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Tuesday Night Insomnia VIII

13 Oct 2009

Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia (seats 13,410)


Corporate Takeover

Tommy stands in his office, stressing over his show. A knock on the door echoes, grabbing his attention. "COME IN!" Tommy screams, not asking who it was or what they wanted. The door swings open, and Travis Williams comes in with his World Heavyweight Championship in hand. Behind him, Chris Bladez enters, and then Syd Mason and Chaz Creed come in last.

"Want something to drink, maybe some cheese and crackers?" Tommy grabs the cheese plate, and almost plants it into the face of the four men. Syd and Chaz put their hands up, expressing their lack of desire for the cheese and crackers. Bladez grabs a few, suiting his fancy and upscale taste. "Not bad Tommy…" Chris says, stuffing his face.

Tommy offers to Travis, but at that moment…The plate is slapped out of his hands, sending the cheese and crackers all over the office. "All you had to say was…" At that moment, Travis grabs Tommy by the throat and lifts him up off his feet. "Listen to me you spineless bitch! I am not here for your cheese and crackers. I am not here to be your fucking friend. Us four, have officially taken over Insomnia!"

Tommy is released, as he holds his throat and tries to speak. "Why are you doing this to me Travis? I drafted you to Insomnia, and you repay me by hostile takeover?" Travis shakes his head. "Tonight, Casey is going to dethrone you of that shitty title you have. So you might want to get a pep in your step, I have ordered for that match to happen AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!"

Tommy grabs the cardboard title, looking at Travis with a pissed off look on his face. "Be careful what you attempt to do Travis. You broke the cardinal rule…You both have bit the hand that feeds!" Tommy heads towards the door. "Tommy, wait!" Travis yells.

Tommy turns and looks at Travis. "Like I thought Travis, you have actually let your mind work in this ordeal. Just apologize and I will call it even!" Chris stands up, and starts to laugh. Tommy looks at Chris with a strange look. "I am not changing my mind you old fool! Insomnia needs a face lift…I just wanted to wish you luck! Who am I kidding? No matter whom is the champion come next week…That man there is going to dethrone them!"

Chris points to himself and laughs. "You know what that means Tommy! If you win, you go BOOM! If you lose, you may get to see Insomnia become a hit!" Tommy grabs the door and swings it open, walking out letting the door slam on his way out. "I think someone is pissed." Chris says, as the two men laugh.

Casey Pierro-Zabotel vs. Tommy Crimson(c)

Capps: Welcome back to Insomnia. DWF Commish, Tommy Crimson is in the ring awaiting the arrival of CPZ.

Sin: This match was made toward the end of last week suddenly with a change. Jamester was originally suppose to challenge Crimson. Crimson just walked out first with his title and that is odd, wasn`t he suppose to come out second being the champion?

Capps: You know his ego...

CPZ's theme song "Plasmatic" by Zeromancer plays over the PA system as the lights in the arena begin to darken. A lone spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as CPZ emerges from the backstage area and throws his arms into the air. He views his surroundings and begins to slowly make his way down the aisle with the lights slowly coming back on as the one spotlight follows him.

Capps: He`s ready...

The referee call`s for the bell as the two men tie up. CPZ uses his knee to hit Crimson`s knee and brings him down. Now its a stuggle for power as the two are tied up still. Crimson is now on his knee`s twisting his arms around trying to get in position again to take the advantage. Casey uses his knee this time and catches Crimson right under the chin and brings him down this time. Casey hits the ropes and comes back with a knee drop on Crimson. Crimson wobbles to his feet as CPZ stands back in a turnbuckle watching the wrestler nearly past his prime still trying. He catches the Commish in a underhook DDT! He goes for a pin!!!!


Sin: BOOOM! He nearly got him there, man. Jesus I thought we had a New Fury Champion.

Capps: OH we will....We will...

Crimson rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. He looks in the ring and doesn`t see CPZ, because he is in mid air for a big splash! Crimson hits the security barrier and CPZ falls off to the side. Crimson finally gets to his feet just as CPZ is himself. The two men are hitting each other again, swapping licks. They aren`t hard licks because all of they`re energy seems to be gone after the big dive out of the ring. Crimson kicks CPZ in the gut...BUZZKILL! Crimson gets to his feet and roll`s him in the ring and covers him quickly!


Crimson cannot believe that he kicked out. He picks him up to drop him the another BuzzKill, but just as he turns to get the spinning wheel kick off, CPZ catches his foot and twists it. Old knee injuries flood his mind as he falls to the mat holding his left leg in pain. CPZ stands him back up however, and gets off one German Suplex!


He picks him up in another!!!


CPZ gets Crimson up in yet another German Suplex and this time and lets go of his hold on Crimson and he nearly bounces out of the ring. Crimson is down breathing heavy as CPZ comes back at him again. As he reaches down to pick him up by his hair, Crimson sticks his thumb in Casey`s eye as far as he can. This causes him to turn away from Crimson as he wobbles to his feet. Crimson head`s toward CPZ, but catches a BUZZKILL!

Capps: WHAT!

Casey uses Crimson`s own finisher against him! He sits Crimson up on the top turnbuckle, THE DROP OF DEATH! He PINS CRIMSON!!!!!!!!!!



Capps: Casey Pierro-Zabotel is the New Dream Fury Champion! He has worked hard and now has gold around his waist!

Sin: I just got word in my headset he will defend it for the first time, Next week on Insomnia Nine. Damn what a match it will be...

Capps: Against Who?

Sin: Can`t Tell...

Capps: Damn you, I though we was home boy`s?

Sin: Nope.

A visit from Generalissimo Tomas

A man dressed in a neatly pressed blue denim shirt, a pair of crotch-hugging shorts right out of the 1960's, and black socks and deck shoes appears at the entrance stage. He takes a tooth flossing 'sword' out of his pants pockets and runs it through his teeth.

Accompanying him are four paramilitary guards all dressed in black. Dawn McGill also comes out, arms folding and looking none too happy, followed by her own paramilitary guard.

GEN. TOMAS: "Hello Dream Wrestling Federation. Once again, I am Generalissimo Tomas- the duly elected dictator of the island of Puerto De Macoris, nestled snugly somewhere near the Lesser Antilles in the...most beautiful Atlantic Ocean by-"

DAWN: "Just get on with it already."

GEN. TOMAS: "You can call me- Generalissimo Tomas. As you know, I secured the services of one, Dawn McGill- the '6 Foot Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt' for my crusade against the imperialist oppressing wrestling federations who crow about their superiority over other wrestling federations- such as the Puerto De Macoris Wrestling Federation, my personal favorite. So I brought in Miss McGill to infiltrate the infidel, oppressing machine to represent the great island of Puerto De Macoris in NFW's Bunkhouse Brawl and win it as a tribute to those other federations, but especially the Puerto De Macoris Wrestling Federation, downtrodden, held down, and stepped upon by the imperialist pig dog elitists."

Generalissimo Tomas again works the tooth flossing sword through his teeth.

GEN. TOMAS: "It has come to my attention that some woman has dared to lay hands on Miss McGill. I have stayed back in beautiful, luxurious Puerto De Macoris, home of the swaying palm trees, beautiful sea, and the Puerto De Macoris Wrestling Federation- my personal favorite-"

DAWN: "We already know that! Just move along."

GEN. TOMAS: "Right."

He looks at his hands and pulls out a container of hand sanitizer. Generalissimo Tomas then vigorously wipes his hands and puts the container back in his pocket.

GEN. TOMAS: "So, as the duly elected dictator of the Island of Puerto De Macoris and to protect my investment...I mean...the people of Puerto De Macoris's investment in their champion- Dawn McGill, I am doubling the guard protecting her until the NBW Bunkhouse Brawl until whenever they finally get around to finishing the show."

McGill is clearly stewing about the decision.

GEN. TOMAS: "Once again, to make sure Miss McGill complies with my wishes and stays out of harms way until the bunkhouse brawl, I have once again, how you say, detained her friend Miss USA. In fact, I have her on a special satellite feed hooked up by the finest technicians from the lovely Island of Puerto De Macoris."

The feed comes on the video screen. Miss USA, guarded by four paramilitary men dressed in all black, is once again tied to a chair while Bob Nye- the Foot Fetish Guy, admires her feet.

Dawn turns to Generalissimo Tomas with a 'WTF' expression.


The video screen goes black.

Dawn rolls her eyes.

GEN. TOMAS: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my hotel suite to use the bathroom."

And with that, General Tomas turns and leaves. But the other four paramilitary men join the others in forming a tight circle around McGill.

DAWN: *SIGH* Let's go.

They also exit.

And now, a Public Service Message from Jill Berg

(The opening notes of Whitney Houston's version of 'The Greatest Love of All' starts to play)

"I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier..."

Jill Berg appears with two children flanking her.

JILL: Hi. I'm Jill Berg. I believe the children are our future. Communities statewide are recognizing that healthy childhood experiences are not just good for children, but good for their communities as well. It’s simple really. The actions we take, like parent-child interaction, reading and constructive play, can promote healthy child development."

"Everybody searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone to fulfill my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me..."

The scene shifts to Jill sitting on a couch with children playing in front of her. She leans forward with her chin resting on her hand.

JILL: "Unfortunately, children are sometimes exposed to intensive stress. Too much stress is bad for anyone but it can be devastating to child development."

Child: "BANZAI!"

Behind Jill, one boy leaps across the couch and tackles another boy.

JILL: "At a time when we all care about the economy and its effect on the family, it just makes sense to spend more time learning how stable, nurturing relationships influence a child’s developing brain and provide a foundation for all future development."

Another boy stands on the arm of the couch, preparing to jump.


He leaps and lands a flying elbow.

JILL: "So, promote healthy child development. Take time out to play with your child-YOW!"

The camera slides back to show a young girl with a mischevious grin on her face and her foot on Jill's expensive heels.

JILL: "Take the time to play with your child. And you and your child will be the better for it. I, Jill Berg, will do my part as well because I'm not just wrestling for me- I'm wrestling for the children!"



Explosive Challenge

Casey Pierro-Zabotel is walking in from his match with Tommy Crimson. The newly crowned champion has his title slung from his shoulder. As he is walking down the hallways towards his locker room, he is stopped by Syd Mason and Chaz Creed. Company Policy's body guards. They stop in front of the champ.

"Nice title Casey, too bad you won’t have it that long" grunts Syd. Quickly after Syd says this Chaz Creed adds, "Mr. Bladez won himself a title shot at any title he wants, to bad for you he chose your title. At Insomnia 9, he’ll be waiting for you."

The champ looks over at his title. Then looks back over at those two blocking his way. He gives a quick laugh then lays Chaz Creed out with his new title. Before Syd Mason can do anything about it he gets kicked into the mid section then DDT down on to the concrete ground. Picking up his title he continues to walk towards his locker room. He gets to the hallway his locker room is on. About half way down the hall, close to his locker room. A loud bang can be heard as the door to his locker room goes flying off, smoke is exiting from his locker room. The Richmond Fire Department and medical staff come running down the hall. The scene then goes to the ring and the silent crowd.

What The Fuck Is He Doing?

The office door of Tommy Crimson, now reads ‘COMPANY POLICY’. Inside, Travis Williams is alone, sorting through some paperwork that is lying around on the desk of Tommy. "What the hell? He’s had no talent ready to come on this show, and he is refusing to let them wrestle?" Travis picks up the phone and dials a number. "B.R. Ellis…Travis Williams here. You want to compete don’t you?" Travis nods his head, listening to the wrestler talk. "Don’t you worry about a thing man. Next week, you will be booked. Make sure you are ready!"

Travis hangs up the phone. He takes some of the other paper work, and starts to sign off on it. "HIRED, HIRED…Shit, you can go to Slaughter. We do not need the likes of you on Insomnia." Suddenly, a knock on the door grabs the attention of Travis. "COME IN!" Yells Travis.

Adrien Cochrane comes walking in, as Travis looks at him with a depressed look on his face. Adrien takes a seat across from Travis, and places his feet on top of the desk. "Can I help you Adrien?" Travis states to the youngster. "Yeah, I want you next week!" Adrien says with a smirk on his face.

Travis sets down his pen, and leans back in the chair. "Let me inform you of something Adrien. Next week, I am already booked. I have two challengers for my World Championship. One is Lupin, and the other comes from your match tonight. You want me, you win. Simple as that. If you lose, I guess you can put your wants in one hand and my shit in the other. Sniff both, and get the fuck out of my office!"

Travis points to the door, as Adrien looks at him with a look of disbelief. Adrien gets up, and starts for the door. "You will have no choice but to face me sooner or later Travis. When that day comes, your career will become the biggest joke in the history of DREAM!" Adrien heads out the door. "BIGGEST JOKE BLAH BLAH BLAH…GO WIN A FUCKING MATCH YOU GREEN HORN!" Travis yells at Adrien walking out the door.

Tessa Martin vs. RxQueen

Capps: Welcome back to Insomnia. Finally we get to see these two chicks go at it. Last Week, RxQueen got a win over the womens Champion, Lora Kirk. This week she has been talking major shit about Tessa.

Sin: Now she will have to back up what she has said.

"RxQueen" by the Deftones hits the arena as boo`s cover her up. RxQueen walks out onto the stage wearing her silver crown and staff with a huge pill bottle at the end of it. She struts to the ring swaying her hips side to side. She slides in the ring holding an index and middle finger up in front of her mouth split and sticking her tounge in and out between them.

Sin: She is fine...

Capps: So Fine. I`d crawl through nine feet of glass, just to sniff the crack of her ass...

Sin: Wha?

*Are You Ready by AC/DC begins*

"Are you ready
Are you ready"

Tessa Martin walks in carrying an oversized pizza box (containing a road sign inside) accompanied by her manager Dawn McGill...and eight members of an elite paramilitary guard assigned to keep an eye on McGill.

"Are you ready
Are you ready for a good time."

As the song plays, Tessa, Dawn, and the paramilitary guard slowly make their way down to the ring.

Capps: She`s fine too, haha.

Sin: This match will decide who will face Kirk next week for the Women`s title.

Capps: Ding Ding

The two women square off and Tessa is the first to strike. She takes a swing at Queen knocking her on the mat and then dives on top of her slamming her head against the mat over and over. The referee rushes in to break the ladies up. Queen wipes her nose which is now bleeding where Tessa was using it as a handle to smash her head into the mat.

Sin: Awesome.

Capps: No Doubt, she wants another shot at Kirk.

Queen dashes toward Tessa but she ducks using a hip toss to throw her off balance back to the mat. She climbs the turnbuckle as RxQueen wobbles to her feet, she is hit with a MOONSAULT! Tessa goes for the pin!!!!!


Capps: Queen barely kicked out there.

Sin: Tessa almost got her for sure.

RxQueen rolls out of the ring still holding her nose that is bleeding and tries to catch her breath. Dawn hits her right in the nose! Tessa is arguing with the referee and misses it as Dawn then rolls her back in the ring and Tessa begins her assault again. She gets off a Doube reverse Chin Lock! Queen reaches for the ropes and grabs hold of them! The referee tries to get Martin to release the hold but she refuses but finally after he begins to count releases it. RxQueen kicks Tessa in the gun and gets off a Pump Handle Slam! This catches Tessa off guard and takes the air out of her!

Sin: What a move! You know who taught her that, Capps. He made that move famous.

Capps: Yeah, we Know...

Queen rolls around the ring until she finally gets to her feet in a unique fashion. The fans are really into this match as she kicks Tessa while she`s down. Dawn screaming for Tessa to get up while Queen kicks her over and over. Tessa finally catches her leg and twists it causing her to fall and then gets Queen in a figure four! She uses her back against the mat to apply more pressure! Queen thrashes around the ring trying to escape and finally realizes she cannot reach the ropes. She finally turns and turns. She screams in agony from the pain. Finally she turns Tessa and gets the pressure reversed and applies more and more.

Capps: Damn..

Tessa reaches for the ropes and gets hold! The move is broke up as Queen gets to her feet before Tessa and gets off an elbow drop! She goes for the pin but Tessa kicks out before the referee can even count to one. Tessa headbutt`s Queen causing her to fall off of her. Tessa stands up and brings Queen to her feet, PIZZA CUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tessa goes for the pin!!

1......................2.............................3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DING DING DING

Capps: Tessa has done it! She will face Kirk at Insomnia Nine for the Women`s Championship Next Tuesday!

Sin: Yeah and the way she has been wrestling lately, she could very well defeat Kirk. She did just defeat RxQueen, who did defeat Kirk last week.

Capps: We`s got`s to pay some Bizill`s!

Jill Berg vs. Big Skye

Sin: "Well, this memo from Jill Berg somehow made it to our hands. Check this out..."

[[To: Staff
From: Jill Berg

1. Inititiation of Plan.
2. Review/Revise Success Factors
3. Identify/Define/Prioritize Strategic Issues
4. Develop Strategic Objectives and Action Plan

As you know, we inititiated our plan to become a dominant force in women's pro wrestling by participating and winning the Missouri Valley Wrestling $50,000 Winner Take All Battle Royale last Sunday. We will be able to use the $50,000 as capital to help fund our efforts.

Tuesday, we set into motion a plan to establish myself as a credible threat to the Dream Wrestling Federation Women's champion Lora KirK. The plan consisted of a run-in during KirK's bout with RxQueen followed by a post-match beatdown. However, we did not expect 'The Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl' Tessa Martin and her manager Dawn McGill to execute their own frontal assault on the DWF Women's champion. Conversely, we had to adjust our plan of action and shift our target towards Martin and McGill.

On balance, our attack on Tessa Martin was a success. After the first wave of our civilian contractors softened her up sufficiently, I came in to close the deal with a spinning heel kick that knocked her out.

As for Ms. McGill, the civilian contractors were able to neutralize her enough to be able to achieve our objective. However, she proved to be a much tougher target than originally expected. Later in the show, McGill, backed by what appeared to be armed paramilitary soldiers from some backwards third world country, took out our civilian contractors while I was indisposed.

Here are the top contenders in the DWF Women's division:

a. Lora KirK
- DWF Champion. KirK is white trash personified, hardly the sort you'd want as the face of your organization. KirK is strong as an ox though and more than capable inside the ring. However, she's a relative newcomer to pro wrestling and I believe can be beaten by someone of extraordinary skill.

b. RxQueen
- Fiancee of Tommy Crimson, the GM of DWF Insomnia. She's sleeping with the boss which could complicate our efforts. There's no real scouting report on RxQueen's wrestling style or ability which makes her a wild card.

c. Tina Davis
- the Canadian Classic. She's been a major disappointment. Davis really hasn't shown much of anything during her time in Dream Wrestling. She's pretty much a non-factor at this point.

d. Tessa Martin
- former PCW Women's Champion and current contender to the DWF Women's title. Martin is extraordinarily ordinary. She's a wrestler of limited talent who somehow gets the absolute most out of her abilities.

e. Dawn McGill
- Martin's manager. She wears 4" stilettos to the ring and still is able to effectively move in and out of the ring as needed. As our civilian contractors found out, McGill is lethal when she uses her stiletto heels as a weapon. She also is proficient in the use of a Singapore cane and a steel-folding chair.

It is because of McGill that I have decided to modify our original plan. It's clear that the cost of a direct assault on Martin and McGill in order to remove them as threats to the DWF Women's title is prohibitive. Due to Ms. McGill's actions on Tuesday, two of our civilian contractors suffered severe testicular injuries that may inhibit them from being able to procreate going forward.

Usually, a pro wrestler works their way up the ladder in some sort of hierarchical system that works to produce a leading contender to the DWF Women's Title. It is clear now that the best course of action is to do an end around Martin and McGill, and the other contenders in the division, without having to directly address them. What we must do is to create a groundswell of popular support from the Dream Wrestling Federation audience to demand a match between me and the DWF Women's champion.

Our objective: to create the demand for a DWF Women's title match between the champion and me.

Our action plan is as follows:
a. develop a public relations effort to raise my profile throughout Dream Wrestling
b. engage in a series of what is called 'squash' matches to also raise my exposure to the casual DWF observer.
c. contribute $20,000 of our capital fund to Tommy Crimson's Retirement Fund in order to provide space and cover to give our plan enough time to work.

So in conclusion, I believe that the implementation of the above plan will allow me a greater opportunity for success in achieving our objectives.]]

Capps: "I don't see the problem. I think she's right and she's contributed $20,000 to Tommy Crimson. What's the issue?"

Sin: "The issue is that she's trying to rig the process. Jill Berg should go through the same thing everyone has to-"







Sin and Capps search the arena for the source of the music.

The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policemen: "Ms. Berg. It's time."

The door opens and four large male bodybuilding types walk out of the dressing room surrounding a petite woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman is busy talking on her cell phone while the man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.




The procession emerges from the back and starts their way down the ramp.

The male assistant has a microphone and a portable tape recorder. He flips it on.


The group then continues towards the ring leaving the police escort behind.


The four bodyguards assist Ms. Berg into the ring. She and her assistant immediately go to a corner.


Berg continues to talk on her cell phone while protected by two of the bodybuilders.


Berg's opponent then walks out. She's very tall and lanky.

Capps: "Who is this?"

Sin: "Big Skye."

Capp: "Never heard of her."

Sin: "I think that's the point."

The second Big Skye gets into the ring, Berg's four bodyguards immediately attack her. Berg stays in her corner and talks on her cell phone.

Sin: "Berg's bodyguards have jumped her opponent.

Capp: "Just a little pre-match softening up."

Two bodyguards hold Big Skye up. Jill sees it and nods. She hands the phone to her assistant and immediately launches herself towards her. Jill ducks her head and spears Big Skye, sending her back into the corner turnbuckle.

Capp: "SWEET!"

Sin: "Oh, it's impressive after Big Skye's been beaten down by a bunch of roided up pretty boys."

Capp: "You're just jealous."

Big Skye tips forward. Berg lets her fall over her shoulder and then she walks out a couple steps. In one fluid motion, Berg steps foward and jackhammer slams Big Skye to the mat. She covers. The referee counts...1...2...3.







Sin: "Well, Jill Berg gets the pin with two moves after her goon squad did all the work."

Capps: "They don't call her 'The Closer' for nothing."

Sin: "I think it's an insult to the other wrestlers who work there tails off to earn their position. Jill Berg is trying to buy hers."

Capps: "I tell ya, you're just jealous."

Look at Reality Playground

Reality Playground is not the place for the faint at heart, the weak stomached, or the human rights activist! It’s a match that only the strong can survive, and only the toughest can win! A prison yard is picked…A set of inmates are sent to watch it, and the nature of the place is the good and bad of the whole match. The first ever Reality Playground match will take place in Maple, North Carolina at Currituck Correctional Center…A closed down prison since mid 2000.

Three men, Lupin Cy, an opponent to be named tonight on Insomnia, and the DREAM World Heavyweight Champion, Travis Williams will enter through the doors…When the spotlights strike into the yard, these three men will brawl for the rights to be the Alpha Male on Insomnia, and Travis fights for the right to lay claim to the TRUE CHAMPION of DREAM.

The first man to escape the prison yard, and reach freedom on the outside, will be declared the victor! It’s the chaos that happens between the spotlights coming on and the one man escaping for the win that will leave this match in the memory of the wrestling world forever. Who will be the man to leave from Insomnia 9 as Champion? Who can escape the Reality Playground and lay claim to KING OF INSOMNIA? Find out next week!

Location of The Match

Malcolm Dred King vs. Scott Thomas vs. Jesse Jamester vs. Bob Wilson vs. Adrien Cochrane

Capps: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Insomnia, Insomniacs! Bob Wilson and Scott Thomas are already in the ring awaiting the match to begin.

Sin: They are waiting for the rest of the party to arrive as well. This match is huge with five, COUNT EM`, five competitors. The winner of this match will be the third competitor in the World Title MatchUp next week at Insomnia Nine.

Capps: This is a Coal Miners Glove Match. To win this match you must climb the turnbuckle where the pole is to the top and grab the glove, and put it on to win this matchup.

Sin: Yeah it`s a very interesting match, and in honor of Coal Miner`s of the state of Virginia, very interesting.

The arena lights dim as the quick guitar intro from "Last One to Die" kicks into full force. Once the third line of the verse echoes from the arena, Adrien Cochrane comes out from behind the curtain with cheers from the fans. He hops to the ring as the chorus blares throughout the arena.

"We got right
You got it wrong
We're still around
Last one to die
We're going up
You're going down
We're still around
Last one to die!"

Adrien slides into the ring as the music fades and the lights return to full brightness.

Capps: He looks ready...

Sin: He looks Pissed...

Malcolm Dred King slides in the ring with the crowd chanting his name. "MDK!", "MDK!" can be heard all over the arena. As he slides in the ring, Bob Wilson begins kicking him in the back of the head and neck arena. This causes a huge chain reaction as all the men now are fighting in the ring. "Sillyworld" by Stone Sour hits as Jamester runs to the ring and slides in as the bell rings and the match officially begins.

Capps: Damn what a battle...

Thomas grabs MDK and swings him and bringing him down with a DDT. The crowd is still screaming his name as this happens. Jamester and
Wilson are now going at it on the outside of the ring. Wilson takes him down and turns into Cochrane. Cochrane gets off a knee smash on Wilson and then dives at MDK.

Sin: This match is insane.

Wilson is now using the ropes to stand to his feet and notices that everyone is busy and he is odd man out at the moment. He heads for the turnbuckle with the pole and the coal miners glove. He climbs the turnbuckle and reaches up for the glove when Adrien grabs him from behind and throws him on off the turnbuckle and to the outside. Wilson hits the outside hard and is now not moving at all. Cochrane reaches for the glove, still on the top turnbuckle now. MDK climbs the turnbuckle from behind and gets off a huge SUPLEX!

Capps: Damn!

Sin: Wilson is out, he has not moved since being thrown out of the ring from that top turnbuckle!

Scott Thomas is now on the turnbuckle reaching up trying to get the glove when Jamester now on the outside climbs the apron and spears Thomas off the turnbuckle and into the middle of the ring. Thomas turns the spear in mid air into a DDT driving his head into the mat and knocking the air out of himself. Both men are laid out now in the middle of the ring trying to catch a second wind. Meanwhile, MDK and Cochrane are tied up in the corner with the pole now as Cochrane gets the upperhand! He pushes MDK off of him and Karate kicks his left side, then his right. Finally he gets off a hurricarana!

Sin: Nice.

Wilson moves slightly outside the ring, and then drops his head again. Thomas and Jamester are now back to they`re feet as Cochrane runs up from behind, bulldogging both of the men into the mat. He then runs toward the turnbuckle and leaps onto it. He reaches for the glove and MDK grapples him around the waist and brings him off the top turnbuckle with a German suplex. Adrien has hold of the pole as MDK does this, and he rips the pole down bringing it with him. The pole smacks Thomas and Jamester as it falls knocking Thomas down, and Jamester out of the ring.


Sin: How many times you say that a day?

MDK reaches for the glove that is now in the middle of the ring attached to the pole as Adrien causes him to fall by grabbing his right leg and dragging him down. He uses his hold to climb to his feet, and he knee`s MDK in the back of the head as he grabs the glove. MDK gets hold of his left ankle however and has him in a ankle lock! He is screaming to let go of the glove as Adrien slips the GLOVE ON! The referee calls for the bell.
Capps: He has done it. He has done it, Adrien will face Cy and Williams in a three way match next week for the Dream Heavyweight World Title!

Sin: I simply cannot wait, cannot wait for that match. We will be right back after this short commercial break!

And now, a Public Service Announcement from Jill Berg

Announcer Guy: "And now, a public service announcement from Jill Berg."

Jill Berg stands in front of an animal shelter.

JILL: "Hi. I'm Jill Berg for the 'Guard Dogs for the Poor' Foundation. One of the goals of 'Guard Dogs for the Poor' to facilitate positive interactions between neighbors by creating a safe neighborhood for everyone. 'Guard Dogs for the Poor goes to local pet shelters and find dogs to train into guard dogs."

Scene shifts to inside a dog training facility.

JILL: "Thousands of "child-friendly" dogs are trained every month to be matched up with a poor family and help provide a safe, comforting presence. The dogs go through specialized training before they are released to the family..."

A handler works with a dog.

JILL: "Here, the dog is trained to immediately identify an intruder inside the house and the appropriate way to respond."

A life-size cardboard cut-out of Michael Vick is wheeled into view. The dog growls and immediately takes off. He leaps and bites the cardboard cut-out in the balls and tears it in half.

JILL: "Now, the dog is taught how to appropriately interact with children."

Scene changes to a split second of a dog humping the handler's leg, followed by a quick scene shift to the same dog, obviously sedated, laying in a child's lap being petted.

Scene changes to Jill walking down the hallway of a house.

JILL: "There are some important rules to follow if you take in one of these animals. The big one is to take responsibility for your pet and never paw it off...ha...ha...on someone else. These dogs will literally give their lives to protect yours. Treat them with the respect they-"

The hostile growl of a dog interrupts her.

Jill looks into a room. One of the guard dogs has spotted her and seems to have unpleasant intentions.

JILL: Oh...snap."

Scene changes to Jill and several children. Jill has a large bandage on her right arm.

JILL: So, support the 'Guard Dogs for the Poor' foundation. I'm Jill Berg, reminding you that...I'm not just wrestling for me- I'm wrestling for the children!"


USXF(c) vs. Company Policy

Capps: Time for the Main Event! Williams and Bladez have come together once again to form a championship caliber type tag team.
Sin: They will have they`re hands full here tonight. So much has changed with the current Dream Tag Team Champions in the last few weeks. A name change and a more serious approach to they`re wrestling. I been looking forward to this shit all week...
The guitars start to roar into the arena, as the lights dim slightly. The tron flashes the words COMPANY POLICY!

"Company Always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind a gun I'll make my final stand
That's why they call me Bad company
And I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die"

Travis Williams comes out with his World Championship over his shoulder followed by Chris Bladez. They stand at the top of the ramp, and raise their arms up in the air as pyro streams up from the set.

"Rebel souls
Deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sun
Now these towns
They all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say Bad company
And I won't deny
Bad Bad company
Till the day I die "

Travis Williams and Chris Bladez start to walk down the ring, dead center, preventing anyone from touching them. Their private security staff with heads Syd Mason and Chaz Creed come down to the sides of Travis and Chris blocking the fans from getting anywhere near the two men.

"And I say it's
Bad company Oh Yeah---Yeah
Bad company
Till the day I die Oh Yeah Tell me that you are not a thief
Oh But I am
Bad Company
It's the way I play
Dirty for dirty
Oh Somebody Double-crossed me"

As the two men make their way to the ring, both grab the middle rope and step up on the apron. They wipe off their feet and they step into the ring. Travis hands off his belt to someone at ringside as the two men wait for the sound of the bell.


Amy Mason and Shaun Phillips make they`re way to the ring holding the Dream Tag Team titles high into the air. They walk down the ramp as the crowd is cheering for them. Now in the ring the referee takes the titles from Amy and Shaun and raise them above his head to show they are on the line.


Capps: Company Policy showed to win.

The referee calls for the bell as Mason and Bladez starts the match off. Bladez attacks Amy Mason. Bladez uses his knee to hold Amy`s neck against the ropes and uses the middle rope for pressure. Bladez finally releases the hold after the referee count reaches two. She falls to the mat and reaches for Shaun as he leans over the ropes attempting to reach her as well.

Capps: They don`t call Chris Bladez no joke for nothin`!

Sin: He probably beat`s his wife...

Capps: How Dare You...

Bladez picks up Mason by her hair, she gets off a jawbreaker! Using the top of her head she slams Bladez jaw down on the top of her head. The impact brings Bladez down. Mason crawls toward Phillips as he is still reaching out attempting to get to her. Finally they`re fingers almost meet as Bladez is now up and coming after Mason. She reaches....Phillips Reaches....

Phillips jumps in the ring after the tag and begins hitting Bladez with a left and then a right, over and over. Pushing him in an empty corner and begins mud hole kicking him down into the corner. Travis jumps in the ring and rushes over to bulldogg Phillips into the ropes causing him to flip backwards to the middle of the ring. The referee rushes in to push Williams back in his corner. He simply rolls out of the ring and walks around to his corner. Meanwhile inside the ring Mason is now on Bladez back hitting him in the head with her fists giving Phillips time to recover. The referee turns to see this and quickly breaks it up sending her to her corner.

Capps: This is Awesome.

Sin: I couldn`t agree more, Busta.

Phillips ducks as Bladez misses his spinning wheel kick as Phillips grabs his shoulder and slings him into his corner. Williams smiles just before he slaps Bladez hand and jumps in the ring. He cracks his knuckles as they two lock up in the middle of the ring. Bladez runs around the ring to knock Mason off the apron but she jumps off for a cross body splash! In the ring Williams german suplexes Phillips once, and then again. Quickly goes for a pin and Shaun kicks out before the Ref can even get to two.

Capps: Damn!

Mason and Bladez tangle outside the ring as Bladez throws her into the metal steps with a loud clash. Bladez jumps in the ring as Williams drop kicks Phillips and he falls onto the ropes, Chris gets him in the russian leg sweep position, Williams comes in, PINK SLIP! PINK SLIP! Bladez rolls out of the ring to contain Mason as Williams goes for the pin!!!!!!


Williams and Bladez are handed the Dream Tag Team titles, as Shaun and Amy look on from outside the ring.

Capps: Whoa what a Main Event. Company Policy have done it again! They have won tag team titles all over this sport, and have done it again.

You Will Pay!

Company Policy stands in the ring with Tag Team Championship gold in their hands, as the crowd jeers them in disapproval. Travis is handed his DREAM World Heavyweight Championship, as he holds up double gold while the crowd gets extremely rowdy.

"Headup" by Deftones rings out around the arena, as the crowd actually cheers the General Manager of Insomnia, Tommy Crimson who is on top of the ramp with a microphone in his hand. Travis and Chris both stand against the ropes, with the belts draped over them. "Guys, Guys! Thanks for handling my workload tonight…Your job is done, and I am done dealing with two immature jackasses who think they are the second coming of Christ!"

Chris and Travis look at one another, questioning what Tommy is stating about this. Travis calls for a microphone, as a stagehand passes off one to him. "Tommy, if it was up to everyone on Insomnia and in DREAM, you would be without a job right now! If I was you, I would turn my red headed ass around and go setup a celebration party for us. We did just save this dreaded show from failing miserably!"

Chris points to the back, as if he is ordering Tommy to exit. Tommy claps, acting impress by what Travis has just said. "Bravo Travis, you signed off on a few contracts, and booked a wrestler who has yet to debut for Insomnia. You helped me a TON! Seriously, for the lack of respect you two have shown me…I will have great pleasure in watching you two fall face first next week. Travis, you will not walk out of Reality Playground the DREAM World Heavyweight Champion…I hope you do not walk out at all! As for you Chris, you got the title shot…However, it will bring me pleasure to watch Casey blow your rich ass up! Boys, Company Policy dies at Insomnia 9!"

Tommy drops the microphone on the stage as "Bad Company" by Fiver Finger Death Punch starts to play throughout the area. Tommy laughs before turning around and walking out.