FWO: MELTDOWN 1998 - 07/24/1998

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Chris: Welcome everyone to the center of wrestling activity in the United States! This is the fWo, and you are here for the biggest Pay-Per-View event ever


Death vs. Stevie Roberts

Matt: Ladies and Gentlemen

Result: Death by Pinfall


Briana vs. Texas Kid

Result: Texas Kid by Pinfall


Queen Bee Kristen vs. Melissa Smalls

Result: Queen Bee Kristen by Pinfall


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Barry Bladerth

Matt: The following match is for the fWo Internet Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Barry Bladerth!

Chris: Barry Bladerth a tough, tough competitor in the ring. He holds one victory over the current Internet Champion Scotty Cool from just over a week ago at Wednesday Warfare.

Matt: And Introducing next the current Internet Champion of the World, master of the Scotty Dropper, Scotty Cool!

Scott: Scott coming over to our table now

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall