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The feed remains black as tonight's broadcast of TRUE's flagship show, Adrenaline, takes to the air. The opening to "Unity" by Shinedown begins to play as the video remains blank to all viewers’ screens. As the piano notes transition into the opening guitar riffs and drum beats to the song, the video flickers to life with shots of TRUE's first ever World Champion, Justin "Stormm" Michaels, arriving at the arena two weeks ago hours before WrestleFest 2012.

I found a note with your name and a picture of us.

Even though it was framed and covered in dust.

It’s the map in my mind that sends me on my way.

"Unity" takes to full swing as the video of our World Champion goes through a rewind process and starts to play again showing scenes from early in Justin's career. Most notably, is the press conference with Michaels, known simply as Stormm back then, sitting next to Joseph Remington Matthews after signing a deal with Matthews Wrestling Medias to compete in the InterAction Wrestling Federation, from 2000.

They say it's never too late to stop being afraid.

And there is no one else here, so why should I wait?

And in the blink of an eye the past begins to fade.

We are taken through several snippets of the struggles Stormm endured when he first started wrestling for IAWF, but through all the disappointment and frustration of his early career came the first bright spot, and the scene goes from the sadness to the happiness of his reigns as IAWF Television Champion. His four reigns are all highlighted covering the two times he had it while IAWF was still on the Geeksoft Network, and then two more after moving to its own network in 2001.

So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair?

And your moment of truth is the day that you say "I'm not scared."

After his time of competing as a working warrior for the TV title in IAWF, Stormm was moved up the card. Here we are shown several clips of him beginning his ascent to the top of IAWF, but not without a lot of hard work. Titles eluded him for some time, until the night came when he and former IAWF star, Stormangel, claimed the tag titles. The shots of these two as tag partners show the happiness and friendship the two had, but also show a lot of disappointment from Justin, not having enough to do it on his own.

Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there.

I've been looking for you day and night.

Shine a light in the dark let me see where you are.

'Cause I’m not gonna leave you behind.

Next are scenes of a blown push by the Force of Nature in IAWF. He qualified for a tournament to crown the IAWF Champion but he was knocked out of the first round without much of a fight. There are several shots that look as if he might even be shedding a tear.

If I told you that you're not alone.

And I show you this is where you belong.

Put your hands in the air one more time!

Then, not even a month later after blowing his shot at climbing to the top, he and Stormangel were taken down, and their Tag Team titles were taken away from them. More painful scenes showing Stormm after this match ignoring his partner and the crowd and just steaming to the backstage area without a second thought.

I’ve seen a million miles met a million faces.

Took all I knew to reach all these places.

And I’d do it again if it brings me back to you.

Following two of the most disappointing losses in his career to that point, we are taken inside of the gym that the Force of Nature used to train in, and Justin's work ethic here seems almost uncharacteristic, or at least it was at the time, since this is the turning point for him. It was this point in his career that everything turned around for him, and Michaels became almost stubborn with his training habits. It was also at this point that his career turned around, and he earned a shot at the IAWF Championship.

So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair?

And your moment of truth is the day that you say "I'm not scared."

Several clips Justin's World title match against Chris Gil from days long gone now begin to play. The video really emphasizes the uphill battle that Stormm was facing at that point, wrestling to gain his first ever World title against a fierce competitor in Gil. Several near falls, and fighting back more tired than he had ever been in any match he had been a part of, eventually Justin was able to plant Chris with the Force of Nature, and pick up the 1, 2, and 3!

Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there.

I've been looking for you day and night.

Shine a light in the dark let me see where you are.

'Cause I’m not gonna leave you behind.

The video quickly switches over to the celebration and the hoisting of the IAWF title after a huge match in Justin's young career. It really was a night that Michaels cemented himself in the main event, and showed the world everything he was made of. Several flashes of fan interactions, meet and greets, autograph signings, and matches after winning the IAWF Championship follow, and surely give any longtime Matthews Wrestling Media fans something to be nostalgic about.

If I told you that you're not alone.

And I show you this is where you belong.

Put your hands in the air one more time!

Then tragedy struck as images of newspaper clippings and pictures of a family in mourning are shown. Justin consoling his now wife, just a longtime friend at the time, and daughter to the last Joseph Matthews, Lindsay. Jonathan Matthews and the late Krystal Ann Diamonds are shown in several images as well after the man behind MWM was taken too soon from their lives. The man that gave Justin a chance, and believed in him enough to keep pushing him to be the best that he could be, was now gone; and shortly after he would be taken, so too would the IAWF be taken away from Justin.

Put your hands in the air!

A quick fast forward of the film brings us a decade into the present. All InterAction Wrestling Federation assets had been sold off, and the man behind Matthews Wrestling Medias these days and son of the guy who started it all, Johnny Matthews, has announced to the world the beginning of something fresh and new; TRUE professional wrestling! Despite a rocky relationship between Johnny and Justin over the years, we get a glimpse into the finer side of things as the two can be seen shaking hands shortly after Stormm was announced as the first wrestler signed to a TRUE contract! Several looks into the interviews, press conferences, and everyday life of Justin flash before leading into images from Adrenaline: Opening Day where he won the 10-man battle royal, and earned a number one seed into the WrestleFest World Championship tournament.

Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there.

I've been looking for you day and night.

Shine a light in the dark let me see where you are.

'Cause I’m not gonna leave you behind.

Finally we are given some nice clips of all three matches that Stormm competed in at WrestleFest just two weeks ago. His main event quality match that he and "Grandmaster" Glyn Speight gave the TRUE crowd right off the bat, a match that Justin would take after wearing Glyn down with his new Eye of the Stormm submission finisher, before putting the lid on the match with a Force of Nature. Next we come to Michaels' semi-final match against Mark Devereaux that was a very tough battle from both sides, both men having something to prove coming off being the first two in the Opening Day Battle Royal just two weeks prior to that night. Justin would ultimately capitalize, and put Devereaux away with his trademark Flash Flood, and Mark was unable to kick out in the end. And then lastly, the Championship Final between Justin and Scott Stevens that some will claim was shrouded in controversy, while the rest contend that either way, if Stevens was going to win, he would have. But of course, as we all know by this point, after the second referee made it to the ring, and nearly counted a pin fall on both competitors, Justin put Steven away for the 3-count.  The video eventually fades out with scenes of Justin's celebration, leaving all memories of IAWF in the past, and that of being its final champion, as he ushers in a new era as the first ever TRUE World Champion!

If I told you that you're not alone.

And I show you this is where you belong.

Put your hands in the air one more time!

Put your hands in the air one more time!


“Now, broadcast live with limited commercial interruption, Matthews Wrestling Medias presents a event. A Champion has been crowned and three men are looking to pose the first challenge. IT’S TIME TO GET INTO THE RUSH! IT’S TIME FOR ADRENALINE!”

As the live feed begins inside of the sold-out Fifth-Third Arena, from many angles, the cameras surf a tide of Havoc Orange, Harmony Pink and a solid mixture of Bearcat and Scorpion Red and Black. Most noticeably, the hundreds of Rottentreats masks that start high above the arena in the nosebleed section and consume nearly the entire East side of the bowl. Regardless of the colors or masks, every fan in the building is on his or her feet, in full-throat and, as is Matthews Wrestling Medias tradition, stamping, rapping their chairs and slapping the crowd barrier along the ringside area.

Unlike the normal kickoff of a TRUE show to date, there is no pyrotechnics, no explosions or multicolored light show. Instead, the arena lights slowly dim to a gentle glow and the sound of pouring rain fills the arena to the brim. Hardly containing themselves, the cheers and percussion grow to a fevering pitch before a flash of orange lights quickly lights up the entire arena and a deafening crash of thunder rattles every chest and chair in the house.

The arena goes completely dark.

The pre-chorus rift to "Crash" by Decyfer Down instigates a small riot amongst those in attendance as orange flashes, like lightning, illuminate the way for the Force of Nature! Justin Michaels appears through the curtain and steps out onto the stage, followed by his wife, the lovely Lindsay Michaels.


Austin McGreghor - Welcome everyone to the Fifth-Third Arena! My name is Austin McGreghor, I am joined here at the broadcast booth by my colleague Ernie Turner! We are about to be joined by the man that, just two weeks ago at WrestleFest, endured three grueling matches to become the first-ever TRUE Wrestling Champion of the World!

Ernie Turner - I think my stomach is STILL turning after that main event two weeks ago McG!

Austin McGreghor - Here comes Justin “Stormm” Michaels!

With the TRUE Wrestling Championship of the World unstrapped and grasped tightly in his right hand, Michaels plays to the cheers of the fans from atop the ramp, and marches back and forth while interacting with those in attendance and raising the World title high above his head. He nods his head and holds the title out towards the fans recognizing all the support they provide before turning his attention back to the ring, and starts to make his way towards the squared circle.


Austin McGreghor - The actions of our boss at WrestleFest, acting as the referee for the main event, has been the cause of a LOT of discussion over the last two weeks, and no doubt we are going to hear the Champ's thoughts about it to get things started for us tonight.

Having made it to ringside with his lovely wife at his side, Michaels patrols around to the opposite side of the ring and before he can continue the tradition and give his mocking salute towards Turner, Lindsay stops him and gives him a smooch right in front of the announcers' table. Coming away from the kiss with a big smile, Michaels keeps with routine, using the World title to salute Turner before hopping up onto the apron and assisting his wife up and through the ropes.


Ernie Turner - Grab a bucket or a waste basket or something McG, I think I'm going to blow chunks! I'd rather see Scott Stevens molest other people's wives than be subjected to that again!

Michaels follows Lindsay through the ropes and immediately scales the nearest turnbuckle to raise the World Championship into the air for all to see again. The flash bulbs surge throughout the arena as the orange lights brighten back to the venue's usual lighting. Michaels repeats his actions and poses on the turnbuckle in the opposite corner before hopping down from the corner and his music fades out, but the overwhelming applause does not as he tosses the World title over his right shoulder and walks to the back of the ring to grab a microphone.

Justin Michaels - You know what Cincinnati; you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome!

The statement didn’t get the expected pop as the fans had yet to settle in the first place. However, once Michaels began to speak they softened their cheers to listen.

Justin Michaels - Actually, I take that back. Cincinnati sure knows how to make a CHAMPION feel welcome!

As he lifted the title belt high above his head, there was the pop he was looking for! Incoherent chants, as the crowd couldn’t agree which to chant in unison, riddled the boisterous cheers and applause as the champ absorbed the admiration in the center of the ring. Michaels soon dropped the title back down to rest on his right shoulder, attempting to calm the crowd with some hand gestures so that he could continue.

Ernie Turner - For those watching at home, you can probably change the channel now; for at least five to ten minutes.

Justin Michaels - But I didn't come out here tonight just to say "Hey, look at me!" No, I came out here for two reasons. The first, being Johnny Matthews!

A mixed reaction of more cheers than boos radiates off the fans reacting to the name of the man who made TRUE possible.

Austin McGreghor - Calling out the boss right off the bat, it should be interesting what he has to say.

Ernie Turner - Did you say something? I was watching the season premiere of Fringe.

Justin Michaels - Now, for those of you who haven't heard about or seen the outcome of the WrestleFest main event, I'll bring you up to speed. Marcus Cane was supposed to be the guest referee, but got attacked backstage just before the final match. Rather than asking one of the ACTUAL officials to come back out for one more match, he went all NFL replacement referee on us, and donned the proverbial stripes himself. I admire the fact that he's willing to do that, but at no point did I ever want or NEED him to help me out like he was trying to do!

The crowd cheers in response to Justin's displeasure for the TRUE owner's actions at the pay-per-view.

Austin McGreghor - Our World Champions doesn't sound too pleased with how the final match in the tournament between him and Scott Stevens was handled.

Ernie Turner - He should be, any other night of the week and Stevens would be the one out here with the World title in one hand and Lindsay Matthews in the other!

Austin McGreghor - Michaels, Lindsay Michaels.

Ernie Turner - Whatever.

Justin Michaels - So let me go on the record by saying I never asked for help, I never wanted help, and I will NEVER need the help when it comes to winning the big one! Johnny, I said the same thing to your and Lindsay's father over a decade ago when I was trying to make a name for myself, and I'm standing here and saying it to you now as your TRUE World Champion! And trust me, if something like this EVER happens again while I'm still Champion, you won't have to worry about my opponents being the one getting upset and coming after you, I'll do that myself!

The crowd erupts with cheers following Justin's affirmation while at the same time showing the respect that the man has earned over the years in this business. Stormm begins to pace a little bit before facing the other side of the crowd.

Austin McGreghor - Strong words from the Force of Nature! He will personally see to it that he's not showed any favoritism in any of his matches from this point forward! Have to respect that!

Ernie Turner - I'll only respect it if he gets fired because of it, which would inevitably lead to his and Lindsay's divorce...

Austin McGreghor - What planet do you live on again?

Justin Michaels - Which brings me to my second point... Scott Stevens!

Boos fill the crowd at the mention of the man who believes he should be champion following the conclusion of WrestleFest.

Justin Michaels - While I echo your frustration over the way our match was handled before you used me as a weapon to knock Johnny out of the match, I can't condone a grown man spending two weeks whining like a child like you've been doing! The fact of the matter is, if you should have beaten me earlier in the match, then there should have been nothing left of me for you to dispose of when Ronald Hamilton came to the ring to finish the match off.

The boos have turned back to cheers as the crowd is getting behind every word the Force of Nature is saying.

Justin Michaels - Now you can continue to blow smoke and try getting people to buy into the bullshit you are spinning as truth, but I want you to know one thing; and let me preface this by saying, this is the last thing I'll ever have to say to you regarding MY World Championship! Scott Stevens, I don't care if it's Adrenaline in two weeks...

Stormm's voice begins to rise in volume as he begins to get the crowd pumped back up.

Justin Michaels - Trinity in November...

His voice rises in volume again.

Justin Michaels - Championship Khaos in the spring...

The crowd begins to make it back to their feet,

Justin Michaels - Or even WrestleFest next year! But when you finally mop up all the tears and put your big boy boots on to come after me and the TRUE World Championship; I'll make DAMN sure there's nothing for you to complain about after I CRASH through you, and leave with the World title where it belongs!

Cincinnati makes sure Stormm knows what they think about his declaration as the roof nearly comes off of the Fifth-Third Arena as he once again raises the World title above his head. Lindsay looks on, as she has the whole time, with a mile wide smile while applauding her husband.

Austin McGreghor - You heard it here tonight fans, Justin Michaels doesn't care if or when it happens, but when he and Scott Stevens lock up inside of the squared-circle again for the World Championship, he's promising to give The Scorpion nothing to complain about after he beats him again.

Ernie Turner - I'll believe it when I see it!

It looks as though Justin and Lindsay were done in the ring, but Stormm holds up a finger, like he's got another point he needs to make before he's done addressing the crowd here in Cincy.

Justin Michaels - But, you know Stevens, your journey to a golden mountain top where you do NOT belong starts tonight against a couple of guys who could just as easily give you more to complain about when Adrenaline goes off the air. First, Mark Devereaux. He was the guy who almost lasted as long as I did in the Opening Day Battle Royal, and gave me one hell of an obstacle in the semi-final of the tournament two weeks ago; who I might add kept you from slapping that wet dish towel you call a tongue on everyone at ringside after I won the match at WrestleFest. And then Brad Jackson, someone I look forward to getting in the ring against in the future. Both of these guys could just as easy become number one contender, and either one of them would get more respect from me inside this ring should I GET to face either one of them with the title on the line in the future.

As Justin starts to wrap up, the crowd continues to stay into it with almost as many cheers now as there was when he first kicked off the show.

Justin Michaels - But I still stand by what I said, and should you not win tonight, I'll make sure that after I've given one hundred and ten percent to retain MY World title against either Devereaux or Jackson, that Matthews LETS me face you again! Because, like I said, I want there to be nothing for you to complain about after we face off again; and it is going to a great feeling shoving all those excuses back down your throat!

He drops the microphone and hoists the World title up into the air one more time as "Crash" by Decyfer Down fills the arena and accompanies the fans' cheers as Justin and Lindsay exit the ring and make their way towards the back.

Austin McGreghor - While the Champ and his lovely wife make their way out of the arena, I want to remind fans that between shows you can keep up with TRUE at the official website,!

Ernie Turner - It’s also at the website where fans can keep up with their favorite TRUE superstars on the twenty-four seven All-Access Candid channel!

Austin McGreghor - That Ern as well as all of the gossip and rumors of the Talent Wire and official headlines from the offices!

Ernie Turner - Again, be sure to check out for all of the up-to-date action of TRUE!

Austin McGreghor - You know, WrestleFest was quite an event! As we just saw, we crowned the first-ever TRUE Wrestling Champion of the World...

Ernie Turner - You mean, Johnny Matthews handed that belt to his brother-in-law, right?

Austin McGreghor - There are those that see it that way and there are also those that see it as, even after Scott Stevens took Matthews out of the match, the Scorpion still could not capitalize.

Ernie Turner - You see it your way I guess.

Austin McGreghor - That aside, in what was an awesome tournament start to finish, we also saw Timothy Hunt overcome the odds of The Parker Brothers to become the number one contender to the TRUE Television Championship!

Ernie Turner - Which he will be taking from Mr. Rottentreats tonight!

Austin McGreghor - That remains to be seen. Rottentreats defeated Jessica Harmony at WrestleFest to win the title and, as this is the “working warrior” championship here in TRUE, there is a possibility of anything here tonight.

Ernie Turner - Be serious, Hunt has this one in the bag!

Austin McGreghor - When we return from this break folks, we will have our first match of the evening, Landon Divine will take on Brandon Aldridge!

Ernie Turner - Do you have a different format? What the...


Austin McGreghor - Welcome back everyone! Thank you again for tuning into Adrenaline, we are about to get our first match underway!

Ernie Turner - My notes say this is supposed to be...



Kaycee Jay - Ladies and gentlemen, this first match is scheduled for one-fall with a ten-minute time limit! Introducing first...

The lights dim until finally blacked out as a panel of lights shines on the TRUE-Vision above the stage spelling “DIVINE” with alternating colors. “Born Entertainer” by Veruca Salt starts up to a loud chorus of boos and white lasers as Landon and Lucy rise on a lift from under the stage. Neither pays any mind to the fans opinions as the huge bodyguard of Divine, Julius Frazier leads the way to the ring having walked from behind the light show.

Kaycee Jay - ...accompanied to the ring by his female companion Lucy and their personal security detail Julius Frazier, from Beverly Hills, California weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds... LANDON DIVINE!

Fans are brushed off as Landon and Lucy are far too into the other. Once to the ring, Frazier holds the ropes open for Lucy as Landon leads her up the stairs and along the apron. Once she has stepped inside, Julius enters next followed by Landon who leaps through the ropes with a spin move that leads him into the arms of Lucy. Landon and Lucy share a kiss bringing the lights back on as the trio begins to talk things over in the far corner.

Kaycee Jay - ...and his opponent...

“A Warrior’s Call” by Volbeat hits the speakers bringing the fans to their feet in excitement!

Kaycee Jay - ...from Denver, Colorado weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-nine pounds... BRANDON ALDRIDGE!

The music continues to play for several minutes as the crowds cheers slowly dwindle and a “WHAT THE HELL?” chant erupts. The chant eventually drowns out the music and it fades.

Ernie Turner - Looks like Ace folded early.

Inside the ring, Divine and Frazier bump fists as Lucy clings to her man tightly with a huge grin nearly ear to ear. With an, “I don’t know.” Raised brow in response to the chanting masses, Landon approaches the official for instructions. Chris Stevens shrugs as a heated exchange slowly burns. Whether it was the glare of Divine, the ranting of Lucy or the shear intimidation of Frazier, Stevens gives in and starts a ten-count.

1 ...

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - While I don’t agree with the way this is going down...

3 ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - Rules are rules McG!

4 ... ... ... ...

5 ... ... ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - And a win, is a win.

6 ... ... ... ... ... ...

7 ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Look at these three!

8 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Inside the ring, Divine is throwing a celebration as if this was the championship match of the century and he was about to put the finishing touch on a three-count.

9 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Just like that, easy victory!

10 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - I can’t believe that. I mean, I can. If I were Brandon Aldridge, I wouldn’t want to face Landon Divine either.

Kaycee Jay - The winner of this match, as result of a count-out, LANDON DIVINE!

Ernie Turner - Now these three can get the hell out of here and report back in, what McG, another two weeks.

Austin McGreghor - Apparently so.

As “Born Entertainer” by Veruca Salt hits the speakers, the trio wastes no time celebrating with the fans, but don’t spare any over the top reaction with one another. They exit the ring and head up the ramp much to the disdain of the sold-out crowd that was looking forward to an exciting match between two rising upstarts.

Austin McGreghor - Our apologies to the fans. I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation and the guys in the back are working hard to find out just what exactly happened to Brandon Aldridge.

Ernie Turner - I told you already, if you would just listen. He didn’t want to take an actual defeat so he folded before Divine dealt him any punishment.

Austin McGreghor - I hardly believe that.

Ernie Turner - Again, just like with the WrestleFest main event situation, you can believe whatever you want McG; even if it’s wrong.

Austin McGreghor - Fans, don’t forget, you can follow all of the TRUE action on Twitter as well, find us @TRUE_eW and discuss tonight’s event using #TRUEAdrenaline!

Ernie Turner - You can also like us on Facebook, at!

Austin McGreghor - Looks like the lovely Kaycee Jay is ready to call the next match, let’s get to the ring!



Kaycee Jay - This next match is scheduled for one-fall with a ten-minute time limit! Introducing first...

A loud hammer cocking, followed by a gun blast echoes over the arena.


“Shock-N-Rolla” the cVc theme hits the speakers as The Trailer Park Prodigy, Chance Von Crank, emerges from behind the curtain.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Harlan, Kentucky weighing two-hundred and sixty pounds... CHANCE VON CRANK!

The entire attendance breaks into a “cVc Sucks!” chant. As Von Crank makes his way to the ring, he turns ever so often to each side, simulating masturbation as he descends the ramp. Halfway down the ramp, he throws his head back and rolls his eyes up into his cranium shouting, “AW SKI SKI” and then flicks the assumed climax at a fan in the front row. He saunters the rest of the way to the ring.

Ernie Turner - I wouldn’t be surprised if Speight took his chips with Aldridge here.

Von Crank ascends the ring steps, removing his “The Reluctant One” shirt as he climbs. At the top of the steps he tosses the shirt behind him into the front row only to have the shirt thrown back at him. He shrugs it off and ducks through the ropes. He scales to the second turnbuckle of the far left corner and throws his fist up into the air. He absorbs the jeers and vulgar chants from the crowd before dropping down out of the corner and allowing Official Ace Tanner to check him over.

Kaycee Jay - ...and his opponent...

The lights go out in the arena leaving the fans cheering and whistling. Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer” hits the speakers and the crowd explodes in cheers.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Barnsley, England weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds... “GRANDMASTER” GLYN SPEIGHT!

Seemingly familiar, the music continues to pound the fans with each drum beat and the screaming guitar awaits the arrival of Matthews Wrestling Medias’ original superstar, but the Grandmaster doesn’t appear.

Ernie Turner - You have got to be kidding me!

As with the previous match, Von Crank struts out to the center of the ring and demands that Tanner start the ten-count. Tanner doesn’t need much convincing from the Razzle Dazzler as he too begins to count Speight out.

1 ...

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Okay, seriously, what gives?

3 ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - Just like Aldridge McG, The Grandmaster knows a beating when he sees it.

4 ... ... ... ...

5 ... ... ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - And again, a win, is a win.

6 ... ... ... ... ... ...

7 ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - The Trailer Park prodigy will take it however he can get it I guess!

8 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - That statement doesn’t just apply to wins!

9 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - And here’s the second count out of the evening!

10 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Kaycee Jay - The winner of this match, as result of a count-out, CHANCE VON CRANK!

Expecting his theme to hit, probably twice as surprised and visibly less excited, Von Crank snaps a deer-in-the-headlights look up the ramp as the opening riffs of Joe Lynn Turner’s cover of “Back in Black” cut through the tension!

Ernie Turner - We all knew it wouldn’t be long before...

Austin McGreghor - Here comes The Boss!

TRUE Owner Johnny Matthews bursts through the curtain with such velocity he leaves it trailing in the wind of momentum behind him. Truly the modern day man in black, from his black biker boots, black jeans and black Armani sports coat over a black button up, he is puffing like a train from a Marlboro Red pursed in his kisser. His shiny emeralds shielded beneath his silver-tinted shades, but a glare all the same. A focused and intent glare locked directly on Chance Von Crank.

Ernie Turner - I would not want to be Chance Von Crank right now.

Austin McGreghor - After some of the comments made in his “shoot promo” this past week, I don’t know of anyone who would want to be Chance Von Crank with the guy that signs your checks bearing down the ramp on them.

Matthews reaches the ringside area and goes straight up the steps. He quickly wipes his feet and ducks through the ropes. Passing right by Von Crank in the center of the ring, Matthews goes to the ropes on the right and demands a microphone.

Ernie Turner - What the hell could either one of these two men be thinking right now?

Austin McGreghor - We are about to find out what one of them are thinking, I think that’s for certain.

Much smaller, but without reservation, Matthews steps directly to Von Crank. A silent pause as every fan is drawn to the very center of the ring in anticipation.

Austin McGreghor - You know Ern, admission to these events covers the entire seat, but all you’ll ever need is the edge.

Ernie Turner - I don’t think there’s anyone in this building that is in their chair at all McG. I have this urge to stand myself!

Unrelenting, Matthews continues this stare off until Von Crank breaks away and takes a step back. The microphone is raised and Matthews hesitates to speak as Von Crank cracks a shit-eating grin. Both of these gentlemen clearly have knowledge of something yet to be revealed and apparently Von Crank just realized it.

Johnny Matthews - So you want a cheap win do you? You? A guy that not two months ago was ready, willing and able to do whatever it took to capture THE golden ring. I gave you your shot. How did it work out for you?

Matthews continues to flip ashes about the canvas as he speaks. Von Crank simply leans against the ropes. Like a dog wanting his lashings so he can go continue to dig under the fence.

Johnny Matthews - Yeah, you were attacked by Marcus Cane, but don’t go out of your way and try and pass your loss off to that. You wrestled, what, another eight or nine minutes. Kicking out here and going for the pin there. You lost there “Franchise”; plain and simple.

The simple statement got the ire of Von Crank and again they were chest to chest; this time, Von Crank bad mouthing the boss and apparently sticking to his story that it was indeed the fault of Marcus Cane.

Johnny Matthews - Ah! Still got some fight in you? I figured after the little beating that was just brought to my attention that you would be winded at this point. I mean, as we all saw, you’re only good for about eight or nine minutes and you just; well, let’s put that up on the big screen shall we...

The TRUE-Vision lights up to prerecorded video of Von Crank and a masked individual putting a beat down on the TRUE Icon and Matthews Wrestling Medias original, “Grandmaster” Glyn Speight. The masked individual is wearing an outfit similar to one that has already been in the ring once tonight. A very large individual, about six and a half feet tall with a muscular build. The beat down is vicious and bloody, leaving Speight in a lifeless heap in the backstage area. Back in the arena, in the live feed, the appalled fans boo and throw garbage at Von Crank. He ducks a few plastic bottles and crumpled food wrappers.

Johnny Matthews - I don’t know who exactly that six-foot-six man is, but I know he looks really familiar and I think I know who he works for. I also don’t know the whereabouts or condition of Brandon Aldri...

Von Crank pushes Matthews shouting, “What does Brandon Aldridge have to do with me?”

Austin McGreghor - Not smart!

Ernie Turner - Of course not, that’s the guy that’s cutting costs at the end of the year with ridiculous fines for touching him.

Johnny Matthews - I’m going to let that slide and you are going to let me explain. You see I have an idea of who that very large individual is and who he works for. I want to see Landon Divine right here, in this ring, right now!

“Born Entertainer” by Veruca Salt hits the speakers and, instead of the awesome rising through the stage gimmick, Divine and Lucy come through the curtain and head down the ramp. Taking their time of course and making Matthews wait, Divine goes through the motions of assisting Lucy up the steps and along the apron before hoisting his self up and following her through the ropes. Von Crank distances his self from the yuppie Divine and Lucy appears perturbed to be in the same ring with the Trailer Park Prodigy.

Johnny Matthews - Where’s that big fellow that followed you out here earlier?

Divine shrugs with a raised brow and smirk.

Johnny Matthews - Think we are all cute? Is that what this is? I give you the biggest opportunity of your pathetic little careers and you two start attacking people backstage; this is cute for you? This is how you want to make your mark on the “big time”.

Ernie Turner - He has to understand a win is a win. He can’t stand in that ring like he’s never taken a cheap shot. He’s Johnny Vivacious afterall.

Johnny Matthews - I tell you what, you both look pretty fired up right now. I see you both have a little glimmer to throw down in your eyes? Don’t think about pouncing me in my ring, in my building; no, that won’t be healthy for either one of your now precarious little careers... but...

Divine and Von Crank continue to circle and stalk Matthews as he speaks.

Johnny Matthews - ...I have no issue with you two throwing down with each other.

The circling stops immediately as neither man seem interested and wave it off like it’s not going to happen. Von Crank goes to exit the ring and Matthews stops him as he continues to speak.

Johnny Matthews - I will even make it worth your while with a golden opportunity.

Von Crank brings his upper torso back through the ropes and again locks glares with his reflection in Matthews’ shades. After ushering Lucy out of the ring, Divine approaches The Boss from behind and comes around his left side.

Johnny Matthews - That’s right, I will give you the opportunity tonight to go one-on-one and I will award the winner a title shot next week. I will give you ten minutes, bell to bell and the winner gets a shot at the TRUE Television Championship in two weeks when we invade Xavier University and the Cintas Center!

Divine seems reluctant, but Von Crank cracks a grin.

Austin McGreghor - So, from the sounds of it, we just might have a number one contender’s match for the TRUE Television Championship right here tonight!

Johnny Matthews - There will be no count-outs or disqualifications, pin or submission only and again guys, you’ll have ten minutes to get the job done. What do you think?

Von Crank goes to the corner, nodding his head in acceptance. Divine tries talking to Matthews away from the microphone. Something along the lines of his night being over and he had already won his match. Matthews reminds him, gesturing around his waist in a championship belt motion. Playing to Divine’s ego, Matthews gets an agreement and hands the microphone to the official before exiting the ring.

Austin McGreghor - These two men may have walked into this building tonight with a secret alliance or some sort of deal, but one of them will leave as the number one contender for the TRUE Television Championship.

Ernie Turner - This is ridiculous, both of these men already have victories here tonight!

Austin McGreghor - Nevertheless, there’s the bell.



Divine and Von Crank circle the ring, Von Crank slapping each of his arms as they close the gap on one another. Tie up in the center of the ring, the push and pull ensues and Divine gets Von Crank backed into the corner. The powerful Von Crank reverses and Divine is backed into the corner. Von Crank pushes Divine’s face back over the turnbuckle post as the official starts the count. At four, Von Crank backs off clean and returns to the center of the ring. Tanner admonishes Von Crank for cranking Divine’s neck. Again, the two are back to circling. Divine gets the left arm of Von Crank and winds it up. Von Crank flips his way out of it, showing great agility for a man of his size and cranks Divine’s arm. Divine doesn’t allow Von Crank to show him up, using similar flipping techniques he to reverses the hold and slams Von Crank to the mat with an arm drag.

Austin McGreghor - I thought for sure we were going to be in for a brawl, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Von Crank turns into the wrist lock and then rolls through and spins with an arm drag in return. With a wrist lock on Divine, Von Crank takes control of the match. Divine kips up; Von Crank keeps control of the wrist lock, but Divine pushes him back to the near left corner by Von Crank’s throat and chin. Divine whips Von Crank into the opposite corner and rushes in with an attempted monkey flip that Von Crank rolls through, out onto his feet. Divine is quick to find his feet and rush Von Crank and reverses a hip toss into one that the larger Von Crank blocks. Divine stamps Von Crank’s foot, bending him over and then goes for a leg scissors that Von Crank pushes off. Divine lands on his feet and hip tosses Von Crank down. Divine goes for the attack, but Von Crank kicks him away with both feet. Von Crank back up and poised to pounce. Divine kips up eye to eye with Von Crank.

Austin McGreghor - Both men displaying superb athleticism here, but you have to wonder, considering the amount of ego in the ring, which will lose their cool first?

Ernie Turner - These two men are top caliber athletes McG. Give them their deserved credit.

A grin exchanged by each before they slap hands and return to circling the ring. Coming together in the center of the ring, Von Crank challenges a test of strength. Von Crank easily takes the advantage, bridging Divine down. Divine keeps his shoulders off of the mat arching from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. Divine pushes back up and lands a solid kick to Von Crank’s right hand before taking to the near ropes. Leaping all the way to the top rope, Divine springboards off of the top and reverses the lock into a hip toss. Von Crank back up as Divine comes off of the near ropes and leaps up for a hurricanranna. Von Crank captures the momentum in mid air and brings Divine down with a power bomb. Without going for a cover, Von Crank then catapults Divine out and over the top rope, sending him crashing down on the ringside mats.

Ernie Turner - Lucy rushing over to check on her man!

Austin McGreghor - She’d better! Her meal ticket is in real danger here!

Ernie Turner - Meal ticket? I’m sure he means a little more than that.

Von Crank takes a seat on the second rope, holing it open as Divine finds his feet at ringside. Lucy rubs Divine’s shoulders and checks him over. Von Crank actually allows Divine to duck through the opened ropes without incident and again, they meet up in the center of the ring. They tie up and Divine gets a hammer lock that is reversed by Von Crank. Von Crank cinches the arm tight as Divine reaches over his shoulder with his free arm and captures his opponent’s head; Divine flips up and over the top of Von Crank, bringing him down from behind with a roll up.

1 ...

2 ... KICK OUT!

Both men quickly back up and Von Crank gets an arm drag take down, returning Divine to the mat. Cranking the arm, Von Crank applies pressure as Divine attempts to keep his shoulders off of the mat. A handful of mullet that the official breaks up at a count of four is ineffective. Holding the arm against the mat, Von Crank throws his legs into the air and brings the knee down into the muscle of Divine’s bicep and elbow; once, twice, but not a third time as he drags Divine to his feet. Cranking the hammer lock hard behind Divine’s back Von Crank maintains control even as Divine reaches around once more, capturing Von Crank’s head and goes to flip over only to be tossed down, back first to the arm against the mat. Von Crank doesn’t let up and continues to show the science of his art as he snatches the hurt wing of Divine and secures a wrist lock.

Austin McGreghor - Divine has to get out of this or this much more focused Chance Von Crank is going to rip his arm off.

Divine pushes himself up and, with a handful of mullet, pushes Von Crank back against the ropes. He launches him to the ropes on the left and is caught in a crucifix pin as Von Crank returns from the ropes.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - He could have him here!

2 ... ...


Von Crank is back up and lifting Divine to his feet as well. Von Crank sets up a vertical suplex, but Divine floats over, coming down behind the Trailer Park Prodigy. Von Crank catches a kick and ducks an enziguiri, brushing Divine to the ground. Von Crank sets up a bow and arrow stretch arching Divine high above the mat. Divine breaks his right arm free and grabs Official Tanner as he came in to check for a submission, using the official’s body to break free of the hold. Divine crawls to the ropes as Von Crank gets up behind him. Von Crank snapmares Divine down. Von Crank stays locked onto Divine’s left shoulder and upper arm. Divine pushes himself back to his feet. Von Crank uses the far ropes for momentum to launch Divine across the ring to the near ropes. Von Crank goes down and Divine steps over him; Von Crank leap frogs Divine on the second pass and immediately drops to his back, catching Divine on the third pass with his feet to launch him into the air; Divine crashes down hard, bouncing right back to his feet and takes a lean on the far ropes. Von Crank rushes and Divine hoists him up and over the top rope.

Austin McGreghor - A good way into the second half of this match, one has to wonder if this will remain a scientific clinic between two of TRUE’s most controversial stars.

Ernie Turner - Look at the beautiful Lucy cheering on her man!

Inside of the ring, Divine takes a breather with slight celebration as Lucy cheers him on from ringside. On the outside, Von Crank slaps then rubs his knee, having struck it on the apron on his way to the mats at ringside. Offering the same courtesy, Divine holds the ropes open for Von Crank. Divine waves his hand welcoming his limping opponent back into the ring. Clean, without incident, Divine allows Von Crank to reenter the ring. The official informs both competitors that three minutes remain in their ten minute time limit. Once more, they go to circling one another in the ring. Tie up and Divine is cinched up in a side headlock. Head lock takedown and Von Crank maintains control with the headlock, pinning Divine’s shoulders to the mat!

1 ...

2 ... ...


Divine fights his way to his feet and with a handful off mullet pulls Von Crank backward against the near ropes, using them to break the side headlock and send Von Crank to the far ropes. Divine leapfrogs Von Crank on the return and lands wrong on his left leg. Limping into the corner, Divine draws Von Crank in only to show opossum and kick the injured knee of his opponent. Kicking and stomping on the knee, Divine takes Von Crank to the mat. Divine wrenches the knee of Von Crank then uses the second rope as a springboard for a modified stump puller. Divine pulls Von Crank to his feet and sends him to the ropes; SPINE BUSTER, that Divine rolled and arched into a Texas cloverleaf.

Austin McGreghor - Divine has his Mark of Perfection locked on!

Ernie Turner - With two minutes left, this could be it right here!

Austin McGreghor - NO! Somehow, some way, Chance Von Crank has powered out!

Now the shoving back and forth commences as Von Crank pushes Divine and Divine heaves right back. Von Crank hurls Divine into the near right corner and then jerks him out, by the hair, into a side headlock. Pulling Divine out to the center of the ring, with the side headlock seemingly bolted on, Von Crank is pushed to the far ropes and then shoved off down to the near ropes. Divine drops and Von Crank steps over on the first pass. Divine is quickly up and, as Von Crank hits the far ropes, he comes off the near ropes. SPINNING HEEL KICK! Both men are down, but Divine is stirring and again, right back up. Losing valuable time and a possible pinning opportunity, Divine plays to Lucy’s cheerleading before snatching Von Crank’s legs up and stomping down into the midsection. Divine lifts Von Crank up and then drops him down across his knee. The clock quickly running down, seventy-five seconds remain!

Austin McGreghor - He has him compromised here, yet he continues to work on his lower back!

With Von Crank turned up on his side, Divine throws his own lower body into the air and plants a sharp knee into his opponent’s spine. Divine pulls Von Crank to his feet, back him into the far right corner and then rockets him to the opposite corner with such velocity, Divine loses his footing and Von Crank rocks the entire ring with the collision. With less than fifty seconds to go, Divine again pulls Von Crank up for a body slam down into the center of the ring. Standing leg drop down across Von Crank’s neck before finally rolling down and hooking the leg!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Lateral press here!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - Divine will challenge for the...

Thr... ... KICKOUT!

Ernie Turner - OH MY GAWD!

Austin McGreghor - This is why these wrestlers come to TRUE and the fans tune in. This isn’t wrestling’s dumpster folks! This is TRUE professional wrestling!

Von Crank sits up as Divine locks on a sleeper hold from behind. The clock enters the last thirty seconds! Divine continues to since in the hold, demanding that Official Tanner check. Von Crank, rolling his eyes into the back of his head, remains lifeless in the grip. Tanner checks and Von Crank shows enough will to shake his head as the clock shows fifteen seconds. Von Crank continues to shake his head as he raises his right arm, attempting to show the official he still may have some fight in him. The crowd begins to count down the last ten seconds!

Ernie Turner - They are going to run out of time here McG!

Austin McGreghor - This capacity crowd counting down!

Von Crank struggles to push both men to a vertical base and uses the ropes to shove Divine off and to the far ropes. Coming off of the near ropes, Von Crank and Divine share the same train of thought and clothesline one another as the bell sounds. Both men on the canvas as the official informs both that the time limit had expired. Both Divine and Von Crank roll to each side and use the ropes on each side, Von Crank on the left and Divine on the right nearest Lucy, to pull themselves to their feet. Von Crank kicks the bottom rope and demands five more minutes as Kaycee Jay makes the announcement.

Kaycee Jay - I have just been informed by the official that this match has been declared a draw due to the time limit expiring before a pinfall or submission could be executed by either competitor.

Divine seems adamant about getting five more minutes as he too wanted a shot at the TRUE Television Championship. Official Tanner shrugs, throwing his hands up and explaining that they were told by The Boss that they had ten minutes. Visibly irate and frustrated, both Divine and Von Crank continue their pointless and unanswered demands as Tanner exits the ring on the far side. Divine and Von Crank meet up in the center of the ring. Words are exchanged as the fans are once again drawn from their seats in anticipation only to have a reluctant hand slap between the two.

Ernie Turner - I never thought I would ever see that between The Architect of Perfection and The Trailer Park Prodigy.

Austin McGreghor - It’s sportsmanship Ern. TRUE is full of great talent, whether you like them or not, they are all great talent and these two recognize that in one another tonig...


The TRUE-Vision lights up above the stage and The Boss, Johnny Matthews, appears to be addressing the crowd and the two competitors in the ring from his executive suite. He is joined by WARPED Wrestling’s Patrick Kay Anthony.

Ernie Turner - What could he possibly have to say now?

Austin McGreghor - I am not quite sure, anything can happen, but that is WARPED Wrestling’s Patrick Kay Anthony with him.

Johnny Matthews - Hey there fellas, glad to see that after all of that, you can still slap hands and come out with some kind of dignity. Who is this? Oh, this is Patrick Kay Anthony. Some may know him from WARPED Wrestling. I am going to allow him to help me make a very tough decision.

Austin McGreghor - As many who attended last night’s meet and greet at The Famous Neon’s Unplugged know, Matthews flew PKA in to attend Adrenaline here tonight.

Ernie Turner - He has no power here though, what is Matthews thinking?

Johnny Matthews - So, obviously, we aren’t going to give you five more minutes; that is definitely out of the question, but Mr. Anthony, we need a challenger for the Television title at the next Adrenaline. What to do, what to do?

Patrick Kay Anthony - Why not let Mr. Rottentreats pick his challenger, one or the other, after he defends against Timothy Hunt here tonight?

Johnny Matthews - That is a great idea! Hell, the kind of champion that Rottentreats is, he would probably stick with the build to Trinity and face both. I’ll give him that choice as well.

Patrick Kay Anthony - So, Mr. Rottentreats can pick one or the other...

Johnny Matthews - ...or both!

Ernie Turner - Why are they so sure that Rottentreats is going to defeat Timothy Hunt here tonight?

Johnny Matthews - However, if Timothy Hunt wins, just because I truly don’t care for him, he has no choice. He will face both at the next Adrenaline.

Patrick Kay Anthony - I like that!

Austin McGreghor - Well there we have it folks. The fate of these two men in the ring rests in the decision of the Television Championship match tonight. If Rottentreats retains he has his choice in either or both...

Ernie Turner - ...but when Hunt wins the title, he has to face both regardless, that’s not fair!

Austin McGreghor - I don’t think it much matters to the two in the ring or the two backstage, but for the two in our next match, things just got interesting. We will have the Television Title match when we return!


“This is the Flatline of the Night!”

The feed replays Chance Von Crank returning to his feet as his opponent, Landon Divine, came off of the near ropes and leaped up onto Von Crank’s shoulders. Reversing the hurricanranna attempt, Von Crank bounces Divine hard off of the canvas with a power bomb!

“This has been the Flatline of the Night! Don’t let your computer take a shot like this, get it to the guys at!”

As the feed returns the cameras are focused on the broadcast table where the sensibly stylish Austin McGreghor is seated next to Ernie Turner, who appears to be lost in the mid eighties this week.

Austin McGreghor - Welcome back fans. On a night where there have already been two count outs leading to victories for Landon Divine and Chance Von Crank who just battled it out with one another to a time limit draw, we are headed into the Television Championship match!

Ernie Turner - A match with a lot more than the TRUE Television title at stake!

Austin McGreghor - Yes indeed Ern. Fans, Johnny Matthews just informed the crowd as well as both Landon Divine and Chance Von Crank that should Mr. Rottentreats retain here tonight, he will get the choice of facing either The Architect of Perfection, The Trailer Park Prodigy or both!

Ernie Turner - Yeah, but when Timothy Hunt upsets Rottentreats tonight and takes that belt, he has to face both with no choice at all! Completely unfair if you ask me!



Kaycee Jay - This next match, scheduled for one fall with a fifteen-minute time limit, is for the TRUE Television Championship! Introducing the challenger...

“Survive” by Lacuna Coil plays over the sold out crowd, immediately inciting a chorus of boos. The lights dim and the stage is suddenly lit up by a single golden spotlight.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Honolulu, Hawaii weighing in at two-hundred and eighteen pounds... “MR. CONTROVERSY” TIMOTHY HUNT!

Hunt steps out into the golden glow and pyrotechnics shower down from the bottom of the TRUE-Vision behind him. He glares out at the booing crowd before making his way down the ramp, dodging hand slaps all the way and sneering at the ringside fans. At the foot of the ramp, he dives under the bottom rope into the ring. He poses to the chagrin of the sold-out crowd and then takes a corner to be checked over by Official Ronald Hamilton.

Kaycee Jay - ...AND HIS OPPONENT...

The crowd immediately explodes in cheers as the lights drop out to the thumping bass of the Insane Clown Posse’s “Kickin’ Kickin’”.

"Why must you challenge me?!"

The spotlight finds Mr. Rottentreats just as TRUE-Vision lights up showing him at the top of the entranceway with his newly acquired TRUE Television title snapped around his waist and his bag of “treats”, at his feet.

"It's spite! I was born a ninja warrior, and I have to prove myself to all ninjas, that I'm the best around!"

"Then you've got to defeat me first!"

As he slings his bag over his left shoulder, then positions his right hand on his brow and scans the crowd shouting, "Where my ninjas at?!"

"Hmm, sure..."

Jumping into the air he performs a roundhouse kick as the crowd shouts the “KEE-YA!” at the beginning of the song. He lets a smile escape from under his mask before joyously descending the ramp. Half way down the aisle he backs himself into the guardrail in front of a crew of Juggalos giving a chance to embrace the newly crowned TRUE Television champion.

Kaycee Jay - ...from the Carnival Grounds weighing in at two-hundred and six pounds, please welcome TRUE’s resident Juggalo and the current Television Champion... MR. ROTTENTREATS!

He continues to bob his head to the beat as he makes his way around the ring, stopping in front of the announce table. He slings his bag of “Treats” off his shoulder slamming it onto the table causing Turner and McGreghor to flinch.

Mr. Rottentreats: TWO FO' FLINCHIN'!

Treats reaches into his bag and pulls out two 24oz Candy Apple Faygos and places them on top of the announce table. Turner obviously parched, greedily grabs both. Upon opening the first, it spews all over him as Treats observes.

Mr. Rottentreats: Keep callin' me “clown”, and it's gonna get worse! Ya dig?!

Treats continues to make his way around the ring. He hops up to the apron, as he turns the back of the TRUE Television title catches the middle rope and unsnaps, falling at ringside. He puts his hands on his hips and shakes his hand in embarrassment. He jumps off the apron and quickly mimics CPR on the title, then jumps in the air raising it over his head.

Mr. Rottentreats: IT'S ALIVE!!

He slides into the ring and kisses the title before handing it over to the referee, all while keeping a close eye on Timothy Hunt.

Austin McGreghor - I’m sorry Ern, I don’t mean to laugh, but...

Ernie Turner - Shuddup McG! This was not funny. Damned clo...

Austin McGreghor - Watch it!

Having checked both men over, presented the Television title to Hunt and held it in the air for all to see before handing to Kaycee through the ropes, Hamilton calls for the bell. Hunt rushes, Treats ducks a clothesline and immediately rolls Hunt up from behind. Hamilton is down!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Quick roll up here!

2 ... KICKOUT!

Right hand after right hand from Treats backs Hunt against the near ropes and he continues to deliver one stiff shot after the other. Hunt goes limp on the ropes, held up by his right arm as it’s hooked over the top rope. Treats whips Hunt to the far ropes, but is reversed and Hunt waits for the champion in the center of the ring. Hunt ducks to catch Treats, but Treats captures the CRAVATE! Leg sweep and Treats floats over to a mount and then pummels Hunt with a fury of rights and lefts before bashing his cast across the top of Hunt’s face once, twice and Hamilton literally pulls him off before he can do any further damage. Hunt back pedals to the near left corner and Treats stays on him, wrapping both arms over the top rope on each side of the corner. Hunt’s chest wide open, Treats goes for a chop and Hunt flinches!


Treats stiffly plants two boots into Hunt’s guts and takes two steps up along the left ropes to run in with a right hand to the side of Hunt’s head. Hunt collapses in the corner. “WHOOP WHOOP!” and the fans chant along with Treats. Hunt struggling to pull his self up in the corner and Treats returns to assist. Treats launches Hunt across the ring to the opposite corner. Hunt goes for the float over, but lands on Treats shoulders. Treats staggers out of the corner with Hunt punching down on his head. ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Lateral press, both legs hooked!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Listen to this crowd Ernie!

2 ... ...

Hunt kicks out as the fans continue to chant “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Austin McGreghor - WAIT A MINUTE NOW!

As Treats gets up, from the left side of the ring, Chance Von Crank is on the apron and Treats is quick to dispatch him with a few quick right shots! Attention back on the task at hand, Treats runs across the ring to clothesline Hunt up and over the top rope, sending him crashing to the mats in front of the broadcast table! Treats goes to the second turnbuckle of the near right corner throwing his arms in the air for his ninjas and ninjettes throughout the crowd. An absolute riot as the fans fully support of the Television Champion. Hamilton warns Treats against attacking the downed opponent from the elevated position and Treats drops down and goes along the right ropes to the adjacent corner and incites the fans once more. As Hunt gets up and climbs back up on the apron, Treat drops down and goes for the attack. Hunt gets a hold of Treats and drops his throat down across the top rope. Treats stumbles back holding his throat and then back toward the ropes to have his feet pulled from beneath him. Hunt uses the top rope for momentum launching his self over and in with a splash.

Austin McGreghor - For the first time here, Hunt has things in his favor and here we go!

Hunt pulls Treats up and backs him into the corner hard. Hunt fires some martial arts kicks to the chest, face and abdomen as Treats pulls his forearms up to absorb most of the blows. Spinning mule kick to the guts doubles Treats over and Hunt takes the champion off of his feet with a high knee! Fist drop to the back of Treats head as Hunt stays on him. Hunt jerks Treats to his feet and pushes him back into the corner before rocketing him to the opposite side. Hunt rushes in, but Treats dodges and Hunt’s shoulder crashes into the steel ring post. Treats gets a grip on Hunt’s head and pulls him into the corner. Seated on the top rope, Treats wraps his leg around the back of Hunt’s head and drives him face first in the mat with a modified bulldog! A quick cover!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - The Trailer Park Prodigy is back up on the outside!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - And he’s not alone!

Hunt kicks out as Von Crank is outside of the ring on the left, entrance side while on the opposite, broadcast side, Landon Divine has jumped up onto the apron drawing the official. Treats comes off the left ropes only to be tripped up by Von Crank and jerked out of the ring under the bottom rope. Divine holds Hamilton’s attention as Von Crank pummels the Television Champion out of the official’s site. Hard rights turned into hammering forearm shots into Treat’s back as Von Crank works him over.

Ernie Turner - OH MY GAWD!

Hunt takes out both Von Crank and Treats with a suicide dive through the ropes. Divine notices and drops down, allowing the official to get a grip on what exactly is happening. Divine rushes to the aid of Von Crank, pairing off as he begins to work over Hunt and Von Crank keeps his focus on Treats. Hamilton drops down out of the ring and demands that both Divine and Von Crank leave the ringside area. He advises them that he has officially banned them and that if they do not leave immediately, he will have them removed from the building and fined. Chasing the two up the ramp, Hunt and Treats return to battling around the ring. Exchanging rights and lefts, Treats gets the upper hand, whipping Hunt toward the steps. The whip is reversed and not only does Treats hit the steps, he flips completely over them and collides back first with the crowd barrier. The fans slap the barrier trying to feed the champion the energy to get up. Hunt rolls in under the bottom rope and demands Hamilton start the count.

Ernie Turner - What are you doing? You can’t win the title on a count out!

Hamilton remains outside, checking Treats. Several minutes pass as Treats eventually collects his bearings and Hunt realizes the error of his demands and continuously breaks the count until Treats has stumbled over to the apron. Hunt reaches over the top rope grabbing the mask and pulling Treats up onto the apron. Hunt sets Treats up for a suplex and then steps up onto the second rope. Using the second rope as a spring, Hunt pulls Treats up and over, but the suplex is reversed midair into an inverted-DDT! Both men down, but Hunt has the presence of mind to roll over onto Treats.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - I can’t hear a damned thing!

2 ... ...

KICKOUT! Hunt is up, kicking and stomping Treat’s head. Hunt pulls Treats to his feet and backs him against the right ropes. Whipping Treats across the ring, Hunt misses a spinning elbow and then is leapfrogged in a telegraphed back body drop but catches Treats with a drop toe hold and locks on an ankle lock! Treats drags his self across the rings, very aware of his position, to grab the bottom rope. Hunt holds on to a four-count before breaking the hold. Hunt maintains control locking on a bridged chicken wing and holding Treats on all fours. Again, the veteran champion crawls backward, extending his leg to hook his foot on the bottom rope. Once more, Hunt allows Hamilton to count to four before releasing the hold. Hunt pulls Treats up and atomic drops him down onto the top rope. Hunt tells the official to move and the crew to move from the ringside area before charging the corner, ascending the turnbuckles and corkscrewing back from the top. Treats actually catches Hunt flying in and slams him back down inside of the ring.

Ernie Turner - What the hell was that?!

Austin McGreghor - It was the Television Champion remaining aware of what was happening and keeping himself from really being hurt out here!

Ernie Turner - Be that as it may, both men are down now!

Austin McGreghor - But hunt is rolling out here in front of us!

Hunt rolls out and grabs a chair from the time keeper’s area tossing it under the bottom rope as Treats crawls his way to the ropes and struggles to get to his feet. Hunt sets the chair up and shoves the official into the corner. As Treats finally finds his feet and hobbles back into the near right corner, Hunt goes to the opposite. Hunt rushes across the ring, using the chair as a springboard for a double mule kick into the chest of Treats. Hunt absorbs the hatred from the thousands in attendance with a huge grin as he repositions the chair just feet from the near ropes. Scoop slam to the center of the ring and Hunt has Treats right where he wants him. Hunt goes to the far ropes, steps over Treats up onto the chair to the very top near rope to spring backward. Treats jerks the chair into the landing zone as he makes his departure. Hunt crashes down onto the chair mangling his self in the steel.


Treats pulls Hunt up and whips him toward the far ropes, but Hunt reverses and Treats comes off of the ropes side stepping a telegraphed back body drop and dropping Hunt with a side Russian leg sweep. Hunt rolls to the apron under the bottom rope and uses the ropes to pull his self up as Treats approaches. Shoulder block doubles Treats over and Hunt uses the top rope to spring over up onto Treats’ shoulders. Treats spins around and around and around with Hunt on his shoulders as Hamilton kicks the chair out of the path of this out of control airplane and out of the ring. Treats put Hunt down and the two dizzily hobble and stagger, Treats falling against the far left corner and Hunt falling out between the ropes closest to the opposite. Hunt uses the barrier on the outside to get his feet under him. Inside of the ring, Treats is shaking the drunken effects of the dizziness from his brain. Realizing that Hunt is staggering from the barrier across the mats to the ring, Treats rushes the far right corner and uses the top rope on the right to spring backward out onto Hunt! BERMUDA TRIANGLE!

Austin McGreghor - Both men are down!

1 ...

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - Both men are motionless on the outside!

3 ... ... ...

4 ... ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Ronnie Hamilton is midway through the count!

5 ... ... ... ... ...

Treats is the first to stir as he finds all fours and then crawls to the nearest steps and pulls himself up and to the apron.

6 ... ... ... ... ... ...

Treats hoists his self to the ring apron and rolls in under the bottom rope, breaking the count only to roll back out to collect Hunt from the ringside area. Neither man moving all too great, but Treats is still able to roll Hunt into the ring and dive in behind him. Both men struggle to find their feet using adjacent ropes of the far left corner. Treat captures Hunt’s head, CRAVATE! Cravate suplex and Hunt is down! Treats goes to the top rope of the same corner and collects the bearings, spending maybe too much time perched atop the corner, before coming off with a moonsault. Hunt rolls out of the way, but Treats catches his self just in time and lands on his feet. The momentum carries Treats into a roll into the opposite corner where he scales to the top. Hunt is up and hits against the ropes, bringing Treats down hard, crotch first, against the turnbuckle cover.

Ernie Turner - That Posse has a soprano clown now! ...DAMMIT!

Hunt leaps up in front of Treats and attempts to suplex him from the top, but Treats blocks. Hunt fires a right into the chin of Treats and Treats fires back. Hunt’s second attempt is blocked and Treats lands another. Treats shoves Hunt off of the turnbuckle, but Hunt rushes right back to the attack. Treats blocks a left and then a right before blasting Hunt with a head butt; another head butt and then a third. Hunt takes a quick jab to the guts and is doubled over into a diving double underhook facebuster; FAYGO PLUNGE! Treats goes for the cover!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - This is it!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - I cannot believe the luck of this clown! ...SHIT!

3 ... ... ...

Hunt rolls out of the ring, absolutely disgusted at the outcome of the match. Treat collects the TRUE Television Championship and throws it high above his head in the center of the ring.

Kaycee Jay - The winner of this match and STILL the TRUE Television Champion... MR. ROTTENTREATS!

Treats rolls out of the ring with the Television Championship in hand and heads toward a fan in the front row with their cellular recording the event. Treat continues to rub his neck and chest as he shouts into the fan’s camera-phone, “THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE BRUDDA!” He straddles the barrier and celebrates with some nearby ninjas and ninjettes as the feed cameras fade to the backstage area.

Austin McGreghor - Fans, I am being told that we are going to catch up with Johnny backstage.

Inside the executive suite of The Boss, the modern day man in black is watching the celebration projected on a very large screen against the wall. Matthews applauds the victory as Treats starts his ascent into the crowd, disappearing among his Family.

Johnny Matthews - Way to go Mr. Rottentreats. No telling just what Timmay is going to tweet about this, but I expect to know your decision... via tweet or in a candid appearance on the 24/7 All-Access channel.

Matthews turns away from the feed to focus on the camera.

Johnny Matthews - I’m giving you a choice; you can face the guy that believes himself to be “perfect” or his “white trash” polar opposite. If you want to shut them both up for me, you can take them both out next week in TRINITY tradition and prove yourself against two  of the loudest most vomit inducing talkers on this planet.

As Matthews raises his eyebrows and gives an “it’s up to you” glare to the camera, the feed cuts to a commercial break.


The feed returns from the commercial break to find the crowd absolutely on edge as they anticipate the main event! The cheers echo throughout the arena as loud as the percussion and it distorts the audio as Austin McGreghor and Ernie Turner welcome the viewing audience back.

Austin McGreghor - Once again, I would like to thank you for allowing us into your homes this Friday evening for TRUE’s Adrenaline! We have seen a number one contender match for the TRUE Television title go to a time limit draw!

Ernie Turner - The clown retained the TRUE Television Championship and now gets to pick his opponent...

Austin McGreghor - ...or opponents...

Ernie Turner - There’s no way in hell I would bet any amount of money on that clown volunteering to face both Landon Divine AND Chance Von Crank at the next Adrenaline for that Television title.

Austin McGreghor - Sticking to calling the TRUE Television Champion, Mr. Rottentreats, a clown after his warning?

Ernie Turner - He’s not out here, what can he do?

Austin McGreghor - I guarantee, somewhere in this arena or when he watches this back, he can still hear you.

Ernie Turner - Dammit!

Austin McGreghor - We could very well see a three-way dance of some sorts for the TRUE Television Championship on the next Adrenaline, but tonight folks we have a three-way elimination match to determine the number one contender to Justin “Stormm” Michaels’ TRUE Wrestling Championship of the World!



Kaycee Jay - Ladies and gentlemen, this MAIN EVENT match of the evening is a three-way elimination match to determine the number one contender to the TRUE Wrestling Championship of the World! Introducing first...

The lights dim, heavy mist fills the ramp as strobe lights begin to pulse slowly. A steady bass throb begins, growing in volume, sounding much like a heartbeat. A single gunshot shatters the silence, followed by mocking laughter and Jackson's voice hurling insults before the music skips, and then the sounds of "Lies" by Evanescence filters through the speakers.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Reno, Nevada weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds...

Dark red strobes pulsate on the entranceway; illuminated in the shadows by a shower of red pyrotechnics is the unmistakable, heavily tattooed silhouette of a man.

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear

Sealed with lies through so many tears

Lost from within, pursuing the end

I fight for the chance to be lied to again

The screen crackles to life, showing heavy static that gradually fades to black. Blood drips from the top of the TRUE-Vision, forming words: “Fear the Darkness. Fear the Unknown. Fear ME!”

You will never be strong enough

You will never be good enough

You were never conceived in love

You will not rise above

Kaycee Jay - ...BRAD JACKSON!

Jackson stalks down the ramp with his baseball bat in hand, pausing for a second before he remembers that his wife isn't in attendance. Shaking his head, he climbs into the ring and immediately points at the camera before pounding his fist against his chest. Pulling himself up on the apron, he glares out at the crowd, holding his bat aloft to huge heat before stepping between the ropes and stalking towards the center of the ring. Jackson stands there, his head thrown back in a triumphant roar as the music comes to a grinding halt, cut off with a squeal of feedback.

Kaycee Jay - ...and his opponent...

The TRUE-Vision lights up with the opening chords of “Epic” by Faith No More.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Dearborn, Michigan weighing in at two-hundred and fifty-six pounds...

While the entrance video of the "Working Class Warrior" plays on the giant screen, the fans begin stomping on the ground to the bass drum and slapping their chairs and the crowd barrier with the beat of the snare. Loud and proud "WAR-RI-OR!" chants with the kick-snare.

Kaycee Jay - ...Mark DEVEREAUX!

Mark Devereaus lightly jogs out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp. He puts his hand up to his brow and motions that he is looking over the entire arena before pounding his right fist on his chest and pointing out at all in attendance. Mark Devereaus lightly jogs out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp. He puts his hand up to his brow and motions that he is looking over the entire arena before pounding his right fist on his chest and pointing out at all in attendance. He starts walking down the ramp, reaching to slap the hands of the fans along the side with every other step. He climbs the ring steps and ducks inside the ropes. Once inside he climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera, points to the crowd, points to his heart, and then points to the ring. Finally, he raises his hands into the air and absorbs the explosive reaction from the crowd. He climbs down and begins stretching his arms by rotating them as the music fades.

Kaycee Jay - ...and their opponent...

The lights in the arena go pitch black for a few moments before the TRUE-Vision hums to life displaying in sharp red letters, "NOTHING SURVIVES MY STING!" Red lasers and spotlights illuminate the arena as Dave Mustaine's voice echoes over the booing crowd:


Kaycee Jay - ...from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two-hundred and fifty-six pounds...

The jeering fans do their best to overwhelm the "I Stand Alone/Amazing" mash-up that draws "The Venomous One" from behind the curtain.


Scott Stevens makes his way down the ramp, trash talking the fans with every step and even draws back as if he’s going to hit a few of the more vocal bashers. Finally, reaching the ring, he goes up the steps and quickly up the nearest turnbuckle. He stares down at the crowd, an icy glare and then gestures a throat slash, pulling the glare to the ring as his hand moves across his throat and fixating his attention on Landon Divine. He drops down off of the turnbuckle and ducks through the ropes, entering the ring.

Austin McGreghor - All three men in the ring here for a match that has so much riding on it.

Ernie Turner - Not only will one of these men become the number one contender tonight, one of them will leave here one-hundred and forty-one thousand dollars richer!

Austin McGreghor - That’s correct. Should either Mark Devereaux or Brad Jackson eliminate Scott Stevens, they will be awarded the last installment of his contract in 2012!

Ernie Turner - After Stevens wins here tonight though, he will walk out with that bounty bonus on his last installment turning his ninety-three and three quarter fine into quite a pay day!

As the opening bell sounds, all three men begin to close the gap, each one looking at the others as they get closer and closer; Stevens closest to the near ropes while Jackson comes in from the far left and Devereaux from the far right. Senior Official Eldon Hamilton takes occupancy in the lower right corner, keeping out of the way for when the action... Jackson fires a right at Devereaux and Devereaux fires a return shot, the exchange continues a second and then Devereaux gets a third before Stevens intervenes, Devereaux fights both Stevens and Jackson off, one big right after another until Jackson goes down. Devereaux continues firing shots at Stevens, backing him into the left side ropes and then launching him; no, Stevens reverses and Devereaux goes across the ring. Stevens takes a kick to the chin, having telegraphed a back body drop. Stevens stumbles backward, adjusting his jaw and Devereaux clotheslines him up and over the top rope to the outside.

Ernie Turner - This is one of those matches where you have to have eyes in the back of your head McG!

Austin McGreghor - Yes indeed. You have to keep track of where everyone is or you could find yourself compromised and eliminated!

Devereaux crosses the ring to where Jackson has found his feet and is leaning against the ropes. Aware of his attacker, Jackson gets a quick kick into the guts of Devereaux and then spins him around against the ropes. Jackson stings Devereaux with a few quick jabs as they go up the right side ropes before rocking him with an uppercut into the far right corner. Jackson drapes Devereaux’s arms over the top ropes on each side of the corner and lights his chest up with a knife edge chop and then punches him in the face. Another knife edge chop followed by yet another punch in the face keeps Devereaux backed against the corner. A third knife edge chop, but the punch is blocked and Devereaux reverses things, slamming Jackson into the corner. Devereaux just unloads one big right after another before climbing up on the second rung rousing a count with each punch that he lands; one, two, three, four, five and at six Jackson’s body collapses, but Devereaux keeps on as seven puts Jackson on his ass in the corner and eight, nine and ten are delivered as Devereaux steps down off of the turnbuckles to the canvas.

Austin McGreghor - The crowd behind each one of those as the Working Class Warrior just absolutely pummeled the grizzled veteran here!

Jackson has it about him, having taken his fair share of shots in his time, to shake some of it off and use the corner to lift his self back up as Devereaux checks on the location of Stevens and then fires up the crowd. Devereaux attempts to whip Jackson across, but is reversed and finds his self crashing into the near left corner. Devereaux catches Jackson coming in with a shoulder block out of the corner. Jackson goes to his knees in the center of the ring as Stevens trips Devereaux up under the bottom rope. Steven racks Devereaux’s groin against the steel ring post, pulling back hard with one of Devereaux’s boots in each hand. Stevens reaches in and grabs Devereaux’s arm to pull him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Stevens bounces Devereaux’s head off of the apron and then launches him into the corner of the crowd barrier at the foot of the ramp. Stevens turns around as Jackson uses the top rope to hurl a cross body that is caught in midair. Stevens carries Jackson to the other side of the ramp of Devereaux and drops him throat first across the crowd barrier.

Ernie Turner - Just like that, the man with everything to lose in this match, has firm control of it.

Austin McGreghor - He has just as much to win as any one of these other two guys.

Ernie Turner - I understand that, but he’s also the only one with anything to lose in the match.

Stevens drags Jackson back across the mats and tosses him hard into the ring post. Stevens takes a few steps back before charging with his entire muster directly into the post as Jackson dodged. Jackson gets a running side headlock and bulldogs Stevens down into the steel grating of the entrance ramp. With Stevens down, Jackson focuses on the stirring Devereaux. Jackson picks Devereaux up and slams him hard against the crowd barrier and then back across into the same steel ring post he had collided with prior. Jackson kicks the matting up off of the floor and snatches Devereaux up to body slam him down onto the exposed concrete. Jackson returns to Stevens, who is now crawling across the mats to the ring. Jackson picks Stevens up and tosses him into the ring. Jackson enters right behind him and is immediately to his feet and planting vicious kicks into the head and shoulders of Stevens. As Stevens finds his knees, Jackson gets a final kick in Steven’s guts and then picks him up by the ears only to blast him with a heavy right hand. Jackson lands a second right hand and a third before attempting to whip Stevens across the ring. Stevens blocks, doesn’t move at all, then reverses and Jackson is hurled into the near right corner chest first. Stevens follows in with an avalanche splash from behind.

Ernie Turner - The Scorpion just made a moldy old sandwich in the corner there!

Austin McGreghor - That was just sad.

Ernie Turner - What?

Austin McGreghor - I refuse to explain it to you. Jackson now, off of the ropes!

Stevens pushes Jackson against the near ropes, using the momentum to send him across the ring and to the far ropes. Stevens catches Jackson coming in hoisting him high into the air and letting him crash down on the mat chest and stomach first. Jackson, clutching his chest and shoulders, is quickly up and Stevens plants a boot into the midsection, doubling him over. Stevens gets about a quarter to half of a TOXIC STING as Jackson was prepared for it and pushed most of the move away. Semi-effective all the same, Stevens goes for the cover!

1 ...

Ernie Turner - We could have an elimination right here!

2 ... ...

Thr... ...

Austin McGreghor - NO! He just didn’t get that entire move.

Stevens is immediately in the face of Senior Official Hamilton arguing a three-count. Hamilton adivses it was a two and that Stevens pay attention to his opponents. Stevens returns his attention to Jackson, who has willed his self to his knees and picks him up off of the mat. Stevens sends Jackson hard into the far ropes and attempts to take his head off with a lariat, but Jackson ducks, puts on the brakes and as Stevens turns around expecting a return from the near ropes, Jackson mule kicks him low in the left knee. Stevens goes down. Jackson goes to the top of the near right corner and goes for a flying fist drop, but Stevens rolled out of the way. Stevens jerks Jackson up by the impacted arm and winds up a wrist lock before delivering one, two and a third and final shoulder block, jerking the arm as he impacted the left side with each blow. A gut wrench suplex takes Jackson up and down hard. Stevens goes for another cover, hooking the leg.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - This has to be it!

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Will Jackson be eliminated first here?

Thr... ... NO!

Again Stevens and Hamilton share words as Stevens demands a more timely count and Hamilton advises him that he counts the same pace and tempo each time. It was a very close two-count. On the left side apron, Devereaux has managed to find his way back to the ring and Stevens catches him with a forearm shot over the top rope, knocking him back down and out. Stevens leans on the top rope on the left side as Jackson uses the ropes on the opposite side to lean on and Devereaux uses the crowd barrier to hold his self up. Jackson slides out to the apron and uses the ropes to find his feet, but keeps his back to the approaching Stevens on the inside. Stevens pulls Jackson’s head back over the top rope and slaps his chest flipping him over and back in. Jackson crawls to his feet and turns around into a bear hug from Stevens. Jackson plants a thumb into Stevens’ eye, breaking the hold immediately. A swift kick to the midsection doubles Stevens over. From behind, Devereaux shoves Stevens into Jackson, knocking Jackson through the ropes and to the outside. Devereaux hoists Stevens up and flips him over to drop him head first; DEVEREAUX DRIVER! Lateral press with both legs hooked and pulling with all of his might!

1 ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

3 ... ... ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

Austin McGreghor - Mark Devereaux is one-hundred and forty-one thousand dollars richer tonight!


Austin McGreghor - Scott Stevens will not be challenging Justin Michaels at TRINITY!

Stevens is stunned, but absolutely furious as he breaks loose of Devereaux and sits up in the center of the ring. Devereaux goes to the ropes waving both arms as the crowd explodes in cheers and “DEV-VER-REAUX” chants! Stevens is up and spins Devereaux around locking on a waist lock and before he can execute a belly to belly suplex the referee warns him that he will be fined should he interfere. “I’ve got nothing more to lose!” Stevens shouts, having lost that last installment of his contract in 2012, before throwing Devereaux over with the belly to belly suplex. Stevens then picks Devereaux up onto his shoulders and, Houston We Have a Problem, bounces him off of the mat with a Death Valley driver! Again, Senior Official Hamilton admonishes and attempts to pull Stevens off of Devereaux, but gets shoved down in the process.

Ernie Turner - He has absolutely nothing to lose McG and even if he did, I don’t think he would care at this point!

Austin McGreghor - There’s the thunder!

A loud crash of thunder echoes over the arena bringing Stevens attention to the entranceway as the TRUE Wrestling Champion of the World steps out onto the stage.

Ernie Turner - He can’t involve himself in this match or he’ll be fined too!

Stevens, dead locked on Justin Michaels at the top of the ramp with the coveted title belt snug around his waist, exits the ring and heads directly up the ramp. Stevens and Michaels clash together in a fury of rights and lefts at the top of the ramp. Neither with a sure advantage and both are landing heavy bombs, one after another.

Austin McGreghor - I don’t know that this would count as the Champion is not interfering with the actual match in the ring.

Back in the ring, Jackson has found his way to the apron and Devereaux has somehow found his feet. Closing the gap between them, Devereaux walks right into the grasp of Jackson as his throat is dropped across the top rope. Jackson, who usually rounds the entire ring before reentering, goes to the opposite side, up the stairs and up onto the top turnbuckle of the far left corner. As Devereaux forces his self back up, Jackson drops him back down with a double axe handle. Jackson for a quick cover, damned near folding Devereaux in half as he clinches both legs.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - Just this quick folks!

2 ... NO!

Devereaux kicks out! Jackson takes Devereaux’s head in his right hand and drills him with one straight left after another until the official pushes him away for using closed fists. Jackson is right back on with a blatant choke that he holds through a four-count. Jackson picks Devereaux up by the head only to snapmare him back down and kick him in his spine. Jackson locks on a chin hold and Hamilton is there to check. Devereaux screams, “NO!” as the crowd’s “DEV-VER-REAUX!” chants, stamping and chair percussion get louder. Jackson continues to pull Devereaux against his knee with his left hand under his chin while he uses his right hand to pull back on Devereaux’s nose and top lip. Hamilton counts once more to four before Jackson converts the hold into a seated sleeper hold, keeping firm pressure against Devereaux’s spine with his knee.

Austin McGreghor - Just brutal and unrelenting; Brad Jackson has the experience and know how to break any man!

The crowd is absolute hysterics as they continue to chant, cheer and rock the arena willing Devereaux to push both men to their feet. Devereaux breaks the sleeper, firing an elbow into the ribs, then another and a third before hitting the near ropes and taking a back elbow from Jackson. Jackson holds one finger of his left hand in the air, pointing to himself with his left hand as the crowd’s cheers turn to boos.

Austin McGreghor - Brad Jackson telling the crowd that he is the number one guy as Stormm and The Scorpion have now battled behind the curtain and I’m getting word from the back that they are continuing to fight backstage.

Jackson picks Devereaux up and pushes him back against the near right corner. Slap to the face and shove in the chest followed by another slap in the face before Jackson turns his back on Devereaux. Devereaux stalks Jackson out to the center of the ring as Jackson bad mouths all in attendance with his arms outstretched. Jackson turns around completely off guard and shocked to see that Devereaux is RIGHT THERE. Devereaux takes a jab then a straight right, completely no selling and inviting some more. Jackson hits him with everything; a jab, left hook, right cross and uppercut to no avail as Devereaux pumps up with the fans cheers and chants. Devereaux fires a standing clothesline taking Jackson down and further amping the crowd. Jackon is right back up and right back down with a vicious knife-edge chop. Jackson again bounces back up, almost as if on fumes and nothing more as he is again chopped down with a back elbow. Right back up!

Ernie Turner - Jackson is just getting bounced in there at this point.

Devereaux pushes Jackson against the far ropes and uses the momentum to fire him across the ring into the near ropes. BACK BODY DROP! Again, Devereaux picks him up and this time is right to left and telegraphed as Devereaux eats Jackson’s boot. Not much phase as Devereaux fires a shot to Jackson’s midsection and then hoists him up for a press slam! Jackson is bounced into the ropes and Devereaux can’t make a pin, so he picks him up and fires him into the far left corner. Avalanche splash as Devereaux sandwiches Jackson against the turnbuckles. Devereaux takes a few steps back to the center of the ring and charges again, but Jackson dodges and Devereaux goes chest first into the turnbuckles. Jackson goes through the ropes to the apron. Climbing the same turnbuckle from the outside, Jackson takes a stiff right in the guts that slows his climb, allowing Devereaux to meet him at the top with the advantage. With both men standing on the top rope, Devereaux sets up for a super-plex. Jackson fights, completely unwilling to go over and down in this type of high risk move, but Devereaux gets the best of him and the super-plex plants Jackson in the center of the ring hard!

Austin McGreghor - After a move like that a pin attempt is expected. Not so sure what Mark Devereaux is doing here!

Ernie Turner - I’m not so sure Mark Devereaux knows what Mark Devereaux is doing here!

Devereaux goes to the top turnbuckle of the near right corner and leaps off to plant a knee in Jackson’s chest, but Jackson somehow manages to roll at the blink of the last second and Devereaux drives his knee hard into the canvas. Jackson finds his way up as Devereaux clutches his knee and nurses his lower back. From the same corner, Jackson goes to the top rope and comes off driving all of his weight behind a flying fist drop into the back of Devereaux’s head. Both men down and gassed.


The fans, actually chanting for both men and TRUE professional wrestling in general, are frenzied! As Devereaux is the first to stir, rolling to the ropes on the left nearest the entrance he notices Scott Stevens gingerly making his way back down the ramp to the ring. Distracted, this allows Jackson to get to his feet behind Devereaux. Jackson whips Devereaux to the opposite ropes. Devereaux holds on to the top rope as Jackson throws a mule kick into thin air. Devereaux quickly locks on the MOTOR CITY CLUTCH! Stevens slides in, blindsiding the referee and stomps the hold loose. He picks Devereaux up and drops him; TOXIC STING! Stevens rolls out as Jackson realizes Devereaux is down and... damn, so is the official. Jackson pulls Hamilton over as he makes a cover!

1 ...

Ernie Turner - Stevens just handed Jackson the win!

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Like you said, he has nothing to lose at this point.

Thr... NO!

Jackson is up and pulls Hamilton as he falls backward into the near ropes. While Jackson complains to Hamilton about the slow count and then his shoulder, Stevens is back in behind the Senior Official’s back! Devereaux ducks a lariat and fights Stevens against the ropes on the left and then clotheslines him out and over the top rope. Justin Michaels rushes back to ringside to cut Stevens off as he tries to reenter the ring a second time. Heavy rights from the Champion as Michaels and Stevens are again engaged in a fist to cuff on the ramp.

Ernie Turner - This is where Jackson needs to capitalize!

Inside the ring, Jackson snaps Devereaux around and misses a standing clothesline. A quick kick and Devereaux hooks Jackson, setting him up for his own move, INVERTED DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER! Devereaux goes for the pin!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - He used his own finisher against him!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

Thre... NO!


The fans can barely contain themselves as the action continues in the ring! Devereaux catches a really low kick that doubles him over and Jackson misses him with a short-arm clothesline catching Senior Official Hamilton and taking him out completely. Devereaux takes Jackson by the throat, backing him into the far right corner. On the ramp, on the outside, Stevens had somehow or another compromised Michaels out of the view of the camera and dives in behind Devereaux taking him out with a forearm shot. Devereaux turns around right into the TOXIC STING!

Austin McGreghor - Again Stevens gets involved!

Ernie Turner - He has NOTHING to lose McG!

As Stevens rolls out, Jackson picks Devereaux up and returns the favor, hitting SOMETHING WICKED with defined authority! Shaking the absolute hell out of the older official, Hamilton comes to for the count.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - There’s no way he can kick out!

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - If he does, it will be a miracle!

3 ... ... ...

Austin McGreghor - Brad Jackson has won and it appears all kind of chaos is about to bust loose!

Jackson uses the far ropes to pull his self to his feet as Stevens is right back in under the bottom rope. Stevens goes to work on Devereaux and Jackson is soon to join in as they both stomp a mud hole from each side. Before they can walk it dry, Michaels is in the ring to return the favor from two weeks prior as he dispatches Stevens first and then Jackson tossing them through the ropes on opposite sides of the ring.

Ernie Turner - Awe look... a bromance blossoms with each show... disgusting!

Jackson and Stevens come together at the foot of the ramp. Jackson shoves Stevens away, obviously having not forgotten or forgiven Stevens for his action two weeks prior at WrestleFest. While Michaels helps Devereaux to his feet on the inside and complete breakdown occurs on the ramp and Stevens and Jackson fight their way up the steel entrance.

Austin McGreghor - Fans, keep in mind, we return to action on Friday, October 12 for Adrenaline. We will be live on the campus of Xavier University in the Cintas Center!

Ernie Turner - I think Scott Stevens and Brad Jackson just may fight all the way there the way they are going at it!

Austin McGreghor - Who will Mr. Rottentreats choose to challenge him for the TRUE Television Championship? Join us in two weeks! For Ernie Turner and all of us here at TRUE, I am Austin McGreghor! Good night!

## END ##