WARPEDLIVE 24 "DAYTON" - 02.27.11

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Quick Results

Singles Match
Crowbar vs. Cameron MacNichol

Winner: Crowbar at 7:12 via the KFO

Tag Team Match
Sean Edmunds & Craig Cohen vs. Tiberius White & Rico Calle

Winners: Sean Edmunds & Craig Cohen at 7:59 after Edmunds pinned Rico Calle off the Northern Lights Suplex

Singles Match
Korrupt vs. Anton Chase

Result: No Contest after reaching the 20 minute time limit!

Main Event - Tag Team Match
Grendel & SwitchBlade vs. Seth Owens

Winners: Grendel & SwitchBlade at 2:04 after Grendel pinned Owens off the huge lariat. Jeremy Filth did not show up for this match.


Prior to his match with Cameron MacNichol, Crowbar had this to say.

hit play...

VIDEO BEGINS.. Ty Stone - Line of Blood hits the arena as the Crowd begins to show their distaste. Crowbar steps out from behind the curtain with a smile on his face, even laughing at the crowd.

He walks slowly down the ramp just so everyone can have a look at the title he's holding, letting them realise The Movement has risen. He walks up the ring steps and gets into the ring, demanding a mic. He grabs it and keeps smiling as he raises it to his lips.

Crowbar: "Laaaadies and Gentlemen! Your World Champion is here!"

The crowd boo's loudly

Crowbar: "Hahaha, I love you too. You bunch of ugly, fat, disgusting slugs!"

The crowd gets louder and chants "Owens Owens Owens"

Crowbar: "Ah, Seth Owens, what a loss that was...but it was also a wake up call! Made me realise how slack I'd gotten. As did the Superkick from P. That fuckin' hurt!"

The crowd are unsure whether to cheer or boo

Crowbar: "How did i lose to Seth Owens? Easy. I got lazy. Thats changed now!"

Crowbar reaches behind him and pulls out a Black and Silver Crowbar.

Crowbar: "I know, I know, but guess what? I'm tired of all these little idiots running around thinking they're king shit when they're've decided to start culling the roster of everyone unworthy."

Crowbar holds up the....Crowbar.

Crowbar: "MacNichol! You're the first that's going to experience the wonders of this wonderful piece of metal. With a swift shot to the head and a shattered kneecap, you're going to be gimped out of here. Mark my words buddy, mark my words."

Crowbar chuckles and drops the mic and heads out of the ring.

..Video stops


Also, Seth Owens had a quick word with Kelly Calloway backstage prior to his match.

Press Play - Video Start..
Seth Owens is seen standing beside Kelly Calloway backstage. He doesn't look too happy.

Kelly Calloway: "Well it's almost time.."

Seth Owens steps in.

Seth Owens: "Let me just get out what I have to say and move on. Look, I hear Jeremy Filth isn't here tonight. So great, now I have to go up against Grendel AND SwitchBlade. Fan-fucking-tastic. I should be ecstatic tonight, not in this state of mind. I won my first match over the World Champion last week. Fuck this."

Seth storms off leaving Kelly dumbfounded.

..Video stops..


Few promos were cut for this event as the focus was on the wrestling. Unfortunately, that tape is unavailable at this time.