WARPEDLIVE 35 "11.11.11 - 11.11.11

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11/11/11 - Dayton Ohio - Montgomery County Fairgrounds Building




You open the DVD of WARPED 35 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "11/11/11 - Dayton Ohio - Montgomery County Fairgrounds Building" on the bottom right of the screen.


It’s too dark to really see anything but we see the outline of a man holding a bottle of Jamison liquor, rocking back and forth..Talking to himself, saying things like “I'm too busy.” “I'm just too stressed out.” “Why can’t anything go my way?”

We hear a knock on the door, then a flood of light fills the is not obvious is a closet. We also see that the man holding the whiskey is Leon stone. It’s obvious that he is drunk. The person that opened the door takes everything into account rather quickly. It is Emily Corlen.

Emily Corlen: "Leon get your ass up you have a match in five minutes."

Leon Stone: "i aint gon ouuut der"

Emily Corlen: "Trust me; you can."

Emily pulls Leon up by his shirt and walks him out.

Leon Stone: "ef I'm gon do dis, Im gon waallk me self.."

He stumbles out on his own in the direction of the ring.

Singles Match
AJ Fairchild vs. Leon Stone

Randy Long stands in the middle of a jam packed Montgomery County Fairgrounds building in Dayton, Ohio.

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans, WARPED fans, fans of Dayton, Ohio! Welcome to WARPED Wrestling! Happy Veterans Day and happy 11/11/11!"

The crowd cheers as loud as possible!

Randy Long: "Our opening contest is scheduled for ONE fall!"

The hard guitar opening of “Puck Off” By Pantera plays over the venues sound system. The fans cheer loudly, and take up the chant “A.J.... A.J... A.J....” A.J. Fairchild then makes his way from the back. Receiving a huge ovation from nearly everyone in attendance A.J. gets on one knee and pats his chest at the top the entrance ramp.

Randy Long: "Making his way to the ring - from Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at 183 pounds - AJ Fairchild!"

A.J. then gets to his feet and makes his way down to the ring, high-fiving fans as he does so. One at the mat apron A.J. slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He then gets to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top, pointing and patting his chest as his music slowly fades away.

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from DAYTON OHIOOOOOOOOOOOO..."

There's a huge pop! "Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Weighing in at 267 pounds.. Leon STONE!"

From behind the curtain comes Leon Stone, but he's not walking straight, and he's wobbling back and forth. The fans go from super excited to see their hometown hero to confused as to what's wrong with him. A fan can be heard asking “who shows up to wrestle drunk?” and Leon shoots him a look and nearly loses his balance. He makes his way to the announce booth and grabs a microphone, leaning up against the apron and looking at Kris Red.

Meanwhile, AJ Fairchild is having a conversation with the referee in the ring, seemingly confused by all of this.

Leon Stone: “heldo everwe wone I have a fewww dings to say. I knowww I'm not en de besssst of shaape at de momeeent but I can still whoooop AJ’ss ass. First of all I wan address kris reid. You pussy you know that? hitting some one behind there back? you know pay close attention because everyding dat I do to AJ I'm gon do to you a hunnndrrred times worse. You nothing dat’s why you retired. So jus stay behind your table getting fat while the reaaalll men do work. Its proboly a good thing you out of the business we wouldn’t want you getting hurt or anything. I meeaan who do you dink you are? Talking shit behind a desk? People like you make me sick. People dat talk shit but don’t back it up driveeee me crazzzy. “

Leon drops the mic motioning to bring out AJ Fairchild. The referee leans through the ropes and taps Leon and then points to AJ who stands in the ring.

Kris Red: "Ugh.."

Tony D: "Well, I'm not sure what to say about all of that we just heard and what we're seeing from Leon Stone, who is clearly intoxicated."

Leon is surprised that AJ is in the ring, and he grabs the rope and pulls himself up and rolls into the ring. He gets to his feet and the referee asks him if he's sure he can wrestle and Leon nods his head. The referee calls for the bell and AJ Fairchild hesitantly approaches...

The crowd erupts in a 'What The Fuck? What The Fuck?' chant for Leon Stone.

Kris Red: "Well, that's a new chant..."

AJ Fairchild grabs the referee and asks if this is really happening and the ref shrugs his shoulders. Leon Stone shouts out something drunk and inaudible at Fairchild that seems to piss him off. Stone puts his hand up for a test of strength and Fairchild goes to grab his hand but Stone changes hands and Fairchild goes for that one but Stone pulls his hand down again and busts up laughing hysterically. The crowd boos as they can't believe their hometown hero is clearly out of it. Fairchild puts his hands out like "WTF?" and the referee shrugs.

Tony D: "What in the world is going on with Leon Stone? What is he THINKING?"

Kris Red: "I dunno but his breath be stankin'... and really I'm not trying to beat a drunk dudes ass but I will if I have to."

Stone puts his hands up and Fairchild readies to go at it.. Stone takes a swing but drops to the mat. He grabs his ankle and screams out and the referee drops down to check on him.

Tony D: "It looks like he might've twisted his foot there..."

Kris Red: "Ugh, just great."

Fairchild backs off, leaning up against the ropes, seemingly very annoyed by this. The crowd chants "This is BULLSHIT!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* -- "This is BULLSHIT!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* -- "This is BULLSHIT!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* ... Fairchild nods in approval.

Leon Stone grabs the referee's collar and screams out in pain, begging him to do something about it. And just then we see Silas Bullock creep up and reach into the ring, grabbing the ankles of Fairchild and tripping him, then pulling him out of the ring!

Tony D: "Hey wait just a minute!"

Silas Bullock brings Fairchild up on his shoulders in an inverted firemans carry then drops down with the Burning Hammer, planting Fairchild on his head right on the floor!

Kris Red: "Oh my God call 911!"

Tony D: "Silas Bullock out here and he calls that The South Has Risen!

The crowd ooooooohhh's as Silas brings him up and pushes his dead body into the ring. Silas Bullock ducks down at ringside. Suddenly Leon Stone's crawls towards Fairchild and the referee looks confused as Stone gets to his feet, still wobbly. He brings Fairchild up and puts him between his legs and the crowd boos as he lifts him up into the air in a Crucifix.. He almost loses his balance but he doesn't as he throws Fairchild down with the Crucifix Powerbomb! Fairchild thankfully doesn't land on his neck and Stone stumbles forward into the cover, simply laying over Fairchild...




The referee calls for the bell and it sounds.

Tony D: "Well...I'm at a loss for words."

Silas Bullock slides into the ring and puts the boots to AJ Fairchild, stomping a mudhole in him. Leon Stone sees what's happening and he stumbles back into the turnbuckle, leaning there and enjoying the beatdown. The ref yells for Silas to get out but Silas ignores him as he brings Fairchild to his feet and hits a Brainbuster! Leon Stone then comes forward, wobbly as hell, and wants a piece, as he stomps away at him. He mounts him and starts punching away as Silas Bullock lays down near the head of Fairchild and screams random hate into his ears.

Kris Red: "Welp.."

Kris Red suddenly takes off his headset grabs a chair at ringside, closing it and sliding into the ring. The crowd erupts in cheers! Silas Bullock gets to his feet and Kris Red drives the chair into his gut and then slams it over his back! Silas drops down and rolls out of the ring and Leon Stone gets to his feet and its like he saw a ghost as Kris Red is weilding a chair but Leon Stone drops to the mat, still a drunken mess. Kris Red throws the chair down and brings Stone up by his head and puts him up against the corner and chops him over the chest!


Stone pushes Kris Red away but Red fires back with a kick to the gut. He then brings Stone away from the corner and throws him over the top rope right at Silas Bullock! Red picks up the chair and Silas and Leon stand together at ringside, livid. Kris Red asks for a microphone and Randy Long hands one over.

Kris Red: "Hey Leon! First of all, its Kris RED, you idiot. Secondly..You got such a problem with me talkin' shit on your lil' beer belly there? Perhaps you shouldn't show up to a match loaded. You proved my point for me. But if you got a problem, I'll gladly come out of retirement and show you what I've got at The Not So Silent Night in PHILLY! That is, if you even have a job after tonight's stunt."

The crowd goes wild and Leon Stone is probably too intoxicated to understand what's going on as he waves his arm away at Kris Red and stumbles toward the aisle way. The chorus of Chevelle's "The Red" hits the PA System - "So lay down, the threat is reeeealll...." and Kris Red helps up AJ Fairchild as we fade....


Backstage, during WARPED 35, our own Kelly Calloway caught up with the lovely Emily Corlen.

Kelly Calloway: Excuse me, Miss Corlen, a word?

Emily Corlen: Of course. Kelly, was it?

Kelly Calloway: Yes. I was wondering, what are your thoughts on the attack by William Wallace after your match against him last week?

Emily smiles, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Emily Corlen: What about it? It's like I said the other day in my video promo against Sean Tyler, viewable on my YouTube channel - and yes, that was cheap plug...

She winks to the camera before turning her attention back to Kelly.

Emily Corlen: know, this is pro wrestling. Getting cheap shot by a jealous, clearly inferior competitor such as William Wallace did at WARPED 34? It's par for the course. This isn't ballet, Kelly, and I wouldn't be here if I wasn't prepared to take a few hard shots now and then. Unfortunately for my opponents, I can dish it out just as well as I can take it.

She smiles and Kelly nods.

Kelly Calloway: I see. So, then, do you have any words for Wallace?

Emily Corlen: Honestly? Not really. Right now, my attention is focused solely on Sean Tyler tonight, and afterwards, hopefully Sean Edmunds and his Evolution Title. Maybe once I take that title from Edmunds, I can defend it against William Wallace and show him just what happens when you try to attack Emily Corlen from behind.

Emily starts to walk away, but stops before turning back to the camera and smiling.

Emily Corlen: Spoiler alert? It's not gonna end well for him.

Another wink from the Emerald Phoenix, before Emily walks off screen. Kelly smiles.

Kelly Calloway: There you have it! Emily Corlen not worried about her chances against William Wallace or, it seems, anybody else! Now, let's send it back to the ring for your next WARPED contest!

Tag Team Scramble Match
Grendel & Sean Edmunds w/Miss Karla vs. Cameron MacNichol w/Dyan & Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following Scramble Tag Team Match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - from Columbus Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - GRENDEL!"

The lights go black in the arena then the arena is flooded with green lights on the stage. As the whistling starts in the opening of Rammstein’s "Engel". Jade steps out from behind the curtain she slides to the right of the stage. The guitars stop pouring out over the PA system and as the lyrics start Grendel steps out from behind the curtain he grabs his left wrist and rolls it twice and then grabs his right wrist and rolls it twice, and then locks his fingers and craks then and rolls his neck twice and starts walking to the ring with a look of determination on his face. As Grendel walks to the ring with Jade by his side he pays no attention to the fans and when he gets to the ring ducks under the top rope. As Grendel enters he walks to the center and holds up one fist as the lights go to normal in the arena.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner.. from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 228 pounds and begin accompanied by Miss Karla, he is the Evolution Champion - Sean EDMUNDS!"

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ... and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds. Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - first. Being accompanied by his sister, dyan, From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds.. Cameron MacNichol!" <> As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton CHASE!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke. The crowd CHEERS as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air. His left lang is heavily bandaged and he steps down slowly off of the ropes.

Tony D: "Looks like Anton Chase has that left leg heavily bandaged after the grueling battle he had with Sean Edmunds at Live From Death's Door."

Kris Red: "Yeah and that injured leg cost him the title and the win, but he'll get himself a rematch at The Not So Silent Night I'm told."

The bell sounds.

Anton Chase and the Evolution Champion Sean Edmunds lock up in the middle of the ring... Edmunds grabs the wrist and applies a key lock. Chase spins out and twists the left arm of Edmunds... he tries to get out and yes he does as he reverses and has the arm of Chase twisted up. Chase rolls forward and back up, now in control with the arm. He pulls on the arm and Edmunds drops to a knee, grabbing at his shoulder. Chase brings him to his feet and Edmunds kicks Chase in the left knee! Chase drops to one knee, favoring his heavily taped leg. Edmunds brings him up.. Irish whip.. Chase counters and brings Edmunds in with a Belly to Belly suplex! Edmunds was thrown towards his corner so he's able to reach up and tag in the big man!

Tony D: "There's a tag to Grendel. Keep in mind tags aren't exactly necessary in this Scramble match. You can easily just roll out of the ring and your partner can enter the match."

Kris Red: "Boy look at Grendel, all big and monsterous and stuff. He's not been saying much lately."

Grendel enters the ring and Chase stands strong, telling him to bring it on. They circle the ring, keeping an eye on one another. Suddenly Miss Karla reaches in the ring and grabs the leg of Chase.

Tony D: "Miss Karla!"

The ref yells at her to stay out of it but this temporary distraction allows Grendel to come at Chase with a knee to the gut.

Kris Red: "That dumb broad!"

Grendel with an irish whip.. Chase bounces off the ropes then slides between the legs of Grendel, going under the bottom rope. He then confronts Miss Karla and Sean Edmunds is quick to get in his face. Anton Chase then clobbers Edmunds right in the face!

Tony D: "Anton Chase with a little payback to the man he'll be facing in a rematch for the Evolution Title at The Not So Silent Night!"

Grendel then reaches over the ropes and pulls Chase up by his head onto the apron, but Chase drops down and Grendel snaps his throat off the top rope. Chase gets into the ring and runs at Grendel who is ready with a backdrop! Chase gets to his feet and Grendel runs back at him with a clothesline but Chase ducks then hits a dropkick and yells for Mac to get in!

Cameron MacNichol enters the ring and they both grab an arm and irish whip the big man across the ring into the corner. Anton charges and hits a splash on him, and MacNichol follows up with a huge clothesline! Grendel stumbles out of the corner and they hit a double flapjack on him!

Chase leaves the ring and MacNichol covers..



Kick out!

The Dirty Mac picks up Grendel.. Mac with an arm wrench, but Grendel throws him into the corner.

Tony D: "These two are just a month away from meeting in the ring once more in the big Four Way Match for the World Championship at The Not So Silent Night!"

Grendel follows up but MacNichol gets his feet in the air, kicking Grendel right in the mush! MacNichol charges at Grendel who lifts him up and hits a Death Valley Driver! MacNichol goes down and rolls out of the ring, allowing for Chase to enters the ring. He charges at Grendel and Grendel lifts him up and Chase drops to the mat! Grendel poses and the fans boo and he gives them an angry scowl.

Sean Edmunds enters the ring and taps Grendel on the shoulder and points to the corner, telling him to GET OUT!

Kris Red: "Looks like Sean Edmunds is calling the shots."

Grendel looks at Edmunds like he's lost his mind, and Edmunds tells him to go! Chase starts rising up and Edmunds hits a low dropkick to the back of his left leg! Chase goes down grabbing his leg in pain and Edmunds stomps away at the leg as Chase begs him off. Edmunds lifts the leg up and kicks at the back of it repeatedly. He now grabs the head of Chase and pulls him up, Chase hobbling.. and Edmunds hits a snap suplex. He floats over and covers..



Kick out!

Sean Edmunds yells at the ref to learn to COUNT! He brings Chase up in a front facelock and brings him to the corner and slaps the chest of Grendel, who shoots Edmunds an angry look. Edmunds holds Chase who is trying to escape as Grendel gets in and clubs Chase over the back! Edmunds gets out onto the apron and Grendel brings Chase up. Irish whip to the corner! Grendel follows up with a charging impact! Chase stumbles out of the corner and drops to the mat face-first.

The fans start to rally behind Anton Chase and Grendel shoots them all an angry look. He brings Chase to his feet and begins to chicken wing the arms from behind, setting up for The Sweet Relief. Chase starts to wiggle free and he escapes, leaping forward and tagging in his partner. Cameron MacNichol gets in the ring and hits a dropkick on Grendel, causing him to stumble back into the ropes. Both Cam and Ant charge and clothesline Grendel over the top!

Sean Edmunds enters the ring and clotheslines Chase over the top rope. MacNichol applies a side headlock and Edmunds backs him into the ropes. Edmunds pushes him away and MacNichol hits the ropes and returns with a Clothesline from Hell!!! MacNichol then quickly applies the Stranglehold on the mat, wrapping his legs around the body of Edmunds as well! Edmunds is in dire straights right now as he looks around but realizes he's nowhere near the ropes!

The crowd chants "TAP! TAP! TAP!" but suddenly in comes Grendel with a boot to the head of MacNichol. Edmunds rolls out of the ring while Grendel continues. He brings The Dirty Mac to his feet and whips him into the ropes and from out of nowhere Anton Chase hits a Superkick to Grendel.. MacNichol off the ropes and nails a big Spear! They now both bring Grendel to his feet and MacNichol feeds him to Chase who sets him up for the Chaos Theory! He lifts him up but drops him suddenly and drops to the mat, grabbing at his left knee!

Tony D: "We're not sure the extent of his leg injury but it looks like he tweaked it there!"

MacNichol throws a right hand on Grendel but Grendel blocks it and chicken wings MacNichol from behind. Sean Edmunds creeps in the ring and swings at MacNichol and he clearly has on brass knuckles! MacNichol moves and he clocks GRENDEL!

Tony D: "What a mistake! Edmunds hit his own partner with the brass knuckles!"

Kris Red: "What a maneuver!"

The big man backs into the ropes and bounces forward, groggy.. Anton Chase now lifts Edmunds and dumps him over the top as MacNichol bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline from HELL on Grendel!

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds sent over the top by Anton Chase! And There's a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL from MacNichol!"

Cameron MacNichol quickly applies the Cobra Clutch!

Tony D: "The Stranglehold applied!"

The referee checks on Grendel and it looks like he's completely out!

Kris Red: "Dude I think Grendel got knocked out.."

He holds his arm up once.. and it drops.

He holds the arm up again.. it drops!

Kris Red: "Yeah Grendel is KO'd!"

And a third time... the arm drops! The ref calls for the bell and its over! The bell sounds...

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol!"

"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent plays as Dyan enters the ring to celebrate with her brother. Anton Chase is down on the mat clutching at his leg but he hops up and limps to the middle of the ring as he locks hands with MacNichol and their raise their arms high into the air! The fans cheer them on. Chase kneels down and rubs his leg and begins to unwrap it, taking some pressure off of it. MacNichol checks up on him as the scene fades...

Backstage - PKA's Office

The scene fades backstage where we see Austin Sanders with a microphone in hand walking toward a door that reads "PKA" on the front. He knocks and we hear a "come in" from inside. Sanders and the cameraman enter and PKA, wearing black slacks and a black vest over a blue shirt, stands up from his chair.

PKA: "What's goin' on?"

Austin Sanders: "Sir, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on what we saw earlier tonight with Leon Stone coming to the ring clearly in an intoxicated sense?"

PKA sighs and nods.

PKA: "Yeha, unfortunately, I did see that. Honestly, that's the first time in my 10 year career that I've seen a guy come to a match drunk. And hell, we're in his hometown to even spin it that way."

Austin Sanders: "Will there be any corrective action?"

PKA: "Well... I'm new to this. Let me see if I can talk to Leon in private and see if there's something going on that we don't know about, and maybe we can work through this. But rest assured - this will NOT be tollerated. I'm not gonna suspend him or anything, because he's got some bookings to take care of. Next month, when WARPED blows the roof off of The Arena in Philly to end the year at The Not So Silent Night, he's going to go one on one with... Kris Red. I've granted that match request by Red. Its not necessary to put your hands on an announcer, regardless of what he says. Kris' job is being a color commentator, and that's what he was doing. On top of that match - there will be a warm up of sorts on the 27th in Chicago Ridge. Kris Red will step into the ring with his tag team partner AJ Fairchild to take on the team of Leon Stone and Silas Bullock! This should be quite the match... and a preview of the one on one match I've booked for The Not So Silent Night - Fairchild versus Bullock."

Austin Sanders: "I'd say you've been quite busy with match-making as of late, sir."

PKA: "Yeah, no kidding. And please, enough with the 'sir' stuff."

Austin Sanders: "Well s- PKA, thank you so much for-"

PKA puts a finger up and reaches back to grab a piece of paper off his desk.

PKA: "-hold on, one second. Have you seen StarrZoe?"

Sanders shakes his head no.

PKA: "There was paperwork dropped off to me earlier tonight regarding some order for Grendel to stay away from Alexander StarrZoe and not to put a hand on him before their title match... I'm not sure what the deal is but I'll gladly sign it. But you tell Starr if you find him that he too has to keep his hands off of Grendel, or he'll be stripped of his title. Fair enough? Problem solved! And now, Austin, you can go. Thanks buddy."

PKA shakes Sanders' free hand and nods at him as Sanders heads out of the office. Fade...

Singles Match
Emily Corlen vs. Sean Tyler

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

"Grow Up" by Simple Plan hits. “This is who I am and this is what I like…” Sean Tyler comes out of the back smiling, wearing a black leather jacket, his black wrestling trunks with red stripes, black boots and his trademark aviator sunglasses.

Randy Long: "Making his way to the ring - from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 220 pounds - Sean Tyler!"

As he walks towards the crowd he high fives the fans and throw kisses away for the women in attendance, once in the ring he just smiles and takes his sunglasses off winking in the process. LOVE... YOUR HATE!

"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI hits the P.A. system. As the crowd reacts, some cheering, some booing, the intimidating figure of Emily Corlen walks out from behind the curtain. She surveys the crowd with a cold, unfeeling gaze as the lyrics to the song kick in.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...

As the song continues, Emily begins making her way towards the ring. She reaches the ring and looks to her left and right before climbing onto the ring apron.

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois... weighing in tonight at 140 pounds... she is EMILY COOORRRLLLEEENNN!!!"

Emily enters the ring through the first and second ropes, then makes her way to the far corner of the ring, where she kneels down, facing the center of the ring while holding the ropes behind her.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...
As we all form one dark flame!

As the music fades, Emily begins pulling on the ropes behind her, eager to begin.

Tony D: "The newcomer Sean Tyler taking on the undefeated 4 and 0 Emily Corlen."

Kris Red: "Well to be fair, Sean Tyler is undefeated as well. He's 1 and 0~!"

The bell sounds!

Tony D: "I guess you are right, actually." Sean Tyler and Emily Corlen lock up in the middle of the ring and try to overpower one another. Emily quickly applies a side head lock and wrenches it in. Tyler reaches out... he backs her into the ropes and pushes her away. Corlen bounces off the ropes and they meet in the middle and Corlen nails Tyler with a shoulder block! The Emerald Phoenix hits the ropes and Tyler gets to his stomach. Corlen leaps over, off the ropes.. Sean Tyler with an armdrag! Corlen gets to her feet and Tyler goes for another armdrag but Corlen goes behind and turns it into a backslide pin..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Corlen trying to end it quickly but a quick kick out from Tyler!"

They both get to their feet...Corlen backs Tyler into the ropes.. Irish whip.. Corlen with a hip toss - blocked! Sean Tyler tries for a hip toss of his own but Corlen denies him. Clothesline from Corlen - Tyler ducks - Japanese Armdrag from Sean Tyler!

Kris Red: "Beautiful Japanese Armdrag!"

Emily gets to her feet and Tyler backs her into the corner.. Irish whip.. Corlen hits back-first to the opposite corner.. Tyler follows up and leaps at Corlen but she kicks him in the gut, grabs him at the throat with both hands and chokeslams him to the mat!

Tony D: "Seventh Heaven!"

Corlen covers..



Kick out!

Corlen brings Sean Tyler to his feet and chops him across the chest. Irish whip attempt from Corlen but Tyler holds on and blocks it and brings Emily in with a cross armbackstabber!

Kris Red: "Wow what a counter!"

He covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count off that Cross-Armed Double Knee Backbreaker!"

Both get to their feet now and Sean Tyler goes for an irish whip.. Emily gets sent to the ropes and Tyler goes for a clothesline but Corlen ducks and they both turn around and Corlen hits a Black Hole Slam!

Tony D: "The Spiral Twister from Emily Corlen! What a powerful move!"

Suddenly "Flower of Scotland" begins playing over the sound system and everyone looks to the stage, including Emily.

Tony D: "What's this?"

Kris Red: "That's William Wallace's music!"

The music cuts.

Tony D: "Well okay? Some technical malfunctions perhaps backstage."

Kris Red: "Someone stop messing with the iPod!"

Emily turns around and brings Tyler to his feet and he suddenly hits a Pele kick out of nowhere! Corlen goes down and Tyler covers her..


Corlen grabs the bottom rope!

Kris Red: "Ahhh get her away from the ropes, mannn!"

Sean Tyler brings Corlen to her feet and goes for an Irish Whip but Corlen counters and goes behind, looking for a German Suplex, but Tyler elbows repeatedly to escape. Tyler hops onto the second buckle, but Corlen charges and clubs him in the back and climbs up to the second buckle and hits a German Suplex off there! The crowd goes wild as she then goes into the cover



Kick out!

Tony D: "What an impressive move from Emily Corlen!"

Kris Red: "Corlen's got IT! She's undefeated in WARPED and the only other person that can claim that is our World Champion, Alexander StarrZoe!"

Corlen brings Tyler to his feet and delivers a chop to the chest- and another- and another, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Tyler off the ropes.. CHICK KICK~! Tyler drops to the mat and suddenly the "Flower of Scotland" plays again. Corlen shoots a look around the ring and toward the stage, arms out, wondering what's going on. She asks the referee what's going on and he sticks his head out to the announce team to ask what's going on.

Tony D: "I have no idea whatsoever what's going on."

Kris Red: "Yeah me neither dude."

The music cuts, and Corlen looks livid. She turns around and brings Sean Tyler to his feet.. STEP UP ENZIGURI! Corlen drops to one knee, woozy.. Tyler pulls her in for an Inverted DDT but lifts her up in the air and drops her!

Tony D: "No Place to Play!"

He nails his signature Lifting Inverted DDT and hooks the leg!




Kris Red: "The undefeated streak has been broken!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Sean Tyyyylerrr!"

Sean Tyler's music "Grow Up" by Simple Plan hits and the fans applaud and cheer. Tyler has his arm raised in victory and the fans cheer.

Tony D: "Boy I tell ya, I'm not sure what was going on but its safe to say that Emily Corlen wasn't entirely focused on this match because of the music being played."

Kris Red: "But a wins a win, Tony D! And Sean Tyler just got his second win over the formerly undefeated Emily Corlen!"

Corlen sits up, holding the back of her head. She looks disappointed as she glances up at Sean Tyler, up on the turnbuckle, celebrating. He hops down and she pulls herself up with the ropes, holding her head. Tyler puts his arms out as if to say he has no idea what went on.. but he extends his hand to Emily. She looks around and the fans shout out for her to accept. She accepts, and the two shake hands and share some words together. Sean Tyler nods and heads toward the ropes, leaving the ring.

Suddenly "Flower of Scotland" plays again and Corlen drops her head in the ring.

Tony D: "Oh great, this again?"

Sean Tyler, nearly all the way up the aisle, looks around and the camera picks up him asking 'what happened to my music!?'

Suddenly the camera picks up William Wallace crawling out from under the ring. The crowd erupts in boos! He slides in behind Emily and spins her around - HEADBUTT! He then puts her between his legs, lifts her up... Sitout Powerbomb!

Tony D: "Oh my God! The Glasgow Kiss followed by the Freedom Drop! That's the second sneak attack from William Wallace on Emily Corlen!"

Kris Red: "He was under the damn rign!"

The crowd boos and Sean Tyler turns around to see William Wallace in the ring with Emily Corlen on the mat. Tyler runs toward the ring and Wallace slides out and runs through the crowd as Tyler slides in to guard Corlen..

Tony D: "Well, at least Tyler came back to the ring. Who knows what would've happened to Emily from there on.."

The referee and Tyler tend to Corlen.. Fade out...

Main Event - WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
Alexander StarrZoe(c) vs. Crowbar

Randy Long is in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the WARPED Wrestling Worrrrrrrld Heavyweight Championshiiip!"

The crowd pops.

"Just close your eyes" by Waterproof Blonde hits as blue lights illuminate the arena.

Randy Long: "Introducing the challenger - weighing in at 194 pounds - CROWBAR!"

As the chorus hits Crowbar walks out to a mixed reaction from the fans. He stands at the entrance and looks around at everyone before beginning his walk to the ring. He stops half way down with a grin on his face before pointing at the crowd, appreciating the reaction before continuing his walk down to the ring. He walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope, heading towards the corner post. He steps up onto the second turnbuckle and looks around with a smile before jumping down and standing in the middle of the ring.

Randy Long: "And his opponent..."

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans.

Randy Long: "From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - weighing in at 237 pounds - he is the WARPED Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... Alexander STARRRRRZOOOOE!"

Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!" Crowbar clubs Alexander StarrZoe in the back and sends him through the ropes as the bell sounds and Starr's music dies down.

Tony D: "And we're off!"

Crowbar goes out of the ring and StarrZoe gets to his feet and Crowbar knees him in the gut and slams his head off the apron, before rolling him into the ring.

Kris Red: "Crowbar is a brawler and he's ready to go, that's for sure!" Crowbar slides in as StarrZoe starts rising. Crowbar knees him in the gut and irish whips him into the corner and follows up with a clothesline! Starr stumbles out of the corner and Crowbar kicks him in the gut, hooks his arm, and hits a snap suplex. Crowbar with a cover!



Kick out.

Crowbar gets to his feet and brings Starr up with him. Starr with a right hand but Crowbar fires back with one of his own and knees him in the gut, then follows up with another right hand, backing the Champ up against the ropes. Crowbar with an irish whip... Starr off the ropes.. Crowbar ducks down.. StarrZoe with a kick to the face! Starr then turns around and runs to the ropes, leaps up onto the second rope and moonsaults back onto Crowbar, taking him down! He stays atop for the cover..



Kick out!


Tony D: "Impressive athleticism by Alexander StarrZoe there with that springboard Moonsault!"

Kris Red: "I tell ya, both of these guys are fresh, ripe and ready. No injuries, no issues, just ready to go."

Starr brings Crowbar to his feet and hits a couple forearm shots to the face.

Tony D: "I'd say, though, that Crowbar might've hoped for Starr to get softened up last week by Grendel and Cameron MacNichol but that didn't exactly happen.

He then lifts him up and bodyslams him to the mat near the ropes. StarrZoe runs to the ropes, bounces off and hits the rolling senton splash!

Tony D: "Air Philly connects!"

Into the cover..


Crowbar with a foot on the rope!

StarrZoe brings Crowbar to his feet and Crowbar hits a jawbreaker.

Kris Red: "Simple yet effective!"

Crowbar then goes for a Standing Sidekick but StarrZoe ducks it and goes behind, applying a reverse waistlock - Crowbar blocks the German Suplex attempt and reverses the hold.. Crowbar with a belly to back suplex - StarrZoe lands on his feet! Crowbar then nails him with a Standing Sidekick!

Tony D: "Crowbar nails the Standing Sidekick with the second attempt!"

Crowbar gets over StarrZoe now and pounds him with right hands to the face.

Kris Red: "Those fists of Crowbar meeting the flesh of Alexander StarrZoe cannnnnnot be a pleasant experience."

The referee begins a five count... 1...2....Crowbar continues to punch all the way til 4 and he brings StarrZoe up to his feet to continue the assault.

Tony D: "Its a good thing that Crowbar stopped in time. We'd hate for this match to end on a disqualification!"

Kris Red: "I'm sure they both would. Crowbar doesn't quite have the temper he used to have. its been months since a radio host has been assaulted."

Irish whip.. Starr hits the corner back-first and Crowbar charges in for the turnbuckle spear but StarrZoe gets the boot up, nailing Crowbar right in the jaw! Crowbar stumbles back and StarrZoe charges for a clothesline but Crowbar counters into a drop toe hold. He then hits the ropes and returns with a kick to the head! Crowbar rolls StarrZoe over and covers him, hooking the near leg..



Kick out!

Crowbar brings the champ to his feet and delivers a hard right hand. Starr battles back with one of his own. Crowbar with a right hand. Starr with a right hand.

Tony D: "Back and forth right hands from both of these men! Neither is budging!"

Crowbar with a right hand... StarrZoe with a right hand... Crowbar - Starr - Crowbar - Starr... Starr then delivers a Roundhouse Kick and Crowbar drops to the mat! Starr brings him to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. then hits the ropes behind Crowbar and returns with a Rolling Cutter! Starr into the cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Crowbar kicked out with a lot of force there! He's sending a message to Alexander StarrZoe."

Kris Red: "Boy I'd hate to be the winner of this match.. facing the big man Grendel on November 27th in Chicago."

Alexander StarrZoe makes his way to his feet and looks around the ring and to the fans as they cheer him on.

Tony D: "I'd hate to be the Champion, period."

Kris Red: "Everyone would hate that, Tony D." Crowbar starts to move and StarrZoe heads toward the corner.


Tony D: "Thanks. No I mean because of all of these title defenses on every single show all the way til The Not So Silent Night on December 18th!"


He climbs the turnbuckle and Crowbar gets to his feet.

Kris Red: "Oh yeah. PKA announced on Twitter earlier this week that there was gonna be a big 4 Way Match for the World Title!"

Crowbar sees Starr and drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring. He shakes his head with his hands on his hips as if to say 'oh no you don't.

Tony D: "I believe StarrZoe had something in mind from the top rope for Crowbar but Crowbar slyly escapes..."

Kris Red: "What a smart move by Crowbar!"

Still perched up top, StarrZoe is keeping an eye on Crowbar, until Crowbar turns to see what Starr is up to and Starr leaps off with a crossbody, taking Crowbar down! The fans go wild as Starr stands tall at ringside!

Tony D: "Well it looks like StarrZoe improvised with that one and made it work!"

The fans reach out and StarrZoe slaps a few hands celebrates with them. The referee shouts for them to get it into the ring and begins a 10-count.


Crowbar begins to stir and StarrZoe goes back to him, kicking him in the gut as he gets to his feet.


Starr takes him toward the ring but just at the last second Crowbar pushes him and Starr goes face-first into the ringpost!

THREE! The referee also shouts at Crowbar to knock it off and get back in here!

Kris Red: "Personally I wouldn't mind seeing these two destroy each other, but damn those rules!"

Starr drops like a bag of potatoes and Crowbar drops to one knee, shaking off the effects prior to.


Crowbar gets up and puts the boots to StarrZoe as the fans give off a mixed reaction.


Crowbar brings StarrZoe to his feet, lifts him up and drops him face-first on the barricade. Starr stumbles back into the apron and Crowbar kicks him in the gut, grabs him by the head and rolls him into the ring. Crowbar slides in as StarrZow crawls away. Crowbar puts the boots to the back of StarrZoe's head and Starr drops. Crowbar with a cover..



Kick out!!

Crowbar sits up on his knees, hands on his hips. He takes a breathe and grabs the long hair of StarrZoe, bringing him on up. The referee yells at Crowbar to lay off the hair and Crowbar tells the referee to lay off of him! Crowbar with an Irish whip to the corner.. He charges in.. Turnbuckle Spear connects! StarrZoe stumbles out of the corner holding his gut and Crowbar hits the ropes and returns with a Spear Tackle!

Tony D: "Crowbar hits Element Zero!"

Crowbar gets to his feet and stares down at StarrZoe and his lifeless body after that impactful attack. He raises his arms and the crowd gives off a mixed reaction, with plenty of boos and some cheers mixed in. Crowbar brings StarrZoe to his feet and nails a Right Hook, backing him into the corner. He lifts Starr up and sets him on the top and climbs up. The crowd begins cheering "StarrZoe! StarrZoe!" and Crowbar looks at the fans and that temporarily distracts him, but he continues on, hooking the arm and setting StarrZoe up for the Superplex! Crowbar lifts StarrZoe! But StarrZoe has his foot hooked and he doesn't move! Starr then clubs Crowbar over the back numerous times and wraps his arms around Crowbar's head... then leaps off, flipping in mid air and dropping Crowbar on his head with a Flipping Top Rope DDT!!!


Kris Red: "Oh My GOD!"

Tony D: "What in the world was THAT!"

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" from the fans as they are on their feet.

Kris Red: "The Assault Jawn! That's what he calls that move!"

StarrZoe gets to his feet, wobbly and out of it. He shakes his head and slaps himself in the face then hits the corner.. He leaps up and the crowd is on their feet! 450 SPLASH!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!"

The crowd pops again as Starr hits his signature maneuver! He immediately grabs his midsection though... but he fights out of the pain and covers Crowbar, hooking both legs..




The crowd cheers! The bell sounds! "Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA system and StarrZoe rolls onto his back, raising his arms in the air.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrrrrrZoooooe!"

StarrZoe gets to his feet and the referee hands him his championship belt. He puts it over his shoulder and his arm gets raised in victory as the fans continue to cheer.

Tony D: "And there you have it! Two down, one to go! StarrZoe faces Grendel in Chicago Ridge on November 27th!"

Kris Red: "Not to mention the big 4 way match at The Not So Silent Nighht!!"

StarrZoe celebrates on the top buckle with his belt high in the air as we fade....


The camera fades in and we see Rusty Red get thrown into the side of the building outside and the camera pans out to show Alexander StarrZoe being the one responsible! Starr picks up Rusty Red and throws him into a fence! Rusty stumbles back and Starr knees him in the gut and throws him at the trash dumpster! Red drops to the concrete, blood trickling from his face. StarrZoe wipes his hands together and walks to the door. He leans down and picks up his gym bag and heads toward the parking lot as the camera turns and focuses in on Rusty Red who has been left lying in his own blood.