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The above image fills the screen and glows exuberantly in silence for a few resonating seconds before we fade to black. We gradually fade up to a sight that only super-educated fans will recognise as the man himself; the one, the only, the returning, Suicidal Skylar Montgomery.

His ginger hair is ungroomed and all over his face, he wears a baggy black T-shirt and skinny, tight black jeans with rips on the knees. On his feet are a pair of black Vans Sk8-Hi’s with white stitching and over his shoulder he’s holding a freakin’ 22-inch fluorescent glass light tube!

SkyMont: If you don’t know who I am by now you will find out real soon. I am ‘The Lighttube Samurai’, ‘The Master of Glass’, 'The Loose Cannon' Suicidal Skylar Montgomery. And this week on Proving Grounds I face Scorpion Scott Stevens in a match that is WrestleShow versus Victory.

He points his free hand at the camera.

SkyMont: At Proving Grounds this Monday I’m going to prove to the world that WrestleShow is the inferior brand. I’m going to live up to my brand’s name and get the ‘victory’. Because WrestleShow is Pepsi, Victory is Coca Cola. WrestleShow is Facebook, Victory is Twitter. Wrestleshow is Scorpion Scott Stevens and Victory is Suicidal Skylar Montgomery.

He stops to chew the black-painted fingernail on his index finger; the other digits on his hand hyper-extending and splayed out like the accessories on a swiss army knife. He spits the severed fingernail at the camera before continuing.

SkyMont: I’m gonna beat you, Scott, and show to the world who the real B-Show is. I’m gonna beat you, but I’m not doing it for the Victory brand. I’m doing it for myself.

He points the light tube at the camera.

SkyMont: Because there’s a glass ceiling here in UTA, Scott Stevens. And I’m gonna break it...

He slams the lighttube onto the floor and we hear a loud smashing sound.

SkyMont: ...with your face.

.:fade to black:.