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WARPED 38 "The Boss is Back"
1/7/12 - Burlington, North Carolina - Mid Atlantic Sportatorium


You open the DVD of WARPED 38 "The Boss is Back" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The WARPED Wrestling logo fades in as we see a screenshot of the WARPED 37 DVD "The Not So Silent Night" and we're then taken to some REACTIONS from a few of the men and women involved in the show...

Scene changes to Leon Stone walking down the street...

Leon Stone: “Hello warped and welcome to a special response video concerning NOT SO SILENT NIGHT, one of the best nights of my life. Granted I was hurt but that didn’t stop me from winning my match against Kris Red, my injury didn’t stop me from proving who the better man was did it? "

Footage from the Leon Stone vs. Kris Red "Thumb Wrestling Match" is shown..
The referee holds up one finger on each of his hands for each competitor, and its time for the tie breaker.

Kris looks at Leon and says 'this is ridiculous' but Leon wants to go!

They lock up and the ref turns the thumbs of doom loose~! Kris Red almost immediately pins Leon Stone but simultaneously, as if to distract the ref, Stone grabs at his ribs with his free hand, and the ref tends to him. Kris Red looks concerned and Leon Stone SWERVES us all and his thumb pins Kris Red for a 3 count and a super victory!

Fade back to Leon walking down the street...

Leon Stone: " I mean I hate that Starrzoe guy as much as the next person, but he puts on a show. It was thirty minutes of action packed awesomeness. I fucking loved it!!! So much blood, so much pain, so much excitement, only one thing could have made that match better, having me in it. We all know every match I'm in becomes ten times better. If I was in the match id have broken the ring twice, id have put Starrzoe through the concrete floor. Fans would have droped over dead because of all the blood, old people would have heart attacks, it would have been amazing."

Footage from the Main Event 4-Way 30 Minute Ironman Match is shown...
Crowbar kicks Grendel in the gut and assists Starr in bringing him through the ropes and onto the apron. Crowbar gets on the apron and now with both men on each side of Grendel, they take him by the throat and toss him into the fire!

Tony D: "Double chokeslam through the flaming dresser!!"

He busts through the dresser and the flames fly. The impact causes what remained of the flames to almost go out but the paramedic at ringside picks up the extinguisher and puts them all out while Grendel lays wasted in the mess!


Cameron MacNichol comes at Crowbar with the chair but Crowbar hits a Superkick, cracking the chair into Cameron's skull!


StarrZoe delivers a right hand to Crowbar and lays him on top of the table then turns back to Cameron and climbs up on the turnbuckle, but MacNichol continues with the right hands now to Starr and he brings the head of Starr down and lifts him up.. MacNichol leaps off the top onto Crowbar, through the table, with a Piledriver!!!


The fans go wild as StarrZoe is now on the map with one point! He stands up, clutching his midsection after that impact.........

Kris Red: "Oh FUCK!"

Crowbar out of nowhere with a SPEAR!



Crowbar just hit a big SPEAR on StarrZoe, destroying him and sending him crashing through the glass pane set up earlier in the match! He pulls him out of the glass from the corner and covers, the referee hesitating to slap the mat...

The scene then fades out from the replays. The camera comes to life. Emily Corlen is sitting, staring off into the distance.

Emily Corlen: "... I... I just..."

A sigh, and the twinkle of a single tear rolling down her cheek before the feed cuts out.

Randy Long: "Tonight, after the saddening news of the expected sale of the historic Asylum Arena, WARPED has prepared a tribute to this long-standing piece of professional wrestling history."

SceneChange - Stars of WARPED surround the ring. PKA, Emily Corlen and Alexer StarrZoe are in the ring.

Emily Corlen: "You know, okay, yeah. Sometimes, I'm a little full of myself. I have an ego. Guilty! But I never intended to disrespect you or the fine city of Philadelphia. Will you accept my apology?"

Emily extends her free hand toward Starr. The crowd cheers loudly as Starr looks down at it, and then to the fans.

Tony D: "Starr here doesn't look like he knows what to do! I can't blame him, things got very nasty between him and Emily online."

Finally, after several moments of contemplation, Starr nods, saying something before moving to shake Emily's hand. As he does so, Emily quickly pulls her hand away and bashes Starr in the head with the butt end of the microphone! Everyone around the ring seems shocked and the crowd starts booing loudly as Emily starts laying into Starr with a series of stiff punches to the face! Starr counters, finding himself on top of Emily before laying into her with punches himself! PKA yells at the talent to get in the ring and break this up, and they do so, separating Emily and Starr to separate sides of the ring. The crowd boos, chanting "Let them fight!" as PKA orders everyone to the back. As Emily struggles to get away and attack Starr again, she can be heard shouting "THIS ISN'T OVER!" before being pulled back through the curtain. In the ring, Starr has finally pushed the men holding him back off of him and takes off toward the curtain; but PKA steps in front of him, pleading with him to stop...


The scene opens with Wallace laughing down the camera as always holding a drink wearing a party hat from a Christmas Cracker!

Wallace: "I told you! I told you all, you don't fuck with William Wallace. Emily Corlen was too concered about getting a title shot that she let her guard stil and BANG! It cost her. I proved that I am what I say i am, I proved I am the best! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Cheers!"

Wallace holds up his drink and hits it off the camera lens before drinking away as the scene fades out!

The finish from the Triple Threat Match is shown...
Tony D: "Sean Tyler setting Emily up for NO PLACE TO PLAY..."

As he lifts her up she flips over and lands behind him, then suddenly she hits the GLAM SLAM!

Tony D: "Countered into The CATALYST!"

Corlen then stands tall and signals around her waist that soon she's gunning for a championship title and she goes down to cover Tyler but from behind comes William Wallace who grabs her by the hair and pulls her up. Corlen lets out a scream as Wallace throws her shoulder-first into the corner post.. He then rushes back and hooks both legs of Tyler..




Kris Red: "Oh sheeeeeeeeit Wallace just stole that victory!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallace!"


Grendel then turns around and MacNichol has the barbwire bat and cracks him over the head with it.. Grendel stumbles back and drops to a knee, and MacNichol drives it into his back! Grendel bends up his back in much pain now.. MacNichol grabs a couple flourescent light tubes and bridges them between the two ladders and brings Grendel to his feet but Grendel delivers a big headbutt and then pulls him down below and lifts him up for a powerbomb onto the flourescent light tubes but Cameron counters into a DDT through them!!!


The video opens to a visibly battered and bruised Crowbar sitting outside in a chair. It's being shot on a phone, Jess' voice is heard behind the camera. "It's recording" she says. Crowbar looks at the camera.

Crowbar: "The Not So Silent Night had to have been a highlight of my career...including the stage collapsing..but....I have to give it to my opponents, including Grendel as much as it pains me to."

SceneChange.. A highlight from the 4 Way Match:
The hard camera then zooms in on MacNichol and Crowbar on the ladder, and MacNichol hooks the arm of Crowbar and tries to hip toss him over, but to no avail. He then slaps the spit out of Crowbar's mouth, and slowly places one foot over the top of the ladder, and then another. He reaches around the waist of Crowbar and lifts him up.. POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER DOWN ONTO THE THE BED OF BARBWIRE!!!

SceneChange - back to Crowbar's REACTION piece..

Crowbar: "Starr, I'd say we accomplished what we set out to do, and to everyone else in WARPED and beyond...don't say we don't play mean here, because 4 of us have the scars to prove it."

We see Grendel bringing Crowbar to his feet and he sets him up for a powerbomb, pointing to the Christmas Tree made of Barbwire! He lifts Crowbar up and powerbombs him into the tree! The fans shreik as Crowbar collapses and his flesh gets torn apart by the barbwire tree, and it falls on top of him in the process!


Crowbar and Grendel are on top of the fifteen foot high entrance stage.. its a very simple square-like stage, with a black curtain covering the sides and held up by pillars... Crowbar pulls himself on top of the set and Grendel then puts the boots to him before he can get to his feet. Grendel brings Crowbar up and applies the double chicken wing from behind. He lifts Crowbar into the air for the SWEET RELIEF .. KFO!! Crowbar countsides of the red in mid-move with the KFO on top of the set.........and it COLLAPSES!


The sides implode and there's a big pile of dust.


Grendel sitting in the back looking down at the floor.

Grendel: "Wow is all I have to say, just wow."

With Cameron MacNichol on top of a pane of glass, which is on top of some light tubes, on top of a table, and StarrZoe being atop the fifteen foot platform... StarrZoe then leaps off the top of the platform, something like fifteen feet up.. and he crashes down on top of MacNichol with the 450 Splash! Glass, lightbulbs, and the table all get destroyed! StarrZoe is on top of Cameron, and the ref counts.. 1..2..3..

Kris Red: "I cannot believe what we just saw!!! The Rising STARR hit from nearly fifteen feet off that second level through Cameron and through the glass, light tubes, and the table. Jesus Christ our savior! Thank you baby Jesus!"

SceneChange.. Alexander StarrZoe comments..

Alexander StarrZoe: "Chairs, light tubes, dressers, and fire, what the hell didn't this match have?" Alexander StarrZoë questions, falling against a wall in the back hallway of the arena. "Four men walked into that ring and four men barely stumbled out. I have a new found respect for you all. We tore the fucking house down."


Tony D: "Wait, what happened?"

Kris Red: "Did Crowbar get the three count???"

PKA's jaw drops as he looks at the ref and the ref shakes his head 'no' ..

Tony D: "The time ran out!"

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the 30 minutes are up! And, due to Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar both being tied at three each, that means we have a draw - but STILL WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrrrrZooooooe!"

The fans go wild for their hometown boy! StarrZoe gets to his feet and a referee holds his arm in the air as he's absolutely spent, leaning up against the white wall of the arena. He asks the ref 'is it really a tie??' and when he's told yes, he holds up his hand with all five fingers out. "Five more minutes" he said. The referee shrugs and says he can't do anything. StarrZoe turns to the entrance and heads toward PKA in a very slow fashion. PKA is still in shock as to what's gone on. StarrZoe asks him for five more minutes and PKA shakes his head and says he can't let that happen..

"Crowbar and Grendel are pretty much dead.. you kept your title, its over.."

Starr has no choice but to accept it. An official brings over his World Title and he holds it into the air, clutching his back as he does, and the fans erupt in cheers for StarrZoe. "Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA system as the entire building is rumbling.

Tony D: "Fans, I can't believe what we just saw tonight. This has to be the most devastating match I've ever seen."

Kris Red: "This is why WARPED doesn't go hardcore, we go FnX.. Fuckin' EXTREME! This was Ultraviolence at its best and this was four guys putting it all on the line for the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship. For that, I applaud you all. Damn."

Stretchers are pushed up near the entrance by paramedics.

Tony D: "The paramedics are going to help Crowbar and Grendel out, as you see the stretchers there."

The camera then shows Cameron MacNichol who looks to be out of it too as a few paramedics push a stretcher over to him as well. He's laying on his stomach on the cold floor now, while his back is covered in glass, but more blood than anything.

Kris Red: "Yeah, let's get Cameron some help too.. wow."

StarrZoe kneels down at the stage area with the World Title over his shoulder and puts his hands together, bowing and thanking everyone surrounding him.

Tony D: "WARPED fans, its been a great year. We'll see YOU in 2012!"

StarrZoe gets to his feet and hops over the barricade, hugging the sea of fans, and the camera focuses in on that as the show fades out...

To see one of the final wrestling events ever to be held at the Former ECW Arena, order WARPED 37 - the Not So Silent Night - NOW!!


The scene opens up backstage where we see PKA looking in numerous open doors repeatedly, trying to find someone as it'd appear. He's wearing his black slacks and shirt, with a blue vest over it, still keeping it professional. He's been running the company since October after President Joey Matthew snapped and allowed his business partner to take control.

PKA: "Treats? Ey!"

He peaks in another room and then continues down the hall and stops in his tracks.

Joey Matthew: "Well.. well.."

President Joey Matthew is back and he isn't alone. Joey, wearing blue jeans, and a leather jacket over a shirt is accompanied by a very attracive young lady in a black and white suit, with her 'ladies' prominently displayed, and a clipboard in her hand. The man is young and well dressed in a suit, properly trimmed hair and very professional looking, and he holds a briefcase at his side. Per their agreement, Joey would regain full control over WARPED once the calendar read 2012, and if PKA didn't turn things around, Joey would see to it that PKA was fired and blacklisted.

PKA: "Joey.."

PKA is surprised to see Joey Matthew so soon, but he expected he'd encounter his presence sooner or later tonight.

Joey Matthew: "Looking for somebody, Mr. Anthony?"

PKA: "Actually, yeah. No, it wasn't you. Who're they?"

Joey looks over his shoulders..

Joey Matthew: "Oh them? Don't you worry about them. You should worry about me first and foremost, because I'm back, and I'm once again in control of my company."

PKA crosses his arms and rolls his eyes.

PKA: "That's great. Why bother coming back though? You're clearly not right in the head, and this place has been the best its ever been when I was in cha-"

Joey cuts him off, putting his hand up.

Joey Matthew: "You had until the clock struck 12 on the first of the month. Hell, I even let you book this one final show. But now, I'm back, and things are going back to the way they're meant to be."

PKA: "And what does that even mean?"

Joey Matthew: "You'll see. Come join me in the ring in a couple hours.. we've got a lot to chat about. Nice suit, by the way. You clean up well. Its too bad you won't be needing it anymore."

Joey Matthew, snobbier than ever, continues on down the hall, bumping into PKA as he goes past. The young man follows, and the female does as well but takes a look at PKA, checking him out almost. PKA grins and continues on down the hall, looking for Mr. Rottentreats... Fade out.


The camera cuts to a long hallway in the back of the arena. The Evolution Champion, “Simply Sensational” Sean Edmunds and his main squeeze, Miss Karla, turn the corner. Edmunds stops short as he sees the camera .. and immediately smiles.

Sean Edmunds: “Ah, looking for me I'm betting?”

The camera shakes back and forth as if to say, “no.” Edmunds is intentionally oblivious to the camera's actions.

Sean Edmunds: “Well then, it's a good thing you found me when you did. I'm on my way right now to go to ringside. But you must have known that .. why else would you be roaming the hallways looking for me? You want some last minute words about my matchup with the Scotsman don't ya?”

The camera once again shakes “no.”

Sean Edmunds: “He seems to think that 2012 is HIS year.. that he's going to use our match to right some mysterious wrong that happened in our first match. He believes, for whatever reason, that he will ring in the New Year as the Evolution Champion.”

Edmunds shakes his head.

Sean Edmunds: “What kind of drugs is that man on? Tonight is going to be no different than our first encounter. It will be no different than any of the bouts I had with Anton. The idiots here in Burlington will be treated to a Sean Edmunds victory, not that they deserve to be blessed by my athleticism. No matter how many times you try, William, the Evolution championship will remain around my waist. You can drink 'til your heart's content. You can threaten the weak, the timid, the mindless. You can ramble on talking about GOD KNOWS WHAT because people can only understand every third word that comes tumbling out your toothless mouth. But NONE of that matters when we step into the ring in just a few moments. C'mon, William. Be honest for just one second. You feel it inside you, don't ya? The feeling one gets when they realized they've bit off more than they can chew. Right now .. as you're standing behind the curtain, ready to walk down the ramp to the ring. Your insides are churning. Your palms are sweating.”

Edmunds stops and smirks. Miss Karla steps forward and makes some last minute adjustments to his robe.

Sean Edmunds: “I just want you to know that everything will be okay. When you wake up tomorrow, sure you won't be the champion. And sure you will have let down your family. And ok, yea, maybe your entire legacy will be tarnished a bit... but it is ok! Because all you need to do is explain that you were up against “Simply Sensational” and people will understand. They won't hold it against you, I promise.”

Satisfied, Miss Karla tugs on Edmunds' arm.

Miss Karla: “All right. We are ready.”

She leads the way as we can hear the hum from the crowd getting louder and louder as this show is about to kick off. The hallway ends and opens up into a large open area where WARPED superstars are roaming. I think we can spot William Wallace, or at least the back of his head, as someone stands in front of the curtain. Edmunds surveys the scene and turns back to the camera once more.

Sean Edmunds: “I know you can hear me, William. So listen closely. I'll even talk slowly so you can understand me. Tonight .. .. .. will be .. .. .. the beginning .. .. .. of MY ascent .. .. .. to the top .. .. .. of WARPED.”

Edmunds winks at the camera.

Sean Edmunds: “Now get out there, Willie. I'm going to enjoy embarrassing you so bad that you book a seat on the next flight back (mockingly) TA SCAWTLAND!”

Edmunds laughs as the camera cuts to the ringside area and the excited crowd.

Fade out...

Opening Match - Evolution Championship: Sean Edmunds(c) w/Miss Karla vs. William Wallace

Fade in to the ringside area... We see that the stage that is normally there is no more. After being destroyed at The Not So Silent Night, we're left with only a black curtain and not much more for the entrance on this event. To the ring we go, where Randy Long stands, ready to ring announce...

Randy Long: "The following contest is our opening match of the evening for WARPED 38 live from Burlington, North Carolina in the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium and this match is scheduled for one fall for the Evolution championship!"

The fans in attendance pop.

Randy Long: "Introducing the challenger.. from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds, William Wallace!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ...

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 228 pounds and being accompanied to the ring by Miss Karla.. he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling EVOLUTION Champion, "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds!"

..and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds, wearing the Evolution Championship. Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe.

Tony D: "Happy New Year, WARPED fans! I'm Tony D and alongside me of course is my broadcast partner, Kris Red."

Kris Red: "R-E-D up in it! 2012 baby, and we're kicking it all off the right way with an Evolution Championship match."

Tony D: "Both of these men had great showings at The Not So Silent Night on December 18th in South Philly.. Wallace picking up a victory in the Triple Threat Match over Emily Corlen and the man who he pinned, Sean Tyler. While Edmunds succesfully defended Anton Chase after what looked to be impossible to do."

Kris Red: "No joke.. Anton kicked out of nearly everything until Edmunds was able to hit that Super Northern Lights Suplex from the top and then it was lights out.. NORTHERN lights out, ha ha!"

Tony D: "Oh goodness.."

The bell sounds as the two men begin to circle around the ring. Sean Edmunds stops and turns to Randy Long at ringside and signals him over.. Long brings the Evolution Title and Edmunds holds it up, showing it back to William Wallace. He throws it over his shoulder and taps on it with a big smile on his face.

Tony D: "Edmunds showing off the title that he's held for a record number of months.. six to be exact."

Kris Red: "And he's defended that belt for three times, Tony D, and tonight he's going for a fourth."

Wallace nods and says "a gotcha, let's go champ" and Edmunds hands the title back to Long at ringside. They circle around and then go in for a lock up but Edmunds stops.. and backs up, and shakes his finger at Wallace. He raises his hand in the air and wants a test of strength. Edmunds holds his right arm up and Wallace goes up for it but then Edmunds just flexes his arm muscle. Wallace puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head. Wallace then kicks Sean Edmunds in the gut and he doubles over. Wallace brings up him and applies a side headlock. Edmunds manages to escape and go behind with a reverse waistlock. Wallace then grabs the arms of Edmunds and pulls them apart and keeps ahold of another, twisting it, as Edmunds reaches out for the ropes, but they're in the middle of the ring. Edmunds then does a roll forward on the mat and then kicks Wallace in the chest, freeing himself. Wallace stumbles into the ropes and Edmunds gets to his feet. He tells Wallace to bring it on and Wallace comes at him and they lock up in the middle of the ring and fight for control. The larger man, Wallace, is able to push Edmunds down to one knee, but Edmunds fights back and pushes him away, and Wallace hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, but Edmunds ducks it and kicks Wallace in the gut and then hits the ropes and comes back and Wallace ducks a clothesline and applies a Sleeper! Edmunds drops down into a jawbreaker, turns around, hooks the arm of Wallace over his neck and snaps off a suplex real fast..and into a cover.


Kick out!

Tony D: "Two count off the snap suplex for Sean Edmunds."

Kris Red: "Hey Tony D, have you been reading the Tweets between these two lately?"

Tony D: "I heard about them, yes.. the Sheeps."

Kris Red: "Yeah here's one- How am I going to beat @EWilliamWallace at WARPED 38? Simple. Bring a sheep to ringside. hashtag- Scotsbangsheep .. -that's just amazing!"

Tony D: "And I know William Wallace had a response to that, of course.."

Kris Red: "Well he said - We are going to fight for the title then I am going to celebrate my title win by sexing a sheep! - I don't know man.. you gotta keep up on the Twitters! This has been hilarious."

Edmunds brings the challenger to his feet. Irish whip, Wallace counters, Edmunds bounces off the ropes and Wallace goes for a clothesline but Edmunds ducks.. both men do a 180 and Edmunds leaps up with a dropkick that takes Wallace down! He covers again..



Kick out!

Edmunds gets to his feet as Wallace starts to rise up and he clocks him in the face with a right hand. Wallace doesn't go down just yet though so Edmunds is able to bring him up the rest of the way and deliver another right hand that causes him to stumble back into the corner. The Evolution Champion sets him up for an irish whip and successfully sends him into the opposing corner. Edmunds charges in with a clothesline in the corner and he backs off as Wallace stumbles forward. Edmunds hits the near ropes and returns with a Swinging Neckbreaker! He covers..



Kick out.

Miss Karla slaps the mat and shouts words of encouragement for Edmunds and he looks back and nods at her as he gets to his feet.

Kris Red: "Apparently there's a beer called Sheepshagger.. I learned that thanks to Sean Edmunds on Twitter this week... "

Wallace starts to rise up and Edmunds delivers a right hand, and Wallace gets to a vertical position and Edmunds hits him with another right hand, backing him into the corner. Irish whip.. Edmunds sends Wallace to the opposite corner and charges in and Wallace charges out with a SPEAR! Edmunds has the wind taken out of him as he rolls onto his side, clutching his stomach. Wallace gets to his feet and puts the boots to Edmunds. He then grabs Edmunds by his hair and Edmunds shouts out and the ref tells Wallace to knock that off. The Scotsman slaps Edmunds in the face, runs back to the ropes and returns with another SPEAR! Edmunds drops again and Wallace stands up with a smile on his face as Edmunds is clutching his midsection. He holds up two fingers to the fans and then holds up a third finger and shrugs.

Tony D: "Looks like the self-proclaimed Scottish Legend from the 1300's wants to go for a third SPEAR.."

Kris Red: "Sean is gonna lose his lunch!"

He brings Edmunds to his feet and Edmunds is slow to rise, still clutching his gut. Irish Whip.. Edmunds hits the ropes and Wallace hits the opposing ropes and the two meet in the middle of the ring as Wallace nails a third SPEAR! He then covers Edmunds.



Kick out!

Kris Red: "Jeez he just hit a hat trick of spears.."

Wallace sits up, on his knees, hands on his hips, shaking his head toward the referee's count. Edmunds clutches his stomach as Wallace starts rising. Wallace reaches down for Edmunds but he rolls to the ropes and grabs onto them, shaking his head no no no... The referee tells Wallace to back off because he's on the ropes! Wallace sighs as the referee checks on Edmunds and finally Wallace says enough and he grabs the boot of Edmunds and pulls him away from the ropes and then brings him to his feet. Wallace with a knee to the gut, followed by applying the Abdominal Stretch.

Tony D: "William Wallace with the Abdominal stretch there, continuing to work on the midsection of Edmunds. "

Kris Red: "So Tony D what do you think of Sean Edmunds continuing to say that he plans on making the Evolution Title the top tier title in WARPED?"

Tony D: "Personally he's doing a great job of it as of late.. he's held the title for six months and continues to defend it. Its possible."

Edmunds reaches out for the ropes with his free arm but Wallace delivers repeated elbows to the side of his head to keep him from staying alive for an escape. Somehow Edmunds is able to fight through it as he hits a hip toss on Wallace, but there is strain on his midsection from that move and he drops to a knee, which immediately allows for Wallace to capitalize with a boot right to the skull, taking Edmunds back down. Wallace covers..



Sean Edmunds kicks out!

Tony D: "Edmunds kicks out at two off that devastating boot to the face."

Kris Red: "William Wallace is coming at Edmunds full-force tonight.. He's said that 2012 will be the year of Wallace and he's going to start it off right by winning the Evolution Title. He better do more than a boot to the face to accompmlish that."

Wallace brings Edmunds to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another. Irish whip from Wallace, countered by Edmunds! Wallace is sent into the ropes and Edmunds leaps up for a dropkick but Wallace holds onto the ropes and Edmunds crashes and burns! Sean Edmunds starts to get to his feet and Wallace brings him up into a Vertical Suplex and lifts him into the air but Edmunds escapes and drops behind him and hits a Standing Dropkick to the back of Wallace's head that sends him through the ropes and down to the floor! Edmunds now gets onto the apron and looks back as William Wallace is slowly getting to his feet. Edmunds leaps onto the second rope and moonsaults off, crashing down on top of the Scotsman!

Kris Red: "A lil hangtime there for Sean Edmunds off that beautiful Asai Moonsault! That's how its done!"

Edmunds kneels down on the mat, catching his breath, as some of the fans in the front row give a kind applause. Miss Karla stands nearby with a smile on her face and she claps her hands together in approval. Edmunds gets to his feet and brings Wallace up. He rolls Wallace into the ring and walks up the steps, then climbs the turnbuckle. Edmunds slaps his elbow.

Tony D: "Looks like Sean Edmunds has the elbow drop coming on up!"

Kris Red: "He's taking too much time though.. Wallace is coming to!"

Indeed, Wallace starts to his feet, so Edmunds improvises with a flying clothesline, but Wallace ducks it and Edmunds misses, but he lands on his feet. Wallace comes from behind and goes for a Full Nelson Suplex. He lifts Edmunds up but Edmunds counters into an armdrag! Both men get to their feet and Edmunds kicks Wallace in the gut and brings him in for a Piledriver but Wallaces pushes him away...Edmunds hits the ropes and returns to Wallace who lifts him up and drops him down hard with a Spinebuster! Wallace makes a cover..



Kick out!

William Wallace now brings the Evolution Champ to his feet and he slaps him in the chest! Edmunds grabs his chest but Wallace continues the assault with a right hand to the face now. Irish Whip from the Scotsman.. Edmunds hits the turnbuckle chest-first and stumbles back into a reverse waistlock from Wallace, as he attempts the Scottish(German) Suplex, but Edmunds brings his elbow back and connects with the face of Wallace a few times. He then runs to the ropes, leaps up onto the second rope and comes back with a Reverse Cross Body that takes Wallace down!

Kris Red: "Impressive reverse crossbody!"

Edmunds rushes into the cover, hooking both legs..



Kick out!

Edmunds slaps the mat as Wallace rolls toward the ropes.

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds showing a bit of frustration now.."

The referee shows Edmunds that it was just TWO! Edmunds gets to his feet and brings Wallace up and into position for the Piledriver again. Wallace then counters into a backdrop! Edmunds grabs his back as he gets to his feet and Wallace brings him in for a vertical suplex as he lifts him into the air and then turns it into a powerslam!

Tony D: "The strength of William Wallace on display!"

Wallace covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "And only two."

Wallace slaps the mat and tells him to count faster!

Kris Red: Looks like the Sheep Shagger himself is gettin' a lil frustrated.."

He then brings Edmunds to his feet and knees him in the gut and Edmunds drops to one knee, grabbing at his stomach, damage still effecting him from earlier. Wallace shouts out for the FREEDOM DROP and he brings Edmunds to his feet and goes for the Glasgow Kiss headbutt and connects! Wallace shakes it off as he then brings Edmunds in for the powerbomb.. he lifts him into the air and nails the Sitout Powerbomb!

Tony D: "Wallace hits the Freedom Drop!"


Wallace hits his finishing maneuver and immediately goes into the cover....




Or it would've been... had Miss Karla not distracted the referee.




The referee is busy with Miss Karla as she's up on the apron flashing her goodies while the fans continue to count the pinfall. Wallace finally gets up and realizes what's going on and he moves the ref out of the way and puts the palm of his large hand on the face of Miss Karla and PUSHES HER OFF of the apron, causing her to drop like a sack of potatoes on the floor. He yells with his Scottish accent at her, through the ropes, for her to stay out of the match, while the fans are shocked at what they just saw. The referee tells Wallace to keep his hands off the lady! Wallace tells him to keep her out of the damn match!

Tony D: "Wow, in all of our time at WARPED I don't think anyone has ever put their hands on Miss Karla in that fashion. She just got palm thrusted off of the apron onto the floor by William Wallace."

Kris Red: "That was outrageous! It was baaaa-a-a-a-ad-d-d..! I wonder if Wallace treats all his sheep with that kind of disrespect!!"

Sean Edmunds now bumrushes Wallace with a right hand and goes for the irish whip, but Wallace is unphased as he counters and delivers a heavy headbutt once more, kicks him in the gut and brings him in for a powerbomb.. Wallace now lifts him up but Edmunds counters into a Hurricanrana!

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds counters the Freedom Drop!"

Edmunds then leaps up and hits a Victory Roll...



Kick out!

The fans are loud as they are enjoying themselves with this back and forth action. The ref holds up two fingers and says it was just TWO! Both men start up to their feet and Edmunds goes for a knife edge chop but Wallace ducks.. go behind, reverse waistlock.. he hits a German SupleX! He then brings Edmunds to a seated position and hits the ropes behind Edmunds and returns with a kick to the back of his head! Edmunds drops to the mat and Wallace hits the ropes and returns with a Fist Drop to the face of Edmunds and covers..



Edmunds gets a shoulder up but Wallace is ready as he grabs the arm of Edmunds and twists it as he gets to his feet. He then kicks Edmunds in the gut and brings him all the way up and grabs the other arm, now looking for the trapping headbutts, but Edmunds brings his foot around Wallace's and trips him up, and Edmunds kneels down and hits a bridging double underhook backdrop!



Kick out!

Both men slowly get to their feet... Wallace backs into a corner to catch his breathe while Edmunds does the same on the other side of the ring. Edmunds then charges toward Wallace who gets a boot up, but Edmunds stops short and grabs the boot, pulling him out of the corner. Edmunds then kicks him in the thigh and Wallace grabs at his leg in much pain.. Edmunds then hits an Inverted Atomic Drop and brings Wallace in for the Northern Lights!

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds looking to hit his finishing maneuver here!"

But Wallace lays into his back with his free arm and he then brings Edmunds up into some Trapping Headbutts repeatedly. He then slaps his leg calling for a big boot as he then runs back to the ropes, bounces off and returns with a big boot but Edmunds ducks.. both men turn around and Edmunds brings him in and hits a Release Northern Lights! The momentum sends the big Scottish Legend near the ropes. Edmunds crawls toward Wallace and pulls him away from the ropes and almost goes for the cover but changes his mind as he gets to his feet and heads to the corner. He climbs to the top, clutching his midsection as he does, and he looks back as the fans get on their feet. Edmunds then launches himself with a High Arching Moonsault from the top ... but Wallace gets the knees up! Sean Edmunds grabs his midsection once again as he rises up.. Edmunds drops to a knee as Wallace gets to his feet.. Wallace brings him into a firemans carry and then spins it out and into a TKO!

Kris Red: "I'm told that's a new move Wallace is trying out called the Higland Fling!!"

Wallace hooks both legs of Edmunds...




Tony D: "We've got a new Evolution Champion!!"

The bell sounds and this one is over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the NEW WARPED Evolution Champion - William Wallace!"

"The Flower of Scotland" plays over the PA system as the Scotsman gets to his feet, a huge smile on his face. The referee hands the Evolution Championship over to him and he raises it high in the air with one hand as the ref holds his other arm up.

Tony D: "I can't believe it! William Wallace just ended the longest reign of the Evolution Championship's history!"

Kris Red: "And he did it with the new move, Highland Fling, that TKO move. What a shocker!"

Tony D: "Edmunds was able to counter the Freedom Drop earlier but he never saw this new move to the arsenal of Wallace coming!"

Wallace climbs the turnbuckle and holds the belt high as the fans give off a mixed reaction but show their appreciation.

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds took to the top rope and it cost him there as Wallace was able to get the knees up.. and he'd been working on the mid-section of Edmunds since the hat-trick of Spears earlier in the match.."

The referee checks on Sean Edmunds and the former champion starts to come to and realizes what's just happened. He sits against the bottom turnbuckle in the corner, his left arm around his stomach and his right arm grabbing his neck as he stares a hole into the celebrating William Wallace. To everyone's surprise, Miss Karla rolls into the as she's got a huge read mark on the side of her face. She grabs at her cheek as she crawls to Edmunds' side. He looks frustrated and starts to chew her out and the two begin arguing as the scene fades out...


The scene opens up in the backstage area of the building where we see the Chairman, the President, the returning Joey Matthew confidently walking down the hall. He wears blue jeans, and a black leather jacket over a a white shirt. And he isn't alone. He's followed by a very pretty brunette woman, wearing a professional, yet revealing bit of attire, and on the other side of Joey is a male, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. By the way, the woman has large boobs.. and she's carrying a clip board.

The camera pans to the right and we see the WARPED World Champion, Alexander StarrZoe, and Crowbar. They are conversing with each other and they stop as Joey and his two friends step up to them.

Joey Matthew: "Well, well, if it isn't the new WARPED World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander StarrZoe....and Crowbar. Hi."

Alexander StarrZoe: "Well look what the cat threw up. Joey fuckin' Matthew, the man who signed me to Warped Wrestling and did everything in his power to keep we scraping the bottom of the barrel talent wise. I know you're not the brightest bulb in the bunch here jerk off, but what exactly do you mean 'new World Heavyweight Champion'? I've been the champ since October of last year. As far as how I'm doing? Any moment of my life would be better than standing here with you right now."

Crowbar: "Mister Mental Breakdown, Joey Matthew, hows it goin' buddy? Back to trample us down to mid-card again? Hey, wasn't the deal you'd come back if PKA failed to turn the company around? So, uh...what the fuck are you doing back?"

Joey smiles, and chooses to ignore the question from StarrZoe.

Joey Matthew: "You know, Alex, its cute that you've been able to defend that belt so many times lately.. I bet you're absolutely SPENT. I can't believe how much PKA has been working you."

Alexander StarrZoe: "Hmm…you do raise a good point Joey. Most of my competition has had so much time off from work that you'd think they were diagnosed with cancer! But, you know what? At least PKA is giving me an opportunity to show the world I can kick ass. All you ever did was force me to wrestle Craig Cohen more times than I can remember. Asshole."

Joey Matthew: "And Crowbar, you cost me a pretty penny after destroying our old entrance stage... but I'm sure that's no concern of yours. You're should worry more about those ribs of yours, or your back. They must be killing you after that landing."

Crowbar: "I'm alive and standing, though, yeah, in a bit of pain, and hey, the stage collapsed, can't say I exactly planned that, but it does give you something to bring with you, with the triumphant return and all, a new look entrance! Damn, does that mean I have to change my intro again?"

Joey Matthew: "I'm not here to cause any trouble. I just want you both to know that I'm back, and things are going to get back to normal around here. I'll see you later on, perhaps? Take care."

Joey nods at both men and raises his nose in the air as he walks past. The slutty female assistant eyeballs Crowbar up and down, then does the same to StarrZoe and winks while the male grabs her arm and pulls her away.. Fade out.

Four Corner Survival Match
Rockin' Lunatic vs. Marty Donovan vs. Kevin Carino vs. AJ Fairchild

Fade in...

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Four Corner Survival match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.. making his WARPED Wrestling DVD debut, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 165 pounds - Rockin' Lunatic!"

The fans are all in their seats as Freedom by Clenchfist is heard through out the arena as Rockin' Lunatic makes his way out on the stage he looks around at the fans who are on their feet screaming Lunatic makes his way down the steps slapping hands with the fans he slides into the ring and poses in the corner then waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: "And making his DVD debut as well, from Cheshire, Connecticut, weighing in at 215 pounds - "The Locker Room Leader" Marty Donovan!"

The first loud chord of "Pirate Jet" by The Gorillaz plays and Marty slowly walks out from behind the curtains flanked by his leeches and washed up wrestler friends. He is clearly distraught to be in such a small time fed and he lets out an audible sigh. One of Marty's goons set off sparklers and other unimpressive, tiny fireworks. Another leech wheels out an old fashion television (with a long extension cord) playing a VHS tape of Marty's entrance video. The remaining goons push shopping carts full of his merchandise and sell it to the front row at inflated prices.

Kris Red: "What an entrance..."

Marty slowly heads to the ring, disinterested by the crowd reaction, stopping only to try and get cute girls' numbers. He eventually steps through the rope and starts making small talk with the ref.

Randy Long: "And making his debut.. from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 185 pounds - Kevin Carino!"

The hard bass beat of "Clubbed To Death" by Rob Dougan plays over the venue's sound system. The fans begin cheering loudly as "The Smoking Gun" Kevin Carino makes his way from the back. He bounces on his toes for a second getting pumped up, he then take a giant leap from of the top of the small metal entrance ramp. As he lands back on his feet he thrust his body foward into a frontflip. The fans marvel at this, as Kevin gets down on one knee. He points up to the sky before patting his chest. He then gets to his feet and runs toward the ring. He slides in under the bottom rope, and hops to his feet. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle pointing to the sky again, He then backflips off of the turnbuckle, and bounces once more, getting ready for his match.

Randy Long: "And finally, from Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at 183 pounds.. AJ Fairchild!"

The hard guitar opening of “Puck Off” By Pantera plays over the venues sound system. The fans cheer loudly, and take up the chant “A.J.... A.J... A.J....”

Kris Red: "Finally somebody we all know.."

A.J. Fairchild then makes his way from the back. Receiving a huge ovation from nearly everyone in attendance A.J. gets on one knee and pats his chest at the top the entrance ramp. A.J. then gets t his feet and makes his way down to the ring, high-fiving fans as he does so. One at the mat apron A.J. slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He then gets to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top, pointing and patting his chest as his music slowly fades away.

Tony D: "Well here we are.. our first time seeing Kevin Carino, Marty Donovan and Rockin' Lunatic on a WARPED DVD release. Marty and Kevin both competed at The Not So Silent Night in a dark match in which Kevin Carino picked up a victory but here's where it matters, on camera and for the masses."

Kris Red: "This Marty Donovan guy is a big deal, I'm told. He carries himself like he's a rock star too."

Tony D: "He recently lost a Loser Leaves Town match in another company and since then he's basically been unable to find employment... well until now."

The bell sounds and all four men are standing in their corners. Suddenly we see the goons that accompanied Marty Donovan to the ring get up on the apron.. Steve Bishop, former SWAT wrestler and college football player in Penn State... Deputy Ben Travis.. a former wrestler... they all jaw-jack with AJ Fairchild, Kevin Carino, and Rockin' Lunatic, while two of the other goons stand guard at ringside.

Tony D: "What in the world are these guys up to?"

Kris Red: "Marty Donovan's 'goons's as he calls them are a bit of a distraction... they can't lay a hand on the wrestler's though, or this match could get thrown out."

The ref tells them to get off the apron and get outta here! AJ Fairchild now delivers a right hand to Steve Bishop, taking him off the top and Kevin Carino does the same to Phil Blauer! Marty Donovan now takes this opportunity to dropkick AJ Fairchild and send him out of the ring. We see Rockin' Lunatic drill Deputy Ben Travis with a hard right hand. Marty Donovan rushes and scoops him up and over the top rope! He then turns around and Kevin Carino kicks him in the gut and goes for an irish whip but Donovan escapes and kicks him in the skull, then spins him around and hits an Inverted Supelx into a Snapping Backwards DDT!

Tony D: "He calls that Better Than Cobryn!"





Kris Red: "Wow, and its OVA just like that!"

The bell sounds.. Fairchild looks up from the ringside area with shock..

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Marty Donovan!!"

"Pirate Jet" by The Gorillaz plays as Donovan jumps up and down in celebration! He's greeted by two of the skinny, pencil-neck goons from ringside that never got involved in the mix, as they hold his arms in the air. A huge smile covers the face of this veteran pro wrestler who's finally making a comeback!

Suddenly AJ Fairchild and Rockin' Lunatic enter the ring and confront him, but Donovan and his two goons escape to the ringside area and are soon joined and blocked by the other three men who stand in front of them as guards..

Tony D: "Well that has to be the quickest Four Corner Survival in history..."

Kris Red: "HAD to be, definitely. Marty Donovan had a plan from the very start it seems and it worked out perfectly.. wow!"

Donovan holds his arms in the air, a huge smile on his face, as the fans jeer him as he heads up the aisle to the make-shift entrance.. which is simply a curtain for tonight. They escape through the curtain and the WARPED logo fades in and out....


Fade in to the backstage area where we see President Joey Matthew walking down the hall with his hands in his black leather jacket, his very robust female assistant and the man in a suit with the briefcase in tow as well. Joey stops.

Joey Matthew: "Just who I was looking for..."

The camera pans over to show the giant monster - Grendel, standing in his path.

Joey Matthew: "First of all, on behalf of WARPED and on PKA's behalf, I want to apologize for what happened at The Not So Silent Night."

Grendel stares a hole in Joey, looking down on him. He cracks his knuckles. Joey looks a bit flustered, but he makes sure he stands his ground and explains himself.

Joey Matthew: "You know... the fire. That was uncalled for. It seems as though you're fine, though? I heard there weren't any severe burns."

Grendel: "Is there a POINT to ANY of this?"

Joey Matthew: "Look, GRENDEL.. don't get too happy. I gave you the night off to heal because not only did StarrZoe and Crowbar put you through a DRESSER of FIRE, you destroyed my entrance set and that cost me a pretty penny. You're lucky I don't take it out of your pay, and you're lucky I gave you the night off."

Grendel: "You know what? YOU'RE lucky I didn't leave this place long ago, and so is PKA. I've got offers on the table that I could take if I wanted, I want you to know that."

Joey Matthew: "Sure, you've got offers on the table from who?"

Grendel: "Joey I got the the biggest deal of my life signed and sealed. I am leaving the indy scene far behind me. Yeah you guide me and I learned alot but I also learned what not to do too in this buisness. So Joey I am going to honor my time as a way of saying thanks, but then I hitting the big time without you and without Pat.

Joey Matthew: "I'll tell you what kind of offers you have on the table.. its called dinner for you and your family, each and every night, thanks to ME and my company. I employed you when nobody else would. And you know what you did? You put your hands on me, you nearly destroyed a little girls life, among other things. You're lucky that PKA brought you back, and as far as that little fire incident, you can blame your boy PKA for that too. He put you in that situation with his ridiculous "Ultraviolent Reboot".. so don't be mad at me that you're not getting a full days pay today because you aren't wrestling. Take it up with him."

Joey brushes past Grendel. The female with the clipboard looks Grendel up and down with disgust, and he grunts at her and she jumps and runs up to Joey, while the male with the briefcase gives Grendel an angry look and rushes back to catch up to the girl. Fade out...

Singles Match: Anton Chase vs. Silas Bullock

Fade in to the ring for our next match...

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

The strum of a guitar hits the PA system and Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams begins to play. Silas Bullock walks through the curtain wearing a leather cowboy hat, leather trench coat duster and a confederate flag poncho and dark sunglasses.

Randy Long: "Making his way into the ring now, from Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 200 pounds - The Cowboy Silas Bullock!"

He enters the ring and hands his hat, coat and poncho to the ring attendant. His ring-gear consists of a tucked in dress shirt, suspenders, George - Big Men's Black Dress Pants and custom made black Old West Cross Inlay Cowboy Boots. He jumps to the second rope and screams a loud rebel yell ready to do battle!

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, "The Future" Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Tony D: "This should definitely be a great match-up between two of WARPED Wrestling's finest wrestlers and Junior Heavyweights.. they move fast and know what they're doing in that ring."

Kris Red: "Yeah the very racist Silas Bullock against the man who turned over a new leaf in 2011 and considers himself the Future, Anton Chase."

Tony D: "You mention the racism.. fans, if you have small children, I'd keep away from watching the Silas Bullock promos. Those words that he uses.. I just don't know how this guy is able to walk freely."

Kris Red: "He's obviously got a pair of balls on him, Tony D.."

The bell sounds and Silas Bullock and Anton Chase immediately lock up... Side headlock from Anton Chase.. Bullock backs him up into the ropes and pushes him away. Chase bounces off the ropes and returns with a shoulderblock and Bullock goes down. Chase then hits the ropes and Bullock gets on his stomach.. Chase leaps over and hits the ropes.. Bullock gets up and leapfrogs.. Chase bounces off the ropes and Bullock goes for a hip toss but Chase doesn't allow it. He goes for a hip toss of his own but Bullock resists. Chase with a knee to the midsection, then puts his leg up over the neck of Bullock, then flips up and lands on his feet. Bullock goes for a clothesline but Chase ducks, runs to the ropes, bounces off and returns with a headscissors takedown! Both men get to their feet and Chase kicks Bullock in his gut, backing him into the corner. Irish whip.. countered by Bullock.. and Chase is sent into the opposite corner. Bullock charges and gets a boot to the face from Anton Chase. And then Anton climbs the turnbuckle while Silas is shaking off the cobwebs and Anton Chase comes off with a Crossbody and connects! He stays on top for the pin..


Kick out!

Tony D: "A beautiful Crossbody Block from Anton Chase scores him a two count.. Both of these men had great matches at The Not So Silent Night, wouldn't you say Kris?"

Kris Red: "Well yeah, but too bad for Anton Chase he didn't pick up the big W like Silas did."

Tony D: "That's true. Anton Chase was unable to defeat Sean Edmunds after numerous kickouts of the Northern Lights Suplex and nailing Edmunds with the Chaos Theory finisher of his.. while Silas Bullock picked up the victory over AJ Fairchild."

Kris Red: "Well that Burning Hammer finisher AKA The South Has Risen is pretty dangerous and he tried to hit it numerous times in the match and when he finally did it was lights out."

Chase continues on the assualt as he brings Bullock to his feet and delivers a right hand. Irish whip to the ropes.. Bullock hits but holds on, and Chase immediately comes at him but Bullock pulls the ropes down and Chase goes overboard, landing on the concrete floor here at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium!

Tony D: "Ooh Anton Chase hit that floor hard! "

The Southerner Silas Bullock puts his arms in the air and the fans let out thunderous boos. He then watches as Anton is getting to his feet and he runs in the opposite direction to the ropes, bounces off, and runs toward Chase and leaps with a Somersault Plancha, taking down Chase!

Kris Red: "Impressive Somersault Plancha from Silas Bullock! I heard an interview the other day with Anton Chase talking about Silas and from the way it sounded, he seemed to not think Silas could fly.. well it looks like he's just been proved wrong."

Tony D: "Yeah I heard that too. It was like Anton was confused as to who he was facing."

Both men are laid out on the floor. Silas Bullock is slow to his feet and he raises his arms in the air and the fans boo. He brings Chase to his feet and rolls him into the ring and then he gets up on the apron and Chase slowly gets to his feet. Bullock then leaps up, springboards off the top rope and hits a Roundhouse Kick to Anton Chase, taking him down!

Kris Red: "If you've never seen Silas Bullock wrestle before, much like Anton Chase, you'll know that he loves him some Springboard moves, and there was one right there with the Roundhouse kick!"

Silas then poses to the fans yet again and he gets boos!

Tony D: "He also loves to antagonize the fans.. and they love booing him."

He drops down into the cover..



Kick out!

Bullock immediately rises and gets in the face of the referee telling him to learn how to count! The referee tells him to back off and not tell him how to do his job! Silas turns around and is not pleased at all.

Kris Red: "Silas Bullock is not a very happy camper."

Silas then puts the boots to Anton as he starts getting up and then smiles as he is in control of this match. He brings Chase up and puts him in the corner and delivers a knife edge chop and Chase leans over, grabbing his chest. Bullock, with a smile on his face, brings Chase up and grabs his arm.. Irish whip out of the corner, countered by Chase and that sends Bullock into the opposite corner and he stumbles out and right into an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex from Anton Chase~!

Anton Chase now goes for the cover, hooking the leg..



Shoulder up!

Chase slaps the mat and brings Bullock to his feet. Irish whip off the ropes.. then goes for a Tilt-a-Whirl but Bullock lands on his feet. Bullock then hits a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker on Chase and covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "This match could go either way here."

Kris Red: "It definitely could. Tony D I am getting reports that the BOSS is BACK - President Joey Matthew is heading around the backstage area and reports are coming in that he plans on addressing the fans tonight here in Burlington."

Bullock gets up and shows three fingers to the ref and the ref shakes his head and shows two fingers instead. Silas Bullock then yells something to the fans and they all stand up and boo and flip him off.

Tony D: "Well I look forward to hearing what he's got to say in his first speech back in WARPED. Meanwhile we see Silas Bullock here isn't very pleased with that count from the referee.."

Bullock then grabs Chase and throws him through the ropes down to the floor and he follows out. He brings Chase to his feet.. Irish whip right into the barricade! Bullock smiles as he brings the injured Chase to his feet and rolls him back into the ring and slides in as well. He raises his arms in the air and the fans boo. He picks up Chase and slams him to the mat and then goes through the ropes, getting out on the apron. Bullock raises his arms again but the fans boo and he shoots them all an evil look. Springboard time.. Elbow drop! But Chase rolls out of the way and Bullock crashes on the mat!

Tony D: "Springboard elbow drop is what Bullock attempted but Anton Chase was able to move just in time! "

The referee starts a 10 count as both men are down... 1.... 2.... 3... Bullock rolls around, grabbing his arm... 4... Chase starts to get to his feet.. and Bullock gets up shortly after.. Silas with a clothesline attempt, but Chase ducks! Chase then leaps up and hits a Hurricanrana, taking Bullock down to the mat! Chase gets out on the apron now as Bullock slowly rises to his feet and Chase springboards off the top and hits a Dropkick! Bullock goes down hard and rolls toward the corner. Chase gets to his feet and goes over to Bullock, pulling him away from the corner, then covering..



Kick out!

Anton Chase brings Silas Bullock to his feet and lifts him up, setting him up top on the turnbuckle. He delivers two right hands to Bullock and then taunts to the crowd as they get behind him and cheer. He climbs the turnbuckle and Bullock delivers a right hand of his own and hooks his arm up in a Suplex position and lifts him up and drops him down to the mat face-first! Chase rolls over onto his back, grabbing his face, while Bullock gets to a standing position on the top..

Kris Red: "Ooh Silas has something in mind and I think I know what it is..."

Bullock then leaps off with a Double Stomp to the chest of Anton Chase!!

Tony D: "The Confederate Stomp!"

Kris Red: "Dangerous!"

Bullock lays on the mat with a smile on his face while Chase seems to be out of it! Bullock then rolls over and crawls into the cover, hooking the leg..



Kick out!

Bullock brings Chase to his feet. Irish whip, reversed.. Bullock is sent toward the ropes but he leaps onto the second rope and bounces back with an elbow but Chase moves just in time! Bullock gets to his feet and Chase goes for a Superkick and nails it! He then brings Bullock in for the Styles Clash (or as he calls it, Chaos Theory) but Bullock doesn't allow him to lift him up and he drops to a knee and brings his arm up.. LOW BLOW! Chase grabs his crotch and Bullock stands up and kicks him in the groin again and he collapses and the referee calls for the bell!

Tony D: "Whoa, you can't go doing that!"

Kris Red: "That low blow just got Silas Bullock disqualified!"

Bullock rolls out of the ring, holding his head, as the referee checks on Chase.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this match as a result of a Disqualification - Anton Chase!"

The fans cheer for Chase winning the match. Silas Bullock slides into the ring and he has a chair in hand and Chase gets to his feet and Bullock CRACKS~! the chair over his skull!

Kris Red: "Oh my God!"

Anton Chase drops to the mat and the referee tries to take the chair from Bullock but he pushes the ref away and threatens to hit him with the chair and the ref slides out of the ring, wanting no part of this. Bullock tosses the chair down in the ring and brings Chase to his feet. He lifts him up onto his shoulders in a reverse firemans carry and then drives him down to the chair with the Burning Hammer (Reverse Death Valley Driver) !

Tony D: "As if Anton Chase wasn't hurt enough, Silas Bullock hits The South Has Risen onto that steel chair.."

Bullock raises his arms in the air and as has been the theme of this match, the fans boo him! He then heads out of the ring and grabs his Confederate Flag and slides into the ring with it.

Kris Red: "And now what's he got planned...?"

Anton Chase is clearly busted open now as Silas Bullock re-enters the ring holding the Confederate Flag high in the air and the crowd boos him relentlessly.

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is seeing red, Tony D."

Silas Bullock then drapes the Confederate Flag over the lifeless body of Anton Chase as the fans boo and "A Country Boy Can Survive" plays over the PA System. He smiles and raises his arms in the air as the fans continue to boo with all their might.

In-Ring Segment

Fade in to the ringside area...

Mastodon's "Curl of the Burl" starts blasting though the pa system as Grendel steps out from the curtain. He is wearing a pair of faded jeans, a Mastodon shirt and a black bandanna.. He heads to the ring and asks for a mic as the music dies down.

Grendel: "Ok first off I am going to keep this short and sweet and not waste time like a Starr promo. I have done a lot of thinking and I have come to the conclusion that I have done a lot of horrible things, but some of you people liked what I have done and others well not their cup of tea."

Grendel: "Point is I thought for the longesst time I didn't need this place and that WARPED was holding me back, but it wasn't it was making me grow as a performer, and well at Not So Silent Night I learned a lot I truely did. Now don't think for second that I am going soft like that pussy Crowbar no I am still the monster I ever was, but I have learned someting about respect and I am glad I was in that match and I am honored to have cut my teeth here."

Grendel: "A bit of a history lesson WARPED is the first promotion I have worked for out side of the small promotion that Maverick ran in Columbus. So I guess this goes to our boss Pat. Pat if you're listening my contract ends in about three to four months if you want me to honor those dates I will if not I will gladly leave now and start collecting my money from seven figure deal from that promotion that starts with a W and ends with a E, it is up to you."

Grendel drops the mic. "Curl of the Burl" starts playing again Grendel leaves the ring.

Fade out to the WARPED logo...


Fade in backstage where we see Cameron MacNichol and his sister Dyan relaxing at the cafeteria table, both with a water bottle in their possession, when suddenly President Joey Matthew and his male and female assistants approach. Cameron and Dyan go to stand up, in fact Cameron nods and says "sir" but Joey puts the palm of his hand out, signalling that they should remain seated.

Joey Matthew: "No, please, sit. I just wanted to thank you for showing up tonight despite the fact that we chose not to have you wrestle on the show due to, well you know, what happened at The Not So Silent Night."

Cameron MacNichol: "Oh, I know, all right. I'll end up with some permanent reminders, but I'll live."

Joey smiles and cuts him off.

Joey Matthew: "You know, when I was running things, I don't remember you doing many "Ultraviolent" matches. I imagine that just had to be painful as hell to jump off a ladder in the ring onto Crowbar and that barbwire bedframe.. not to mention the glass.. and the lighttubes.. and that table that Starr put you through."

Cameron MacNichol: "'Painful' is an understatement. I've had stitches before, but not like th-"

Again, he is cut off.

Joey Matthew: "You were always quite respectful to me, and for that, I thank you. I just want you to know that now that I'm back in charge, I'll see to it that you're not put in the main event matches anymore because its clear that they aren't for you."

Cameron lifts an eyebrow in suspicion.

Cameron MacNichol: "Wait, the main event? I thought we were talking about the hardcore ma-"

Joey Matthew: "Oooh, I'm sorry, silly me. Did I slip up? My apologies."

Joey smiles and starts back in the direction he was going in the first place. The female assistant scoffs at Dyan and winks at Cameron before her male counterpart grabs her arm and pulls her away. Fade out.


Fade in outside of the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium where we see a man who hasn't been seen in WARPED in months, Mr. Rottentreats. He's wearing a pair of black jeans, a hatchetman hoody, and a random lucha hood and numerous Juggalo fans are surrounding him as he signs autographs. PKA smiles. He's very giddy to have his old friend back.

PKA: "Dude really, its great to have ya here finally. I've been trying to get ya here for a couple months, Treats."

Mr. Rottentreats: "Yeah, man hold on, this ninja wants a picture."

Mr. Rottentreats stands next to a fan and hands over the camera to PKA. PKA looks at the camera, and shrugs, and takes the picture. The fan thanks Treats and PKA hands him his camera.

PKA: "Here's your camera, dude. So, Treats, man, dude I wanna show you around and have you meet some of the new peeps and show you some of the DVD's we've put out since I was running things the last few months."

Mr Rottentreats is looking down at his phone and texting..

Mr Rottentreats: .."yeah, ninja I'm down for whatever, that's why I'm here right?"

PKA is clearly concerned that Treats is obviously ignoring him, but PKA puts on a fake smile and nods.

PKA: "Heh.. hell yeah dude. So come on, if you wanna go I can show you around, or?"

Mr. Rottentreats: "Or, you can explain my profound influx of painted freaks that came to fruition after I left."

Treats continues to sign autographs for people while PKA tries to get his attention.

PKA: "I'm.. really not sure what you mean."

Mr. Rottentreats: "me either I'm a little blazed. I got one more photog and I'll be ready for this meeting ninja"

Rottentreats takes a photo with a short juggalette with colorful dreadfalls and obviously grabs her ass.

Mr. Rottentreats: "So what's up boss?"

PKA: "Awesome man, so what I wanted to talk to you about was something I've been cooking up for a wh-"

Suddenly Joey Matthew steps into the picture and Mr. Rottentreats gets excited to see him. PKA goes silent as Treats and Joey shake hands and embrace in a quick hug. Joey is of course followed by his male and female assistants that we've seen throughout the show so far.

Joey Matthew: "Rottentreats. Its great to see you. What brings you back around these parts? Here to throw me a big return party? You shouldn't had."

Joey smiles, and turns to PKA and widens his smile. PKA snarls in disapproval.

Mr. Rottentreats Yout know it boss, brought Faygo and party poppers, the whole she bang!

Treats laughs and shakes up a two liter of diet rootbeer faygo and sprays it on Joey, PKA, and innocent bystanders. PKA sighs..

Joey Matthew: "I'm sorry by the way, if I'm interrupting anything between you two.. I'd love to catch up when you got a second."


Rottentreats puts his arm around Joey's shoulder and chuckles.

Mr. Rottentreats "Interrupting? It's just PKA, what's there to interrupt. let the discussions begin sir!"

PKA's jaw literally drops while Joey smiles in approval and they head off toward the entrance of the building. PKA puts his arms out like 'what the hell?' as the scene fades out...


The scene fades to the ringside area, more specifically on our commentary team of Tony D and Kris Red at the wood table near the ring.

Tony D: "WARPED Wrestling fans, coming up we still have our main event of the evening as our reigning World Champion, Alexander StarrZoe, faces his newfound nemesis Leon Stone.. These two have been trading shots on each other for weeks and weeks on Twitter, on YouTube, and who knows, probably via email, but we can't confirm that."

Kris Red: "Oh yeah, Leon Stone has been talking a lot of crap to the Champ.. and I'm not really sure what's gotten into him, but he's a rookie and he really must've lost his mind to be saying those sorts of things about StarrZoe as of late."

Tony D: "But there is one other person involved in this."

Kris Red: "Well, two.."

Tony D: "That's true, but the main person in the middle has been Emily Corlen. She of course had plenty of negative things to say at The Not So Silent Night about the former ECW Arena closing down, and about Alexander StarrZoe and his hometown of Philadelphia. The two even almost came to blows, but were broken up. At the same time, Leon Stone has been badgering her on Twitter, trying to seemingly get her to go on a date with him... its very odd."

Kris Red: "Yeah I know you and I both got the transcripts of those tweets and he's really creepy. For one, she's married.. so I'm not sure what his deal is there. What a weirdo!"

Tony D: "Well just yesterday our very own reporter, Kelly Calloway, had a taped phone interview with Emily, and asked her thoughts on her position as the Guest Referee for tonight's main event as well as what's been going on with her change of attitude as of late. Here's audio from that interview - "

A screenshot of Emily Corlen comes on the screen as the text of the interview is displayed next to it. The audio plays along with the text.

Emily Corlen: "I said earlier this week via Twitter, @EmilyCorlen, ha ha, that I would call the match right down the middle and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm not looking to 'screw' anybody over.

As far as my change in attitude goes, the truth is, I was under a lot of pressure leading into Not So Silent Night, both in WARPED and the other federations I was a part of, namely PWA. I snapped a little bit under the pressure and let my emotions and anger control me, and as a result, I ended up losing my match in WARPED and in PWA that night.

After that happened, I knew I had to make a change. My brother in law who wrestles under the name Spyke Gein in the AoWF disappeared a few months ago to train overseas with Buddhist monks. He's been teaching me everything he knows... yoga, meditation, the whole nine yards. I'm learning to center myself and keep my emotions in check so I can avoid another Not So Silent Night moment. In addition to that, my PWA contract ran out on New Years, and I opted not to re-sign. That was a lot of the stress right there. So, hopefully moving forward, I can keep my anger in check and just go out there and do what I do best; wrestle... and win."

The scene fades back to the announce table.

Tony D: "And that was Emily Corlen in a taped audio piece from yesterday. Thanks to our REACTIONS team for putting that together."

Kris Red: "She sounded pretty calm in that audio tape.. she sounds like she's smoking the green."

Tony D: "Emily said she's perhaps looking into some yoga, meditation, things that will keep her focused and relaxed it'd seem. This is all very sudden, if you think about it. She completely changed her attitude and swerved us all at The Not So Silent Night with her sudden acts, and now this? Who knows what the real side of Emily Corlen truly is."

The WARPED logo fades in and out as the scene changes...

Main Event: Grudge Match: Alexander StarrZoe vs. Leon Stone

Kris Red: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is being brought to our attention now that Alexander StarrZoë will be making an early appearance for the main event here tonight because he has a few words to share with the fans here in Burlington.”

Tony D: “I’ve been hoping for an explanation from Starr all week now. He seems extremely calm and nonchalant about this entire match-up, even though the special guest referee and him didn’t get along as recently as just two weeks ago.”

Kris Red: “From what I understand, Starr and Emily Corlen have made amends since Not So Silent Night and have put the past behind them, though we shall find out tonight.”

Randy Long: “The following match-up is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 237lbs, being accompanied to the ring by Crowbar, he is the WARPED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…ALEXANDER STARRZOOOE!!!”

The lights in the arena fade to darkness and the top of the small metal entrance ramp fills with smoke as “Been to Hell” by the Hollywood Undead begins to play over the public announce system. The fans begin to cheer at the top of their lungs, almost shaking the roof of the building, screaming the World Champion’s name; “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” After a brief moment of darkness, the curtain is pulled back and the cheers elevate in volume as a shadow steps out into the smoke…followed by another. The spotlights in the building begin to twirl around the ring before finally focusing on the ramp, reveling the World Champion, Alexander “Starr” StarrZoë and his “partner in crime” Mark “Crowbar” Austin. The two men walk slowly to the ring, slapping hands with fans on their respective side of the ramp before reaching the ringside area. Crowbar makes his way up the ring steps as Starr hops onto the apron and jumps over the third rope. StarrZoë climbs the second rope, throwing his fist into the air as the fans cheer before turning to look up toward Crowbar, who is standing on the second turnbuckle, pointing out in the sea of people, getting an amazing reaction of his own. StarrZoë jumps down off the rope and takes the microphone from Randy Long.

Kris Red: “I thought I had heard Randy Long wrong when he made the announcement of Starr’s arrival to the ring, but it looks like he was right. StarrZoë has brought a friend with him to this one.”

Alexander StarrZoe: “Hello Burlington! How the hell are you? You'll have to forgive me guys, I'm still feeling the effects of Not So Silent Night. When you get the shit kicked out of you by three other man, one of which is Crowbar, a guy who, each time he hits you, makes it feel like he's hitting you with a God damned brick. We tore the fucking house down in Philly Mark, and tonight I'm doing it again in Burlington! Now, I know that some of you may be wondering why, all this week I’ve treated this match as though it was no big deal, even with Emily Corlen as the special guest referee, only to turn around and bring Crowbar down to the ring with me, but don’t fret, your World Champion hasn’t lost his balls, oh no, I’m just helping out a friend. You see, Crowbar here is undoubtedly the number one contender for my World Championship and since he wasn’t scheduled to be in action tonight, he asked if he could come to ringside and scout his competition for the championship. Mark has had my back in the last few months and done me a few favors when it comes to Grendel, so who am I do deny a friend a favor? Plus, within the last few weeks, Leon Stone did have a few, rather…’unsavory’ comments to make about Mark, so I’m sure he’d like to share his own thoughts about my opponent tonight. Now, before I hand the microphone over to my friend here, I’d like to take a moment to share a few thoughts. Firstly, I would like to apologize to everyone in attendance here tonight with young children. You see, even though this may not be an F’n’X Rules match-up, what I’m going to do to Leon Stone tonight is certainly not child friendly; hell it might even emotionally scar some adults! But remember this Leon, you brought this upon yourself, all the broken bones, all the years I’m going to beat off your career, it’s all because you got in the middle of an argument you shouldn’t have even been involved in. You may be able to fool yourself into thinking Emily Corlen is on your side tonight, but even if she is, that doesn’t mean shit to me; I can make you a promise, one of us is walking out of here tonight, and one of us is being carried out…in a fucking body bag and any smart gambler would put his money on me walking out of here. Don’t worry about Crowbar here tonight either Leon; he wouldn’t waste his time attacking you unless you gave him a really good reason. Just consider him the Warped Welcoming Committee for your sister. I don’t have much else to say, because I know I’m more than capable to letting my actions speak for me, so Crowbar, why don’t you impart some wisdom of these people.”

Tony D: “Starr is certainly fired up here tonight!”

Crowbar: "Cheers buddy. Alex is right, I'm not here to cause any unnecessary beat downs on Leon Stone, just here to observe the match and take notes, but I will be keeping an eye on Ms Corlen's refereeing ability, just to make sure no.... missed moments or fast counts are occurring, because that would slightly infuriate me. Now, I have no idea why Stone would even show up to this match against the man Starr, it makes no logical sense, it....just makes no sense period, not even in a 'I'm completely insane' way, but I know your World Champion will make fairly short work of him, though, I would like to get a piece of old Stone, off the top of my head I can't remember much after The Not So Silent Night...being collapsed under a stage will do that, but I do know some very negative things were said about me on both Stone and Corlens behalf's, and although Emily has apologized for said remarks to both myself and Alex, there's something insincere about it, also, this timing is slightly odd...Corlen's husband goes missing....referee a Stone match, a man who's been trying to get into her tights since fuckin' day one...though I can't deny we've all thought about it"

Crowbar turns and looks at Starr

Crowbar: "and if you deny it, you're a liar man"

Crowbar laughs and starts walking around the ring.

Crowbar: "Oh, by the way Starr...does me being this close to you mean i'm going to get cancer? or sued? or sued by cancer? ...can cancer do that? Fuck it, i'll sue cancer!"

Crowbar chuckles again

Crowbar: "Ah well...bottom line is this, I'm not here to cause trouble, despite the disparaging remarks against me, which usually consist of Stone barely being able to type on Twitter, and Corlen insulting Starr, which indirectly insults me, since I also once held the title he has, so as Starr said, just consider me the welcoming party for Stones sister, unless of course...well, we all know how psychotic Alex and myself get when we're both pushed too far."

Kris Red: "Well, it looks like this match is just about to get started. I wonder what Crowbar meant there about 'suing cancer?' Maybe he took a few too many blows to the head at Not So Silent Night and doesn't realize he isn't making sense?"

Tony D: "If I'm correct, I believe he's referring to Leon Stone confusing the Attorney General and the Surgeon General early this week."

Crowbar walks out of the ring and takes a folding chair from under the ring, placing it next to the Announcer's Table, awaiting the beginning of the match.

Randy Long: "Introducing his opponent.. from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 215 and being accompanied to the ring by his sister Chelsea - Leon Stone!"

Number one by Nelly hits the speakers. Leon Stone steps out and jumps up and down singing to the song emphasizing when it says, “ I am number one.” Close behind him his sister Chelsea Stone follows dancing but not as enthusiastic as Leon Leon jumps a few more times than sprints to the ring he shadow boxes for a second. Then starts dancing again and singing: “I am number one. “ The song stops but he yells one more time. I AM NUMBER ONE

Tony D: “Looks like Leon Stone has a few things to say before the match. “

Kris Red: “And he's got a hottie next to him, with new music too!“

Tony D: ”I don’t know, hopefully he explains. “

Leon Stone: ”Every one, to be honest this isn’t really about me but this beautiful women, my sister, would like to introduce herself. “

Very enthusiastically, Chelsea Stone takes the microphone from her brother, when she starts to speak. Her seductive voice sends every male audience member crazy.

Chelsea: ”Hey every one so like he said my name is Chelsea Stone, now I know that everyone thought that Leon was not only a only child but his parents were dead. Now what really happened was when Leon was born our parents could not support a family. Financially they were unstable so they gave him up for adoption. A few years later they recovered and decided they were going to finally have a kid, and out I came. “

She pushes her hair out of her face and continues.

Chelsea: ”Now this has been really tough for my brother to take in as I’m sure it would be for anyone. “

She giggles as cute as can be.

Chelsea: ”that’s what she said. “

Her mood changes she gets more serious, more somber.

Chelsea: ”As I was saying this has been difficult for him. That’s part of the reason I’m here with him, to make sure punks like Mr. Alex don’t take advantage of him. So get used to seeing me, because I am going to be here for a very long time. What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t support my brother right? “

Tony D: ”How did such a cute innocent person come from the same parents as Leon Stone? “

Kris Red: ”I’m not sure but man the things I would do to her. “

Tony D: ”Hey don’t make me get Leon down here you wouldn’t want to lose again would you?”


Chelsea bends over and the camera zooms in on her butt. She exits the ring and stands by the apron at ring side. Jumping and cheering her brother on obviously super excited.

Kris Red: "Jeez, Tony D, let it go..."

The lights on the metal archway holding up the curtain to the backstage area start flashing and "Beast Mode" by B.o.B. starts playing across the building's sound system!

I really don't know how long I've been doing this shit
I guess 2010's the first year that you gave a shit
I was the underdog, so please excuse me a bit
I need some space so someone please make me some room in this bitch
As the crowd starts cheering loudly (they appear to have forgiven Emily for her recent transgressions, at least here in Burlington) the curtain parts and Emily Corlen walks out, grinning from ear to ear. Her referee shirt is tied in a knot around her midsection, leaving ample cleavage at the top and an exposed belly button beneath. Her hair, for the first time in public, is pulled back in a ponytail. She stands underneath the archway, motioning with her hands to get the crowd pumped!

'Cause I'm in Beast mode, feast mode
Give me those beats I eat those
All day I don't sleep no
I don't even know what I got sheets for
Them pillow cases and bed frames oh nah take that, don't need those
So high I don't get high, I don't even know what I got weed for

Randy Long: "And finally, introducing the special guest referee for tonight's main event... the lovely Emily... Cooorrrllleeennn!!!"

As StarrZoe, Leon, Leon's sister and Crowbar all watch, Emily makes her way toward the ring, stopping to slap hands with the fans. In the ring, Leon seems fixated on Emily's chest, while StarrZoe shakes his head for being made to wait (even if he might also be hiding the slightest hint of a smirk at the proceedings).

People I'm in beast mode, what'd you think I got these teeth for
Why do I rep that east side and why do they all call me B.O
But see I knew this beat for
Anybody fed my ego
Back in the hood in east shoals
So we take hood wherever we go

Finally, Emily reaches the ring and climbs up the steps before slipping inside between the first and second ropes. Leon's sister seems disgusted at the obvious display of sexual overtones as Emily walks around the ring, waving to the fans and smiling. Leon, on the other hand, seems to be doing everything in his power to hold himself back from just jumping her right on the spot.

And please know, I am as loyal as loyalty is when it's gave
Dedicated, determined, dependable
Yes I committed myself to the game
Don't be letting them tell you them lies
We make the industry real when it's fake
So stay meditating so your head is facing into the direction that you aim, bitch!

The music ends as Emily motions for StarrZoe and Leon to come closer. Crowbar watches warily from ringside and Leon's sister exits the ring as both men approach Emily. She goes over the rules for both men in as professional a manner as she can, before she starts padding down the WARPED World Champion!

Kris Red: "Whoa now, what's going on here?"

Tony D: "Clearly, she's checking for foreign objects. Glad to see Miss Corlen is, in fact, taking her job as special referee as seriously tonight as she promised to do earlier this week via Twitter."

Emily finishes patting down StarrZoe before giving the thumbs up to the timekeeper. He steps back and Leon steps forward, eager to get touched by a girl. Emily seems hesitant to lay a finger on him at first, but finally reluctantly begins patting him down, albeit gingerly. After a few seconds, Leon grabs her hand and says something inaudibly before pointing to his crotch. He thrusts it out in Emily's direction, but instead of checking it like Leon is apparently attempting to get her to do, she shoves him halfway across the ring, disgusted, before stepping back and calling for the bell to begin the match.

Tony D: "I'm not sure, but I think Leon just tried to trick Emily into copping a feel."

Kris Red: "Good thing she's got standards!"

The bell sounds!

Kris Red: "Emily Corlen is looking quite beautiful.. check this tweet out she just sent out: "Waiting for my music to hit. Ref shirt is tied up. Nice abs"...t..err, I can't read the rest of this tweet. It gets a lil' vulgar."

Tony D: "Oh, that Twitter. Well here we go. Crowbar is in the corner of StarrZoe, while Leon has brought his sister with him for the first time tonight, and Emily Corlen is in the middle of everything. This should be exciting."

Kris Red: "This is without a doubt Leon Stone's biggest match of his short career. I sure hope he did more than tweet in preperation for this match."

Leon Stone tells StarrZoe to bring it on as he stands with his arms out, ready to go. StarrZoe approaches and Stone SPITS in his face. Emily shrieks out in disgust!

Tony D: "Whoa! Leon Stone just spat in the face of StarrZoe.."

This pisses the World Champion off as he then delivers a hard right hand and sends a boot directly into the gut of Stone, dropping him to all fours. Starr brings the body of Stone up while he's kneeling on the mat and delivers a swift kick to his chest! Stone grabs his upper pectoral area as the fans cheer! Starr wipes the spit from his face and then looks at his hand before bringing it down and slapping Stone in the back of the head!

Tony D: "I'm really not sure what Leon Stone was thinking when he spit in the face of Alexander StarrZoe, but he's getting a little payback now."

Kris Red: "This kid is far too cocky for his own good."

Stone pulls himself with the ropes and StarrZoe comes at him with another kick to the chest and he drops down. Emily asks Starr to stay off the ropes and Starr looks at her and nods as if to say 'yea yea, I know..' and he immediately brings Stone to his feet and puts him in the corner and chops him across the chest! Stone grabs his chest again and stumbles forward, dropping to a knee. Starr then kicks him in the back! Emily winces as she sees this happen and Stone drops to the mat.

Tony D: "Those kicks of Alexander StarrZoe are very lethal and Leon Stone's finding out first hand tonight."

Kris Red: "And the expressions on Emily Stone's face make it seem like she can even feel them!"

Tony D: "Emily Stone? Corlen, you mean."

Kris Red: "Whoa, what a slip. Did I really say Stone?"

Tony D: "Oh yeah.."

Kris Red: "Woops.."

StarrZoe brings Stone to his feet and backs him into the ropes. Irish whip.. StarrZoe drops to the mat in the middle of the ring as Stone bounces off the ropes.. jumps over StarrZoe.. Stone bounces off the ropes.. StarrZoe up, and he leapfrogs Stone.. Stone bounces off the ropes. Starr then leaps up and hits a Dropkick to Stone, and he stumbles back, and goes through the ropes, down to the floor! Stone hits the floor and the fans cheer for Starr! Emily Corlen looks over the ropes to see if Stone is still alive or not as he pulls himself up from the apron. StarrZoe measures him off, then runs in the opposite direction toward the ropes and as he bounces off he gets tripped and goes face-first to the mat thanks to Chelsea Stone! She backs up and Emily Corlen heads over and asks what happened as Crowbar screams at Chelsea to back off!

Tony D: "Well now we see why Leon Stone has Chelsea out here.. she just prevented him from perhaps getting hurt even more with whatever move StarrZoe had in mind."

Stone slides back into the ring and taunts StarrZoe as he pushes himself up off the mat. Stone then kicks Starr in the face, keeping him down on the mat. Stone then steps on the face of Starr while he holds the top rope! Emily tells Leon Stone to get off the ropes! Stone then repeatedly stomps the body of Starr while holding the top rope for leverage, and Corlen pushes Stone away. She tells him to knock it off and he looks surprised that she'd be so aggressive with him. He winks and tells her to calm down as he goes to Starr who is getting to his feet. Starr delivers a right hand to the stomach of Stone as he's getting to his feet but Stone kicks him in the face, taking him back down. Stone then turns to Corlen and shows off his newfound abs and she shakes her head in disgust. He gets mad and turns back to Starr and brings him to his feet and puts him up in the corner. Stone turns around and tells Emily Corlen to "watch this, baby" and then delivers a knife edge chop to the chest of the World Champion!

Kris Red: "Leon Stone is pretty much showing off FOR Emily it seems. He really wants a piece of that but how many times and how many different ways can she say NO?"

Stone brings StarrZoe away from the corner and snapmares him over and applies a chinlock. He tells Emily that he is the man and he's in control! Stone tells her to ask StarrZoe if he wants to give up and she sighs, knowing the result but she indulges him. "Do you want to gi" - "HELL NO!" StarrZoe interrupts, and Stone looks like he's seen a ghost, as StarrZoe powers up and delivers a side suplex! Stone gets up, holding his back as StarrZoe delivers a kick to the gut and delivers a forearm shot, and another, and another to the face of Stone as the fans are getting behind Starr as usual. Irish whip.. Stone hits the ropes and StarrZoe latches on and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! Stone uses the momentum of the move just done to him to roll out of the ring. StarrZoe follows out.

Tony D: "Smart move, whether he meant to do it or not, by Leon Stone, to get out of the ring before StarrZoe could try and pin him."

Leon Stone is crawling away as StarrZoe stalks him on the floor and he brings Stone to his feet now while Emily comes out with them and says to get it back in the ring. Stone now delivers a knee lift to the gut of Starr and goes for a vertical suplex on the concrete floor! Starr hooks his leg around Stone's and then counters and hits a snap suplex! Stone's back bends and he grabs it in pain as Starr gets to his feet and raises his arms in the air. The fans stand up and cheer, putting their hands out, and he high fives a few of them. Starr grabs Stone and rolls him into the ring and slides in after, and Corlen follows. Starr covers..



Kick out.

Emily holds up two fingers and this match isn't over just yet.

StarrZoe brings Stone to his feet and backs him to the ropes.. Irish whip.. Stone does a forward roll and stands up, posing. He turns back to Starr and Starr delivers a high angle kick to the head of Stone, nearly knocking him silly. Stone drops to a knee and Starr brings him up and slams him down to the mat near the ropes. Starr then runs back to the ropes, bounces off, runs and rolls.. leaping Senton to Stone!

Tony D: "Philly's Finest Flyer, the P3, connecting perfectly!"

StarrZoe pulls Stone away from the ropes and puts one boot on top of him, telling Emily to count. She shrugs and counts..



Stone gets a shoulder up. StarrZoe shrugs and brings Stone to his feet and kicks him in the right side, then the left side, and Stone stumbles back into the corner, holding himself up there. StarrZoe is in the corner opposite of Stone now.. and he charges toward Stone who suddenly gets a boot up and nails Starr in the face! Stone then gets out on the apron and slingshots in and hits a DDT!

Tony D: "Impressive Slingshot DDT from Leon Stone!"

And Stone covers..


Tw- kick out.

Kris Red: "But barely a two-count!"

"Oh come on, baby!" says Stone to Corlen. She tells him "That was two, and I'm NOT your baby."

Leon Stone waves her away and brings Alexander to his feet and Starr fights back with jabs to the midsection. Stone then pulls his tights and causes him to fall through the middle and top rope! Chelsea approaches him and Crowbar comes around the ring and gets between Chelsea and StarrZoe. Suddenly Leon Stone comes through the ropes with a baseball slide that takes out Crowbar and sends him into the barricade.

Tony D: "Leon Stone with a baseball slide taking out Crowbar!"

Chelsea laughs and Stone gets out and they slap hands in celebration. Suddenly Chelsea shouts "MOVE!" and Stone jumps out of the way just in time for him to not get hit by a somersault attack from StarrZoe off the apron. StarrZoe crashes on the unforgiving floor and immediately grabs at his back.

Kris Red: "Oh my goodness!"

Tony D: "Leon Stone's sister just saved him from being hit by Alexander StarrZoe, and StarrZoe just hit that floor hard."

Kris Red: "Chelsea Stone is definitely benefitial thus far for Leon in this match.."

Stone wipes his brow and smiles, thanking his sister with a hug. He then realizes he should take advantage of the situation as he brings the dead weight of the champ up and rolls him into the ring. Emily kneels down and checks to see if StarrZoe is okay after hitting the floor hard. Stone slides into the ring and brings StarrZoe to his feet and whips him into the corner. He then charges and hits a Bicycle Kick to the face of StarrZoe! He then pulls him from the corner and applies a Hammerlock, then hits a Suplex!

Tony D: "Hammerlock Suplex!"

Stone covers..



Kick out!

He tells Emily to count faster and she tells him she is counting the same for both of them! Stone brings Starr onto his knees and hits a right and left muy thai head kick. He then brings Starr up the rest of the way and looks at Emily and says "this is how a real man gets it done" as he brings Starr between his legs and lifts him up in the air for the Crucifix Powerbomb. StarrZoe is able to wiggle free though and fall behind Stone and then he rolls Stone up with a school boy!



Kick out!

Stone quickly gets to his feet and StarrZoe follows. Chelsea gets up on the apron and grabs StarrZoe, holding him. StarrZoe breaks free and Crowbar comes over and grabs her off of the apron and sets her down on the chair he was sitting on and tells her to stay put! StarrZoe turns around after watching this unfold and Stone comes at him with another Bicycle Kick but Starr ducks and Stone gets crotched over the top rope! StarrZoe then leaps onto the top buckle and comes off with a kick to Stone and he falls into the ring. Starr pulls him closer to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle again. Starr looks out as Crowbar is holding Chelsea to the chair against her will. Starr then comes off with the 450 Splash and hits it!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!"

He covers..




Kris Red: "Its Ova!"

The bell sounds and "Who Shot Ya?" by Notorious B.I.G. hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - the WARPED World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander StarrZoe!"

Emily Corlen retrieves the World Title from Randy Long and brings it to Alexander StarrZoe, but stops and looks at the Title in her hands. StarrZoe puts his hand out and says "give it to me, now.." and she hesitates but then hands it over. He points to his arm and she reluctantly holds his arm in the air, signalling that he's the winner. He nods at her out of respect for her officiating tonight and rolls out of the ring, joining Crowbar who is still keeping an eye on Chelsea on the other side of the ring. Corlen gets out of the ring and watches as StarrZoe and Crowbar make their way to the back. Chelsea pulls her brother from the ring and makes sure he is okay as the scene fades...


Fade in to the ringside area where the lights in the building go dim and the fans all look toward the make-shift entrance here at the Sportatorium. Suddenly "Headstrong" by Trapt hits and that's the trademark music of THE BOSS known as Joey Matthew! He emerges from the curtain in a relaxed look, as he raises his arms in the air and the fans give off a mixed reaction. He smiles and blows kisses as he walks down the aisle.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Chairman and President of WARPED Wrestling - Joey Matthew!"

From the curtain comes a very lovely lady with huge breasts. She wears a professional suit attire and carries a clipboard. Behind her is a sharp-dressed, young man in a suit, carrying a briefcase. They follow behind Joey Matthew as he makes his way up the steps and enters the ring. Randy Long hands the microphone over to Joey and exits the ring. Joey looks around at the crowd as they're on their feet. His two accomplices join him at his side as the music dies down.

Joey Matthew: "The BOSS is BACK!"

The fans pop! Joey has a big shit eating grin on his face and he continues.

Joey Matthew: "You know it sure is great to be back here..."

The fans cheer.

Joey Matthew: "Of course by here I mean back at the top and in control and not necessarily the city we're in or the company I'm in."

The fans turn on Joey Matthew and begin booing.

Joey Matthew: "Look, I'm just being honest. Since 2003 I have been at the top, and I have been running a successful wrestling company. It all started with XPW, then Headstrong Wrestling, and now here at WARPED. Throughout my time running the companies, I've always stayed behind the scenes. It was never my goal to be an on-camera figurehead. Well that all changed when PKA stuck his nose in my business over, and over, and over."

The fans cheer for PKA and start up a P-K-A chant. Joey scowls and continues through it.

Joey Matthew: "Oh trust me, you'll get to see him soon enough. But if you recall, I was doing my best to run this company and had it not been for PKA and his so-called "Movement" of Korrupt and Crowbar destroying everything that I tried to build up, things would've been a lot smoother around here. Instead, WARPED suffered, and we had quite possibly the worst six months we've ever had last year. And then, something happened.. something clicked in my head.. and I did what I thought I had to do. I took this microphone, I drove it into the skull of PKA, and I walked away. I told him that he had three months to turn this company around if he thought he could do such a better job than me and if he didn't, there would be hell to pay for him. Well, here we are. Somehow, WARPED is flourishing. Somehow, he didn't kill my company. And somehow, he's made you all cheer his name."


Joey Matthew: "Well, the fun stops here. So, at this time I would like to call to the ring the following people. I know you're nearby backstage because I made sure my two new friends notified you that you'd be called out. PKA, Alexander StarrZoe, Sean Edmunds, and William Wallace. Please, join me in the ring."

The fans turn toward the entrance area, awaiting someone to come out. Joey Matthew has a word with the male in the ring off-mic.

Joey Matthew: "All right guys, don't keep the boss waiting.."

The guy that Joey was speaking to exits the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring with it. He sets the chair up and Joey has a seat.

Joey Matthew: "I'm sure these fans are ready to go home and get away from the wall to wall sweaty, stinky fans that surround them, so come on down guys."

The fans watch the curtain and they cheer as we see PKA come out from the curtain, wearing his black slacks and shirt with the blue vest over it. He heads down the aisle and behind him comes William Wallace in street clothes but the Evolution Championship hanging over his shoulder. Alexander StarrZoe comes out next still in his wrestling gear from his match about 20 minutes ago, with the World Title over his shoulder, and Crowbar is still accompanying him.

Joey Matthew: "Hey whoa, I didn't say Crowbar could join us, but hey, the more the merrier.. and where is.. ah-ha.."

Joey was wondering where Sean Edmunds was, and here he comes all alone, no title, and without Miss Karla at his side. Joey Matthew watches as PKA enters the ring, followed by Wallace, then Starr and Crowbar, and finally Edmunds. Joey stands up and pushes the chair back and surveys all five men.

Joey Matthew: "First of all let me preface this by saying that I appreciate each and every single one of you, I really do."

He wears a big smile on his face.

Joey Matthew: "That said, what you've done the last three months is about to be erased."

StarrZoe and PKA both simultaneously mouth "what?" while Crowbar looks over at PKA and Wallace and Edmunds share a glance of confusion.

Joey Matthew: "Like I said, I appreciate what you've done for me, but what you've done the last three months hasn't been for me.. its been for PKA.. and really, what does that even matter?"

PKA says "you've got to be kidding me. What are you smoking?" and Joey smiles and continues.

Joey Matthew: "Look, let's just get this over with so we can all go home. I want things to go back to the way they were on the night I left this company. That means William Wallace, go ahead and give that Evolution Title back to Sean Edmunds. He was the champion that night and will be from here on out."

Sean Edmunds cracks a grin and nods in approval, while William Wallace shakes his head no. Wallace calls for a microphone and Randy Long hands one in through the ropes.

William Wallace: "Sorry son, you must excuse me, ma hearing is a little off."

Joey mouths the word 'son?' back to his female accomplice behind him. She shrugs.

William Wallace: "A thought you just call me out here to give this useless bastard my title. Ano you have been away for a while Joey, but things haven't changed that much, if you want a title you got to earn it no matter who you are. That includes Sean Edmunds and if he wants a shot a this title then he has to earn it!"

Sean Edmunds grabs the microphone from William Wallace, yanking it from his hands. Joey crosses his arms and watches.

Sean Edmunds: "Damn right I get to keep my belt."

He then yanks the title out of the hands of Wallace and runs to the other side of the ring. Wallace starts after Edmunds but Crowbar, PKA and Starr keep them seperated..

Joey Matthew: "Whoa whoa, stop it!"

They all look at Joey. Wallace is clearly livid that Edmunds has his title.

Joey Matthew: "There is to be no fighting.. Wallace.. you're excused."

Wallace shakes his head and says something to the effect of 'A'm not leavin' til A get me title back" but its unclear as he's off microphone.

Joey Matthew: "Let's just get this over with. StarrZoe, give the belt to PKA."

PKA's jaw drops and StarrZoe shoots a look of 'you have got to be kidding me' to Joey. PKA calls for a microphone and is passed one in from the announce table.

PKA: "Wait, what?"

Joey Matthew: "That's right. You won the World Title that night. I booked that show. You were the champion under my watch. Make it so."

PKA: "Look, you're out of your mind. Alexander StarrZoe has been the World Champion for three months and has defended the title four times in a row. He's earned that title. I'm not just gonna take it from him."

StarrZoe shoots PKA a look as if to wonder what's really going on here.

PKA: "Look, Starr, I can assure you I knew nothing about this. I don't WANT to be World Champion."

Joey Matthew: "PKA, enough of the nonsense. I am tired of your so-called "Ultraviolent Reboot" of WARPED and it stops tonight!"

StarrZoe wants the microphone and PKA gladly hands it over.

Joey Matthew: "StarrZoe, save me one of your hour-long promos and just give PKA the World Title. He would really love to be champion, don't let him fool you."

The fans boo at the former President of Joey Matthew's request of Alexander StarrZoë to return his World Championship to PKA so that everything could "be as it was before Joey left".

Alexander StarrZoe: "Joey, Joey, Joey. Long time no see buddy. Nice to hear from you again, it's been a while. You look great, nice to see you're staying in shape! I'm so glad to see you, I just can't think of many things I want to say to you, let me take a quick shot though, how about…FUCK YOU!"

Joey raises an eyebrow and says off mic "excuse me?".. Meanwhile, behind him, we see Wallace telling Edmunds to give him his title back. Edmunds is in the corner clutching the title as if it was a winning lottery ticket. StarrZoe continues...

Alexander StarrZoe: "You want to go back to the way things were when you were head booker, huh? You mean like when I wasn't getting ANY opportunities? When you had me facing Rico Calle and Craig Cohen night after night? PKA should have his title back? No offense Pat, but PKA shouldn't be World Champion, PKA should be the fucking head booker!"

PKA shrugs, and nods. "He has a point" PKA says off mic. StarrZoe goes to continue, and PKA says "I mean I could wrestle, but.. " and Starr shoots him a look. PKA gives the 'go ahead' gesture and StarrZoe continues.

Alexander StarrZoe: "You're out of your league and over your head here Joey. You might have signed me to Warped and you might have built this promotion, but as far as I'm concerned, this place has done nothing but become BETTER since you left. I'm not the same mid-card nobody I was when you were around. You're starting to piss me off Joey. As far as I'm concerned man, you're not the boss, head booker, management, or anything else around here. Do not fuck with me dude, I have no problem putting you in your place. You think I should give the belt back to PKA? Patrick seemed happy as hell not having the championship and sitting in the front office, why take that from him? You said you would give him until the new year to approve Warped and he did that tenfold. PKA is the only person in this promotion I will listen to, his rule is law, and if he asked me to, I'd be more than happy to 'evict' you from Warped once and for all. Be damn lucky I haven't done that already."

Starr sighs and lights a smoke.

Joey Matthew: "You can't SMOKE in here.. put that out."

Starr ignores him.

Alexander StarrZoe: "You want shit to go back to the way it was? Get Grendel out of here. Get rid of these half-pint pieces of shit like Leon Stone who don't belong, that's all fine and good by me, but you will NOT take my title. Guys like Crowbar, Sean Edmunds, and Cameron MacNichol with their skills and their talents, they're about the only guys I foresee taking my championship from me. If you think you've got the balls to do it Joey, if you really want the World Championship, well then motherfucker, you better come and take it from me IN the ring DURING a one-on-one match. I still haven't paid you back for the favor you did me by bringing Grendel into Warped, don't think I've forgotten I owe you that much already. Keep pushing your luck and all my pent up frustration and anger from the last four months worth of bullshit is going to come crashing down on you. Give up my World Championship? Are you stupid and insane? There's not ONE MAN here right now in this building that would WANT to try and take this title let alone be ABLE to take this title, not in the mood I'm in right now. Joey, I'm going to go ahead and do you a favor, I'll count to five and by the time I reach five, you better be out of my…no, you better be out of PKA's ring, your alternative is that I throw you out of the ring right the fuck now. Make a decision."

Joey Matthew puts his hand on his face and shakes his head while StarrZoe starts to count to five, putting up a finger with each count. 1... 2.... 3... 4...

Joey Matthew: "Stop the counting. I've changed my mind. You can all keep your titles. Sean, give it back to William."

A nod of satisfaction from Wallace.. a look of disappointment from Edmunds. Starr and Crowbar whisper something in each other's ears and seem satisfied. PKA is up against the corner, crossing his arms, confused. Sean Edmunds reluctantly hands the belt over to Wallace.

Joey Matthew: "Thank you. Congratulations William, you're the Evolution Champion. Sean, you may be excused."

Edmunds nods at Joey Matthew and exits the ring, heading up the aisle.

Joey Matthew: "Now, William, Starr, Crowbar, PKA.. I hope that what's happened here tonight isn't going to effect how you feel about me as far as management goes. I want nothing but the best for all of you, and every single man and woman in the back. I want these fans to be entertained, and I want them to have the best show put on for them possible."

Joey Matthew turns around and whispers something to the female, and then to the male. They exit the ring and walk down the steps.

Joey Matthew: "I'm going to leave now, and let you guys finish the show off right."

Joey Matthew nods at them and heads through the ropes, walking down the steps. StarrZoe, PKA, Crowbar and Wallace look around.. not sure what is going on. Suddenly some men in all black hop over the barricades. PKA is caught off guard in the corner, and he's pulled from the ring by one of these masked men. The man has a lead pipe in his pocket and he pulls it out and cracks PKA over the skull. There are four men that enter the ring and bum-rush StarrZoe, Crowbar and Wallace, taking them down with lead pipes in hand. They begin beating them down on the mat, and the fifth man enters the ring and helps out. Two of them pick up Crowbar and throw him over the top rope and the five men turn their attention to StarrZoe and Wallace, who fight back with punches and kicks from the mat but the lead pipes go directly to their skulls and blood begins to pour from their faces. The five men put the boots to both men, choking them out and beating away. The fans boo and the five masked men in black continue the beatdown while Joey Matthew and his two accomplices watch from ringside with smiles on their faces.

Joey Matthew shouts some orders and two of the masked men in black exit the ring and lift up the ring apron curtain and pull out a table. They slide it into the ring and they get in, and set up the table. Meanwhile two of the men have StarrZoe in the corner, beating away with punches and kicks. In another corner, Wallace is being choked out with the lead pipe. Suddenly referees hit the ring but they get cut off at the pass and get thrown out of the ring. With the table set up in the middle of the ring, three of the Masked MIB's bring Wallace to his feet. One of them sets him up for a powerbomb, while the other two help lift him into the air and then drive him down through the table!!

Joey Matthew goes toward the ring and reaches in for the World Title and shouts orders to the Masked MIB's and slides the title to them and says "here, use it!".. Two of the Masked MIB's bring Starr to his feet and he's bleeding prefusely and one of the guys cracks him over the skull with the belt! PKA starts to slide into the ring and one of the guys kicks him in the skull and his lifeless body slithers from the apron down to the floor, blood pouring from his skull as well. Two of the men slide to ringside where Crowbar is slowly coming to... and they drive his back into the barricade. One of the guys pulls a lead pipe from his black pants and cracks Crowbar in the gut with it and he doubles over.

Joey Matthew and his two accomplices walk up the steps while the five Masked MIB's all assemble in the ring behind him. Joey has a microphone.

Joey Matthew: "While I want the best for you all, for the fans, and whatever else crap I said before.. the bottom line is I want what's best for ME, and that is a company without people like YOU!"

He says this while looking down at a mat of destruction with a laid out StarrZoe and Wallace.. Crowbar and PKA are laid out in their own areas at ringside. The fans are in shock at what's taken place.

Joey Matthew: "If you don't want to hand my fed back to me, I will either take it by force or destroy what you've built in order to make it mine again, and I will do it with THESE men!"

Joey puts his hand out and displays the five Masked Men in Black as they raise their arms in the air. The fans erupt in massive boos as Joey Matthew smiles and applauds them... and the DVD fades out to the WARPED logo...