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Show opened to highlights of Numbered Days, including the attack on Roberts, Davis winning the title, and the increasing friction between the Empire and the Punisher Squad.


Darkness vs. David Spencer

In his debut, Darkness defeated David Spencer soundly with no offense at all from the self-proclaimed undefeated man. Darkness arrvied to the match by suddenly appearing in the ring after the arena was enveloped in darkness. During the match, the Dark Angel arrived to look on with interest.

Result: Darkness by Submission


Flying Frenchie vs. Billy James

In what was a back and forth matchup, the Flying Frenchie was able to land a solid connecting blow and climb to the top rope for the 450. After the match, the Flying Frenchie made motions to indicate that he wanted a title shot.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Rage vs. Machina

Machina came to the ring, but Rage was nowhere to be found. On the giant screen a clip of Rage was played, mocking Machina and Ultra Violet. While the clip was playing, Rage snuck up from behind and scored a surprise pinfall on Machina. Ultra Violet ran to the ring to confront Rage about the missing Violet, but Rage escaped into the crowd.

Result: Rage by Pinfall


Scott Slugger vs. Great Waru

Slugger made easy work of Waru, who attempted to escape but was rolled back into the ring by Ice and Kidman, who were at ringside. Slugger hit a piledriver, and won the match.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

In a gueling battle between the two men, Kidman had the upper hand after landing a swinging dropkick. As Kidman went for the cover, Rage appeared again at ringside to nail Kidman with a chair, and allowing Cool to make the pinfall. Dudley appeared and announced that Rage was a new member of the Empire.

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall


Austin Davis (c) vs. Stevie Roberts

Davis arrived for his match, but Roberts was unable to compete after his earlier injury. Travis arrived and announced that at Summer Heat Austin Davis would defend against the first of three champions, starting with Cactus Jon.

Result: Austin Davis by No Contest


fWo '98 Invatational Battle Royal

The battle royal saw many of the wrestlers teaming up to pitch the massive Total Eclipse from the ring. Following this, members of the Empire and Punsiher Squad eliminated each other, and brawled back to the dressing room. With only War, the Black Quicksilver, VL and the Chameleon in the ring, Judge Steel arrived and hit the Chameleon with a wrench, knocking the man from the ring. As War and VL brawled, the Black Quicksilver struck from behind and pitched both from the ring.

Result: Black Quicksilver