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11th November 2011 - Fallout - Houston, TX

The LPW logo flashes across the screen for a just a moment, leaving nothing but black. The sounds of bombs dropping and guns firing are heard as scenes from Instant Classic begin to fill the screen. Those scenes then begin to fade into scenes of the Action Packed episodes that have led up until this point, showing every major highlight of the last several weeks. As the scene fades out pyro erupts across the arena showing the ecstatic LPW fans. We then cut to ringside to Danny Ash and Rick Henson.

Ash: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the second ever LPW iPPV, Fallout! The card tonight is stacked and this may prove to be the biggest and most important iPPV to date.

Henson: That'll only happen if Scott Stevens does what everyone here thinks he'll do, walk out with the LPW Championship!

Ash: I don't know if everyone wants that or not, but we do have huge news on that front. First, let's take you back to earlier in the night, before his preliminary match, for an interview.

Destiny Has Come Home.

The scene cuts to a backstage clip from earlier in the night.

JoJo Bravo: Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to my guest at this time. Tonight he is going for the number one contendership of any title of his choosing, he is Houston's own, "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens.

Scorpion walks into few of the camera.

JoJo Bravo: Tonight you face a newcomer, who is on a roll as of late, in Dutch. If you beat him you get your title shot that you have been saying you deserve. What are your thoughts on your match for tonight?

Scorpion takes off his sunglasses and places them on his head.

Scorpion: My thoughts are simple. Tonight is a chance for me to control my championship title destiny. I have to defeat one man and then I can do whatever I want. I know it's not going to be easy like most these other people I've destroyed around here because unlike them Dutch has serious potential and a future in my business.

JoJo Bravo: Now if you happen to win tonight do you have a title already in mind that you would go for?

Scorpion: Yes I do.

JoJo Bravo: What title would that be?

Scorpion looks directly into the camera.

Scorpion: I'm coming for you Steve Solex or Dangerous Dan. Whoever ends up with the LPW Championship will be surrendering it to me.

JoJo Bravo: When do you planning on going for the title?

A grin appears on Scorpion's face.

Scorpion: I might just cash it in tonight in my hometown and walk out the new LPW Champion. What better way to win a title than in front of your hometown crowd?

JoJo Bravo: Can you do that?

Scorpion: Francis James said anytime and anywhere. So yeah that means I can.

Scorpion walks out of the picture and the scene cuts back to ringside.

Henson: Let me tell them, please let me tell them!

Ash: Fine...

Henson: He won! Scott Stevens defeated Dutch just before the iPPV went live, meaning he can take his title whenever he wants.

Ash: There is no word yet on what Scott's plans are, but we will hear from Francis James later tonight so that he can properly explain the situation.

Henson: What is there to explain?

Ash: How am I suppose to know?

Henson: Your job is to know things. I'm the funny one that everyone loves and you're the boring one with information. That's our team structure.

Ash: Well speaking of teams, our first bout of the night will see two of them fighthing it out for the LPW Tag Team Championships.

Henson: Oh...nice segue.

Ash: I do what I can.

LPW Tag Team Championship

Sagrado Excelente vs. Jett Mason © & Steve Rodgers ©

Match did not get written. Sorry.

Jett Mason def. Sagrado Excelente in a handicap match after Steve Rodgers failed to show up. He now has posession of both Tag Team titles.

The End Is Nigh

The camera cuts to see Shayne Adams backstage on a bench in his locker room. Rachelle can also be seen sitting nearby. Adams holds a piece of paper in his hands. As he turns it to the camera, we see that it is an LPW promotional picture of Horatio Graves. Adams says nothing. He slowly tears the picture in half, making sure the tear cuts through the head of Graves. He turns the pieces back towards him, smiling all the while, then lifts a lighter out of his pocket. He turns the pieces back to face the camera and sets them alight.

Adams: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

Adams laughs maniacally as the photo burns up in his hands and the scene fades out.

Ash: Well that was sufficiently weird...

First Blood Match

Shayne Adams vs. "The Antichrist" Horatio Graves

Papercut by Linkin Park begins to play, as the lights fade to blue. The guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp.

Roth: On his way to the ring, being accompanied by his manager Rachelle, Shayne Adams!

The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. Adams orders Rachelle out of the ring, and paces back and forth waiting for Graves.

Henson: Looks like someone isn't going to climb the turnbuckles like normal.

Room of Angels starts to play and out comes Horatio Graves. He comes out walking slowly, with a chair in hand.

Roth: From parts unknown, The Anti-Christ, Horatio Graves!

Graves is almost to the ring as Adams flys over the top rope.

Henson: And we are off to a hell of a start!

Ash: But Shayne probably should have thought that through, because he came over and Graves put that chair up! Now both men are down at the start of the match.

Adams is on top of Graves but Adams is up clutching his chest. Graves pushes the chair to his side, and rolls to his hands and feet. Graves is pushing himself up but Adams quickly kicks Graves in the stomach!

Ash: And kick after kick to Graves midsection!

Henson: Graves is not looking good in the early going of this match.

Adams goes for another kick but Graves catches his foot and hit a low blow. Adams falls down like a sack of potatoes. Graves comes up with a smile on his face. He looks across the ring to see Rachelle, and slowly starts to make his way around the ring.

Henson: And Graves is wasting little time going after his real target.

Graves is half way around the ring before Rachelle starts moving the other way. Graves turns to cut her off but finds himself cut off back a tackle from Adams. Both men are down again, this time trading punches. After a few punches, Graves throws Adams over himself, sending him crashing into the ring steps. Graves is up and grabs Adams by the hair and rolls him into the ring. Graves laughs as he starts to search under the ring. Adams is on his hands and knees as Graves finds what he is looking for. Graves pushes in a large bag of weapons and slides under the bottom rope. Adams drops a forearm down on the back of Grave's head stoping him in his tracks. Adams grabs Graves and whips him into the turnbuckle. Adams goes to the outside and grabs a kendo stick.

Henson: Bag of weapons in the ring and he is wasting time looking for a kendo stick!

Graves is finally pushing himself out of the turnbuckle as Shayne Adams pulls the stick up to swing.

Ash: That kendo stick just cracks against Graves chest!

Graves drops to his knees and Adams snaps the kendo stick across Graves back! Graves is rolling around on as Adams drops the kendo stick and grabs the bag Grave's push in the ring earlier. He opens up the bag and shakes the bag empty.

Ash: And the toys are out!

Adams starts looking over the collection of weapons and goes to grab a cooking sheet. As he starts to stand back up, Graves jumps up and pushes Adams forward.

Henson: Looks like The Anti-Christ just won this match!

Ash: You may be right, as Graves just caused Shayne Adams to some how go over and become entangled in the ring ropes!

A delightful look comes across Grave's face as he see what happened. Graves walks over and kicks Adams in the back. He then slides out of the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring. The referee and Rachelle start to try to untangle Adams but after pushing the table in the ring, Graves chases both off. Adams tries to kick Graves but he jumps back, laughing. Graves hops up on the guard rail and drop kicks Adams as he is still hanging from the ropes. As Graves is getting back up the referee runs over and is finally successful at untangling Adams!

Ash: Finally Adams gets free!

Gaves looks up in anger at the referee.

Henson: Good for Shayne Adams but the reef might want to try and put some distance between himself and Horatio Graves.

Graves is back in the ring, leaving Adams on the floor. The referee grabs his shirt trying to remind Graves that he is the office and not Graves' opponent but Graves still lunges at the referee. The referee jumps out of the ring and starts to run to the back, and Graves chases him halfway back before realizings Adams is still on the side of the ring. Graves walks back and comes around to the side of the ring to see Adams missing from where he left him. A large bang fills the arena!

Ash: Shayne slide under the ring and was able to sneak behind Horatio and just cleaned his clock with that trash can lid!

Adams smacks the trash can lid over Graves head again and again and again before throwing the lid to the ground. Adam picks Gaves limp body up and rolls him into the ring.

Henson: This has been back and forth. But this has been building sense the second Action Packed and it looks like we might see the end of Graves tonight!

Adams slides in and see the table Graves put in the ring earlier. He stomps on Grave's head before walking over to the table. Adams flips the table, opens one leg, and positions the table on the turnbuckle.

Ash: Shayne is wasting time!

Rick Henson: Graves doesn't seem to been moving though, but you are correct he should be going for blood.

Adams grabs Graves by the hair and pulls him to the table. Adams pulls Grave's head in-between his legs. Adams goes to lift Graves but Graves drops back down and uppercuts Adams right between the legs.

Henson: That is not right but all is legal in this match!

Graves laughs before grabbing Adams and shoving is head in-between his own legs.

Ash: Horatio Graves is going for a powerbomb of his own!

Graves brings Adams up and over his shoulders!

Ash: Grave Bomb through the table! Shayne Adams needs help get someone out here!

Henson: No this match isn't over we need first blood!

Graves dropped to a knee, looking at Shayne Adams lifeless body laying in the wreckage of the broken table! Graves eye then start to scan over the weapons scattered over the ring from the bag he brought in earlier. Grave's eye widen as he finds what he's searching for!

Henson: What does Horatio have in mind now!

Graves stands up with a large black object in his hand. With his free hand Graves grabs at the object pulling off the cover.

Ash: Horatio Graves has a damn hunting knife in that bag!

Henson: How did Shayne miss that earlier?

Graves grabs a handfull of Adam's hair and pulls his head up. Adam's eyes seem to just roll around as Graves brings the knife to his face.

Henson: And looks as if Shayne isn't going to be the pretty boy of Legacy Pro Wrestling for much longer.

Graves raises the knife in the air and before he brings it down Rachelle hits his hand with a steel chair!

Ash: Rachelle just saved Shayne's life but she just got in harms way!

Rachelle still has the chair in her hand as Graves swings around. His face full of anger flashes into a smile seeing Rachelle so close.

Henson: Rachelle just put herself in harms way and Horatio Graves seems to be happy she did.

Rachelle steps back raising the chair in defense! She smacks Graves in the shoulder but he grabs the chair when she goes for another chair shot. Graves throws the chair to the ground and tackles Rachelle to the ground. Graves pins her arms down and laughs!

Ash: Someone get down here and stop this!

Adams nails Graves in the back of the head with a broken piece of the table. Graves rolls off of Rachelle, on to his back. Adams grabs Rachelle helping her back to her feet and without missing a beat she starts putting the boots to Grave's chest!

Ash: Shayne needs to get her out of here, Rachelle has no businesses in this match!

After several seconds of Rachelle stomping away at Graves, Adams pulls her away and lifts the broken piece of table up with both hands and brings it down on Graves chest!

Henson: Get the referee back out here to check for blood!

Adams bring the table piece back in the air and straight back down into Grave's chest! And again! And again! The referee comes running back sliding into the ring! Once back in the ring the referee looks at both Adams and Graves. And calls for the bell!

Roth: And your winner by the way of First Blood, Shayne Adams!

The referee fights Adams to pull away the piece of table but as soon as Rachelle enters the ring Adams lets go. Shayne Adams and Rachelle embrace as EMTs come to the ring to check on Graves.

Ash: I'll be honest...I can't believe what we've just seen here.

Henson: It was...GLORIOUS.

Ash: I just hope this settles the score and that all three of them can put this behind them and move on.

Henson: Forget putting it behind them, Adams nearly put it through Graves!

Some Clarification

Ash: While things are getting cleaned up out here, let’s head backstage to Shelly Summers who is standing by with Minority Owner, Francis James.

The scene cuts to a small interview area setup in the back. Shelly is standing next to Mr. James, visibly disturbed by what he has just seen.

Summers: Joining me at this time is Minority Owner, Francis James. Mr. James, thank you for your time. I know these iPPV events can have you quite busy.

James: Not a problem Shelly, I’m happy to address any concerns that come up as part of my open door policy.

Summers: As you are well aware, Scott Stevens was victorious earlier in the night and has put together quite the win streak over the past several weeks. At the end of the last Action Packed you said that as long as he won tonight he could have a title shot anytime, anywhere. Would you like to explain that?

James: Absolutely Shelly. My offer to Mr. Stevens wasn’t one of free reign to do whatever he wants. There are obviously protocols that must be followed in situations like this. I said what I said and meant what I said, but that doesn’t mean he can randomly insert himself in any match before, during, or after.

Summers: So he doesn’t have the ability to insert himself into the Main Event tonight?

James: Actually, he can, so long as protocol is followed. If he wishes to put in for his title opportunity, he must first inform me or Mr. Hardt in person prior to any action being taken. Once we are informed we will approve and the match can take place.

Summers: Does that include after a Champion has already had a match or bee attacked?

James: As long as we are informed he is requesting the match, yes. There is another option as well. If he is scheduled for a title match he will lose the right to challenge, as a title match will have been granted to him.

Summers: So you could potentially book him in a tag team title match and he would lose his right to challenge for the LPW Championship?

James: Technically speaking, yes. But I understand the unfairness of that situation and would never consider doing so. I’m certainly not out to screw anyone of their aspirations. He need not worry about that.

Summers: Thank you very much for your time Mr. James, you have certainly cleared up a lot of the confusion that so many of us had.

James: Any time Shelly.

The scene cuts back to ringside.

Ash: Well that definitely clears up some misinformation.

Henson: More bureaucratic red tape, but he more or less still controls his own destiny.

LPW Internet Championship

Sebastian Moore vs. Jim Surge ©

Ash: Speaking of destiny, whose destiny is it to walk out of here with the LPW Internet Championship?

Henson: I'll admit, I'm impressed.

A single strobe light dances around an otherwise dark arena as the lone guitar at the start of "Assassin" reverberates across the arena. As the drum breakdown brings in the full band the lights briefly flash onto the stage to reveal Sebastian Moore!

Roth: Coming to the ring at this time, Sebastian Moore!

The strobes go nuts as Moore jogs to the ring, focused, as ever, upon the task at hand. He rolls into the ring and paces around, waiting for his opponent. Four quarter sticks of dynamite explode as Garth Brooks' "Good Ride Cowboy" comes over the arena speakers. Slowly ambling out of the back is the big cowboy, Jim Surge, in his white cowboy hat and dark red trunks and boots and the LPW Internet Championship draped over his shoulder.

Roth: And his opponent, the LPW Internet Champion, Jim Surge!

Surge stops at the top of the rampway to take in some cheers, and makes his way down to ringside by engaging the fans along the guard railing - slapping them high-five, posing for someone to take a photo with their cell phone, and even taking a bite of a young girl's popcorn. Once he gets to the ring he tosses his hat into the crowd to one final pop before wiping the smile off his face and concentrating completely on the matter at hand. The crowd cools down a bit after nearly being in sing-along-mode during Surge's entrance.

Ash: I've been waiting weeks for this matchup, should be a good one.

Henson: Sure if you like the adventures of Captain Boring and the Lackluster Lad.

The bell rings. Both men lock eyes from opposite corners of the ring. The two slowly approach each other, walking to the centre of the ring, never breaking eye contact the whole time. As the two men go nose-to-nose, words are exchanged; both men laying a verbal beating on one another...and it's Surge who is first to snap! The champion nailing Moore with a right hand, but Moore replies with a forearm strike! Surge strikes back again! Both guys clubbing away at each other!

Ash: I've never seen such determination!

Henson: I've never seen such lack of talent, this is wrestling not boxing!

The champion finally gets the upper hand as a particularly vicious right hand sends Moore sprawling into the corner. Surge lines up a charge...but it's sidestepped and Moore catches Surge with a sick jumping knee to the face!




Kickout at two and a half by Surge!

Ash: That is why Sebastian Moore is so dangerous! He's got more weaponry in his arsenal than the US Army.

Henson: Really Ash? Really? Give me a break.

Moore wastes little time, quickly back on the offensive, looking to lock in the Guillotine Choke, but Surge is too close to the ropes and the hold is quickly broken. Moore back to his feet, lifts Surge, whips him against the ropes...nice Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Moore, who goes for the pin again



Comfortable kickout from Surge this time. The champion scrambles out of the ring and leans on the guardrail desperately trying to catch his breath. Surge looks round...only to be nailed by a flying forearm through the ropes by Moore! What a move that was! Moore is fired up here tonight, he wants that Internet Championship! Moore gives a high five to a boy in the front row, then rolls Surge back into the ring. Moore bides his time, climbing up on to the apron and through the ropes. Oh! Rollup attempt from Surge!




Kickout in the nick of time by Moore! Moore quickly to his feet, but is nailed by a Polish Hammer from Surge! Surge backs into the corner as Moore is lifeless on the mat

Henson: That's what happens when you play to the fans Ash. You've gotta get the job done first!

Surge, fully recovered, comes out of the corner and brings the groggy Moore to his feet. Surge lifts the challenger onto his shoulders, looking for a Torture Rack submission...and it's locked in! Moore cries out in pain as Surge wrenches his spine, but he refuses to give up! Surge keeps the pressure up, Moore is being bent in half here! He needs to do something quickly or this one is over! Still Moore refuses to give up...and a knee to the face! Moore with quick, repeated knees to the face, staggering the champion! Is Moore getting the upper hand again here? No! Surge drops Moore to the mat with an Inverted Samoan Drop, great thinking by the champion!




Moore just rolls the shoulder in time!

Ash: Henson, that is why Jim Surge is so well respected around here. Just when it looks like his opponent is coming back at him, he pulls something like that out of the bag!

Henson: Looked to me like Surge just fell over.

Ash: Really? That's really how you're going to call that one?

Surge is well in control here now and he knows it. The big man stands over Moore, contemplating his next move. Surge lifts the challenger, kick to the gut, Powerbomb! Surge is signalling for the end, looks like the Boise Driver is imminent, Surge moves back over to the challenger. Small Package from Moore!




Surge just kicks out in time! Where did that come from?! Both men to their feet, Moore ducks a clothesline attempt from Surge...but is caught by a huge Big Boot on the rebound! Surge looks angry, he's had enough of Moore, he wants to end this and end it now. Surge drops Moore with a series of Scoop Slams, trying to beat the last drops of energy out of him. Finally Surge drops Moore with a DDT and signals once again for the Boise Driver.

Ash: This one has to be over now, Surge is relentless!

Surge soaks in the crowd as he slowly lifts Moore to his feet. Surge raises Moore, looking for the Boise Driver...but Moore battles out! Surge turns around...straight into an Annihilator Thai Kick! What resilience from Sebastian Moore! Both men crumple to the floor as the referee starts a count





5...signs of life from Moore as he begins to drag himself towards the corner


7...both men have made it to opposite corners, trying desperately to pull themselves to their feet




Just! Both men stagger to their feet in the corners, they both look totally spent. They stagger out towards the centre of the ring...and the slugfest starts once more! Both men exchanging shots to the face. Oh, but Moore has ducked that one! Off the ropes he goes, Surge sidesteps the first charge...Moore ducks under the Big Boot attempt. He's tripped Surge on his way through...Chonan Lock! Moore has the Chonan Lock applied, centre of the ring!

Ash: I can't recall anyone escaping Sebastian Moore's Chonan Lock, are we seeing the crowning of a new champion here?

Surge looks in agony as Moore wrenches away at his ankle! Surge looks to be trying to drag himself toward the ropes, but Moore is holding firm! Surely there's only one outcome? Yes! There it is! Surge taps out! We have a new LPW Internet Champion!

Roth: The winner of this match by way of submission, and NEW LPW Internet Champion...SEBASTIAN MOORE!

Ash: Tremendous match from these two, they gave the crowd everything they wanted and more.

Henson: If you say so. I stopped watching towards the end and just started reading Scott Stevens' twitter.

Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship

Dangerous Dan vs. Steve Solex ©

Ash: Folks, we aren't going to waste any time in getting right to the Main Event tonight.

Henson: Good, lets quickly remove the nasty taste the last match left by seeing Steve Solex completely destroy Dangerous Dan.

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring begins to play as Dangerous Dan jogs out onto the ring ramp. He looks around at the fans for a brief moment and then sprints down the ramp, sliding into the ring. He quickly climbs onto the top turnbuckle in one of the corners, posing for all his fans.

Ash: Dan certainly looks like he's ready to go.

Henson: He better be, he's about to lose to the man who is going to lose to Scott Stevens!

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as suddenly the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips, just above the LPW Championship. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and taunts the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out.

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening. The match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit and is for the LPW Championship! To my left, standing in at 5 feet 11 inches, and weighing in at 225 pounds; fighting out of Smithville, TN...DANGEROUS DAN!

And to my right, standing in at 6 feet 4 inches, and weighing in at 252 pounds; fighting out of Huntington Beach, California...the Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion...STEVE SOLEX!

Henson: Oh yeah! Go time!

The two men circle around each other, sizing one another up before making a move. The lights suddenly dim and "Thickfreakness" by The Black Keys hits the speakers and the fans erupt. The entire arena's attention turns to the entrance way. After a few seconds, out steps LPW Owner, Mason Hardt. He seems in good spirits and in good health as he walks down the ramp holding a microphone. He makes his way to the ring and then climbs inside, both competitors with a strange look on their faces.

Hardt: Sorry to interrupt your match, but I just now got here and I just couldn't wait to come out and address everyone. First of all, I want to thank Mr. James for running things while I was away, unfortunately things seems to have gotten a little out of hand during this time. Wrestlers are not showing up, underperforming, bitching, and moaning. I can't blame Francis for this, this isn't his realm, but I think he did the best that he could. I do blame someone though, three people in fact. I figure if I was never attacked by Sagrado Excelente that things wouldn't have gotten to this point. With that being said, all three of them are fired!

Speaking of firing, there are some other people that need to be cut loose. Steve Rodgers, no more riding on Jett Mason's coat tails. You're fired. Mason Grant, man I don't know what happened with you, but you're fired. The last two people are two I've been so disappointed with. You're given opportunities and you throw them away. With that said, Dan, Steve, you're both fired!

A collective gasp is heard from the crowd. Both men look shocked as Hardt motions for them to exit the ring.

Hardt: So now the question is, what do we do about this LPW Championship? I say we reward those who most deserve it. I would like for Sebastian Moore and Jett Mason to please come to the ring.

After a few seconds both men head down the ramp and climb into the ring.

Hardt: As it stands, you two are the only champions in LPW, so as far as I'm concerned you're the only men to deserve the opportunity. So unless either of you have an objection, the ring is yours. As for me, I think I'll join our wonderful announce team ringside.

Neither man objects and Hardt exits the ring, taking a seat at the announce table.

Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship

Jett Mason vs. Sebastian Moore

Ash: It’s a pleasure to have you sit with us Mr. Hardt, more importantly, welcome back.

Hardt: Thanks Danny, it is great to be back.

Henson: I can’t believe this…why these two? Haven’t we all suffered enough?

Hardt: I think we have suffered enough. We’ve suffered from seeing opportunities squandered here in LPW and I refuse to let it happen again. But enough about that, let’s get this match started.

The bell rings and the two men immediately hook up with a collar and elbow tie. Moore begins to muscle Jett into a corner. Somehow Jett manages to create some space and quickly snaps off a dropkick that sends Moore to the mat. Mason immediately follows up with a legdrop to his downed opponent. Jett springs back up to his feet just so he can leap into the air, bringing an elbow down onto Sebastian. Missed! Moore rolled away before contact was made. Without hesitation Moore locks in a knee bar.

Hardt: Let me tell you, I wouldn’t want to be locked in any submission move by Sebastian Moore. The man is a beast.

Henson: I’d hate to be locked in a room with him. Death by boredom.

Ash: You’ll have to ignore him Mr. Hardt.

Hardt: Noted.

Jett Mason is clearly in pain but he simply refuses to quit. He begins kicking Moore with his free leg, forcing Sebastian to release the hold. Both men quickly scramble up to their feet. Moore whips off an outside leg kick, but it gets caught. Instantly Jett drops down, taking Moore with him via a dragon screw. Jett continues his work on the now ailing leg, delivering a series of kicks to Moore’s knee. Sebastian rolls over to his stomach to try and keep from taking more damage to the knee. Jett uses this opportunity to deliver a nasty kick to the back of Moore’s head.

Ash: Ouch! That could cause a concussion.

Hardt: I’d be surprised if Sebastian was the same during the remainder of this match.

Henson: Well he couldn’t get much worse, so maybe he’ll start being entertaining.

Jett does his best to seize the moment, hitting a legdrop to the back of Moore’s neck before following up with a quick elbow drop. Using his lightning fast speed Mason rushes towards the ropes, rebounding and the delivering a baseball slide dropkick to the side of Sebastian’s head. Again looking to capitalize, Jett jumps into the air in an attempt to double stomp the head of Sebastian Moore. Somehow Moore gets out of the way, leaving Mason to stomp the canvas. Sebastian wastes little time, shooting a double from his knees, bring Jett down to his level. No! Jett sprawled! In a dominant position, Mason nails Moore again in the head with a thunderous knee that sends Moore facedown to the mat.

Hardt: This might be over, I don’t think anyone can withstand this many shots to the head.

Ash: I wouldn’t say that. I hear Rick was dropped on his head multiple times as a child and he turned out…actually you’re probably right.

Henson: Hey!

Moore begins showing signs of life, using the ropes to try and pull himself up. Meanwhile Jett Mason stalks him from behind. As soon as Moore is up Jett his a picture perfect dropkick that sends Sebastian flipping over the top rope and crashing down to ringside. Without hesitation Jett climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off, crashing down on Moore with a senton! The ref begins to count the two men out.



Jett manages to get back to his feet and climbs into the ring.



He then takes a seat on one of the top turnbuckles, waiting.










Moore rolls into the ring at the last possible millisecond.

Hardt: It doesn’t get much closer than that!

Ash: We almost had a new champion by count out!

Henson: Shows how smart you guys are. You can’t win a title by count out.

Hardt: Correction, a championship can’t change hands by count out. There is no champion here.

Henson: Yeah…well…


Jett goes back on the attack, bringing Moore up to his feet. Jett slips behind him and goes for the FreeMason Driver! No! Moore counters into a hiptoss! NO! Jett flips over and lands on his feet! Mason turns around and catches a knee in his gut. Jett doubles over and Sebastian grabs his head, bringing him up in a Thai plum. Mason is in trouble as Moore begins to deliver vicious knees to his face. Moore releases the hold and Jett is on spaghetti legs. Moore steps back and then unloads the Annihilator Thai Kick, nearly taking Jett’s head off!

Ash: That has got to be it, what a kick!

Henson: Yes! Yes!

Hardt: Here comes trouble, please excuse me guys.

The crowd’s attention turns to the entrance ramp where “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens is running down towards the ring. In the ring Moore covers Mason and the ref slides down to begin the count.




NO! The ref is pulled out of the ring by Scott Stevens! Sebastian Moore gets up to his feet and he peers out to see Stevens and the ref arguing. He begins yelling something at them.

Ash: What the hell is going on here?

Henson: I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

In the ring Sebastian turns around, making sure Jett stays down when he is blasted by the LPW Championship by Mason Hardt! Hardt drops the belt and slides out of the ring just as Stevens lets the ref tend to the action. Stevens walks over to Hardt and you can hear him ask: “May I please have my title shot?” and Hardt nods yes. Stevens slides into the ring and covers Sebastian Moore.




Ash: What the HELL!?


Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall and NEW LPW Champion, “The Scorpion”, SCOTT STEVENS!

Ash: I can’t believe what I just saw! Hardt helped Stevens win the title!

Hardt climbs into the ring and hands Stevens the title and then raises his hand in the air as the scene fades to the LPW logo and then black.