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One Year Anniversary Show~!



The scene opens in a back locker room and nobody else is in it, a door opens and enters Austin Sanders.

Austin Sanders: Hello is anybody here?

A few seconds of silence

AS: I guess nobody is here.

Just then the Family comes walking in to the locker room.

Grendel: Well what do you we have here you are not the sweet Kelly I asked for.

AS: Your right I am Austin Sanders I was sent in her place she said she felt her life was in danger when you where around.

Grendel: Really, so how do you feel ?

AS: I feel I have a job and a duty to get the story to the fans and people that watch WARPED WRESTLING so if that means I put myself in danger then so be it.

Grendel: Brave I like that ok so I guess you want to know my thoughts on the one year show, well here it is in a nut shell WARPED is a joke I mean it is lucky it has made it this far I mean without me it never would of made it at all, but because I am the biggest draw here. People are waiting just waiting to see what happens next to see what actions I am going to pull what heat I am going to bring to this piss ant show. Well tonight I have a big surprise for everybody and they are just going to have to wait and see.

AS: Calling WARPED a joke and a piss ant show I don’t think management is going to like that.

Grendel: Who cares, I don’t cause they should it tonight by shelling top dollar to hacks that could not cut it , quite and went crying home to their fucking mothers I say piss on them and piss on management.

AS: Ok so what about your match tonight?

Grendel: What about I am facing four jack offs and a pussy I am walking out third time champ if I choose to, or I might just go after the top of the food chain whoever ends up being the joke of the week and when I say Joke I mean champ.

AS: You mean either Crowbar or Korrupt ?

Grendel: Yes I mean the catcher Crowbar and the true champ Korrupt.

AS: Catcher?

Grendel: Yeah catcher, as he is always on his knees taking it , nevermind Austin look this is done I have to get ready for tonight.

Grendel pushes Austin and the camera man out of the locker room.


TO THE RING The event opens with a jam-packed crowd and the President of WARPED, Joey Matthew, standing in the ring with a microphone in hand. Wearing his casual blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket, Joey speaks.

Joey Matthew: "Welcome to the One Year Anniversary show for WARPED Wrestling!"

The crowd pops and a "WARPED ~ WARPED ~ WARPED ~" chant breaks out. Joey smiles and nods, and speaks as the chant dies down.

Joey Matthew: "That's what I like to hear. You fans have always been so supportive of WARPED no matter what happens and I thank you for that. And its because of you the fans and the guys in the back that bust their asses for you that WARPED will continue on for a long, long time! There's been speculation lately that WARPED might be on the fritz but I must tell you that we're far from that and from this show on we will rebuild and it is EVER FORWARD from here on out! So let's not waste any time and get right to the show.. a Gauntlet match for the Evolution Championship! Here we go!"

Evolution Championship Gauntlet Match - FnX Rules

The WARPED logo flies into place and the scene fades as we see the first two participants in the ring as the bell sounds... and it is going to be Anton Chase vs. Seth Owens until one person causes a pinfall or submission and then the next entrant will come out. They lock up in the center of the ring and Anton Chase grabs the arm of Seth and twists it.. Seth rolls forward and back and flips out then hits a Monkey Flip on Chase. Owens hits the ropes and Chase gets to his feet and leapfrogs... Owens underneath, and off the ropes, and Chase hits a dropkick and pops up with his arms out! Chase goes for the cover 1... Owens quickly kicks out. Both men get to their feet and Chase hits an armdrag... both men up... Owens hits a Yakuza KICK~ to the face of Chase and covers.. 1.. kick out. Both men up to their feet Chase goes for the irish whip but Owens counters and pulls Chase back and over the top rope. Chase grabs on to the rope and lands on the apron and reaches in and pulls Owens face down and his neck snaps off the ropes. Chase then grabs the legs of Owens and trips him up and pulls him out of the ring and sends him right into the ringsteps. Chase reaches under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick and holds it in the air as the fans cheer and Owens gets to his feet and gets cracked with it over the head! Owens stumbles back into the apron and Chase takes another whack at his face!

MORE TO COME.........



Grudge Match
"Sensational" Sean Edmunds vs. Tiberius White

Fade in..........

The bell sounds.. Tiberius White and Sean Edmunds tie up... Edmunds wrenches the arm and White kicks him in the gut.. Irish whip from White but Edmunds counters and blocks it, then dropkicks White to the floor. White gets to his feet and Edmunds follows up with a suicide dive out, connecting! Edmunds wastes no time as he then climbs the apron and to the top buckle and as White gets up to his feet, Edmunds leaps off with a crossbody! He puts the boots to White and then brings him up and rolls him into the ring, sliding in after. White crawls away on all fours and Edmunds kicks him in the back of the head.

Edmunds brings White to his feet as the crowd chants for White but its not helping as Edmunds puts him in the corner and delivers repeated chops to the chest. Edmunds goes for an Irish whip but White counters and sends Edmunds into the opposing corner. White charges in but Edmunds drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle.. Edmunds stands up and poses for the crowd, flexing his muscle, and everyone boos. He flips them off and goes back to work on White, pulling him up and chopping him across the chest. Edmunds brings White out of the corner and sets White up for a Piledriver and hits it ! He covers... 1... 2... Edmunds sits up, and the referee asks him what he's doing. Edmunds shakes his head and brings White to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Tilt a Whirl Slam! Edmunds covers... 1... 2... Edmunds sits up. He grabs White by his hair and pulls him to his feet and slaps him across the head, and White not reacting much at all. Edmunds looks disgusted, and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, bridged.. 1.. 2... 3! Its over.

"Brain Stew" hits the PA System and Edmunds gets to his feet and has his arm raised in victory... and he looks down and spits at the body of Tiberius White who brought nothing to the table tonight and Edmunds made it look entirely too easy. Edmunds exits the ring and heads up the aisle.



The backstage cameras catch up with President Joey Matthew pacing back and forth in the hall way, on his cell phone. We listen in...

Joey Matthew: "Yes, I understand that things didn't go as planned with the bookings, but come on, you're backing out? Our relationship has benefited both organizations and you know this. . . . . . . . listen, we WILL rebuild, and it'll be you that misses out on everything."

Joey turns off the phone and notices the camera and puts his hand up, shooing them away.

Joey Matthew: "Go, get.. privacy, come on!"

Joey heads off away from the camera man.


RetireTREATS Match
Mr. Rottentreats vs. SwitchBlade

The shot fades in as both men are standing in the ring ready to go... this being Mr. Rottentreats one-time return for a retirement match.

Both men lock up in the center of the ring... SwitchBlade with the go behind on Treats, and hits a quick German Suplex. Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet and grabs his back, shocked by that. They go at it, SwitchBlade with the upper hand, peppering him with right hands..followed by an Irish Whip into the ropes and a big backdrop. Treats gets up, grabbing his back and yet again taken off guard. Tie up again.. Mr. Rottentreats applies a side headlock, but SwitchBlade immediately counters into a side suplex, following up with a cover, hook the leg 1.. 2.. kick out. And Treats looks shocked.

Both men up.. tie up.. SwitchBlade drives his knee to the gut and hits the ropes and returns with a Swinging Neckbreaker, and covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out. SwitchBlade grabs on with a Front Facelock, and Treats pushes himself up and drives Switchy into the corner. SwitchBlade escapes and knocks Mr. Rottentreats on his ass with a hard right hand to the head. Treats gets to his feet and wobbles back right into SwitchBlade who charges in with a Running STO~! SwitchBlade then covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out!! SwitchBlade brings Mr. Rottentreats up and Treats goes for a right hand but SwitchBlade ducks.. Kick to the gut, Implant DDT ~ SwitchBlade then follows up with ENTER THE DARKNESS and Treats taps immediately ! The bell sounds and LOST MY WAY by Finger Eleven plays. The crowd is shocked and so is SwitchBlade but they embrace the former World Champion as he stands up and has his arm raised. SwitchBlade looks displeased and the crowd are somewhat confused by the lackluster return of Mr. Rottentreats tonight in what was to be his final match.. SwitchBlade offers his hand to Treats but its turned away.. SwitchBlade sighs and celebrates, climbing the apron, as the crowd in Chicago Ridge applauds and cheers.


World Championship Match
Crowbar(c) vs. Korrupt w/Guest Referee PKA

Randy Long: It is now time for our main event OF THE EVENING! The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship!

The arena goes dark and the spotlight shines on the entrance stage, with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights. From the entrance comes PKA, clothed in black boots, black baggy jeans, and a referee shirt. PKA stops on the stage and holds both arms in the air, fists touching, before dropping them to his side and continuing down the ramp. He looks lost, depressed, unhappy, as he walks down the ramp.

Randy Long: Introducing first, please welcome the special referee for this match. He is a member of THE MOVEMENT, P....K...A!!!!!

PKA reaches the steps and walks up, then heads up onto the turnbuckle, and holds both arms out in a crucifix. He surveys the crowd with a look of sorrow on his face, before hopping into the ring from the turnbuckle. He stands in the middle of the ring with a conflicted expression as he awaits the two wrestlers.

Randy Long: Now introducing the challenger, from Asbury Park, New Jersey weighing in at two hundred pounds! Representing, THE MOVEMENT, he is KORRUPT!!!!

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. He charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner and sits back in it, rocking back and forth with until the match starts. PKA stares at him, Korrupt sits in the corner ignoring his prescence.

Randy Long: And the champion, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-one pounds! Also representing THE MOVEMENT, CROWBAR!!!!

"Line Of Blood" by Ty Stone begins to play. The arena goes dark as green strobe lights illuminate the stage, while the ring is light up red. Crowbar steps out from behind the curtain wearing stressed looking jeans, black boots, and a black t-shirt, with an evil, uncaring smile to a chorus of boo's. He stands on the stage and looks around, his face only light up by the green strobes. He starts walking down to the ring, looking around and laughing at the hate the fans have for him as he holds the world title up in the air. He climbs up the steps into the red and extends his arms out to his sides as the line "They say I'm the bastard son of one bad motherfuckin' line of blood" hits as the crowd continue to express their distaste. He walks over to PKA with a frown and hands him the championship. PKA reluctantly takes it and shows it to Korrupt who eyes it. He walks to the center of the ring and holds it up as the fans give a mixed reaction (The boos of course being stronger).

Tony D: Those three have had a complicated triangle about trust. Korrupt felt betrayed when Crowbar took the World Heavyweight Championship last year from Switchblade, AFTER however Switchblade had been through a grueling Three Way Barbed Wire Match! So now this is Korrupt’s opportunity to take back the championship belt, that’s alluded him for a year now!

Kris Red: Let’s just hope PKA calls this match down the middle, because he’s been sketchy as of late when the conversation topic turns into “Who’s side are you on.” We’ll know who’s side he’s on when he drops his hand for that three count!

Korrupt stares at Crowbar who’s standing in front of him. PKA motions for the bell, the fans begin to become antsy, Korrupt slowly pulls himself up out of the corner. Crowbar walks forward, the two meet in the middle of the ring. They both exchange words, Crowbar shoves Korrupt, the fans react with a small “Ooooh!” Korrupt comes back with a smirk and holds his hands out.

Korrupt: CHOICE ONE!

Crowbar being arrogant smacks Korrupt’s right hand, which Korrupt floats along with and smacks Crowbar hard in the face. The fans react with a bigger “OOOOOOOH!!” as the echo could be heard. Crowbar and Korrupt lock up and jock for positions aggressively to the fan’s delight.

Kris Red: These two are going to tear each other apart! And PKA can’t do anything but watch and call this match!

Tony D: I can tell this is going to get ugly REAL quick!

Korrupt breaks away and cracks Crowbar in the face with an elbow. Crowbar comes back with a knife edge chop, which echoes through the arena, the fans responding with a “WOOOOO” Korrupt reels back, Crowbar grabs him and flings him off into the ropes with an Irish whip. Korrupt comes back and Crowbar goes for a clothesline, Korrupt ducks underneath. Crowbar goes for another, Korrupt ducks underneath that one, Crowbar turns around and gets met with a stiff boot to the jaw! Korrupt drops down for a pin and PKA looks at him.

Korrupt: COUNT!!!

PKA drops down and makes the count, 1...2...Crowbar kicks out. Korrupt nods his head to PKA who looks on with a stern glance.

Kris Red: Looks like PKA didn’t want to make the count.

Tony D: Maybe he’s on Crowbar’s side.

Kris Red: Let’s not jump to conclusions!

Korrupt picks Crowbar up by his head, Crowbar suddenly breaks free and leaps into the air, taking Korrupt down with a dropkick. Korrupt scrambles to his feet, Crowbar with another dropkick! Korrupt stands up groggy now, Crowbar picks him up and drops him with a snap suplex! He floats over with a cover, PKA drops down to his knees and counts hesitantly 1.....2....kickout! Crowbar looks up at PKA and tells him to count faster, PKA shows him two.

Kris Red: It looks like PKA isn’t taking any sides....he’s calling it down the middle?

Tony D: You’re jerkin’ me around right...?

Kris Red: No foolin’!

Crowbar picks Korrupt up and throws him into a turnbuckle. He backs up and runs at Korrupt, but Korrupt gets out of the way at the last second. Crowbar comes out holding his chest, Korrupt lunges forward with a double chop to Crowbar’s throat! Crowbar doubles over choking, he drops to his knees. Korrupt smirks and winks at PKA and hits the ropes. Crowbar however gets a second wind and leaps, spearing Korrupt hitting the Element Zero!

Kris Red: Element Zero hits!!

Crowbar stands up rubbing his throat, he calls for the end as he waits for Korrupt to stand up. Korrupt is rolling on the canvas holding his mid-section. When stands up slowly, he turns and...KFO...NO, Korrupt grabs him and hits a Cobra Clutch Suplex!!

Kris Red: WHOA, what a counter!

Tony D: It’s looks like it’s about to end!

Korrupt covers him hooking a leg, PKA drops to the canvas for the count 1...2...3!

Kris Red: IT’S OVA!!!!!

Tony D: NO!

Crowbar shoots a shoulder up as the fans bang their hands on the barricade cheering Crowbar on. Korrupt looks angry as he stands up and looks down at him. He picks him back up and lands an European uppercut. Crowbar staggers back, but comes back with a right hand. Korrupt knees him in the gut and clubs his back. He picks him up for a suplex, but Crowbar leaps down behind him. The two run to the ropes and Crowbar tries to roll Korrupt up. Korrupt however rolls through standing, he comes back for a kick, but Crowbar ducks at the last second. Korrupt’s momentum carries him, not giving him enough time to turn around and he walks into a stiff right hook that floors him! The count 1...2...3!!!!

Kris Red: IT’S OV--

Tony D: NOPE!

Korrupt shoots out of it with authority. Crowbar takes a deep breath and stands up. He grabs Korrupt by the back of his neck. He rams his head into the turnbuckle and sits on top of the middle rope. He begins to rain down right hands into Korrupt’s skull!

“1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9--”

Korrupt shoves him off, Crowbar runs at him, Korrupt meets him in the middle of the ring, the two clothesline each other down. PKA looks at them both and asks if their okay. He looks worried as he reluctantly does the ten count.

PKA: 1...!!! ...2...!!! ….3...!!! …...4....!!! …..5....!!!!

Crowbar slowly stirs around on the ground, Korrupt trying to get himself up.

PKA: ….6...!!! ….7...!!! ...8...!!!

Tony D: This is extreme who’s gonna get up?!

Kris Red: I dunno, the suspense is killing me!

Crowbar uses the ropes to slowly bring himself, but slips some. Korrupt is balancing himself lightly, keeping himself from falling.

PKA: …...9....!!!!!! ….10--

Both are on their feet and glare at each other, Korrupt runs at him and lands a right to his face. “BOO” the fans go, Crowbar with a right “YAY!”, Korrupt’s right “BOO!!!” Crowbar gives a right of his own “YAY!!!!!”, “Boo!”, “Yay!”, Crowbar gets the upperhand, the fans getting behind him. He roars and hits the ropes, when he comes back Korrupt jumps and spins around hitting him with a jumping savate kick! Crowbar staggers, Korrupt takes a running start and hits Insane In Tha Membrane!!

Tony D: Insane In Tha Membrane! A Flipping DDT! Damn that had to hurt!

Kris Red: That looked bad!

Korrupt turns Crowbar around, he goes for the cover! 1!! 2!!! 3!!

Tony D: New champ?!?!


Kris Red: NOT SO FAST!

Korrupt sits up with a shocked glare, he begins to become furious and stands up getting ready to end this. PKA is standing behind him as he grabs Crowbar and goes for the D.I.E., but NO, Crowbar pushes Korrupt into PKA, SANDWICHING him in the corner! Korrupt comes out holding his back as does PKA holding his gut. Crowbar runs going for Element Zero again, but Korrupt moves...but the spear LANDS ON PKA!!! PKA is down!!!

Tony D: HOLY CRAP! PKA is down, did Crowbar do that on purpose?!

Kris Red: I dunno, this match is REALLY starting to heat up!!

Korrupt looks at what Crowbar did with wide eyes. Crowbar stands up, as shocked as Korrupt. He turns around, and gets hit with in the groin by Korrupt with a low blow! The fans boo as Korrupt gets a dark smile on his face. He throws Crowbar outside and goes out also.

Tony D: Wha-oh...

Kris Red: This ain’t good!

Korrupt rams Crowbar’s head onto the apron. Crowbar falls down looking up at Korrupt with a glazed glance. Korrupt lands a right hand and walks off. He shoves Randy Long out of his chair and picks it up. He folds it and waits for Crowbar to stand up, Crowbar does, and turns...SWING...but NO, Korrupt misses, Crowbar moves out of the way causing Korrupt to hit the apron! Korrupt goes to swing again, but Crowbar grabs him and hits the KFO on the ground!!!!


Tony D: KFO on the outside floor!

Kris Red: But how is he going to get him in the ring?!

PKA is still down, Crowbar grabs Korrupt and slowly rolls him into the ring. Crowbar follows and tries to get PKA up, he sighs and rubs his head. He goes back to attack Korrupt, he picks him up and drops down, low blowing him!! Korrupt’s eyes go wide as he drops down on his knees with Crowbar in his face. Crowbar gives a sick smirk.

Crowbar: Payback’s a bitch!!!

He shoves Korrupt down and looks to PKA and tries to get him up again. He gives up and looks around the ring. A devious smile grows upon his face again as he looks to the outside. He slides out and looks for a weapon....!

Tony D: And Crowbar NOW realizes that PKA is incapacitated for now!

Kris Red: I don’t like the looks of this...!

Crowbar looks underneath...and finds...a burlap sack. He slides into the ring and opens it, he slowly pours it out....tacks...they were TACKS!

Tony D: Oooooh no, no, no.

Kris Red: This is like deja vu all over again!

Crowbar picks Korrupt up, he hits the Unlock The Door. He picks Korrupt up and DRIVES HIM DOWN neck and head first into the pool of tacks with The Trapdoor!!!! The fans give a wild mixed reaction as Crowbar stands up and winces in pain, some of the tacks sticking in him also!!

“THIS IS FUCKED UP! *clap clap clapclapclap* THIS IS FUCKED UP! *clap clap clapclapclap*”


Tony D: True dat!!!!

Crowbar marches over towards PKA and drags him over, PKA moves a little and sees Crowbar pin Korrupt! He counts...1!!! 2!!! ...3!!!

Tony D: IT”S OVA--

Kris Red: NO!

Korrupt shoots his arm up, Crowbar screams in anger as Korrupt begins to bleed from the back of his head. PKA slowly stands up now noticing Korrupt’s been busted open. Crowbar gets back up and picks Korrupt up, the tacks are stuck in the back of his neck and head as Crowbar looks go for The Trapdoor again! HOWEVER Korrupt floats behind him, grabs him in an inverted facelock. He spins and hits a Gator Roll Facebuster putting Crowbar’s face RIGHT in the pool of tacks now!!! Korrupt floats over into a bridging Arm Triangle Choke!!! Crowbar shouts in pain as Korrupt hangs on for dear life, blood pouring from his head! PKA asks if he wants to give up, Crowbar shouts NO!!!! The tacking sticking out of his head as he begins to bleed!

Tony D: D.I.E. The Movement Edition is locked in!! Is he gonna tap?!?!

Crowbar tries to reach for the ropes, he crawls slowly towards the ropes in front of him! Korrupt keeps the hold locked in tightly, Crowbar looks to tap out...!!! NO! He grabs the ropes, PKA pries Korrupt off who looks angry. He stands up and goes to the outside and picks up the chair from last time! He slides in and looks to us it, PKA steps in front of him.


Korrupt: No is right, I’m not gonna do it...

He hands it to PKA.

Korrupt: You’re going to do it...!!!

The fans boo as PKA looks at the chair and back at Korrupt. Crowbar is trying to get his bearing as he slowly stands up. He turns around and sees PKA and Korrupt standing together. He gives a scowl....PKA looks at it and holds his right hand up, trying to plead with Crowbar it isn’t what it looks like. Crowbar and Korrupt place PKA in the middle and start to shout at him. Korrupt in one ear, Crowbar in the other. He looks down with the chair in his hands and then back at them. He shouts and throws it away and looks at them both. The fans cheer as PKA tells them to fight!

Tony D: It looks like he’s takin’ a stand!

Kris Red: GOOD!

The two look at each other, Crowbar kicks him in the gut and goes for another KFO, but Korrupt shoves him off! Crowbar comes back and gets hit with a stiff kick in the jaw! He grabs Crowbar and hits a snap DDT and keeps his arms under his neck locking in a guillotine choke!!!

Kris Red: Death’s Infinite Ecstacy!!

Crowbar tries to fight out, PKA asks him if he wants to give up! Crowbar fights, and fights...

Tony D: Will he get out?!

He fights some more before...TAP!!! TAP!!! TAP!!! TAP!!!!


Randy Long: Here is your winner, and the NEW WARPED World Heavyweight Champion, KOOOORRRRRRUPT!!!!

"Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to play and the fans begin to burst into boos as Korrupt lays on the mat exhausted, Crowbar slowly moves around still groggy...PKA helps Korrupt up a bit and gets handed the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship. He hands it to Korrupt who looks on with a tearful glare, he holds it up slowly, the tacks still stuck inside of him, and the blood now drying on his face. Crowbar is slow to get up as he looks on disappointed and angry. Korrupt’s music dies down and Crowbar gets in his face, PKA looks at the two...

Kris Red: Uh oh...

Crowbar goes nose to nose with Korrupt who eyes him. The two then smirk, and then hug, the fans give a confused glare as PKA looks on baffled.

Tony D: Did they make up?!

PKA then grows a smile, he grabs them both and hugs them, the fans begin to boo as PKA raises their arms!

Kris Red: What is this...?

PKA demands a mic, he snatches it as he looks around. The fans begin to chant “Bullshit”


The fans throw things at him as he looks on with a big smile.

PKA: So you people STILL don’t get it?! You don’t get the fact that even through all of the crap we’ve been through, from last year to now, you don’t get that we don’t hate each other?!

Korrupt and Crowbar laugh and pat each other on the back for their good acting.

PKA: These two don’t hate each other, nor did I choose a side! We did THIS, because we wanted control to be in WARPED Wrestling forever. YES, the Movement is still together, and you know what we’re damn proud of what we did! And I think we deserve an Emmy, because we fooled out of your inbreed morons into thinking we’d actually SPLIT UP! What are you HIGH?!

PKA tears the referee shirt off and looks deep into the crowd who continues to batter him and the rest of The Movement with curse words and middle fingers.

PKA: We’re going to be here for a LONG, LONG time!!! And you know what, no one in the back has the guts to take us on! NO ONE!!!! Oh who’s going to come out, Seth Owens?! Switchblade?! Jeremy Filth?!?! Who’s man enough to come down here and tell us what we did is wrong?!

The Movement face the ramp.

PKA: That’s right no one, so you all can SHUT UP, and let Korrupt celebrate this win--

"Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays, PKA looks up at the ramp and gives Crowbar and Korrupt orders. Korrupt drops the belt and gets ready to fight.


They all get ready, but suddenly from the crowd comes Logan...with a steel chair!!! He slides into the ring and blasts Korrupt in the back first! Crowbar turns around and gets a chair into his mid-section and then smacked in the back with the chair too! The two roll out of the ring as the fans go wild!


PKA was quick enough to slide out of the ring and looks on in shock. Malik throws the chair down as "Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays again. Korrupt grabs his belt as Crowbar and himself head to PKA and walk up the ramp. Malik mouths “I’m back!!!” with a big smirk as he leans on the ropes and the four men exchange words.

Tony D: This is just INSANE!


Fade. To. Black.