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We rejoin the interview.  Jamie Sawyers is still in shock over the revelation from Ron in part II. He is sweating a little bit and is fidgeting nervously.  Ron on the other hand is the picture of calm. He is amused at how Jamie has reacted to this surprise.

Ron: *Smiles* A little worried are we?
Jamie: *gulps* That could just cost me my job, that's all.... *Tries to steady himself.*  You've been back in the UTA for nine months now since returning at Season's Beatings in December.  You've made no secret of your distain for what you call "corporate wrestling". Is it possible that you're being a little to hard on the company and the way it's being ran? This is the evolution of business after all.
Ron: No. When you chase money as the be all and end all, it's going to take all the fun out of the product. Mattie would rather screw the fans and satisfy his own ego than to do the right things for business.
Jamie: What would you use as an example?
Ron: *thinks about it for a second.* Perfection.
Jamie seems surprised that Ron would mention a former UTA Champion who's career was on a Hall of Fame path before he left the company.
Jamie: Perfection? I'm not sure I get the connection.
Ron:  You've heard me, Spectre, Crimson and others talk about the "outlaw" days of the company right?  *Jamie nods.* If you want a good idea of what Mattie, hell even his old man were like and how they were to deal with back then, look at Jay and the way he behaved.
The difference then, as to now, is that back then, one of us, would have taken James Jr. outside and beat some sense into him.  He'd have found religion or come to Jesus, however you want to look at it.  Now? Jay was allowed to act any way he wanted for however long he wanted as long as the checks cleared until he did something management couldn't ignore any more.
If he cared about the fans or the product, Wingate would have ran Perfection's ass either straight to rehab or out of town on a rail! Instead he coddled him, made excuses for him and did everything but hold nightly pitty parties at the bar for him.  Wingate protected him because Perfection, as talented as he is, was just like him. Full of himself and full of his own shit!
Jamie: he shouldn't be surprised at Ron or his opinionated mouth but still is and hesitantly looks at Ron.
Jamie: that's harsh, CBR...
Ron: *interrupts* Went to rehab of his own accord and out of his own pocket.  Wingate's larges was to allow him the time off.
Jamie: *his voice giving away his displeasure* Are you going to try to defend Spectre?
Ron: I don't have too. His record speaks for itself.
Jamie: Come on Ron, you know how he is.
Ron: Yes I do. I know him very well.  But when you give your life and everything to something only to get shit on as a thank you, it tends to make Spectre a very mean and pissed off puppy.  Without him, This promotion never gets going.  Without our rivalry, the UTA doesn't survive those early days. Without our hard work and dedication, The UTA fades into history in 2004. Without him, more than me or the others there is no UTA now.
What does he get for a thank you? An endless lecture from Mattie about "characters not being relevant" or "this is the reality era". He talks about how "business has changed".  *shakes his head* no it hasn't.  
To his credit Spectre did try to fit in. He cut his hair, develop a new look and even a harder edge than I've ever seen him with. In the end, he didn't like the way things were going so Spectre decided that he was going to save the UTA from Mattie's bungling and what does he get for a thank you?  Laid out by Wingate and his cronies before he could make things right.
Jamie: *who really can't believe Ron is actually defending Spectre after all they've been through* So you going to defend Yoshi now? Maybe Madman 
Jamie doesn't get to finish as Ron leans into his face and in the calm before the storm tone
Ron: Get stupid with me again and I'll put your ass up between your shoulders. Got me? *Jamie remembers the beating from Crimson Lord and nods no and swallows nervously*. Thank you.
*Ron leans back and continues*
Yoshi was and always should be a great reminder of what happens when you take this or yourself too seriously.  It's one of the few things I think Wingate has done right. He didn't do a hit, he didn't send him to the fat farm, he just got rid of him and called it a day.
Madman Szlinzki didn't deserve what he got in the end when Mattie had his cronies take him out.  Yes I know the guy behind the mask could be a little... Ok, a giant pain to deal with some times but you let them go and move on. Instead Wingate's ego has left him hung up to the point he felt he had to destroy someone else's life."
Jamie:  Are you afraid people might decide that Wingate's right with what he's done? That you might be wrong or just out of touch with what the business has turned into?
Ron: *looks at Jamie very cynically and annoyed* And you want to go on about me? Did Wingate give you that question?
*Ron and Jamie look at each other with an annoyance that has come from this interview. Ron continues*
Ron: When you look at the core, this business remains the same now as it always has. It's the vision of things that has changed.  Where once we were celebrated and discussed, we get laughed at, mocked and insulted. I've had to sit and watch Mattie reap the rewards of what I helped build and act like it was all his doing.
Jamie: He mentioned it on Late Night, do you want a thank you?
Ron: *slowly cracks his knuckles*  No I want little Mattie Wingate to remember where he came from.  I want him to remember that he didn't do it all on his own.  I know it would kill him to acknowledge it or anything of the sort on UTA TV. Am I the only one who's noticed how one sided that little slick p.r. Package he had on last week was?
Jamie: Ron it is his company, he built it, with or without you...
Ron: *his glasses off, he rises from his chair, he is breathing very slowly, his face is turning red and into Sawyers face*
Without me? Without me he doesn't have that office in Orlando. Without me or the others he's so conveniently tried to write off and pretend like we never existed, he doesn't have the millions in the bank he brags about. He doesn't have that corporate office in Seattle and he doesn't own that mansion he goes on about!  WITHOUT US SAWYERS LITTLE MATTIE WOULD BE JUST ANOTHER PUNK NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OR GIVEN A DAMN ABOUT! THAT'S WHAT THIS IS ABOUT SAWYERS!
Sawyers: *who looks like he's about to shit himself from fright and stammering and bumbling nervously so Ron won't cave his face in*. Ron I... I...
Ron: *as his face and tone resume their normal color*  That's what this is about Sawyers. 
End part III