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Slaughter XXIII

2 Nov 2009

Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (seats 20,000)



You're Kidding Me!

Chris approaches Travis, as he arrives. "Man, do you not answer you calls?" Travis looks down at his side, where his cell phone is missing. "I think I left that bitch on the counter top at home!" Chris slaps Travis in the back of the head, almost knocking him off balance. "I swear Chris, if you hit me again; I may just feed your ass to whatever tag team we face tonight!"

Chris slaps him again in the back of the head. "Listen you egotistical asshole! It’s not about us at this moment. You have failed to answer calls, or to even to let me know if we were catching a limo together." Travis looks down at his watch. "Man, I was at home. This is my city if you did not realize it!" The crowd actually goes crazy cheering for Travis, the hometown favorite.

"I just got word…" Travis looks at him and laughs. "I have a lot, see!" Chris goes to smack him again, but Travis side steps him. "Listen to me, I know this is your home, but there is BIG FISH swimming in your pond." Travis stops laughing and looks at Chris. "Explain fast!"

"Your brother is rumored to have signed with Dream…And supposedly, it was the work of Tommy Crimson. By what I heard, he will be here TONIGHT!" Travis drops everything, and looks around. "Where the fuck is Chaz and Syd? Get them to our locker room ASAP. The moment he enters the arena, LET ME KNOW! I heard he was seeking revenge for those two bullets!"

The Future

earlier today..........

{The video begins in the parking lot outside the arena it's then that we see toe people one is Chase he has on his normal understated Grey suit and black wing tips he paces back and forth looking rather impatient as standing next to him is Alexis she wearing a simple pair of jeans and pink tube top she too looks a bit on edge as she looks at the over hill Chase who is trying to put on a brave face but you can tell Alexis' isn't buying it as she begin to talk.}

Alexis': "Trust me Chase it will be fine you talked to your guy I talk to mine trust me were all good at least for tonight anyway".

Chase: "I hope you right for both our sakes because this could get real messy real quick otherwise".

{It's then that we here a loud screeching sound coming from the end of the parking lot a plain looking Grey car begins to make its way towards the two and comes to a stop next to them both take a step back as the driver door opens and none other than The New Zealand sensation step out Tyler has on a pair of plain blue jeans and white sneakers and a blue shirt that has "Insomnia Lives" written on it in white on the back it has "Screw Slaughter" written in red his black hair is slicked back his cold blue eye's hidden by a pair of dirty dog sunglasses.}

{ Instantly his eye's lock onto Alexis he takes a moment and slam the door shut on the car and makes his way around to her well motioning for Chase to get his bag's. Tyler reach's Alexis and circles around he for a moment lowering his glass's to the bridge of his nose, Chase keeps a close eye on Tyler as he push's he glasses back up and begins to talk.}

Tyler Straven: "So where is he"?

Alexis: "Look we said three o'clock not ten till two he will be here".

Tyler Straven: "I hope so I want those belts tonight and I need him he better show".

{That’s when Bishop Steele walks in. He is wearing a Thermal long sleeved shirt with a puffer vest over it. He is also wearing blue jeans and timberland boots. As he walks in he looks and sees Alexis standing there looking gorgeous like always. He then looks over at Tyler and smirks. He then takes off his sunglasses and walks over to Tyler. Tyler look's at Bishop, he smiles as he reaches out and gives Bishop a firm shake. Bishop speaks to Tyler.}

Bishop Steele: "Look Tyler I am True Perfection, tonight there is no room for error nor is there room for mistakes. I don’t know you nor do I know anything about you, but what I do know is tonight we will be great and we will dominate. Let’s show these chumps how to take it to the next level."

{After Bishop states his point Tyler smirks and then turns to the camera and speaks.}

Tyler Straven: "Tonight Bishop and I put our differences aside with one thing in mind and that is getting to the main event. You people are probably wondering why this means so much to me, well I will tell you why, you see Insomnia died last week but my memory lived. You see I owe Chris Blades a whole lot of pain I had the match one if he hadn't taken his bat and ball and gone home because he got a little love tap".

"The problem is there is seven other teams that myself and Bishop are going to have to destroy tonight in order for me to get face to face with that coward and he knows he's a coward. I bet you he made damn sure that Tyler Straven had the longest road to get to him well I am telling you now Chris you could put mount Everest in front of me and I would climb that and run down the other side and still have more than enough left in the tank to make you suffer, one way or another I will get my hands on you Chris that's not a threat it's a goddamn promise for your sake I hope it is tonight because there is a few rules that are going to stop me from dealing out the punishment you deserve on the other hand I could wait to destroy you until Golden Dream's in that cage but I'm hoping that the thirst I have for you blood is satisfied tonight because I want you to be a broken shadow of the man you are come Golden Dream only then will your debt to me be paid".

"Me and this man right here we don't care who we have to go through tonight be in those bible bashing brother's be it or that vile peace of trash Osgood who instead of standing and fighting like a man and doing whatever it takes to win chose to turn his back and leave me like some dog well you see this man standing beside me Osgood remember that face because he is as real as they come he cares about winning rather than getting some cheer's from those fans who fork over there food and rent money to come and watch you stink up that ring but here's the thing Osgood you didn't just screw me you screwed yourself your another one whom I look forward to making extinct at Golden Dreams maybe if I slowly dissect you limb by limb inside that Cage maybe just maybe your mind might open to the fact that your career can only move forward if you stop caring about what a bunch of drunk hillbilly's who, let’s be honest know no better anyway and show us a man who actually gives two cents about his career".

Bishop Steele: "You see Osgood what Tyler is trying to say, better yet what he is telling all our opponents whoever it may be that we face, is that the Resurrection is coming and the new age is about to set in. No more running or May you hide under those dark shadows you call home. The Next Level is here to bring peace, order and dignity back into Dream. At Slaughter Tyler’s plan will become more evident than it has already become. Not only will his plan be witnessed, but careers will be ended. Just like Tyler I too have a plan, but yet it is a simple plan. My plan is to end anyone’s career, life or even household in hopes of gaining gold around my waist. When we step into that ring you will feel the presence of pure greatness and when the dust settles and that bell rings. Everyone in that arena will know that they have been taken to the Next Level."

{Tyler places his hand on Bishop shoulder a look of satisfaction cross's his face as he once again begins to speak to the camera as he takes the sunglass's of his face.}

Tyler Straven: "Do you here that it's the insight into a man that when you strip back to the bare soul is just like me we both have one simple yet effective state of mind and that is win at any cost and tonight you fat Americans siting at home sucking down the awfull tasting American beer get to bare witness to the greatest moment in Dream history a night when two future leader's of this industry join together as one and lay waste to all comer's and begin the collection of victims that read's like the who is who of wrestling. My advice to all those that will do battle tonight take a moment to sit down somewhere in silence think long and hard about the road that has lead you to this moment in time and wonder to yourself has it been truly worth it only to feed to two men who are like wolves who haven't been feed in week's, because when that bell goes for the first time tonight all bets are off neither Bishop or myself will give one inch of ground we will not back down because we know that our destiny begins here tonight and nothing can stop us".

Tyler Straven: "Tonight we take thing's to the next level and kill a whole lot of American dream's".

{Bishop and Tyler both look at each other and then turn towards the camera. As they look at the camera cocky smirks begin to grow on their faces as the camera fades away…….}

Zero/Mad Max vs. Bishop Steele/Tyler Straven

The lights get dim and the crowd silences. 'Forever' cues over the PA system and the crowd gets hype. Pyros go off on the corners of the stage. The curtains open and out comes Bishop and Alexis Steele on to the stage.

"Bishop Steele making his Slaughter debut, heading to the ring to Slaughter's very own new intro theme."

Bishop stops on the middle of the stage and looks around at the crowd as he soaks in the essence of the hype and screaming. He then looks at Alexis and nods to her to signal that it is time. He then makes his way down to the ring with Alexis right behind him. He then climbs into the ring and holds the ropes so Alexis can get into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and Alexis poses in front of him, as that happens Pyros go off on the corner post of the ring and then the lights come on.

God of nations! at Thy feet

In the bonds of love we meet,

Hear our voices, we entreat,

God defend our Free Land.

Guard Pacific's triple star,

From the shafts of strife and war,

Make her praises heard afar,

God defend New Zealand

The lights dim and begin to flicker blue and red as The New Zealand national anthem begins to play the fans instantly boo as none other than Tyler Straven step out onto the ramp. Tyler has on his normal wrestling tights with the New Zealand flag all over them and a white pair of wrestling boots.Tyler adjust's his elbow pads as the fans start into a USA chant in an attempt to drown out his music but he just raises his hand to his ear as if he cant hear the fans as his music continues to play.

Men of ev'ry creed and race

Gather here before Thy face,

Asking Thee to bless this place,

God defend our Free Land.

From dissension, envy, hate,

And corruption guard our State,

Make our country good and great,

God defend New Zealand.

Tyler takes a moment before he make his way down the ramp a smile across his face as he gets into argument's with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp he stops at the steel steps and motions with his finger and yell out NZ number 1 as the fans boo some even throwing there empty cups at him.

Peace, not war, shall be our boast,

But, should foes assail our coast,

Make us then a mighty host,

God defend our Free Land.

Lord of battles in thy might,

Put our enemies to flight,

Let our cause be just and right,

God defend New Zealand.

Tyler steps in the ring a smile on his face as he makes his way over to his corner and begins to stretch as he awaits the match to start.

"Steele and Straven hoping to somehow pull off a win over Mad Max and Zero in the opening match of this tag team gauntlet series."

Mad Max's music begins to play and the lights flash different variations of red. The big screen says 'Lets get ready to get HOSTILE!' followed by the name 'MAD MAX' bursting through them. Max steps out from the back. He heads towards the ring.

"Mad Max may be a major factor in this gauntlet tonight if his team can win this first match. As it's set there aren't many men willing to do what he is to win early on."

Max starts to run halfway down the ramp, sliding into the ring. The arena lights dim and flash red momentarily, as a countdown appears on the DREAMTron.







"Reise, Reise" by Rammstein starts to blast out of the arena sound system, as wisps of smoke float across the stage. Zero appears from behind the curtain dressed in a long black overcoat, his painted face betraying no emotion as he strides down to the ring and dives headfirst under the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and shrugging off his coat as the lights return to their usual hue.

"Four men, unfamiliar with each other in tag team action. Mad Max and Tyler Straven will kick this match off as Bishop Steele and Zero head to the apron"

Once everyone is set, the bell sounds to start the match.

"Straven goes in for a lock up, but is met with a thumb to the eye by Max."

The referee tries to warn max, but he ignores him, pushing the referee out of the way and punching Tyler Straven with still fist to the face.

"Mad Max disregarding all rules and etiquette as he follows through with a mean boot into Straven's gut."

He grabs his head and yanks him to the mat.

"Max leaps up, coming down hard with a big knee."

Straven lets out a yelp of pain as Mad Max gets to his feet. Max grabs one of Straven's legs and pulls him towards the corner.

"Max drags Straven to the corner and tags in Zero. Even though these two where randomly paired, working as a team could show to be very valuable to securing a win here in this match as well as others tonight."

Zero enters the ring and lifts Tyler's other leg. Both Zero and Mad max stomp his inside thigh simultaneously before Max lets go and exits to the apron.

"Still displaying good teamwork with that double team maneuver."

Zero lifts Straven to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. As he returns, Zero, rolls behind him.

"Straven on the return, Zero catches him, wrapping him up in a sleeper hold."

Zero holds steady, Tyler Straven begins to slump over.

"If Zero can put Straven out, he and Mad max will advance to the next match with minimal effort."

The referee lifts Straven's arm, and drops it. He repeats with the same results.

"One more time and they advance."

The referee lifts it again, this time Straven is able to somehow keep it up. He clinches his fist, then somehow finds the strength to elbow Zero in the mid section, causing him to let go.

"Tyler Straven breaks free. he needs to make it over to Bishop Steele who desperately wants in."

Steele leans in as far as he can with his hand outstretched, yelling for a tag. Straven leaps forward with his hand out, but his foot is caught by Zero and he is pulled back.

"Tag denied by Zero. Steele can't believe it as Zero rolls Straven to his back and stomps at him."

Zero backs up and tags Max back in.

"Mad Max now re-entering the match. He goes right to stomping Tyler Straven who hasn't been able to catch a break the entire match."

Max leans forward, grabbing Straven, and lifting him up to his feet.

"Hard right to the jaw of Straven."

Tyler grabs his jaw in pain.

"Now an eye rake by Mad Max."

The referee warns Max as Tyler grabs his eyes and stumbles away from him. Max pushes through the referee and grabs the shoulders of Tyler, yanking him to the mat hard.

"Mad Max raises a fist and he drops it into Tyler Straven."

Max covers Tyler and the referee begins the count.

"Somehow Tyler Straven is able to kick out at two."

Max raises up and curses at the referee before leaning back down and choking Tyler with both hands. Straven kicks as the referee begins his warning count on Max.

"Mad Max breaks his choke before he is disqualified. Now getting back to his feet."

Max snarls at Tyler before bending down to grab him up again. this time, Tyler Straven is able to throw a boot up, and kick Max in the face. Max stumbles back, holding his mouth.

"Tyler Straven crawls frantically towards his partner, will he make it?!"

Max sees him and runs, jumping to grab his foot by Straven is able to reach up and touch the tips of Bishop's fingers.

"The tag is made!"

Bishop Steele jets into the ring, running through Mad Max with a clothesline.

"Steele across the ring, he flies into Zero with an elbow to the side of the head! Zero is sent to the floor on the outside of the ring!"

As max is getting up, Bishop runs and leaps behind him with a drop kick to Max's ass. Mad Max is sent forward to the mat.

"Bishop Steele has gained control of the match for his team as Tyler Straven is recuperating on the apron."

Steele lifts Max up, on the outside Zero climbs back to the apron, holding his head.

"Knife edge chops to the chest of Mad Max. Bishop whips him into the ropes, wrong side as Mad Max is able to tag Zero as well as grab the ropes to halt his momentum!"

Bishop Steele puts his hands on his hips after realizing he messed up. Zero enters the ring. He runs his head and points at Steele, mouthing something.

"I don't think Zero is happy he got sent to the floor, but he's ready to face Bishop in the ring."

Both men take a moment before continuing.

"Steele and Zero lock up. Steele with a knee to his stomach. He quickly sends Zero into the ropes, meeting him with a big boot as he returns."

Bishop tags his partner in. As Tyler Straven enters, Steele lifts Zero to his feet.

"Steele holds Zero so that Straven can put a right into his rib cage before coming down across his back with a big forearm smash."

Zero goes to one knee, as Bishop Steele heads to the apron.

"Tyler Straven violently pulls Zero's head, placing it between his arm. He grabs the pants of Zero. Snap suplex."

Tyler Straven tags his partner back in.

"Good team work finally on the team of Straven and Steele."

Straven pulls Zero by the legs, more towards the middle of the ring, as Steele climbs the corner post from the apron.

"Bishop Steele flies. Large flying elbow drop, hits his mark with perfect accuracy."

Straven heads back to the apron. On the opposite side, Mad Max looks to want back into the match.

"Steele on his feet, he rushes the ropes, smashing into Max, now sending him to the concrete floor."

Bishop lifts both legs of Zero and stomps his 'precious parts'. Zero holds himself and rolls over.

"Even if he wanted to tag out, Zero couldn't as Mad Max is still laid out on the floor."

Bishop Steele yanks Zero up by the back of his head.

"With force, Steele directs Zero's head to the top turnbuckle. Again. AGAIN!"

He lets go and Zero just falls out, arms spread, not moving.

"Steele tags in his partner. Straven climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and leaps. Elbow drop right to the heart of Zero."

Mad Max is seen crawling around the ring behind Bishop Steele, the camera zooms in on him.

"What is he doing?"

Max stands up, grabs Steele's legs and yanks, causing him to fall off the apron, and slam his jaw into the corner of the ring before hitting the floor.

"OUCH! That's smarts!"

Straven see's what's going on, on the outside and runs to the ropes, leaning over and yelling at Max.

"Zero is moving, he notices the distraction and goes to capitalize!"

Zero grabs the ankle of Straven who yanks his foot away and stomping the head of Zero, putting him back to eyes closed and not moving.

"Mad Max reaches under the ropes, grabbing Straven's feet, he pulls. Tyler Straven meets canvas!"

Max gets on the apron and climbs the turnbuckle from the outside. As he stands tall, Tyler Straven begins to get up.

"Straven turns to face Max who takes a chance and leaps! NO! Tyler Straven CAUGHT HIM! HUGE BODY SLAM!"

The ring shakes as Mad Max's body hits the canvas. Max rolls out of the ring and to the outside.

"Straven straddles the back of Mad Max, locking in a Cobra Clutch, he pulls back applying pressure."

Zero uses the ropes to get to his feet, and sees what's going on.

"Zero up, he runs, kicking Tyler Straven in the back!"

Straven lets go of Mad Max. Bishop Steele enters and rushes Zero, flying through the air.


Bishop turns and helps lift Max up. He and Straven wrap their arms around his neck.

"Steele and Straven lift, holding Mad Max vertically."

Max kicks his feet, and is able to come back down.

"Double team vertical suplex is denied!"

Max yells like a mad man, pulling out of their grip. he shoots forward, wrapping both their heads and falling back.

"Dual DDT by Mad Max!"

He uses the ropes to pull himself up.

"Several stomps to the lower back of Tyler Straven before pulling him up. Boot to the gut of Straven."

Mad Max hooks under both of Tyler's arms, then lifts. He runs and sits out.

"The Overdose!"

Max pushes Straven to the mat and covers him.

"The referee counts."

As he hits three, the bell sounds.

"Mad Max has won this match for him and Zero, they will be going to the next match and we'll be right back after this commercial."

We zoom on a replay of The Overdose before fading to commercial break

Outside Agenda




The phone continues to ring in the office of William Peters. He is seen going over some papers grudgingly in obvious annoyance of the bills and wrestling resumes that he gets daily. He finally moves to the phone and answers it.


"Mr. Peters,"

The anonymous voice says to him.

"Look—I like my cable provider."

The boss says quickly as he looks over a few more bills.

"Heh, funny. This is (lost audio) I am sorry but there is no way I can get out of my contract."

His eyes squint at the same time his ears perk up.

"That is unfortunate but did I not see you elsewhere recently?"

"Oh I was given permission for that endeavor. As you may realize HOSTILITY is not kind in letting people out of their contracts especially when they know who you have been in contact with."

"You are calling me, so you must have something in mind."

"Heh, you are very astute. How would you feel about tossing me some extra cash so I can finally rid the wrestling world of HOSTILITY and their little petty games?"

A small smile comes to Peter’s face.

"How much?"

"I thought you would like that. I was thinking in the range of ten thousand a month."

"That is more then I was thinking about."

"How much is the death of HOSTILITY and the title around your waist as a mocking joke worth to you? I think I am giving you a steal."


"Watch tonight…that is of course if I am wired the first payment in the next two hours."

Peters nods to himself.

"I think we have ourselves a deal."


Zero/Mad Max vs. Adrien Cochrane/501

Zero and Mad Max stand in the ring, awaiting their next opponents and proud of their victory. The arena lights dim as the quick guitar intro from "Last One to Die" kicks into full force. Once the third line of the verse echoes from the arena, Adrien Cochrane comes out from behind the curtain with cheers from the fans. He hops to the ring as the chorus blares throughout the arena.

"We got right
You got it wrong
We're still around
Last one to die
We're going up
You're going down
We're still around
Last one to die!"

Adrien slides into the ring as the music fades and the lights return to full brightness.

"Adrien Cochrane in his second Slaughter match since his debut as he was drafted straight to Insomnia after the last Pay Per View."

"Run With the Wolves" by the Prodigy hits the sound system and the lights in the arena dim as Patient Five-Zero-One steps ominously onto the top of the entrance stage. He pauses for effect at the top whilst looking out around at the crowd with a grimace on his face. The darkness in the arena is interrupted by flashing strobe lights as Five-Zero-One slowly walks down the entrance ramp. Five-Zero-One finally reaches the ring, and he slides in before posing for the crowd once more on the nearest turnbuckle.

"This should be a good match here. However, Zero and Mad Max must be feeling the fatigue of their opening match. It looks like Five Zero One will start the match out against Mad Max."

The bell sounds and quickly the two men lock up.

"Mad Max takes control, Irish whip. 501 on the return now, hip toss by Mad Max."

As 501 hits the mat he lets out a yelp. Mad Max walks over and lifts him up by the back of the head. He scoops 501 up and runs forward, then slams him down.

"Power slam by Mad Max."

From the apron, Adrien Cochrane and Zero watch.

"Mad Max with multiple vicious stomps."

He walks over and raises his hand to tag in Zero. Zero walks over and lifts 501 up. As he hits the halfway mark, 501 slams a right into the gut of Zero.

"501 to his feet, a big right to the side of Zero' head, followed by another."

501 runs back and bounces off the ropes, as he shoots towards Zero, he leaps.

"Big shoulder block!"

The fans pop. 501 jumps to his feet and run, leaping out with a tag to Cochrane.

"Cochrane in the ring now."

As Cochrane rushes Zero, Zero gets to his feet. He ducks a clothesline attempt by Adrien, they both turn and Zero kicks Cochrane in the gut.

"Zero grabs Cochrane's head and jumps, bringing his knee up."

As he smashes Cochrane's jaw into his knee, Cochrane falls to the mat and Zero rolls over and comes up, tagging in Mad Max. Max grabs Cochrane around the waist and lifts, bringing him down across his knee.

"Inverted atomic drop by the champ."

Cochrane grabs himself and falls back to the mat. Max spits on him.

"Now that is in bad taste."

Max steps in and lifts Cochrane's legs. He looks out to the crowd then stomps his inner thigh. He continues to hold Cochrane's legs up, stepping in.

"Mad Max begins to turn Cochrane, and lowering himself applying pressure. Will Cochrane tap?"

Finally, Patient Five-Zero-One has had enough as he rushes the ring.

"501 in, swift kick to the back of Mad Max."

Mad Max lets go of Cochrane and falls to his hands and knees. Zero rushes the ring, 501 pops forward with a kick to the gut, followed by a swinging neck breaker. The crowd pops.

"Zero is down!"

Mad Max pushes himself up, but falls quickly to one knee. 501 rushes him.

"Mad Max was playing possum!"

Max lunges forward with a clothesline that almost tears 501's head from his neck. Adrien Cochrane uses the ropes to get up. he sees Max and runs.

"Cochrane heading towards Mad Max. Max turns and sees him."

Adrien jumps with a cross body bloc, but Max catches him.

"Mad Max caught Adrien!"

Mad Max runs forward and leaps up, dropping to the mat.

"What a slam! Mad Max hooks the leg."

The referee drops and begins the count.

"Mad Max just secured their second straight pin fall in this tag team gauntlet!"

The bell sounds.

"While we have a moment lets take a quick break. We'll be right back after these messages."

We fade to commercial break.

Jill Berg/Miss USA contract signing the night before at MVW

"As you know, DWF Owner William Peters and Missouri Valley Wrestling CEO Jason Carmondy came to terms on merging DWF's Women's Division with MVW. Last night on MVWA 13, DWF Women's Champion Jill Berg and MVW Champion and former DWF Women's Champion Miss USA signed the contract to make the match official."

(Courtesy of Missouri Valley Wrestling)

Paige McGillicutty and Dame Judith Carmondy stand in the ring behind a large cardboard table with two chairs to each side.

Paige: "At this time, I'd like to call out the 25th ranked female wrestler according to the World eWrestling Rag. She is the DWF Women's Champion......JILL-BERG!"







The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policeman: "Ms. Berg. It’s time."

The door opens and eight large male bodybuilding types walk out of the dressing room surrounding a petite woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman is busy talking on her cell phone while the man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.




The procession emerges from the back and starts their way down the ramp.

Her assistant has a microphone and a portable tape recorder. He flips it on.


The group then continues towards the ring leaving the police escort behind.


The eight bodyguards assist Ms. Berg into the ring. She, her assistant, and the bodyguards immediately go to a corner.


Berg continues to talk on her cell phone.


Paige: "Next, she is ranked 6th by the World eWrestling Rag. A former DWF Women's champion, she is the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association Champion- MISS U-S-A!"

*Instrumental break from Toby Keith's 'Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue plays*

"Oh, justice will be served and the battle will rage:
This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage.
An' you'll be sorry that you messed with the U.S. of A..."

Miss USA comes out with her right hand in the air.

"...'Cos we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way..."

She's joined by Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott), "Rock and Roll Chick" Shanna Barrett and her manager Molly Hatchett, Weathergirl Hallie, "Lingerie Girl" Brandi Bayless, "Sweet Southern Comfort" Jackie Daniels, and VIP Brin.

"...Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list,
And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist.
And the eagle will fly and it's gonna be hell,
When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell.
And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you.
Ah, brought to you, courtesy of the red, white and blue."

Miss USA and entourage climb into the ring and stake out the opposite corner.

Paige: "Okay. If we can just have Jill and Miss USA step to the table to sign off..."

Jill clicks off her cell phone and hands it to her assistant. She confidently strides to the chair on her side of the table and sits.

Miss USA high fives Daniels and joins Jill Berg at the table.

Paige: "Ladies, you know what the stakes are. The winner of this match will be the Missouri Valley Wrestling champion and the Dream Women's title will be no more. Are you ready to sign?"

Both nod affirmatively.

Paige: "Okay."

Dame Judith Carmondy hands the contract to Jill Berg first. Jill meticulously analyzes each and every clause before she takes a pen sitting off to the side and signs the paper.

Paige: "Very good. Now, Miss USA."

Miss USA also closely studies the contract before taking a pen and signing off on it.

Paige: "That's it then. Next Sunday on Dream Wrestling Federation's Golden Dreams Pay Per View, it'll be Jill Berg versus Miss USA in a title unification match with the winner becoming the undisputed Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion."

Zero/Mad Max vs. chicKEN Chokers

As we return from commercial, Mad Max and Zero are in the ring. 'Bing and Purge' by Clutch hits the sound system.

"Making their Slaughter debut as a team, Dark and B.R. Ellis are about to head out, collectively known as the chiKEN Chokers."

Both men step out, Dark is carrying a large, moving duffel bag.

"It looks like Dark is bringing something to the ring. One can only guess that there are chickens inside that bag."

As they get to the bottom of the ramp, they slide into the ring. Dark places the duffel bag in the corner of the ring.

"Dark has been big on the usage of chickens in his team's day to day activities, I guess that does in fact carry over to matches."

As Dark turns around he and NAME OF PERSON FROM OTHER TEAM face each other.

"The bell sounds and we continue the amazing action from tonight's tag team gauntlet."

The duffel bag begins to flop around.

"Those chickens aren't taking kindly to be hauled around in a bag I don't think."

Dark holds his finger up at Mad Max who cocks his head to the left, looking at Dark oddly.

"Dark taking a break to check on his chickens?"

B.R. slaps his head in disbelief from the apron as Dark unzips the bag.


Several chickens shoot out of the bag, flapping and squawking. They all attack Dark, who covers his face as he begins to run around in circles, being chased by the chickens.

"Mad Max can't believe this as he exits the ring to avoid being attacked."

NAME OF OTHER TEAM stands outside, talking to each other about what they are watching.

"And as Dark now lays in the fetal position, being attacked by the chickens he claims to want to choke, the referee is calling for the bell. The chicKEN Chokers are being disqualified for disrupting the match."

B.R. steps into the ring and rushes the chickens, shooing them away from Dark who is now in the fetal position. he places his hands on his hips and shakes his head before helping his partner up.

"A lot of superstars would be upset if they got disqualified due to their partner. I guess B.R. Ellis already knows Dark is just plain weird and doesn't hold it against him."

B.R. holds Dark's hand up in victory, even without the win. Suddenly, the chickens lunge at them both from behind and they quickly hit the mat and exit the ring.

"As we get someone to clean up the feathers, we're going to take a commercial. We'll be back after these words. We fade to commercial break."

Zero/Mad Max vs. Lupin Cy/Jay Price

Mad Max and Zero are still in the ring as we return, obviously tired as they await their next opponents.

"Mad Max and Zero, an unlikely team, may just make it folks."

The lights in the arena all go out except for two spotlights shining in the ring. The spotlights pan out into the crowd and begin circling the people in attendence as they all stand up and begin booing.

The spotlights go out and blasts of red and white pyro go off from the ends of the stage. The spotlights come back on, this time focused on the center of the stage as Lloyd Banks "Lights, Camera, Packin" begins blasting out of the arena's PA system. The big screen is still black but the word Kiladelphia, written in bold white letters, begins fading in and out. One more blast of red and white pyro go off at the ends of the stage as silver sparks rain down on the center. Jay Price steps out from behind the falling sparks with his head down, both spotlights now focused on him. He's dressed in his ring attire, consisting of red wrestling boots with black laces and a pair of black shorts that come halfway down his thighs. The big screen is now showing various moments from Price's career, including his win over Anastasia Petrova where he won the WCF TV Title, the moment at WCF's WAR PPV where he stood proudly alongside Torture after aligning himself with the ToT, and various instances of him hitting the Busted Grill and Kiladelphia Driver.

Price stands at the top of the ramp as the crowd begins booing him and chanting random obscenities at him, but he shows no signs of caring what they think. The lights at this time are still out as both spotlights continue to shine on him. He lifts his head and stares down his opponent with a smirk on his face. He begins to walk down the ramp slowly, taking his time to make the opponent wait on him. As he makes his way to the ring steps the crowds booing intensifies because he is taking his time, but he doesn't care. He finally makes his way into the ring where he holds his arms up above his head, closing his eyes as he seems to soak in the boos that are raining down on him. He steps back towards his corner and the spotlights that were shining on him go out and the arena's lights come back on. Price will then begin waiting for the match to begin with a confident, yet arrogant, smirk on his face.

As "Pure Morning" by Placebo comes melodically flowing through the arena's sound system, the mysterious form that is Lupin Cy comes speeding down the ramp from the backstage area. Just as Cy begins a head-first slide into the ring, green fireworks launch from the top of all four turnbuckles. Lupin wildly keeps the energy going for the crowd by spinning in circles, pointing out to the masses as he does so. After ascending one of the turnbuckles to deliver a single fist salute to the crowd, Cy steps back down to the mat and shakes out a few stretches and rope pulls.

"Here we go as the tag team gauntlet continues. Lupin Cy and Mad Max will kick things off. They lock up as the bell rings to begin this match."

Lupin Cy breaks the lock then delivers several quick kicks to the legs of Mad Max.

"Cy follows up those kicks with multiple chops."

Lupin grabs the arm of Max and goes to whip him. Max reverses but instead of whipping Cy, he pulls him into a knee.

"Mad Max rolls behind Lupin Cy, applying a full nelson. He lifts Cy and throws him overhead back. NO! Lupin Cy lands on his feet!"

Lupin pushes Max hard enough, to cause him to run into the ropes. However, he grabs the top one to stop himself.

"Lupin Cy runs at Max, who turns to see him in time. Mad Max pulls that top rope down, sending Lupin Cy over it!"

Cy is able to catch himself. As he uses the ropes to balance himself back over, he wraps his legs around the head of Mad Max and twist to the mat releasing Max, sending him crashing to the mat.

"What a huge reversal into a head scissor take down. Lupin going for the pin."

The referee gets to two before Max kicks out.

"Close call, but Max was able to kick out."

As Lupin Cy gets to his feet, he pulls Max up with him.

"Halfway up, Max is able to drive a knee into Lupin's midsection."

Max grabs the back of Lupin's head and guides him to the turnbuckle.

"Mad Max sends Cy's head into... No, Lupin Cy blocks it, grabs Mad Max's head and introduces it to the top turnbuckle."

As Max stumbles back and turns, Lupin wraps his arm around Max's head and grabs his trunks.

"Big suplex into a bridging pin by Lupin Cy!"

Zero rushes the ring. Cy lets go and rolls out of the way of a stomp. He flips backwards and to his knees, reach back and up, tagging in Jay Price.

"Price steps in, he runs. big clothesline taking Zero down! The south street menace lets out a roar before grabbing Mad Max by his head and yanking him to his feet."

Jay Price grabs Max's arm and whips him hard into the turnbuckle.

"Price runs, he jumps, huge splash!"

As he lands he takes one step back. Max stumbles forward one step into jay's grip. By his neck, Mad Max is slammed hard into the corner post again.

"Jay Price raises his arm high, big chop. Another. Followed by yet another. He's going chop crazy."

Jay Price sits Mad Max up on the top rope and climbs himself. he looks out to the crowd as he hooks Max's trunks before leaping back.


Both men crash to the mat. Price rolls over and crawls up, covering Mad Max. The referee drops.

"We have a new team in the lead as Jay Price and Lupin Cy take out Mad Max and Zero!"

The bell sounds.

Lupin Cy/Jay Price vs. eGG Bandits

As Lupin and Jay meet in the corner, talking after their win, Mad max and Zero roll out of the ring. no music, no nothing, The eGG Bandits run down the ramp.

"Here comes the next team!"

Doozer and Cancer slide into the ring at the same time, jumping to their feet. Lupin and Jay meet them in the middle of the ring.

"We have both teams in now, exchanging lefts and rights! This gaunlet just got crazy!"

Doozer whips Lupin into the ropes, as he returns he is met with a flying shoulder block by The Superman. Cancer side steps and drops Jay price with a drop toe hold. Doozer leaps up, dropping a leg across his upper back.

"We need to get these guys to hold off for a moment so we can start this match officially!"

Lupin Cy rolls to the outside apron and Cancer Jiles steps outside.

"The bell sounds to begin this match as The Dooze lifts Jay Price to his feet."

Jay Price takes a step back and slaps Doozer. The fans boo.

"Jay Price must be feeling well enough to start the match as he just slapped The Dooze."

They lock up. Price almost forces Doozer into the corner. They stay locked and wrestle from the corner to about the middle of the ropes. Price leans into Doozer, who has his hands up, trying to push Jay off of him.

"The referee gets Jay Price to back up off of Doozer and give him room. The Dooze looks upset as he steps towards price who is stepping backwards."

Doozer talks smack to price as he steps backward, hands held up.

"Doozer pushed Jay Price, Price retaliates pushing him back. Boot to the gut of price. Doozer runs, off the ropes. Jay price meets him with a back elbow smash!"

Doozer gets right back up as Price turns back to face him quickly Doozer runs at Jay Price.

"Clothesline by Price!"

Price throws his arms as if telling Doozer to get up. Doozer gets to his feet is whipped immediately into the ropes.

"Up in the air and over, down with a big back body drop by Jay Price!"

Price grabs Doozer's head and begins to lift him.

"The Dooze reaches up, grabbing Jay Price's head. He falls to his knees cracking Price's jaw on his head!"

Price stumbles into the ropes and over into the corner.

"Doozer heading towards Price. boot to the midsection."

Doozer grabs the middle ropes and uses them for leverage.

"Shoulder block into the gut of Price. Another! Doozer now whips Jay Price across the ring. He runs, Price throws his foot up! No, Doozer stops and grabs the foot of Jay Price. As he throws it down, Doozer goes for a big punch. A swing and a miss by Doozer as Price goes under his arm."

Jay price grabs Doozer and goes to whip him across the ring.

"Reversed by Doozer. Price heads to the corner, Doozer runs behind him."

Price grabs the top ropes and pulls himself up, allowing Doozer to go under him.

"Counter! Doozer stops himself before hitting the turnbuckle, he turns and swings at Jay Price."

Price ducks the punch, running to the corner. He jumps to the second rope and leaps back, turning halfway.

"Cross body into a pin!"

The referee drops and begins to count.

"Kick out at two."

Jay Price grabs Doozer as he is getting up, pulling him the rest of the way.

"Price having his way with Doozer right now. Big right to the face of the hall of famer, no he put his elbow into it. I thought for a moment it was going to be a fist."

Jay Price goes to whip Doozer into the ropes.

"Reverse. As Price comes off the ropes, Doozer lifts him high, sending him face first to the mat with that face plant. You can see the tides slowly turning towards the Dooze as he takes control of this match."

Jay Price holds his wrist as he gets to a sitting position. Doozer comes in with a stomp. Price moves back into the corner and is stomped again by Doozer.

"A third stomp before Doozer yanks Price to his feet. Price pushes Doozer back. Quick punch. Another. This time he come sin with all his might! Doozer side steps, and wraps his neck, dropping. Inverted DDT!"

The fans pop as Doozer walks over and tags in Cancer Jiles.

"Jiles in now. Doozer lifts Jay Price up and holds him so his partner can deliver a punch. Good team work by the Egg Bandits."

Doozer lets go and heads to the apron as Cancer grabs Price's arm and whips him into the ropes.

"Price on the return, Cancer looks to be tuning up his big super kick. There it is! TERMINAL CANCER!"

Price is taken down hard. Cancer Jiles goes to cover him.

"Lupin Cy rushes the ring, Doozer in, meets him halfway. Clothes line. the referee drops for the third time. This match is over!"

The bell sounds.

"The eGG Bandits move on!"

Tired of Waiting

We go backstage where Company Policy stand in the office of Mark Zylbert, their belts draped over their shoulders.

"Let me get this straight, you think you're able to walk in here and change the card any time you want because you are the champions? This isn't Insomnia, around here I am the boss and what I say goes. Title or not, you don't run anything here."

Zylbert stands up and points at the door.

"You can go now."

Chris Bladez steps over and in front of Travis Williams.

"Allow me a moment of your time, from one business man to another."

Mark smirks and nods for him to go on.

"We feel as if this would add a bit of spice to the next match as well as the main event."

Mark rubs his chin as Chris continues.

"All four of the remaining teams in a eight man tag match with the winners facing us in the main event for the straps. It has money written all over it."

Mark shakes his head.

"Except this is free tv boys."

"Yea, but Mark it sets up for future revenue."

Travis opens up finally.

"Simple as this, we are tired of waiting to see who we will face. lets just have them kill each other and get this over with!"

He pounds on Mark's desk. Chris places his hand on his chest and backs him up.

"What my partner is saying is, well, we feel as if the fans are ready for the main event. The match for the gold. Ready to see.. Company Policy. Why make them wait, lets get the other teams out of there."

Mark holds his hand up.

"But don't you think with four teams in the match, whoever faces you will be worn down even farther, giving you a bigger advantage?"

"If anything Mark, they'll have more time to rest on the apron."

Mark shakes his head.

"Alright, you got it. The next match will be an eight man tag, then the main event."

"Great choice Mark, you wont be disappointed."

"I better not be, now go get ready."

We fade to commercial break.

My Golden DREAM

The arena of Madison Square Gardens goes dim, as there is a voice that echoes over the PA system.


"Fake It" by Seether strikes out across the arena, as the words REAL DEAL appears on the giant screens on the set of Slaughter. A bright spotlight hits dead center of the stage, as a man in a nice light gray suit, long dark brown hair, comes strolling out.

"Who’s to know if your soul will fade at all
the one you sold to fool the world.
You lost your self-esteem along the way
Good god, you’re coming up with reasons
Good god, you’re dragging it out.
Good god, it’s the changing of the seasons
I feel so raped, so follow me down AND
Just fake it, if you’re out of direction
Yeah fake it if you don’t belong
Yeah fake it if you feel like an infection
OoOoH you’re such a fucking hypocrite!"

The man walks up the stairs, and is handed a microphone. He walks to the center of the apron, and wipes his feet off. He turns to look at the ramp and the crowd before stepping into the ring, and signaling for the music to die.

"FINALLY, DREAM HAS A SAVIOR! No, I am not talking about some egg tossing, midlife crisis having, retards…I am far too rich, far too powerful, and far too GROWN to be partaking in such nonsense!"

The crowd is still quiet, as they look on to the man in the center of the ring.

"Allow me to introduce myself to you all. I hail from Jacksonville, Florida…I am a former World Champion in every promotion I ever graced. I was the past, present, and future of wrestling. I was and still am, The Real Deal of Professional Wrestling…I had the bright lights, the fast women, and nice cars…Until one infamous night, when some clown in some makeup decided to pull out a gun and end my career!"

The crowd grasp suddenly, as they know who he is.

"That is right! I am not here to save the half ass talent in the back. I am not here to save you fans. I am here to SAVE WRESTLING PERIOD! If that makes me a villain finally, who gives a rat’s ass? My given name is Brian Williams, but unlike a certain laughing stock in the back…I decided to pay the money and change that FOREVER! You can call me Brian, you can call me Titan, and Doozer’s ex, you can just call me later!"

The crowd gives off a mixture of boos and laughs at the insult directed towards their DREAM hero.

"I have come to eliminate someone that none of you can. So how about catering to my every need until I decide to make like the old DREAM and just DIE!"

Massive boos swarm the brother of Travis Williams.

"I have no loyalties to this hell hole. I am here for revenge, because seven years is far too long for me. And I will be damned if another seven will pass me by without solving this issue!"

The crowd quiets down, after hearing the last statement.

"Oh brother, where art thou?"

He walks over and leans against the ropes, laughing…

"I do not expect to see your bright shiny and smiling face out here. You know, with that restraining order against you from my full time booty call, YOUR EX WIFE, Dory…But she is not here. She did not want you anywhere near your son, you worthless excuse of a father!"

The guy sitting front row throws a cup of drink at Titan, who side steps it.

"Security, throw that piece of white trash out of this fucking arena! I will not tolerate some low life scum sucker to insult me like that!"

Security wrestles the man to the ground, trying to get him arrested to escort him out. The crowd starts to chant, "FUCK OFF TITAN" extremely loud.

"Chant and scream, repeat yourselves like a disc with a scratch on it. I have one more piece of business to attend to before I leave."

The crowd does not let up, as almost every fan in the arena is now chanting.

"Travis, little brother! Golden Dreams is suppose to be an amazing night for you. You have a chance to become the center piece once again of this crapper. It will also be the night when your past comes to bite you in your ass. So, how you like to always state. DO YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY? I will give you just one hint…What is black and white, and can even scare the shit out of you? See you at what I am now deeming, BLOODY NIGHTMARE!"

He drops the microphone in the center of the ring, as "Fake It" by Seether starts up again, and we fade to a Commercial Break…

eGG Bandits vs. Polowy/Nemesis vs. Upton Osgood/Casey Pierro-Zabatol vs. Brothers of Prophecy

As we return ringside, the eGG Bandits are awaiting their opponents. 'Never Would Have Made It' by Marvin Sapp plays over the PA system. The Brothers of Prophecy stand at the top of the ramp with each carrying a Bible. They raise the Bibles over their heads and keep them that way as they make their way to the ring. They set the Bibles on Jason Whiteside's table before entering the ring.

"Well, I am religious in my own ways, but I have to say much like a knock on my door on a Wednsday afternoon, this makes me nervous."

Billy and Bob just shake their heads in disapproval while stepping through the ropes and into the ring. CPZ's theme song "Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over the PA system as the lights in the arena begin to darken. A lone spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as CPZ emerges from the backstage area and throws his arms into the air. He views his surroundings and begins to slowly make his way down the aisle with the lights slowly coming back on as the one spotlight follows him.

"Casey Pierro-Zabatol waits for his partner for the night. They have a huge hurdle ahead of them as the only non tag team in this match."

The driving industrial cords to Prong’s "No Justice" plays on the PA system. The DWF fans look to the entrance way, waiting for the former Evolution Champion to step out of the curtain. He does so, and the fans erupt with cheers.


Upton Osgood looks to his left, to his right, and then walks down to the ring, in step with the song and to Tommy Victor’s lyrics.


"Making his way to the ring, from Portland, Oregon, by way of Bangor, Maine. Standing 6’3" and weighing 253 pounds, he is an EPW Hall of Fame inductee, and the former inaugural EPW Evolution Champion, UPTON OSGOOD!!!"


Upton walks off the entrance ramp and stops, looking out into the crowd again. He waves his arms up and down, riling up the crowd, and they can’t help but cheer and chant the man’s name.



He slides into the ring. He gets to his feet, climbs a corner and raises his Syndactly-spiked finger in the air.






The music fades away as Upton Osgood hops off the turnbuckle. He waits in his corner near CPZ.

"Three teams in so far with one to go!"

Mike Polowy's music hits as he and Jak Nemesis step out.

"Here we go, Polowy and Nemesis on their way down the ramp."

Once down, all four teams stand in the ring.

"This isn't good as it could pop off at any time. We need to get some order early on."

The referee is able to get under control as he directs people to the apron leaving only Upton Osgood and Jak Nemesis in the ring.

"The bell sounds and we are underway. I have been told this is not, I repeat, not, an elimination match. The first team to score a pin fall wins. We can thank Company Policy for manipulating Mark Zylbert into booking this match."

Upton and Jak touch hands then lock up.

"Osgood making his Slaughter debut in this tag gauntlet match. Upton takes control, whips the Anarchy Champion into the ropes. Nemesis on the return, Osgood to his knees, fireman's carry takes Nemesis down."

Upton grabs the arms of Jak Nemesis, then places his knee in his back. He yanks Jak's arms back.

"Upton applies pressure. If he can make Jak Nemesis submit early on, he and Casey Pierro-Zabatol will advance. However, Jak Nemesis has proven he can en dour pain and I doubt he will submit that easily."

Mike Polowy steps into the ring. As he runs at Upton, Osgood releases Jak and pushes up while turning, catching Polowy in motion.

"Arm drag to the former DREAM Champion!"

Polowy rolls out of the ring as Upton tags Casey Pierro-Zabatol.

"Pierro-Zabatol enters the ring, lifting Jak Nemesis to his feet. CPZ must feel good to be back on Slaughter."

After getting to his feet, Nemesis steps back. He looks at CPZ and gives him a little gesture as if telling him to 'come on.' They then lock up.

"Jak Nemesis caught his breath and now he's ready to go as they lock up."

Jak Nemesis puts a side knee into the midsection of Casey Pierro-Zabotel, placing him quickly into a side headlock.

"Jak Nemesis applies pressure, gaining control of the match."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel stomps the foot of Jak Nemesis, causing him to let go. He then rolls behind Nemesis, sliding his arms up under Jak Nemesis's and locking his fingers behind this head.

"Pierro-Zabotel places Nemesis in a full nelson lock."

Jak Nemesis now stomps CPZ's foot, and slides out, rolling behind his opponent, grabbing him by the waist.

"Belly to back, big bear hug by Nemesis."

He lifts a little, causing pressure on the lower back of Casey who attempts, and fails to move out of the hold.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel unable to break free."

Jak Nemesis displays his power as he tilts back enough to lift Pierro-Zabotel a little higher, then lunges forward throwing his legs out as he plants CPZ's face into the mat.

"Big face buster by Jak Nemesis."

He turns him over and goes for a quick pin.

"Kick out at two."

As Jak Nemesis gets to his feet, he pulls Casey Pierro-Zabotel up with him. Once up, CPZ pushes Jak back, then follows up with a chop.

"Big chop, followed by another. Jak Nemesis now returns the favor with his own. Nemesis grabs the arm and whips Case... No, reversed by Casey Pierro-Zabotel. Jak Nemesis into the ropes, on the return now."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel bends down and catches him.

"Big back body drop by Casey Pierro-Zabotel."

Jak Nemesis hits the mat and grabs his back in pain as CPZ gets to his feet.

"Pierro-Zabotel yanks Jak up by his head, directing him to the near by corner post."

He slams Jak Nemesis's head into the top turn buckle before pointing to the post across the ring and walking Jak Nemesis over to it.

"CPZ introduces Jak Nemesis's head to that opposite turnbuckle. He now seems to be making his rounds to the next. The head of Nemesis bounces off of that turnbuckle."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel points to the final corner post and takes a groggy Jak Nemesis over to it. As he goes to slam his head into the final turnbuckle, Jak Nemesis grabs the top rope, denying him.

"Not this time Jak Nemesis says! He now gives Casey Pierro-Zabotel a taste of his own medicine, grabbing his head and slamming it into that turnbuckle."

Jak Nemesis pulls Casey Pierro-Zabotel's head back far before ramming it into the turnbuckle again.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel stumbles back."

He turns back to face Jak Nemesis.

"Jak Nemesis lifts him over his shoulders into a fireman's carry."

Jak Nemesis holds Casey up and turns to display his strength to the fans, before slamming Pierro-Zabotel to the mat. The crowd pops. Jak Nemesis bends over to lift him up, and is met with a quick thumb to his eye. Jak Nemesis grabs his eyes and stumbles back.

"Casey maneuvers to his feet."

He grabs Jak Nemesis and bends him over, holding him by the side before lifting.

"Gutwrench suplex by Casey Pierro-Zabotel."

Casey Pierro-Zabatol walks over to Cancer Jiles and mouths something to him. He then holds his hand out.

"Casey Pierro-Zabatol giving Cancer Jiles the tag, allowing him to get in the ring with the man who some would say, robbed him, of his Anarchy Championship."

Cancer enters the ring and walks over to Jak Nemesis who is on one knee.

"Jiles lifts Jak to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes."

Jak bends over while running back.

"Leap frog by Jiles."

Nemesis bounces off the ropes again. This time on the return, Cancer falls to the mat and Jak jumps over him. As he hits the ropes for a third, and final time, Jak grabs the top one and stops himself.

"Just in the nick of time as Cancer was tuning up that super kick!"

Jak Nemesis flips Cancer off.

"Jiles rushes Nemesis!"

Jak bends down and catches Jiles, lifting him up and over the top rope.

"Cancer Jiles sent over the top rope!"

Cancer lands on the apron, holding onto the top rope as well as he can. Jak points to himself with both thumbs. Mike Polowy yells at him to turn around. As he does, Cancer uses the ropes to throw him self up, landing on the top rope. He then uses that force to leap off, crashing through Jak with a shoulder.

"The agility of Cancer Jiles right there folks!"

Jiles rolls to his feet, tagging Billy Wilson in.

"This match is about to get some God in it as Billy Wilson of Brothers of Prophecy enters in."

He yanks Jak Nemesis up.

"Forearm shot to the face of Nemesis."

Billy runs, and bounces off the ropes. As he returns, his knee meets the mid section of Jak Nemesis. Billy tags Bob Wilson in.

"As Bob enters, they grab hands and ran. Double clothesline, taking Jak Nemesis down."

Billy heads back to the apron as Bob lifts up Jak.

"Jak Nemesis needs to make a tag or he may find himself in a bad position."

Bob whips Jak into the corner. he runs and leaps.

"Splash! He missed!"

Nemesis moves just in time.

"Jak Nemesis is crawling across the mat as Bob Wilson holds his chest."

Doozer reaches out near Bob, yelling for the tag. As Bob tags him, jak leaps, tagging in Mike Polowy. The fans pop.

"It's about to get crazy as Doozer and Mike Polowy meet again!"

Both men rush the ring.

"Polowy meets Doozer with a kick to the gut."

Doozer catches himself and charges Mike Polowy, who takes him down with a drop toe hold.

"Mike Polowy quickly attaches the cross face with arm bar."

Doozer reaches for the bottom rope and grabs it.

"Mike Polowy unwillingly releases Doozer from the cross face, maneuvers to his feet. "

Doozer uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, as Mike Polowy waits, itching to attack. Once up, Doozer turns to see Mike Polowy charge him.

"Doozer catches Mike Polowy in a belly to belly position. Suplex! That was executed perfectly."

Doozer pushes up to his feet.

"Doozer heading to the top turnbuckle. He measures Mike Polowy up and leaps... Big head butt!"

Doozer hits his mark. Mike Polowy holds his gut in pain as his aggressor rises to his feet. The fans pop.

"Doozer now pulls Mike Polowy up, grabs his arm. Irish whip into the corner. He follows up, BIG SPLASH!"

As Doozer moves out of the way, Mike Polowy stumbles forward. Doozer gets in a three point stance, then chops his knee, causing him to hit the mat.

"Doozer shows why he was a force to be reckoned with."

Doozer turns Mike Polowy over on his back, then climbs to the second rope. He jumps, landing with a leg drop onto Mike Polowy's chest.

"Mike Polowy gasp for air as Doozer shows no signs of letting up. When you face Mike Polowy, you can't, as he'll use any opportunity he can against you."

Doozer pulls Mike Polowy to his feet again.

"Irish whip to the corner. Mike Polowy shook the whole ring when he hit it."

Doozer sits him up on the top turnbuckle then climbs himself. As he begins setting up for a superplex, Mike Polowy slams a right into his head.

"Mike Polowy fighting back now with lefts and rights. Doozer tries to hold on as Mike Polowy smashes him repeatedly.

Mike Polowy grabs Doozer's head in a look, and pushes off using the ropes, turning in the air. The crowd boos.

"HUGE DDT FROM THE TOP! Doozer is out cold!"

Mike Polowy gets to his feet and takes a moment before continuing. He then jumps up and falls with both knees towards Doozer.


Mike Polowy rolls around on the mat holding his knees in pain. Doozer pushes himself to his feet. He lifts Mike Polowy up, grabs his head and trunks, lifting him up, and bringing him down into a huge DDT.

"Doozer with his own big DDT!"

The referee checks on Mike Polowy and begins counting as Doozer stands, hands on hips, looking down at his opponent.

"Doozer walks over and tags in Upton Osgood, allowing the newcomer to get some more time to shine in this huge match up."

Upton climbs the turnbuckle from the apron.

"He leaps, and connects!"

Upton makes the pin, hooking the leg of Polowy.

"The referee counts."

Billy and Bob Wilson rush the ring, both dropping elbows at the same time, breaking the pin.

"Doozer and Cancer Jiles in the ring, they run at the Brothers of Prophecy."

Billy and Bob bend down, catch the eGG Bandits by their legs and lifts.

"Dual back body drops!"

Casey Pierro-Zabatol runs in but is taken down by the brothers with a double clothesline.

"The Brothers of Prophecy clean house!"

They turn as Jak Nemesis leaps with both arms out, taking them both down. Doozer and Cancer rolls to the apron and gets to a standing position. Jak heads to his corner. CPZ and the Brothers head out to theirs as well as Upton Osgood and Mike Polowy begin to get up.

"This match right here has been simply amazing, this night crazy. If there wasn't a pay per view this Sunday, I'd say this could be the best show this month!"

Upton walks over and tags in Cancer Jiles as Mike Polowy makes a tag to Jak Nemesis.

"Nemesis and Cancer hit the ring. they rush each other!"

Cancer ducks a clothesline and they both turn. As they do, he strikes with the quickness of a speeding locomotive.


Jiles covers Jak Nemesis. The ring goes chaotic as everyone rushes.

"The referee is counting and Doozer is protecting the pin as well as he can!"

Doozer begins just throwing hard fist into everyone.

"Spinebuster on Billy Wilson! Arm drag to Bob!"

The referee hits three and calls for the bell.

"The eGG Bandits move to the main event!"

The Brothers of Prophecy roll out of the ring. Casey Pierro-Zabatol runs towards Doozer from behind.

"Upton Osgood pushes Doozer to the side and saves him from a CPZ attack!"

Osgood leaps with a forearm to the face of Casey, following it up by multiple swift kicks to his legs. Cancer yells for him to move, he does.

"Terminal Cancer on Casey Pierro-Zabatol!"

Upton shakes Doozer's hand then Cancer Jiles'. Jak Nemesis and Mike Polowy sit in the corner away from the trio. They then fall to the mat and slide out backwards.

"Polowy and Nemesis choosing to finish this battle another time as the eGG Bandits get ready for the main event."

We fade to commercial break.

eGG Bandits vs. Company Policy (c)

As we return from commercial the eGG Bandits are waiting on the tag team champions.

"Main event time!"

The guitars start to roar into the arena, as the lights dim slightly. The tron flashes the words COMPANY POLICY!

"Company Always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind a gun I'll make my final stand
That's why they call me Bad company
And I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die"

Travis Williams comes out with his World Championship over his shoulder followed by Chris Bladez. They stand at the top of the ramp, and raise their arms up in the air as pyro streams up from the set.

"Rebel souls
Deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sun
Now these towns
They all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say Bad company
And I won't deny
Bad Bad company
Till the day I die "

Travis Williams and Chris Bladez start to walk down the ring, dead center, preventing anyone from touching them. Their private security staff with heads Syd Mason and Chaz Creed come down to the sides of Travis and Chris blocking the fans from getting anywhere near the two men.

"And I say it's
Bad company Oh Yeah---Yeah
Bad company
Till the day I die Oh Yeah Tell me that you are not a thief
Oh But I am
Bad Company
It's the way I play
Dirty for dirty
Oh Somebody Double-crossed me"

As the two men make their way to the ring, both grab the middle rope and step up on the apron. They wipe off their feet and they step into the ring. Travis hands off his belt to someone at ringside as the two men wait for the sound of the bell.

"This is the match we've all been waiting for since the draft. Company Policy and the eGG Bandits going at it for the Tag Team Championships!"

Doozer and Travis Williams choose to meet each other first as their partners head to the apron.

"DREAM Champion and World Champion meeting up for the first time."

The two champions circle each other as the bell sounds. As Doozer goes to lock up with Travis Williams, Williams simply shoves him back.

"Travis Williams with the size advantage, yet again, in this tag team title match up. Doozer attempts to lock up again, and is denied once more."

This time when Travis Williams shoves him, The Dooze stumbles back into the ropes, grabbing the top one to hold himself up.

"These two men have not faced each other before, so along with Travis Williams having an opportunity to say he is able to pin the Hall of Fame DREAM World Champion, we have the opportunity to witness a new and exciting match mixture this week on Slaughter."

Doozer lets go of the top rope and runs at Travis Williams who throws his boot up, catching the World Champion in the face sending him to the mat.

"Doozer meets the mat after a big boot by Travis Williams, who so far has Doozer thinking he may have found his toughest opponent yet."

Travis grabs the back of Doozer's head and pulls him to his feet. He directs him to the nearest corner post and slams the DREAM Champion's head into the top turnbuckle. As he lets go, Doozer bounces up and stumbles a few steps back.

"Travis Williams leans down and scoops The Dooze up, followed by a quick slam to the mat. Williams now with several angry stomps."

He stops stomping and leaps up, dropping with a leg drop across the chest of Doozer.

"I don't think I've ever seen Doozer dominated like he has been in this match to this point."

Travis Williams lifts a leg of Doozer up and crosses his in, turning Doozer.

"Half way over, Doozer is now fighting with all his might, trying to climb away. He's reaching."

Doozer is able to grab the bottom rope and pull hard enough to pull out of Travis Williams' grip. He quickly rolls out of the ring and to the floor.

"Doozer taking a moment to gather his thoughts and come up with a new offense to try."

Travis Williams leans over the top rope and yells at Doozer to get back in the ring. Doozer reaches in under the bottom rope, and yanks Williams' foot, causing him to fall to the mat.

"Just the break Doozer needs."

He grabs both of Travis Williams' feet and pulls, bringing Williams to the outside. As his feet hit the floor, Doozer begins to lay into him with a fury of rights and lefts.

"Doozer has Travis Williams pinned up against the ring as he finally is able to get an attack going."

He stops with the fist long enough to kick Travis Williams in the mid section, grabs his arm, and whips him.

"Travis Williams is sent head first into the ring side barrier. Doozer runs at Williams."

Travis Williams holds himself up on one knee by the barrier as Doozer connects with a rising knee to his head, laying him out. Chris Blades and Cancer Jiles both rush the ring and each other, on the attack.

"Doozer now heading back to the ring. He rolls in then back out to restart the count. Doozer now in control of this match as Cancer and Bladez exchange punches themselves."

Doozer grabs Travis' arm.

"Travis Williams whipped again, this time he meets those unforgiving steel steps."

Travis Williams crumples to the floor. Doozer walks over, casing him, contemplating his next move before stomping Williams a couple of times. He lifts him up, and rolls Travis back into the ring.

"Doozer entering himself now. He has shown why he is the DREAM Champion, being able to dominate in almost any situation against almost any adversary."

The referee is able to break Bladez and Jiles up, sending them back to the apron as the match gets back on track. Doozer picks Travis Williams up. Once he is halfway, The Dooze locks his head and grabs his trunks.

"Doozer appears to be about to attempt a suplex on the big man."

He lifts, but Travis blocks it with his foot. Doozer tries again, but is once again denied.

"Travis Williams is able to pull out of Doozer's grip, boot to the World Champion. Williams now grabs him, knee to the stomach of Doozer. Travis Williams now pulls him through with a hard hitting short arm clothesline."

Doozer meets the mat yet again. Travis leaps up, dropping his knees .

"Doozer moved! Travis Williams plants his knees into the mat hard."

Doozer quickly gets to his feet and runs to the ropes, as he comes off of them and heads back towards Williams, he leaps with a drop kick to the back of Travis Williams' head, who falls face first to the mat.

"Doozer quickly turns Travis Williams over. He goes for the pin, denied at two as Williams is able to kick out."

Doozer rises to his feet, lifting Travis up with him.

"Hard chop to the chest of Travis Williams by Doozer, followed by another."

Travis takes a step back then comes foreword with his own hard chop.

"Another big chop from the big man, he now follows up with a big right. Doozer returns the favor. We have an all out battle as both champions are exchanging fist."

Travis Williams grabs Doozer's arm and whips him into the ropes.

"Williams ready as Doozer is on the return. Wait... The Dooze leaps, shoulder block takes the big man down!"

Williams quickly to his feet, as is Doozer who runs and hits the ropes as he returns, he leaps again.

"Another big shoulder block! The Superman Can Fly!"

Both men to their feet, they turn to face each other.

"Doozer with a big boot to the gut of the World Champion."

He tries to lift him, but is unable to.

"Chris Bladez runs in the ring again, so does Jiles. Bladez denied reaching Doozer as Jiles shoots forward, TERMINAL CANCER!"

Cancer joins Doozer, and helps him lift.

"It takes two men but they do it, SUPLEX!"

Doozer quickly covers Travis and the referee counts.


The bell sounds and Doozer's face is one of shock and amazement. Cancer helps him up and they embrace as Williams rolls out of the ring along side of Chris Bladez.

"The eGG Bandits have dethroned Company Policy!"

Their music hits and the referee hands them the tag team championships.

"Company Policy just wasn't in it tonight, and they lost their titles due to that."

Bladez and Williams walk up the ramp, they turn and look at The eGG Bandits. Just staring down at the celebration in the ring.

"Next week we head to Golden Dreams. Next week these men will meet again, but the stakes will be even larger. That is all for Slaughter, I'm Jason Whiteside wishing you a safe night!"

We fade in on the new tag champs as the screen fades to black.