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Show opened to scenes from the last Summer Heat event, including the new Tag Team Champions and Cruiserweight Champion, the Flying Frenchie.


New Ninja vs. Sid Snow

In his fWo debut, The New Ninja dominated the match against Sid Snow using several ninjitsu and arial manuvers. As the Ninja covered Snow, Cactus Jon entered the ring and attacked the Ninja out of revenge for Summer Heat. Both men brawled to the backstage area.

Result: New Ninja by DQ


Chris Universal vs. The Surgeon

In his fWo debut, Chris Universal trapped the Surgeon in a Camel Clutch, and the Surgeon quickly submitted. After the match, Universal waved a large purple bag of money at the crowd, and taunted Ultra Violet.

Result: Chris Universal by Submission


Scott Slugger vs. Black Quicksilver

The Black Quicksilver, still injured after his match with Ice, attempted to fight the Slugger. As the bell rang, the Black Quicksilver at once dominated the match, finally kicking the Slugger to the outside. The Black Quicksilver attempted a plancha onto the downed Slugger. As the Black Quicksilver climbed back into the ring, he collapsed. Slugger entered the ring to make the cover, but the Black Quicksilver still did not move. Medics rushed to the ring to take the Black Quicksilver to a local hospital.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Jackhammer vs. Death

In his debut, Jackhammer performed a never-before-seen accomplishment in the fWo by making the leader of the Dark Riders, Death, submit. After the match the remaining Dark Riders hit the ring and attacked Jackhammer.

Result: Jackhammer by Submission


Darkness & Dark Angel Arrive

Darkness and Dark Angel enter the arena, and claim they will have a huge announcement this Friday at Summer Heat.


Destroyer vs. Brawler

Quickly making his way to touch all four ring posts, the Destoryer managed to win the match after choking the Brawler with the strap and kicking him outside of the ring. After the match the Destroyer challenged anyone in the fWo to a strap match.

Result: Destroyer


Lone Gunmen Interview

Machina is spotted outside the arena on the curb, dressed in tight leather and gesturing to his crotch. Police arrive and haul both he and Rudo Insano away, to which Machina yells "Suck it! My Chicken!"



Jim Dudley & Chris Kidman (c) vs. Dark Riders

Kidman and the Falcon dominated for most of the match, during which VL Tha Murdera came out to the ring to watch the Falcon wrestle. War and Famine finally tossed salt in the eyes of the Falcon, which brought Ice and the Slugger to ringside, and they proceeded to attack War and Famine. As the ref called for the bell, Death and Pestilence arrived and all 8 men brawled to the backstage area.

Result: Dark Riders by DQ


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Barry Bladerth

Looking distracted, Scotty Cool made his way to the ring. As the match progressed, Barry Bladerth was on the constant offensive due to Cool being distracted by something that was not in the ring. Barry Bladerth finally used a piledriver followed by a drop kick that pitched the Internet Champion to the outside. Scotty Cool was unable to enter the ring by the 10 count, and lost the match. After the match Barry Bladerth rolled out an American flag, and announced that "this is what I think of America". He proceeded to try to urinate on the flag, but finally gave up and taunted the crowd more before leaving the ring area.

Result: Barry Bladerth by Countout


Meltdown Drawings

Commisioner Travis arrives in the arena to draw additional names for Meltdown. He reminds the viewers of the big event this Friday involving the World Title. He then announces the teams of Cactus Jon & Jackhammer, Markus Cairn & Ripper, and David Spencer & Jim Dudley.


Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Scott Slugger

The Frenchie was the aggressor for the match, staying on top of the Slugger with arial moves that kept the Slugger grounded. As the match progressed, the Slugger trapped the Flying Frenchie and worked on the arm of the champion. The Frenchie escaped out of the hold, and went for a side suplex, only to have his arm prevent the move. Slugger capitalized on the distracted Frenchie to roll him up in a small package for the pinfall victory. After the match, an angry Frenchie assaulted Slugger, forcing him to need medical attention to leave the ring.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall