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September 17, 2011 - Woodbridge, CT - Connecticut Sports Center


RESULTS: WARPED 31 "Almost Famous" 9/17/11 - Woodbridge, CT - Connecticut Sports Center

Here are quick results of the show that was originally slated for August 17, a month prior to its actual date.

Emily Corlen defeated Tyler Graves and Jason Scene in a 3 Way Debut Match

Alexander StarrZoe defeated Trevor D. Sanderson

Drake Havok defeated Muhammad Rushdi in a "Twitter" Grudge Match

WARPED President Joey Matthew and PKA had a heated in-ring confrontation in which PKA degrading the bossman and blamed him for "nearly killing WARPED numerous times in 2011". After back and forth for minutes, Joey says that PKA "has no idea what it takes to run a company and needs some sense knocked into him if he does" to which PKA replied "try me" and Joey knocked some sense into him with a shot to the head with the microphone. Joey then screamed down at a fallen-PKA and told him that if he thinks he can do so much better then he's gonna get his chance to prove his worth - turn the company around before 2012 or PKA can kiss his free ride and guarenteed WARPED money train goodbye.

Six Man Mayhem for Evolution Title-
Sean Edmunds successfully defended the title, pinning Rico Calle and defeating Cameron MacNichol, Anton Chase, Rico Calle, and Chad Santana.

SwitchBlade Update
Tony D: Well folks, before we continue with the show we DO have an important update regarding former Warped World Heavyweight Champion SwitchBlade. Due to the actions of Grendel at our last show, SwitchBlade now has a cervical fracture and some spinal injury, specifically in his C3 and C4 vertebrae.

Kris Red: So how long will he be away for?

Tony D: There’s no definite time, but with this in addition to previous injuries he sustained in the past, it likely means that SwitchBlade will be out of action for the rest of the year, perhaps even longer.

Kris Red: Shit, man. That sucks.

Tony D: It does, and we at Warped would like to with SwitchBlade a healthy and speedy recovery so that he may one day return to the ring.

Kris Red: We’re praying for ya, brother.

Ultraviolent Triple Threat Match for World Title-
PKA won the World Title after pinning Korrupt, also defeating Crowbar.

After the match, PKA said that as his first act of WARPED Booker, he was vacating the World Title and that a new champion would be crowned on October 8th in Baltimore, Maryland at WARPED 32.