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Show opened to a picture from outside, where a limo has pulled into the arena, carrying Jim Dudley, Rage, Hendrix, and an unknown masked man.


Dark Angel vs. Billy James

The Dark Angel dominated the match for most of the ring time, until Billy James landed a surprise attack centered on the jaw of the Angel. At this point, the Destoryer came to the ring, and chased James out into the crowd. During the match, Darkness watched on a montior from backstage.

Result: Dark Angel by Count Out


Bookerman vs. Pestilence

In his fWo debut, the new Pestilence was all offense. Pestilence was surrounded at ringside by the other Dark Riders, who shoved Bookerman back into the ring. Pestilence then applied a cross armbreaker submission hold, which he refused to release, even after the bell was rung for his DQ. Bookerman was taken from the ring in critical condition, holding his arm. Pestilence shouted that this was a preview of what Scotty Cool would be facing.

Result: Bookerman by DQ


Darkness vs. Famine

Famine made his way to ringside alone, without the aid of the Dark Riders. Famine stayed on the attack for most of the match, until Darkness landed a DDT and trapped Famine in a sleeper hold for the victory. After the match, the Dark Angel arrived, looked at Darkness in the ring, and pointed at the victor.

Result: Darkness by Submission


Briana vs. Melissa Smalls vs. Queen Bee Kristen

Queen Bee Kristen and Smalls battled each other inside the ring, allowing Briana an easy time in the match. After the two women brawled, Briana was able to catch Smalls in a roll-up pinfall for the victory.

Result: Briana by Pinfall


Jim Dudley & Chris Kidman (c) vs. Rudo Insano & David Spencer

Rudo Insano and David Spencer made their way to ringside, but Dudley and Kidman did not emerge from backstage. Reports came in that Dudley and Kidman as well as the rest of their groups were locked in a brawl in the backlot of the arena. Insano grew angry, and gave a DDT to his partner, David Spencer. Insano then walked out of the ring, muttering. Cameras followed him back where he was seen talking to an unseen voice backstage.

Result: No Contest


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Austin the Giant

Austin the Giant refused to lock up with Scotty, and instead insulted the crowd. Scotty Cool came from behind to land the Scotty Dropper, and covered Austin the Giant for an easy pin, making the fastest pinfall in fWo history.

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall


Falcon (c) vs. Shane Austin

The Falcon had no trouble defeating Shane Austin in a no-DQ, falls count anywhere Hardcore Title match. After the match, the Falcon bragged about his title reign, and commented that no matter who won the title shot match on Friday, he would defeat them.

Result: Falcon by Pinfall