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20th September 2012 - Action Packed - From in Indianapolis, IN


The typical intro takes place, the theme, the video, the pyro, all that. After the hoopla we see the commentary team as usual, preparing to hype the show.

Ash: Welcome to Action…

Ash gets distracted and the cameras pans to the crowd where a commotion has caught everyone’s attention, signaling a spotlight down onto the area.

Henson: What’s going I can’t see a damn thing because of the crowd?

Ash: I don’t know, but I’m sure we’re about to find out. Have some patience.

Henson: I’m not a doctor, I don’t need any patience.

Ash: Zing.

A blonde hair man is making his way down the aisle stairs to a ringside seat.

Henson: Oh come on don’t tell me that’s who I think it is. Like we need this nut job back here! We already have enough walking around as it is.

Ash: I don’t think the crowd agrees with you Rick.

Kalean Turner emerges from the crowd walking to his ringside seat with a microphone in hand. “Mad World” kicks on as he makes his way down to his seat.

Henson: Like I give a crap about this guy.

Ash: How about we invite him over so you can tell him that yourself?

Henson: No, I’m fine. I don’t need a complete psycho who talks to himself to sit next to me.

Ash: Yeah, thought so.

Kalean Turner raises his fist to the crowd as he makes it to his seat. The music dies as he pulls the microphone to his mouth.

Kalean: Well, well, seems like I have missed a lot since I’ve been gone the past few weeks. Looks like we have a new Wildcard Champion and a LPW Champion. Mark congratulations on your win, you deserve it. As for the LPW Champion...

Kalean pauses for a moment and looks around at the crowd who boos frantically.

Kalean: Not much of a win for you there Hardt, always got some stooge doing your fighting for you. I’d like to see you pick anyone from the LPW roster and beat them in a one on one match. God knows the fans would like to see your ass get whipped across the ring by anyone on the roster.

The crowd roars with approval.

Kalean: As for tonight, I just want to get a front row seat to what I have been missing the past few weeks. Things are definitely not the same since I disappeared. So I figured the best way to get to know everything is become part of the fans tonight and watch it for myself. Then next week I will get my happy ass back in the ring where I belong. As for Adams, lucky win my friend next time we meet it won’t be the same outcome, that I can guarantee you. So what do you say we get to what y’all paid to see?

Kalean throws the mic over the guardrail to the floor and takes his seat as the crowd chants “LPW”.

Henson: He doesn’t want to fight tonight because he knows he’d get beat.

Ash: Why don’t you go challenge him?

Henson: No thanks.

Ash: That’s what I thought.

Henson: Enough of you and the nut job let’s get to the action already.

Boston John (2-0) vs. Jett Mason (6-1)

Ash: I can get behind that.

Henson: Is that what you said to your boyfriend last night?

“Shipping Up to Boston” booms over the speakers as the charismatic Boston John seemingly explodes onto the stage with high energy. He strikes a few poses on his way to the ring, showing the fans in attendance and watching on Best Studios just how awesome he thinks he is. He quickly makes his way to the ring and climbs in, making sure to play up to the crowd a bit more before his opponent comes out.

Ash: Boston John is always fun to watch.

Henson: Eh, I’ve seen better.

Ash: Regardless of what you think, John is in line for a Wildcard title shot at Instant Classic.

Henson: He’ll have to get past Jett Mason first, and believe me Mason is no easy task.

“Prequel to the Sequel” begins to play as Jett Mason steps out onto the ramp, looking over the fans with disdain. He walks down the ramp slowly, making sure to stay away from the outreached arms of the LPW faithful. He hops up on the ring apron and then leaps over the top rope, giving John a sly look before heading to his corner.

Henson: Kick his ass Jett!

Ash: I have no doubt that Jett is capable, but Boston John has shown he is far from a slouch.

Henson: Oh please, the only reason he won last show was because of a trigger happy official.

Ash: Max Pierce used a blatant illegal move, what do you expect the ref to do?

Henson: His job…stay out of the way and let the talent win.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from South Boston, Massachusetts…BOSTON JOHN!

And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia…JETT MASON!

The bell rings and Jett Mason sticks his hand out towards Boston John, who looks at it with a smirk. He looks around to the crowd and puts his hand up in the air, judging their reaction to a possible handshake. John then gives a shrug before decapitating Jett with South Town Justice! He goes for the pin.




Ash: What just happened?

Henson: I’m pretty sure that is the absolute quickest match in the history of LPW.

Boston John gets back to his feet with a huge smile on his face and seemingly laughing a little. As his music plays he begins to exit the ring area, occasionally shaking his head. The crowd’s attention quickly turns away from him and moves back to the ring where Kalean Turner has jumped the barricade and is now inside the ring with a steel chair and a microphone.

Kalean: Hello Jett Mason, remember me? You’re the one who cost me my chance at the Wildcard Championship. Now I would like to return the favor.

Turner drops the mic and begins slamming the chair on Jett’s body. Jett tries to scramble away and out of the ring but that just allows Turner to get in a few more clean shots with the chair. The pain becomes too much and Mason collapses to the mat. Turner then sets the chair up before reaching down and dragging Jett to his feet. Kalean lifts him up and drops him with a vicious Blackout right onto the steel chair. Mason’s body twitches in the ring as EMT’s rush down. The screen quickly fades out.

Mr. Do It Yourself

As the shots of the arena come back you can hear “Dead & Bloated” by Stone Temple Pilots playing over the speakers. In the ring stands an unfamiliar face to LPW. A mic is produced from ringside somewhere and handed to “Mr. D.I.Y.” Drew Siler through the ropes. The music cuts out just as he brings the microphone to his lips.


There is a pop from the crowd at the hometown mention.

Siler: Where do I begin? How to keep this short and sweet, yet get everything out that needs said? Easy, we’re going to turn the common sense level up a notch so instead of boring you in your seats you can blow the roof off this place!

Another pop, a change of pace.

Siler: Let’s start with the ‘WHY’ questions… Why come back to this after what you have already achieved? Why put yourself through more physical therapy to win what you’ve already won? And of course…why did you jump from that scaffold anyway?

A smirk, eyebrows go up.

Siler: Well I jumped to win, even though that didn’t work out so well. Who knew he’d move?

A shrug, scattered laughter.

Siler: One scaffold, two tables, and a bad decision later I’m lying in aisle ‘K’ row 41 with torn ligaments and a questionable future…yet here I stand!

He spreads his arms wide to another queued pop from the crowd.

Siler: Mr. ‘Do It Yourself‘ Drew Siler…a title that was thrust on me if u remember, and if you don’t you‘ll be reminded thoroughly I assure you. After a grueling three versus three elimination bout found both my partners gone with an early invitation to hit the showers, I overcame all the odds by myself, putting away not one but three athletes that take shits the size of Max ‘Pad‘ Pierce.

Some chuckles on Max’s behalf, but Drew raises a hand to gesture a more serious tone, despite his growing grin.

Siler: But seriously, why come back to this sport and risk it all again when I could easily rest on my laurels? Well, first of all wrestling is a sickness, and once you’ve got it in your blood it’s a hard thing to walk away from. I’ve got a feeling that even if Mark Devereaux’s collar was white he’d still come out here and go through hell for this sport…and for the Wildcard Title.

A half-serious laugh, a pop from the crowd at a title mention.

Siler: In due time...but right now good questions deserve even better answers. Why am I standing here in an LPW ring? I’m standing here for every one of you who wants to be standing here telling the morons on this roster like Scott Stevens how it really is, but can’t! I’m standing here for everyone who wants to tell Solex to stop blogging and go outside and get some sun!

A mixed reaction at best at the mention of everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Dangerous territory with this crowd.

Siler: I’m standing here for everyone who wants to tell Mark Devereaux that we’re not fooled by a six-figure salary wrestler who says he’s blue collar! I’m standing here for everyone who is sick of listening to Psycho Sam stutter awkwardly through promos!

The crowd is worked up now, really getting behind him.

Siler: I‘m standing here for everyone who wants to tell Arrows that the whole ‘boo-hoo-I-lost-my-gym‘ thing has been done before in a movie called DODGEBALL! I’m standing here for everyone who wants to take that pansy pink bandana off Jett Mason’s head and shove it down his throat for the fake, backstabbing, coward he is!

HUGE pop from the crowd which is now a frenzy of arms, flashing lights, and hand-written neon signs.

Siler: Let’s be honest though, I’m here for me too. I’m here for gold. I’m here for glory...who wouldn’t be? I train every day to be able to stand in this ring and compete, but most of all…I’m here for all of you. The voice of the voiceless, the fist of your retribution.

He drops the mic to a dull thud which is quickly drowned by cheers, and rolls out of the ring to a roar of approval. His music hits again, as he begins heading to the back, soaking in the admiration.

Ash: Wow, I think Drew Siler seriously won over these fans tonight.

Henson: What a major league suck up. I’m pretty sure he name dropped everyone on the roster.

Ash: I think that was the point…



Henson: Don’t tell me what the point was!

HOW Monday Night Mayhem


Gideon Valdez (1-0) vs. Max Pierce (2-1)

“Call to Arms” by The Defiled hits the arena, bringing on a chorus of boos for Gideon Valdez. Valdez pays the jeers no attention, his eyes set directly on the ring. He slowly and methodically makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring.

Ash: This is the first televised match for Valdez…if looks could kill…



Henson: This guy intrigues me. He could be good and kind of creepy…or he could be Darren Hunter…and no one wants that.

“Dance of the Knights” begins to play as more boos reign down, more enthusiastically than with Valdez. Pierce steps out onto the ramp with a smirk on his face and lightly jogs down to the ring and slides in.

Ash: Here’s the man who could have potentially been challenging for the Wildcard Championship had he not tried to cheat.

Henson: It was the ref’s fault. Are our real refs on strike too?

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, fighting out of Mexico City, Mexico…GIDEON VALDEZ!

And his opponent, hailing from Manhattan, New York…MAX PIERCE!

After the ref check both competitors he signals for the bell. Max comes out cool, calm, and collected from his corner as he meets Gideon in the center of the ring and he extends his hand. Gideon looks down at the gesture and shakes his head no. Max urges for Valdez to shake his hand with a huge grin on his face. After a few moments, Gideon cautiously shakes Max’s hand. While they are shaking hands, Gideon gets leveled to the mat by a left hook to the temple by Max. While Gideon is shaking the cobwebs out to regain his composure, Pierce is shadow boxing and taunting the crowd saying look what I just did with one punch. Max sees Gideon begin to stir so he walks over with his left hand cocked for another punch but Valdez palm thrusts him right in the throat and Max stumbles back holding his throat and coughing a little from the power blow. Gideon seeing Max staggering back runs and hit’s a dropkick that sends Max through the ropes to the outside.

The ref begins to count.




Gideon climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Max to stand back up.



Max is up and begins to turn around, Gideon sees this and performs a diving cross body but Pierce moves and Valdez hit’s the barricade.


Max climbs into the ring and tells the ref to count him out.




Ash: Valdez needs to get back in the ring!

Henson: Yes, or else this match would really suck!

Gideon crawls into the ring. Max, not too thrilled with the refs counting abilities, begins to stomp away at Gideon and starts to choke him with his boot.





Max takes his boot off Valdez’s throat so he’s not disqualified. He puts his boot on Gideon’s face and spins around. Max goes over to pick up Valdez and he gets kicked in the head as he bent down. Gideon is now up and he hit’s a running clothesline. Max pops back up and Gideon hit’s a jumping ddt. Gideon slides into the cover.




Ash: Valdez nearly had the match won with that DDT.

Henson: He’s winning me over, but I want to see more crazy. I like crazy.

Gideon stands near the ropes and waits for Pierce to stand back up. When he does Gideon springboards off the ropes and hits an Asai Moonsault. He hooks the legs.





Gideon pounds the mat in frustration because he thought he had the win. He picks up Max and attempts to hit a spike ddt but Max blocks it. Pierce picks up Gideon and is holding him up in the air waiting to hit the Manhattan Drop but Gideon wiggles free and when Max tears around he gets a shot of green mist to the face and eyes. As Max is attempting to clear the mist from his eyes Gideon slowly stalks him. First strike is a palm thrust to the throat, then and uppercut to the throat, followed by a stiff kick to the same area that sends Pierce bouncing off the ropes and when he comes forward Gideon locks in the Tongan Death Grip. Gideon trips the leg to send Max to the mat while the hold his still applied. The ref begins to count Peirce’s shoulders to the mat.



Three..No! Gideon released his own hold and mounts Max, pulls his arm through and locks in the Heimdall’s Curse. The ref checks Max but Max has passed out and he rings the bell.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of submission…GIDEON VALDEZ!

Ash: Valdez did it!

Henson: Talk about a downward spiral for Pierce.

Gideon doesn’t release the hold he maintains the hold for a few more seconds before the releasing it as the ref tries to break it. Gideon tells the ref not to touch him and he stomps Max in the face before he exit’s the ring and heads to the back.

Henson: Ooooh, I likey.

Ash: You are so strange…


TRUE Wrestling Adrenaline


I've Got Friends

As we come back to break we find former LPW wrestler and current HOW LSD Champion, Bobby Dean sitting ringside. Dean is wearing a LPW Scorpion t-shirt and devouring a thing of nachos. Next to him you see Shelly Summers holding a microphone.

Summers: Bobby Dean, what are you doing here? Have you signed a LPW contract?

Before Bobby can answer “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens walks into view carrying food and drinks.

Scorpion: Shelly? What the hell do you want?

Summers: Well I was asking what Bobby Dean was doing at a LPW event when the man is a contracted HOW star and title holder.

Scorpion: The answers is simple Shelly, Dean is my guest here tonight. I’m showing him around the old stomping grounds. He was feeling homesick.

Summers: Homesick?

Scorpion: Yep, because when you’re LPW, you’re LPW for life.

Summers: The only thing that’s for life is your stupidity.

Scorpion: Get gone skank. You should show better respect to two champions right here.

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play, cutting Stevens off. The crowd cheers wildly as the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and poses for the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out.

Roth: Ladies and gentlemen, due to Shane Jackson leaving LPW, this match has been declared…



“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by The Gaslight Anthem hits the speakers. The fans don’t really know what they should do so the remain silent. Out from the back walks Judah Snow, wearing a t-shirt over his ring gear and carrying a microphone in his hand. He walks out to the top of the ramp and looks down to the ring at Steve Solex and lets loose a smile, before bringing the microphone up to talk in a slow and deliberate pace.

Snow: If it isn’t Mr. LPW himself, Steve Solex. The guy who apparently likes to keep things real in his promos, and why not I say. In fact, I’ll even join in on your little wall breaking fun. I’ve been a part of LPW for months now and I’ve only gotten one match. A match, that I won no less. Since then, I’ve not been booked, hell I’ve barely spoken with management. They tell me, “Judah, we don’t have anything for you right now”. Or how about “I promise, we’ve got creative on it right now”. I call bullshit. The truth is that LPW didn’t realize what it was doing when in brought in this fat bastard. They never expected me to stir the pot like I did with my promo. So what do they do, they push me to the side and give all these other assholes a shot instead. I was here before Mark Devereaux and Boston John. I made a bigger impact than Darren Hunter. But they got the matches instead of me.

Judah slowly begins walking down the ramp towards the ring.

Snow: So to that I say fuck them, fuck LPW, and fuck you Steve Solex. Management likes to tell us to make and impact, well you don’t have an opponent and I’ve got shit else to do!

Snow throws the mic down and charges down to the ring and slides in. You can hear Solex screaming at the ref to start the match and the official wastes no time in signaling for the bell.

Co-Main Event

Steve Solex (6-1) vs. Judah Snow (1-0)

Solex immediately begins putting the boots to Snow, who does his best to get up to his feet. He grabs hold of Solex to pull himself up, much to the delight of his opponent. Solex immediately hooks him in the SolexPlex as the fans go crazy. The fans aren’t cheering for the SolexPlex, however, they are cheering for Mark Devereaux who is running down the ramp. A bit of confusion crosses the face of Solex as he releases the hold just before Devereaux gets in the ring. Mark tackles Solex to the ground, just as Scott Stevens swings a chair, connecting with Judah Snow instead of his intended target. Stevens drops the chair and shouts a few profanities at Devereaux and Solex as he meets up with Bobby Dean on the ring ramp. As the two walk away, inside the ring a rather angry Steve Solex pushes Devereaux away from him. Mark tries to explain himself but Solex doesn’t appear interested. The scene cuts to an ad while the two argue in the ring.

LPW Wildcard Championship

Shayne Adams (6-3) vs. Mark Devereaux (c) (2-0)

As the scene comes up "Epic" by Faith No More is playing with Mark Devereaux already in the ring from the previous events. Inside he climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera, points to the crowd, points to his heart, and then points to the ring. Finally raising his hands in the air for an explosive reaction from the crowd. He climbs down and begins stretching his arms by rotating them as the music fades.

Ash: Folks, as you can see we are back and ready for action. I’m not sure what to think about what we just saw.

Henson: We saw some awesome from Scott Stevens and Bobby Dean, that is what we saw.

The lights drop. The fans begin to cheer in anticipation. There is a moment's pause before “Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and blue lasers dance around the arena. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp to rapturous cheers. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he waits for his opponent.

Ash: Adams definitely looks ready to go tonight. This could be the moment where he finally capture gold.

Henson: I doubt it. As much as I hate Devereaux, Adams is a joke. Unless he’s crazy, then he’s kind of ok.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the LPW Wildcard Championship. Introducing the challenger, standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall and weighing in at 218 pounds. From Edinburgh, Scotland…SHAYNE ADAMS!

And his opponent, standing 6 feet and four inches and weighing in at 256 pounds. Fighting out of Dearborn, Michigan…he is the reigning and defending LPW Wildcard Champion…MARK DEVEREAUX!

The official holds the belt up in the air and the two men shake one another’s hand before locking up in the center of the ring. Devereaux uses his strength to his advantage and pushes Adams into the corner. The referee starts the count of five but Devereaux breaks the hold almost immediately. The two men lock up once again, but this time Adam takes the advantage by securing a side headlock on his opponent. Adams cinches the hold in tight and Devereaux drops down to a knee, but pops back to his feet quickly and hurls Adams into the ropes. Devereaux attempts a lariat but Adams ducks under and plants Devereaux in the center of the ring with a nicely executed neck breaker. Adams gets to his feet and quickly runs to the turnbuckle. He springs himself up to the top rope in one swift move. The crowd jumps to their feet as Adams spots his opponent, still lying in the center of the ring. Adams leaps and attempts a corkscrew splash. Devereaux attempts to move out of the way, but Adams lands directly on top of him and hooks a leg for a pinning attempt. The referee slides in for the count.








Ash: Adams nearly won the title!

Henson: But he didn’t, like he always does.

Devereaux barely gets a shoulder in the air before the referee counts to three, and the match continues. Adams pulls Devereaux to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Adams bounces off the opposite side rope and once again sends Devereaux to the mat with a jumping spinning heel kick that connects flush with Devereaux’s jaw. The crowd shows a mixed reaction as Adams jumps to his feet and celebrates. Devereaux rolls over and gets to a knee as Adams stalks him from the corner. As Devereaux gets to his feet, Adams runs in and leaps into the air, setting up a hurricanrana. As Adams leans back to finish the move, Devereaux plants his feet and holds his smaller opponent into position, before lifting him straight up and planting him flat on his back with a powerbomb. Both men lay still in the center of the ring as the referee checks on them both. Both men lay, unresponsive, and the referee is forced to start a count of ten. At the count of four both men slowly start to get to their feet, but Devereaux is there first. Just as Adams gets to his feet Devereaux grabs him by the air and smashes his face into the nearby turnbuckle. Adams staggers backward into Devereaux’s clutches who slams Adams neck first with a German suplex. Devereaux bridges and the referee gets down for the count.











Ash: Another near fall, this time in favor of Devereaux.

Henson: This match is annoying. I hate Devereaux with every ounce of my being…but Adams just annoys me. Can I root for Stevens to come in and beat them both?

Ash: Do whatever you want Rick…you always do.

Henson: Sweet!

Adams rolls out of Devereaux’s grip and breaks the count of three in just the nick of time. Both men get to their feet at nearly the same time. Devereaux throws a few forearms to Adams’ face and then whips him off the ropes. Devereaux attempts a clothesline but Adams ducks under and bounces off the far side ropes. As Adams charges in he leaps into the air attempting a cross body, but Devereaux catches him in mid air. Devereaux sends Adams across the ring with a fall away slam that does little effect on Adams as he jumps back to his feet and charges back in at Devereaux. Devereaux is too quick on this exchange however, and plants a boot right into the mid section of Adams. Devereaux plants Adams in the center of the ring with The Border Check! Devereaux makes the cover…










Ash: He did it! Devereaux defends the Wildcard Championship!

Henson: And Adams comes up just short again. Maybe that could be his new nickname. Shayne “Just Short” Adams.

Devereaux jumps to his feet and celebrates his win as the crowd goes wild.his win as the crowd goes wild.

Roth: The winner of the match and STILL the LPW Wildcard Champion…MARK DEVERAUX!

Mark is handed his belt but is immediately attacked from behind by Scott Stevens. Devereaux is out when he hits the canvas, but this doesn’t stop Stevens from continuing his attack. The crowd then erupts as Steve Solex comes running down the ramp towards the ring. Those cheers quickly turn to boos, however, when Bobby Dean pops out of the crowd to stop him. Solex is blindsided by the attack, but manages to hold his ground. The two brawl towards the announce desk as Stevens continues to lay the boots to Devereaux. Another pop is heard from the crowd as Boston John comes running down the aisle. No sneak attack on him as he manages to make it to the ring. By this time Solex has taken advantages of the brawl with Bobby Dean. When Stevens sees Boston John he screams something at Dean and the two begin to run off, being followed closely behind by Steve Solex. Inside the ring Boston John is working on bringing Devereaux to. When Mark opens his eyes he gives John an angry look and pushes him away. John tries to explain the situation but Devereaux pushes him again. John this time retaliates with a push of his own. The two get face to face with each other as things begin heating up. The crowd’s attention gain turns to the ramp where LPW newcomer Drew Siler is running down. He slides into the ring and does his best to get between John and Devereaux, keeping them from coming to blows as the scene fades out to the LPW logo.

Quick Results

Shawn Arrows def. Matthew King

Scott Stevens def. Psycho Sam

Boston John def. Jett Mason

Gideon Valdez def. Max Pierce

Steve Solex def. Shane Jackson

Mark Devereaux def. Shayne Adams