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Tuesday Night Insomnia Vl

22 Sep 2009

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan (seats 21,152)



The New Era of DREAM

"Courtesy Call" by Sixx AM starts to play around the arena as Insomnia hits the air. The number one draft pick and DREAM World Heavyweight Champion Travis Williams walks out in a suit with his customize white strap World Title hangs over his shoulder.

The fans in the arena give off loud boos, as the man himself laughs as he walks down to the ring. He walks to the steps, and slowly walks up them and wipes his dress shoes on the outer part of the apron before stepping into the ring. He is handed a microphone as he signals for the music to end.


The crowd starts to cheer for Insomnia, but boo quickly for the World Champion who stands there with his hands in the air.

Travis Williams – "If I was looking for approval of the moronic drones who cheer guys such as Doozer. If I wanted to be loved, I would offer your bitch a spot in my California King bed…Trust me, she would not turn it down!"

A guy on the front row throws his beer cup, which hits Travis and soaks him.

Travis Williams – "Wow, have fun outside tonight. Security, throw that worthless piece of trailer trash out my arena!"

The security guys arrest the fan, and start to escort him from ringside, as the fans boo at the top of their lungs.

Travis Williams – "I’m no secondary champion like Mike Polowy…I am the legit thing. I am the guy who dethroned Level-One at Bashed in the USA. I am the man who made everything in his world come crumbling down. Guys like Polowy and Doozer only capitalized on what I started. Insomnia is where the REAL CHAMPION IS. So Polowy, when you can stop kicking crotch bleeders in…well…THE CROTCH. Come see me! Until then, let’s focus on Insomnia!"

The crowd actually cheers for the Insomnia mention.

Travis Williams – "Tonight, I will successfully defend my World Championship against Adrien Cockroach!"

The ring hand screams to Travis.

Travis Williams – "Oh, excuse me, Cochrane. As well as I will find out whom my next real challenger will be. So for those who saw Slaughter last night, sit back and enjoy real action. Not some clusterfuck that leaves you scratching your head at the end. Tonight, you will see Travis Williams, THE REAL CHAMPION, wrestle. So Mark, Mike, Scotty, Ms Drool, sit back and take notes. INSOMNIA STARTS NOW!"

This is the night.


The crowd cheers. Tessa Martin and Dawn McGill stand in the midst of a section of fans at the Joe Louis Arena from her hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio. There are lots of people dressed in Bowling Green State University orange shirts and Tess herself is wearing a BGSU football jersey. Dawn dons a University of Michigan jersey.

Tessa: "Tonight's the night! Lora KirK. Tessa Martin. The Dream Wrestling Federation Women's title. Tonight's the night that Lora KirK discovers that there's a whole lot more to wrestling than making cutesy promos and simply overwhelming her opponents with her strength. Tonight's the night that Lora KirK realizes that there's no substitute for experience, cunning, guile, speed, and intelligence. Lora, you're all talk. Tonight, I'm going to be all action. Tonight, the 'Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl' Tessa Martin takes her place as the new DWF Women's Champion."

More cheers from the section.

Tessa: "Tonight, I feel the same way I felt before I won the PCW title. That sense of anticipation. That sense of excitement. I can't wait to get out there and show Lora KirK just what the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl is all about. Underestimate me all you want, Lora, the bottom line is you still haven't defeated me yet and I pinned you. I've spent my entire career being underestimated and there's nothing that drives me more than being told that I can't do something."

Dawn takes the mic.

Dawn: "Lora. You have no idea what you've walked into tonight. I've watched Tessa grow as a wrestler over the past four years. She scratched and clawed her way up the ladder over at PCW. Sometimes, she took a step forward...and ended up taking a few back. In the end, the perserverance that you mock is the fuel that drives her forward. In the end, her perserverance will be your undoing. I manage Miss USA over at Missouri Valley Wrestling. I helped rebuild her career, and in the end she won the MVW Title. Here I manage Tessa. I helped refine her training and take it to a whole different level. This is the night it all pays off. Tonight, she is going to win the DWF Women's Title."

Everyone in the section stands and cheers, mugs for the camera, etc...

Crowd: "Tess-a Mar-tin (clap, clap clap-clap-clap), Tess-a Mar-tin (clap, clap clap-clap-clap)..."

The whole section points at Tessa as they chant.

Tommy Crimson vs. Chris Bladez

Capps: Welcome to the first match of the night. Whoa! We have already heard from the World champion here Tonight, Sin!

Sin: Yeah, could be one of the best Insomnia`s in recent history. We also heard from the challenger tonight of the Dream Women`s title. Tessa sounded ontop of her game tonight.

Capps: She`s definately not fuckin` around, Sin. Anyway let`s get to our first match of the night. Here Comes Bladez!
The lights turn out in the arena. Smoke starts to pour out from the entrance. "Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage Against the Machine starts to play over the arena. Finally firework start to go off from inside the smoke. Blue and gold lights start flashing as Chris Bladez makes his way out from the back. The crowd goes into a frenzy, they start to chant C4..C4..C4! Bladez points out to the crowd before he makes his way down to the ring.

Fireworks go off again this time in the shape of birds and one thousand shoot of in sets of ten with each step Bladez makes down the ramp. Bladez slides under the ropes and walks over to one of the ring poster and looks out over the crowd again pointing . The music slowly starts to fade out as another blast this time from above the ring as blue and gold sparks drop from the ceiling. The lights goes back to normal and Bladez hops off the ring post.

Sin: Bladez could take apart Crimson right here, Capps. We haven`t heard a word from Crimson in the past week.

Red smoke enters the arena, as red lights beam around the arena. "Headup" by the Deftones hits the PA, and the Commish of Dream Wrestling walks out. The crowd goes crazy, as he stops on the top of the ramp, and gets down on one knee, and shows off even more to the crowd. The crowd keep chanting as he stops on his way and signs a kid`s autograph. He slides in the ring, and climbs one turnbuckle crossing his arms in the air and then banging his head, slinging his long red hair in every direction. He drops down and heads for the next turnbuckle repeating every movement from the last turnbuckle. He does this on all four turnbuckles as he jumps down, he points to the smoke at the entrance..."The Fury" can be made out as it fades away...

Capps: He`s here....

Sin: Yeah, that`s very safe to say at this point!

The Ref is now in the ring as the two men circle each other. The referee signals for the bell as the two men continue to circle each other. Crimson attempts a spinning wheel kick and misses! After he tries this, Bladez tackles him to the mat in a SPEAR! The two men are now rolling around the ring battling, punching, as the ref gets in closer. Bladez finally rolls ontop of Crimson and begins smashing with his elbows, and fists over and over. The referee attempts to break them up, but Bladez continues as the ref begins to count.

1..................2......Bladez stands up off Crimson!

Sin: He was knocking the shit out of our boss, Capps, damn...

Capps: Ah, he deserves it for all he has done to Slaughter`s Champ...

Sin: What!?

Crimson rolls to his feet, and appears to have a bloody nose from the exchange. Bladez attempts another spear, but Crimson reverses the move into a DDT! Crimson jumps up on his feet as the crowd begins to get into it. "FURY FURY!", Crimson is eating up the crowd at this point as he whips Bladez into the corner turnbuckle and hits his back against the opposite turnbuckle as Chris falls into a sitting position.

Sin: Uh Oh, YO MOMMA!

Capps: WHAT!?!

Sin: That`s what he call`s this move!

Crimson takes off toward of Bladez, running full speed and leaps legs out and hits his version of the broncobuster, and bounces up and down over and over. Finally he stops and Bladez comes to before he gets his legs out of the ropes, and pushes him down. Crimson hits the mat hard, and grabs the back of his head, as Bladez stands up heading his way. He picks up Crimson by his bright red hair, and the crowd is now split between the two. He slings Crimson into the ropes and on the recoil, BIG BOOT!

Capps: Haha!

Sin: Damn!

Crimson hits the mat, and gets a leg drop! Bladez is taking full control of the match now, and wraps up Crimson`s legs who is now laying on his belly. Bladez applies the LionTamer! Crimson writhes in pain on the mat attempting to get away. He reaches for the ropes! He twists around the ring as the referee gets down on the mat beside him to watch his hands incase he taps! Crimson uses his strength to use his legs and arms to push himself backwards. He uses his smaller size, and upperbody strength to push his legs up for a triangle hold as Bladez in amazement at this move from the veteran wrestler! He reaches around his neck trying to get loose from the deadly submission hold! Finally, Crimson tires and releases the hold as both men now sit on the mat breathing heavy from the battle. Crimson, gets to his feet first and hits the ropes coming running at a now standing Bladez! Bladez goes for a big boot, but Crimson baseball slides between his legs and stands up behind his back using his knee as he stands for a lowblow that appears an accident. Crimson gets off his pumphandle SLAM! He goes for a rollup!!!!!


Capps: He can`t beat this man...He cannot do it...

Sin: He nearly did right there!!

Crimson, looks frustrated as he climbs the top rope and stands on the top rope feeding off the crowd at this point.

Sin: He is taking too long, Come on man, you know better than this....

Capps: Naw, he doesn`t...He`s a moron...

Sin: Shut Up, Capps...Damn...

Crimson takes flight attempting his Method to Madness, as Bladez stands up. He catches Crimson in mid air, and gives him an insane looking SPINEBUSTER! Crimson, stands up wobbily attempting to stay in the match, as he is hit in the chest by Bladez in two major pressure points and bends!

Sin: Oh noooo.....!!!....

Capps: Oh yes.....

Bladez hits the ropes and finally his....Chidori!!! Crimson`s eyes are fluttering on the mat as Bladez goes for the pin....

Capps: Bladez gets the title shot of his CHOICE ON INSOMNIA!

Sin: Damn, I thought Tommy would come through! He was on record saying he would make Bladez earn his shot, and that he has!

Bladez and the referee are now outside the ring as Bladez walks off to mixed emotion from the crowd holding his hands high. Crimson is holding on the ropes sitting in the ring now bleeding badly from earlier in the match. The two men have a staredown as Bladez smiles and keeps walking on. Crimson just lays down in the ring wiping the blood from his face using his hands as the show goes to commercial....

Few Good Women

Lora Kirk is standing in the ring, microphone in one hand a sheet of cardboard in the other. Scrawled in felt marker on the brown material are the words "Help Wanted".

"Where are all the girls in this house? Where are all the girls?"

A cheer goes up from those women in attendance. Some men, perhaps not understanding the question, join in the cheer.

"Nice to hear from you. Especially so, given that DREAM needs your help."

She nods emphatically, as if this might be hard to believe.

"Yes, DREAM needs help. DREAM needs a few good women, 'cause all it's got right now is... well, one good woman."


"Yours truly."


"Oh, come on! Stop and think for a second, folks. After I destroy her tonight, how many more times will you want to watch me fight Tessa Martin? Will I have to beat her twice to satisfy? Five times? How about ten times? Will that be enough?"

Lora tosses the cardboard sign onto the floor of the ring, shakes her head and then runs a finger along her field of vision, taking in a swathe of the audience.

"One of you might have what it takes to last more than five minutes with this trashy, flashy bitch. One of you might make the cut as a professional wrestler. But, I'm afraid to say, no one else in this Division right now does make the cut. Lady America, Tina Davis, Tessa Martin... I've beaten them all before, one way or another, and I'll keep beating on them. You want to be the one to break the spell? You want to be the Lora Slayer? Step up. Lord knows these other bitches keep falling down..."

The DREAM Women's Champion tosses the microphone down so it rolls along the ring floor beside her improvised cardboard sign, then turns away.

Lora Kirk(c) vs. Tessa Martin

Sin: Kirk is already in the ring and ready to go, Welcome back folks. We are about to start our Dream Women`s title match. Word has it that the Women`s division is needing competition right now, Capps.

Capps: Competition Hell, They need more Women. Where`s Polowy when you need him? Oh that`s right he has the real World Title now...

Sin: Real World Title? We have the World Heavyweight Championship,

Capps. However, that was a great win last night by Polowy, he worked hard for that title. So many of the greats on Slaughter gave him hell as he went on to win, though! Doozer and CCJ came to play last night...

Capps: If you say so...

"Are You Ready" by AC/DC hits the PA system as Tessa Martin walks out escorted by Dawn McGill. Tessa is carrying her signature pizza box as she walks down the ramp and to the steps on the side of the ring. McGill holds the pizza box as Martin slides in the ring. Kirk, immediately rushes her as she slides in. McGill on the outside of the ring is complaining to the referee as he call`s for the bell!

Sin: This match is going to rule, I can already tell...

Capps: I love the Women`s Division!

Tessa is on her knee`s bending over as Kirk puts on the Kirk Stomp! She uses all her strength and weight in the double axe handle blows! Tessa takes the first couple of hits and then falls on down on the mat. Kirk hits the ropes and comes back for a knee smash just as Martin is attempting to stand to her feet. Kirk goes for a quick pin!

1...........KICKOUT BY MARTIN!

Kirk goes for another pin, after the kickout!


Tessa headbutt`s Kirk quickly as she sits up after the kickout! Kirk is stunned by this and falls back on her legs. Martin stands up quickly hitting the ropes and comes back with a cross body on Kirk! Both women crash to the mat with Martin landing ontop of Kirk. Kirk throws Martin off of her and she falls to the outside on the mat. McGill on the outside pulls on Kirk`s hair as she lays in the ring trying to get back to her feet while

Tessa regains her composure. McGill pulls a handful of her hair out before the referee leans on the ropes threatening to disqualify her and Tessa. Kirk gets to her feet and looks around the ring for Tessa. Martin sneaks back in the ring while Kirk has her back to her, and charlie horses the back of Kirk`s leg causing her to fall to one knee holding her other leg in pain!

Capps: Tessa is going to win this match!

Sin: Kirk has some very impressive win`s on her record, Do Not Count Her Out!

Kirk is rubbing her leg as the pain is intense from the charlie horse. Tessa comes up from behind and wraps her arms and legs around Kirk in a sleeper! Everytime Kirk tries to escape, Tessa tightens the hold. She twists and turns attempting to reach the ropes. Finally she stands up after the pain in her leg subsides. She finally just falls backwards after attempting to reach the ropes! All of Kirk`s weight lands on Tessa as the two fall. This knocks the wind out of Martin and Kirk rolls off of her, and then uses the ropes to get back to her feet and to walk for a moment. She shakes her leg still trying to shake off the charlie horse. Martin is trying to catch her breath as Lora walks over and begins to stomp at every angle she can on Tessa. She rolls around the ring trying to get away as the referee intervenes.

Capps: What a great Match, Sin!

Sin: Back and Forth, noone has got the momentum so far and kept it.

Kirk finally stops after the referee insists on it. The two women are now both back on they`re feet as they stare each other down and strike at the same time. They tie up in the middle of the ring with Kirk finally getting the upperhand as they stand in the ring in the power struggle. Tessa knee`s Kirk in the gut, and then scoop slams Kirk! She goes for a pin!


Kirk rolls over after slinging Martin off of her. The two women clash again in the middle of the ring as Kirk begins to get the upperhand again. Dawn starts to get in the ring again as the two are in the midst of entanglement. The referee runs over to Dawn and she points at security and is screaming she doesn`t have to do this, Dawn points at the two women in the ring, as Kirk has used a hip toss and is starting to notice McGill getting the referee`s attention. The referee briefly looks at Martin and Kirk before looking back between the glances Dawn slides the pizza box to Tessa as she is trying to stand up! The referee completely misses this as Tessa grabs it before Kirk can and hits her in the gut with it. Kirk bends and Tessa swings it at her head and then drops it beside her, and gets Kirk in a DDT, BOOM! Kirk`s head bounces off the pizza box from the DDT! Dawn points in the ring at the two after Tessa slides the box out of the ring. He turns to see Tessa pinning Kirk, with a smile on her face. The referee slides on the mat and counts!


Capps: What!

Sin: YES!

Tessa stands in the ring in disbelief after Kirk kickouts out right before the ref`s hand hits the mat for a 3 count. She stands up arguing with the referee as Dawn comes around the other side around the ring attempting to get the ring. A young woman from the crowd wearing a "Kirk is King Bitch In Dream!" T-shirt jumps over the railing holding a piece of paper. She shows it to security as they begin to stop her, but then allow her to go ahead! She catches McGill by the legs as she is halfway slid in the ring and pulls her out, and getting her in a crossface chickenwing on the outside! Kirk is now back to her feet wobbily as Tessa turns to see where Dawn is, LORA`S EMBRACE!


Sin: Lora Retains! Lora Retains!

Capps: Booo!

Lora looks down at the woman who has just saved her from losing her title. The woman slides in the ring, and hands her the piece of paper as camera pans in. "DWF Women`s Application Name: RxQueen". Lora see`s a new woman is on the scene as she looks up, she is hit with a spinning wheel kick, a BUZZKILL!

Sin: RxQueen just hit Crimson`s Move! Why!

"Headup" By the Deftones hits the PA system and everyone watches on as Crimson walks out on the stage clapping, as RxQueen looks at the entrance and slides out of the ring running to Crimson, and kisses him deeply. After they stop he holds her hand high as they both look at a now very pissed Kirk looking on. Martin is still out and Dawn is lieing on the outside of the ring still yet as the the show breaks for commercial.

"Where Am I? Is this a DREAM?"

As the show comes back from it’s scheduled breaks, fans hoist their signs in the air looking for some air time. Flickering of the stage back drop signals a camera running through the backstage area towards a set of doors. Fans immediately turn their focus towards the screen to witness the camera opening the door.

An empty dock area for the stars to enter is all that is seen.

Capps: Well that was worth wild… Not.

Sin: Poorly informed is all.

Cameraman turns away and heads back to the door when a screeching of rubber on cement is heard. Whipping around like a bat out of hell, a black dodge truck parks facing the doors, lights blinding the camera and all the fans trying to identify the driver.

Sin: Wonder who this is…

Capps: Another maniac it seems.

Door flings open and finally the lights are killed. A brief pause is met only before the storm of noise when the brown locks and a grizzly beard of a man pops his head around to reveal the Nemesis Warrior.

Capps: You have to be kidding me!

Sin: It looks like Christmas came early for Insomnia’s GM.

Slamming the door shut, Jesse walks up past the camera man, tilting his head at the camera with a serious face. His casual attire of onyx colored jeans and a black Nirvana T-shirt with a smiley face on it; eyes crossed out. Removing the sunglasses from his face, Jesse smiles and laughs all at once.

Jesse Jamester: You’re not dreaming… Yup, I’m BACK!

The camera pans to watch him walk through the doors and down the hallway, still laughing at his own arrival.

Capps: I was mistaken… this isn’t funny, this is just down right wrong!

Sin: Cut loose for a change, who knows what Jesse will do for Insomnia.

Capps: I just don’t have a good feeling about this.

Take One

Billy and Bob Wilson are sitting in chairs in the conession area with a box full of Bibles trying to pass them out to the fans as they walk by.

Billy: Everyone we are trying to spread the world of God so please take a Bible to better educate yourself!

Bob: They are free of charge so please do not try and slip past us without grabbing one. You can thank us later.

A woman wearing a USXF shirt tries to slip past the two brothers as they dig in the box for more Bibles. Bob notices the nimble woman and starts to head after her. The woman feels Bob on her heels and begins to run. Wasting no time Bob breaks into an all out sprint and finally catches the lady before she can go into the bathroom.

Bob: Ma'am there is no reason for you to run! We are just trying to help you. Now here take one!

The woman snatches the Bible out of his hand and slaps him upside the head with it and enters the bathroom.

Bob: Geez lady I'm just trying to help!

USXF(c) vs. Brothers of Prophecy

Capps: Welcome back to Insomnia! Damn what a night it has been so far, Crimson got his ass whipped by Chris Bladez, and now he gets a title shot of his choice on Insomnia. We also saw Kirk retain her Women`s Championship.

Sin: Yeah and now we are about to see the Tag Team titles be put on the line! USXF will take on newcomers Bob and Billy Wilson for the Dream Tag Team titles. I love a great tag team match, Capps.

Capps: I bet you do, assfuck, LET`S GO!

Billy and Bob Wilson come to the ring to "Now you have something to Die For" By Lamb of God, the two men being so relgious and down to earth do not even at this point have theme music. They walk to the ring with no taunting or anything and mixed cheers and boo`s from the crowd. Billy climbs in the ring, while Bob stands in Prophecy`s corner awaiting the arrival of the Dream Tag Team Champs.

Sin: Well they didn`t waste anytime....


"Feel So Numb" By Zombie hits the PA System as the Lady America and Shaun XF hit the entrance ramp. Halfway down the ramp the music warps into Bruce Springsteen`s "Born in the USA". They have the Dream tag team titles tightly around they`re waist`s as they climb in the ring. Lady America gets in the ring while Shaun agree`s to let her start the match with Billy Willson. The referee call`s for the bell as the match begins!

Capps: Here We Go, GO Prophecy!

Sin: UnBias huh? Like Fox News...Asshole...

Lady America and Billy square off as the bell rings and finally Billy attacks with a shoulder block sending her to the mat. He walks off shaking his head not liking the fact he just had to put his hands on a woman at all. He slaps Bob`s hand in the corner and slides through ropes as the talk about what just happened. Lady America runs up from behind and hits a hurricarana on Bob! He hits the mat hard on the top of his head as she follows up by holding on the ropes and using all of her weight to come down him with his knee`s. She comes down and one of her knee`s comes down on his throat and this causes Bob to lose his ability to breath for a moment as he roll`s around the ring, Lady America looks at Shaun in the corner and rolls her eyes as she walks toward the corner. Bob tags in Billy and he charges America grabbing her by the hair of her head and dragging her down hard to the mat but not before she tags in Shaun XF!

Sin: UH OH!

Capps: Ah...

Shaun jumps in the ring and immediately begins to clean up. He throws Bob outside the ring as America regains her breath and slowly climbs through the ropes and jumps down to take care of Bob on the outside. Meanwhile Shaun is throwing Billy around the ring using different variations of suplexes. He finally hits a German Suplex and slings Billy over his shoulders. He holds on and pulls off the move once again! Shaun looks outside the ring to see America making short work of Bob and looks away just as Bob reverses a her hold and slings her into the STEEL STEPS!

Capps: Damn that had to HURT!

Sin: Yeah, Poor Lady America...

Capps: Hey this isn`t Women Work. Don`t feel bad for her, she asked for this.

In the ring Shaun attemps to pin Billy!

Shaun hits the ropes, and on recoil hits a BULLDOG! He hits the ropes again and baseball slides into Billy`s rib cage causing him immense pain! Shaun XF grabs Billy`s ankle and twists it over and over as he attempts to reverse or reach the ropes. Shaun just tightens his hold on the ankle. Meanwhile outside the ring, Lady America is trying to escape the wrath of Bob Wilson by crawling away from him. He picks her up by the neck and stands her up from a laying down position and get`s a headbutt to the nose for his trouble! The crack of his nose can be heard all over the arena! Lady America takes immediate advantage of breaking his nose by headbutting him once again! This brings him to his feet to protect his face from attack. She rear`s back and runs toward him shoving her knee almost through his face! He falls to floor nearly passing out from the pain and loss of blood from his broken nose.

Sin: She Broke His Nose!

Capps: JesusGoodFuck that had to hurt...

Sin: No Doubt, Capps...No Doubt...

Lady America gets back up on the apron just as Billy Wilson has Shaun now on his knee`s hitting him over and over in the face. She jumps up on the turnbuckle and takes flight attempting a dropkick! Billy ducks and she drop kicks a already wobbily Shaun XF! Billy takes her down with a clothesline from hell as she tries to get up. He goes for a pin on XF!


Shaun KicksOut as Lady America bulldoggs Billy Wilson from behind. Bob is now on the apron attempting to hold himself up as Shaun stands to his feet. Bob is trying to get to his feet as the referee attends to his brother and his bleeding. Lady America hits the Hip Toss of Doom, and dives out of the ring at Bob Wilson! The referee cannot believe the move she just pulled off on the badly injured already, Bob Wilson. Meanwhile he turns to notice XF has pinned Billy Wilson!!!!!!!

1..................................2....................................3............USXF RETAINS THE

Capps: Damn what a match! So much Blood!

Sin: Yeah America really done a number on Bob Wilson. Damn, USXF
retains they`re titles!

Capps: Yeah, wonder how Brother`s of Prophecy will respond to this loss of opportunity?

Sin: We`ll see next week! Right now we have a huge three match coming up really soon. Could be match of the night, maybe the fucking year, Stay Tuned!

Lupin Cy vs. Malcolm Dred-King vs. Casey Pierro-Zabotel

Capps: This next match has Dream World HeavyWeight Title Implications,

Sin. This could be the best match of the night by far. Three of the finest wrestlers on the Insomnia Brand will go at it for a chance at the ultimate title in Dream Wrestling, well the second besides Polowy`s title.

Sin: Capps, IT IS the most prestigious title in Dream, our World Title that is.

Capps: Keep telling yourself and Travis that, asshole. I know what I know, When I know it, alright?

Sin: What?

Capps: Here comes our first wrestler in this OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYALE!

CPZ's theme song "Plasmatic" by Zeromancer plays over the PA system as the lights in the arena begin to darken. A lone spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as CPZ emerges from the backstage area and throws his arms into the air. He views his surroundings and begins to slowly make his way down the aisle with the lights slowly coming back on as the one spotlight follows him.

Sin: CPZ! CPZ!

As "Pure Morning" by Placebo comes melodically flowing through the arena's sound system, the mysterious form that is Lupin Cy comes speeding down the ramp from the backstage area. Just as Cy begins a head-first slide into the ring, green fireworks launch from the top of all four turnbuckles. Lupin wildly keeps the energy going for the crowd by spinning in circles, pointing out to the masses as he does so. After ascending one of the turnbuckles to deliver a single fist salute to the crowd, Cy steps back down to the mat and shakes out a few stretches and rope pulls.

Malcom Dred King comes through the crowd with security surrounding him as he jumps the security barrier. Lupin Cy and CPZ are both watching as he does. MDK slides in and immediately begins attacking the two men. They both team up and begin beating him down. Finally Cy ddt`s him to the mat, and drop kicks CPZ after he stands up catching him off guard. Cy follows up with a verticle suplex on CPZ bringing him down hard. MDK is now back to his feet as the referee tries to keep order in the ring, Cy spinning wheel kicks King in the chest sending him into the referee and both of them outside of the ring. King and the referee hit the outside floor!

Capps: The referee is down!

Sin: Not Good! Not Good!

Cy and Casey are now tangling up in the ring attempting to put the other over the top rope. Cy has one of Casey`s leg hanging off the edge of the top rope. Casey begins hitting Cy with a closed fist in the forehead. One, Two, and finally Three causes Lupin Cy to release his hold on CPZ! Another referee runs to the ring and counts MDK as out of the match and points toward the backstage. MDK marches off pissed that he was seen hit the outside and is now out of this match!

Sin: King didn`t last long as I thought, Not at all...

Capps: He sucks, CPZ Rules!

Casey hits a dragon suplex on Cy and nearly throwing him over the top rope! CPZ goes for a pin, and then realizes that will do no good in this match. The new referee stands on the outside of the ring still watching to make sure noone goes over the top rope while attempting to revive the other referee. Cy reverses CPZ`s figure four lock he has applied to reverse the pressure. CPZ taps over and over, but to no bell. He keeps forgetting that this match will end only one way. Cy applies pressure, more and more as Cy writhes in pain in the middle of the ring attempting to get away from him. Finally he releases the hold, and stands up now limping from the pressure of the hold before. This delay allows Casey to catch his breath and get a swinging neck breaker off on Cy! He follows up with gutwrench powerbomb! He picks Cy`s legs up and attempts to get him over the top rope, obviously winded!

Capps: He`s GOING TO WIN!

Sin: Damn it`s looking that way! He`s almost got him!

Cy is fighting with everything he has left to get Casey to release his grip on him. Finally he gouges at his eyes in desperation causing CPZ to drop him. He hits the mat, and Cy immediately rolls around to come up behind for a chokehold on Casey. They fall to the mat and Cy turns the hold into a backstabber! CPZ bounces over Cy and lands next to the turnbuckle. Cy picks him up, and throws him into the opposite corner, and rushes him! SPLASH! Casey begins to fall over but Cy throws him back in the same corner and climbs up on the middle ropes, straddling Casey and begins to throw punches! The Crowd counts along with him!
1........2........3.........4.........5............6.......BIG PAUSE!.....7......8............9................AND 10!

Sin: Boom!

Capps: He`ll Bounce Back!

Cy walks over to the now down CPZ. He picks him up by his hair, and is lowblowed by CPZ! Cy hits a knee and this gives Casey enough time to get off a snap Suplex! Then Casey picks Cy up for his BACKBREAKER! Cy hits the mat as Casey follows up by hitting the ropes and coming back with a knee smash! Cy is still trying to get to his feet! He stands up wobbily and looks around the ring for CPZ. CPZ rushes Lupin and he ducks, and flips him over the top rope! The referee on the outside calls for the bell as Cy falls to his knee`s in the middle of the ring, exhausted!

Capps: Damnit...

Sin: Lupin Cy HAS DONE IT! He is the New Number One Contender to
Travis Williams Dream World Title!

Capps: Cy, I must say had a great showing for his first match here on Insomnia! I mean who would have thought he still had it?

Sin: I think he meant business when he and Williams had that staredown after Williams had just beat the odd`s. This could make for one of the best matches in Insomnia history when it does go down.

Capps: We still have our main event ahead, tonight. Williams puts his World Title On The Line, When We Come back after paying some bill`s!

New Challenger

The big screen opens up the painted face Travis Williams and his World Championship.

Travis Williams - "Impressive...Okay enough with the nice guy act. Watch and learn. Cockroach is challenger one, and you are challenger two...However, like he...You will be going home butthurt without gold, and without another chance! Reality Playground! Welcome to true hell!"

The screen fades away from Travis, showcasing the crowd once again on it.

Travis Williams(c) vs. Adrien Cochrane

Sin: Welcome back, guys. This next Match is for the Dream World Heavyweight Championship. Williams was chose by Crimson first in the first Dream Draft after his win at Bashed in the USA.
Capps: I still think it was a fluke, honestly.
Sin: He won that title more fair than anyone has ever won a title, Capps. Jesus Fucking Christ, get over it!
The arena lights dim as the quick guitar intro from "Last One to Die" kicks into full force. Once the third line of the verse echoes from the arena, Adrien Cochrane comes out from behind the curtain with cheers from the fans. He hops to the ring as the chorus blares throughout the arena.

"We got right
You got it wrong
We're still around
Last one to die
We're going up
You're going down
We're still around
Last one to die!"

Adrien slides into the ring as the music fades and the lights return to full brightness

Capps: Queer...

Sin: Your Stupid...

The lights in the arena dim, as the steady sound of a phone being left off the hook beeps throughout the arena. The hollow sounds of a woman’s voice saying, "House Keeping, HELLO" followed by some knocking and another "HELLO?". The guitar strums ever so lightly.

"You Find Me
But I Don’t Know
What You Wanna Say
Well God Is Great
And God Is Good
But God Didn’t Help Me When He Could
And Love Dances Slowly By!"

As the sounds of Sixx AM’s "Courtesy Call" slams into the arena, the lights come back partly as the man of man personas known only as Travis Williams, The Dark Shadows, walks out on top of the stage. The crowd tosses mix reactions towards the veteran of the sport, as he stands perfectly in the center of the aisle away from the fans’ fingertips.

"This Is Just A Courtesy Call
This Is Just Matter of Policy
This Is Just An Act of Kindness
To Let You Know That

Travis walks down with his arms beside him, elbow to his palms out in front of him with his palms open facing towards the air. He walks to the ring, where he stands for a second. He looks around the arena, and grabs the middle rope and steps up on to the apron. He wipes his feet on the apron, and then steps between the top and middle ropes. He enters the ring and walks over to a corner awaiting the opening bell, never blinking.

Sin: This match for the World title is a First Blood match. The first person to draw first blood will walk away the World Champion.

Capps: No Shit, Sin...

The referee walks to the center of the ring and calls for both wrestlers. Williams hands him his World title as he explains the rules of the First Blood Match. He calls for the blood as Travis immediately russian leg sweeps Cochrane hits the mat, and Williams dives on top of him and starts to his his chest with open hand chops. The crowd is mixed on Williams quick attack as Cochrane rolls him over and reverses the move. Adrien begins to open hand chop Williams now, but is thrown over and out to the outside of the ring by Williams using his legs. Williams gives chase after him to the outside!

Capps: Williams could lose that title right here, Tonight!

Sin: So far he is in complete control of this match, Capps.

Williams grabs the back of Adrien`s head and slams it into the steps but he puts up his hands and stops the force from Wiliiams. He elbows Travis in the gut causing him to release his hold on him. He then grabs Travis by the hair and back of the neck throwing his head into the steel steps. The crowd gasps waiting to see blood. As he falls back they all can see he wasn`t cut open from the force. Adrien goes around to Capps and throws him out of his chair, and gets his folding chair. He sits it up and walks back towards Williams. He grapples his arm and attempts to trip him into the chair but he pivets and pulls off a facebuster into the chair with Cochrane`s face. Williams sits on his knee`s after this for a moment attempting to catch his breath. Adrien rolls over revealing to Williams he hasn`t been opened up yet, either. Travis lays the chair across his chest and climbs up on the apron. Williams climbs to the top rope and rubs his mid section where his World title usually rests, taunting the crowd. Cochrane comes up using the chair while he isn`t paying attention and knocks him off the turnbuckle using the chair. The chair and force knocks him off to the outside as Adrien rolls in the ring to catch his breath. Williams is outside the ring still attempting to get to his feet!

Sin: Damn did you just see that fall the World Champion took? He`s still getting to his feet, amazing. Damn...

Capps: Kiss somemore ass why don`t you.

Williams is now back in the ring, and has took Cochrane down with a spinebuster and may have twisted his ankle from the bad fall. He limps over to the turnbuckle and begins taking it apart. He unties it and throws it off to the side leaving just the bare wire there. Adrien rushes at him in a spear like motion but Williams moves at the last minute causing Adrien to become entangled in the turnbuckle and to hit the wire. Williams begins kicking him in the gut over and over while he is stuck in the ropes and turnbuckle. He keeps on and on finally Cochrane falls out of the ropes and to the mat.

Capps: He is kicking his ass man.

Sin: It`s been back and forth in my opinion, Jesus!

Williams helps Cochrane to his feet using his neck. Cochrane knee`s Williams with the last bit of energy he has, ADRIEN CUTTER! BOTH MEN FALL TO THE MAT!

Sin: They are BOTH DOWN!

Capps: There is only ONE way to win this match! One Way!

Sin: Someone has to BLEED!

Williams and Adrien are on different sides of the ring, both using the ropes to attempt to stand to they`re feet. Williams is the first to his feet and tries to brush off the hurt ankle from his fall, earlier. He rushes Adrien, SPEAR! Williams follows that up with his stalling Brain Buster! BOOOOOOOOOOM! Williams slings Adrien back into the turnbuckle he took apart earlier on in the match and he bounces off but still no blood! Williams climbs the top turnbuckle that he just threw Cochrane into and dives off feet first for EARN INCOME CREDIT!

Sin: Cochrane isn`t moving!

Capps: He may be fucking dead, man!

Williams stands back up and limps over to the ropes wiggling his hurt ankle, attempting to get it to stop hurting so badly. Cochrane pushes himself to his feet and falls back into a corner. Williams feels the force of the fall and rushes Cochrane fast as he can with the hurt ankle and goes for a splash, Adriene MOVES! Williams flies into the bare turnbuckle crotch first from such a high splash! This causes him immense pain in his groin as he falls to his knee`s holding his crotch area. Cochrane rolls out of the ring, and begins to pull Williams out from the outside. Williams finally roll`s out of the ring, and Adrien attempts to throw him into the steel steps once more, head first this time. The World Champion reverses it, and instead slings Adrien, headfirst into them. He walks over and begins to kick Cochrane down until his head is lying on the middle step. Williams takes Capps chair from previous and smacks Cochrane in the head with it, CRACK! No blood. He sandwiches his head with it again using the chair and steps, CRACK! THEN AGAIN!

Cochrane`s head is split wide open and blood begins to pour from his skull as the referee call`s for the bell. Williams just looks down at Adrien looking almost impressed by his ability. He is handed his World title as he jumps up on the announcers table holding his Dream HeavyWeight Title high into the air as Insomnia goes off the air...

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