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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Richmond, VA @ Richmond Raceway Complex


You open the DVD of WARPED 29 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "July 20, 2011 - Richmond, VA - Richmond Raceway Complex" on the bottom right of the screen.


“To the good people of Richmond, Virginia…” a booming voice echoes through the venue. Standing on the screen is Championship Wrestling Council’s North American Champion Alexander StarrZoë. Starr smiles, looks himself up and down, smoothing out his suit, and inhaling quickly on the cigarette that dangles between his lips. The crowd suddenly begins to cheer, seemingly the entire arena of 1,600 are on their feet chanting; “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” Alex laughs, allowing a moment to enjoy the elated reaction. He drags on his cigarette and exhales, smiling again. “You know, I don’t know why I ever ask you guys to stop. I love hearing all of you cheering my name almost as much as I love myself! We do have a few important things to get to though, so if you could just give…” the fans begin to chant again and StarrZoë just chuckles and shakes his head. “Alright, enough you animals!” Alex laughs, throwing his dying cigarette to the ground and adjusts the championship title that is strewn across his right shoulder, the gold shinning in the light around him.

Tony D: “Okay, I understand the reaction from the fans last time in his hometown of Philadelphia, but now I’m a bit confused. We haven’t really seen much of Starr lately, why are people so ‘head over heels’ for him?”

Kris Red: “Well, he has gone undefeated two events in a row now and he has a pretty long history in the business. I guess it’s sort of like if the Bulls were to trade Michael Jordan. People would still cheer him; simply for his talent, not where he plays.”

StarrZoë begins again; “For those of you who are wondering, yes I’m in the Expert’s Tournament and, so far, so good! Yes, last week I took a loss, but its alright because I’m still seconding in the standing in my group, have won two of three, and when you’re as talented as me, losing doesn’t cross your mind! Though, of course around here in Warped, they don’t pay too much attention to the ‘little guy’ like me. I’m all the way at the bottom of the food chain in this place, shit it took people two entire events to realize I was the North American Champion and I’ve been walking around with the Goddamn title the entire time! No, if you’re going to survive in Warped you better be prepared to be overlooked, even if you’re the most talented and entertaining person in the place! I guess we can thank the guys in the Movement for that. Everyone in this promotion is so concerned with how far Korrupt can shove his head up P.K.A’s ass while he’s jerking off Crowbar that no one has time to actually pay attention to the wrestlers. Everyone’s so busy stroking the ego of three over-exposed and under-talented nobodies that it makes me wonder how exactly this place stays afloat! That’s before I realize the obvious answer of course; hundreds more people have started buying tickets now that they know Starr’s here! There hasn’t been a sell out since Korrupt won the World Title, I don’t think that shocks anyone, but in the short time I’ve been in Warped Wrestling, three events totally, we’ve sold out twice!”

“Just a short time ago,” Alex continues; “only a few hundred miles up I-95 when Warped was in South Philly, the damnedest thing happened to me. I was sitting in the back after my match packing up all my stuff and getting ready to head to my parent’s house to see the family, when all of a sudden, my ears started burning! I thought maybe I was going insane or was having a brain aneurysm or something but that was before I looked up at the monitor and saw P.K.A talking to Joey Matthew. Turns out that I tuned in at just right moment because the next thing that came out of P.K.A’s mouth concerned me. Look here kiddo, I don’t care who you think you are or which one of your boyfriends has been whispering sweet nothings in your ear about how badass you are and how no one in the world will ever defeat you, I will break every bone in your pale little body. I know you’ve got two other dudes literally on your dick most of the nights out of the week, but sometimes when they tell you ‘you’re the most incredible wrestler in the world’ it’s only because they’re hoping you’ll be willing to bite the pillow this time around. Don’t let people gas you up and put all those lies into your head because the more confident you become, the harder a fall you’re going to take mentally when I break that pale little body in half. I may have fired the first shot, but you decided to retaliate and all in those few words you uttered about me during Warped 28, just by mentioning my name and not following it up with ‘is such a better wrestler than I am’ you have now notified the world that sometime in the near future, I will be effectively ending your career.”

Tony D: “…IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?! He’s brand new here, he can’t just go around calling people out like that. Especially not the Movement! He’s going to get himself in a lot of trouble here!”

Kris Red: “Well, he may very well get noticed, and I’m pretty sure that’s his intentions!”

StarrZoë continues; “Korrupt, Crowbar if either of you two assholes have something to say, I welcome the day you do, because it’s going to be the last thing you say before they unwire you’re fucking jaw. You three can run around playing grab ass with each other all you want but you’re not going to cheapen the only thing in this world I’m the most passionate about in this world. You jerkoffs better learn to respect your betters or I will make it my only goal in life to make you regret the day you were born! I am in no way afraid of the numbers game; the talent of all three of you combined cannot even begin to equal the abilities and destructive power I possess! The only reason a grown man should walk through the world with two other men is because either he has a thing for gay orgies or he’s a coward. P.K.A on the other hand enjoys the getting pounded by two different dudes but also likes the added perk of never having to fight his own battles because he’s always got his boyfriends waiting in the wings. Now don’t think I’m just picking on you three, I wouldn’t be here right now wasting these people’s time if all I was going to do was talk about the most unimportant people in this promotion. No, on the contrary, I’d like to also address Anton Chase; the ‘Future’ as he refers to himself. Anton, you have a losing record in Warped and the only reason you won that Evolution Title is because, well shit, look at the other talent around here! I don’t care if you win the Warped World Title six times in three months, I’ll always remember you as that middle of the road nobody who never really made an impact in PrYde! Anton, you’re only a month older than me, so how are you the future, when you’ve never done shit in this business and aren’t going anywhere soon? Shit, with all my success, I’ve already been the only thing that mattered in the past and I’m currently the only person important in this business right now, so I’m the present, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so I guess I’m the future too, huh?”

“God help us though,” Starr laughs; “if this little asshole is the future, than someone call Doc Brown because I’m going back! I’ll hop into the DeLorean with a coat hanger, hunt down his mom and abort this broken condom accident myself. You are a walking, talking public service announcement for reasons to wear condoms. I swear to everything holy, everyone in the world probably agrees that your mother should have swallowed you, you contribute nothing to this business, you serve no purpose, and I wish you would have been nothing more than a stain on your parent’s sheets! The Evolution Championship doesn’t even matter that much to me honestly, I’m all about the World Championship, but I may just take it away from you out of spite. You weak little shit, I beat you have back problems from carrying around that belt. You don’t even deserve a championship, the only reason you’ve ever gained popularity in this business is because of the two times I’ve beaten your ass stupid. When people think of Anton Chase, they don’t think ‘oh that’s the guy that won the Warped Evolution Championship!’ they think ‘isn’t that the kid who almost had his career ended by Starr twice? The only reason he’s even still walking is because StarrZoë took mercy on him!’ I swear to God, Warped is suddenly like Bizzaro World; Anton Chase is a champion and three of the most talentless nobodies in this business are basically the best in this promotion! Joey, I have a large amount of respect for what you’ve done for Warped and your contributions to professional wrestling, but if you can’t get ahold on this place, get control of the roster, stop making me face people I’ve already beaten, and keep your eye on the only person in this promotion or in professional wrestling itself that really is talented then I’m going to take it upon myself to take out each and every member of the roster that stands in my way until I’m the only person left uninjured!”

Alexander smiles; “Now then, if you guy will excuse me, I have to go beat on the same two dickheads I’ve beaten on for the last two events. I promise you, even if I’m not in the main event, my match is going to be the most entertaining and exciting match on the card! The rest of the world will finally realize what everyone in this building already realizes; I am the best thing to ever happen to professional wrestling! Remember; I’m a man of entertainment, I’m a man of success, I’m better than the best, and above all else, I demand the world’s fucking respect!”

Starr fades from the screen.



FADE IN... "Earlier Tonight" on the screen.. We are in the boss' office. Joey Matthew and PKA are conversing in what seems to be a troublesome conversation for the bossman.

PKA: "You don't.. know what.. you're DOING!"

Joey Matthew: "You really should just go.. this doesn't concern you."

PKA: "It doesn't CONCERN ME? How many times did you reschedule this God damned show? How many fans decided TO HELL WITH IT and ask for refunds? How many of the boys backstage are going to tollerate it? I know one guy has already said PEACE before he even debuted."

Joey looks bothered and tired. He reasons with PKA..

Joey Matthew: "Look, PKA.. its all under control. We're here tonight, a big show is lined up, great matches and speaking of which you have one of your own."

PKA: "Oh such a great night of matches. Tell me, what happened to Percy Vanderbilt and Rico Calle's match?"

Clearly flustered, Joey responds..

Joey Matthew: "Patrick, you know that Percy isn't with the company and Rico.. look.."

PKA: "And I dunno what you're thinking with giving some rookie a referee shirt tonight.. seriously this is the stupidest shit I've ever been apart of. I could run this company better than you!"

The bossman is amused by that..

Joey Matthew: "Oh, and I'm definitely going to let THAT happen.. like you can make any better decisions. You're apart of a faction that's sole purpose is to make the lives of everyone else a living HELL!"

PKA: "The Movement ... you're right ... that is the purpose. And the way you're running things, I think you should be their new leader."

PKA opens the door and heads out, slamming it behind him, leaving Joey alone in his office. He rubs his temples as we fade out...


The big RICHMOND RACEWAY COMPLEX is our home for this event! The sun is shining brightly and the fans are pumped for a night of action!

The scene opens as Chad Santana and Rico Calle make their way into the ring. "Deep Cover" fades out as Santana has a microphone in the middle of the ring and speaks.

Chad Santana:

"Yo yo yo.. its a damn, damn shame..
ya boy Craig Cohen can't make it tonight, because he's stuck somewhere on a plane.
That's right, he didn't make it, he no showed tonight.
But ya boy Santana is here, yo' lucha libre delight!"

"Now now me and Rico here, we down for a fight, but the simple fact of the matter is, I if Cohen should get off wrestling, so should I."

Rico looks at Chad like WTF?

Chad Santana: "Whattup? Nah don't worry.. see, Alex can have his 3 way match at the next show, but none of this him and me.. I'm outtie.."

Santana drops the microphone and throws up the peace sign, heading toward the ropes. Rico Calle holds his arms out wondering what's going on. He grabs Santana and tries to reason, and Santana shakes his head and chalks up the deuces, heading out of the ring. Rico follows, when suddenly...

"Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Santana looks pissed and heads back into the ring as StarrZoe charges at him. Starr slides in and Santana stands in his corner and shares some words with Rico.. Meanwhile, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"


Alexander StarrZoe vs. Chad Santana. w/Rico Calle

The bell sounds as the music fades and Rico gets out on the outside of the ring... They lock up in the middle of the ring... knee from StarrZoe, followed by right hand after right hand, backing Santana into the ropes. Irish whip, Santana counters.. StarrZoe hits the ropes and comes back and gets laid out with a clothesline by Starr. Santana gets up to his feet and Starr grabs him and hits a gutwrench.. then covers.. 1..kick out. Both men get up and Santana is sent into the corner. Starr charges in with a clothesline, then sets him up top. He goes for a right hand but Santana blocks and kicks him away.. Starr backs up then leaps onto the middle rope and then slaps the shit out of Santana and sends him down to the floor!

Starr gets the crowd fired up! He gets out on the apron as Santana gets to his feet... then Santana grabs him by the feet and drops him face first on the apron, then throws him into the steel steps. Santana flips him off and stomps away. The ref yells at him to knock it off and get into the ring. Santana rolls Starr into the ring and slides in.. both men up.. Santana backs Starr into the ropes and hits the irish whip.. and a dropkick to Starr! Santana hits the corner and jumps up, then comes off with a leg drop! He covers... 1.. 2... shoulder up!

StarrZoe rolls toward the ropes... Santana signals something at Calle and then gets to his feet and argues with the referee. Calle looks on confused as StarrZoe strattles the ropes.. Santana looks over the ref's shoulder and points!! Calle holds his arms out and shakes his head. Santana pushes the ref aside and stomps at Starr and yells at Calle "what the hell, puto!" and Calle looks very confused... Suddenly from behind, Starr hits a German! He then gets up and climbs the turnbuckle... 450 SSP!!! The Rising Starr Connects!!! 1......2.......3!!!

The bell sounds and StarrZoe has won! "Who Shot Ya" hits the PA System as the crowd erupts for him! He climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans while Rico Calle slides in to check on his amigo. Santana is in a lot of pain and pushes Calle away. StarrZoe makes his way up the aisle now as in the ring Santana gets to his feet and tells Calle to do what he tells him! They begin arguing and Calle starts to walk out on Santana until Santana turns him around and hits THE REGULATOR! Santana stands over Calle, clutching his midsection from THE RISING STARR earlier, but he has sent a shocking message and this alliance has broken down!!!


Coming out to the ring from the curtain is man wearing a black suit with white pin stripes and a light blue long sleeved shirt with a black long neck tie and black loafers. The man has a smug look upon his face as he throws his arms out to his sides for a moment to take in the shocked reaction of the people in the arena as "Enemy" by Fozzy plays over the house speaker system. Few people begin a TDS chant as he looks surprised for a moment. The ring announcer begins to speak.

Randy Long: "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to WARPED Wrestling, TREVOR.. D.. SANDERSON!"

Trevor makes it to the ringside area and he slaps a few hands with some of the nearby fans as he walks up the small set of ring steps and stands on the apron. A surreal look is upon his face as he shakes his head back and forth for a moment in disbelief. A slight grin comes across his face before he steps into the ring through the ropes and walks over to the announcer. He shakes his hand and takes the mic. He shoves his left hand into his left pants pocket and grips the mic with his right hand. Before speaking he scratches his forehead and looks down to the canvas.

Trevor Sanderson: “You know, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d ever step foot back in a wrestling ring..”

A random fan yells out “You’re still bald!” This gets minor chuckles from some fans and a huge “Shut the f**k up” chant towards the heckler. Sanderson lets it die off before continuing. Then he looks to the fans in front of him.

Trevor Sanderson: “Five years ago I walked away from this business. The industry in which I grew up watching and adoring left me jaded and self absorbed. I began my career in small promotion outside of Cincinnati Ohio, in my home town.. I then eventually went on to travel the world before landing a major break back here at home as I was apart of the wildly popular but now defunct CwA which saw me play a role in several inter-promotional works with Lone Star Championship Wrestling and RoughKut Wrestling. I was young, green, and still finding myself during the hottest time of my career. I went through several changes in appearance and kept trying to evolve before going back to my roots.”

He removes his left hand from his pocket and holds his left hand out kind of waving it around for a moment.

Trevor Sanderson: “I moved into the heart of the North Carolina countryside for a brief time before going back to my childhood home and it was there where I began to hear the ‘what ifs’ or the ‘could ofs’ from people’s mouths. All the skeptics, social media, and message boards were all bringing up my name because they were trying to compare me to the guys on the scene today.. Honestly it made me laugh because how can you compare someone who’s inactive to someone active? It’s ludacris, but people do it all the time. Then the more I read some of this stuff, the more I found this fire deep down in my gut begin to rise back up.. That competitive fire which drives each and every athlete in the back! Then I get a phone call last month.. A promoter whom I only met once for a brief moment in time kept my number. This man, used to run Headstrong Wrestling, a promotion I only stepped foot inside once for a match within their open tournament. I didn’t win the match but I made an impression and with that impression came this phone call.. The timing couldn’t have been more right. The man who called me was Joey Matthews.”

Trevor holds his head down for a moment and circles around the ring. He loosens his tie a bit and undoes the top button to his shirt. He then takes off his jacket and drapes it over the top rope before going back to speaking.

Trevor Sanderson: “I’ve always read about this place.. Jesus, it’s hot out here.. Anyhow, Joey asked me to come into Warped Wrestling and shake off the rust. Get back into the groove because he’d been following my career loosely and enjoyed most of my work. So, how could I not say no? But don’t you think for one second that I’m coming back without being in shape and adding new tricks up my sleeve.. See in the past I resolved to my amateur wrestling background to bail me out of tough situations.. I’ve added some Ju-Jit Zu to my bag of tricks to make me even more dangerous thanks to the fine folks of School of Little Fish Tae Kwon Do back home. Make no mistake about it folks; I’m not the same man I was several years ago. I’m a little older and a little wiser.. Warped Wrestling will find out why I have no boundaries, no limits, and pure total aggression!”

Sanderson hands the mic back to Randy Long before collecting his jacket and waving to the fans before exiting the ring. Sanderson leaves the ringside area and stops at the top of the entrance way with his arms raised one more time before departing behind the curtain


In the locker room Drake Havok is sitting on a bench taping his wrist when the door opens and Switchblade walks in Drake gets up and both men come face to face staring at each other.

SwitchBlade: Listen up. I don't know who you are, or how much experience you've got. Quite frankly...I don't care. But I'm only going to tell you this once, and only once. Don't screw me. If you make even one tiny mistake, and you cost me my world title shot...i'm coming after you. We clear?

Drake holds out his hand

Drake:Oh don't worry, Mr. SwitchBlade. You've got nothing to worry about from me. I'm going to call it right down the middle, but Mr. SwitchBlade remember this. While I have been taking the fight to The Movement you've been worrying about only yourself and your precious title shot. I am not going to let the injustices of The Movement go unpunished for much longer. Tonight is not just about you Mr. SwitchBlade. The power that The Movement has gotten is as much your fault as it is Joey's. So now it is my job to clean up your mess. So Mr. SwitchBlade, walk out here with the title, just remember this: the fight is not over, and I will still be in the trenches. Tonight, I have a goal to see The Movement suffer. And I will accomplish this goal whether you win the strap or not.

Both men keep their hands locked in a death grip. Drake leans in.

Drake:Good luck...Mr. SwitchBlade.

Drake lets go of SwitchBlade's hand and walks out of the locker.SwitchBlade simply watches Havok leave, uncertain of his allegiance.


Tag Team Match - THE MOVEMENT-PKA & Crowbar vs. Drake Havok & Cameron MacNichol

Fade in... each team are in their corners talking it out... Looks like Drake Havok will start the match off for their team as Cameron gets out on the apron. On the other side, Crowbar looks to be the man for the job. But right as PKA is about to get out of the ring, he turns Crowbar around and hits his trademark SUPERKICK~! The crowd is shocked, as is Havok and MacNichol. PKA wipes his hands twice and flings them at Crowbar as if he was to shake off wet hands or something. He looks at Havok who stands in the middle of the ring not sure what's going on. He takes a step into the middle of the ring and slowly has a seat, then lays on his back. Havok looks around and the ref looks confused as well. Havok slowly drops into the cover... the ref shrugs and drops down to count... 1. 2. 3. The bell sounds. and PKA rolls out of the ring. Crowbar comes to in the ring and while holding his jaw he looks on as PKA heads up the aisle and Havok and MacNichol have their arms raised. The crowd boos as PKA walks up the aisle with a purpose... FAAAAAADE..


While people are talking among themselves about what we just witnessed minutes ago and waiting for the next match to be announced “Golden Cobra” by Limp Bizkit starts to pay over the PA system. Every turns there head wondering whose music is playing. Suddenly a man about six feet tall wearing a business suit comes walking out of the entrance. He glances around as the crowd is still curious. The man makes his way to the ring and walks up the steps and then through the ropes to the center of the ring as the crowd starts to chant “who are you”. The man pulls out a microphone from his back pocket and raises it to his mouth.

Man “So you want to know who I am huh, well my name is Muhammad Rushdi.” (Pauses) Now you might be wondering why I am here, or what my agenda is….my agenda here is not to entertain all you dumb fucks, but to rise to the top!”

The crowd erupts in boo’s

Muhammad Rushdi “Hey, dumb fucks! Shut up! "

Crowd starts to chant asshole!
Muhammad RushdiI’m going to make this short and sweet. Every time I went to school, college or even went to the store "brothers" would either pick a fight with me or say some crazy shit towards me. As I was walking through the back i didnt notice a single "brother" back there....but i see a hand full out in the audience."

The camera shows a few black men and woman as they are not pleased. They start yelling stuff at Rushdi.

Muhammad Rushdi(Smiling) Why dont you go back to the cotton fields where you belong! Moving on..Im here in WARPED to get my point across. I'm here to show each and everyone of you from my past, present and future that Muhammad Rushdi is not the person you want to be "picking" on. So i dont care if your in the back now, or if you are going to be in the back in the future....I'm going to pick my way to the top win or lose.


Evolution Championship Ladder Match - Anton Chase(c) vs. Sean Edmunds w/Miss Karla

Due to being at an outside venue, the ladder match requires a little extra machinery for this time. Large metal pillars are at all four corners, much like an Ultimate X match. They then have wires that form an X above the ring, where the Evolution Championship hangs in the balance.

Anton Chase.. successfully defending his title show after show.. from a Four Way, to a Three Way, has defeated everyone in those matches except one man - Sean Edmunds, who is accompanied tonight as always by Miss Karla.

Both look up at the strap as the bell rings. They meet in the middle, and jaw jack a bit. Edmunds spits in Chase's face. Chase throws a hard right hand, and another, and another, and another, lighting him up!!! Edmunds drops down and rolls out of the ring.. he starts walking away as a giant airplane flies over the venue and Edmunds looks up at it as he's heading toward the aisle but this isn't going down as Chase comes up from behind and clubs him in the back of the head with a double axe handle. He then sends him into the barricade! Chase pulls him up and Edmunds tackles him, driving him back first into the other barricade! He then pulls him away, keeping ahold of him around the waist and goes for a Northern Lights, but Chase escapes and hits a high knee, then pushes him off. Edmunds hits a ladder face first.

Chase bends down and picks up the ladder and Edmunds grabs the other end and they go back and forth in a tug of war. Chase drives it into the stomach of Edmunds and he goes down. Chase sends the ladder into the ring and goes back to get Edmunds. He brings him to his feet and holds him by his hair as he takes him to the ring and pushes him in. Chase climbs up on the apron as Edmunds gets to his feet and Chase leaps up onto the top rope and springboards off and Edmunds hits a mid-air dropkick, taking him out in mid-air and knocking him to the outside!


Sean Edmunds now takes this opportunity to grab the ladder and set it up underneath the Evolution Championship being held up by the big X above the ring thanks to the large pillars. He gets the ladder in place and starts climbing, but Anton Chase is up on the apron and hits a springboard dropkick, taking the ladder with Edmunds on it down to the mat!! Edmunds tries to get back up but Chase kicks him right in the face and pulls him up, hitting a neckbreaker! Chase now grabs the ladder and looks up at the belt that is rightfully his. He sets the ladder up and begins climbing.. Edmunds reaches up from the mat and grabs the boot of Chase but Chase shakes him off and kicks Edmunds. He continues climbing and Edmunds gets to his feet and pulls Chase off the ladder. Edmunds then takes the ladder and pulls it right onto Chase and Chase drops down to his knees, grabbing his head. Edmunds closes the ladder and Chase gets to his feet and Edmunds drives it into the gut! Chase is sent back into the corner down to the mat, clutching his ribcage.

Edmunds sets up the ladder as a ramp in the opposite corner as Anton Chase recovers elsewhere... Edmunds goes back to Chase who pulls himself up with both arms using the top rope and kicks Edmunds in the stomach. He gets up and Edmunds battles back with a hard right of his own, then a knife edge chop to the chest! Edmunds goes for another but Chase ducks and goes behind for a reverse waistlock, but Edmunds elbows his way out. Edmunds goes for an irish whip into the opposing corner with the ladder and Chase is sent toward it but puts on the breaks! Edmunds charges and Chase hits a hip toss sending Edmunds back-first onto the ladder!!!

Chase drops down and heads to the outside and grabs another ladder and pushes it into the ring, sliding in after. Chase sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and starts climbing. Miss Karla slaps the mat and cheers Sean on!! He comes to and sees Chase climbing. Edmunds climbs the other side as fast as possible and Chase is just so close to the title! Edmunds punches Chase in the midsection and climbs up more, then slams his head off the ladder. He then leaps over and powerbombs Chase down to the mat!!! The impact makes the ladder drop down to the mat. The fans go wild as Sean Edmunds gets to his feet and looks up at the belt! He grabs the ladder and sets it up as Chase grabs at his legs. Edmunds brings Chase up and slams him back down to the mat and heads to the corner, climbing up. Edmunds leaps off with an Elbow drop but Chase rolls out of the way and Edmunds crashes and burns! Chase slowly gets to his feet and Edmunds isn't too far after. Both men exchange rights until Edmunds gets the best of Chase and sends him into the ramped-ladder! Chase bounces off and Edmunds hits a Double Underhook Suplex onto the ladder!! Edmunds stomps at Chase and pushes him to the outside. Chase is wobbly on the outside as Sean Edmunds then charges and hits a baseball slide that sends Chase into the barricade! Edmunds goes for a new ladder on the outside and lifts it up... he slams it at Chase but Chase grabs ahold and shoves it back, dropping Edmunds to the floor! The crowd is going wild for both men as "AN-TON CHASE" and "LET'S GO ED-MUNDS" chants fill the Raceway Complex!

After pushing the ladder into the ring, Chase grabs Edmunds and Edmunds hits a lowwwwwwblowwwwwwwww and the fans boo. He then sends Chase knee-first into the stairs! Chase lets out a scream! Edmunds then grabs Chase and brings him to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver onto the floor, but Chase backdrops him onto the steel stairs! Edmunds screams out and Chase is also in pain as he drops to one knee, clutching his knee that hit the steps a moment ago. Chase shakes it off and grabs Edmunds, sending him into the ring. Chase slides in and both men rise up slowly... Chase pulls Edmunds in for the Chaos Theory, but Edmunds takes out the knee! He then sets up for the Northern Lights!!! Chase pushes him away and hits a SUPERKICK! Edmunds drops and Chase does as well, clutching his leg.

The referee looks into the ring to check on Chase to see if he can continue and Chase pushes him away and says of course! Chase looks up at his Evolution Championship and fights through the pain as he gets to his feet and picks up a ladder and sets it up!!! He drops to one knee and looks to be struggling now. Meanwhile Sean Edmunds starts to come to and he grabs the other ladder and sets it up...

Both men start climbing on their own ladders now... slowly making it up.. climbing.. ever so close.. finally they reach the top and exchange right hands, trying to knock the other off their ladder. Edmunds grabs the belt, but Chase slaps him across the chest! Chase throws his leg over the ladder and now is strattling the top as he then chops the chest of Edmunds again and now he looks to be setting up for the Chaos Theory on the ladder! He lifts Edmunds from the midsection into the air but Edmunds wiggles and this is very dangerous... Edmunds makes it back onto his ladder and the ladders now are very unstable. Edmunds throws a few punches at Chase and then looks to set him up for a SUPERPLEX it seems but Chase has his feet locked on the ladder. Edmunds kicks the injured leg of Chase and that breaks it loose from the ladder. Edmunds then grabs Chase around the waist and gets closer and looks to be going for a Northern Lights.. HOLY SHIT! Edmunds lifts Chase up and flips him over and down onto the mat!!!


Edmunds looks down at Chase with his mouth gaping wide open, not believing what he just did himself perhaps! He looks up at the title as the fans get up on their feet and Edmunds grabs the belt and unhooks it!!! The bell sounds!

Your winner and NEWWWWWWWW Evolution Champion - Sean Edmunds!

"Brain Stew" by Green Day plays throughout the Complex. Edmunds drops his head and clutches the title as the fans erupt. He holds the title in the air with both arms as the fans applaud for this ridiculous match! He wears a big smile on his face as he puts the title over his shoulder and shines it up, posing with the belt, showing off his muscles, as the scene fades....


Main Event for the WARPED World Championship - Korrupt(c) vs. SwitchBlade

The Richmond crowd is on their feet chanting for SwitchBlade as the bell sounds... Drake Havok sure does fill out a referee's shirt. They lock up in the middle of the ring and it seems like the fans support of SwitchBlade helps him as he overpowers Korrupt into the corner. Korrupt struggles to get free and Drake comes over and insists that SwitchBlade back it up. SwitchBlade releases and backs off as Korrupt gets mouthy with Drake Havok telling him to do his job! This then allows Switchy to grab Korrupt in a side headlock takeover. Korrupt powers up but SwitchBlade keeps ahold of the headlock.. Korrupt backs him into a corner and holds him there, and Drake yells at Korrupt to back it off! Korrupt does then kicks Switchy in the gut! Drake gets in his face and Korrupt tells him to back off!! Korrupt delivers repeated right hands to SwitchBlade and Drake grabs Korrupt and pulls him away and tells him not to cross him! Korrupt isn't happy! SwitchBlade pushes Korrupt and Korrupt stumbles back, then charges in but SwitchBlade moves and Korrupt goes chest-first into the corner.. SwitchBlade with a belly to back suplex into the cover.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

They rise to their feet with switchy being a little ahead of things...Hammer lock on Korrupt. Korrupt tries to counter, but SwitchBlade will not allow it. Korrupt backs SwitchBlade into the ropes and elbows him in the face. Korrupt breaks free and charges at the opposing ropes, bounces off, and right into a hip toss from SwitchBlade! Korrupt up... snap suplex from SwitchBlade! He covers... 1... 2... and a kick out! Korrupt smartly rolls out of the ring but SwitchBlade quickly follows him out and spins him around and clocks him with a right hand, and another, and another. Korrupt straddles the barricade and SwitchBlade chops him across the chest! Drake hollers at them to get their asses back into the ring! SwitchBlade obliges and takes Korrupt and forcefully pushes him into the ring and slides in after. Korrupt gets to his feet and quickly knees Switchy in the gut and hits a jawbreaker followed by a neckbreaker and covers... 1.. 2.. kick out!

Korrupt climbs the turnbuckle as SwitchBlade gets to his feet and comes off the top with a crossbody but SwitchBlade rolls through and into the cover, hook the leg......1... 2.. kick out! Both men get to their feet as Drake looks on.. they trade punches, Korrupt.. SwitchBlade.. Korrupt.. SwitchBlade.. Korrupt with a poke to the eye and the crowd erupts in boos. Korrupt applies a wrist clutch then hits a suplex! He then brings Switchblade to a seated position and kicks him in the side of the head! He covers.. 1... 2... kick out!

The crowd chants SwitchBlade's name as Korrupt stands up and tells them all to shut the hell up! He turns back as SwitchBlade is on all fours and crawling to the corner but Korrupt puts a stop to it as he hits a jumping stomp to the neck of SwitchBlade! Switchy drops and Korrupt hits the ropes and comes back with a punt kick to the side of his face! The impact sends SwitchBlade under the ropes to the outside as the fans boo! Korrupt puts his arms up and says HOW YA LIKE THAT ONE! and they boo louder. Korrupt tells Drake to tell those people to shut up and Drake tells him not to boss him around, he's the REF!

SwitchBlade pulls himself up on the apron and Korrupt hits a baseball slide, driving SwitchBlade back into the apron! Korrupt gets on the apron and as SwitchBlade pulls himself up he leaps off, grabs SwitchBlade at the head and hits a Tornado DDT onto the ground!!! Drake yells at Korrupt to bring it inside and Korrupt flips him off! Drake isn't having it as he slides out of the ring and gets in Korrupt's face and Korrupt tells him to back off!! The fans chant 'KICK HIS ASS, KICK HIS ASS!' and Korrupt threatens to punch Drake but Drake grabs the arm and twists it and lifts Korrupt up and throws him into the ring through the ropes!!! Korrupt gets to his feet and looks pissed! He kicks the bottom rope and says that Drake can't do that!!! Drake climbs on the apron and Korrupt gets in his face and Drake pushes him down to the mat! Korrupt gets back up and Drake enters the ring as the two men are face to face. Drake pushes him again and out of nowhere its SwitchBlade with a schoolboy 1...2.....3?kick out!!! Korrupt snaps up and can't believe that he almost lost it thanks to Drake Havok!!

Korrupt threatens Drake and SwitchBlade comes up from behind and applies the Dragon Sleeper! Korrupt is in a world of pain from this move and then SwitchBlade drops him with a Reverse DDT! He makes the cover... 1...2 ... Korrupt kicks out! SwitchBlade quickly brings Korrupt to his feet and sets him up for the Cradle Piledriver.. and hits it! SwitchBlade points to the top rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle as the fans cheer him on... he comes off the top with an elbow drop and hits it right into the chest of Korrupt!

SwitchBlade says that its all over as he brings Korrupt to his feet and plants him with the Implant DDT and applies ENTER THE DARKNESS! The crowd goes wild as SwitchBlade has the Crucifix Neck Crank sinched in!

Drake Havok notices though as do the fans that Korrupt's stablemate, Crowbar, is quickly walking down the aisle. Drake leaves the ring and gets in Crowbar's face telling him to take his ass backstage. Meanwhile in the ring Korrupt is tapping out!! Korrupt is TAPPING!!!

SwitchBlade releases the hold and looks pissed as he yells out to Drake to get back in the ring! Drake turns around and then looks back at Crowbar who swings, but Drake battles back with punches of his own! Crowbar tackles him down and swings, but Drake moves and Crowbar punches the floor. Drake tackles Crowbar into the barricade while SwitchBlade puts his hands on his hips, unbelievable... when suddenly out of the crowd comes GRENDEL! He slides into the ring and SwitchBlade turns right around into The Monster LARIAT~! The crowd erupts in boos as he then lifts SwitchBlade up and hits THE SWEET RELIEF! He gets out of the ring and heads out through the crowd.

Meanwhile Drake Havok finally takes control over the Crowbar situation as he has him down it would appear! Drake looks into the ring and notices that Korrupt has SwitchBlade covered! Drake charges into the ring and hesitates... then drops his hand... 1.... 2..... he isn't sure wether or not to do it or not.. but he does... 3! This match is OVER!

Drake calls for the bell and it sounds.. as "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy plays.. Korrupt has successfully defended the World Championship against SwitchBlade but not without a little assistance from Crowbar and Grendel! .....Were these two working incahoots? There's no telling! The fans chant 'BULLLLLSHIT'.. Drake Havok hands over the World Title to Korrupt who snatches it again. Drake is hesitant to hold the arm of Korrupt in the air but Korrupt INSISTS! Drake bows his head and holds Korrupt's arm up but only for a milisecond before he lets go and checks on SwitchBlade.

The camera then pans out at the end of the crowd where we see Grendel watching with his arms crossed and a smile on his face. He begins to laugh like a maniac. In the ring Korrupt celebrates his win as the show concludes...