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UTA @ Wrestling Geekfest  (Night 1 of 3). Battle of the Sexes
Cleveland Ohio
500 in attendance
Sabrina Baker wrestled B.R. Ellis to a 15 minute time limit draw
Colton Thorpe beat Amy Harrison in 8:42 with the Colt Magnum
MVC beat Skylar Montgomery in 3:10 with the Montreal Spinout
Nazirah (with ABR) beat Coleslaw Jenkins after ABH hit Jenkins with Pray to Allah and Nazirah scored the pin at 11:28
Zhaliah Fears pinned Cecilworth Farthington following the Offering at 12:37
Crimson Lord pinned Second Coming following a choke slam in 13:56
UTA World Champion LFB wrestled Prodigy champion Alex Beckman to a no contest in 22:13. The match was thrown out when the other competitors from tonight's show all came out and interfered.
EXTRA BONUS MATCH:  UTA House Show commissioner Joey Ross came out and over ruled the referee's decision and restarted the match as a 7 on 7 tag team match.
The Women beat the Men in 8:04 as LFB walked out on his team at the start of the match and Crimson Lord walked out after giving Montgomery the Blood Lust.  The women all entered the ring and piled on top of him for the pinfall and the win.