Posted by Rumor Man Stan

In what was maybe the most critically acclaimed segment in a long time, we saw The Truth on screen with Sanctus a few weeks ago. While this would signify that Sanctus and The Truth's story would continue, as we saw on Proving Grounds, Sanctus would not seem to address what had happened.

The buzz this morning is that Sanctus will be written out of the story at Ring King, bringing someone in to replace him in the story going into the International Tour.

This comes as a shock to many as Sanctus currently feels like a third wheel to Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe, and could have used the break out feud. We have yet to learn the identity of who will be replacing Sanctus in working with The Truth, but the tone is that Sanctus is the one who made the call to not continue the story.

We'll release more information as it becomes available. As with everything, take this for what it is, a rumor.