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28th October 2011 - Action Packed - From in Lafayette, LA

"Downfall" by TRUSTcompany begins to play as the LPW intro video hits. The video begins to fade out and scenes from the previous episode of Action Packed are shown as well as clips from a recent press conference introducing Francis James. As the highlights fade out we are now at ringside with the announce team.

Ash: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of Action Packed. As always I'm Danny Ash alongside my partner Rick Henson.

Henson: Ew, I'm not your partner...

Ash: As per usual, please ignore him. As you are well aware, last Action Packed was huge for us. We saw the crowning of a new champion, we saw current LPW Champion Steve Solex in yet another altercation with Dangerou Dan.

Henson: That louse!

Ash: The big news, however, is that our owner Mason Hardt was brutally attacked and has been hospitalized. As a result, Minority Owner, Francis James, will now handle day to day operation. He has initiated an open door policy, and from what I'm being told someone is looking to speak with him now!

A Welcome

We are looking at the office of Francis James. He sits at a desk, scanning over some papers and tapping away at his laptop. There is a knock at the door. James takes a breath, closes his laptop and speaks.

James: Please come in.

The camera remains focused on Francis James as Shayne Adams walks into shot. James stands as Adams approaches the desk, apparently nervous.

Adams: Mr. James, I just wanted to welcome you here to LPW. I know the wrestling business isn't your thing, but I hope you appreciate what we do around here.

James seems slightly taken aback, not expecting such a greeting from a man who nearly threw a guy off a building. His voice is obviously nervous as he starts to speak.

James: You're right Mr. Adams...Shayne? Can I call you Shayne?

Adams: Sure.

James: Shayne. You're right, my background isn't in the business, but I'm confident I can steer the ship in Mr. Hardt's absence...

Adams: Well, you've given me the match I wanted, so I thank you for that. I would have preferred a one-on-one, but if I have to take Stevens down with him, so be it.

Francis James is loosening up a little.

James: My pleasure. I heard what you said last week...

James pauses for a moment in case mention of last week triggers Adams' mental killswitch. Adams seems unperturbed.

James: But I've got to think of business aswell you understand?

Adams: Of course.

James: So it made more sense to make an Adams & Grant against Stevens & Graves main event. But do note that if certain issues are not resolved in this match, we may have to take things further.

Adams: Sure, well, once again, welcome to the company.

James: Thank you.

Adams turns and leaves, James sits back down at his desk, somewhat relieved. Just as he picks up his papers, the lights in the office go out. James yells out in shock, before sighing at the apparent power cut. He then yells out again as the face of Shayne Adams appears next to him, lit by a flashlight.

Adams: By the way, haha! You had better HA! Hope that I destroy Graves tonight.

Adams turns off the flashlight, disappearing into the darkness for a moment before reappearing on the other side of the chair.

Adams: Because HA! If I don't, I won't haha! be healed!

Adams turns off the flashlight once more, this time reappearing far above James. It's obvious that he must be standing on the desk.

Adams: And bad things happen HA! when I'm not haha! healed!

Adams turns off the flashlight again. After a few moments the room lights come back on and Adams is nowhere to be seen. Francis James is obviously very shaken up as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Ash: I...uh...

Henson: Welcome to LPW with twice as many nuts as your average promotion!


Sebastian Moore vs. Rocky Awesome

Ash: I'm starting to believe that. At any speed, it is time for our first match of the night where Sebastian Moore will face Rocky Awesome.

Henson: Sebastian Moore is still on the roster?

Ash: He has been gone for a while but he will be competing tonight. I also spoke with Mr. Francis and he stated that win or lose Moore is still in line for the LPW Internet Championship at Fallout.

Henson: Great, I have to call both him and Surge at the same time.

As soon as the bell rings Rocky Awesome rushes in only to be thrown to the ground by Sebastian Moore, who is now firmly in side control. Moore maintains his positioning, working an arm of Awesome for a potential submission. Rocky struggles, fighting off the mixed martial artist with everything he has. Rocky manages to squirm around enough to force Sebastian’s legs underneath the ropes, forcing the ref to make a break. As the two men get up to their feet Awesome against tries to go in strong, this time looking to connect with a forearm. Moore proves to be a bit too quit for him, however, placing a swift kick to the lead leg of Rocky as he comes in. This forces Awesome off balance and allows Sebastian to shoot in, realizing that he has a significant advantage on the ground. Awesome manages to stop the takedown, however, and with Moore’s back an easy target he begins clubbing his arms down on top. Awesome begins taking control of the match, throwing Moore shoulder first into the ring post.

Awesome does his best to keep Moore off balance by throwing a wide variety of strikes, alternating between punches, forearm shots, and kicks to the gut. Awesome manages to loosen a bit of his wrist tape, using it as a means to choke Moore out. The ref sees the tape being uses as a weapon and immediately begins reading Awesome the riot act. Rocky releases the hold and puts his hands in the air as if saying he did nothing wrong. As he heads back in he is met with a series of attacks, Moore using the Muay Thai 8-points of contact with precision. Rocky tries to retaliate by throwing a wild clothesline but only manages to give up his arm to a flying armbar. Awesome writhes in pain, trying to grab his trapped arm with his free hand, but comes up short.

With everything in him, Awesome bucks his hips in the direction of Moore. It is enough to allow him to stack Sebastian and reign down punches with his free arm. Moore takes shot after shot from Rocky, refusing to let go. With Moore’s shoulders on the mat and Rocky punching the ref begins to count a pin. Sebastian has no choice be to release the hold, ensuring that he doesn’t get pinned. He lets go and immediately Rocky Awesome begins back pedaling away. Moore still on his back lunges at Awesome’s legs with his own and in a split second Awesome is down on the mat following a leg scissor. No sooner does Rocky realize what is going on does he begin tapping the canvas hard, submitting to Moore’ Chonan Lock.

Roth: The winner of this match by submission...SEBASTIAN MOORE!

Ash: Yet another impressive win for Sebastian Moore as he remains undefeated in LPW.

Henson: Impressive? If you say so.

A New Team?

Dutch and Fletcher are shown walking down the hallway with a purpose. They come to an door and Dutch gives it a strong few knocks.

Voice from in office: Come on in.

Dutch opens the door and they enter the office to find Francis James sitting at a desk.

Dutch: Mr. James I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to work in this great company. And possibly run something by yo...

Fletcher bumps Dutch over and starts talking to Francis James.

Fletcher: My client, Dutch, is making noticeable waves here in Legacy Pro Wrestling. Two matches in and two matches won! But something that isn't making waves in this company is the tag team division!

James: Please go on.

Fletcher: Now I want bring in a new talent, to partner up with Dutch. Dutch has already proved that I have the eye for talent and I have a client that will be a great addition to the roster! Of course I know you aren't just handing out matches because I asked but I think it would be a great idea to let them face off against an established tag team at the next show. What do you think?

James: We do have a shortage of teams...Who is this man?

Fletcher: Now I will get you all his information faxed to your office, first thing Monday morning. Thank you for your time.

James: Just a minute, before you leave. Our next show is Fallout and our two tag teams are already involved in a match. However, I will go ahead and book Dutch for that show and the following Action Packed we can book this team.

Fletcher: That sounds fantastic. Thank you again for your time.

Dutch and Fletcher head out the door and the camera cuts to the announce desk.

Ash: Looks like we've got another team heading to LPW!

Henson: Great, more fodder for Sagrado Excelente!

Working as a team, really?

Ash: I'm getting word that Shelly Summers is backstage with LPW Tag Team Champion, Jett Mason.

Shelly Summers stands by backstage with Jett Mason, one half of the Legacy Pro Wrestling tag-team champions. Summers looks excited to do an interview with Mason, who hasn't quite appeared yet.

Summers: Hi LPW fans, I am Shelly Summers and I'm bringing you an interview with Jett Mason, one of Legacy Pro Wrestling's tag-team champions.

Shelly turns to her right as the camera follows her movement. From the edge of the room steps Jett Mason. The bandana placed properly on his head that holds back his dreadlocks isn't the ordinary blue, but rather a dark crimson red. Covering his bright blue eyes, Mason wears a pair of dark sunglasses. He nears Summers with his head lowered and peers at her through the top of his shades.

As he looks at her, she begins to look uncomfortable, as if something were wrong. With the tag-team title draped over his left arm over his black Tapout t-shirt, Mason reaches forward, nearing Shelly Summers and simply holds out his hand. He motions with his forefinger for the microphone.

Jett Mason: Alright toots, I've got it from here.

Mason lowers his sunglasses to his chin and peers into the camera. Shelly Summers scatters out of the scene.

Jett Mason: Rodgers, where have you been man? I haven't heard from you since we won these titles, we're supposed to be a cohesive unit, a team!

Jett licks his lips as he grips the microphone in his right hand. With his left hand he taps his fingers over the tag-team title he posesses.

Jett Mason: I'm starting to wonder if you're just in this for the gold, or if you want to make history. I'm not about playing games of hide-and-seek, I want to be a defending champion. One who takes pride in winning such a prestegious championship and puts in work inside the ring. Let me know if you're still in this, if not, I'll persue other championships.

Mason tosses the microphone toward the camera. After doing so, he stretches the straps of the tag title out and lies it in front of him on the concrete floor, then he steps away. The camera cuts to ringside where Henson is clearly happy.

Ash: This isn't the kind of mindset the tag champs should be in heading into their first title defense.

Henson: That is the magic of Sagrado Excelente! Tag teams are so afraid of them that they'd rather fight themselves than have to face such a great team!

Co-Main Event

Dangerous Dan vs. Shaun Collins

Ash: I don't know about that, but something definitely isn't rignt.

Henson: Trust me.

Ash: I'd rather not. Anyways, it is time for our Co-Main Event. Where...

Henson: One loser takes on another loser to see who is the most loserist.

Ash: You would win that fight every time, I promise you that.

As the bell rings Dangerous Dan immediately shows his speed advantage over Collins. Dan hits a series of dropkicks, one right after another, that sends Collins backwards and into the corner. With Shaun cornered Dan rushes in and delivers a hard shoulder to his opponent’s stomach, dropping him down to a seated position. Dan throws his hands in the air, receiving adoration from the fans in attendance, before rushing in a delivering a seated dropkick right to the face of Shaun Collins. Dan continues his assault, the match fully in his control, using the entire ring to show off his impressive high flying arsenal.

Dangerous Dan hits a picture perfect hurricanrana on Shaun Collins, who hasn’t any offense throughout the match. Suddenly “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine begins to play and Dan’s attention quickly turns to the entrance ramp. He stares at the ramp as the music plays, but nothing happens. He looks all around the ring, just waiting for Steve Solex to blindside him. Nothing happens. The music continues to play as Shaun Collins tries to attack Dan while his attention is turned, but Dan is far too fast. Dan dodges the attack and somewhat effortlessly delivers a kick to Collins’ gut followed by the Danger Zone. The pin is elementary.

Roth: The winner of the match via pinfall…DANGEROUS DAN!

Ash: A great win for Dangerous Dan tonight and a tremendous showing in the Co-Main Event!

Henson: If you say so. He beat a guy lucky to have a job here.

Dan’s music never kicks in as the music of Steve Solex still plays over the speakers. Just as Dan goes to pose on the turnbuckle the tron image cuts to one of Steve Solex. Dan turns his attention to the screen where a scowling Solex looks on.

Solex: Do I have your attention now?

Just as the words are said Steve Solex slides into the ring behind Dan and delivers a forearm to the back. Solex quickly German suplexes his rival onto the canvas with a stiffness that makes the crowd groan in pain. Steve clearly hasn’t done enough, picking Dan up just to drop him back down with a SolexPlex. Solex springs back up to his feet immediately, anger still on his face. He begins to get out of the ring but stops in his tracks, looking back at Dangerous Dan writhing on the canvas. Steve brings himself back in the ring and drags Dan up to his feet. Solex then locks Dan in a belly-to-belly position before hurling him over his head and over the ropes. Dan crashes hard to the outside and lies motionless as Solex stares down at him.

Henson: Steve Solex is my hero!

What About Me!?

The camera cuts backstage where Francis James is talking on the phone to someone as "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens comes barging through the door.

James: Let me call you back.

He hangs up the phone.

James: Can I help you?

Scorpion: Yeah. You can give me what I deserve and that's my title shots.

James looks at Scorpion puzzled.

James: And you are?

Scorpion: Who am I? Seriously? I'm the most important asset in LPW! I'm Scott Stevens!

Francis James looks down at a few sheets of paper.

James: It says here that you have a record of 3-2. Why would I give anyone with a 3-2 record a shot at any title? That's just not smart from a business stand point.

Scorpion: Because out of everyone on this roster I'm the most deserving. You want me to tell you why?

James: Sure. Convince me why you deserve a shot.

Scorpion: Plain and simple, I'm on a three match winning streak.

James: I see.

Scorpion: I lost my debut match against Sebastian Moore but ever since then I've gone undefeated. I beat Senseless, I beat Mason Grant at Instant Classic, and I beat Shayne Adams two weeks ago in the main event of Action Packed.

James: I see here that you lost to Roscoe Shame at Instant you aren't on a winning streak.

Scorpion: That loss is crap and you know it. Roscoe didn't even have a match and after I'm exhausted from my thirty minute match Hardt books a title match right after my match knowing full well I'm not one hundred percent to compete. The smart business move would have had the two number one contenders for the Internet Championship main event the next Action Packed, but no your idiot friend thought he had to crown all champions at Instant Classic and just like a virgin on prom night blew his load prematurely.

James: I understand your frustrations, however you still haven't convinced me why you deserve a shot at anything over the rest. Especially considering the little respect you seem to be showing your boss.

Scorpion: How about the simple fact the current Internet Champion was just handed his title shot.

James: How so?

Scorpion: Jim Surge hasn't beaten anyone or won anything to deserve a shot. He was on a losing streak and he was just handed a title shot out of the blue. He lost to Solex, he forfeited his match to Roscoe at the iPPC, and his reward for this is a title shot from Mason Hardt.

James: Interesting.

Scorpion: It gets better. Excalibur, who just recently had a shot at the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship and failed to capture it, had lost a match and then he beat Shaun Collins and was granted an automatic shot at the world title.

James: It says here that he was 2-1 with a 2 match winning streak. I fail to see your point.

Scorpion: My point? My POINT!? The point is I was on a winning streak and in the main event. He was in the co-main event yet he gets a shot over me? Mason Hardt is intentionally trying to keep me from the title picture. He screwed me out of the Internet Championship and won't grant me my rematch and he won't give me my LPW Championship shot I deserve. I'm stuck in an endless cycle of fighting guys like Mason Grant and Shayne Adams who I have beaten yet have to keep facing. Adams is the perfect example of Hardt's abuse of power, he always shows up in the main event despite losing them most of the time.

James: I obviously cannot speak for Mr. Hardt, but I'm under the impression that you aren't exactly someone who respects him, or your opponents. The question is, what do you want me to do about it?

Scorpion: I want you to give me my frakking title shots!

James: Listen, my hands are full right now. The title matches at Fallout have written themselves. Moore against Surge for the Internet Championship. Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers against Sagrado Excelente. And after what we saw not long again, Steve Solex against Dangerous Dan has to happen. Having said that, there aren't any plans that I'm aware of after Fallout. So just as long as you continue winning and so long as I'm in charge, I will certainly consider rewarding you for your work.

Scorpion begins to walk out the door but stops to say something.

Scorpion: Don't think too long because after I dispose over Mason and Shayne I'll be back for an answer. If I don't get the answer I want, well, you might be seeing your buddy Hardt sooner rather than later.

TJ and Rocky Hatred

The scene cuts to the ring where Tony Johnson is standing with a microphone.

Tony: Well Hello LOUISISANA!

The crowd pops for their state.

Tony: I am here tonight to speak against one guy that I hate; Rocky Awesome.

The crowd boos the moment the words come out of his mouth.

Tony: I know, you boo him. Naturally he is too be booed and me, The Marine, I am to be loved. I just wish I could smack him across the face for the chair shot last show. I was about to win that damn match on my own and he cost me.

With TJ's attention turned to the crowd Rocky Awesome sneaks in behind him with a steel chair. Rocky screams something, causing TJ to turn around. Just as he does the chair is wrapped around his head and both collapse to the mat. With TJ out on the mat Rocky rolls out, grabbing two more chairs and tossing them in the ring. He places one chair under the knee of Johnson and then crashes the other chair down on top, sandwiching the knee between the two chairs. This reawaken's TJ who immediately begins clinching his knee as Rocky just smiles and laughs.

Ash: These two are out of control!

Henson: In fairness I think that it is just Rocky who is out of control. But what do I care, they both suck!

While he leans over Rocky rolls in the ring with a Steel-Chair and gets Tony's attention and BAM! hits him in the head. He gets a evil smile and hits Tony's near hard and then grabs 2 other chairs. He puts a chair above the knee and below it and BAM! hits the 2 chairs on Tony's knee. Rocky walks away with a smile.

One Down...

The camera cuts backstage to the locker room of Mason Grant. Inside you can see him getting read to head out to the ring for his match. He is staring into a large mirror as a knock comes across his door. The knocking is persistent and Grant can't help but answer the door. The moment the door opens someone in all black, including a black ski mask, jumps him. The attacker catches Grant completely off guard and completely destroys him with strikes. The attacker takes a quick look down at a wrist watch before grabbing Grant and throwing him face first into the large mirror. The Marquee falls to the floor in a crumpled heap as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Main Event

Mason Grant & Shayne Adams vs. Scott Stevens & Horatio Graves

Ash: Well I guess it is still Main Event time, but it doesn’t look like Mason Grant is going to be making it.

Henson: Good, he didn’t deserve to be in the Main Event anyhow. Furthermore, before there can be any conspiracy theories, you at home should notice that both Horatio Graves and Scott Stevens are already in the ring.

Ash: That doesn’t mean Stevens wasn’t behind it.

Henson: Oh please, you think Stevens is behind everything. I bet you think he shot JFK.

“Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play as the lights fade to blue. As the guitars kick in there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks just as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp. The lights come back up and the expression on Adams’ face turns to anger and he rushes down towards the ring, Rachelle nowhere in sight. Shayne slides in the ring and looks across from him at Stevens and Graves as the words “I’ll make you famous…” hit the speakers. The music of Mason Grant begins to play but no one steps out onto the ramp. After a few moments you see Emmy walk out, looking very confused before heading back from where she came.

Ash: I don’t think he’s coming folks. If this is a handicap match I don’t like Shayne’s odds.

Henson: His odds were lousy anyhow.

Roth: Ladies and gentleman, it is time for the Main Event of the evening. The match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. Introducing first, the team of “The Antichrist” Horatio and “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens!

And their opponents, the team of Shayne Adams and “The Marquee” Mason Grant!

Henson: Not really a team if there is only one member present. Sounds a lot like your dates Ash.

Ash: Shut up…


The moment the bell rings Shayne Adams rushes Scott Stevens like a freight train. Forearms and European uppercuts connect to the head of Scorpion, keeping him off balance. Adams then delivers a leaping knee to the chest of Stevens, doubling him over. Shayne hooks a front chancery but finds himself lifted in the air and brought down with an atomic drop. Scorpion instantly follows up with a hard clothesline that puts Adams down to the mat.

Henson: Scott Stevens is showing why he is the man in LPW.

Ash: There is never any doubting Scorpion’s talents, it’s his tact I take issue with.

Henson: What are you talking about? Stevens is a pillar of values.

Adams finds himself back on his feet thanks to Scorpion just before being whipped into the corner of the ring. Scott lifts Adams and places him on the top turnbuckle. Stevens slaps Adams across the face and then grabs him by the arm and jerks him off the top, sending him crashing down to the canvas. Stevens doesn’t let up, immediately going in, blatantly choking Adams until the referee forces a break.

Ash: There is your pillar of values.

Henson: Hey…he let go.

Scorpion goes from choking Adams to slamming his head against the mat as Horatio Graves paces around the ring apron, anxious to get in. Stevens drags Adams to his corner and tags out to Graves. Before leaving the ring, Stevens does his best to distract the referee so that Graves can dig his fingers into the eyes of Shayne Adams. The referee manages to see the move, however, forcing Graves away from Adams and giving him a warning. Graves shrugs it off and goes back in but is met with a kick to the face. Graves stumbles backwards and Adams comes at him with a series of forearms shots.

Ash: Adams showing off that rage that has built up inside of him, all thanks to Horatio Graves.

Henson: Of course. Let’s blame everyone else for your problems.

Ash: Graves said he wanted to eat the flesh of Rachelle. Wouldn’t that bother you?

Henson: Hey, some chicks are into that.

Graves comes back with a clothesline but Adams ducks it. As Horatio turns around he is put down by an excellently executed dropkick. Shayne explodes up to his feet, full of emotion much to the fan’s delight. Enraged, Adams begins dropping elbow after elbow on Graves, each one with a bit more force than the last. Adams stops so that he can force Graves into a sitting up position. Shayne bounces off the ropes behind The Antichrist and delivers a nasty shining wizard to the back of his head. Adams immediately goes for the pin.



…Saved by Scorpion!

Henson: Scorpion with the save! Woohoo!

Ash: You have to commend Shayne Adams, he’s going against two men but manages to hold his own.

Henson: I don’t have to do anything. You can’t tell me what to do.

Shayne wastes little time going back in for more but his progress is halted by a low blow, doubling Adams over. Graves gets up and looks for a spinning back kick. No! Adams manages to dodge it somehow. Now Adams with a spinning back kick! Missed! Graves is now the one to dodge the move. Graves uses Adams’ momentum against him, sending him over the top rope. Somehow Graves manages to force Shayne’s arms to be trapped in the ropes, forcing Adams into immobility. Graves begins to pound away on Adams’ face as the ref begins to count for a rope break.





Graves waits until the last second to stop his assault, backing away from Adams and letting the ref unhook him.

Ash: Graves is such a sadistic man. Maybe if he put as much time into enhancing his in ring abilities and less time trying to eat people he might have a better record.

Henson: Yeah, but what fun would that be?

Graves lifts Adams up just so that he can drop him head first to the canvas with a DDT. From the ring apron, Scott Stevens shouts instructions towards Graves. Graves looks back at him with an angry look on his face. Graves turns his attention back to Adams, lifting him up and placing him between his legs. Graves cuts across his throat and then begins lifting Adams up. Shayne struggles though, rejecting the attempt. Graves tries again but again Shayne denies him. Then it is Shayne lifting up Graves, position him over his back. Then with a quick drop Graves is down following The Compressor!

Ash: He did it! Pin him Shayne!

Henson: Oh would you hush, fanboy!

Both men are down on the mat as Stevens is going crazy on the apron. Having seen enough Scorpion climbs into the ring and drags Graves over to their corner. Stevens then climbs out of the ring and forces the tag. He then kicks Graves out to the floor, leaving only himself and Adams in the ring. Scott goes for the legs of Adams but finds himself kicked away. Shayne kips up to his feet and ducks an incoming clothesline from Stevens. As Stevens turns around he is laid out by a superkick. Adams falls on top for the pin.




Ash: So close!

Henson: Stevens was just playing with him. It takes more than a tap on the chin to take him out.

Frustration crosses the face of Adams who stands up and begins stomping down on Stevens. Shayne then drags Scorpion, positioning him in front of a turnbuckle. Shayne points up to the top rope, much to the delight of the fans. Adams quickly climbs up and just before liftoff he is crotched by Horatio Graves. Stevens manages to get up to his feet and uses the opportunity to hit a super Toxic Sting. Stevens quickly makes a pin.




Roth: The winner of the match via pinfall…The Scorpion…SCOTT STEVENS!

Henson: YES! Scott Stevens is victorious yet again! I demand confetti!

Ash: Let’s not forget to mention that this was a handicap match.

Henson: Any match with Scorpion is a handicap match, he’s that good!

Stevens throws his arms in the air, celebrating his victory. He then motions for Graves to join him in the ring and Graves casually obliges. The two lurk over the body of Shayne Adams. Stevens then grabs the arm of Graves and raises it in the air and point to him. Out of nowhere Scorpion’s smile vanishes and he quickly kicks Graves in the gut and drops him with a Toxic Sting.

The Answer

Henson: Haha! This is great!

Ash: What a bastard!

With the match over Stevens grabs a mic from ringside. He taps it to make sure it is on and then begins to speak, looking up towards the entrance ramp.

Scorpion: I did what I said I was going to do. Now I want my answer. Francis James, give me my shot!

"Downfall" by TRUSTcompany plays for a brief moment as Minority Owner Francis James walks out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone already in hand.

James: Mr. Stevens, I do have to admit that you put on a great match, despite the absence of Mason Grant. As I told you earlier, my hands are tied for Fallout. However, if you defeat your opponent at Fallout, you can name the time, the place, and the champion, and you'll have yourself a shot.

A devilish smile crosses the face of Scott Stevens as the scene fades to the LPW logo and then to black.

Quick Results

Ian Carlisle def. Excalibur

Tony Johnson def. Steve Rodgers

Dutch def. Roscoe Shame

Sebastian Moore def. Rocky Awesome

Dangerous Dan def. Shaun Collins

Scott Stevens & Horatio Graves def. Mason Grant & Shayne Adams