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Show opened to a re-cap of Ice's victory at Meltdown, as well as the challenges recently made by Chris Universal and Jim Dudley.


Hellrazor vs. David Spencer

In his fWo debut, Hellrazor dominated David Spencer in several technical and submission holds, finally finishing off the match with the "No More Pain" finisher.

Result: Hellrazor by Pinfall


God's Gift vs. Great Waru

In his fWo debut, God's Gift was nearly defeated by the Great Waru, who was looking to move up the fWo ranking. Waru was trapped when God's Gift applied the "Heavenly Lock" in the center of the ring and submitted.

Result: God's Gift by Submission


Primetime vs. Shane Austin

An angry Shane Austin came to the ring, where he was dominated by the newcomer, Primetime. Shane Austin was unable to mount any kind of offense, and was pinned after a hard "Primetime Bomb" delivery.

Result: Primetime by Pinfall


Jim Dudley Interview

Jim Dudley was interviewed and he talked about his upcoming Cruiserweight title match against Scott Slugger. Dudley also insulted the Punisher Squad, and talked about how their belts would start to disappear.


Wolf Fang vs. Sid Snow

Wolf Fang and Sid Snow wrestled a back-and-forth match, until Wolf Fang trapped Sid in the "Wolf Bite". During this, Brandi came to the ring and insisted that there was politics going on in the fWo having to do with Dudley, but was drug off by fWo security before she could say more. Meanwhile, Wolf Fang refused to release the hold, and Sid Snow had to be carried from the arena.

Result: Wolf Fang by Submission


Boston Strangler vs. Rudo

The Strangler continued his winning ways by defeating the other half of the Lone Gunmen. After the match it was announced that the Strangler would face Pestilence next week for a shot at the Internet Title at Summer Heat IV.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission


Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal formally introduces his new valet, and continues to insult Ultra Violet, who attempts to make it to ringside but instead locks himself outside of the arena.

New Ninja vs. Machina

The New Ninja and Machina wrestled an even match, until the New Ninja was able to land a flying lariat from the top rope. As the New Ninja covered Machina, Cactus Jon entered the ring and attacked Machina, causing the New Ninja to be disqualified.

Result: Machina by DQ


Heaven's Demons vs. NXS

In a short match, the Heaven's Demons squashed the team of Markus Cairn and Judge Steel, who were distracted by the Chameleon, who looked on from the entrance ramp. After the match Brandi abandoned the team and told interviewers that she was looking for a winner for a change.

Result: Heaven's Demons by Pinfall


Kidman & Falcon (c) vs. Dark Riders

Working as a crisp team, Kidman and Falcon easily put the team of the Dark Riders away, as War was attacked on the way to the ring by Steve Roberts, who was wielding a lead pipe. Stevie was taken away by security yelling and screaming.


Result: Kidman & Falcon by Pinfall


Scott Slugger (c) vs. Rage

Rage was escorted by the rest of the Empire to the ring. As the two wrestled, Slugger took the upper hand and went for his finishing move. Jim Dudley entered the ring, and the remainder of the Punisher Squad arrived at the ring as all eight men brawled.

Result: No Contest