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The UTA was live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH last night in front of a sold out and red hot crowd.

Log Habben was out first to take on Devin Surefire in a preview match from the upcoming Wrestleshow. Quick but fun match, with Habben getting the win over Surefire.

Next out was Chance Von Crank whom was Johnny Legend-less. Crank said there is an Internet Championship match on Wrestleshow, and no new contenders have been named for the UTA Championship. He asked why the Trailer Park Prodigy was getting snubbed?

Sean Jackson, the self proclaimed Real NeWA Champion, came out. He asked Crank if he knew what it was like to hold a real championship belt. As Chance went to answer, he let him know it was rhetorical question.

Jackson said if anyone deserves a shot at an UTA title it was him as he already was a major champion. CVC didn't care for this and told Sean Jackson to come down so he could cram the NeWA Championship up his ass and take his spot against Abdul bin Hussain on Wrestleshow.

This lead to Sean Jackson versus Chance Von Crank. The match never really got started as Crank rolled out of the ring, grabbed the NeWA Championship belt and slammed it into the face of Jackson.

CVC then posed with the title before throwing it down on Jackson who was still out from the shot.

In the next match we saw Darian Dumont go over Bobby Dean, who has yet to debut on Wrestleshow. It's important to note Dean looked to be semi out of shape compared to the last time he was in the ring.

Yoshii and Frank Dylan James was next. James came to the ring, wielding a large chain, which forced Yoshii to exit. The referee was finally able to get the chain away from FDJ to get the match started.

There was nothing pretty about this at all. FDJ wildly swung at Yoshii, hitting him with pure fist. It took a bit but he got the 500+ pound behometh off of his feet.

Later, things turned around after Yoshii caught FDJ between the corner post with a splash. The former sumo-wrestler went for a Yoshii Bomb, but James rolled out of the ring. Sliding back in and delivering a big knee to Yoshii, whom was still in a seated postilion from the failed attempt, Frank Dylan James picked up the victory.

Lucius Jones and Kirk Irving went to time limit in a really good, competitive match. The fans were behind both men fully. Afterwards they shaked hands.

IM Hate and Madman Szalinski were up next. Very good match, showcasing what we can expect when Szalinski debuts on Wrestleshow. However, just as Madman was getting the upper hand, things turned for the worst when Chance Von Crank came out ringside, with Peach in hand.

Madman was distraught as Crank petted Peach behind the ears from the outside. Hate turned him around, planting Szalinski with a DDT before hitting the Hate Crime to win the match.

Crank let Peach go, who ran to Ariel as he and Hate celebrated on the way to the back.

The main event we continued our series of Dr. EMO against Abdul bin Hussain non title matches. Another great match between the two who have a real dynamic.

Hussain went for the Pray to Allah, however EMO ducked all the way down and spun out of the way. As Hussain caught himself and turned, he received an Uber Kick directly to the face giving EMO the win and sending the fans home happy.