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Friday Night Refund III

13 Nov 2009

Refund Studio, Orlando, FL (seats 150)


"Dimension" by Wolfmother plays, as clips showcasing various superstars on the DREAM roster plays on-screen before cutting to show the Friday Night Refund logo. Lucien Walker is shown walking on-set in the Friday Night Refund studio, before turning to face the camera with a smile one his face.

Lucien Walker - "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to DREAM Friday Night Refund! I'm Lucien Walker and can I just say, was Golden Dreams a spectacular event or WHAT!? Ultimate Jeopardy a Tag Team Championship match, with plenty of surprises in between! And don't worry, because if you missed the event we'll be having a complete run down of the results just a little later in the show. But first up, we'll be showcasing a new segment, the Oh My God Moment of the Week, right here on Friday Night Refund!"

Star Profile

We fade back in on the Friday Night Refund Studio, where Lucien Walker is standing in front of the video screen again. The camera does a sweep of the audience before settling on Walker, who smiles broadly.

Lucien Walker: "Tonight, we're also going to be debuting a new segment where we profile a member of the DREAM roster. Now, this week we're going to be going over our new DREAM World Champion, the one and only Lupin Cy!"

An image of Cy with the title belt flashes up on-screen.

Lucien Walker: "Lupin Cy officially signed with DREAM Wrestling on the fourteenth of May, two thousand and nine. In the past six months he has soared to unimaginable heights, proving to be amongst the most talented and popular performers on the roster. Cy made his debut on third edition of Slaughter, with a win over Trent Bradley."

Images are shown of Cy competing in the ring against various competitors.

Lucien Walker: "Cy's career really began to pick up momentum, however, after he was drafted to Insomnia his career really began to pick up after he won a number one contenders match for the DREAM Championship, which was held at the time by Travis Williams. However, after a title match which also included Adrien Cochrane ended in a draw, Cy was forced to work his way back up the ranks. Of course, he earned a spot in the Ultimate Jeopardy match and went in as a favourite to walk out with one of the three title belts on the line, which he ultimately did when he won the DREAM Championship after getting pinned by reigning DREAM World Champion Doozer. Now that he holds one of the big belts, what lies in the future for Lupin Cy?"

More images are shown, ending with Cy's stats and information.

BIRTHDAY: 09/05/1982
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT 210lbs
HOMETOWN Tokyo, Japan
FINISHING MOVE Curving the Bullet
DREAM Title History: 1x DREAM Championship

OMG Moment of the Week

We fade in on Lucien Walker again, this time standing in front of a large video screen. He smiles as the camera comes into focus, before indicating towards the screen.

Lucien Walker: "This is a new segment ladies and gentlemen, showcasing the Oh My God Moment of the Week. Now, what exactly is the O-M-G Moment of the Week? Well, it can be the most hardcore, more exciting, or most surprising event in DREAM from the last week, and tonight we've selected a shocking moment from Golden Dreams... the end of the Ultimate Jeopardy match, where Cancer Jiles, Lupin Cy and Doozer fought to determine who would walk out with the title belts!"

A video starts to roll on-screen...

"Cancer Jiles eliminates Patient Five Zero one! We're down to the last three men now!"

Doozer walks over and looks down at Lupin Cy who is pulling himself up by the ropes. He is joined by Cancer Jiles.

"Lupin is in an odd place as he left with both of The eGG Bandits."

Doozer gets down on his hands and knees as Cancer runs, leaping up on Doozer's back and using him to leap off. Lupin moves, and Cancer smashes into the cell, falling and being wrapped up in the ropes.

"Lupin Cy moved!"

Doozer begins to get up, but Lupin stops him by leaping and landing a knee into the back of Doozer.

"Cancer Jiles looks hurt as he is using the ropes to get up."

Lupin waits. As Cancer gets up, Cy lunges forward with a super kick.

"Lupin Cy with his own version of the Terminal Cancer on Cancer Jiles!"

Lupin quickly covers Jiles and the referee counts as Doozer tries to get to his feet.

"It's a race against the clock, Doozer is up! The referee counts the three! Cancer Jiles is eliminated! he walks out the new 'You Call It' champion!"

Cancer rolls to the apron by the cell door as both Doozer and Lupin stare each other down.

"It's been a long journey, but it's down to to Lupin Cy and Doozer! One of these men will leave World Champion, the other DREAM!"

They begin exchanging punches.

"Lupin Cy and Doozer, two of the biggest names in DREAM right now going at it!"

Lupin Cy grabs Doozer's arm and goes to whip him.


Lupin is sent running. Doozer follows up.

"Lupin stops, he jumps, PELE KICK!"

Doozer falls back as the cameras flash.

"Lupin Cy just knocked Doozer out! He goes for the cover!'

The referee begins to count.

"THREE, THREE! Lupin Cy is the new DREAM CHAMPION! Doozer will walk out the DWF World Champion!"

Lupin's music begins and the cell begins to raises.

"Lupin Cy is the new DREAM Champion!"

Cancer helps Doozer to his feet. He and Lupin stare at each other before they shake hands into a hug.

"Sportsmanship in progress folks. Doozer, the Hall of Famer, handing off the top spot to the next generation. At least for the time being, as he holds the DWF World Championship!"

The camera zooms in on them.

"What a pay per view this has been. We'll be back next Monday as Slaughter returns with what can only be, a very interesting line up!"

We fade to black.


We cut back to the studio, where Lucien Walker is now shown sitting on a black leather sofa, and text flashes up in the corner of the screen.


Lucien Walker: "Welcome to the last segment for the evening, the debut of the Cashback Interview! Tonight, the new "You Call It" Champion Cancer Jiles will be LIVE in the studio for an exclusive interview! Mr. Jiles, come on out!

"Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood blasts over the sound system as Cancer Jiles appears, the studio crowd exploding in applause. Walker stands up and holds up his hand for Jiles to shake, and the champ holds out his arm... before pulling it away at the last second and smoothing his hair. He flashes a grin at Walker before sitting down, and the flustered host shakes his head and sits down, speaking as the music dies down.

Lucien Walker: "So, let's not waste any time and get right down to it. Cancer, you've experienced a lot of success here in DREAM so far, taking into account multiple title victories and a partnership with Doozer. Would you say that it has changed you as a person? Made you even cooler, perhaps?"

Cancer Jiles: "I want to go on record and say, to put to rest any possible nay sayers. It is one hundred and ten percent impossible. No way, no how... for anyone to reach the level of COOL that currently courses through my broken and once left for dead body. I am glowing with COOL... no one can touch this. Nor should they try. Probably burn their hands in the process. I have become COOLER than I could have ever imagined. I am flying high about Mount Cool, looking down at the man I was prior to Golden Dreams.

For the first part of your question... You're right. From A to Z, Cool Cancer Jiles has done it all. I have danced with the wolves, crawled with the feeble minded, and most importantly, egged the hell out of everyone poor soul in between. I took the ball and ran with it since day one, haven't looked back since. Don't plan too anytime soon either. This is how I am, and how I always will be. I have been true to my name, I infect, and then become insurmountable.

Yet, with all the success, I still get people telling me that I need to act like a Champion. Need to change my winning ways. Why the hell would I even ponder such a ridicolous thought. Maybe I can start losing matches, and become the man I once feared I might turn out to be... (Jak Nemesis) They say to me, Cancer... You can't throw caution and pleasantries to the wind as often as you do. It's not right. I say, kiss my shiny golden ass. I'm not Barack Obama, and it's not time for a change."

Lucien Walker: "You've already competed against, and with, a lot of top tier talent. Who else in the company, or even in the wrestling world, would you like to compete against? Do you think they could beat you?"

Cancer Jiles: "Like I said before, I am glowing with COOL. Who in their right mind would want to face off against me? You could send in King Kong and Godzilla to the rescue. Both of them are tasting the COOLER side of the pillow in a matter of minutes. I am that damn COOL. Top tier talent? What a gas. I must not have seen those guys yet. No worries though, I have a habit of bringing people down a notch or two from their high horses. It's what I do, other then being super COOL."

Lucien Walker: "Now that you hold the "You Call It" Championship, do you have any idea of the stipulations you'll name? A Mixed Martial Arts belt? A Hardcore Belt? A belt where you must be "cool" to be eligible to compete for the belt?"

Cancer Jiles: "I sure did... "call it" that is. I said I would regain my COOL, and I did exactly that. So there is the answer to your question. I am calling the 'You Call It' title, no real shocker here, The COOL Championship Title. Since I am a guy who plays by no rules, other than the rules tailored to fit his own personal needs... When I defend the COOL Championship Title, the match will be contested under exactly that... NO RULES. Also, one of my hidden clauses... I call this one, 'The price you pay for touching COOL'... When I do defend the COOL title, successfully might I add. After all is said and done, and my hand is raised and whatever poor sap is sitting there, wondering if that is really an egg in my right hand...Guess what? It will be. That is right, after I win, which I have a strong to really strong tendency to do in title matches, I egg whatever sorry sack of potatoes tried to out duel the King of Cool.

So, for a recap, The COOL Championship title will be contested under NO RULES... eh rules. And, after I am done making mashed potatoes, I get to introduce some good old fashioned golden egg into the losers diet. That my friends, is the price you pay for touching COOL."

Lucien Walker: "Can you see yourself staying with DREAM for the long haul? With all of the tension between Hostility and DREAM and with several back and forth exchanges of talent, would you ever consider jumping ship?"

Cancer Jiles: "Dream and I have a long, and complicated contract, that I would rather not get into. Reason being, when you consistantly put asses in the seats, like Mr. Cool does... well it's hard to leave an organization that is so heavily reliant upon you. I think right now, I am under contract till 2020. So yeah, good luck fellow Dreamers... I'll be waiting.

Even if the money wasn't good, same story though. I walk around the backstage area at Dream events, and guys I know, guys I don't know, and even guys I think I know, but don't really know, all look at me the same way. They see me coming, they see the GOLD, they see the eggs, and then I see them tuck their tails between their legs and run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. I never have to wait inline for the bathroom, or the vending machines... Some would call that fear, I call it respect. I am Mr. Cool, and I get to do whatever the fuck I want to do. Why would I leave that life?

As far as Hostility is concerned... there will be a time, and a place for that discussion. Right now is neither of the two. I will say this, my massively lucrative Dream deal does allow me the freedom to take the COOL show on the road."

Lucien Walker: "What lies in your future, and the future of the Egg Bandits?"

Cancer Jiles: "The future is bright for the Egg Bandits. I, along with Doozy, just so happen to be two of the hottest wrestling stars on the planet Earth. Notice I didn't say Uranus... Company Policy has that Planet all locked up. We, The Egg Bandits, hold the Dream Snow Globe in the palm of our hands. Do we shake things up a little bit? Only time will tell. I will say this though... playing the role of God is something I can get use to."

Lucien Walker: "Well, I'm afraid that's all we have time for Mr. Jiles. Thank you for coming in here tonight, and thank you for leaving the eggs at home."

A slow grin forms on Jiles' face as he stands up.

Cancer Jiles: "No problem. Double champion out!"

"Bad to the Bone" resumes playing as Jiles walks off-stage, and Refund cuts to a commercial.

Ending... And Egging.

When the commercial break ends, we fade back in on the Friday Night Refund studio. Lucien Walker smiles before speaking, his hands clasped together.

Lucien Walker: "There you have it folks, yet another edition of Friday Night Refund is over. Remember, you can stream the show from the OFFICIAL DREAM Wrestling website anytime you want, in addition to checking out all kinds of cool stuff like upcoming cards, wrestler profiles, and-"

Suddenly, a creaking noise can be heard and a backstage hand screams out to Walker. The host of Friday Night Refund looks up and his eyes widen as hundreds of eggs fall from the rafters of the building, splattering and sending yolk splattering everywhere across the studio. The crowd shrieks in suprise and Walker falls to the floor, slipping as he tries to stand up and wipe egg off his face. Cancer Jiles walks into view, the Cool Championship slung over his shoulder. He smirks as he looks down at Walker.

Cancer Jiles: "Gotcha!"

As Jiles laughs, the camera zooms in on Walker again. He wipes his face and spits out a mouthful of yolk, before speaking in an unhappy tone.

Lucien Walker: "I'm Lucien Walker... and this was Friday Night Refund. See you all next week... DAMN YOU EGG BANDITS!"

The DREAM logo flashes before the scene fades out.