Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Sanctus is back in the rumor mill, for all the wrong reasons...

After reports of the character being written out of a program from the International Affairs tour, the latest news on Sanctus is that UTA brass are looking to scrap the character completely. This may come as a big shock after company launched a massive merchandising campaign back in early July, with Sanctus front and center. His image was plastered on action figures, and tees, replicas of his white mask being sold during live events.

But all that seems to be hitting the scrapheap as Sanctus continues to struggle in matches, and be erratic on social media. Further evidence is the removal of the @SanctusUTA twitter handle.

Continuing to cause confusion, we are left with more questions than answers. Was the Ring King PPV the last we have seen of the Man in the White Mask? Will the UTA try to slide someone else under that mask, after a heavy investment in the property? Is the performer under the mask still under contract?

We might need answers before Wrestleshow hits the airwaves, live from Mexico City, Mexico, because Sanctus is scheduled to compete.