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Bobby takes a dump, but who does he run into?

The view is simplistic enough. It’s three bathroom stalls aligned one next to the other next to the other. The middle stall is the only one that seems occupied at the moment, as legs appear under the stall door, pants dropped around their ankles.



Soon a figure walks across the camera’s view and enters the stall on the right. As he turns around to close the stall door we see that it’s UTA’s own, Colton Thorpe.

Soon, Thorpe has his pants dropped and the two men in the bathroom go about their business.

Bobby Dean: Hi, I’m Bobby Dean and welcome to Shit Talk.

The man in the center stall calls out, causing a bit of an echo, as Colton Thorpe shuffles his feet a little further away from the man in the center stall.

Thorpe: Uhhh…

Bobby Dean: First I gotta ask, are you looking forward to your upcoming match with ABH? Knowing that you stole the title match from the third best wrestler in the UTA?

Thorpe: Are you for real right now? And wait, how'd you know it was me?

Dean: Stop deflecting and answer the question!

Thorpe: Screw it, why not. Yes, I am very much so looking forward to WINNING the Wildfire Championship from Abdul. The beating I am going to unleash will be so severe that, well, he'll look worse than what currently resides in this toilet.

Thorpe's feet turn slightly in towards Bobby's stall, as if he was looking at him.

Thorpe: And so we are clear here, I didn't steal shit from you, Bobby.

Dean: Certainly did.

Thorpe: Well then, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Dean: Agreeing to disagree is what the loser of the argument always says! But fine, whatever. Moving on, if you had to job to anyone in the UTA who would it be?

Toilet paper can be heard being unrolled in Colton's stall.

Thorpe: It would have to be one of the women, hands down. I mean, that Sabrina that started showing her face around here, she ain't too bad.

Dean: Been there, man.

Thorpe: Or maybe Zhalia, bet you she'd be fun to role around the canvas with.

Again, toilet paper is heard being unrolled. Feet are being shifted, positioning themselves.

Dean: How many times do you wipe when you’re finished?

Thorpe's feet turn back straight, away from Bobby. After a brief silence, he answers.

Thorpe: Umm, I suppose the correct answer would be until I'm clean? I don't really approach it with a number in mind.

Dean: Really? I use an entire roll, but that’s only because I’ve got a lot of canvas to cover. But, speaking of wiping your ass, are you happy with your draft result?

Thorpe: Absolutely. Going into the Chamber, I said I was going to win, draft for Victory and pick Cayle number one. I may have not won, but I still ended up on Victory, Murray was drafted here, and hell, I'm main eventing the first show in a title match.

Dean: *cough*Thieving Bastard*cough*

Thorpe: What?

Dean: Oh, that? I had a tickle in my throat. But speaking of Murray, a lot of people are talking about the two of you and your issues. How does it feel to be second fiddle to the Irishman?

Thorpe: Isn't he from Scotland? 

Dean: Same thing isn’t it?

Thorpe: No… Hey, wait a minute, what do you mean second fiddle?!

Thorpe can be heard slamming a hand against the inside of his stall.

Thorpe: You're really bitter over this title shot thing aren't you?

Dean: Well that's all the time we have today, thanks for joining me and my guest, Colton Thorpe, on Shit Talk. Tune in next week and see who’s dropping by the pool.

With a flush of the toilet, Colton Thorpe is on his feet, his pants back around his waist as he quickly exits the bathroom stall. Bobby Dean meanwhile lets out a massive grunt followed by a KERSPLASH, before he begins to whistles a nameless tune.


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