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20th October 2012 - Instant Classic - From in Detroit, MI

The LPW logo flashes across the screen. “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins to play. The video package for Instant Classic begins to play, showing several events that have led to the matches tonight. As the music begins to pick up, the clips begins showing Scott Stevens and Steve Solex exclusively, with a little Mason Hardt, Francis James, and Mike Best thrown in for good measure. The video fades out to the packed arena, pyro exploding all around. As the music begins to fade, we find ourselves viewing the LPW announce team.

Ash: Welcome to Instant Classic 2012!

Henson: The greatest PPV in the history of LPW!

Ash: It might be too early to tell about that Rick, but it definitely has the makings of one. For the first time ever in the history of LPW, we’ll be broadcasting all of our matches live, so all you viewers at home won’t miss a single moment of action.

Henson: All of the matches, outside of the Main Event, could go untelevised for all I care. Give me Stevens!

Ash: I’m sure the fans think differently. After all, we have some very interesting match ups tonight. We have some making their LPW debut, some trying to move up in the rankings, and let us not forget about our two huge matches tonight.

Henson: One, huge match.

Ash: Two. First the co-Main Event, where Mark Devereaux will defend his LPW Wildcard Championship against Boston John in a pinfall only match.

Henson: Yeah, whatever. I guess that is a big match. It’s not the Main Event though.

Ash: That is why the Main Event is the Main Event, obviously. In case you have been living under a rock, this match has been over a year in the making, with the LPW Championship on the line. Steve Solex and Scott Stevens will square off for the vacant title. If that wasn’t big enough, add in some Mike Best from High Octane Wrestling as the referee.

Henson: As long as he does his job and does the right thing, Scott Stevens will be walking out tonight as champ.

Ash: That very well could happen, but anyone looking past Steve Solex is in for a world of hurt.

Henson: I think Solex will be the one in a world of hurt.

Ash: As much as I’d like to go back and forth with you on this, I think it is best to just get the action under way.

Henson: Whatever.

R.M. Strrong (0-0) vs. Kalean Turner (1-2)

“Lowlife” by Theory of a Deadman begins to play as the new LPW wrestler; R.M. Strong walks out on the stage. The fans don’t give him much of a response, but he doesn’t seem to care. He slowly walks down to the ring and climbs in.

Henson: Well that was sufficiently boring.

Mad World erupts from the speakers as the lights fade to black. Kalean Turner's sadistic smile comes across the screen to greet the fans. Spotlights shine down on the top of the entrance ramp to show Kalean standing their smiling. He seems to be talking to someone as the camera pans in on him. The crowd erupts and cheers as he makes his way down the ramp still talking to someone. His eyes are focused on the ring his whole walk down. Kalean stops at the bottom of the ramp as he turns and nods to whoever who he is talking to. Sliding in the ring he walks to a turn buckle and sits and on the ring mat looking up into the rafters and listens to Mad World fade. As it comes to an end he closes his eyes and awaits the start of the match.

Ash: Turner hasn’t been the same since he left LPW a couple of months back.

Henson: Are you surprised? The guy is nuts.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois…R.M. STRONG!

And his opponent, from Nowhere, USA…KALEAN TURNER!

Strong and Turner stare one another down from opposite sides of the ring. Both men begin to circle on opposite sides as the referee calls for the bell. Both men close in on one another and lock up in the center of the ring. Turner takes the immediate advantage by securing a side headlock, but Strong uses the momentum to shove Turner into the ropes. Turner bounces off the ropes and attempts a lariat but Strong ducks underneath and sets himself up as Turner returns from the opposite side. Strong attempts to muscle Turner over with a hip toss, but Turner blocks the attempt and reverses into a hip toss of his own that sends Strong down to the mat. Strong gets up quickly and sprints toward Turner, but is once again knocked down to the mat - this time with a hard clothesline. Strong complains to the referee as Turner lifts him to his feet by his hair, but no action is taken from the official. Turner pushes Strong backward into the turnbuckle but Strong slithers out and turns the tables on his opponent. Strong attempts a big overhand right, but Turner ducks underneath and pushes Strong back into the corner. Turner then follows up with a sickening clothesline that sends Strong over the top rope. The crowd cheers wildly as Turner celebrates in the ring and the referee starts his count of ten.

Ash: The fans are really behind Kalean tonight.

Henson: I don’t know why, it isn’t like he’s accomplished much of anything here.

Strong stays seated on the outside floor holding the back of his head and shouting inaudible complaints to the referee, whose count has now reached three. Turner walks to the ropes and jaw jacks a bit at Strong but the referee pulls him away so he can continue his count, which is now at five. Strong slowly gets to his feet, but seems rather reluctant to get back in the ring. Turner’s patience has grown thin and once again he approaches the ropes. This time Turner leans over the top rope and screams “Get back in the ring!” at Strong, but for his troubles, Turner catches a stiff punch to the throat. Strong then climbs up onto the ring apron, grabs ahold of Turner’s head and guillotines him across the top rope. Strong points to his head, claiming to be smarter than his opponent as the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. The referee shouts “NINE!” and quickly Strong slides underneath the bottom rope and gets back into the ring. Strong begins to throw a vicious array of boots at his grounded opponent, and follows them up with a stiff elbow drop. Strong pops back to his feet and wipes the sweat from his brow and flings it toward the audience. Strong’s expression has become extremely arrogant as he lifts Turner to his feet. Strong Irish whips Turner off the ropes and slams turner to the mat with a beautiful tilt-a-whirl slam that infuriates the crowd even further.

Ash: Strong has taken the crowd from not caring about him to absolutely hating him.

Henson: Fantastic job I’d say. Screw this fans.

Strong makes a cover, but Turner quickly kicks out before the count of two. Strong smiles out to the crowd before lifting Tuner back to his feet. Strong lands a couple of stiff punches to the head of Turner before whipping him into the turnbuckle. Turner slams into the turnbuckle and drops down into a seated position. Strong mocks his opponent by dusting his hands off, but his arrogance is short lived as he runs in and plants a knee directly across the jawline of Turner. Turner seems to be out of it as he crumbles down to the mat. Strong stands over his opponent, and places his right boot onto Turner’s chest making an arrogant cover.


Turner kicks out rather quickly as the pinning attempt seemed to have little effect. Strong holds up three fingers to the referee, but quickly shrugs it off as he laughs. Strong leans against the turnbuckle as he waits for Turner to get to his feet. Turner struggles to his feet, and Strong charges him and attempts a running bulldog, but Turner slips out of the hold and shoves Strong into the air and sends him flying across the ring. Strong looks angered as he slaps the mat with both hand and springs to his feet but Turner runs in and delivers a hard kick to Strong’s abdomen and follows it up with a perfectly placed double-armed DDT. Kalean makes his first cover of the match as the referee slides in for the count...




Ash: I thought Turner had him there!

Henson: Of course you would.

Strong is able to get a shoulder into the air, but Turner is quick to get to his feet and lift Strong up there with him. Turner whips Strong off the ropes and when he returns Turner drives him into the mat with a devastating spinebuster. Using the momentum of the slam, Turner springs back to his feet. Turner bounces off the ropes and lands a forearm smash right across the forehead of Strong, who wisely rolls out of the ring immediately following the vicious blow. Turner doesn’t waste any time and exits the ring through the opposite side ropes, and makes a run for his opponent. Turner attempts a clothesline but Strong ducks, and Turner runs himself face first into the steel poll. Turner staggers backward right into the clutches of Strong. Strong yells “Ready?!” into the ear of Turner before sending him through the air with a release German suplex that enrages the live crowd. Strong mocks the fans in the front row as he walks over to his opponent. Strong lifts turner to his feet, whips him into the barricade. The referee has reached the count of six as Strong, once more, walks to his opponent. Strong grabs Turner by the hair, and drags him over to the ring apron. Strong attempts to slam Turner face first into the apron, but Turner blocks the attempt and elbows Strong in the gut. Turner rolls his adversary into the ring and is quick to follow behind, just beating the count of ten.

Ash: We almost had a double countout there.

Henson: Grand observation, Captain Obvious. Maybe you should try to actually add something of value to your match calling.

Ash: You mean something like, I love Scott Stevens!

Henson: It’s a good start.

Turner lifts Strong to his feet and gives him a stiff kick in the stomach. Turner sets Strong up and powerbombs him in the center of the ring. Turner quickly makes the cover.




Strong barely gets a shoulder up before the referee’s hand hit the mat for three. Assorted fans in attendance cheer, and shortly thereafter boo after realizing the true result of the count. Turner wastes little time and lifts Strong back to his feet. The lights in the arena then begin to flicker and then darken suddenly. “Meet the Monster” by Fiver Finger Death Punch begins to invade the arena. The lights come back up and the crowd is in awe of the large man walking aggressively down the ring, followed closely by another man.

Ash: Tha…that’s one of LPW’s newest signees, “Project 13” Eli Xero! What the hell is he doing here?

Henson: I would be he isn’t here to give out Halloween candy.

The two men in the ring aren’t really sure what to do as they just watch Xero climb up onto the apron and enter the ring while the other man stands ringside. Strong and Kalean take a few steps back and then begin motioning for the hulking man to exit the ring. Project 13 just glares at them for a moment, before releasing a primal scream. The two men run at him but are nearly decapitated by a double clothesline. Turner is the first one back up and he again charges at the powerhouse. Kalean is caught off guard when he is lifted, guerilla press style, into the air. Eli walks around the ring a bit, pressing Turner up and down a few times before hurling him out of the ring. Strong sees his opportunity and begins attacking from behind. The shots don’t seem to faze Xero in the least. He turns around and the expression on Strong’s face turns to that of fear as he tries to run away. Xero manages to grab hold of Strong’s hair, pulling him back in. With the utmost of ease, Project 13 lifts Strong into the air with a one armed vertical suplex. Instantly the bottom falls out and Eli drops his prey down into a piledriver.

Ash: Holy shit…



Roth: The referee has declared this match a no contest!

Xero is instantly back up to his feet, staring intently at into the camera until the scene cuts away backstage.

Make It or Break It

The scene cuts backstage to the locker room where LPW newcomer Braden Matthias sits.

Braden Matthias: Make it or break it time.

He reaches down and finishes lacing up his left boot. His hands begin to become noticeably shaky.

Braden Matthias: I don't know if I'm ready for this. Shayne Adams...

He checks the tightness of his wraps.

Braden Matthias: A man on a mission, a man that will not lose without a fight. A man that has already looked past me.

He runs his right hand over his buzz cut head.

Braden Matthias: Judah Snow I don't know what to expect from you.

He stands up from his chair.

Braden Matthias: This is it.

The scene cut out back to ringside.

Shayne Adams (7-5) vs. Judah Snow (1-0) vs. Braden Matthias (0-0)

Henson: What a loser!

Ash: Come on now, he’s just a rookie.

Henson: How can he expect to take himself seriously if he doesn’t believe he can do it?

The lights drop. The fans begin to cheer in anticipation. There is a moment's pause before “Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and blue lasers dance around the arena. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp to rapturous cheers. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he waits for his opponent.

Ash: Shayne Adams is looking to get back on track after two consecutive losses. Looks like he’s going to channel the older Shayne Adams.

Henson: Old Shayne Adams, new Shayne Adams, who cares. This guy is a gate keeper at best and he’ll never ever win an LPW Championship. End of story.

The lights dim and “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by The Gaslight Anthem begins to play. Judah Snow steps out on the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He proceeds to walk down to the ring, talking trash with anyone within ear shot. He climbs in the ring and flips off Shayne Adams before heading to his corner.

Ash: Last time we saw Judah Snow he was getting beaten up by Steve Solex.

Henson: Judah Snow is the greatest wrestler on the roster, next to Scott Stevens. You heard him; LPW management is just holding him back. If he were in any other company, he’d be a star.

“The One” by Deuce begins to play as LPW newcomer Braden Matthias makes his way to the stage. He is still visibly nervous and does his best to just make it to the ring without tripping. He climbs in lets out a huge breath.

Henson: This kid doesn’t even belong here.

Ash: How about we wait and see first.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Rachelle, from Edinburgh, Scotland…SHAYNE ADAMS!

His opponent, from Buffalo, New York…JUDAH SNOW!

And their opponent, from Merritt, British Columbia…BRADEN MATTHIAS!

All three men stare at one another waiting for the first to make a move. Bam! The Bastard known as Judah Snow makes the first move as he levels Braden Matthias with a devastating clothesline. Snow chuckles a bit as he admires his handy work. Seeing an opening, Shayne Adams runs in and begins to hit the big man with lefts and rights with kicks mixed in. he backs up Snow into a nearby corner as he continues his assault. Judah pushes Adams off and before he can catch a breath Shayne is back on the attack this time hopping on the bottom rope and reigning down right hands to the temple of Snow.







The Bastard breaks the flurry by pushing the Scotsmen off of him and he hit’s the mat with the back off his head. As Judah takes a breather, Adams comes back full force and begins to light up Snow’s chest and melting it down until a bright red begins to form. Matthias begins to stir and he sees Adams attacking Snow. Braden walks up behind Adams and grabs a handful of hair and pulls his head back. As Braden looks dead in Shayne’s eyes he walks back with him a couple of steps before he wraps his arm around his neck and delivers a reverse DDT. He goes for the pin.



Judah breaks it up with a kick to Braden.

Ash: The rookie nearly became a huge headline.

Henson: Listen, I don’t think this kid will amount to anything. But I’m pretty sure a blind one-armed monkey could beat Shayne Adams.

Ash: Maybe you should have a match with him then.

Henson: No thanks.

As Braden holds his head, Snow drops an elbow onto Matthias. Judah picks Braden up and set him up for a neutralizing face buster but the kid from Canada wiggles free and delivers a back body drop to the Snowman. As Braden walks over to Judah he doesn’t see Adams climbing the ropes and delivering a missile dropkick. He goes for the cover.




As Matthias lifts the shoulder, Adams rushes over to where Judah is laying and hit’s a standing moonsault before he heads over to the big man’s legs and locks in a Scottish Crab. The referee asks The Bastard if he wants to give up which he yells no. Shayne lets go off the hold and jumps up and lands the point of his elbow right in the back of Judah’s neck before he locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Before the ref can ask him, Judah wants to give it up, Shayne eats the soup of the day called Sole of Boot. As the Scotsman rolls to the outside, Mathias hit’s a low spinning wheel kick and makes the cover…






Ash: How about this rookie now? He nearly pinned Judah Snow.

Henson: Beginners luck, that’s all.

Ash: I seem to recall a similar conversation regarding Stevens and Devereaux.

Henson: Hush! I’m still in therapy over that.

Braden can’t believe it. He starts to yell at the ref but the ref motions it was only a two count. Braden waits for Snow to get back to his feet and when he turns around he locks his hands around the big man and goes for a belly to belly suplex. Judah blocks the attempt and just smiles at Braden and mouths nice try to him as he delivers his own suplex. Judah then bounces off the ropes and hit’s a big splash….




Judah slaps the mat in frustration and he gets in the refs face and begins to yell at him. He pushes the ref and the ref pushes back and in doing so Matthias rolls up The Bastard….





Matthias can’t believe it. He yells for Judah to get up. As he awaits Snow to get up, Shayne Adams begins to stir on the outside and climb up onto the apron. Snow staggers to his feet and when he comes to face Braden he is met with a boot to the gut and while he is doubled over, Matthias underhooks the arms and slams his face to the ground with Lights Out! He crawls into the cover….




No! Shayne Adams just hit the Grapevine onto the back of Braden. Adams rolls Matthias off of Judah and he hooks the leg of the big man.





Ash: At least it wasn’t the rookie beating your guy this time.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall…SHAYNE ADAMS!

Shayne is helped up by the referee and he raises his hand in victory as Adams holds his ribs because he is still trying to catch his breath after knocking the air from them from the collision with Braden.

"Mr. DiY" Drew Siler

The scene cuts backstage to locker room; colorless brick walls, a row of grey lockers, and “Mr. DiY” Drew Siler seated on a long wooden bench. He busies himself with taping up his hands in his patented dark red, and listens calmly to the roar of the crowd, only a dull hum from back here.

Drew: Look around, you’ve seen this before; Me sittin’ in a locker room, tapin’ up my hands, geared to go, tension in the atmosphere, big fight feel in the air, except… That ‘big fight’ isn’t for me. Nah, I had to get here before most people were even in their seats for the show, because for some reason I was relegated to help kick off this pay per view by puttin’ Arrow’s head through the mat, while that clown Stevens was somehow deemed worthy enough to drag down not just one, but two main events in a row now, and sadly… This one is for the LPW Championship.

He gives his tape one last check before looking up at the camera.

Drew: Now Solex on the other hand, I can see this guy’s claim to a title shot. Not only has he paid his share of dues around here, but ever since he stopped blogging about his problems and started goin’ outside and handling his business like a man, he’s actually turning some heads around here. People actually take Solex seriously for a title shot, whereas every time we see Scott Stevens promoted or hyped up for this bout we try to stifle our laughter…. Ok, well not really, but still… You get my point.

He shares one of those unchecked laughs now at Scott’s expense.

Drew: You can say what you want about my win-column, or what I have or haven’t earned here yet, but if it was ME in the main event against Solex we would have people on the edge of their seats giving them a main event worthy of an LPW pay per view, whether Solex wants to admit or not, and everyone knows it… Everyone except Hardt that is. A man who apparently couldn’t promote sex in a whorehouse, considering he can’t even look at his roster and recognize REAL talent when it’s staring him right back in the face.

Drew offers a shrug, though he’s anything but indifferent.

Drew: That’s fine, cause like I said, after what I do to Shawn Arrows tonight there will be no more denying it. No more avoiding it. No more jumping through hoops designed to waste my fuckin’ time, because you know as well as I know that’s what all this is about, so I’ll make you a deal, Hardt… After I embarrass Arrows and send him back to his failed gym in Greensboro, I want a title shot… Like I said, you pick the title. I could care less, cause to me gold is gold, but here’s the catch… If I lose to one of your so-called champions, then for all I care you can pull me from the title scene indefinitely, and protect failures like Stevens for as long as you can if that‘s what you want… And I know it is, soooo… When Arrows is left lying in the ring, the ball is in your court.

Drew rises from the bench and starts his warm-up stretches as the shot fades out to the area of the arena, directly behind the entrance ramp.

You've Earned It, Kid

Shayne Adams makes his way through the area, passing by various backstage personnel. He is still holding his ribs, but the pain doesn’t seem to take the smile off his face.

Voice: Mr. Adams…



Shayne hears the voice, but can’t find who it is. He looks around a few people until he spots the voice of the anonymous co-owner of LPW, Francis James.

James: Mr. Adams, as you are aware the co-owner is in attendance tonight. He watched your match tonight and immediately sent me to find you. He appreciates all you have done and given for Legacy Pro Wrestling. Give your victory tonight, he would like to offer you another shot at the Legacy Pro Wrestling Wildcard Championship. If you accept, then perhaps later we can work out the details.

Adams: Of course I accept, and I promise you both that I’ll make this one count.

Shayne extends his hand to Francis James, who returns the shake as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Henson: So this Drew Siler guy is demanding title shots and Shayne Adams is being gifted them. Doesn’t anyone earn anything these days?

Ash: I can’t speak for Siler, but Shayne Adams has done enough in his tenure with LPW to earn another shot at the title.

Henson: I could care less. Whenever it happens, he’ll be on the losing end just like he always is. As for Siler, he’ll have to get through Arrows in our next match if he even wants to think about a title shot.

Drew Siler (1-0) vs, Shawn Arrows (4-2)




As STP’s Scott Weilan pierces the airwaves with his infamous soliloquy the entire arena erupts at the inevitable…






The beat kicks in and out steps “Mr. D.I.Y.” Drew Siler to a roar of cheers loud enough to vibrate the dome. He pauses at the top of the ramp smirking, and playfully gestures with his hands ‘come on, you can do better than that’ ….and they do.




Satisfied, he nods approvingly and makes his way down to the ring not wasting any more time. He mounts the ring apron with a knee and steps between the ropes holding both arms up in a ‘#1’ salute to a final pop from the crowd. Drew then picks a neutral corner as STP fades from the PA system.

Ash: This may be put up or shut up time for Siler, given his words earlier.

Henson: There is nothing I hate more than something saying something and then doing nothing to back it up.

Ash: Really?

The instrumental version of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath begins to play as Shawn Arrows steps out onto the ramp. He looks are and the crowd and then sets his sights on Drew Siler in the ring. Focused purely on the obstacle ahead of him, Arrows jogs down ramp and slides into the ring.

Ash: Arrows has been on a roll as of late and may put himself into title contention with another win here.

Henson: If he comes out like he did in his last fight, it’ll be awesome.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio…DREW SILER!

And his opponent, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina…SHAWN ARROWS!

Arrows and Siler meet in the center of the ring and exchange some words as they get nose to nose eyeing one another down. Arrows looks behind him with a disgusted look on his face and then fires a right hand to Siler’s jaw, but Siler quickly returns the favor. The two exchange shot for shot until Arrows staggers backward into the corner. Siler charges in and plants a knee into Arrows abdomen and then Siler locks in a side headlock and executes a running bulldog on his opponent. The crowd cheers as Siler gets to his feet and pulls Arrows up with him. Siler pushes Arrows into the ropes and whips him to the opposite side before planting Arrows into the mat with a lariat. The crowd cheers wildly as Siler continues the assault on Arrows with a number of boots to his opponent’s chest. Siler backs off and allows Arrows to slowly climb to his feet. Siler lands a couple of shots to Arrows face and attempts to Irish whip him, but Arrows reverses and yanks Siler into him. Arrows leaps into the air and executes a beautiful hurricanrana much to the disdain of the live crowd. Arrows doesn’t take any time to celebrate and immediately springs himself up to the second rope and plants a leg drop directly across the throat of Siler.

Ash: Siler has looked impressive thus far, but Arrows is hanging with him. We know Arrows has the ability to finish the match out of nowhere.

Henson: You can never count him out, I agree with that. But he can’t expect to be successful here by taking a beating and then pulling out the miracle each and every match.

Arrows waits for his opponent to get to his feet and attacks with a spinning headscissors takedown followed by a quick cover. The referee slides in for the first count of the match...



The crowd gasps as Mr. DIY gets a shoulder in the air just before the count of three. Arrows argues the count with the referee as Siler gets to his feet. As Arrows remains distracted by the referee Siler gives him a tap on the shoulder and when Arrows turns around Siler lands a stiff right hand on Arrows sending him down to the mat, but Arrows pops right back up and is once again knocked down by a right hand. Again, Arrows pops back up to his feet, but this time Siler scoops Arrows into the air and sends him flying across the ring with a T-bone suplex. The crowd cheers, but Arrows is once again quick to his feet and charges in at Siler, but Siler dodges and sends him across the ring with an arm drag take down. Arrows, seemingly relentless, again pops to his feet and charges in. Siler traps him and executes an overhead releasing belly to belly suplex. Arrows remains on the ground after the exchange holding onto his lower back. Siler moves in and make his first cover of the match.




Ash: He did it!

Henson: Hey wait!

The crowd erupts in cheers but the referee waves off the count as he notices Arrows’ foot on the bottom rope. Drew argues the call, but the referee sticks to his guns and says that the match must continue. Siler is frustrated, but he goes on the attack once more. Siler kicks Shawn in the ribs, but Arrows is quick to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. The referee stops Siler from going out after him, and after a brief argument the referee starts his count.


Siler wastes little time and shows his defiance by exiting the ring from the opposite side. The referee stops his count as he notices Siler approaching Arrows. The referee shouts at the competitors to get back in the ring, but neither man complies with the order and Siler drives Arrows head first into the barricade. The fans in the front row yell instructions to Siler and he does just what they tell him to and drives Arrows head first once again into the barricade. Siler then attempts to whip Arrows into the ring apron but Arrows reverses and Siler is sent into the apron. The crowd boos in disapproval as Arrows climbs up to the ring apron. Siler staggers away from the apron as Arrows runs across and leaps into the air executing a missile drop kick that connects flush with Siler’s temple.

Ash: Arrows was taking a beating, but he’s back on the attack now. Siler may have made a mistake by looking past Arrows towards a title shot.

Henson: Arrows is the last man you want to look past. As we’ve said, he has the ability to pull out a win on the edge of defeat.

The crowd boos in unison as Arrows rolls into the ring and tells the referee to continue the count. The referee shouts “SIX!” as Siler slowly gets to his feet. Arrows, realizing that Siler will make it into the ring before the count of ten, runs off the opposite side ropes and suicide dives out of the ring over the top rope. Siler quickly moves out of the way and Arrows crashes head first into the barricade. The referee is forced to restart the count, but it’s short lived as Siler rolls Arrows into the ring. Siler takes the attack to Arrows by whipping him into the turnbuckle, but unfortunately for the referee he is caught in the middle of Arrows and the corner. Arrows smashes the referee into the turnbuckle and staggers backward. The referee goes down to the mat as Siler locks in The D.I.Y Bridge! The crowd cheers ferociously as Arrows taps out in a panic!

Ash: Siler has the win but the ref is unable to make the call!

Henson: This is your break Arrows, now do something!

The referee is down, and cannot make the call to end the match as Siler continues to apply pressure and Arrows continues to tap out. The crowd boos wildly as the referee lays motionless on the mat. Seemingly frustrated, Siler releases the hold and checks on the referee. Siler grabs the referee by the back collar of his shirt and lifts him and props him up in the corner. The referee appears to be coming to and Siler turns his attention back to Arrows. But Arrows is back to his feet and delivers a hard kick to Siler’s abdomen and hoists him into the air attempting the Arrow-Shot DDT! Siler slithers out of the hold, however, and once again locks in The D.I.Y. Bridge! Arrows attempts to hold on for a moment, but is ultimately forced to tap as the referee calls for the bell.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of submission…DREW SILER!

Ash: Siler nearly had the match won twice before, but in the end the result is the same.

Henson: There goes Arrows’ fragile psyche.

Arrows rolls out of the ring as “Dead and Broken” by Stone Temple Pilots blares throughout the arena. The crowd cheers wildly as Siler celebrates in the ring. Arrows makes a move for the ring, but realizes his pain and retreats to the back as Siler continues his celebration on the second rope.

Warming Up

Psycho Sam and Rock are shown resting in their locker room. Psycho Sam is dressed in his attire, which consist of long, red jeans, and a black tank top, with the words Instant Classic at the back. Sliding on some brass knuckles into his left hand, Sam stares mindlessly at the door, like a staring contest. Suddenly, he punches sharply at the door, breaking through a part of it. Meanwhile, Rock, in his usual attire, which pretty much is just a robe of rocks, is quickly getting a small, sharp, shiny object. Rock stalls for a moment before handing it off to Sam. While Sam gets the object into his right hand, Rock grabs a piece of paper out of the bag. He walks away from the locker room, grabbing a few rocks and placing them in the hole. Just as Rock is about to open the door, Sam screams out in pain.


Sam shows his right hand to the camera. The right hand is slowly bleeding. Apparently, he stabbed himself. Sam licks the hand clean, before removing the object. Rock shakes his head before opening the door. Just as he’s about to close the door, Sam yells.


He stabbed himself in the left hand. A short, elderly psychiatrist walks just past the door, and sees Sam with his left hand covered in blood. Shaking his head, he walks away.

Psychiatrist: What the hell is this guy here doing?

Alas, that question is not answered as the scene cuts to just outside the office of the anonymous co-owner and Francis James.

The Time is Right

Shayne Adams is seen walking down the hallway. When he gets to the door of the co-owner he begins to pace back and forth in front of it. He seems to be weighing heavily on something. Finally he stops and knocks on the door; Francis James answers.

James: Mr. Adams…? I didn’t expect to see you so soon.

Adams: Sorry if I’m bothering you, but I have something I’d like to talk about.

James: No it is fine, please come in.

Adams nods and walks into the office as James shuts the door. The camera then cuts back to ringside.

Ash: Wonder what that was all about?

Henson: Maybe Adams felt guilty for accepting such a unjustified gift.

Ash: I doubt that.

Last Man Standing

Gideon Valdez (2-1) vs. Psycho Sam (3-4)

Valdez stands in the ring, ready to go for his match as the lights go pitch black. The opening of "Fall Back Down" by Rancid plays. Once the vocals for "Fall Back Down" start, Psycho Sam walks to the stage; snarling. Rock is behind Psycho Sam, overwhelmed by the audience. When the chorus starts, luminous blood drops from the ceiling onto Psycho Sam. Psycho Sam then runs towards the ring, with Rock closely following behind. Sam then slides under the ring and bites the ring ropes. He then climbs up towards the turnbuckle and gives the bird to the audience before wiping the blood off himself.

Roth: The following contest is a Last Man Standing match. The winner will be determined based on whether their opponent can regain his footing before a count of ten. Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico…GIDEON VALDEZ!

And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Rock, from the Island of Alcatraz...PSYCHO SAM!

Sam and Gideon begin to circle each other at equidistance, neither trusting a lock-up with the other. Gideon lunges in for a hard right hand, but it’s blocked by Sam! Sam then lays the boots to Gideon’s midsection doubling him over, and goes for a DDT, but Gideon wriggles out of it just in time, leaving Sam to fall aimlessly on his back. Gideon quickly capitalizes by putting his boots to Sam’s prone figure. Sam tried to get up from the fury of the assault, but Gideon grabs him by the head and drags him to the ring ropes. Gideon then pulls his head laying it over the 2nd rope using it for leverage to choke him. Gideon breaks the hold and bounces off the opposite ropes for momentum. He then goes for a huge leg drop guillotine with Sam still on the ropes, but still lucid enough to hear the footsteps Sam moves just in time, and Gideon racks himself on the 2nd rope!! Gideon sits there straddling the ropes, mouth open in pain from the shock to his privates, and Sam drops back to the far side of the ring… FUCK YOU LARIATO!!! Sam calls for his finisher early, way early, and flips off the crowd. Then with the same hand he flips off the crowd he goes for the huge running lariat… AND CONNECTS!!! SAM’S FIRST OFFENSIVE STRIKE IS HIS FINISHER! Spittle is sent flying everywhere from Gideon, and Gideon is hurled over the top rope, but his legs were between the ropes in the first place, so this causes him to get hung up.

Ash: Psycho Sam doesn’t seem to be holding anything back tonight.

Henson: Neither man better be. This is a last man standing match, if you don’t go all out then you won’t win.

Valdez dangles there nearly lifeless, and Sam begins to struggle with Gideon’s legs trying to free him for the count to start. Frustrated when Gideon’s leg doesn’t budge he calls for Rock to assist him, and they both begin trying to pry him out with the ref insisting for Rock to get the hell out of there and get his hands off Gideon. When both of them can’t free Gideon’s leg Sam jumps from the ring to the outside to see if he can get better leverage from here, but… Gideon grabs both Sam’s and Rock’s heads and collides them together while dangling upside down! Then with tremendous effort he pulls himself up right and frees his leg from the ropes only to collapse in the ring still feeling the effects of that clothesline. Gideon bounces himself off the ropes for momentum and then leaps over the top rope into a flying cross body, but NO!! Sam catches him just in time, and looks like he’s going for a powerslam on the outside, but changes his mind, and rams Gideon’s back into the ring post! A huge gasp from the crowd as the thud of spine on metal is heard at ringside.

Ash: That can’t feel good.

Henson: Again with the obvious.

Sam remains holding Gideon and now hoists him up high overhead in an amazing show of strength. He then walks him over to the guard rail and drops him face first on the steel fan barrier to another sigh from the crowd! Gideon lies holding his face and Sam takes a moment to pause and flex for the crowd as the boos rain down. A few measured kicks and Sam picks Gideon up by his hair, and rests him against the railing. Sam steps back to the ring apron and flips off the crowd again holding that arm out there for another clothesline… FUCK YOU LARIATO! He charges in for the kill blow, but Gideon comes alive just in time, and counters the charge with a drop toe hold! A simple enough move, but the result is Sam’s face smacking the steel fan barrier! Both men lie there trying to regain their senses, and Rock is compelled to check on Sam. Sam begins to struggle to his feet with the moral support of Rock, and Gideon slowly rolls to his feet to capitalize. Gideon takes a few steps toward Sam, and goes for a dropkick, but it apparently wasn’t meant for Sam, and Rock is sent flying over the guard railing into the front row! Valdez recovers a little quicker, and grabs Sam by the head now that Rock is out of the way. Gideon rolls Sam into the ring and then mounts the ring apron himself. He wait’s a sec for Sam to pull himself up, still wobbly at the knees, and Gideon suddenly springboards himself off the top rope at Sam…. TORNADO DDT! The impact flips Sam over onto his back. Gideon gets up to his feet and the ref begins to start his count.





Sam makes it back up to his feet.

Ash: The first count we’ve had from the referee so far.

Henson: That is because these two men haven’t stopped to let him count until now. They want to destroy each other. Which is awesome of course.

Gideon drags Sam over to the turnbuckle . Valdez then jumps to the outside, grabs Sam’s legs, pulls him slightly under the ropes by the turnbuckle lining him up with the post, and then racks Sam’s groin against the ringpost! Another painful sound from the crowd, and now it’s Gideon who extends his arms wide in a pose to the crowd, and he is showered with boos as well. He then turns back around and begins to knot Sam’s legs around the ringpost with a figure four! With an amazing display of agility, Gideon cinches the hold in tight, dangling upside down, and Sam, refusing to scream in pain, makes a series of very loud grunts and growls of pain.

Ash: Smart thinking by Valdez here. Sam can’t answer the ten count if he can’t stand at all.

Henson: You’re right, but the count won’t start until Gideon releases the hold, so he’ll have to stop eventually.

On queue Gideon releases the hold and flips backwards to the mat outside the ring. Gideon then mounts the ring apron, and climbs to the top turnbuckle cattycornered to the buckles where Sam is lying for added range. He then makes his leap. STARDUST PRESS! NO! SAM MOVES! Sam rolls out of the way just in time causing Gideon to land face first on the mat! He writhes in pain, and Sam fishes something out of his tights that he had hidden there, something metallic and shiny and balls it up in his fist waiting for Gideon to get to his feet. Gideon finally pulls himself up and turns around… Sam goes for a huge loaded right hand…. But Gideon ducks under just in time and Sam hits the ref instead! He stands there looking at his hand, looking at the ref who is out cold. He then turns back around to finish the job with Gideon, but… SPINEBUSTER! Sam never saw it coming! Gideon then rolls to his feet and he sizes up Rock who’s busy yelling for Sam to get up, and Gideon launches himself at a run from the middle of the ring, over the top rope, catching Rock in a flying head scissors, and then completes a perfect spinning hurricanrana to the outside that sends Rock flying about 15 feet onto the entrance ramp. He just lies there motionless after a huge pop from the crowd, the weird cover of rocks draping over his body no doubt adding to the weight of the crash.

Henson: There goes one weirdo flying courtesy of another weirdo.

Gideon then shakes off his own sacrifice from the move and mounts the ring apron to get back in the ring, but Sam is up now and charges at Gideon for another one of those loaded right hands, but Valdez sees it coming, and quickly pulls the top rope down sending Sam flying over from the momentum! Sam lands in a heap, and Gideon takes a sec to measure up his next move before spring boarding himself off the middle rope to the outside for a corkscrew legdrop! It connects perfectly and Sam is wracked with convulsions of pain. Gideon slowly rolls to his feet, knowing there is no count because the ref is still down, and then grabs Sam by the head. He pulls Sam to his feet and walks him over a few steps next to where Rock is lying on the entrance ramp. After a quick positioning he nails a Russian legsweep on the metal ramp! Leaving Sam lying next to Rock, Gideon then makes his way back to the ring, but not to get in. After looking around he grabs the steel ring steps and drags them over near Sam and Rock. He then mounts each step slowly, deliberately, before giving a final sneer of disgust, and turning around on the steps. He takes one last look over his shoulder to measure the move and then flips backwards. MOONSAULT! No! Sam gets his knees up. Gideon comes down face first into the bone of his knee! Rock is still knocked out apparently, but Sam was aware enough to still get his knees up and save them both.

Ash: There is a reason it is called high risk, and for the second time Valdez has risked it all and come up empty.

Henson: Someone needs to tell him that the object of the match is to break your opponent down, not yourself.

Sam slowly pushes himself up, eyeing Gideon warily, knowing he hasn’t hurt him bad enough to keep down. Sam grabs a handful of Gideon’s hair, and begins walking him up the displaced ring steps on the entrance ramp, step by step. Sam reaches the top platform, and shoves Gideon’s head between his legs, snarling with hate now. The fans boo in kind, and after one last hate filled look at all of them, Sam lifts Gideon up for a powerbomb, but instead of slamming him straight down he just lets go letting Gideon fly via an alley-oop! The sound of the crash onto the entrance ramp is sickening. Bone on metal reverberates through the arena, only drowned out by the pop from the crowd, who may hate Sam, but bought a ticket to see violence. Gideon lies so far away that Sam can’t hit the elbow he had planned and has to dismount the steps. He shakes Rock a couple of times, but he doesn’t so much as budge. Sam leaves him there, but only after stripping some of the big rocks from Rock’s weird robe he drapes himself in. Laughing, he strides over to where Gideon lays and begins forcing the rocks into his mouth, and perhaps even down his throat. Gideon writhes so uncontrollably from the coughing and hacking fit, Sam is compelled to step back as Gideon spits up rocks in a foamy froth. The fans go back to deafening boos. Sam goes back in for the kill, having no qualms about kicking a man while he’s down.

Ash: OK, now this has gone too far!

Henson: Too far? This is what I’ve been waiting for!

Satisfied, he lifts Gideon up into a fireman’s carry, and heads to the ring. Sam finally rolls Gideon into the ring, but he doesn’t follow. Instead he walks over to the timekeeper, calmly throws him out of his chair, and then folds up his steel chair, taking it with him. He then mounts the apron and begins climbing the top rope with the steel chair. The monster pauses a moment, holding the chair out to a chorus of boos. He shoots a last glance at the ref who is just now stirring, but not yet in charge of his faculties, and leaps. Sam connects with a paralyzing chair aided splash onto Valdez. Sam then tosses the now bent chair back outside the ring. The ref is still hazy but is aware enough now to see the downed participant and goes for the count.








Somehow Turner manages to bring himself up to his feet. Sam is obviously pissed about the count, but looks at Gideon and grins sadistically, because we can now see that the top rope splash with the chair opened up a huge cut on Gideon’s forehead. The blood is flowing freely into his hair, matting it in clumps and leaving a pool on the mat. Blood starts to run in streams down his face and into his eyes. Sam just laughs, and drags Gideon over to use the 2nd rope as leverage to choke him now. Sam takes his eyes off of Valdez, maintain the hold but looking at the crowd with his devilish face. Sam finally turns back around and grabs a handful of Gideon’s blood soaked hair, pulling him up from the ropes. He turns Gideon around and goes for a HUGE right hand, reaching way back, but he doesn’t notice Gideon’s cheeks puffed out at the side. Gideo then spits a shower of his own blood into the eyes of Sam! Sam’s blind and swinging wild! Gideon delivers a well-aimed boot to the gut doubling him over, and…BLACK WIDOW’S WHISPER! Gideon pulls himself up as the ref begins to count.










No! Sam somehow manages enough strength to bring himself back to his feet! Gideon, who is spent, just stares at Sam wondering what he has to do. Inspiration seems to come from somewhere as he backs him into a corner. After a few measured right hands, he sends Sam running for the opposite turnbuckle, but no! Sam reverses the Irish-whip and sends Gideon flying into the turnbuckle instead! Gideon crashes hard, back first, into the corner and the shock is enough to cause him to stumble back out to the center of the ring where Sam is waiting for him… ALCATRAZ CLAW! Sam cinches the claw in deep into Gideon’s skull, and Gideon begins to feint from the pain and loss of blood before he can even tap. He quickly crumples to the mat but Sam refuses to release the hold until he feels all of the life drain from his opponent. He lets go of his grasp and props himself up in the corner, taking the time to regain some strength just in case.











The referee calls for the bell as Psycho Sam throw his hands into the air and the bell rings.

Roth: The winner of the match…PSYCHO SAM!

Ash: What a match! We may have to get someone out here to scrub up before we get to our co-Main Event.

Henson: That. Was. The. Most. Awesome. Thing. EVER!

Do the Right Thing

The scene fades in the backstage locker room of Steve Solex. Solex is shown shadow boxing in the center of the room while Tommy Rockwell coaches him from a bench. Steve’s wife, Kasey is shown lied out on the floor, her head propped up by a rolled up towel. She watches Steve warm up for his match, but she has a look of concern on her face. Steve notices her look, but pays no attention – the only thing on his mind right now is Scott Stevens and the LPW Championship. Suddenly, a knock on the door throws Steve out of rhythm. He motions for Tommy to open the door, but Tommy points down at his bandaged gunshot wound. Steve shakes his head and heads for the door. Slowly he twists the door knob, releasing the lock, and carefully opens it peering through the crack it makes. The door is suddenly shoved open and knocks Steve backward. Jason and one of the Crazy Nine MC members walk into the room. Jason eyes Steve down before shutting the door behind him.

Jason: How ya’ feelin’ Steve-O?

Steve sarcastically laughs before being tossed a towel from Tommy which he uses to wipe the sweat from his brow. Kasey appears to be getting nervous as she sits up and scoots back up against the wall.

Steve: What are you doing here, man?

Jason: We’re just here to make sure that you are going to make good on your end of the bargain.

Steve: There’s no bargain, J. I’m going to beat the living hell out of Scott Stevens tonight, and walk away with the LPW Championship. You and your goons are going to do pretty much the same thing – minus the ass whooping and championship.

Jason: Is that…



Steve: Are we seriously doing this again? I know for a fact that you aren’t ready for a scrap, J. You’ve been riding for five days just to get here, there is no way you got back here without getting searched by security, and now you’ve only brought one dude into the room with you, which pretty much means you only have one guy watching the door.

Jason looks down at the floor.

Jason: Don’t let me down, Steve. We’ll be watching.

Jason turns his back to Steve and opens the door. He looks over his shoulder at Solex.

Jason: I wouldn’t want to hurt that pretty little wife of yours, or your homeboy.

Steve watches as Jason exits the door. Before Jason can shut the door, however, David Flores enters the room with his trust microphone in hand.

Steve: Now what in the hell do you want, Flores?

Flores: Well, Steve. People are wondering where your head is at. It’s been well documented that this match is not only an LPW Championship Title match, but that you are under…um…different kinds of pressure from the guys who just left this room. I guess, the question I want to know, and everyone for that matter. Are you ready for Scott Stevens?

David positions the microphone for Steve to talk.

Steve: And you wonder why I call you an idiot, Flores. Do you really think, that for one millisecond that I would let Scott Stevens walk out of this arena with the LPW Championship? Not a single person on this planet tells me what to do or how to do it. Scott Stevens is a mere pawn in this game, and whether or not he or you think…my head is one hundred percent on the prize. The time for all of this talking, all of this…bullshit, is over. When my music hits, all of my fans jump to their feet the next thing that will happen is Steve Solex exiting the arena with the championship belt that rightly belongs around my waist. I guarantee you this, David; I will reclaim my glory and my spot at the top of this company. Scott Stevens, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it….bruh.

The scene fades out to ringside.

Ash: Things are definitely interesting for Solex here tonight.

Henson: Maybe he should worry about his personal life and just forfeit the match tonight.

Ash: Are you scared he might win?

Henson: Of course not…I just…


LPW Wildcard Championship

Boston John (3-1) vs. Mark Devereaux [c] (4-0)

Ash: Whatever you say…it is time for two of Henson’s favorite wrestlers to square off for the LPW Wildcard Championship.

Henson: Lies!

“Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphy’s hits the speakers as Boston John runs out on the stage. He doesn’t even settle at the top, instead running at full speed to the ring, sliding in. He hops up and poses for the fans.

Ash: Big opportunity for Boston John tonight.

Henson: If he can permanently injure Devereaux, then I may start to like him.

"Epic" by Faith No More begins to echo throughout the entire building. Fans begin stomping on the ground to the bass drum and slapping the side of the guard rails along to the snare drum. All the while chanting loudly and proudly, WAR-RI-OR along to the kick-snare beat of the music. Shortly after the start of the music and crowd participation, out comes Mark Devereaux, wearing the LPW Wildcard Championship. He lightly jogs out, stopping at the top of the ramp. Devereaux puts his hand up to his brow and motions that he is looking over the entire arena. He then pounds his right fist on his chest and points to the crowd and starts walking down the ramp. With ever other step he is reaching to slap the hands of the children and adults in the live audience. He climbs the ring steps to enter the ring. Once inside he climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera, points to the crowd, points to his heart, and then points to the ring. Finally raising his hands in the air for an explosive reaction from the crowd. He climbs down and begins stretching his arms by rotating them as the music fades.

Roth: The following match is being contested under pinfall only rules and is for the LPW Wildcard Championship. Introducing first, from South Boston, Massachesetts…BOSTON JOHN!

And his opponent, from Dearborn, Michigan, he is the reigning Wildcard Champion…MARK DEVEREAUX!

Ash: This match should be fantastic!

Both John and Mark walk to the center of the ring and stare one another down as the referee calls for the bell. The two men lock up and almost instantaneously, John takes the advantage by forcing in a side headlock. Devereaux uses his power to lift John into the air and nail John to the mat with a steep back suplex that ignites the anxious crowd into a fury of cheers. Mark hops to his feet and attempts to take advantage of the position with an elbow drop, but John quickly rolls out of the way and springs to his feet. Both men once again lock up in the center of the ring, but this time Mark locks in a side headlock. He wrenches the hold in tight, forcing John to a knee, but John immediately regains his composure and shoves Devereaux into the ropes. Devereaux returns, but John sends him to the mat with a drop toehold. John is quick to his feet, as is Devereaux. John bounces off the ropes and attempts a lariat, but Mark ducks underneath. John off the ropes again but this time Devereaux charges in and send him over the top rope and to the floor with a hard clothesline. Devereaux quickly follows his opponent to the outside and lifts him to his feet. Devereaux whips John into the ring apron. John stumbles out of the ring apron and is bent over by a Devereaux kick to the mid-section, and then planted to the floor with a devastating DDT. The crowd cheers wildly as Devereaux gets back to his feet, and lifts John up as well. Devereaux rolls John into the ring, and follows. Devereaux makes a cover.




Ash: Close, but not close enough. Remember folks, pinfall only rules means that the person pinned has until a count of five to kickout instead of the traditional three.

Henson: Because Devereaux is a douche that would rather do random then select an actual stipulation.

Devereaux gets back to his feet and leans back into the turnbuckle. John slowly gets to his feet, but Mark is in the corner stalking him. Just as John plants both feet on the mat, Devereaux charges in and puts him right back down with a running neck breaker. Devereaux seems to have hurt himself a bit executing that maneuver and is slow getting back to his feet. Devereaux stumbles back and leans against the ropes, as “Southie John” slowly gets to his feet. Devereaux charges in, attempting a flying knee, but John slyly moves to the side and dodges. Devereaux confusingly turns around and walks right into a Sam Adams Slam! The crowd cheers both fan favorites on as John begins shaking the ropes, pumping himself up. John turns his attention back to Devereaux, who is still flat on his back in the center of the ring. John mounts his opponent and lands a few punches to the head, before lifting Devereaux to his feet. John whips Devereaux off the ropes and upon his return lifts him into the air with a gorilla press. John holds the move showing off for the fans before slamming him flat on his back. John makes the cover.






Ash: Now that was close! This match would have been over under traditional rules!

Devereaux takes every advantage of the Wildcard pin fall rules and kicks out just before the count of five. John briefly complains to the referee, but abandons his protest and lifts Devereaux to his feet. John whips Devereaux into the corner and follows up with a hard clothesline that puts Devereaux flat on his backside. John lands a few stomps to Mark’s chest before running a circle and planting a knee into Devereaux’s face. The crowd cheers as John grabs a hold of Devereaux’s wrist and whips him into the opposite side corner from the seated position. John once again charges in with the clothesline, but this time Devereaux moves out of the way and John goes chest first into the padded corner. John stumbles backward right into the clutches of Devereaux and is planted on his neck with a perfectly executed German suplex. Both men are flat on the ground as the referee begins a count of ten.
















The crowd begins to count with the referee.










Both men begin to show life, but neither competitor is to his feet yet.





“Downfall” by TRUSTcompany begins to play throughout the arena. Francis James is suddenly shown on the big screen as the crowd suddenly fades silent. The referee looks perplexed in the center of the ring, still holding up the count of ten.

Francis James: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention. My employer has just informed me that the Wildcard Championship will continue, despite both competitors possibly counted down. However, this match will continue as a Triple Threat. After winning his match tonight, this man was named the number one contender for the Wildcard Championship and will join this match in progress.

LPW Wildcard Championship

Boston John (3-1) vs. Mark Devereaux [c] (4-0) vs. Shayne Adams (8-5)

The crowd cheers as “Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play throughout the arena.

Francis James: I give you your number one contender, Shayne Adams!

Adams appears on the entrance ramp, still a sweaty and beaten man from his match earlier in the night. John and Devereaux look on confused as Adams slowly makes his way down the ramp.

Francis: Referee….ring the bell, and restart this match.

Henson: What the hell?

The screen fades back to the action in the ring as the referee, still seemingly confused, calls for the bell, and this match is restarted. John and Devereaux have now both gotten to their feet. Devereaux leans over the top rope and screams inaudible words at Adams, who has yet to enter the ring. John takes advantage and immediately rolls up Devereaux for the pin.















Adams springboards himself over the top rope and crashes down with a splash that breaks up the count in just the nick of time. John gets to his feet and begins to jaw jack with Adams, who wastes no time and begins throwing a slew of punches that connect flush with John’s jaw. Adams whips the “Fenway Monster” off of the ropes and when John returns he is sent head first into the ring by a Adams hurricanrana. The crowd cheers wildly as Adams springs to his feet and begins to attack Devereaux who is now on his feet. Once again Adams throws a number of punches that land flush and follows them up with a kick to Devereaux’s mid-section. Adams then plants Mark into the mat with a tornado DDT. The crowd begins a chant of “Let’s go Adams!” Adams feeds off of the crowd’s energy and climbs up to the top rope. As John gets to his feet, Adams leaps from the top rope and hits a somersault neck breaker. Adams makes the cover, and the referee slides in for the count.












Devereaux saves his foe but ultimately holds onto his championship by breaking the count with a forearm smash to the back of Adams’ head. Adams rolls off of John and Devereaux makes the quick cover on John.




Adams lands a stiff kick to the back of Devereaux’s head breaking the count.

Ash: This match certainly got interesting.

Henson: Shayne Adams doesn’t make anything interesting, this match included!

Devereaux immediately gets to his feet and attempts to bully Adams into the corner but without warning Adams nails Devereaux in the head with a spinning heel kick. Devereaux stumbles backward, trips and lands right on top of Boston John. Sensing an opportunity, Adams climbs to the top rope. He signals for something big as the crowd jumps to their feet in unison. Adams leaps and nails THE GRAPEVINE! Adams makes the cover on both men!
















The referee had completed the count of five before either man could get a shoulder into the air, and a new Wildcard champion has been crowned. The crowd erupts with cheers as Adams celebrates in the center of the ring. The referee calls for the bell and signals for the belt before presenting it to Shayne Adams.

Roth: The winner of the match and NEW LPW Wildcard Champion…SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: I can’t believe this! He did it! Are you ready to eat your words Rick?

Henson: Shut up…just shut up…



Adams drops to his knees in the center of the ring, looking at the championship belt held firmly in his hands as “Papercut” by Linkin Park once again blares throughout the arena. Devereaux and John look at one another in disbelief as the unsuspecting, new champion celebrates in the center of the ring.

Punishment Will Be Severe

The scene cuts backstage where we see the lovely Shelly Summers and a camera man making their way through the backstage area until they come upon Scott Stevens, who is watching a video monitor.

Summers: Stevens, that you?

Scorpion: Why yes Shelly it is I.

Scorpion turns around to reveal his Bane attire.

Summers: What is with the new clothes? You look more like Bane from Batman than Scorpion. I barely recognized you.

Stevens puts his hands at the top of his vest around the neckline area and just let them hang as he looks at Shelly.

Scorpion: I’m dressed this way because I am liberating Legacy Pro Wrestling from the tarnish and disdain that has leech itself to it. The punishment for Solex‘s crimes against myself and this company are so great that after I am done with him he will be begging me to die.

Summers: What are you going to do? Break him?

Scorpion snaps his head down toward her and looks at her frightened face.

Scorpion: If it comes to that yes. His punishment will be made severe and he will become an example, a symbol if you will that you don’t fuck with Scorpion.

Stevens turns his back to her, once again looking at the monitors.

Summers: OK then, back to you guys.

The scene cuts back to Ash and Henson at ringside.

Ash: I think you’re hero has lost his mind, Rick. He’s not even been locked up in Alcatraz for Rumble at the Rock yet.

Henson: He knows what he’s doing, trust me.

LPW Championship

Steve Solex (8-1) vs. Scott Stevens (7-5) w/ Mike Best as Referee

Ash: You better hope so, because he’s going toe to toe with Steve Solex tonight for the biggest prize in LPW.

Henson: I’m not worried. Stevens is about to set us all free!

The lights throughout the arena shut down sporadically. The fans in attendance cheer in the darkness as the luminous glow of random cell phones in the arena are the only light source shown. Suddenly a single white blast of fireworks explodes on top of the entrance ramp as...


"Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage Against the Machine begins to blare throughout the arena as the crowd erupts into cheers. Steve Solex steps out on to the entrance ramp as the crowd's cheers become louder than before. He points up into the cheap seats as he makes his descent to the ring. Solex then climbs up the steel steps, walks along the ring apron, perches himself on the second rope looking out at the arena. Solex then climbs down from the second rope and enters the ring. The crowd cheers as he walks to the opposite corner, climbs to the second rope, and flings an arm into the air. Slowly he climbs down from the second rope and tests the ropes.

Ash: Can you feel the energy, Ricky. No bias, not fanboyness, this match is going to be HUGE.

Henson: All I feel is anticipation for Stevens to reclaim what he never lost.

Ash: You could say the same for Steve Solex.

Henson: Yeah, well, I didn’t.

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen, "Nothing survives my sting!" The crowd starts booing as Dave Mustaine's voice echoes throughout the arena.

"I am the Scorpion, whoa!"

The jeering intensifies as a mash-up of "I Stand Alone" and "Amazing" hits the speakers, drawing out the former Legacy Pro Wrestling champion. Stevens is wearing his new Bane inspired attire, complete with mask. Walking down the aisle, he talks trash the entire way while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down his opponent, an icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat. Scorpion’s music is quickly cut off by "Don't Hate Me" by Nerf Herder. Stevens snarls and looks towards the ramp as HOW’s own Mike Best steps arrogantly out from behind the curtain wearing a referee shirt. He slaps his chest, grinning like a cocky prick as he saunters his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He bounces off the ropes once or twice, limbering up.

Ash: It is go time!

Henson: Can’t wait!

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. It is for the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship and is your Main Event of the evening. Introducing first, standing 6 feet and four inches, weighing in at 252 pounds. From Huntington Beach, California…he is the former Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

The crowd goes nuts for Solex as he poses for the fans, flashes going off in the background.

Roth: And his opponent. He stands 6 feet and 6 inches and weighs in at 256 pounds. From Houston, Texas, he is Her Goddess Selket's favorite Arachnid, The King of Sting, and The Venomous One and Only, the former Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion…The Scorpion…SCOTT STEVENS!

Stevens strikes a pose and removes his Bane inspired garb as the fans reign boos down on him.

Roth: And the special referee for this match…MIKE BEST!

The crowd boo louder than they did for Stevens, showing their disdain for the HOW star. Best revels in it and he insists on checking the boots of both Stevens and Solex.

Henson: You have got to be kidding me…



Ash: At least he’s taking things seriously.

Henson: That’s what you think.

The bell rings and the two men walk to the center and put forehead to forehead. The two are visibly talking trash to each other, but nothing is audible. The stalemate comes to a halt as Scott Stevens pushes Steve Solex. Steve looks at Scott and then pushes back. Stevens immediately answers back with a boot to the gut. TOXIC STING! NO! Steve pushes Stevens off! Stevens turns around is met with a boot to his gut, TOXIC STING from Steve Solex, who goes in for the pin!





Ash: Steve Solex is pulling out all of the stops already and the match has barely even started.

Henson: How dare he use Scorpion’s own move! That is blaspheming!

Mike Best holds up to fingers, much to the anger of Solex. Steve gets up and gets in Mike’s face, informing him of his strong opinion regarding the count. Best holds his two fingers up to Steve’s face, before lowering his index finger and therefore flipping Solex off. Steve pushes the hand away and goes back in for Scott Stevens. He brings his opponent up to his feet, positioning him for the SolexPlex. Steve lifts but can’t manage to get Scott off the ground. One more quick tug…SOLEXPLEX! Stevens manages to reverse the situation, hitting his own SolexPlex, bridging for the pin!






Henson: That was genius Stevens! Genius!

Ash: So it is blaspheme when Solex uses Scorpion’s move, but genius when things are reversed.

Henson: Obviously.

Mike Best again throws two fingers in the air, signaling the two count. This time it is Stevens who gets in his face. Mike takes all that Scott gives and retaliates with a sly smile. Stevens face turns bright red as he screams at Best, which keeps his attention off the now standing Steve Solex. Solex bull rushes Stevens, tackling him so hard that both men tumble out of the ring and to the mats at ringside. The two men get up to their feet at roughly the same time, exchanging right hands back and forth. It is Stevens who manages to gain the upper hand, forcing Solex backwards with each shot. Scott rears back and takes one last big shot, but it is ducked by Solex. Steve shows his suplex prowess, immediately hooking a German suplex, slamming Scott onto the ring steps. With Stevens sprawled out on the steps, Solex begins to work on the braced knee of his opponent. He kicks at it several times, the dangling limb slamming hard against the side of the steps. Stevens screams in pain, reaching down to grab at the leg, only to be met with a punch from Solex. Steve then reaches down and tears the brace off the knee. He goes to throw it down, but instead begins using it as an instrument of destruction, bashing Stevens in the head with it.

Henson: Come on ref, do something!

Ash: I think Mike Best is going to give everyone what they want to see. Take the reins off and let these two men just go at it.

Henson: Yeah…well, he’s cheating and I don’t like it!

As blood begins to trickle down the face of Stevens, the referee for the match finally decides to join the action at ringside, at least long enough to grab a chair. Mike Best grabs hold of the steel chair and then reenters the ring, setting it up and taking a seat, watching the action without intervening. With Scott in a bit of a daze, Solex begins to investigate the under the ring, where he coincidentally finds a folding table. He begins to set it up when he notices a commotion in the crowd. His attention immediately takes him out of the action as he begins to scream a small group of bikers who have begun making their way through the crowd and towards the ring barrier. The men never manage to get close enough though, as security cuts them off and forces them to walk away. Solex manages to finish setting up the table just in time to eat the LPW Championship, courtesy of Scott Stevens. Solex crashes like a ton of bricks, blood splattered all over his face. Stevens drops the title and gingerly begins to lift the dead weight of Steve up off the ground. He finally has him up enough to slide him back into the ring. Scott slowly follows in, covering Solex. It takes Best a few seconds to get up off his chair and begin to count.




Henson: Come on! Do your damn job ref!

Ash: Looks like he made the count to me.

Henson: It was late, and slow, and he is clearly against Stevens tonight.

Ash: Yes, clearly he is.

Stevens is furious with the officiating and again gets in the face of Mike Best. Mike points to his ref stripes, which prompts Scott to give him a shove. Mike threatens Scott with a disqualification, but gets shoved again for the furious former champion. Out of the blue Mike hits Scott with The Jesus Complex. Stevens lies limp on the mat as Best hurries over towards Solex. Mike begins to resuscitate Steve, bringing him back to his feet. The fans in attendance aren’t sure whether to boo or cheer as Mike Best points toward Scott’s incapacitated body. Steve manages to slowly stumble in Scott’s direction, but is abruptly stopped from behind. Mike jerks Solex around and gives him a Jesus Complex of his own! With both men down, Mike Best shows off a huge smile and begins issuing a 10 count.




Solex is completely out, but Scott Stevens shows signs of life, dragging himself towards the ring ropes.



Stevens finally reaches the bottom rope, grabbing hold of it to pull himself closer for leverage.


Solex finally begins moving, getting his elbows beneath him.



Stevens is now on the outside of the ropes, trying his best to pull himself up. Solex is now sitting up on his knees.


Stevens finally manages to grab hold of the top rope, enough to pull himself up and get his feet underneath him. Steve manages to stagger to his feet, but still on wobbly legs. The count stops, but neither man is in a position of attack. Stevens nearly loses his grasp of the rope, but snaps to once he realizes that the table that Solex had set up earlier is right behind him. He stares down at the table for a moment, understanding the position he has found himself in. He the turns back to the ring, only to be greeted by a Steve Solex right hand. The shot forces Stevens backwards, but he manages to pull himself closer again. Unfortunately he is nailed again with the vicious shot and again nearly falls off onto the table. Somehow he manages to maintain his grip, pulling himself closer again. This time, however, he blocks the punch of Solex and retaliates with a concussive headbutt to his opponent. Steve drapes over the ropes, allowing Stevens to pull him out to the ring apron. Stevens grabs hold of Solex and jerks him off the apron. NO! Solex manages to grab hold of the rope himself. Side by side, Solex and Stevens exchange side elbows, each trying to knock the other through the table. Solex changes up his attack, giving a swift kick to the injured knee of Stevens, forcing him to let go of the rope and fall. Instead of falling through the table, however, Stevens simply crumples and falls between it and the ring apron. Solex looks disappointed with the outcome, but decides it is best to get away from the table and reenter the ring. As he begins to sticks one leg in, he suddenly finds himself lifted in the air. Scott Stevens has Solex up in a powerbomb position and is trying to put him through the table. Solex puts up a fight, grabbing hold of the ring rope with one hand and punching Stevens in the face with the other. After a few shots, Solex finds his feet back on solid ground. Solex looks over his shoulder, but doesn’t see Stevens anywhere. Next thing he knows he is again in the air and CRASHES THOUGH THE TABLE! The electric chair drop from Stevens finds its mark, shards of table exploding ringside as the crowd begins a ‘holy shit’ chat.


Henson: Sweet leaping Jesus on a pogo stick! That was awesome!

Stevens rolls on top of Solex, amidst all the rubble, and hooks the leg. Mike Best just looks on as Scorpion screams out ‘count’. Best shakes his head and points to the ring. Stevens rolls off of his opponent and slowly gets up to his feet. He reaches down and manages to pull Solex to his feet, his back covered in bloody scrapes from the crash. Stevens puts Solex back into the ring and follows in. He quickly goes for the pin.










No! Kickout!

No! Too late! THREE!




NO! Foot was under the ropes!

Stevens sits up, unable to believe what just happened. He rubs his face vigorously and then begins to slap the mat before getting back up to his feet. Stevens wastes no time positioning himself at the legs of Solex. As he goes to begin locking in Arachnophobia, Solex kicks him off. Stevens stumbles backwards and awkwardly clips his injured knee on the chair Mike Best had previously been sitting on. Stevens immediately falls to the mat, grasping at his leg. Solex seemingly smells blood as he quickly rises to his feet, grabbing the chair and stalking Stevens who is trying to scoot away. Steve jams the chair down repeatedly on the ailing limb, as Stevens screams out in pain. Scott rolls over to his stomach, using his three good limbs to crawl away. It proves to be futile, however, as Solex cracks the chair over the back of Stevens, flattening him to the mat. Steve the places the chair on the back of Stevens, before putting his knee on it and cinching in the Solexecution. Stevens screams out in pain, blooding trickling down his face. Some commotion catches the crowd’s attention near the entrance area. Mason Hardt can be seen heading for the ring at a quick pace. He doesn’t notice the uniformed men behind him, however. Before he can get halfway down the ramp, the men grab hold of him and prohibit him from going any further. Back in the ring Stevens is scratching and clawing his way towards the ropes. He can’t move without lifting himself up, but that just puts more pressure on the chair and his legs. Stevens clinches his fist, refusing at all costs to tap out. With one last burst of strength, Stevens lifts himself up, ignoring the pain and lunging for the ropes. The struggle is over. Scott is motionless on the mat, his body limp. Mike Best quickly checks the situation, lifting the arm up in the air, and watching it fall back down.


He grabs hold of the arm again and lifts it up. But it again falls flat to the mat.


Best once more lifts the arm into the air, the crowd on the edge of their seat. The arm is released. It begins falling to the mat.












Henson: Son of a fucking bitch! No! No! NO!

Ash: Solex did it! Solex is the new champ! Solex is the first ever two time champ!

Henson: God damn fucking bullshit!

Roth: The winner of the match by referee stoppage and NEW LPW CHAMPION…Mr. Instant Classic…STEVE SOLEX!

Mike Best signals for the bell and Solex releases the hold and immediately falls to the mat, completed exhausted. Mike reaches out of the ring for the belt and it is handed to him. Mike walks over to Solex and drops the title on top of him, refusing to actually hand it to him. Mike then exits the ring and heads up the ramp, flipping off Mason Hardt who is still being held by the men.

Ash: What an evening of matches…wait, what’s going on up there.

The altered voice of the anonymous LPW co-owner is heard over the speakers.

Co-Owner: I told you not to get involved Hardt. It’s a good thing I had plans in place just in case you tried.

The voice stops as a man in his mid-forties walks out onto the stage wearing an expensive suit and holding a microphone.

Co-Owner: Don’t worry though, partner, I’ll deal with you at Action Packed in Toronto.

Ash: That’s…that’s Colt Marshall from The League. He’s the co-owner?

Henson: Well shit…



The scene fades out to the LPW logo and then to black.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

The room is black. It's dark as shit and eerie, too. The camera man doesn't want to be a part of this and you can tell by his erratic breathing. His partner in crime, the boom mike operator, is just as nervous and the pair aren't really sure what on earth they're doing here.

There's a sound.

Cameraman: What the HELL was that?

Then there's another sound.

Cameraman: Screw this. Let's get out'f here it's getting creepy.

Then another sound. This is the sound of a person struggling.

Cameraman: Xavier? Xav? Are you there man?

The audio is muffled. The boom mike is clearly not in good range. It screams feedback as the sound of someone standing on the end can be heard. The cameraman swears under his breath.

Cameraman: I don't get paid for th-

Strobes begin to flicker in the room. The cameraman is reeling to get the camera on his shoulder as he sees against Xavier, his boom mike operator, strapped to the back wall like some sort of offering. His shirt is torn open and in red, what appears to be blood, reads "the end is near".

Cameraman: HOLY SHIT!

He spins, camera still on his shoulder as it's the best spot to carry it to move with some ease, coming face to face with a man whose hair is fashioned into a mohawk. Down each of his arms are tiger stripes tattooed. There are lines tattooed from above each eye and down, even over the eyelids. He wears a mask over his face like something out of a Batman movie. The camera begins to focus in on his hands. As the strobes flicker it illuminates the covering of his hands all the more. They look as if they're coated in blood.

Cameraman: What the HELL is this? WHAT IS THIS?

The man tilts his head to one-side, as if examining his prey and trying to understand. He shrugs.

Mystery Man: This is the end.

He breathes heavily into the mask as the cameraman begins to cower back in his presence.

Mystery Man: The end of the Legacy.

With one swift motion the camera is snatched from his shoulder and shot blacks out immediately.