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WARPED 39 "Back in Black"
1/21/12 - Woodbridge, Connecticut - Connecticut Sports Center


You open the DVD of WARPED 39 "Back in Black" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The WARPED Wrestling logo fades in as we see a screenshot of the WARPED 38 DVD "The Boss is Back" and we're then taken to some REACTIONS from a few of the men and women involved in the show...

Joey Matthew: "First of all let me preface this by saying that I appreciate each and every single one of you, I really do."

He wears a big smile on his face.

Joey Matthew: "That said, what you've done the last three months is about to be erased."

StarrZoe and PKA both simultaneously mouth "what?" while Crowbar looks over at PKA and Wallace and Edmunds share a glance of confusion.


Joey Matthew: "Look, let's just get this over with so we can all go home. I want things to go back to the way they were on the night I left this company. That means William Wallace, go ahead and give that Evolution Title back to Sean Edmunds. He was the champion that night and will be from here on out."

The scene fades in as we see PKA standing there, stitches on his forehead and a look of defeat on his face. This is the man who ran WARPED for the last three months, and tonight, with one sweep, it was taken away from him, and he was apart of the massive beatdown at the conclusion of the show.

PKA: "i never expected any of this. I don't know why what happened..happened. I don't know anything. All I know is that I have twenty three stitches and I am pissed."

He takes a deep breathe, holding back his anger. He grits his teeth and decides to not say a word more as he gives one last glare at the camera before heading away from it.

Joey Matthew: "Stop the counting. I've changed my mind. You can all keep your titles."

Joey Matthew: "Now, William, Starr, Crowbar, PKA.. I hope that what's happened here tonight isn't going to effect how you feel about me as far as management goes. I want nothing but the best for all of you, and every single man and woman in the back. I want these fans to be entertained, and I want them to have the best show put on for them possible."

Joey Matthew turns around and whispers something to the female, and then to the male. They exit the ring and walk down the steps.

Joey Matthew: "I'm going to leave now, and let you guys finish the show off right."

Joey Matthew nods at them and heads through the ropes, walking down the steps. StarrZoe, PKA, Crowbar and Wallace look around.. not sure what is going on.

Crowbar walks up to the camera and reads the sign, also with stiches in his head, he turns and looks dead into the camera lens.

"My reaction? Congrats to Wallace, Congrats to Starr....Joey, you're a little girl, your female is attractive, but beyond that, you're a bitch. Get the fuck out of the company and let Patrick run it how it's meant to be run."

Crowbar goes to walk off and then turns back

"And before you give me the 'You shouldn't have been there, you put yourself there, rah rah' pom pom speech...YOU shouldn't have been there either. You and your goons will get what's coming. Welcome to Hell, Interim President Joey Matthew, because I assure you, you won't be concious long enough to enjoy the ride."

Crowbar turns and walks off, heading towards the parking lot.

Suddenly some men in all black hop over the barricades. PKA is caught off guard in the corner, and he's pulled from the ring by one of these masked men. The man has a lead pipe in his pocket and he pulls it out and cracks PKA over the skull. There are four men that enter the ring and bum-rush StarrZoe, Crowbar and Wallace, taking them down with lead pipes in hand. They begin beating them down on the mat, and the fifth man enters the ring and helps out. Two of them pick up Crowbar and throw him over the top rope and the five men turn their attention to StarrZoe and Wallace, who fight back with punches and kicks from the mat but the lead pipes go directly to their skulls and blood begins to pour from their faces. The five men put the boots to both men, choking them out and beating away. The fans boo and the five masked men in black continue the beatdown while Joey Matthew and his two accomplices watch from ringside with smiles on their faces.

William Wallace is being bandaged up in the back by the EMTs after the Attack at the end of WARPED 38.

Wallace: Joey, you've pissed off the wrong guy son. Having your goons do your dirty work, sending them in with a lead pipe to attack us and put me through a table, if you wanted a fight all you had to do was ask. It's not like am a hard guy to find, am the big ginger guy that walks about the back in a kilt with a beer in one hand and now the Evolution title in the other. Joey paybacks are a bitch, and when I get a hold of you, you will become my bitch.

The scene fades out.

Joey Matthew shouts some orders and two of the masked men in black exit the ring and lift up the ring apron curtain and pull out a table. They slide it into the ring and they get in, and set up the table. Meanwhile two of the men have StarrZoe in the corner, beating away with punches and kicks. In another corner, Wallace is being choked out with the lead pipe. Suddenly referees hit the ring but they get cut off at the pass and get thrown out of the ring. With the table set up in the middle of the ring, three of the Masked MIB's bring Wallace to his feet. One of them sets him up for a powerbomb, while the other two help lift him into the air and then drive him down through the table!!

Grendel is walking to his car he has a smile on his face.

Grendel:Thoughts about tonight well it seems Joey and Pat are having a pissing contest, and I really Don't care who wins I am jyst finishing my time.

Grendel gets in to his car the engine starts and he drives off..

Joey Matthew goes toward the ring and reaches in for the World Title and shouts orders to the Masked MIB's and slides the title to them and says "here, use it!".. Two of the Masked MIB's bring Starr to his feet and he's bleeding prefusely and one of the guys cracks him over the skull with the belt! PKA starts to slide into the ring and one of the guys kicks him in the skull and his lifeless body slithers from the apron down to the floor, blood pouring from his skull as well. Two of the men slide to ringside where Crowbar is slowly coming to... and they drive his back into the barricade. One of the guys pulls a lead pipe from his black pants and cracks Crowbar in the gut with it and he doubles over.

Leon Stone: "Are you kidding me, i might not have beat the shit out of Starzoe but witnessing him get beat down like that was the next best thing. Joey Matthews your my hero I'm so glad you in charge now."

Joey Matthew and his two accomplices walk up the steps while the five Masked MIB's all assemble in the ring behind him. Joey has a microphone.

Joey Matthew: "While I want the best for you all, for the fans, and whatever else crap I said before.. the bottom line is I want what's best for ME, and that is a company without people like YOU!"

He says this while looking down at a mat of destruction with a laid out StarrZoe and Wallace.. Crowbar and PKA are laid out in their own areas at ringside. The fans are in shock at what's taken place.

Alexander StarrZoë limps up toward the camera, sweat and blood still cover his face, his hair matted to his head, his face already swelling and bruising. He shakes his head, sighing, holding his ribs with one arm, a cigarette clinched between the fingers of the other hand.

Starr: "Another Warped event and another night in which I have to hobble my ass to the hospital, get my head stapled together, and I'll be back to kicking ass in a few days. If Joey Matthew thanks that a lead pipe and four extra guys is going to stop William Wallace, Crowbar, me, or anyone else who is going to fight and stand up for this promotion, which we took and we built up, better, stronger, and more entertaining than ever, then fuck Joey Matthew and his disillusion. Leon Stone now knows what happens when you fuck with me and Joey's goons can learn next. PKA isn't going through his alone, we're right there with him."

Alex drags hard on his cigarette and flips it to the ground, smiling. "You picked the wrong dude to fuck with Joseph. Like I promised earlier tonight; I WILL put you in your place."

The World Champion walks away.

Several fans are standing outside in the cold as the door opens and Emily Corlen walks out, all smiles. She waves at the fans before stopping to read the sign.

"...oh, damn. Really? That happened? Yeesh... I was gathering my things back in the locker room area. I had no idea that was going down... well, you have my word, had I known what was happening, I would have been out there helping PKA and the rest. That's pretty damn shady."

Emily frowns, thinking for a moment.

"Is this what things are going to be like with Matthew back in control? I sure as hell won't stand for it. If he tries messing with me, it'll be the last thing he does as a living, breathing member of the human race."

Joey Matthew: "If you don't want to hand my fed back to me, I will either take it by force or destroy what you've built in order to make it mine again, and I will do it with THESE men!"

Joey puts his hand out and displays the five Masked Men in Black as they raise their arms in the air. The fans erupt in massive boos as Joey Matthew smiles and applauds them... and the DVD fades out to the WARPED logo...


The show opens as we see PKA, World Champion Alexander StarrZoe, Evolution Champion William Wallace, Emily Corlen, and Crowbar standing in the ring while "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns plays in the background. PKA has a microphone and the music fades.

PKA: "We're all out here to get answers. Because what happened two weeks ago was, simply put, uncalled for. Joey Matthew, you and whoever your five masked Men in Black, as you've referred to them, have hell to pay, and you're lookin' at a few pissed-off wrestlers who're gonna make your life a living hell."

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System and Joey Matthew steps out from the very bare set that WARPED has had since 12/18 at The Not So Silent Night where Crowbar and Grendel destroyed it. Being that we've yet to have a chance to replace the stage, now a curtain and a very low-rent set up is in place for wrestlers to enter from. Mr. Joey Matthew wears blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. Joey's music dies down, as the President of WARPED speaks. The President of WARPED has a smile on his face as he puts one hand in his leather jacket pocket and the other holds the microphone up.

Joey Matthew: "I'm pleased that you've all decided to form an alliance and make it seem like everything's all going to be fine because you're going to take back the company or something, but you're greatly mistaken. I am sick and tired of the nonsense you all spew week in and week out. This is NOT the company I created and you newcomers are RUINING it! That's why I've assembled a group of friends who're ready to take back their company. Who are ready to help me have control once again and restore this company to its rightful path of greatness. I've got a vision, and right now, you no good punks are standing in my way. I will NOT tolerate that for any longer."

Crowbar raises the mic in PKA's hand

Crowbar: "Whoa whoa whoa, newcomers? Who the fuck am I? It's not exactly like I've been here two months jackass."

Joey Matthew: "Please, Crowbar. You're not even the same person you were the last time we were in this venue.. which just so happened to be when I gave PKA the reigns and it all went to shit. Save it."

Crowbar: "I can break your jaw just as well as I could before."

PKA: "Enough already. Let's just get to the point - when and where are your goons gonna jump us? I'm ready. Have them crawl from out from under the ring. Have them hop the barricade. Chop chop, let's kick some ass. We're ready."

Joey Matthew: "Oh, you think I'm going to be that predictable?"

Suddenly from the back come five men dressed in all black from head to toe, their identities being kept private thanks to masks. The crowd erupts in boos.

Joey Matthew: "These guys are right here, right now."

PKA: "So why don't you send your five guys down here and let's handle this now?"

Joey Matthew: "Sorry, five guys?"

PKA: "Is a great restaurant, right. You idiot, are you deaf? Send your five goons down here now and let's - "

Joey cuts him off.

Joey Matthew: "Why only five? Why not send more?"

The wrestlers in the ring look back and forth at each other in confusion.

PKA: "Yes. One, two, three, four, five. Those guys there."

Joey Matthew: "Oh, you're all so silly. You think these are the only friends I have? Oh trust me, there are more, but they're not wearing masks. They're right in plain view. They're backstage. They're wrestling tonight. They might even be standing in that very ring."

Alexander StarrZoe: “Joey, will you please just do us all a favor and shut the fuck up? I’m seriously sick and tired of hearing all the stupid shit that comes out of your mouth. You realize that every time that microphone even goes close to your lips, a majority of people in this arena head to the bathroom, right? I’m not quite sure about everyone in this ring, I’ve never been one to trust too many people. Hell, I won’t even lend my brother ten dollars without him signing a legally binding agreement to pay me back. I don’t care who the five guys from Warped 38 were, just relay a message for me Joey. I promise, I swear on oh holy fucking God, I will make them regret ever considering attacking me or helping you return Joey.”

StarrZoë turns toward the collection in the ring.

Alexander StarrZoe: “And if those five people are in this ring right now, and look me dead in the eyes when I say this, if I find out that ANY of you are conspiring with Joey Matthew to destroy what PKA has built here, I will make it so you never breath again without a fucking iron lung! I’m not out here to play these stupid back-and-forth games Joey. Nothing you say has any relevance to me, you’ll never matter to me and those assholes in black will never matter to me. All that I give a fuck about is Warped, the World Championship, and keeping this promotion in the hands of its true owner. You can stop spewing your bullshit about how you’re the next coming of Jesus, all your propaganda, all your lies, it can’t save you from the ass whipping that PKA, Crowbar, I are going to deliver to you and those mysterious douche bags of yours. Hmm, just like old times, huh Joey? You’re running from PKA and Crowbar all over again. Can’t really call it the Movement though, no offense to Korrupt, but I would have made that group way more awesome.”

StarrZoë lights a cigarette and throws the pack to Crowbar before reaching into his suit pocket and withdrawing a small slip of paper. Joey looks back at his MIBs and smirks. PKA confronts StarrZoe.

PKA: "Are you doubting that we're loyal to this? Are you saying I'm a turncoat? Cause that's how it sounds. He's just playing mind games."

Alexander StarrZoe: “Am I questioning YOUR loyalty? No. Am I saying YOU'RE a turncoat? Not at all. You can't really fight a war without a general, now can you, Pat? I doubt you would be waging war and getting your ass beaten by Joey and his goons just to turn around and hand the company back over. Let me be flat out honest here; at this moment and time, besides PKA and Crowbar, there is NO ONE in this ring, this promotion, this industry, or this world besides a select few personal friends and family that I truly trust. People like Emily Corlen, Sean Edmunds, and William Wallace, I think they have good intentions, but they're not the first people I'd ask to watch my back. Crowbar, Patrick, I'd take you two into war with me in a heartbeat. Yes, I know Joey Matthew is playing mind games, but yes, I also know that when you put together a large group of people that all want to achieve the same goal, THIS World Championship and all want a few extra dollars in their pockets, not everyone can be loyal. Don't let this asshole get in your head Patrick, don't get so wound up. I'm on your side here, remember? Now, before I wrap this up, let me remind everyone here tonight of something important. Two weeks ago, Leon Stone failed to defeat me, that means that this offer is still on the table. See, this here is the same check from Warped 38, still signed and the ‘to’ section still left blank. That means that the first person to defeat Leon Stone is going to be three-quarters of a million dollars richer. If one of my tag team partners puts Stone through a table tonight, the cash is theirs. Now then, let me wrap this up with a simple message to the new president of Warped: Joey, I hope you suffer horribly and die painfully and alone, preferably tonight. Yes, kiddo, I’m telling you to drop dead, more so I’m telling you to fuck off. You and those other five assholes.”

Starr pass the microphone along.

Crowbar takes the mic and leans against the ropes, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it before throwing the pack back to Starr.

Crowbar: "Joey, look, under your regime, sure, I won the titles, well, a year and a half or so ago, but things change, and apparently with you, not for the better. I'm in agreement, send in those five goons and let us deliver a good old fashioned ass kicking. All you do is talk talk talk, last show was the only time you actually took any ACTION, but it wasn't even YOU taking action, it was five brainless nitwits with lead pipes doing it, all you did was stand there and watch, because you're nothing but a little bitch that can't handle your own."

Crowbar takes a drag from the cigarette.

Crowbar: "This man standing here, Mr. PKA, MY boss, has given me opportunities I've never been able to have with you in control, you relegated me to some midcard jobber essentially before you had a bitchfit and left. Let's compare the bosses shall we? On one hand, we have you, Mr Joey Matthew, who'll leave and let his goons do all the talking. Over here, beside the rest of us, we have Mr. PKA, who's willing to get in a fight himself to protect something valuable. Now, to me, that pretty much says a lot. It says this, you're a gutless whiner who has absolutely no respect for the talent he pays. On the flip side, you've got PKA who actually nurtures and takes care of talent, pushes them. Now, granted, myself and PKA have had issues in the past, but that's the past. Starr said this isn't The Movement. I'd disagree, this would be the part where you pack your shit, and move the fuck out of WARPED before myself and these guys here send you off to hospital in a coma with a tube down your throat."

Crowbar walks up and smirks, takes a drag of his cigarette and then flicks it at Joey. He passes the mic.

StarrZoë cocks his head and looks toward his tag partner.

Alexander StarrZoe: "Aw, come on Crowbar! If you're going to waste a cigarette like that, at least hit the asshole with it! Cigarettes are expensive and I'll bet you a million to one that cheap ass polyester suit jerkoff over there is wearing will go up in no time."

Crowbar: "That's true Alex, but I mean hell, I don't want to set the ring on fire, I already broke the entrance! At least, I don't want to set it on fire yet"

Wallace takes the mic from Crowbar and starts pacing up and down the ring.

William Wallace: Fuck enough a this shit. You two can suck each others' cock in the back. Stop fighting over a fag and let's keep the focus on were it needs to be, that little slimy bastard.

The President raises the microphone real fast..

Joey Matthew: "Are ya done yet?"

Wallace points up to Joey.

William Wallace: Fair enough, Alex, you don't trust anyone except your life partner there and the true boss around here, that is your choice. Hell I wouldn't trust any one a you lot with ma sheep but we don't really have a choice right now. We got to watch each others' backs because if we don't, that little prick is going to get his own way. An a don't know about you, but am no into that at all. Joey, you jumped from the ship, you almost put this company under; if it wasn't for PKA, there would be no promotion for you to come back to and now that you have came back you are sendin in the goons to take out the guys who kept this place goin. The guys who have taken your crappy little promotion an made it watchable. Because of PKA and all of us bustin our arse every night, we have made WARPED bigger than you could ever have done. Your reign at the helm was complete mismanagement, from the talent to the finances, and now after what, six months, you want to walk back in here and fuck up everything we have done to save this place.

Joey Matthew: "Trust me, I'll have control over this place by our Second Anniversary Show.."


Wallace stops pacing and walks towards the ropes, leaning on the middle of the top rope pointing over to Joey on the stage.

William Wallace: Joey, you better be in this fight for the long haul because William Wallace doesn't give up, until ma last breath a will fight, it's in ma blood, it is who a am. First King Edward and the English for the freedom of ma country, now Joey Matthews an his gang of reprobates for true power to be restored to PKA. You will regret the day you came back here Joey til the day you die because a will fight you to the end with our without this lot. TIL THE VERY END!

As Wallace finishes speaking, the crunching riff of "Stranglehold" blares over the PA system. Nobody appears from behind the curtain, but after about a minute, cheers erupt as Cameron MacNichol appears in the crowd. Reaching the front row, Cameron jumps the guardrail and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Cameron gestures for the mic, and taking it, raises it to his mouth.

Cameron: I'm sorry, but I couldn't stay in the back without coming out here to speak my piece. I've never been one to take sides before in a war of this magnitude, preferring to be Switzerland. The neutral country. But after what happened last week, it's time for me to step up and do what I think is best for the company. Joey, you were a great boss while you were here, but things have definitely improved with PKA at the helm. From what I can tell, interest in WARPED has picked up thanks to the ideas of Patrick Anthony. Granted, he booked me in matches I've never been accustomed to, but I've adapted and I've survived. But under Joey, I felt a little... stifled, for lack of a better word. It just felt like I wasn't going anywhere, except around in circles. But with PKA back in charge, I think I can become World Champion before the year is out. Ambitious, certainly, but not impossible, and certainly not implausible. Cameron is then cut off as "Curl of the Burl" starts to blast though the PA system in the building. Grendel walks out onto the stage behind Joey and grabs the mic from him, and walks down the ramp. Grendel stands in the middle between the ring and plain stage where Joey is standing. Grendel: Wow this is entertaining and before any of you idiots open your mouths in the ring and up there any of those peanuts even think of opening their mouths, I just want to point something out to all of you. Grendel pauses for a second and looks at the people in the ring and up on the stage. Grendel: People are starting to walk out so either get to fighting or put you dicks back in your pants and let's get the show going, okay? Cause time is money and I want to get paid and get out of this over hyped bingo hall.

Joey Matthew: "You know what? Grendel is right. Let's end this talking nonsense for now, because you all have big matches to wrestle tonight. Cameron MacNichol, you have an opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle for a championship in the main event at WARPED 40 in your HOMETOWN if you beat Grendel tonight in a... get ready America... FnX Match!"

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction. Cameron shakes his head in the ring. He's never been big into FnX Matches but he knows what he has to do to win it!

Joey Matthew: "And who could forget the main event? A six man tag team tables elimination match... oh I can see it now! Everyone just destroying each other.. oh its so exciting! StarrZoe, Edmunds and Crowbar, have fun teaming up and taking on Wallace, Corlen and ... let's go with Leon Stone. Should be fun, right?"

Joey laughs.

Joey Matthew: "Oh, and if you're wondering more about the so-called 'goons' of mine, the quote-unquote "masked Men In Black" ... well tonight, I'll make sure the puzzle has fewer missing pieces. And one last thing. Just remember - I'm doing this for your benefit and for the fans, because I truly love each and every one of you, I really do. Thank you!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as Joey Matthew, his female and male assistants all make their way through the curtain.

Opening Match - Marty Donovan vs. Kevin Carino

Fade in...

Randy Long: "The following is our opening match of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cheshire, Connecticut!

*Big Pop*

Randy Long: "Weighing in at 215 pounds and being accompanied by numerous friends, this is "The Locker Room Leader" Marty Donovan!"

The first loud chord of "Pirate Jet" by The Gorillaz plays and Marty slowly walks out from behind the curtains flanked by his leeches and washed up wrestler friends. He is clearly distraught to be in such a small time fed and he lets out an audible sigh. One of Marty's goons set off sparklers and other unimpressive, tiny fireworks. Another leech wheels out an old fashion television (with a long extension cord) playing a VHS tape of Marty's entrance video. The remaining goons push shopping carts full of his merchandise and sell it to the front row at inflated prices. Marty slowly heads to the ring, disinterested by the crowd reaction, stopping only to try and get cute girls' numbers. He eventually steps through the rope and starts making small talk with the ref.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 185 pounds - Kevin Carino!"

"The hard bass beat of "Clubbed To Death" by Rob Dougan plays over the venue's sound system. The fans begin cheering loudly as "The Smoking Gun" Kevin Carino makes his way from the back. He bounces on his toes for a second getting pumped up, he then take a giant leap from of the top of the small metal entrance ramp. As he lands back on his feet he thrust his body foward into a frontflip. The fans marvel at this, as Kevin gets down on one knee. He points up to the sky before patting his chest and suddenly he is sent tumbling down to the floor by a lead pipe to the back from a Masked Man in Black!

Tony D: "Whoa, wait just a minute! Its one of Joey's goons!"

Another one steps out and picks up Carino and holds his arms back while the other drives the lead pipe into his midsection! Carino doubles over and the fans boo.

Kris Red: "What in the world is going on?!"

In the ring we see Marty Donovan watching, a smile on his face. He slides out of the ring and talks to his five goons that helped him out on the way to the ring and they huddle.

Tony D: "Marty Donovan and his goons seem to enjoy this beatdown."

Kris Red: "Well based on what we saw in his debut at WARPED 38, he's all about taking a shortcut to win and all about the numbers game."

Meanwhile on the stage one of the Masked MIB hit a Snap DDT onto Kevin Carino right onto the stage!! He then holds on with a Guillotine Choke hold while the other MIB brings the lead pipe onto the back of Carino!

Tony D: "Somebody has to help Kevin Carino!!"

As if on cue, Marty Donovan and his goons walk around the ring and head up the aisle.

Tony D: "Well it looks like Donovan is coming to the save!"

The standing MIB taps the other on the shoulder and points, and he releases the chokehold and gets up. They stand now ready to fight, and Donovan approaches and gives a thumbs up with a huge smile as he bends down and brings Carino to his feet and tosses him to the goons. Four of them lift him up and carry him to the ring as if they were Paul Bearers carrying a casket or a cult carrying a sacrifice.

Kris Red: "Looks like you were pretty wrong.. "

Deputy Ben Travis stands next to Donovan as he extends his hand to the MIB's and they look at each other, then the hand of Donovan, and shake their heads. They then whack both Marty and Ben with lead pipes over the head! Both men go down and they both get mounted and punches are delivered repeatedly!

Tony D: "Whoa!"

The four goons put Kevin Carino into the ring and turn around and see what's happening and they charge up the aisle! The two MIB's get off and start battling the four goons, and out from behind the curtain come three other MIBs!

Tony D: "The goons of Marty Donovan are out-numbered!"

Kris Red: "Yeah and they all got those lead pipes!"

The beatdown continues as the Five MIB's destroy the five goons and Donovan. The crowd erupts in boos as "Headstrong" by Trapt hits and out walks Joey Matthew with a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand. He gives the 'cut it' sign and the music stops.

Joey Matthew: "As I've told you - this 'new blood' that's happened to plague WARPED lately will either conform to my ideals and visions, or you will be DESTROYED! I will take back MY company!"

"Headstrong" hits again as Joey leads his five men toward the back and the scene fades...

Singles Match - Silas Bullock vs. Rockin' Lunatic

Fade in...

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheudled for one fall! Introducing first, fro-"

The sound of "Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System and Joey Matthew comes out with his two assistants at his side. He wears a smile on his face, and stops on the stage, a microphone in hand. The music dies down.

Joey Matthew: "Look, I'm sorry, but as much as I know you wanted to see WARPED Wrestling's resident racist Silas Bullock take on the guy who signed on two months ago but hasn't done a damn thing worthwhile since then Rockin' Lunatic..... but unfortunately, they're unable to wrestle at this time. Instead, I'm giving out free money! That's right, if you're sitting under the seat I'm drawing, you win big!"

The fans actually react positively to this.

Tony D: "Free money?"

Kris Red: "Are we eligible?"

Joey Matthew smiles and whispers into the ear of his female assistant. She pulls a paper out of her very large breasts and hands it over to Joey.

Joey Matthew: "And the winner is - S-7!"

An excited fan stands up and screams as he has just won!

Joey Matthew: "Congratulations to that fat slob! You win five big bucks!"

The crowd boos. The fan looks disappointed.

Joey Matthew: "Just kidding! You win fifty bucks! See, I DO care!"

Suddenly the fan is all sorts of excited. The male assistant to Joey heads around the barricade and takes his suitcase over to the excited fan and opens the suitcase up. He pulls out a checkbook and a pen and proceeds to write the fan a check for $50! He hands it over to the fan and the fan jumps up and cheers as the assistant makes his way back to Joey.

Joey Matthew: "See? I'm not so bad afterall, now am I? Now, if you'd excuse me, I have to go see if I need to have my lovely assistants call 911 or not. Love ya!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits as Joey and his two assistants head to the back.

We fade out to a segment filmed later on backstage where we see Joey Matthew talking to paramedics and the camera then pans over as we see his hot female assistant with her clip board looking over the body of Rockin' Lunatic that's on top of a stretcher. She winks as the paramedics push him into the ambulance.

The camera pans back to Joey.

Joey Matthew: "And where exactly is Silas?"

Male Assistant: "He escaped.."

Joey Matthew: "Are you KIDDING me?"

Male Assistant: "That's what R.. uh that's what he told me..."

Joey Matthew: "Whatever. Enough damage was done. Heh.."

Joey looks back at the paramedics as they close the ambulance door and the ambulance drives off with the sirens blaring.

Joey Matthew: "I'll have control over this company the easy way or the hard way..."

Fade out..

Singles Match - Anton Chase vs. AJ Fairchild

Fade in...

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chase!!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at 183 pounds - AJ Fairchild!"

The hard guitar opening of “Puck Off” By Pantera plays over the venues sound system. The fans cheer loudly, and take up the chant “A.J.... A.J... A.J....” A.J. Fairchild then makes his way from the back. Receiving a huge ovation from nearly everyone in attendance A.J. gets on one knee and pats his chest at the top the entrance ramp. A.J. then gets t his feet and makes his way down to the ring, high-fiving fans as he does so. One at the mat apron A.J. slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He then gets to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top, pointing and patting his chest as his music slowly fades away.

Tony D: "And here we go with another big singles match as AJ Faurchild takes on Anton Chase who came out victorious in his previous match against Silas Bullock but only at a DQ standpoint."

Kris Red: "Look that was ridiculous and we all know it. Anton Chase is a top star in wARPED and has been with us for a long, long time and he knows how to get it done!"

Tony D: "Of course AJ Fairchild is apart of what some call the new blood of the company and he's proved to be very impressive in the past."

Lock up! Chase applies the side headlock. Fairchild delivers a couple elbows to the midsection and Chase pushes him away. Fairchild hits the ropes and Chase hits a shoulder block. Chase then hits the ropes and Fairchild stands up and leapfrogs. Chase hits the ropes and returns to a shoulder block from Fairchild. He poses and the fans give a mixed reaction. He then hits the ropes and Chase goes onto his stomach.. Fairchild leaps over, hits the ropes, and Chase hits an armdrag! Fairchild gets to his feet and hits the ropes and comes back into a kick to the gut followed by a swinging inverted neckbreaker!

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is on fire in this match!"

Tony D: "So far he does!"

Chase brings Fairchild to his feet. Irish whip.. Hip toss! Fairchild is slow to his feet but Chase readies himself then charges and hits a Headscissors takedown! He covers..



Kick out!

Anton Chase now brings AJ Fairchild to his feet and wraps his arms around him and then hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! He brings him to his feet quickly and sets him up for a Vertabraker but Fairchild pushes away. Fairchild follows through and charges in only to get a back elbow followed by a hurricanrana!

Tony D: "Hurricanrana!"

Fairchild is sent through the ropes from the Rana and the fans go wild as Chase gets them pumped up for a high risk maneuver!

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is ready to fly!"

Suddenly we see a masked MIB and Joey Matthew head down to the ring. Joey Matthew walks up the steps as Anton Chase looks on like "WTF?" ... Matthew talks to the referee about something and Chase puts his arms out wondering what's going on. At ringside, the MIB locks in a double underhook, lifts Fairchild in the air and drops him on his head! He then rolls him into the ring and Joey Matthew stops bothering the referee and tells Chase to go ahead...

Tony D: "What the hell is this?"

Chase looks at Joey and MIB seems to have hid at ringside. He looks at the ref who is equally as confused, and jumps into the cover...




Ding ding!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Anton Chase!"

Joey Matthew and the MIB slides into the ring and Joey applauds Anton Chase and raises his arm in the air. But Chase pulls away and says he had this match won on his own. Joey Matthew raises his arm again and Chase pulls away. Joey drops his head and puts his hand on his face. He looks up and shakes his head and points as Chase then turns right into a big Double Underhook piledriver from the MIB - just like Fairchild got moments ago! "Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as Joey Matthew holds the arm of the MIB in the air and the crowd boos.

Golden Opportunity Match - Cameron MacNichol vs. Grendel
If Cameron wins, he gets a title shot in his hometown at the 2/4 event!

Fade in...

Randy Long: "The following contest is to be contested under FnX Rules! That means no disqualification, anything goes, falls count ANYWHERE and weapons are ENCOURAGED! Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds and being accompanied by his sister Dyan - this is Cameron MacNichol!"

As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder

Randy Long: "His opponent.. from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - GRENDEL!"

The lights go black in the arena then the arena is flooded with green lights on the stage. As the whistling starts in the opening of Rammstein’s "Engel". Jade steps out from behind the curtain she slides to the right of the stage. The guitars stop pouring out over the PA system and as the lyrics start Grendel steps out from behind the curtain he grabs his left wrist and rolls it twice and then grabs his right wrist and rolls it twice, and then locks his fingers and craks then and rolls his neck twice and starts walking to the ring with a look of determination on his face. As Grendel walks to the ring with Jade by his side he pays no attention to the fans and when he gets to the ring ducks under the top rope. As Grendel enters he walks to the center and holds up one fist as the lights go to normal in the arena.

Tony D: "A huge match for Cameron MacNichol tonight as if he wins he gets a title shot in his hometown, but what's in it for Grendel?"

Kris Red: "Don't you get it? Its FnX Rules.. Joey Matthew has set Cameron MacNichol up to fail tonight because Grendel destroys people in these matches. This could get nasty."

The bell sounds and Grendel and Cameron MacNichol lock up in the middle of the ring and Grendel picks up Cameron and tosses him into the corner and hits a roaring elbow! He repeatedly punches him and MacNichol drops to the mat and Grendel fires away with repeated knees to the face. He brings Cameron MacNichol to his feet.. Irish whip to the opposite corner.. Grendel charges with a big splash. MacNichol drops to one knee and Grendel brings him up again. Irish whip to the corner... Grendel charges and MacNichol gets a boot up, kicking Grendel in the face! MacNichol steps out, measuring Grendel off.. and Grendel turns around and right into a clothesline from MacNichol but Grendel ducks it and goes for a right hand, but Mac ducks that! Cameron then hits a Spear and then gets on top of the monster and starts punching away! The fans erupt in cheers as MacNichol gets up off of him and winds up his arm for the Clothesline from Hell. He hits the ropes and goes at Grendel but Grendel gets the boot up and it sends MacNichol back and through the ropes, down to the ringside area.

Tony D: "Grendel sends Cameron MacNichol through the ropes!"

Grendel follows as he goes over the ropes and hops off the apron.

Kris Red: "FnX means Fn Xtreme.. falls count anywhere. weapons.. the works.. Grendel is in persuit."

He brings MacNichol to his feet and slams his face off the barricade. MacNichol sits on the ground against the barricade now and Grendel kicks him in the face! He brings him to his feet and brings him up the aisle and goes to slam his head off the barricade again but Cameron counters with a knee lift and then a right hand. Grendel stumbles back and MaCNichol hits an Uppercut! Grendel retreats back toward the ring but Cameron follows him and turns him around but gets a big right hand that takes him down to the floor. Grendel grabs MacNichol by his head and brings him up, shaking a finger in his face. He brings MacNichol toward the ring and goes to slam his head off the apron but MacNichol blocks it and slams Grendel's head off instead! Dyan cheers for her brother from afar as do the fans. MacNichol raises up the ring apron curtain and looks under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol knows that this is an FnX Match and whether he's a fan of these matches or not he knows what he has to do before its done to him!"

Cameron then swings at Grendel, hitting him with the kendo stick in the gut, and then in the back! He then whacks his legs trying to take the big man down but not yet! He whacks once more at the legs of the big monster Grendel and he finally drops down. MacNichol throws the kendo stick down to the mat and covers!



Powerful kick out!

MacNichol gets to his feet and brings Grendel up and rolls him into the ring and slides in after. He brings Grendel up but Grendel then suddenly backdrops MacNichol over the top rope and Cameron hits the floor hard!

Tony D: "That floor is unforgiving and he just hit it hard!"

Grendel then exits the ring and walks around to Dyan and waves. She screams 'stay away!' as he continues to walk toward her.

Kris Red: "Grendel is obsessed with the color of Dyan's panties.. and much more I'm told. This is what you miss on Twitter, folks!"

Cameron MacNichol gets to his feet and hears the cries from his sister as he charges and pushes Grendel into the ring post! He then slams his head off the ring post and rolls him into the ring. Cameron checks on Dyan to see if she's okay and then slides back into the ring. Grendel gets to his feet and Cameron delivers a hard right hand, followed by another and another. He then kicks him in the gut but Grendel battles back with a right hand of his own that takes him down to a knee. Grendel with an Irish whip.. MacNichol hits the ropes and holds on. Grendel comes at him but gets a boot to the midsection. Grendel then slaps MacNichol in the face and backs up.. and charges.. but MacNichol pulls the ropes down and Grendel goes overboard! Cameron grabs his head and shakes off the cobwebs in the ring while Grendel slowly comes to at ringside. MacNichol goes through the ropes and Grendel gets to his feet.. just in time for MacNichol to leap off with a double axe handle BUT Grendel ducks it and then hits a belly to back suplex on the floor!

Kris Red: "An awfully painful bump for Cameron MacNichol there onto the floor in the Sports Center!"

Grendel now gets to his feet and Dyan approaches him and slaps him in the face! He then grabs her around the throat and lifts her into the air but Cameron chop blocks his leg and Dyan drops to her feet and runs away screaming! Cameron with an irish whip on Grendel into the steel steps! He hits them and flips over onto the floor, causing the steps to disconnect. MacNichol raises his arms in the air as he heads toward Grendel. He grabs his leg and pulls it onto the bottom half of the steps and he looks around for the fans' approval and they cheer. He then leaps up but Grendel moves his foot out of the way just in time. Cameron grabs his leg after missing the move. Grendel gets to his feet and Cameron leaps off with a clothesline! He then covers Grendel..



Kick out!

MacNichol brings Grendel to his feet and rolls him into the ring and slides in, and the ref follows. MacNichol brings him to his feet and sets him up for a Jumping Piledriver and lifts him up and drops him on his head! Grendel rolls out of the ring and falls onto the floor though. MacNichol goes through the ropes and jumps down, making the cover....



Kick out!

MacNichol slaps the floor and Dyan comes over and says she wants a piece of him and Cameron obliges by bringing Grendel to his feet and holding his arms so he's trapped. Dyan then slaps Grendel in the face and kicks him in the balls! She laughs in his face and Grendel suddenly breaks free and kicks Dyan in her gut, dropping her HARD on the floor.

Kris Red: "Somebody call 911.. Dyan is DEAD!"

MacNichol can't believe what just happened and neither can the fans as they all GASP in unison. MacNichol rolls Grendel into the ring and reaches over the barricade and grabs a chair. He slides in as Grendel gets to his feet and MacNichol charges with a purpose but Grendel gets a boot up...... however MacNichol ducked it and he then cracks Grendel in the back with the chair! He spins the big man around and drives it into his gut and then as Grendel is doubled over, Cam hits him over the back with it! Grendel drops down to the mat and Cameron tosses the chair down and heads over to the ropes and checks on his sister. He looks back at Grendel then at his sister, and slides out of the ring to check on her. Paramedics rush down to the ring with a stretcher to help out.

Tony D: "This is serious. Dyan MacNichol took a hard drop after that kick from the near 7-foot monster known as Grendel. Insane.."

Kris Red: "I know its his family and all but Cameron needs to realize he's got more family in the front row of Dearborn Michigan on February 4th and he could be wrestling in the main event for a title shot if he wins this match!!"

MacNichol asks the paramedics to take care of her and meanwhile the monster is getting to his feet. MacNichol, with a look of rage on his face, slides into the ring and immediately goes for the Cobra Clutch but Grendel brings him up and over onto the mat. MacNichol slaps the mat and gets to his feet and hits the ropes and comes back with a big CLOTHESLINE but Grendel ducks it and hits a Side Slam! He covers..



Kick out!

Grendel is angry as he gets to his feet and brings Cameron MacNichol up... He sets him up for a powerbomb and lifts him up..... POWERBOMB! He drops down and hooks the leg..



Kick out!

Grendel gets to his feet and calls for The Monster Lariat, setting up for The Sweet Relief finisher! He lets MacNichol get to his feet and he charges in for the Lariat.... MacNichol catches him and applies the Cobra Clutch! Cameron has it locked in and the fans erupt in cheers!

Tony D: "The Cobra Clutch!"

Kris Red: "Stranglehold! Stranglehold!"

The Dirty Mac then sees his sister being stretchered out of the ring and this temporary distraction allows Grendel to regain control and back up, causing MacNichol to get sandwiched in the corner.

Tony D: "Ooh and upon seeing his sister being led out on a stretcher, Cameron got punished hard there by Grendel."

Grendel steps away from the corner and MacNichol stumbles out, clutching his back, and Grendel hits the ropes and returns with THE MONSTER LARIAT~!

Tony D: "The Monster Lariat!"

Grendel now brings MacNichol to his feet and spins him around.. he hooks the double chicken wing and lifts him into the air and then drops Cameron face-first onto the steel chair!!!


MacNichol looks to be knocked out as Grendel wears a huge smile on his face. He turns back and sees Dyan being stretchered through the curtain and looks back at Cameron as he then brings his limp body up again and spins him around.. chicken wing.. lifts him up...

Kris Red: "And the Sweet Relief onto the chair once again... this is uncalled for."

Grendel stands up and puts one boot on the chest of MacNichol..




Kris Red: "Why bother saying it.. its obvious he's out.."

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "The winner of the match - Grendel!"

"Engel" hits the PA System and Grendel stands tall with his arm raised in victory. Joey Matthew steps out from the curtain with a smile on his face. Grendel notices him and Joey nods in approval. Fade out...



Kelly Calloway rushes up to PKA who is seated watching the monitor in the backstage area.

Kelly Calloway: "PKA! PKA!"

He stands up, acknowleding her.

PKA: "Yes, dear?"

Kelly Calloway: "A lot has transpired over tonight's event since you along with many others voiced their disapproval of Joey Matthew's actions last week.. we've seen numerous talents attacked and persuaded it'd seem. Have you witnessed any of this and what are your thoughts?"

PKA: "I've been told about some of it. As you know we don't exactly have the best set up so what I'm watching on this TV are old tapes... not the live show. I wish we had the budget but you know we don't. For some reason I feel like I have to enforce that in people who just don't get it. Look Kelly, we're fighting the battle and doing the best we can. I will not allow Joey Matthew and his goons to take over.."

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he sees something.

PKA: "Excuse me."

PKA heads off down the hallway and the camera catches Mr. Rottentreats, PKA's friend, heading around the corner. PKA stops at a door and looks at it... it reads "WARPED President Joey Matthew" ... this is the door Rottentreats exited. PKA crosses his arms and sighs. He looks back toward Kelly then heads off down the hall as we fade out.

Unlikely Partners ~ Six Man Tag Team Elimination Tables Match
Alexander StarrZoe, Sean Edmunds, Crowbar vs. William Wallace, Emily Corlen, Leon Stone

Fade in...

Fade in... we see StarrZoe and Crowbar talking in their corner, with Corlen, Wallace and Stone in their corner. Conspicuous by his absense is Sean Edmunds.

Tony D: "We're back with a Six Man Tag Team Tables Elimination Match... but we're absent one man - Sean Edmunds."

Kris Red: "Well it looks like they're about to go ahead with the match anyway. We've waited long enough for the former Evolution Champion!"

The bell sounds!

Tony D: "It looks like we're going to see the new Evolution Champion, William Wallace face off with Crowbar to start things off in this Six Man Tag team Tables Elimination match!"

Kris Red: "That's a mouthful, Tony D, but I'm sure you're used to that sort of thing."

Tony D: "Wait, what?"

Kris Red: "Here we go! Lock up!"

Crowbar and Wallace lock up in the middle of the ring. Wallace immediately goes behind and applies a reverse waistlock. Crowbar brings his elbow back and escapes, going behind with his own reverse waistlock. Wallace pulls the arms of Crowbar apart and delivers a back elbow, then charges toward the ropes, bounces off and returns with a shoulder block, taking Crowbar down. Wallace then goes for a leg drop but Crowbar rolls out of the way. He gets to his feet and goes for the KFO but Wallace pushes him away and goes for an irish whip into the corner with the table and Crowbar puts on the breaks before going through it. Wallace then charges at him but Crowbar delivers a boot to the gut.

Tony D: "Well that was a close one!"

Leon Stone starts to get into the ring and Crowbar charges at him and Stone gets back on the outside. This temporary distraction allows for Wallace to recover and club Crowbar in the back and hit a Scottish/German Suplex! Wallace gets up and puts the boots to Crowbar, then leaps up and hits the leg drop!

Tony D: "Smart move there by Leon Stone to distract Crowbar so Wallace could recover and take control."

Kris Red: "Yeah, because the last thing Stone and Corlen want is to be a man down in this match. Then again, with the absense of one Sean Edmunds, would it matter?"

Tony D: "That's a good question, but who's to say Edmunds is out completely?"

Emily Corlen shouts out and puts her hand out for the tag and Wallace pauses for a moment and looks her up and down, then tags her in and exits the ring as Corlen gets in. Crowbar gets to his feet and Corlen backs him into the corner with repeated right hands. She then pulls Crowbar away from the corner and turns him around.. Reverse Waistlock.. German Suplex! Corlen holds on though and brings Crowbar back up and hits a second German Suplex!

Tony D: "Emily Corlen looks to be going for the triple germans which she calls Rolling Thunder!"

Corlen then hits the third German Suplex and stands up, pointing at Wallace and telling him 'that's how its done'

Kris Red: "A little one-upmanship..womanship.. or something.. whatever."

Emily Corlen now goes back to Crowbar who is crawling toward the corner. She brings him the rest of the way up and powerfully sends him to the opposite corner with an irish whip. She then charges in but Crowbar steps out and hits a Drop Toe Hold, sending Corlen's face into the second buckle!

Tony D: "That bit of taunting to William Wallace might've cost Emily Corlen there! Ouch!"

The crowd pops as Crowbar gets to his feet and brings Corlen back up as she clutches her face. Crowbar turns her around and hits a standing dropkick, taking her down!

Kris Red: "A dropkick from Crowbar! I tell ya he is full of surprises."

Crowbar then makes the tag to Alexander StarrZoe and StarrZoe hops over the top rope as Emily Corlen gets to her feet. StarrZoe latches his arms around her and hits a Belly to Belly Slam! In comes Leon Stone once again as he throws a right hand but StarrZoe blocks it and hits a right hand of his own! Stone rolls under the ropes and StarrZoe looks back to Corlen and brings her to her feet. He lifts her up and looks over the top rope and sees the table set up and he sets her up for a Full Nelson.

Kris Red: "Starr's gonna slam her through that table!"

Starr lifts her up and she counters into an armdrag! She then tags in Leon Stone who climbs the top buckle and comes off with a Missle Dropkick on StarrZoe!

Kris Red: "Good ol' Leon Stone off the missle dropkick! He got beat by a kid in the hospital last week!"

Stone stands up and measures Starr off as he gets to his feet. He then pulls Starr in for a DDT but Starr drops to a knee and jabs Stone in the gut, and the hits a jawbreaker! Stone gets to his feet and StarrZoe lifts him up and charges toward the table in the corner but Stone is able to float over and out. Starr turns around and Stone hits an enziguri to the face! Stone then calls for the DDT once more but Starr overpowers him and takes him into his corner. Starr tags in Crowbar and Starr holds Stone and Crowbar nails him with a kick to the gut and a right hand. Meanwhile we see StarrZoe going to the outside and he looks to reposition the table as he takes the legs and folds it up and he puts it on the apron but he's suddenly bumrushed by William Wallace! Wallace delivers a right hand and then an irish whip right into the steel steps!

Tony D: "Looks like William Wallace wanted to make sure StarrZoe didn't get any ideas with that table!"

Kris Red: "These guys ..and girl.. are going full speed!"

Tony D: "And we're proud to say that four of them are representing WARPED in the upcoming CWC Ascension Invitational 2012!"

In the ring we see Crowbar bring Stone to his feet and hit a snap suplex.

Kris Red: "Yeah and Crowbar and Stone are in the APW Survive and Conquer match in a week!"

Emily Corlen reaches her hand out for a tag and Crowbar tells her to stay out of this girly.. She doesn't look too pleased with this.

Tony D: "Corlen looks....mad."

Kris Red: "Crowbar pretty much told her to stay out of a man's business!"

Crowbar goes back to Stone and brings him to his feet, delivering a right hand, and another, and another, backing him into the corner. He lifts him up and puts him on top and climbs up.. He sets him up for a Suplex and suddenly William Wallace climbs the apron and pushes Crowbar off! StarrZoe is up and he pulls Wallace down and delivers a high kick to the skull! He then climbs on top of Wallace and delivers repeated right hands! Leon Stone hops down from the turnbuckle and brings Crowbar to his feet. Irish whip.. blocked.. Crowbar sends Stone into the corner with the table and Stone hits it back-first but it doesn't break! Crowbar kneels down and charges!

Tony D: "Element Zero!"

Crowbar charges but suddenly a LADDER clips his feet and causes him to fall face-first in front of Stone. Emily Corlen wipes her hands together at ringside as she was the one to push the ladder into the ring!

Kris Red: "Whoa! He pissed her the hell off.

Corlen slides into the ring and slaps Leon Stone in the face to get his wits about him. Stone shakes it off and he helps Corlen bring Crowbar to his feet. They lift him up on each side and bring him down through the table!

Tony D: "Crowbar just got eliminated by Emily Corlen and Leon Stone!"

Kris Red: "Now its just Alexander StarrZoe!"

The referee signals that Crowbar has been eliminated.

Randy Long: "Crowbar has been ELIMINATED!"

Corlen and Stone slap hands.


Alexander StarrZoe drives the ladder into the gut of Corlen, causing her to double over! Leon Stone hops over the top rope and StarrZoe turns to him.. Stone leaps onto the top rope and StarrZoe hurls the ladder at him, knocking him off the ropes and down through a table at ringside!!

Kris Red: "Somebody call 911!"

The referee signals that Stone is out.

Randy Long: "Leon Stone has been eliminated!"

StarrZoe has the fans firmly behind him now as he looks around the ring for the nearest table. He sees the one on the apron and heads toward it. He bends over and picks it up and pulls it in and lifts it up, kicking the legs out and setting it up near the corner. Emily Corlen comes at him now with a right hand and takes him away from the corner and sends him into the ropes.. Starr bounces off and Corlen goes for a Chick Kick but Starr ducks under and then hits a Roundhouse Kick to the temple! Corlen goes down near the ropes and Starr runs toward the other side of the ring.. bounces off the ropes.. rolls, leaps and splash!

Tony D: "Philly's Finest Flyer connects!"

Starr gets to his feet but suddenly is whacked over the back with a steel chair by William Wallace. The Scottish star then irish whips StarrZoe so hard that he goes tumbling over the ropes and down to the ringside area. Wallace poses in the ring and the fans boo!

Tony D: "The new Evolution Champion, William Wallace, showing his power there!"

He then slides out of the ring and brings StarrZoe to his feet and whips him hard into the barricade. Wallace charges in with a big knee to the gut! He delivers a hard right hand followed by another and then pulls him away slightly and backs up.... then charges in with a SPEAR that dislocates the barricade! The fans jump back and out of the way as Wallace gets to his feet and slams his chest and screams out!

Kris Red: "Oh my God that spear destroyed Starr and our metal fence!"

Tony D: "Where in the world is Sean Edmunds?! StarrZoe is in a lot of trouble here!"

While Crowbar and Leon Stone are being helped to the back by referees, we see Wallace who lifts up the apron curtain and looks under the ring. He pulls out a table and flips the curtain back down. Wallace puts the legs out of the table and sets it up at ringside and shouts out for Emily. She gets to her feet in the ring and Wallace whispers something to her through the ropes. She shakes her head and tells him she doesn't take orders and Wallace urges her to follow through! She gives him a smug look.

Kris Red: "Emily Corlen isn't much a fan of taking orders from William Wallace it'd appear."

Wallace then heads over to StarrZoe and pulls him up and brings him toward the table and leans him on it but StarrZoe starts battling back with right hands.

Tony D: "StarrZoe battling back!"

Wallace steps back and Starr gets off the table and sets up for a German Suplex on Wallace, positioned for a slam through the table, but Emily Corlen hits a baseball slide through the ropes onto StarrZoe! He goes down and Corlen turns Wallace around and shouts "SEE!" and Wallace shouts orders again and points up in the ring. She slides in and Wallace brings Starr to his feet and hits repeated trapping headbutts! Starr then is easily placed on the table and in the ring we see Emily Corlen slowly climbing the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Emily Corlen is heading to the top turnbuckle, something we don't normally see from her!"

Wallace backs up and shouts for Corlen to do it! She leaps off with a bodysplash and StarrZoe moves out of the way just in time and she crashes through the table! Wallace's jaw drops and the fans go wild!

Randy Long: "Emily Corlen has been eliminated!"

Wallace kneels down to check on Corlen as she is out and Wallace stands up and shrugs, shaking his head at her and he hops over her dead body and kicks StarrZoe in the head as he is getting to his feet.

Through the low-rent curtain that is being used as a temporary entrance set, comes President Joey Matthew. He claps his hands together with a huge smile on his face.

Tony D: "Look! Its Joey Matthew!"

Kris Red: "He's eating this up. This is just what he wants, for them to destroy each other!"

Joey watches from the entrance set..

Starr drops and Wallace brings him to his feet and whips him into the ringpost! StarrZoe goes face-first into it and drops to the floor. The fans at ringside shout out that Wallace sucks and he "baaahs" like a sheep at them! They start laughing and he then flips them off and goes back to work on StarrZoe, kicking him in the back and causing him to roll onto his stomach. Wallace gets on top of Starr and brings his head up and starts delivering quick forearm strikes to the side of his face. Wallace then gets off of him and brings him to his feet and tells the commentary team to move out of the way as he delivers a right hand to StarrZoe.

Kris Red: "Screw this!"

Kris Red, Tony D, and Randy Long all hightail it. Wallace pulls the table away from the apron slightly and then sets StarrZoe on top of the table. Wallace grabs one of their cheapo steel chairs that they sit in because WARPED can't afford $50 comfortable chairs for them and he whacks the stomach of Starr! Wallace climbs up on the apron and points to StarrZoe.

Tony D: "William Wallace has StarrZoe in his sights.. this could be it!"

Wallace starts running, but then stops. He looks back in the ring at the other table and then at the turnbuckle. He hops down and brings Starrzoe off the table and rolls him into the ring. Wallace grabs a chair and slides in and StarrZoe starts to pull himself up with the ropes and Wallace drives the end of the chair into the back of the World champion!

Kris Red: "William Wallace has the number of Alexander StarrZoe!"

We see a referee helping Emily Corlen to the back...

Wallace tosses the chair down and brings StarrZoe to his feet and hits a huge headbutt and then backs up to the corner.. He sits up top and brings StarrZoe in for a powerbomb.. Wallace lifts StarrZoe up for the powerbomb and suddenly the camera switches to the entrance as SEAN EDMUNDS, with blood on his face, runs right past Joey Matthew (who is SHOCKED!) with a steel chair in hand. He climbs the apron and CRACKS the chair over Wallace's back and StarrZoe is dropped, and Starr manages to not go through the table that was a foot away. StarrZoe holds the bottom rope with one hand and the middle with another, shaking off the effects.

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds has come to the rescue!"

Kris Red: "And he looks like he's seeing red!"

Tony D: "No kidding.."

On the set, we see Joey Matthew looking through the curtain and signalling for something frantically. Finally he disappears through the curtain. The camera goes back to the ring where Sean Edmunds pulls Wallace away from the corner and whips him into the ropes.. Dropkick from Edmunds! Wallace goes down and Edmunds immediately brings him back up as the fans cheer. Right hand, right hand.. Irish whip.. Wallace counters and Edmunds hits the ropes and Wallace drops down for a backdrop but Edmunds counters into a Swinging Neckbreaker! StarrZoe has now come to and he sees Edmunds and the two share a nod to one another.

Tony D: "It appears any doubt that StarrZoe had in Edmunds is now gone!"

Kris Red: "William Wallace better get the hell out of there.. The number three and number eight ranked CWC competitors of 2011 are about to kick his ass!"

Irish whip from both men.. Wallace bounces off the ropes and they drop down and hit a double Flapjack! Wallace goes face-first to the mat and StarrZoe says something to Edmunds and Edmunds nods. Starr brings Wallace to his feet and hurls him toward Edmunds who catches him and hits a Northern Lights Suplex!

Tony D: "Edmunds hits his trademark Northern Lights finish!"

StarrZoe and Edmunds now bring Wallace to his feet and put him up on the table and Edmunds steps back as StarrZoe climbs the top.

Kris Red: "I never thought I'd see Sean Edmunds and Alexander StarrZoe work together as a team!"

Tony D: "Honestly, me neither. Hey look out!"

From the entrance area comes Joey Matthew and one of the Men in Black is with him and starts running down toward the ring. Sean Edmunds picks up a chair and the MIB gets up on the apron but Edmunds swings the chair and the man moves out of the way.

Kris Red: "Sean Edmunds is patrolling the ring!"

Another MIB hops the barricade and Edmunds swings the chair as he starts climbing the apron so he hops back off.

Tony D: "StarrZoe up top!"

Edmunds looks around the ring for any other invaders as he wields the chair... one of them hops up on the apron and Edmunds swings at him while the other slides in.. Edmunds turns and suddenly he throws the chair .......up at StarrZoe, cracking him in the head!

Tony D: "WHAT!"

StarrZoe then loses his balance and falls to the outside of the ring through the announcers table!

Kris Red: "Oh my God!"

The crowd erupts in boos as Sean Edmunds climbs the turnbuckle...the other MIB slides into the ring and both hold Wallace down on both ends.. Edmunds then comes off the top with a High Angle Moonsault, putting Wallace through the table! The ref calls for the bell and this one is over.

Randy Long: "The winning team - Alexander StarrZoe, Crowbar, and SEAN Edmunds!"

"Brain Stew" by Green Day plays as Edmunds gets to his feet, grabbing his stomach, and Joey Matthew walks up the steps and enters the ring as the two masked MIB's hold Edmunds arms in the air.

Tony D: "What in the world?? Did Edmunds just join up with Joey Matthew?!"

Joey Matthew hands a wash cloth to Edmunds and he wipes the 'blood' off of his face, and smiles as there is clearly no laceration.

Kris Red: "He duped us all!"

Tony D: "Joey Matthew said that he had people in the company on his side!"

Joey Matthew grabs a microphone and the music cuts.

Joey Matthew: "Ladies and gentlemen, I love you, I truly do, and I THANK you for coming out tonight. I leave you with not one piece of the puzzle, but three. Gentlemen."

Then we see the two masked men take their masks off and its none other than The Rough Ryder and former World Champion and member of The Movement - KORRUPT!

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder! We haven't seen him in over a YEAR!"

Kris Red: "And Korrupt! He hasn't been back since WARPED 31 right here in Woodbridge, Connecticut!"

The crowd erupts in boos as the three wrestlers hold their arms in the air and on the set, three other Masked MIB's step out, lead pipes in hand.

Joey Matthew: "Hold off, guys. You come here and stand guard only. We won't kill them off just yet... we've got some more ...planning... to do. Thank you, and goodnight!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits as Joey Matthew, Sean Edmunds, The Rough Ryder and Korrupt exit the ring. The three MIB's make their way up the aisle to stand guard, while the four men from the ring make their way up the aisle. The camera cuts to Alexander StarrZoe who is busted up on the floor, and then Wallace who is layed out in the rubble of the table.

PKA then comes out from behind the curtain and crosses his arms. Joey puts his arms out and asks Edmunds, Ryder, and Korrupt to stay back. PKA shakes his head and Joey Matthew is all smiles as he then shrugs. Joey points to the back and PKA takes a deep breathe and steps aside. Joey nods while he, Edmunds, Ryder and Korrupt walk past, giving a cocky grin at PKA as they head to the back. PKA steps up the aisle and looks on as he sees the masked MIB's keeping guard on Wallace and StarrZoe. PKA kneels down and his head drops. He looks up out at the crowd as the fans boo. PKA runs his hands through his hair, stands up, puts his hands on his hips with a disappointed look upon his face as the show fades to the WARPED logo...