t see it like that I see it as an experienced win. I don’t need to tell the world my story because it’s already documented; people know I am a marquee name, who the fuck is

Leon Stone? I’ll tell you an ex-thief, an association with gangs and most importantly a murdered who has served time. Now all week long I’ve had this infection called Leon Stone try and give me a bad name. He says I’ve stolen money from him because now Warped is the only place his making a wage, that his other company SCW went out of business.

Kelly: Yes that’s true.

Anton Chase: Well I have a reason for that it’s because Leon Stone was on the roster, luckily though warped won’t have that problem because tonight I stamp on it. I’m going to embarrass Leon and run circles round him. This fatal four way is mine.

Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen that was Anton Chase and I’m Kelly Calloway back to the show.

Scene fades to black

Scene 9

Four Corner Survival: Leon Stone vs. Anton Chase vs. John Yuma vs. Gary Mac

The scene fades to the ring where we see Anton Chase, John Yuma, and Gary Mac all at ringside awaiting the next entrant for the Four Corner Survival Match!

Randy Long: "And their opponent....... " Number one by Nelly hits the speakers.

Randy Long: "This is Leon Stone!"

Leon Stone steps out and looks around, the Bad Blood title hung over his shoulder. He looks through the crowd like he is looking for someone, or something. Satisfied that he is safe he walks to the ring. He climbs in the ring lifts his belt in the air and yells the word destiny. He takes a deep breath before saying “this is my destiny!”

Leon: “That’s right this is my destiny and you know who at this very moment is trying to prevent me from completely what I was always meant to do? Anton mother fucking Chase. Last week he stole a win that I obviously had earned, he merely pushed me out of the ring and pinned the man that I had beaten. Now I’ve done some less those right things with my life but I earn each and every win I’ve gotten in this business.”

The crowd boos at him

Leon: “Shut up you fuckers have no idea what you’re talking about. That match was for the number one contendership, I needed that win. My second job just got shut down and now I have a severe drop an in pay. If I had children it would be Anton’s fault that they’d be starving right now. He is almost as bad as Riflewilly stealing that young Girl Scout’s uniform. “

Leon smirks at the thought.

Leon:” All of this drama is causing a massive amount of “emotional scar tissue” to build, but luckily I’m the chosen one and this is my destiny, and by the power given to me by this bad blood title I demand that PKA over turns the decision and gives me another number one contenders match against Anton Chase. A match that I can hurt that mother fucker, like an FnX match! “

A mixed reaction from the crowd

Leon: “ I demand a rematch it’s my destiny and I will not allow anyone to stand in my way, not PKA, Anton Chase, or even Riflewilly. I don’t care if Willy tries to steal my clothes, I’m not a girl scout I’m a grown man and ill beat his ass. I will complete my destiny! “

Leon drops the microphone onto the canvas.

The bell sounds as all four competitors look on. Gary Mac and John Yuma get out on the apron as Leon Stone and Anton Chase square off. They lock up and Chase takes Stone down with an armdrag. Both men get up and Stone takes down Chase with an armdrag. Both get back up and lock up again. Stone with a side headlock. Chase pushes him off into the ropes and Chase comes back with a shoulderblock. He hits the ropes and Stone pops up and hits a hip toss! Chase gets back up and Stone hits him with a dropkick! Chase then tags out to John Yuma who enters the ring and the two square off. They lock up and John applies a side headlock. He smiles as Stone then hits a belly to back suplex! John is shocked as he pops up and gets dropkicked by Stone! John fires back up with a running clothesline but its ducked and Stone kicks him in the gut and plants him with a DDT~! John holds his head as Stone covers 1..2.. kick out! Stone then brings him to his feet but he suddenly hits an uppercut and tosses him over the top rope!

Tony D: There goes Stone!

Kris Red: "Per the rules of this match, that means someone else can enter and none other than Gary Mac comes in!"

Gary Mac tackles John Yuma and drives his fist into his skull as the fans boo. Gary Mac brings him to his feet and goes for an irish whip but John counters and sends Mac into the ropes. John ducks down and Gary Mac hits a jawbreaker on his knee, then whips him into the ropes and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Gary Mac covers 1... 2... Chase pulls him off! Gary Mac stands up and looks pissed as he goes to throw a right hand but Chase slaps him across the face! John Yuma then rolls him up 1...2... kick out! Gary Mac pops up and kicks him in the gut and goes for Total Destruction when suddenly Chase comes off the top rope with a Missle Dropkick!

Tony D: "Anton Chase off the top with a missle dropkick!"

Gary Mac rolls out of the ring as Chase then sets up for CHAOS THEORY but Yuma then backdrops him but he lands on his feet. John then gets taken down by a diving Hurricanrana from Stone! John rolls under the bottom rope and Stone then gets to his feet and Chase rolls him up in a mahistral cradle 1..2... but Stone is able to adjust and move barely so Chase's shoulders are down 1..2...3!!!

Tony D: "Leon Stone with the win!!"

Kris Red: "Wow!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Leon Stone!"

Leon Stone celebrates as Chelsea cheers him on from ringside. Chase pops up and he is irate! He goes after Stone but Stone quickly slides out of the ring and runs to the back with his sister, laughing along the way!

Tony D: "Leon Stone surprised us all there with that win! Especially Anton Chase!"

Kris Red: "At the last show it was Anton Chase who Leon Stone says STOLE his win and tonight I think he got some payback!"

Chase runs up the ramp after Stone. In the ring we see John Yuma roll in and kick the bottom ropes, disappointed. He then drops to his knees thanks to a low blow from Gary Mac! The crowd boooos John drops down. He's pulled up to his feet by Gary Mac who then hits the TOTAL DESTRUCTION! Gary Mac's music hits as he stands over John Yuma and the crowd boos.

Scene 10


The scene fades to an area backstage where both Joey Hollywood and Robb Daniels are standing by in front of the Warped backdrop.

Joey Hollywood: Did you see that out there? Huh!? Did you see what I just did out there? That was just a small sample, a simple taste of what's in store for Warped Wrestling. And to think that I was going to come here and to this alone? Oh no. Don't get me wrong, I could, because I'm just that good. But no, having this man with me is going to make things that much better. Having this man around is going to make things that much more fun. Isn't that right, Robb?

Robb Daniels smirks before stepping forward.

Robb Daniels: You're exatly right. I saw the gasps. I saw the look of shock on the faces of those who know this man and myself. And I know what you all must have been saying to yourselves. "Joey Hollywood.... Robb Daniels.... what on earth are you doing here at Warped?" Well it's real simple. Like Joey said just a couple of days ago, Warped is on the rise. Warped is where some of the best wrestling is happening. And if some of the best wrestling is going on there, then it only makes sense to have two of the best in the business today here. But more important than that, after running successfully for two years, Warped has decided to expand. They feel it's time to bring a Tag Team Championship to this company. Well, if you're going to start up a tag team division... if you're going to bring tag team action to Warped, then why not start with the best?

Hollywood: See, we aren't the best in the world. We're not even the best in the world at what we do. No, we're simply the best, period. Point blank. Those two Maple Leaf boys thought they were something special for taking out the trash a couple of weeks ago and getting rid of Grendel. Good for you, boys. Good for you. Color us unimpressed. You boys want to do something impressive? The rest of the Warped locker room, you guys want to do something impressive? Then try getting in the ring and seeing if you can hang with THE tag team of the year. And no, that's not some cute little slogan. Oh no, we've got the hardware to back it up. And thanks to Warped's new tag team divison, that same tag team hardware is coming here for 2012.

Daniels: Warped is doing a lot of big things. Warped is on the rise. Everyone keeps saying that Warped has a bright future ahead of itself. I couldn't agree more, especially now that it has THE power duo in all of wrestling. The Essence of Excellence and myself, the Innovator of Wrestling. Warped, you've made a lot of progress. You've done a lot of good things. But now it's time to take that next step. Now it's time to rise to that next level. Warped, it's time for you to become..... Mainstream.

Robb Daniels chuckles at the thought while Hollywood applauds

Hollywood: Warped, welcome to the Mainstream way of life. We guarantee you that this experience will be something you will never, ever forget.

And with that, we have no further comment...

Scene 11

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from Maple Leaf Strike Force

The four people who attacked Grendel are walking out of the building they are high fiving and bragging about what they did. The older one that was giving orders stops and points at the camera and then walks up to it.

Alex Lighting: I am Alex Lighting better know in the wrestling world as ”Captain Canada” Alex Ligthing. I have hung up the boots and I have looked far and wide for the best and I found them in Calgray,Alberta,Canada. See as I have done it all in the wrestling world I have won belts and titles and I knew when it was time to hang it up, but I also knew that I had aomwthing else to give the wrestling world and that was my knowledge. So I went looking and found two young men hungry and wanting glory and I trained them and drilled them molded them into the well disciplined men you see now. I hope your WARPED because I am turning Andy”The Canadian Dragon” LeBeau and his partner ”The Canadian Destoryer” Lenard Limoux loose here and you all will now the name of THE MAPLE LEAF STRIKE FORCE!

Lenard: (He says something in French)

Andy steps forward laughing.

Andy: He just said ”good luck you American Dogs and he looks forward in knocking you blocks off.” Me I just looking forward to showing all you how much better we are then all you.

They laugh and walk out


Scene 12



The fans in the arena are becoming restless, as the lights go out completely. Suddenly, the silence is broken by a loud, unfamiliar rock guitar intro. The spotlight goes over the stage as "The Truth Is" by Stonethorne continues into the first verse.

"Have you ever thought something was lost,

Something inside of you?

And yet for so long you’ve been searching

Not knowing what you’re looking for.

So you look in the mirror day to day

Wondering just what it is.

Finding content in ordinary lives

Through smoke and mirrors, you cant figure out…."


The fans explode as John Pariah steps onto the stage. His hair has been cut short and slicked back, and he's wearing a pair of jeans and a black Affliction t-shirt. The crowd roars into a frenzy as he yells to the crowd-throwing his arms into an X above his head-before throwing them out in a crucifix position.

"…Just what it is

That you hope will bring you happiness

But the truth is, no one ever does!

The truth is, in the eye of the beholder…

Now tell me, why is it so hard to happiness at all?"


Pariah makes his way down towards the ring. He smiles-slapping hands with the fans on either side of the entranceway as they cheer louder and louder. He circles the ring-greeting the fans at ringside as the music continues to blare. Finally, he climbs onto the apron-and throws his arms back into a crucifix-leaning on the ropes. He enters the ring and poses on the opposite ropes one more time as his music begins to die down.



Pariah grabs a mic from the stagehand, and paces around the ring for a moment before going to speak.


Crowd B: Welcome Back!


Crowd B: Welcome Back!


Crowd B: Welcome Back!

He smiles, shaking his head as the crowd finally quiets down for a moment.

John Pariah: FINALLY!!!! The Ro--wait sorry…don't want to get sued…

The crowd laughs as Pariah smiles

Pariah: Seriously, Thank you…it's great to be here in Wichita, and it's great to be standing here in the middle of this wrestling ring…for the first time in over a year.

The crowd cheers loudly again.

Pariah: You see, one year ago….I walked out of a High Octane Wrestling event, and never returned. One year ago-nearly to the day-I walked away from this business for good.

Crowd: Fuck Lee Best! Fuck Lee Best! Fuck Lee Best!

Pariah points to the guys in the front row-chanting "Fuck Lee Best"

Pariah: Haha…who? You mean he hasn't died of alcohol poisoning yet?

The crowd laughs as Pariah smiles again, pacing around the ring.

Pariah: Seriously. I have spent the last year abroad. I've traveled to Australia, to Europe. I spent six months in Japan. I've allowed myself time to heal, time to rest, and time to refocus. I've allowed myself time to grow as an artist and musician, I've allowed myself time to evolve and change. The John Pariah who stands before you tonight, is a completely different person than the John Pariah who walked out of professional wrestling a year ago. That, my friends, is why I am here tonight….

He pauses as the crowd cheers-awaiting his next words.

Pariah: You see, no matter how much I grow, how much I change, how much I evolve-there will always be one constant. I am a professional wrestler. No matter how many albums I sell, or films I make. No matter how many world tours I go on, or countries I visit-there will always be professional wrestling. I've had everything taken away from me. My wife, my children-all left because of this industry. I've lived in condemned housing projects, and I've lived in Stately Wayne Manor-all because of this industry. I've cried, I've bled, and I've nearly died-for this industry, for professional wrestling. No matter what happens in my life-professional wrestling will always be there. It will always be my home, and it will always be my first love. That's why-right here, right now…I'm announcing my return to this sport.

The crowd roars.

Pariah: And my debut…for WARPED Wrestling!

The crowd goes into a frenzy.

Pariah: I feel as if I have something to prove again. I feel as if its time for me to step back into this ring-and prove to this new generation that I am one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. It's time for me to start from the bottom-and work my way back up….and the truth will be a quick rise, and I will be World Champion once again.

The crowd cheers again as Pariah drops the mic. "The Truth Is" reprises, as Pariah poses on the ropes as the scene fades out with the crowd chanting his name.


Scene 13

Tag Team Match: Maple Leaf Strike Force vs. The Wichita Outlaws
"Leader of Men" by Nickelback starts blasting though the PA system as Ashley Lovell steps out first in a very tight and very expansive looking dress with a Sasha with “Miss Maple Leaf” she waves to the crowd as behind her comes “Captain Canada” Alex Lightning Waving a Canadian Flag and then he points to the entrance area and out steps Andy LeBeau and then Lenard Limoux. All four of them make their way to the ring as Andy taunts the fans and Lenard pays no attention to them and Alex waves the Canadian Flag in their faces. When they get to the ring Andy hops over the top rope and then holds the ropes open for Ashley and Alex. Lenard goes in between the ropes and they make their way to the center of the ring.

Bad Company starts blasting though the PA as The Wichita Outlaws step out dress in cowboy gear and point their fingers at the ring. They make their way to the ring giving the fans a high along the way and then circle the ring giving the fans high fives outside the ring. They stop pose with a fan and then climb into the ring and then they go back to back and point at their opponents.

The ref calls for the bell and The Wichita Outlaws step offering their hands before the match Andy and Lenard look at each other and smile. With Flash of his right foot Andy Smacks big Ken in the jaw with a lighting quick super kick that sends him falling to the ground, and then Lenard starts pummeling Billy with massive forearms and elbows. Lenard picks Billy up in a military press and then throws him over the top rope sending him crashing to the floor. Andy steps back as “Big” Ken Roy starts to get to his feet, and he is holding his jaw as Andy runs in at him and then leaps and smacks him in the head with a shinning wizard that sends Ken back to the mat. Billy rolls back into the ring, but Lenard is there and grabs him by his head and pulls him up to his feet. Lenard with all his might Irish Whips Billy into the corner turnbuckles chest first poor stumbles out backwards as Lenard crashes into him with a mighty huge lariat that just flattens him.

Ken pulls himself up and looks at Billy his tag team partner and notices he is not moving at all, and that is when Lenard hits him with a big forearm and sends him into the ropes. Andy jumps up to the second rope as Ken rebounds back towards Lenard who is waiting on him. As Ken gets to him Lenard lifts him up with no problem and starts a spinning spine buster and as Lenard has him turning in the air Andy Jumps off and hits a rolling heel kick to Kens face and then he is slammed to the mat. Andy Lenard high five and then in a signal leap Andy is on the top rope and jumps off doing a shooting star press but he does not end it in a splash but a double stomp to the face and chest of “Big” Ken Roy and then goes for the cover as Lenard throws Billy out of the ring. 1…… 2….. 3….

The ref calls for the bell.

Ashley and Alex enter the ring and huge both Andy and Lenard and then “Captain Canada” calls for a mic

Alex Lighting:Well Wichita you just got a look at the greatest new tag team in the world and that is The Maple Leaf Strike Force. What you just saw was a glimpse at the power and fury this team has and what we are going to do to all the other teams that show up in WARPED.

Andy walks ups and asks for the mic as “Captain Canada” Alex Lighting goes back to waving the Canadian flag.

Andy: Was that the best you have Wichita, is it? We drove all those just to come and destroy your best tag team here that is funny, but it show a little bit of you the American audience. As I look out into this sea of unwashed humanity all I see is fat people shoving ten dollar nachos in to their fat faces. Face you as a nation have failed, you as a nation are nothing but spineless jelly fish. In Canada we have free health care here you have people dying in the street ,because you greedy leaders don’t believe in taking care of you the people. In Canada we have jobs here you ships us and other places your job what dumb asses you are. Face it Wichita you are the ass hole of this so called great country there is nothing here but corn and dumb ugly people. I mean right now look at all of you your just standing there with your eyes open and mouths open , which I would ask for you to close them because it is starting to stink this place up. The signal greatest sporting moment in Wichita, hell the whole state of fucking Kansas happened to night so when you go home and you go back to fucking your cows pigs are what have you just remember this night cause it is the only good thing to happen to you dim wit idiots ever.

Lenard walks and ask for the mic.

Lenard:(Lenard starts speaking in French.)

Andy walks and whispers in his ear Lenard looks angry and hands the mic over to Andy.

Andy: What my large friend here said is you smell like dogs and he looks forward to grind you heroes into dust .

Andy Drops the mic and the group hugs again and the leave the ring with Alex still waving the Canadian Flag.


Scene 14


The scene fades backstage where we see PKA typing something on his Mac when Kelly Calloway steps into the picture. She smiles and PKA smiles back. Deja then comes up beside Kelly with a scowl and Kelly's smile disappears.

PKA: "Ladies, ladies!"

Deja comes along the other side of the desk and puts her arm around PKA's waist as Kelly asks questions and tries to ignore this.

Kelly Calloway: "Well, PKA, Boss, Mr. Anthony... I-"

PKA: "Please.. choose one. I really don't care. Just don't call me PAT like Alexander StarrZoe does."

Kelly Calloway: "Well, Mr Anthony, there are a lot of rumors going wild in the locker room that you have been VERY busy as of late with new signings. Can you give us any sort of insight on that?"

PKA: "Well the rumors, for a change, are true. Not only have I been in contact with brand new talent that you saw debut tonight such as Henry Malikin, Joey Hollywood, Robb Daniels and John Pariah, but there are people who you have no idea about.. people from my past.. people who are..let's say, Headstrong to take on anyone."

PKA winks and smiles.

Kelly Calloway: "And do you have any thoughts on what took place last week at Sin City Wrestling when you and StarrZoe challenged for the CWC Tag Team Titles and ca-"

PKA: "Let me interrupt you there."

PKA isn't happy.

PKA: "We were robbed. I was robbed. One word - injustice. Injustice for the winners. Injustice for Starr and me. And really.. injustice that I had a partner like him. I carried the team. But look, I'll get past that. Tonight, I make things better."

Kelly Calloway: "And how is that?"

PKA: "Don't you watch the REACTIONS? I gave StarrZoe a rematch for the World Title tonight so he'd stop being so bitter at me and maybe when we get our rematch for the CWC Tag Team Titles, his head will be on straight and we can win the gold."

Kelly Calloway: "Well many feel, especially StarrZoe, that you cost him the 5 month title reign."

PKA: "No shit, Kelly."

He pauses, collecting himself after snapping. Deja just shakes her head with a judgemental look on her face as she stares a hole into Kelly.

PKA: "I'm sorry. Look, I'm doing what's right. StarrZoe gets his title shot tonight. He'll beat Korrupt and then Korrupt will run away like he did last time he lost the title. Fair enough? Now please.. "

Kelly Calloway: "Thank you, sir."

Kelly heads out of the office as PKA sits back down. Deja sits on his lap and the two cuddle as the scene fades.

Scene 15

Grudge Match: William Wallace vs. SwitchBlade

The scene fades in as both Wallace and SwitchBlade are in the ring!

Tony D: "And here we go with a huge match between SwitchBlade and the Evolution Champion, William Wallace."

Kris Red: "These two have a newfound hatred for one another or so it'd seem. This should be an exciting match!"

They lock up in the middle of the ring. A go behind by William into the Full Nelson, and he grabs ahold of the arm and applies a hammerlock. SwitchBlade elbows his way out and rolls forward and stands up, hands out, smiling! Wallace shakes his head and calls for another tie up. They circle the ring and meet in the middle, collar and elbow tie up... Go behind by Wallace, into a snap mare.. and a big kick to the back of SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: "Oooh a big kick to the back there from William Wallace. Its good to see he still has that rough side."

Switchy grabs his back and begins getting to his feet as Wallace heads to the ropes and brags to the fans.. meanwhile SwitchBlade is up to his feet and Wallace turns around and into a big chop to the chest, and another, and another as SwitchBlade lights up Wallace's chest!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is turning the tables on Wallace! Look out!"

SwitchBlade hits the ropes and comes back and ducks under the arm of Wallace, go behind into the reverse waistlock, but quickly goes upward and grabs the head of Wallace, bringing him down with a snap mare.. then a big kick to the back!!!

Tony D: "A little payback there for ya Wallace..."

Kris Red: "And that was definitely a well placed kick.. ouch.."

Wallace gets to his feet, grabbing his back in pain, as SwitchBlade stands there with his arms up, a huge smile on his face and the fans laugh and applaud. Wallace suddenly jolts forward and kicks SwitchBlade in the gut, catching him off guard, then connects with a huge right hand, which takes SwitchBlade down to the mat. Wallace brings him to his feet and backs him into the corner, then sends him across with an irish whip.. but SwitchBlade puts on the breaks in the corner and motions for Wallace to bring it on! Wallace charges in and SwitchBlade quickly goes through the ropes and Wallace nearly connects with the corner. He swings and SwitchBlade hops off the apron and Wallace is furious as SwitchBlade taunts him.

Tony D: "While William Wallace doesn't look too pleased with the antics of SwitchBlade..."

SwitchBlade then starts slapping the hands of fans and embracing them. Wallace drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, chasing after SwitchBlade. Wallace spins him around and SwitchBlade nails him with a big right hand. He keeps Wallace up and he rolls him into the ring and follows as well.

Tony D: "And taking the action back into the ring now, just where it belongs."

SwitchBlade grabs him by the head and pulls him to the middle of the ring and applies a front facelock, perhaps setting him up for a suplex, and he hooks the arm, lifts him up and drops him with a vertical suplex! He covers.... 1... 2.... kick out! Suddenly "Faint" By Linkin Park hits and the crowd directs their attention to the entrance.

Tony D: "Wait, that's the music of Anton Chase... And there he is! But why?!"

Anton Chase emerges from the curtain.

Kris Red: "Evolution Title #1 contender Anton Chase!"

He makes his way down to the ring with purpose as SwitchBlade wonders what's going on. William Wallace is recovering. Anton gets up on the apron and the referee tells him to stay back. Anton says "If Wallace thinks he can just come out and beat people up whenever he wants and try to steal my title shot, then I'll return the favor!" and he tries to get into the ring but the ref blocks him. Meanwhile Wallace hits a LOW BLOW on SwitchBlade and he drops to the mat. Wallace grabs the ref and tells him to count! The ref turns around and Wallace covers... 1..... 2...... kick out! Anton Chase then inserts himself into the mix and kicks Wallace in the back of the head just after the kickout! But that's it and the ref calls for the bell!

Tony D: "Wait a minute! Anton Chase just interfered! Wallace wins by disqualification!"

Anton Chase then brings Wallace to his feet and knees him in the skull numerous times and sets up for the Chaos Theory but SwitchBlade isn't having it as he's just been DQ'd because of this as he clotheslines Anton Chase down to the mat! Chase rolls out of the ring and grabs his back as SwitchBlade tells him to stay out of his matches! Leon Stone then comes from the backstage area, grabs Chase from behind and hurls him into the ringsteps! The steps fly away as Chase impacts with them. Stone raises his arms in the air as he steps backstage, his work done. SwitchBlade then brings Wallace to his feet but Wallace drops down and rolls out of the ring, shaking his finger and shaking his head. He grabs the EVolution Title and holds it close to his chest as he makes his way around the ring. SwitchBlade's music hits as he climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans after this chaotic event!

Scene 16


Suddenly we see Jessica Reyes walk out onto the stage, to a resounding boo and a few "questionable" screams. She looks around the room and shakes her head.

Jessica Reyes: Ladies and gentleman, as you probably noticed I am alone tonight. When told he wasn't booked tonight, my boyfriend Jayson refused to show up here tonight. As a matter of fact I wasn't going to show up either, but he gave me a letter to read to you all. Ahem.

"So, Korrupt pins Starr, the World Champion at the time and he wins the World Title. Last week, I pin Korrupt, and I'm not even on the next show?? If we needed any more proof that PKA is a MORON, this is it. I refuse to show up to a place that doesn't respect a God like myself. So perhaps if things change, I'll see you all next week. If things don't shape up, you'll be seeing me under a different rough, under a different ownership."

Reyes looks out across the crowd as they cheer at the possibility of Ryder leaving. She shakes her head and yells "Careful what you wish for!" before exiting the scene.

Scene 17

Ring Crew Walkout - Two Weeks Ago

The scene then fades to two weeks ago where we see the three men who were forced to join the Ring Crew after losing their match to The Rough Ryder - Korrupt, Cameron MacNichol, and Sean Edmunds. They are all helping do various things such as sweep up the floor, take the ring down, etc. Sean Edmunds then throws his broom down as Miss Karla comes to his side. PKA is then seen relaxing in his chair eating popcorn.

"Pick it up and sweep!"

Sean Edmunds refuses, though. He says he will not be belittled! Korrupt and Cameron take notice and wonder why they're doing this too.

PKA: "If you don't like it, fine. Bye."

Edmunds starts out of the building but PKA says one final thing.

PKA: "If you leave, if you walk out that door, you're done here."

Edmunds pauses and looks at Karla. She watches for what he's going to do, as do the rest of the ring crew, PKA, Korrupt, and Cameron. Suddenly Edmunds grunts and heads out the door with Karla. PKA shakes his head in disappointment.

PKA: "Welp, one less check I have to write.."

He starts eating his popcorn as Korrupt and Cameron get back to work.

Scene 18

Main Event: World Championship Match
Alexander StarrZoe vs. Korrupt(c)


Tony D: "Fans we're about ready for our main event after seeing Korrupt, Cameron MacNichol, and Sean Edmunds all being forced to do ring crew work.. What a deal."

Kris Red: "Well they lost a match and that was the stipulation. But is Sean Edmunds gone? Did he quit?"

Tony D: "It seemed like PKA fired him. I really don't know!"

The crowd is rowdy and ready to go as the World Championship match is next!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling World Championship! Making his way to the ring, the challenger - Alexander StarrrrrrZooooooe!"

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!" Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling World Champion - Korrrrrrrrupt!"

Suddenly the lights go down and "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. He charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner and sits back in it, rocking back and forth with until the match starts.

Tony D: "And here we go! Main event time! PKA has granted StarrZoe his contractually obligated Title match sooner than we'd expected, but he wants to make things right after, well what some say happened, that he cost Korrupt the World Title at the Second Anniversary Show."

Kris Red: "I'm skeptical, but it's a good arguement.."

They lock up and Korrupt locks in a head lock. StarrZoe pushes Korrupt into the ropes and hits a drop toe hold on Korrupt. StarrZoe picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle corner, and StarrZoe goes over and kicks Korrupt in his gut making him fall to the mat. StarrZoe picks Korrupt up against the 'buckle corner and rams his shoulders into Korrupts gut repeatedly, StarrZoe backflips and hits another hard shoulder into the Gut of Korrupt! StarrZoe grabs Korrupt by his head and brings him off the corner and hits a few forearm shots then whips Korrupt into the ropes and runs towards him hitting a spinning wheel kick as Korrupt came back at him! Alexander StarrZoe pins Korrupt 1.. kick out.

Tony D: "StarrZoe quickly trying for the 3 count there as he is challening for the World Title for the first time since October when he first challenged and WON the title!"

StarrZoe picks Korrupt up and hits a belly to back suplex drop then goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Korrupt gets up and StarrZoe leaps off connecting witha Sidekick to the face of Korrupt! He pins Korrupt 1.2. kick out again.

Kris Red: "Despite what PKA had to say earlier, I don't think it's going to be so easy for StarrZoe to pin Korrupt! He's a fighter!"

Korrupt rolls himself out of the ring and StarrZoe follows.

Tony D: "So much for being a fighter. Korrupt just rolled out of the ring looking to catch his breath!"

StarrZoe grabs Korrupt but Korrupt knees him in the gut and lifts him up for a quick belly to back suplex but drops him crotch-first on the barricade crushing his balls! The ref starts the 10 count. (1...) Korrupt laughs as he lays into Starr with right hands. He then hits another hard right hand this time knocking StarrZoe off the barricade onto the protective mats at ringside. (2...) Korrupt allows Starr to get up then charges with a clothesline knocking him back down again. Korrupt picks Alexander StarrZoe up and rams his head into the steel steps. (3...) He whips StarrZoe to the barricade but StarrZoe counters and Korrupt's back meets the barricade hard! StarrZoe runs at him but Korrupt somehow backdrops StarrZoe over the barricade into the crowd of fans. (4...)

Kris Red: "This is the kind of action you want to see, but Alexander StarrZoe just had to mess up didnt he!""

Suddenly PKA walks down to the ring and tells Korrupt to take this match into the ring! Korrupt pushes PKA and PKA hesitates to strike back but Korrupt smiles. He then turns and StarrZoe springs himself off the barricade and nails him with a kick! (5...) and the ref is yelling at PKA to get out of here!

StarrZoe stands up and stares a hole in PKA as PKA steps back.. StarrZoe brings Korrupt to his feet and rolls him into the ring and slides in.. cover.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "Well PKA seems to be out here to make sure things go well."

Kris Red: "He's just making good on his promise to give Starr a fair rematch! Korrupt was taking it down a nasty road and PKA stopped that. Good man."

StarrZoe then brings Korrupt to his feet, picks him up and slams him down. He climbs the turnbuckle and looks down at PKA saying this is his! He sets up for the 450 Splash but Korrupt then pushes the referee into the ropes and Starr gets crotched! The ref goes over the top rope and lands on the floor. PKA rushes over to check on him while StarrZoe holds his balls for a second time in this match. Korrupt slides out of the ring and retrieves something from under the ring apron and it's a lead pipe!

Tony D: "Oh no the ref is down and Korrupt has that lethal lead pipe!!"

Kris Red: "This is no good.."

Korrupt smiles as he enters the ring and looks down at StarrZoe, who has dropped down to the mat and is still in much pain. Korrupt then brings the lead pipe in the air and drives it into the chest of StarrZoe! He then hits the ropes and returns with a Facewash! He then hits the ropes again and hits a cannonball, going right into Starr!

Tony D: "Sweet Release!"

He brings Starr out of the corner and goes for the pin but the referee is nowhere to be found. Korrupt rolls out of the ring where PKA is tending to the ref and pushes PKA aside. He lifts the ref's dead body up and pushes him into the ring and slides back in. He covers StarrZoe as the ref slowly brings his hand up.........1..................2..................PKA pulls the ref out! The ref wonders why and PKA explains Korrupt had a weapon! The ref says he didn't see it!!

Kris Red: "Whoa! The Boss is getting in the mix!"

Korrupt gets up and yells down at PKA that this is BULLSHIT! PKA flips him off. Korrupt stomps the mat and turns around right into a lead pipe shot to the head from StarrZoe!!!

Tony D: "Oh my God!"

Korrupt goes down as the referee makes his way back into the ring very slowly. Starr climbs the turnbuckle, setting up for the 450 Splash! He then hits it!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!!"

StarrZoe covers...... 1........... 2............. PKA pulls the ref out again!!

Tony D: "What the?!"

PKA tells the ref that he can't let this one stand either as StarrZoe just used the lead pipe too! The ref says once again that he didn't see it so he can't judge if it happened or not!!

Kris Red: "I don't know what PKA is thinking anymore."

The ref slides back into the ring as Alexander StarrZoe is all fired up. He wants an explanation from PKA and PKA motions that he used the weapon!! Starr isn't happy. Korrupt, meanwhile, rolls out of the ring.

Tony D: "I mean I see what PKA did there, keeping it fair for both guys, but he really shouldn't be getting hands on in this match."

Korrupt grabs the World Title from the announce table as the ref starts a count. (1...) PKA looks over at Korrupt, wondering what he's up to. StarrZoe shouts at PKA from inside the ring to get the hell out of here! (2..) PKA says he's just doing his job!! (3...) StarrZoe picks up the lead pipe and threatens PKA with it and PKA gets up on the apron and begs for StarrZoe to hit him and risk getting his ass fined or worse! (4...) StarrZoe tosses the lead pipe down and continues to argue face to face with PKA, but the two aren't touching! (5...) PKA says that he is just here to make things right and keep them fair and StarrZoe insists that PKA is only getting in the way and fucking up his match!! (6...) PKA says he's sorry that Starr couldn't get the job done on his own and PKA has to be out here to help him and Starr has to use a weapon! (7...) Starr said it was only fair play as Korrupt used it but what the hell does PKA know about keeping things fair!! (8...) PKA then blames StarrZoe for their CWC Tag Title failure and StarrZoe says he doesn't have time for this. (9...) StarrZoe says he's got a World Title to win!

The bell sounds!

Starr turns around and PKA looks on wondering what happened. The ref talks to Randy Long and he makes an announcement.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via countout - Alexander StarrZoe! But STILL World Champion - Korrupt!"

The fans boo as PKA's jaw drops. StarrZoe can't believe what just happened! Korrupt is shown up on the stage with his World Title. He says "I will not be apart of this" and turns his back and heads through the curtain! StarrZoe turns back to PKA and PKA hops off the apron, apologizing, as he heads to the back.

Tony D: "Wait a minute.. Korrupt walked out on this match.. got counted out.. Starr wins, but the title can't change hands on a count out. PKA has costed StarrZoe the World Title yet again!"

Kris Red: "PKA is sure in hot water.. and it's boiling now.. Uh oh.."

"Who Shot Ya?" plays as StarrZoe kneels down in the ring, thinking to himself, and clearly pissed.

Tony D: "I can't believe what we've seen tonight! Fans, we have to go. We'll see you in England next with NEWera Wrestling!"

He stands up, hands on his hips, shaking his head. "Bulllllllshit" chants from the crowd fill the arena as Starr nods in agreement and this WARPED DVD release fades to black...