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Tuesday Night Insomnia VII

6 Oct 2009

Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek, Michigan (seats 8,500)


The Policy

Recorded Earlier Today…

The infamous solid black Dodge Challenger comes roaring into the backstage parking lot of the arena in Battle Creek and comes to a screeching halt. The Hemi is killed, as both doors open wide, and Travis Williams and Chris Bladez step out of the car. Travis tosses the keys to a backstage worker.

Travis Williams: "You dent it, scratch, or fart in my fucking car…I’ll mail your dick to your wife and a ball to each parent!"

The guy looks at Travis with fear in his eyes. He nods his head, agreeing to his terms. As he quickly hops into the driver seat of the car, and fires up the Hemi once again.

Chris Bladez: "Are you not concern about his body odor? That fat bastard looks like he reeks of bacon grease and collar greens!"

Travis Williams: "If it smells, I’ll drag him by my bumper with a rope…TIED TO HIS FUCKING SACK! No one better dare fuck with my baby!"

Travis grabs his belt and his rolling suitcase as he throws the belt over his shoulder and starts to head for the door. Chris quickly orders Syd who is awaiting his boss, to grab his bag. Chris quickly catches up to Travis.

Chris Bladez: "So tonight is our chance! Your contract signing, and then we battle these two fucking Jesus worshipping cock suckers!"

Travis turns around and slaps Chris in the mouth.

Travis Williams: "Know the religion Chris! Jesus does not approve of cock suckers! That is how we know they are fakes and frauds! They are too busy playing grab ass with each other…"

Chris holds the side of his face and nods.

Chris Bladez: "Wait…Aren’t they brothers?"

Travis nods, signaling yes.

Chris Bladez: "So in other words…OH MY FUCKING WHATEVER! Sick inbred faggots!"

Travis laughs at Chris, who is about to vomit. Travis slams him on the back, making him swallow what is in his throat attempting to come out.

Travis Williams: "Tonight Chris, we introduce everyone to Company Policy…If you are not upholding the policy, you suffer the consequences!"

Chris coughs, attempting to catch his breath and get the bad taste from his mouth.

Chris Bladez: "Syd! Go get me some fucking Mountain Dew! ASAP!"

Syd Manson takes off running with Bladez’s bags in his hands.

Chris Bladez: "Brothers of Prophecy. Tonight, you get pink slip! Your insubordination and refusal to follow the policies of the Company will resolve in your termination!

Chris and Travis start inside the building.

Lora Kirk vs. RxQueen

Capps: Damn! We have a show for you tonight, Don`t we Sin?

Sin: You could say that again, we have some great matches scheduled for here tonight. We will see the debut of our Commish`s fiance, RxQueen.

Capps: Kirk is already in the ring. She has made her way and looks she has something to say.

Kirk moves the mic to her lips, "RxQueen" by the Deftones hits the arena as RxQueen aka Alicia Wilson steps out on the stage. Commish Crimson is standing with her and hands her a mic as she stares a hole through Kirk...

RxQueen: So now you have something to say? The Dream Women`s Champion, my first wrestling match in Dream Wrestling? Whoa, this all could be a real dream of mine come true. Im going to whip that fat ass all over the ring, something dumbshit Polowy, nor Martin could do. Im going to show you that im not just fucking the boss, I can wrestle!

Queen runs to the ring and slides in as Kirk immediately hits her with a hip toss as she is attempting to get to her feet. Kirk elbow drops Queen to keep her on the mat. Crimson has made his way to the ring now and is standing on the outside rooting Queen on. The crowd is going crazy as he turns using his hands in a waving motion to pump up the crowd.

Capps: She`s not doing a very good job at proving she can wrestle.

Sin: Well she hasn`t even gotten a chance to STAND, YET!

Queen rolls around the ring and then begins backing into the corner to get away from Kirk and catch her breath. Kirk isn`t having any of it as she hits the ropes, but RxQueen gets out of the way in TIME! Kirk turns around quick to see where her opponent has went, when she is hit with a SUPERKICK FROM RXQUEEN!

Capps: What the@#$@!#$!

Crimson hop`s in the ring as Kirk falls to the mat in a sitting down position leaning up against the turnbuckle, he takes off takes a huge leap landing, YO MOMMA! The BroncoBuster is devastating as he bounces up and down over and over on Kirk`s chest and stomach using all his weight on the big, yet smaller than Crimson, Kirk. He finally stops the assault and stands to his feet, as the referee turns to call for the bell, Crimson gives him a BUZZKILL! Crimson looks at the announcers and twirls one of his fingers in the air, motioning for the match to continue!

Sin: Well he just turned this crowd against him with that.

Capps: Duh, helping beat up a woman, that`s a coward move!

Sin: What? Your the biggest Polowy Mark, ever?

Capps: Yeah he rules, and when Crimson is fired he will come to Insomnia, I cannot wait!

Sin: Crimson owns the Insomnia stock portion of this company, Capps. He isn`t going anywhere, anytime soon....

Capps: We`ll see...

Crimson slides out of the ring, and yells at security to get a referee out here. Kirk is out on the mat with RxQueen covering her. A referee runs down the ramp and slides in the ring and begins to count immediately.

1...........2...........KICKOUT BY KIRK!

Sin: Holy Shit!

Capps: Yeah, Damn...

Kirk throws Queen off of her and rolls over on her side. She is holding her ribs and one of them may be broken. RxQueen hits the ropes and comes back with a Hurricarana! She wraps her legs around Kirks neck and twists her around bringing Kirk to the mat, with so much force the whole ring shakes. Crimson on the outside trying to get the crowd behind him but they are starting to turn now against him as he calls the referee to him and whispers something to him. Meanwhile, the tables have turned against Queen again, with Kirk reversing a ddt, and hitting a suplex! She hits the LORA EMBRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before the referee can begin his count he is leaning against the ropes, Crimson pulls the ropes back and causes him to fall to the outside of the ring! Kirk stands up using Queen as a brace to stand. She turns around to Crimson grabbing her head and falling backward with his knee`s bent slamming her head into his knee`s and she bounces off his knee`s onto her back. Crimson stands up spitting on Kirk with the crowd almost turned completely against he and RxQueen. Crimson puts Queen ontop of Kirk and rolls out of the ring to wake up the referee. He stands wobbily using the apron to keep his balance he reaches under the bottom rope to count...



Capps: Im starting to love this guy! That finishing move is his newest creation I read on a wrestling news site. The Polowy Pownage but Zylbert threatened with a lawsuit due to one of his wrestler`s names being in the finisher. Legal Issues running rampant in Dream nowadays.

Sin: Jesus Christ! RxQueen has just pinned the Women`s Champion in her first match in Dream Wrestling!

Capps: She deserves a title shot, now! Crimson has the mic!

The crowd quiets down as Crimson sits on the apron next to the referee still regaining his composure after the fall he took...

Crimson: I say, you guys turned on me real quick? Enjoy Insomnia, I run this bitch and What I say will go on this Show. You want soft, Days of Our Lives, tune in on Mondays, we are the real deal in all our uncensored glory. We gotta pay them bills, we`ll be right fucking back.....

Run-in times 2

Not two seconds after the bell rings, 'The Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl' Tessa Martin comes out from the crowd and hits the ring.

KirK takes the low road out underneath the bottom rope. RxQueen rolls out on the other side. A blonde comes out from under the ring wielding a steel-folding chair.


RxQueen drops like a shot as 'The 6 Foot Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt' Dawn McGill stands over her, holding the chair.

Tessa: "RxQueen. I have no idea why you interfered in my match last week with Lora KirK. In fact, I have no idea who you are period. Dawn, do you know who she is?"

Dawn looks down at her.

Dawn: "Nope. No clue."

Tessa: "And as for you, Lora. I have to give you some credit. Not many people kick out from a pizza box shot like you did last week. But as I was sitting at the bar and thinking, God, you were insufferable as it was to start with, there's no shutting your big, fat trap now. So, look, I'll just do what I had to do on any number of occasions in PCW. Start again. Work my way back up. And hopefully next time, the result will be different. You see, perserverance is a trait that we all should have. Perserverance means never giving up. Perserverance means working hard. Perserverance is the road that I traveled in PCW to win the Women's title there. Perserverance is the road that I'll continue to travel to win the DWF Women's title."

Lora holds up the Women's title belt and points to it and then to herself.

Tessa: "Yeah, yeah. I know. You've got the belt-"







Lora and Tessa search the arena for the source of the music. The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policemen: "Ms. Berg. It's time."

The door opens and four large male bodybuilding types walk out of the dressing room surrounding a petite woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman is busy talking on her cell phone while the man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.




The procession emerges from the back and starts their way down the ramp.

Tessa scratches her head as the group stops on the ramp. Lora slips away to the back.

The male assistant has a microphone and a portable tape recorder. He flips it on.


The group then continues towards the ring leaving the police escort behind.


The four bodyguards assist Ms. Berg into the ring. She and her assistant immediately go to a corner.


Berg continues to talk on her cell phone while protected by two of the bodybuilders.


The other two walk over to Tessa.

Tessa: "Ah...can I help you?"

One of the bodyguards propels himself forward and spears Tessa. The microphone she holds is sent flying out of the ring. The force of the spear causes her to do a backwards roll and leaves her legs hung up on the ropes.

McGill immediately rolls into the ring and is attacked by the other two bodyguards.

Tessa gets dragged back to the middle of the ring. She's lifted up and over a bodyguard's shoulder facing the same direction. He steps forward, jumps, and jackhammer slams Tessa to the mat.

McGill fights off a bodyguard with a forearm shiver to the throat. But another grabs her from behind. Back kick by Dawn to the balls causes him to release her. She turns to finish him off and walks right into a spear that sends her through the ropes and out of the ring.

Berg nods and hands the phone to her assistant. She slowly walks over to Tessa, who's beginning to sit back up. Tessa makes it to a sitting position and shakes her head. Berg whirls around and snaps Tessa's face to the side with a vicious heel kick that knocks her out.




Berg's assistant hands the phone back. The four bodyguards surround Berg and her lackey and they make quicktime towards the exit.




The four members of Dawn's paramilitary guard from the Island of Puerto Del Macoris race down the aisle.




The guards reach the ring area and check on Dawn and Tessa.

Street Sense.

Backstage, Casey Pierro-Zabotel with hockey stick in hand has been joined by one of the DWF's attractive female interviewers

"CPZ, tonight you take on a man you've been quite familiar with since you've entered the DWF, Malcolm-Dred King. What's your game plan heading in?"

"My game plan is....wait a second, what's your name?"

"My name is Ashley."

"Ok Ashley, looking very nice by the way! My game plan is simple, it's to hurt MDK. It's a street fight, someone has to get hurt, and it's not going to be me! Besides I got the edge on him, I have street sense."

"Street sense?"

"Did you not see my latest promo that aired?"

"Yea I did. I thought it was degrading."

"Degrading!? I'll tell you what's degrading, you standing next to me in those slutty clothes!! Those people had no direction. So out of the goodness of my wholesome heart I went there with a purpose. To give those people a chance to earn some money to get up off their feet, and people like you blow it off like it's some kind of bad deed. Hell I gave them a chance to earn money and at the same time give myself the street sense when it comes to a street fight. It's just too bad not one of them could take me."

"Well to me CPZ, it looked like Big Bruce had you until you resorted to cheap tactics."

"Honey, in a street fight, there is no such thing as a 'cheap tactic'. MDK, tonight on Insomnia, I'll show the whole world that you're just as useless as those bums on the street!"

Contract Signing

Tommy Crimson stands in the ring, before a table with two chairs on opposing sides. A microphone in his hands, and a contract on the table.

Tommy Crimson: "Tonight, I will make sure that the contract for the World Championship is signed by the number one contender Lupin Cy, and the current reigning DREAM World Champion, Travis Williams. After tonight, this will be official, and nothing can change it! So without further a due. I give you the challenger LUPIN CY!"

As "Pure Morning" by Placebo comes melodically flowing through the arena's sound system, the mysterious form that is Lupin Cy comes out from the back in street clothing. He walks down to cheers from the crowd, as he steps into the ring where Tommy Crimson waits at the table with the contract on the table. Lupin steps into the ring, and takes a seat.

Tommy Crimson: "Since we have the challenger, I would think we need the champion! So without any wait, my number one draft pick and current reigning DREAM World Heavyweight Champion…TRAVIS WILLIAMS!"

Sixx AM’s "Courtesy Call" starts up throughout the arena as the crowd starts pouring in the boos before the champion ever appears. The champ comes out in a suit and tie, no face paint, and shades. World Championship drapes over his shoulder, with one hand on it. Travis slowly strolls down the ring, showcasing himself for the entire world to see. He gets down to the ring, and walks up the steps. He walks to the center on the apron, wiping his feet. He screams at Tommy, who quickly comes over and hold the middle rope down and top rope up. Travis holds his tie and steps into the ring. He sets the belt on the table, removes his shades and grabs a microphone before taking a seat.

Tommy Crimson: "Gentlemen, you two are my main two! So I want this to be in stone…So Lupin, if you would do the honors!"

Lupin grabs the pen, and flips it to the back page and quickly signs his name before slamming down the pen and sliding it to Travis.

Tommy Crimson: "Now Travis, if you…"

Travis throws his hand up, stopping Tommy from talking.

Travis Williams: "Lupin, a foolish man rushes in without taking notice. Realizing what is before him, and being cautious enough to ask questions. You signed that contract, and once my name is on this contract you will be waiting to enter true hell. Reality is the biggest bitch you will ever meet. When you go after my strap, you will be doing it in what I deem, REALITY PLAYGROUND!"

Travis signs the contract as he laughs. The two men standup and go nose to nose. Travis grabs the belt and holds it to the side of the two, as Lupin turns his attention to eye the belt. Travis uses his right hand to pie face Lupin back into the chair, as he falls backward. Suddenly, Adrien Cochrane appears on the top of the ramp, as Tommy points him out to Travis.

Adrien Cochrane: "Hey Travis, GUESS WHO!? You wanted to make an example out of me by busting me open last week…I want to challenge you to another match, anytime any place!"

Travis takes Tommy’s microphone.

Travis Williams: "Adrien, I am done with you. Take your teenager ass to the back and shut the fuck up!"

Adrien laughs.

Adrien Cochrane: "Well Travis, you might want to keep your eyes on everyone!"

Adrien points behind Travis, and as he turns around and is kicked in the gut by Lupin. Lifts him up in a fisherman’s buster (Algophobia) and slams him through the table. Adrien turns around and heads to the back. Lupin grabs the belt and holds it up to the delight of the cheering crowd. He drops the belt on the chest of Travis, as "Pure Morning" by Placebo starts up again. Lupin heads out the ring, as he does not think twice on looking back. We are left with Tommy checking on his champion.

"Let me in then!"

Muffled talking breaks the silence. Two of DWF’s hired guards patrol the back entrance to the Kellogg Arena. Walking up from around the corner is a stalking figure with a black jumper with his hood covering his face. As he goes past the guards the two men jump to their feet and race to meet him about face.

Guard #1: What do you think you’re doing? This is for members only!

Guard #2: What’ya say man, how about some ID?

Reaching into his pocket, the man lifts something out and brings it to his face. The guard stares at him with a quizzical look, not sure what to expect, and then handing the ID to the guard, the man begins to walk again.


Guard #2: You’re that fellow who tried to get into Insomnia last week aren’t you?

Mystery Man: Maybe, maybe not.

Guard #2: A straight answer is all I want.

Mystery Man: How about this.

Throwing his hood back over his head reveals the Nemesis Warrior in his groomed appearance. For what may have been the biggest altering of his look is he’s BALD!?

Jesse Jamester: Now if you don’t mind, you have my ID, and I have somewhere to be.

Guard #1: Sorry for the hold up, why don’t you just have this ready for now on.

Jesse Jamester: Or maybe you should get use to my pretty mug, so then we won’t have to do this skit no more.

Guard #2: Be on your way.

Jesse Jamester: By the way, keep up the good work guys…

A faint snicker is heard as Jesse begins to walk up the inclined pavement towards the Entrance door.

Capps: So he’s going for that Bruce Willis look eh?

Sins: In all my years as an announcer, this has to be the oddest of the stars I’ve seen. One week he’s half off his rocker, the next he’s calmer than your mom watching sixty minutes.

Capps: My mother watches CSI, get it right!

Travis Williams/Chris Bladez vs. Brothers of Prophecy

The guitars start to roar into the arena, as the lights dim slightly. The tron flashes the words COMPANY POLICY!

"Company Always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind a gun I'll make my final stand
That's why they call me Bad company
And I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die"

Travis Williams comes out with his World Championship over his shoulder followed by Chris Bladez. They stand at the top of the ramp, and raise their arms up in the air as pyro streams up from the set.

"Rebel souls
Deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sun
Now these towns
They all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say Bad company
And I won't deny
Bad Bad company
Till the day I die "

Travis Williams and Chris Bladez start to walk down the ring, dead center, preventing anyone from touching them. Their private security staff with heads Syd Mason and Chaz Creed come down to the sides of Travis and Chris blocking the fans from getting anywhere near the two men.

"And I say it's
Bad company Oh Yeah---Yeah
Bad company
Till the day I die Oh Yeah Tell me that you are not a thief
Oh But I am
Bad Company
It's the way I play
Dirty for dirty
Oh Somebody Double-crossed me"

As the two men make their way to the ring, both grab the middle rope and step up on the apron. They wipe off their feet and they step into the ring. Travis hands off his belt to someone at ringside as the two men wait for the sound of the bell.

Capps: These guys aren`t here to play, The World Champion has that look on his face, Sin.

Sin: What look would that be?

Capps: That look when he kicked Level One`s ass, man. The Look of A True Champion.

Sin: Well this is the home of the True Champ!

Brothers of Prophecy is in the ring watching the spectacle before them. They came out during the break to mixed reactions from the crowd due to a heavy christian background in this city. Travis Williams is the first in the ring as Bladez waits his turn on the Apron. Bob Wilson is the first while Billy waits out on the apron of his team. The bell rings as the two begin to circle each other and finally lunge at each other. They both grapple as Williams knee`s Bob in the gut to get the advantage. The World Champion suplexes him into his corner. He holdes the ropes in the corner with both his hands as he stomps over and over. The referee rushes over and attempts to stop Williams and begins to count. Finally Williams stops stomping. Williams usings his opponents trucks pulls him to his feet and slings him into his corner, Bladez holds Wilson`s arms while Travis uses his foot to choke him.

Capps: So far, Company Policy is in complete control of this match! The World Champion just looks great doesn`t he?

Sin: You know what, Capps?

Capps: What, Sin?

Sin: Your nothing but a kiss ass. That is all I can say...

Williams finally stops after the referee threatens to end the match in disqualification. Williams slaps in Bladez as he jumps the ropes and into the ring. Williams holds Wilson briefly while Billy is in the corner attempting to get in the ring to help his brother. The referee is holding him back as he is screaming about the cheating. Williams steps out and Bladez uses his strength to pick up Bob and slam him in the center of the ring! SPINEBUSTER! Bladez goes for a quick pin!

1.........2......KICKOUT BY WILSON!

Bladez smiles at Williams as he uses a triangle choke hold on Wilson and applies more and more pressure as he attempts to escape. Bob Wilson is now thrashing around the ring attempting to get ahold of the ropes or anything to help break this move. Wilson finally gets a rope and the ref breaks the hold. Williams is tagged in quickly as he dives over the top rope in a splash bringing all his weight down on Wilson. He stands Wilson up and gets slings him so hard into the corner that he actually hits a knee as Wilson crashes into his own corner turnbuckle hitting his brother knocking him off the apron. Bob falls back into the ring with a huge BANG! Billy falls to the outside and Bladez leaves his corner to continue the assault on the fresh brother!

Capps: Damn what he nearly sent both men out of the RING!

Sin: Williams can almost taste gold. The winner of this match will go on next week to face the Tag Team Champions, USXF! This is a number one contender`s match, just noone knew it would be that quick!

Capps: Ratings man, Ratings!

Williams hits a JAWBREAKER! Then goes for a pin!!!!!!!!!!!!

....................... .......................... ............................. ...........................

Williams looks up at the referee confused at why he is not counting because the crowd is still counting saying this match is over. Williams looks up at is visibly angry as the referee explains that during the collision between the Wilson Brothers a legal tag was made, and he is counting out the other brother out, now at NINE! Williams has a huge smile across his face as the referee is heading toward the apron with TEN about to roll off his tounge. Williams see`s that Bladez is in the crowd after he was suplexed by Billy into IT! He rolls in the ring right before the referee can get Ten out! Williams and Billy go at it in the middle of the ring swapping blows as Bladez and Bob on the outside recovering.

Capps: Referee just fuckin` cheated the World Champion....

Sin: There is no conspiracy here, that was the last match.

Williams and Billy are now on each side of the ring breathing heavy from the exchange and they lunge at each other. Billy lifts his leg for a big boot, but Williams slides between his legs and stands up behind his back. Bladez on the outside, DDT`s Bob on the outside and slides in the ring. Travis puts opponent in a dragon sleeper with his legs around them, head exposed. Chris hits the ropes and kicks opponent in the head, knocking them completely out.


Williams goes for the pin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The referee calls for the bell as Bladez and Williams stand in the ring victorious!

Sin: Chris Bladez and Travis Williams are now, number one contenders to the Dream Tag Team Championships. Can anything stop this alliance they have created? Anything?

Capps: No. Nothing or Noone.

Young Rising

Travis is backstage with the trainers, putting on his face paint.

Travis Williams: "GO THE FUCK AWAY!"

Travis screams at the trainers who are worried about Travis after being put through a table by Lupin Cy early tonight.

Trainer: "Travis, we are not going anywhere. In fact, we are considering the idea of having Tommy remove you from the tag team match tonight!"

Travis sets down his brush, and smirks. He turns around and kicks one trainer in the mouth sending him flying over the back of the sofa in the locker room.

Travis Williams: "The next wise ass who thinks they can stop me from competing tonight in that tag team match…Better seriously start to think rather or not they like having their teeth and if they want to sip their food from a fucking straw!"

The other two trainers hold up their hands and start for the door. Suddenly, both men catch a door to the forehead sending them to the floor out cold. Travis looks as Adrien Cochrane walks into his locker room with a smug look on his face.

Travis Williams: "Hey kid, I am not signing any autographs at this time. Go find your mom and send her in here after the show. I’ll see what I can sign for you then!"

Travis smirks as Adrien looks at him with a pissed off look on his face.

Adrien Cochrane: "Look Travis! Enough of your childish insults, and nonsense towards my age. I may look young, but I am not a fucking kid!"

Travis Williams: "Hey, guess what? Get the fuck out of my locker room…Don’t you have your ass to be handed to you in a few minutes by Lupin?"

Adrien Cochrane: "Nice one Travis! Do me a favor and shut the hell up and listen to what I have to say…When I am done, I’ll leave then. Until then, I would advise you to listen before you end up easy pickings for Billy and Bob…"

Travis shakes his head laughing.

Travis Williams: "Go ahead kid, make it quick…"

Adrien Cochrane: "I am making a challenge to you. You put up the title or you can just show up. Either way, I want to prove to you and the world that I can beat you!"

Travis laughs loudly at Adrien.

Travis Williams: "Let me get this straight. You want me in a match?"

Adrien nods his head.

Travis Williams: "Kid, I would find it my pleasure to fuck you up and smear your blood across my chest once again. However, you have done nothing to attract my attention. You are a low carded curtain jerker who gets lucky at being in main event matches because of his opponents. Do something to prove you are worthy of facing me again. As face as getting a shot at my World Championship…Not happening! I already have a challenger and you are not him!"

Adrien looks at Travis with a stern look, as Travis points to the door. Adrien looks at Travis and smiles.

Adrien Cochrane: "You want me to get your attention? Be careful what you wish for Travis, you may get more than you wish for!"

Adrien swings open the door and starts to go out of it. Travis comes up and boots him in the ass to kick him from his locker room.

Lupin Cy vs. Adrien Cochrane

Capps: Welcome back to Insomnia. We are in Battle Creek Michigan! Home of Austin Cheese Crackers and...and...

Sin: Lovely City is what he is trying to say. This next match is between two great wrestlers. Last week Cochrane gave his best in his bid to become World Champion.

Capps: We watched two different matches then.

The arena lights dim as the quick guitar intro from "Last One to Die" kicks into full force. Once the third line of the verse echoes from the arena, Adrien Cochrane comes out from behind the curtain with cheers from the fans. He hops to the ring as the chorus blares throughout the arena.

"We got right
You got it wrong
We're still around
Last one to die
We're going up
You're going down
We're still around
Last one to die!"

Adrien slides into the ring as the music fades and the lights return to full brightness

Sin: He looks ready for a fight, Tonight!

Capps: Yeah, ill fart in a bag, let him fight for air...

Sin: What?!?!

Capps: Yep, Got Twenty on the Fart to Win...

As "Pure Morning" by Placebo comes melodically flowing through the arena's sound system, the mysterious form that is Lupin Cy comes speeding down the ramp from the backstage area. Just as Cy begins a head-first slide into the ring, green fireworks launch from the top of all four turnbuckles. Lupin wildly keeps the energy going for the crowd by spinning in circles, pointing out to the masses as he does so. After ascending one of the turnbuckles to deliver a single fist salute to the crowd, Cy steps back down to the mat and shakes out a few stretches and rope pulls.

Capps: This guy really can wrestle. I mean he comes out and everyone knew this man meant business the moment he showed up at Bashed in the USA.

Sin: He has his hands full tonight, mane....

The two men walk to the center of the ring to begin the battle before them. The referee calls for the bell as Cochrane points at his boots to tie an untied lace. Cy looks down at his boots to see the untied lace then before he can tilt his head back to Adrian`s face, ADRIEN CUTTER!!!!!!!

Sin: DAYUMM!!!!!

Adrien walks toward the ropes taunting the crowd after pulling off his finisher on such a veteran like he just did. He points at Capps laughing remembering his radio show and calling this match a squash match. What he doesn`t see behind him is that Cy nearly stood straight up after he pulled the move off. Cy knee`s him in the back causing him to nearly fall backwards grabbing the center of his back, he wraps his head and falls back in reversed DDT! Cy looks up at the screen seeing the replay of Cochrane`s finishing move replaying over and over on the screen. He s shaking his head as he quickly gets Adrien to his feet and a snap GERMAN SUPLEX! Then ANOTHER! The camera man has to pan quickly to keep up with the speed and force of these suplexes! Adrien amazingly stumbles to his feet, and SUPERKICK! Cy is took off his feet by the force of kick, and Adrien falls right beside him.


Sin: I TOLD YOU, ADRIEN CAME TO FIGHT! The number one contender to The World Heavyweight Title is layed OUT!

Cy stirs suddenly as does Cochrane. The two men begin punching each other even before the completely stand to they`re feet. Cy is fights Cochrane to the nearest corner and climbs up on the middle rope. While bouncing he open hand chops Adrien`s chest over and over leaving red marks with every devastating blow! Finally after reaching seven he hops down and Cochrane falls to the mat face first. Adrien now down, Cy goes for his legs getting him in a boston crab! Adrien is fighting to reach the ropes and does being so close in the corner! The referee breaks the hold and Cy just falls ontop of Adrien stomach first in a CROSSFACE! Now using his arms and a strong hold across his chin, he cannot reach the ropes. He tries to fully extend but just cannot reach the ropes!

Sin: Lupin, May have him this time!

Capps: I don`t know about that!

Sin: You should look into politics, asshole!

Capps: Why!?!

Sin: You flipflop so much, you just should, Damn...

Cy releases the hold on Adrien and quickly grabs his ankle and locks his arms together to apply pressure. The veins in his arms are indication to the pressure he is applying. Adrien reaches for the ropes and legs are getting sore as well as his lower back. The two are thrashing around the ring as Cy pulls him away from the ropes just as he extends one last time! This time he reaches and NABS IT! The referee breaks the hold as Cy releases Cochrane`s ankle and stands up as he turns around, Adrien rolls onto his back and thrusts both of his legs toward Cy`s face! He blocks one, but Cochrane`s left foot knocks hits him underneath his chin. Adrien gets to his feet, and dives ontop of Cy and begins to use both fists to pound away on Cy!

Sin: Tables have Turned!

Capps: Like a DJ, Playa!

The referee is attempting to break the two men up but is accidentally hit by one of Adrien`s blows suddenly. The referee hits the mat, and rolls onto his stomach holding his head. Adrien see`s an opening and slides out of th....Before he can get out all the way Cy grabs ahold of him. He slowly pulls him back into the ring. Cy rolls over and uses the bottom rope to begin choking Cochrane! Cochrane stands up as Cy struggles, and grappling to get a move, as Adrien suddenly throws himself backwards into Cy and he falls back into the ropes, entangling both arms in the top rope! Cy struggles to free himself as Adrien turns to look down at the referee and then turns around completely to face Cy. He see`s that he is caught in the ropes and can`t get free, and goes for a SPEAR! Just before he can wrap up Cy and reach full speed, Cy falls to his ass hard on the mat, pulling the ropes down and Cochrane flies out of the ring to the outside! Cy stuggles to release himself while Cochrane lies unconcious on the outside. Cochrane comes to slowly, and begins to wobble to his feet still in a daze from hitting his head on the security barrier. Cochrane pulls Cy`s head down on the ropes and the force free`s him but slings him into the center of the ring, knocking him nearly senseless! He regains his composure quickly but not quick enough. Adrien is all over him before he can completely stand up, Adrien goes for a russian leg sweep but gets a CURVING THE BULLET FOR HIS TROUBLE! Cy just falls ontop of Cochrane as the referee barely raises his head and begins a slow slow count!


Capps: Told, Ya!

Sin: Well Cy Pulled It OFF! The number one contender is now rolling and there doesn`t appear to be anyone that can stop him at this point!

Capps: He is rolling right along, he is looking strong at the moment! Williams is a true champion and will not just hand his title right over. Im telling you he has "Champion 4 Awhile", written all over him! Stay with us we still have so much action to come right after this quick, Break!

"Unstable… You’re Damn Right."

"I make decisions based on how I’m feeling… not on what people tell me," says the voice of the Nemesis Warrior.

"How does that reflect on your recent changes?" asks the woman sitting across from him.

The long wavy ginger hair tied back into a bun, secretary glasses touching the brim of her nose. Her skirt lays hanging below her knees, a more business casual appearance for a broad talking to the likes of the Jackal.

"I feel more like myself. The hair is gone, but it wasn’t what made me. If anything, I just feel like a new person, fresh and full of life," replies Jesse without hesitation.

"How have you been handling the absences of your daughter in your life?" calmly put from the lips of the business woman.

A flash of hate boils in the eyes of Jesse, but quickly dissolves as he looks to the floor and answers, "It’s not easy but… I’ve been learning to cope with it."

"How have you been coping?" she immediately asks.

"This… focusing on something I love to replace what I lost. Being a little out of my mind sometimes isn’t a bad thing ya know? When they said I was deranged, unfit to be a father, unable to care for my daughter, I put it in the back of my head and made myself feel like they were the ones wrong. It’s not that I’m unfit or can’t care for her, it’s just they don’t want to see a man in my place putting my daughter through what none of them understand," claims Jesse with passion radiating in his voice.

"What don’t they understand Mr. Fristik?" inquiries the woman.

"Because their not a damn wrestler! They don’t sacrifice their livelihood for the enjoyment of fans all over the world, and they sure as hell don’t know what it feels like to have to scrape yourself up off that canvas night in and night out, win or lose, triumph or fail, and carry on!" standing up as he says this Jesse looks at the woman with a stern look of discontent, "I don’t need to explain anymore to a therapist tonight, we’re done here."

"You are cleared to wrestle for Dream Mr. Fristik, but please heed my advice and beware of your anger," are the last words she says as the Nemesis Warrior walks out of the door leaving the Therapist alone in the room scribbling on her notepad.

In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Jill Berg, accompanied by two of her bodyguards, is escorted to the door of the ladies room backstage. The bodyguards stand guard while Berg goes into the bathroom.

The door to the men's room is slammed open and knocks one of the bodyguards into the other. Then Dawn McGill appears out of nowhere.


The force of her Singapore caneshot sends the bodyguard reeling backwards into the drinking fountain. The bodyguard slides down. The drinking fountain has a huge dent in it.

One of Dawn's paramilitary guards from the Island of Puerto Del Macoris comes out of the bathroom and pistol whips another bodyguard to the tiled floor.

Spinning kick by McGill on the third bodyguard leaves a gaping cut on his cheek thanks to her 4" stiletto heels.

The other bodyguard nearly pulls out the drinking fountain trying to pull himself back up. He steps towards Dawn. She immediately kicks him in the balls with her 4" stilettos. He grabs his privates and turns pale white.

Bodyguard: "Mommy."

McGill shoves him causing him to fall over. He whimpers on the ground.

The fourth bodyguard takes a tentative step towards Dawn.

*click, click, click, click*

He stops and sheepishly smiles when faced with four semi-automatic weapons pointed at him. The bodyguard puts his hands up and steps back.

The ladies room door opens.


Jill Berg sees the situation at hand. Three of her bodyguards are down and the fourth is standing against the wall with his hands up.

Berg: "....oh."

Berg takes a step back into the bathroom with McGill and her four paramilitary guards staring laser beams right through her.

McGill and Berg make definitive eye contact. McGill points the Singapore cane right at her.

Dawn: Don' Get it?"

Berg slams the bathroom door shut.

Malcolm Dred-King vs. Casey Pierro-Zabotel

CPZ's theme song "Plasmatic" by Zeromancer plays over the PA system as the lights in the arena begin to darken. A lone spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as CPZ emerges from the backstage area and throws his arms into the air. He views his surroundings and begins to slowly make his way down the aisle with the lights slowly coming back on as the one spotlight follows him.
Capps: Damn what a Main Event! CPZ and MDK! Gotta love guys with catchy three letter intials. Love IT!

Sin: This match will no doubt have the action for sure.

Capps: No Doubt!

Malcolm Dred-King walks down the ramp and slides in, CPZ is jumping, stretching with his back to him. The Black Destiny enters the ring and walks over to shake Casey`s hand, but catches a knee to the crotch as the referee call`s for the bell. "FIRST BLOOD" , crosses the screen written in blood as the match begins with MDK, attempting to get to his feet. CPZ gets off a backbody drop on MDK as they both crash to the mat.

Capps: These two have a heated rivalry that started at the last PPV. They DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER!

Sin: That is a fact, Infact they could hate each other...

Casey gets Malcolm back to his feet and gets off a bridging german suplex, and then goes for a quick pin. MDK quickly kicks out! He gets Casey around his head, and pulls him to the mat in a sleeper like hold.

"Headup" By the Deftones hit as the crowd response picks up. Crimson walks out on the stage holding what looks like a BELT! The backing of the belt is a cheap leather imitation, while the front is cardboard with ducktape, and a 60`s model, gold , caddilac center piece. The two men look up from the match and watch Crimson, who is holding the belt, and a mic.

Crimson: Whoa, Crimson is holding the belt of his old Company before he came to Dream Wrestling. You two are asking yourself what is he doing out here, and what could this belt be for? That`s the fEar World Title, Tommy? Why are you holding it on Dream Wrestling? What are you doing out here? This is the fEar Fury World Heavyweight title. I see you two and a handful of others fighting night after night, impressing me but you are slacking as of late. It`s like you have lost your drive and because the World title is held by Williams and he can only have so many challengers, I decided to bring this out and as you can see it has fEar wrote all over it.

Crimson: Whoever wins this title all the nameplates will be changed, and we will work names and all that out later. Look at this as our Anarchy Championship if you will. Why, Crimson? Insomniacs know we have the majority of the belts in Dream at the moment, why do this? Honestly....Because I fuckin` can. Simple as that, but there is a catch before you nuthuggers tie it up. I put my heart and soul into making this title mean something looking the way it does. The likes of Alias, Rio Nexan, Phoenix Rose, and just a few handful of other great hall of famers of the sport have held this. So I thought since it means so so so much to me, I decided that I would join this match, only im changing the rules a bit. The first one to draw blood, is eliminated, like a battle royal, just for blood. You bring blood from two people, the referee will hand you this coveted belt.

Crimson drops the mic and makes his way to the ring, as MDK and CPZ almost look confused and Casey is laughing as he watches Crimson limp to the ring. The two wrestlers begin fighting it out again! MDK takes down Casey with a russian leg sweep and out of nowhere is nearly hit with a steel chair! Crimson is under the ring throwing weapons into the ring!

Capps: This match has took a turn, what a turn it has taken, MAN!

Sin: Crimson has just made this a title match for that sad sad looking belt.

MDK and CPZ continue to punish each other as now they both have a weapon, Crimson slides two folding tables in the ring. Malcolm picks up a steel chair and hits Casey with it with full force. A referee on the outside checks to make sure no blood is leaving his skull. Crimson unfolds a table in the corner of the ring, and then goes back outside the ring. MDK and CPZ are not paying any attention to Crimson as he exits the ring. MDK notices the table sit in the corner, he knee smashes Casey quickly, reversing a clotheline! He picks up Malcolm with his legs on his shoulders, shaking as he does so, using every bit of his strength to lift him up in the air! Finally get`s him all the way up ready to drop him onto the table behind him that Crimson setup! Before he drops, he looks up in horror as does MDK seeing Crimson in mid air heading they`re way.....MIDAIR DROPKICK! MDK goes flying and is sent through the table with a force that can be heard throughout the entire Kellogg Arena!


Even Casey is stunned from the top rope missle drop kick from Crimson. He is now outside the ring rolling around holding his ribs. A piece of the flake board wood, cut MDK`s head and he is now bleeding prefusely. The referee calls for the bell to ring once due to the elimination. Casey staggers to his feet, almost confused from the bump his head took. The Insomnia Medical Crew come to the ring and put MDK on a stretcher, stabilizing his neck incase it is injured. Crimson gets back in the ring slowly and is met by Casey who slings him into the stretcher that the medical team has MDK on, knocking it out of the ring as Crimson catches himself before he falls out! Dred-King, however is outside the ring now upside down on a stretcher! CPZ is laughing at the sight now sitting on his knee`s from throwing Crimson. He stops and turns to find Crimson to finish him up when he turns he is hit with a steel chair! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM! Casey`s eyes Cross as Crimson has another chair unfolded and sitting behind him, before CPZ hits the mat, Crimson catches him, and hits Pownage sending CPZ`s head into the chair, busting him open! The bell rings as the referee hold`s Crimson`s hand high into the air!

Capps: Well he done it, I`ll be damned he done it!

Sin: Yeah, he has the heart, but damn he has been in the game much longer than either of his opponents, what a crazy night! Crimson has a mic again, damn what else could happen here, tonight!?!?

Crimson: I don`t it, bring your best boys! If you want a shot at this next week, bring your ass OU..

Crimson is cut off with a steel chair to the back of the head. Looking down at him is JESSE JAMESTER!


Sin: Thank you folks, for watching this week all you Insomniac`s! We hope you will join us next week, as we have a surprise guest planned!

Capps: Don`t forget, Sin! Titles WILL BE ON THE LINe, next week! From Battle Creek, Michigan, Im Busta Capps...

Sin: Im Jay Sin, and from us all here at Insomnia, thank you so much for tuning in this week! See Ya Next Week, FOLKS!