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26th July 2012 - Action Packed - From in Fort Worth, TX

The Legacy Pro Wrestling, Action Packed, and Best Studios logo’s pass over the screen quickly before clips from the last episode of Action Packed begins to play. The highlights show all of the finishes for the winners who moved on in the tournament. The last scene shows Mason Hardt pulling Scott Stevens from the Main Event and walking up the ramp as Mike Best wins the match. An image of the bracket is shown briefly before the image fades out just as “Downfall” by TRUSTcompany begins playing and the intro video for Action Packed begins to play.

As the clip finishes we are taken to the arena, but instead of fans and pyro erupting we see LPW Co-Owner and founder, Mason Hardt, standing in the ring. The crowd boos loudly as Mason Hardt begins to bring the microphone up to his face as the music dies down.

Hardt: Thank you so kindly for the warm reception. It is so nice to see the respect I’m given because of all my hard work. If I may, I’d like to address a few issues that I’ve been getting plenty of questions regarding.

Why? Why did I help Stevens win the title? Why did LPW close? Who is the new co-owner? Why did I cost Stevens the match? Why did Stevens turn coward and walk away? As for the latter, only a fool would believe Stevens to be a coward. His history in professional wrestling is enough evidence on its own to prove he is not afraid of anyone or anything.

Now, let me start from the top. November 11th, 2011. During the Main Event of Fallout I snuck into the ring and hit Sebastian Moore with the LPW Championship and helped Scott Stevens win the title. Why did I do this? It was a smart business decision. Stevens and I didn’t always see eye to eye, and to be honest we don’t always see eye to eye now. But after I was put in the hospital by Sagrado Excelente, I was allowed the time to do some thinking. I realized that I was a fool to ignore the kind of drawing power that someone like Stevens had. I always said I would do whatever was best for business for LPW and I soon realized that putting our championship on our biggest star was the only move we could make. So we helped each other out. I helped him win the championship, and he was going to help me build an empire.

In comes the second issue, why LPW closed. I’m sure you’ve all seen the reports and articles by now and they are true. The minority owners unanimously agreed to rescind their financial contributions because they felt I breached our contract by behaving in an unethical manor. I tried to explain that there was nothing unethical and I was just trying to produce more money for both them, and myself. This wasn’t enough for them. Unfortunately, LPW hadn’t yet started turning a profit so the money to repay them wasn’t available. In good faith I shut down LPW and gave my additional 1% ownership of the company to the minority owners until such time that I could obtain their stock. In an effort to finance the buyout, I sold the rights to the LPW Championship to The League so that I could pay off the owners and keep the title relevant. This leads into question number 3.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but the minority owners informed me that they had sold their now 50% stake in the company to an anonymous buyer. I was crushed that these men would resort to such seedy business practices, but there wasn’t anything I could do. And as of this moment, I’ve yet to meet this co-owner. I’ve only corresponded with him or her via email or through that weasel Francis James. This obvious makes business difficult as neither of us can do anything without the consent of the other. Some decisions we’ve been able to agree on easily, opening LPW, signing to Best Studios, and introducing the Reign Supreme tournament for example. Other issues…have been a little more difficult to agree upon.

This brings me to the last Action Packed. Everyone wants to know what I said to Stevens and why he left the match. The answer is simple, he didn’t need the match. As far as I’m concerned, Scott Stevens is the Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion. This tournament would essentially mean that he would be competing to challenge himself for the title. Pointless. Let’s say that for some strange reason Stevens isn’t the champion when all is said and done. He is still entitled to a rematch for the title. So instead of wasting his time and energy in that particular tournament, I encouraged him to drop the match so that he could enter the consolation bracket. What better way to pull in the money than having Scott Stevens be both the LPW Champion and the Internet Champion?

Hardt looks down at his watch.

Hardt: If you all will excuse me, I have some very important matters to attend to and a meeting with a mysterious owner’s mouth piece.

Hardt tosses the mic out of the ring to one of the ringside attendants and begins to make his exit to a chorus of jeers. The scene then cuts ringside to the commentary team.

Ash: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Action Packed! I’m Danny Ash and as always I’m joined by the always enjoyable to work with, Rick Henson.

Henson: I know you’re being sarcastic but I don’t even care, we finally got to hear from Mason Hardt!

Ash: That we did, and we had a lot of questions answered, but apparently the most important one is even a mystery to him.

Henson: I’m telling you, the new co-owner is a leprechaun.

Ash: Whatever you say, Rick. At any speed, we were also given the reason for Scott Stevens walking out during our last Main Event.

Henson: Walking out is such a poor term. I think a better word, and one that Texans will understand, is ‘strategery’.

Ash: Yeah…well…so earlier tonight we saw a few non-televised matches that will have a huge impact on shows to come. Three of our four matches in the first round of the consolation bracket have already been decided, with only Scott Stevens versus Sid Wilder to come.

Henson: That’s right; one of these guys could have the fortune of losing to Scott Stevens in the finals as he claims yet another championship in LPW.

Ash: That is possible, I suppose. Although maybe he’ll walk out of another match tonight for an opportunity to win at bingo tomorrow night.

Henson: Uncalled for sir!

Ash: At any speed, Dangerous Dan fell victim to Psycho Sam, Shayne Adams defeated Justin Underwood, and Shane Jackson wins his debut match against Ian Carlisle.

Henson: Ha, Dangerous Dan got a LPW title shot at one point, now he’s losing matches to a reject from Thriller.

Ash: You can’t win them all, Rick. I’m sure Dan will turn things around from here.

Henson: Can’t win them all? Tell that to Steve Solex!

Ash: That could change tonight when he faces Shawn Arrows. That brings up some very important news though, Rick. For those of you expecting to see Mike Best versus Bobby Dean tonight…it isn’t going to happen…on Action Packed anyways. The LPW brass met with the men behind Death Row Wrestling and High Octane Wrestling and decided that they would put on a huge inter-promotional match. DRW’s Bobby Dean against HOW’s Mike Best in a semi-final match in the LPW Reign Supreme tournament. Something like this should certainly bring more eyes to all three promotions. But enough about what you won’t be seeing on Action Packed, let’s take a quick break and then come right back with something you will be seeing, Scott Stevens against Sid Wilder!

High Octane Wrestling

Scott Stevens vs. Sid Wilder

Ash: We're back and ready to get things kicked off for our first televised match of the evening.

Henson: AKA, Scott Stevens ass kicking time.

Scott Stevens comes out with intent, brutally beating on Wilder the moment the bell rings. Wilder doesn’t appear to even be in the match after the initial assault. After a series of suplex, Stevens takes time to admire his worth and get into a verbal battle with a couple of fans at ringside. This gives Wilder the time to get his bearings straight and he finally capitalizes. It isn’t enough, however, as the veteran experience of Scott Stevens takes hold and he is able to put the match away with the Toxic Sting.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall and moving on in the Reign Supreme consolation tournament...SCOTT STEVENS!

Ash: Impressive victory for Stevens, getting right back in the win column.

Henson: His match during the last Action Packed shouldn't be considered a loss!

Ash: Well it deal with it.

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The scene cuts backstage to an office. Inside we see Mason Hardt along with an older man that LPW fans should remember, Francis James. There are stacks of papers sitting on a desk, along with the LPW Internet Championship.

Hardt: Listen, I agree with you. We should just drop the Internet title.

James: Yes, but what you and the co-owner can’t agree upon, however, is how a new title will operate.

Hardt: Maybe if the co-owner would meet with me, we could hash out any differences face to face.

James: I’m sorry Mason, but he simply won’t agree to do that. If you both want the title to have some sort of stipulation, then you need to compromise in some capacity.

Hardt: If I wanted compromise I wouldn’t have put myself in charge.

James: Well you should of thought about that before you gave us equal stake in the company.

Hardt is visibly flustered as the camera cuts away.

Take It All In

The screen cuts to the backstage area in the arena. The camera is shown focusing on the back of a man wearing a dark blue hooded vest with the hood covering the top of his head. He seems to be mumbling to himself. The cameraman moves in closer, to a shot barely over the mans shoulder to hear what he is saying.

Unknown Man: This is it! Everything you have been working hard for...everything you have sacrificed, comes to fruition tonight. Just be yourself.

Camera cuts to a center shot of the stage area. The faint beginning notes of "Till I Collapse" by Eminem begin to sound through the modest house speakers. No fancy lighting other than two mini strobe lights flashing during each snare shot of the song. Once the first snare shot hits, out comes this mysterious backstage mumbler.

Sporting plain white trunks, with no lettering or designs. Complimented by his dark blue hooded ring vest, which is still closed over his chest and the hood still draped over half his face. White patent leather boots do his feet with dark blue kneepads.

He stops for a few seconds at the foot of the ring steps, motionless, as if to take in the moment. He then continues on in to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Unknown Man: This has been a long time coming. I have been scratching, clawing, biting, and fighting my way from the slums of this industry to get here.

"Who are you!?" one crowd member screams, "Who cares!" touts another.

Unknown Man: Before I tell you my name, let me tell you what I am and quite frankly what I am not about.

I am a man of honor, respect, dedication, and blue collar hard work. I practice what I preach, I don't cower in fear, and I damn well don't take kindly to anyone that takes the easy way out.

I've spent the past four years rehabilitating a knee injury that I was told was never going to heal. I put my faith in God and worked through it. I'm here to bring the same work ethic to LPW.

Yeah, sure, I'm not the most flashy, acrobatic, or strongest. I'm not going to come in to town after town looking for ways to get a cheap pop out of the audience. I won't water down or magnify myself for the "sake of the show" or "character development". I'm going to be real, whether you like me or not.

He finally pulls the hood off of his head, exposing his full face.

Unkown Man: My name is Mark Devereaux; and I fight alongside, and for every single person who goes to a mundane forty hour a week job, get's underpaid, goes home to a family barely scraping by, and repeating the same old shit the next day. I'm here to lead by example. Hoping to give strength to the weak, optimism for the pessismistic, and to beat the living hell out of whomever decides to stand in my way!

Devereaux drops the microphone to the ring canvas and rolls underneath the bottom rope. Briskly he walks up toward the curtain and turns around.

Mark Devereaux: Let's do this!

He shouts as he thrusts both his arms in the air. He then disappears behind the curtain as the camera fades.

Death Row Wrestling


Enter the Champion?

The Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" hit the arena speakers, causing a bit of confusion in the audience before a pair of smaller figures emerge from backstage, backlit by a pink light. A spotlight shines down on the figures, revealing them to be a pair of women. One of the women is wearing the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship, and seems to be taking great pleasure in talking trash with the Fort Worth crowd as she and the other woman make their way down the aisle.

Ash: It appears the rumors are true!

Henson: Is it ok if I take a bathroom break?

The pair finally get to the ring, and slide in under the bottom rope. The jeers continue to pour in, which do not seem to faze either person as the woman wearing the title demands—and is given—the microphone.

Diamond: So this is LPW? Heh, I expected more.

The jeering resumes, forcing her to wait a bit.

Diamond: For those of you who have never had the obvious pleasure of learnin' my name, I am Diamond, and this is my manager, Jayde. As you may have figured out, I am the LPW Champion—



The jeering intensifies even more, as if the audience can will her to drop her claim to the title by that gesture alone.

Diamond: I was saying, I am the LPW Champion, and I come from The League, much like a good portion of your roster. Ian Carlisle, Psycho Sam, that utter arsehole Scott Stevens...hell, I spent half the day tradin' tales with Shawn Arrows in the back, catching up on old times and wonderin' what happened to some o' the scum we'd faced before. But that's not why I'm here.

Ya see, I was told that if I wanted a fight, all I had t'do was come here and ask for it. We Scots never turn down a fight, so here's the deal. The first person to come down the aisle—except for Scott Stevens, given that I've kicked his arse a handful of times already in the last two years—will get a shot at this.

Diamond points at her waist, and the LPW Championship.

Diamond: I know that wanker Mason Hardt wants this belt back under his control. The co-owner gave me the nod t'fight for it, so here's the question. Who in the back thinks they have what it takes to take this belt back from me?

There's a pause for a few seconds, causing Diamond to smirk cockily. A moment later, Rancid's "Fall Back Down" hits, bringing out the aforementioned Psycho Sam, with Rock trailing behind him. Sam already has a microphone as he stares down the woman wearing the LPW Championship.

Psycho Sam: This ain't gonna be Warsaw again. This time I'm going to make you bleed, and then I'm taking that belt from you!

Sam's appearance seems to have angered Diamond, as her accent comes to the fore a little more than it had been so far.

Diamond: Yer aff yer heid if ye think ye aren't gonna lose t'me again. Get a bloody ref out here. This time I'll kick yer arse so hard ye'll kiss the moon!

Ash: It looks like we're going to have an impromptu Interim LPW Championship match...right now!

Henson: I think I'm in love...

Psycho Sam vs. Diamond©

Interim Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship

A referee sprints down to the ring, sliding in and making sure that this is actually going to happen. Diamond all but shoves the title belt into his hands, and the ref holds it in the air for all to see. He then hands it off at ringside and calls for the bell, and this impromptu championship match is under way!

The bell seems to set Diamond off as she immediately charges at Sam, ducking a clothesline by sliding between his legs, popping up to her feet, and delivering a quick dropkick that staggers her much larger opponent. Diamond quickly hops onto the second rope, waiting for Sam to turn around before leaping off with a back elbow that sends the challenger down. Diamond is quick to scramble into a cover.


...and that's it as Sam easily powers out of the early pinfall attempt!

Ash: This Diamond is quite the firecracker!

Henson: I wouldn't let Mrs. Henson hear you say that!

Ash: Mrs. Henson?

Henson: Well...the future ex Mrs. Henson anways.

Not wasting any time, Diamond once more bounds off the ropes, catching a rising Sam with a spinning head-scissors to send the challenger down again. A quick flipping legdrop follows this, and again Diamond goes for a cover.


Not even a two count as Sam again powers out of the cover with authority! Diamond quickly gets back to her feet and stomps on Sam a few times before he shoves her back to give himself space to stand up. As he stands, though, Diamond is there charging in to deliver a step-up enzuigiri to the back of Sam's head! Yet another cover by the champion.



And just barely two as Sam gets the shoulder up with ease! Diamond seems to have all of the momentum going her way, and heads to the ropes again, looking to keep the rapid pace going. As she goes to bounce off the ropes, though, Rock reaches up and pulls down on the middle rope, causing the LPW Champion to spill to the floor! Rock acts like he wants to get a few shots in, but Jayde is quickly over to prevent that from happening.

Henson: I'll be honest...I don't get the guys with pebbles superglued to him...

Ash: Psycho Sam appears to be a very...unique...individual and he surrounds himself with other...unique...individuals.

Henson: Just say it, the guy is screwy.

The shouting match between the two managers threatens to become physical, and the ref steps outside to keep them apart as an alternative to just kicking them both out of the ringside area. The distraction allows Sam to press his advantage, as he rolls out of the ring, picks up Diamond, and lawn-darts her into the steel post. Not content with that, he pulls her up by the hair and uses a hard Irish whip to send the champion into the steel steps, with the top section flying off as Diamond makes impact. The referee has finally managed to get the managers apart, and as the ref starts to count both competitors out, Sam causally picks Diamond up and throws her back into the ring.

The advantage is now squarely on the side of the challenger, as he digs his fingers into the forehead of the champion and forces her into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break, but even he knows it is in vain as Sam instead goes for the eyes to temporarily blind Diamond. Another Irish whip follows this, as Diamond is sent across the ring sternum-first into the turnbuckle and down to the mat.

Henson: How dare he pick on a lady like that!

Ash: I'm pretty sure Diamond can take care of herself, she did WIN the title on her own after all...and hell, she's beaten Sam before!

Henson: Shut up and stop interrupting my lusting!

Sam could go for the cover here, but instead he hauls Diamond to her feet and again sends her into the near-side ropes...and a twisting spinebuster on the rebound has the champion in deep, deep trouble! Sam now finally goes for a cover.



Two-and-a-half only, as Diamond eeks a shoulder off the mat! Sam can be heard yelling at Diamond to "stay down, you bitch!" A moment later, Sam puts the opposite action to those words as he hauls Diamond up to her feet and sets up for a capture suplex, only to just drop backward and cause Diamond's head to impact her knee in a sort of Capture DDT variant. Another cover by the challenger.



Foot on the ropes to break the count!

Ash: We almost had a new interim champion!

Henson: Please no. Forget about Diamond for the moment, I don't wan the face of that freak associated with anything of importance in LPW! He looks like he was face raped by Uggles the dwarf, prince of Uglia!

To his credit—and the surprise of the rest of the audience—Sam doesn't flip out on the official, instead hauling Diamond back to her feet again and this time clamping on an Alcatraz Claw, continuing to attempt to bust Diamond open. The champion is quick to get to the ropes, however, forcing a break that Sam only reluctantly gives a split-second before the five-count. A swift kick to the gut follows, and Sam promptly hooks up a suplex, slingshotting off of both sets of nearby ropes before dropping Diamond to the mat. Cover by the challenger.




Foot on the ropes again breaks the count! Now Sam starts to look a bit livid, and pulls Diamond just a bit farther away from the ropes before invoking the Wrath of the God Sullivan, ripping at Diamond's forehead as he clamps on a crossface submission!

Henson: No! You'll ruin her!

Ash: ...

Diamond is hurting in a big way now, as her small frame isn't able to muster any leverage to move her closer to the ropes with nearly three hundred pounds additional weight to carry. A few drops of blood can be seen between Sam's fingers, indicating that he has finally managed to lacerate the reigning LPW champion. This seems to drive him further over the edge, as he rears back again to apply even more pressure on his opponent. On the far side of the ring, Jayde hops onto the apron, and the ref goes over to admonish the champion's manager for attempting to interfere in the match. The distraction is all Diamond needs, though, as her free hand manages to find Sam's face and rake the eyes. She then sticks her thumb into one of Sam's eyes, finally causing the break as Sam releases the hold to try to get his vision back. A very groggy and wounded Diamond gets to a knee as Sam finally clears his vision and moves in for the kill, only to be punched in the gut and then dropped by a short DDT from Diamond, leaving both wrestlers down in the ring!

Henson: Get up and kick him in the balls!

Ash: What has gotten into you?

Henson: I don't know, but I'm half tempted to submit an application for The League, just so I can call her matches every week.

Ash: You're getting a little creepy...

Henson: Don't you know...creepy means I love you in stalker.

Outside the ring, Rock takes umbrage at Jayde's tactics and starts to come around the ring towards her. Thinking quickly, Jayde ducks under the ring apron, out of sight for the moment. As Rock finally reaches the area where Jayde was, she emerges from the adjacent side, with chair in hand. Rock doesn't realize this until it's too late, and Jayde slams the chair into his back. The rocks dig in to his skin, and it's all Rock can do to get away from the chair-wielding manager, as Jayde gives chase.

Back inside the squared circle, Sam is up at the referee's count of seven, closing the distance and blasting Diamond with a hard left hand. The champion retaliates with a right of her own, though it seems to have little effect. Sam's power starts to give him the advantage again as he back Diamond into the ropes, continuing to pepper her with lefts and rights. An Irish whip follows, as Sam looks to connect with the Fuck You Lariato, but Diamond rolls underneath the arm and hits a dropkicksault to send the challenger staggering a step backwards. She goes to the ropes again, picking up momentum and hitting a leg lariat that again staggers the challenger. A third time follows, and again Diamond avoids a clothesline attempt by Sam as he jumps up to the top rope, and leaps backward, spinning in midair to wrap her legs around Sam's head. Her momentum shifts her backward, and the size difference leads Sam to fall at a slightly awkward angle, making the rana impact almost DDT-like. Cover by the champion.



Thr—no, Sam gets a shoulder up to stop the count!

Ash: What an exciting and unexpected match up we're witnessing tonight. Sam is looking good out there considering he's already competed once before tonight!

Henson: Damn you Psycho Sam! Just give up already!

While Diamond was getting the advantage, Jayde has managed to chase Rock halfway up the entrance ramp, keeping him at bay with the threat of the chair. In the ring, Diamond is sizing Sam up and springs into action as soon as he gets to a vertical base, dropping him with the spinning roundhouse kick she calls the Jawjacker. This is her usual setup for her swandive senton bomb, the Diamond in the Sky, and she plans to do just that as she steps between the ropes and starts to climb the turnbuckles.

What she doesn't see, with her back turned, is a hooded person hop the barricade and scramble up to the apron beside her. In the next moment, the unidentified person shoves Diamond off the top rope, forcing the ref to call for the bell and the disqualification. With the job complete, the person turns and hops back over the barricade, blending in with the crowd. Someone manages to pull the hood down on the person's hooded sweatshirt, but this reveals nothing as under the hood is a black full-facial mask with no ornamentation.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of disqualification, and still the interim Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion...Diamond!

The champ rolls out of the ring, grabbing the LPW title possessively as she is joined by Jayde. Rock has gotten back in the ring, keeping Sam between him and Jayde for an extra layer of protection as the bloodied champion rounds the ring and starts to back up the ramp, holding the belt in the air as a taunt to Sam.

Ash: What the..who the hell was that?

Henson: I'll kill him! I swear to it! How dare he touch my gir...

Best Studios

It's Steve Solex

Backstage Steve Solex is shown dressed for the ring and jumping rope. The leather smacking against the floor makes a whipping sound that echoes throughout the concrete hallway. The jump rope slows to a halt as Steve peers off camera at what seems to be an approaching person. From behind the camera Tommy Rockwell, Steve’s long time manager, approaches him. He’s holding a manila folder in his left hand and a black gel pen in his right. Steve raises his head curiously as Tommy raises the manila folder and extends it out toward Steve. Steve doesn’t grab the folder however, and just stares at Tommy.

Steve: The fuck is that?

Tommy: What do you think it is Steve? It’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Steve: That’s it? That can’t be all of it.

Tommy’s arm grows tired and he lowers it. He shoves the pen behind his right ear and holds his arms out to his sides.

Tommy: What more do you expect, Steve? You keep fuckin’ around with these LPW pukes and this is the best you get. You’ve got to realize your potential and take advantage of this. And do it now!

Steve drops the jump rope to the floor and snags the folder out of Tommy’s hand. Steve opens the folder and begins to read the contents, silently. His eyes suddenly grow wide, and a look of surprise takes over his once confused expression.

Steve: This ain’t bad, Tommy. It really ain’t bad at all.

Tommy: Let’s do it man. Capitalize now!

Steve’s expression turns to disgust just before he tosses the folder into the air, sending the papers inside into a radical tornado. Steve angrily points in Tommy’s direction.

Steve: What kind of a fuckin’ manager are you Tommy? You bring me that shit.

Tommy’s stance becomes defensive as he balls his fists.

Steve: Don’t get tough big guy. Pick up these freakin’ papers and fax them back with a big red stamp that says ‘NO FUCKING WAY’.

Tommy lowers his head before dropping to a knee and collecting the mess of papers. Just then LPW reporter David Flores arrives with a microphone in hand. Steve notices the man approaching and angrily stares in his direction.

David: Steve, word has it that you….

Steve quickly interrupts David.

Steve: What are you here for, guy? An interview, a scoop, or did you just want to say ‘hi’?

Just as David begins to answer Steve cuts him off.

Steve: Ehhh, forget it. You’re a brainless tool. The only thing that you and all of the rednecks in attendance need to know is that Steve Solex is back. I’ve got lucrative offers coming in left and right and what do I do? I choose to stay here in LPW. Not because of the fans, or because of the staff, or these douche-bag wanna-be wrestlers in the back. No, I do it because I dominate here. Not a single one of these fucks in the back stand a chance in the ring with me, and they freakin’ know it. Scott Stevens keeps running his mouth; Psycho Sam does the same, and now this chump Shawn Arrows wants to get in the ring with me? C’mon man. I’ve told LPW once and all say this for the last fucking time; Get your shit together. If you want to see fireworks, you want to see main-event caliber matches; you need to get it together. Shawn Arrows poses no threat whatsoever to me. He ran around all week last week talking that nonsense about how I have never faced an opponent that will be as ready as he will be tonight.

Steve looks away from the camera and turns to Flores.

Steve: Really? Does this guy know who I am? Does he know that I am the first ever LPW Champion, and technically – seeing as I was never beaten in the first place – still the LPW Champion?

Flores shrugs as Steve turns back to the camera.

Steve: I hope you’re ready Shawn, because when I step into that ring with you tonight I am going to show you what it’s like to be in the ring with a first class competitor, a five star athlete, and a World Champion. And when I pin your shoulders to the mat, one-two-three, the world will finally see you for exactly what you are. One big stanky pile of weak sauce.

David moves the microphone away from Steve and begins to ask a question. Steve has no patience however, and yanks the microphone back.

Steve: And before I forget. What the hell is this Best Studios crap? We’ve got three wrestling companies under one umbrella and not a single one of them knows that their most prized and gifted wrestler stands before you now and that is Steve Solex. I’ve seen these Death Row pukes, and these High Octane Pole-smokers, and much like the competitors in LPW…I’m not impressed one bit. They think that jumping ship from one organization to another is going to cause controversy and maybe that will make them some cash? I’ll tell you what makes cash, and puts the asses in the seats that fill these arenas and once again the answer is clear as a sunny California day. It’s Steve Solex.

Steve shoves David's forearm pushing the microphone away from his face as he quickly walks off camera. The camera pans downward shoving Tommy Rockwell with the manila folder back in his hand. He shakes his head as the scene returns ringside.

Steve Solex vs. Shawn Arrows

Main Event

Ash: If you had any concerns about whether or not Steve Solex is ready, I think they've just been answered.

Henson: If you had any concerns about Solex being're a moron.

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as suddenly the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and taunts the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out.

Ash: I don't like the guy, but Solex looked pretty good in the ring last week, despite what he may think.

Henson: Finally, you're coming around to the dark side.

Ash: I don't have a side, Rick. I can respect someone's abilities but trust me when I say that Steve Solex does enough bad outside of the ring to make you forget how good he is in it.

Henson: I could never forget!

The instrumental to "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath begins to play as Shawn Arrows steps out onto the ramp. He stands at the top of the ramp with focused and determined eyes. He gives himself a little nod and then begins walking down to the ring, his eyes set directly on Steve Solex. He slowly climbs into the ring and walks directly in his corner, ready to go.

Ash: The cold intensity of Arrows is showing through here tonight. He is one win away from finding himself in the Main Event of our Reign Supreme iPPV.

Henson: The guy has some skill, I'll give you he isn't afraid to hit someone with a chair, which is always a plus.

Roth: The following match is our Main Event of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing to the finals of the Reign Supreme tournament. Introducing first, standing 6 feet, four inches and weighing in at 252 pounds. From Huntington Beach, California...he is the former and first Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion...STEVE SOLEX!

And his opponent accompanied to the ring by Jessica Jenkins, standing 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 234 pounds, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina...SHAWN ARROWS!

Ash: Here we go, our Action Packed Main Event! The big Main Event will be happening on Turmoil tonight, following the conclusion of this match.

Henson: Anything that gets me more Solex time the better, so clearly this is win-win for everyone.

The bell rings and the two men lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. It is Solex who capitalizes first with a forearm blow to the face of Arrows, forcing the hold to break. A kick to the gut by Solex has Arrows reeling but it is the nasty closed fist that sends him to the canvas. Steve doesn't waste any time bring Arrows back to his feet. Once up Solex grabs Shawn in a suplex position, hooking the leg. He tries to lift but Arrows struggles. Solex gets Arrows off the ground briefly, but a knee to the gut entices him to let go.

Ash: Solex trying to end this match early, but Arrows simply refused to succumb to the SolexPlex.

Henson: Give it time, Steve is a suplex God, he won't be rejected all night.

Arrows goes for an arm wringer that gets turned into a side headlock. He begins to drive his knuckles into the head of Solex but is halted and lifted up into the air before being dropped with a back suplex. Solex gets right back up to his feet and begins putting the boots to his opponent, forcing Arrows to roll over onto his side. Steve goes to kick him in the spine but finds the rug pulled out from under him, causing him to fall on the mat himself.

Ash: The two men are apparently recreating the famous football scene from Charlie Brown.

Henson: I don't remember that. I mean, sure there were plenty of feet and balls in Charlie Blown but I don't remember any...

Ash: Brown...Charlie Brown.

Henson: Oh...carry on...

Both men scramble up to their feet, but Arrows being the faster of the two is able to capitalize first. Shawn hits a well-timed dropkick that knocks Solex backwards. The momentum carries Solex over the ropes where he meets Arrows with a devastating punch to the face. Shawn takes the punch though and delivers one of his own. Another from Steve, followed by another from Arrows. Finally Arrows ducks a punch and slips behind Solex. As Steve turns around he comes face to face with a spinning heel kick. With Solex on the ground Arrows goes on the attack. He begins stomping on his opponent from top to bottom, working his way from the head to the legs. As he begins to work his way back up to the head he feints a stomp, getting Solex to flinch, before dropping the point of his elbow on his sternum. As Steve grasps at his chest, Arrows takes the times to bounce himself off the ropes. As he approaches Steve he leaps in the air, but his leaping headbutt only finds the canvas.

Ash: Ouch, that can't feel good after what happened against Shayne Adams a few weeks ago.

Henson: Solex, being the genius he is, probably planned that. Cut off the head and the rest will die.

Solex gets back up to his feet for the sole purpose of putting the sole of his boot against Arrows' forehead. A bit a blood begins to trickle from the still scabbed over head of Arrows, providing a solid target for Steve to attack. Solex measures Arrows up for a second and then drops a knee across his head, forcing Arrows to roll over and kick the mat in pain. A small pool of blood begins to display itself on the mat beneath Arrows' head. Steve grabs the back of Arrows' head begins to rub it in the blood but manages to catch a back elbow to the face for his troubles. Solex stumbles backwards, allowing Shawn time to get up to his feet, blood dripping from his face.

Henson: Fuck yes! Blood!

Ash: It was only a matter of time before that cut was reopened. This is definitely going to put Arrows at a disadvantage going forward you'd have to think.

Solex regains his balance and comes at Arrows with a forearm shot, but somehow misses. Suddenly Steve is being twisted around in the air thanks to a Shawn Arrows spinning head scissor takedown. Arrows erupts back to his feet and motions for Solex to get up. As Steve wobbles back to his feet he finds Shawn charging at him. Solex manages to nail a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker out of nowhere. Refusing to waste time Solex drops an elbow, but only hits canvas. Arrows is back to his feet before Solex and puts a concussive boot to the back of Steven's head. Shawn flips himself in the air but he too lands on only the mat with a failed standing moonsault. Solex tries to take advantage but finds himself rolled up into a pin!




Ash: Arrows almost stole one there!

Henson: Phew...that was close. Didn't anyone ever tell Arrows that stealing is bad.

Ash: It is well within the rules and win is a win.

Henson: How many times do I have to tell you to leave your fancy shmancy logic in the hotel room.

Both men come up to their feet, swinging punches. Every time Solex hits Arrows blood flies from his face, but Arrows retaliates with a punch of his own, each stronger than the last one. Arrows eventually gets the advantage and punches at Steve like a man processed. He punches Steve back into the corner. Arrows then uses the ropes as a springboard, leaping onto Solex and flipping him over with a hurricanrana pin.




Arrows picks Solex up and puts his own back against the belly of his opponent. Arrows grabs Steve's head and begins rushing towards the turnbuckle. Just as Arrows is about to slice some bread Steve manages to lock in a cobra clutch, which quickly turns into a spine tingling cobra clutch suplex. It takes a few seconds but Solex is finally able to drape an arm across the chest of Arrows for the pin.






Frustrated, Steve Solex begins getting back up to his feet, pulling Arrows up along with him. Solex signals to the crowd that it is over and getting boos in return. He sets up the suplex position and hooks the leg. He lifts Arrows straight up into the air, no! Arrows manages to change the balance and comes back down. He clutches Steve's head, looking to plant him with a DDT. No! Steve won't budge, instead Solex arches backwards with a pinning northern lights suplex!



Ash: This is an amazing back and forth match we're seeing. Neither man knows how to give up!

Henson: You're right; these men clearly aren't Sebastian Moore.

Ash: Ouch, that was harsh. Moore will always be welcome here.

Henson: Not by me!

Both men stagger up to their feet, but it is Arrows who comes charging. The clothesline of Arrows misses, allowing Solex to dip behind and grab hold of Shawn's waist. Release German suplex! Amazing, Arrows land flat on his feet. As Steve turns towards his opponent his brain is jarred by a perfectly placed enziguri. Solex collapses to the canvas and Arrows goes for the pin.




Arrows wipes blood from his face and lets out a deep breath before getting back up to his feet. While Steve is still on the mat, Arrows makes his way to the ring apron. Solex begins to slowly get back to his feet, in just enough time to see Arrows flying at him with a springboard cross body. The move connects, but neither man hits the mat. Solex somehow managed to catch Arrows midair. After a minor position change, Solex devastates Arrows with an exploder suplex! Solex bounces back up to his feet with fire in his eyes and seemingly foaming at the mouth, informing everyone within ear shot that "it's fucking over". He jerks Shawn up to his feet and without any resistance, plants him with the SolexPlex!





Ash: Pardon my language...but HOLY SHIT! Arrows refuses to lose here tonight!

Henson: Shenanigans! I call shenanigans! No one kicks out of the SolexPlex! No one!

Ash: Clearly Shawn Arrows didn't get that memo!

Steve's eyes grow huge and he puts his hands on his head. He then turns his attention to referee Jerry Timms. Solex holds up three fingers in a threatening fashion to the ref. Timms backs away intimidated until he is stuck in a corner. Still Solex gets in his face, screaming profanities at the official. Something tells Solex that he needs to turn around, but he soon finds out that it probably wasn't the best idea. The moment that Steve gets turned he is nailed with a violent super kick that puts him flat on his back, Arrows falling down on top of him.







Henson: YES!

Ash: So close! These two men know exactly what it would mean for their careers to make it to the finals. They are putting it all on the line tonight, I just hope they leave enough in them to compete at Reign Supreme.

Despite the fact that neither man is a crowd favorite, the fans in attendance are on their feet and vibrating the arena with a "this is wrestling" chant. The two men begin to stir. Solex begins using the turnbuckle to help pull himself up as Arrows uses the ropes. Solex is up to his feet, but still slightly draped chest first in the corner. Arrows climbs to his feet, looking a bit more stable than Steve. Solex barely moves at all, looking like he isn't sure where he is at the moment. Arrows sees him and charges in after him. Arrows leaps into the air. Solex moves at the last second and Arrows crashes into the turnbuckle and crumbles to the floor. Solex is sitting on the mat, the blue turnbuckle pad in his hand as he looks up to the exposed steel. He quickly scrambles over to the limp body of Arrows and makes the cover.





Ash: Not like this! Come on!

Roth: The winner of the match and advancing to the finals of the Reign Supreme tournament...STEVE SOLEX!

Boos fills the arena for Steve Solex as he struggles up to his feet. He doesn't seems to care though as he stumbles back into the corner with a smile on his face as the scene fades out to the LPW logo and then to black.

Quick Results

Judah Snow def. Bam Bam Johansson via Snow Plow.

Psycho Sam def. Dangerous Dan via Murder In The Asylum.

Shayne Adams def. Justin Underwood via Grapevine.

Shane Jackson def. Ian Carlisle via My Way.

Scott Stevens def. Sid Wilder via Toxic Sting.

Diamond def. Psycho Sam via DQ.

Steve Solex def. Shawn Arrows via pinfall.