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14th October 2011 - Action Packed - From in Shreveport, LA

“Downfall” by TRUSTcompany begins playing as the familiar LPW logo and Action Packed intro video play. The video fades out to a shot of the arena and then stops abruptly as “Thickfreakness” by The Black Keys chimes in. After a few moments of the fans cheering loudly, LPW’s owner, Mason Hardt, steps out on the stage in a navy business suit and carrying a microphone in his hand. He casually walks down the ramp towards the ring, taking a few moments to shake hands with a few people in the crowd. Once in the ring he stands in the center and motions for the music to be cut.

Hardt: First off, I just have to say what an amazing crowd you all are.

The fans go crazy cheering.

Hardt: This is our first time out of Texas and there couldn’t be a better host than Shreveport, Louisiana!

The crowd somehow manages to get even louder.

Hardt: You all being so great to us got me thinking. Sure we’re giving them a LPW Championship match, but is that enough? Don’t these people deserve more than that? Of course they do…of course YOU do. That’s why I’m making the match that all of you wanted to see at Instant Classic between Jim Surge and Roscoe Shame…for the Internet Championship!

The fans again go mad, this time getting in an ‘El-Pee-Dub’ chant.

Hardt: Speaking of that LPW Championship match, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Steve Solex isn’t here tonight. I won’t sugar coat anything or beat around the bush with you guys, he won the title, started demanding a new contract and threatened to no show if he didn’t get the deal he wanted.

The fans boo.

Hardt: That’s his loss. As I said, there was good and bad news. The good news is that hell or high water; you’re getting your LPW Championship match with or without Steve Solex. The moment I get backstage I’m making some calls, talking with our workers; I’m doing whatever it takes to have an opponent for Excalibur tonight. You see, you don’t make obligations here in LPW and then back out on them. That’s just bad for business…and I don’t do bad business.

Who's the Boss?

The sound of mariachi music stops Mason Hardt from continuing as the three members of Sagrado Excelente step out on the ramp in their wrestling gear. It is clear that all three are not very happy. Sara Morales has a microphone in hand and begins to speak.

Sara: I didn't expect you inbred fools of Shreveport, Louisiana to know greatness when you see it...Do everyone a favor and shut up!

The crowd boos louder as the members of Sagrado Excelente just shake their heads.

Sara: We've been quiet lately and if any of you decided to spend half of your yearly income to purchase Instant Classic, you would know why!

Of course more boos.

Sara: Sagrado Excelente are the rightful tag team champions of Legacy Pro Wrestling, the only reason that didn't come to pass is because of a vindictive owner that cannot stand people who are willing to stand up to him...

He would prefer wrestlers like Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers who get on their knees to show their boss how much they appreciate him!

Sagrado Asistente and Guerrero Excelente clap their hands as Sara nods her head pausing for a few moments. Then all three of them turn their attention to Mason Hardt, still standing in the ring.

Sara: Mason Hardt, consider yourself served as we are informing you of a Discrimination Lawsuit being lobbied against you by Sagrado Excelente. You clearly chose to screw us over because of our Lucha Libre and Mexican heritage.

The crowd boos as she hands the microphone to Guerrero Excelente.

Guerrero: Let’s not forget to mention all of the emotion stress you have caused us. We lost a title match in Mexico because of your senseless discrimination against us. We will make sure your actions do not go without punishment.

Guerrero hands the microphone to his partner.

Sagrado Asistente: Even though your discriminatory actions have stalled us for the time being, you will not hold us....

Mason Hardt interrupts.

Hardt: Would you kindly stop whining.

Sara takes the microphone from Sagrado with a scowl on her face. The threesome begin slowly walking towards the ring as she begins to talk.

Sara: Who are you to judge us?!? We aren't the ones who hold people back! We aren't the ones who...

Hardt: Listen, I don’t hold anyone back. In LPW, you prove yourself in the ring. Did I maybe go too far? Yes. I apologized and gave your team their rightful rematch. The fact is…

After Hardt's comment Sagrado and Guerrero can take no more they quickly climb into the ring and jump on the owner of Legacy Pro Wrestling with punches and toe kicks.

Henson: Sorry to say it but Hardt had it coming!

Ash: This is a disgrace!

Asistente pulls up Hardt and nails him with the Ascenso Powerful Hanging Neckbreaker as Excelente climbs to the top rope. He dives off completing the Double Spark with his Guerrero Guillotina Tornilla Guillotine Legdrop! The crowd’s boos are deafening.

Henson: Asistente hooks Hardt in the Diariamente la Salvación! This is amazing to watch!

Ash: This is disgusting!

Asistente releases the hold after fifteen seconds. Sara stands in the background laughing, running in to get a stomp on the downed Hardt before Sagrado Excelente holds their hands in the air.

Ash: The owner of Legacy Pro Wrestling is down! Sagrado Excelente have struck!

The three begin pushing Hardt out of the ring with their feet as a medical crew rushing ringside. Sara then begins speaking on the microphone yet again.

Sara: Mason...Rodgers...

She points towards the back.

Sara: Sagrado Excelente does not wrestle in singles matches..and we refuse to wrestle in a Legacy Pro Wrestling ring until our title match at Fallout! Consider yourselves lucky....

Moving Forward!

The camera cuts backstage where we see LPW newcomer, Dutch. Dutch walks up to Shelly Summers, still covered in sweat from his match. Right behind him is his manager Fletcher, who is talking on his phone.

Summers : We are here with one of LPW’s newest talents, and a winner earlier tonight, Dutch! How are you feeling after your first win, here in Legacy Pro Wrestling?

Dutch pulls on a blue t-shirt. Fletcher then hands him a towel, not even missing a beat in his phone conversation. Dutch uses the towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Dutch : Feeling great! It was a good match. Ian Carlisle is a great wrestler but tonight I proved I was better, in that match. I can't wait to wrestle him again...

Fletcher leans over and interrupts.

Fletcher : Sorry, but you aren't going to be wrestling Ian Carlisle again anytime soon. You, my friend, are moving forward!

Dutch has an odd expression flash over his face before trying to continue.

Dutch : Ok, well I can't wait for my re-match with Ian Carlisle, whenever it happens in the future.

Fletcher shakes his head in an approving manner. Then Dutch turns back to Shelly Summers.

Dutch : Sorry, about that Shelly.

Summers : No problem. Well now that you have won your first match, what are you going to do now? Maybe head over to one of the casinos?

Dutch : Oh, no gambling for me. I think I'm going to head over the river to the boardwalk. Maybe have a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Bistro and then head back home. I can wait for my next match here in L-P-W!

Summers: That sounds delicious. Thank you for your time Dutch.

The camera cuts back to the announce team.

Henson: What a loser!

Ash: How do you figure? Not sure how anyone fresh off a victory in LPW could be a loser.

Henson: Oh look at me, my name is Dutch and I just won a match and refuse to have any fun…

Ash: Who cares how he wants to celebrate tonight, what does it matter to you?

Henson: In case you weren’t aware, I’m Commissioner of the Cool Police and that guy is about to get a ticket for being lame with a capital LAME.

Ash: If you hold any rank in the ‘Cool Police’ then I’m President of the United States of You’re-Out-of-Your-Freaking-Mind! But enough about that, I want to talk about what happened before all of that.

Henson: You mean Sagrado Excelente totally OWNING Mason Hardt?

Ash: I believe you mean assaulting. They destroy our owner and then let us all know that they won’t be competing tonight.

Henson: Nor should they!

LPW Internet Championship

Jim Surge vs. Roscoe Shame ©

Ash: Well then ladies and gents, I guess it’s time for out impromptu LPW Internet Championship match. This match started out as just a rematch of sorts, but our owner saw fit to give the fans a second title match here tonight. That, of course, was before he was brutally attacked by Sagrado Excelente.

Henson: This is yet another trajesty by our boss. He can’t just go about changing matches all willy nilly.

Ash: Would you please stop using that word?

Henson: What word? Willy?

Ash: Trajesty…

Henson: No way, I got that trademarked. In fact, you now owe me 87 cents.

Jim Surge extends his hand out to the Internet Champ, but the shake is refused. Instead, Roscoe Shame punches Surge in the face. This sets Surge off, who responds with forearm shots to the head of Shame. Surge halts the forearms so he can boot his boot to the gut of Roscoe, doubling him over. Jim capitalizes by locking Shame in the suplex position and lifting him in the air just for a moment before falling backwards with him. With the crowd solidly behind him, Surge refuses to let up. He instantly drops his elbow across the sternum of Surge. Jim looks to deliver another but this time Shame rolls away. Both men scramble to their feet where Shame begins to take advantage. Roscoe quickly lifts Surge up and drops him to the canvas with a bodyslam. Shame bounces of the ropes and looks to drop an elbow of his own, but this time it is Surge who gets out of the way.

Jim pulls Shame up to his feet and begins trying to muscle him into the corner. Shame somehow manages to stop the progress and locks Surge in a side headlock. Shame quickly turns them both around and now he is the one putting his opponent into the corner. Shame grabs hold of the ropes and then begins planting a series of kicks to the stomach of Jim. With Jim reeling in the corner, Shame takes a couple of steps back and then comes charging in with a big boot. Surge manages to move at the last possible second, forcing Roscoe’s boot to meet the top turnbuckle. Jim quickly moves in behind and delivers a stiff forearm shot to the back of Shame’s head. Shame grasps the back of his head and Jim quickly rolls him up but only manages a one count. Surge gets to his feet and begins rubbing his eyes. It appears that Shame used an eye rake to break the pinfall just moments earlier. This allows Shame to go back on the offensive.

Shame drops Surge with a stiff DDT. He makes a pin attempt, but barely manages a two count. Shame then begins to pound away on Surge with fist and elbows. The referee sees a closes fist punch and pulls Shame away, warning him that the move is illegal. Roscoe ignores the official’s warning and goes back after Surge. Shame picks Jim up and whips him hard into the corner of the ring. Shame comes following in behind fast. The moment Jim’s back hits the corner he explodes out and destroys Shame with a Western Lariat. Jim stumbles for a bit and then realizes the position he’s in. He quickly grabs Roscoe and pulls him up to his feet. Him lifts Shame up onto his shoulders in the center of the ring. He spins around a bit, looking into the arena as the fans go crazy for him. He then drops Roscoe down with the Boise Driver for the victory.

Roth: The winner of the match and NEW LPW Internet Champion…JIM SURGE!

The ref hands Jim the belt and he holds the title in the air as the fans begins chanting “Surge! Surge! Surge!”. Jim goes to each turnbuckle, hold the belt up in the air as the scene cuts back to the announce team.

Ash: Wow! Who would have thought that we’d go from this being just a non title match to having a new champion!?

Henson: This just shows what kind of bias our owner has and how little he knows about running a wrestling promotion. It’s the reason he’s on his way to the hospital tonight.

Ash: I think Mr. Hardt is doing a fantastic job. He’s balancing what the fans want with what is good with the bottom line. To me it seems pretty business savvy, after all these wrestling fans are the customers and without their money, none of us have a job.

Henson: Yeah, just like all these lazy people in attendance tonight.

A Relapse

The arena lighting is cut. After a few seconds, Shayne Adams appears on the big screen, standing with his arms outstretched, looking up to the sky. It is unclear where he is, though by the way his hair is blowing around, it is obvious that he is outside.

Adams: Oh Horatio, you could not have timed that any better my friend. See last week, I began a recovery process. I tried to rid myself of my demons, of my rage. It was going rather well...Was. Graves, what you did to me at Action Packed, it ignited that spark again. I remember how this all began. How you threatened Rachelle. How you drove me to this darkness in which I stand. Well NO MORE! Graves! Consider this a call out! The next Action Packed, Fallout, hell, even tonight; whenever you have the guts to take me on, man-to-man. Hardt! If you're watching, do Shayne Adams a favor. Book the match, Adams-Graves, the decider. The finisher. The end. Only when I rid LPW, no, the world, of this psychopath, this schizophrenic maniac, will I be healed. And for the good of LPW, I need to be healed. I won't be held responsible for my actions until I am healed.

An evil smile crosses Adams' face.

Adams: Case in point...

The camera zooms out. Adams is standing on the edge of the roof of the arena. The crumpled body of the apparently unconscious Jim lies next to him.


Adams picks up Jim and holds him over his head, as the lights suddenly come back on in the arena and the two announcers sit with their mouths open.

Henson: What…the hell…was that!?

Ash: I think Shayne Adams has finally snapped. Graves pushed and pushed and I think Shayne just had enough.

Henson: Part of me is starting to like this new Shayne Adams. He has guts, balls…and for the first time in LPW…personality!

Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship

Excalibur vs. Steve Solex ©

Ash: Well folks, I guess it is time for our Main Event, but I’m not entirely sure it’s going to happen. As you know, Mr. Hardt had plans to put something together tonight but was never afforded the opportunity due to the attack by Sagrado Excelente.

Henson: A much deserved attack, if you ask me.

Ash: Well no one asked you, so shut the hell up. You should be more concerned about the state of LPW and whether or not you’ll be getting another paycheck with your boss out of the picture.

Henson: …I hadn’t thought about that…

Ash: At any speed, to our knowledge the originally scheduled Main Event will take place. If Solex doesn’t show Excalibur will win the match via forfeit or count out or whatever, but Solex will retain his title. Now to update you on Mr. Hardt, we are told that he is still unconscious but he has made it to the hospital and is stable.

“Kings and Queens” by 30 Seconds to Mars begins playing over the speakers. The fans begin cheering as Excalibur steps out onto the ramp with a somewhat confused look on his face. He slowly begins making his way down the ramp, occasionally shrugging in uncertainty. AS he gets closer he begins to slap the hands of fans along the ramp. Just as he gets to the end you can see a noticeable jerk of Excalibur’s arm. Someone in a black hoodie has grabbed Ex’s hand as he went to slap and isn’t letting go. Excalibur looks at the person and his eyes grow wide just before the hoodied figure lays him out with a punch. Excalibur collapses to the ramp and the figure pulls himself over the barricade and lowers his hood, revealing Steve Solex. The fans rain down with boos as Solex smirks.

Henson: Ha!

Ash: What the hell? I didn’t think he was here! Why is he doing this?!

Henson: Because he can.

Solex begins putting the boots to Excalibur, doing even more damage. Steve takes a moment to remove the black hoodie and throw in Excalibur’s face. Solex pulls Excalibur to his feet and then whips him hard into the side of the ring. Ex manages to stay on his feet but is leaning against the ring apron when Solex rushes in with a thunderous clothesline. Excalibur has no choice but to fall to the ground, which gives Solex some time to plan his next attack. Steve walks over to the ring steps and pulls them away from the corner of the ring.

Ash: Someone put an end to this before things really get out of hand!

Henson: No way! Let’s see just how far this thing can go!

Steve seems to be mapping something out in his head as he arranges the steps ring side. Solex let’s loose another smirk as he goes back over to Excalibur and again pulls him to his feet. This time Steve slips behind Ex, both of their backs pointing in the direction of the steel steps. With one quick snap of the hips, Excalibur is sent flying backwards and crashing onto the steps following a release German suplex. Ex’s body is motionless on the steps as the crowd starts a “holy shit” chant.

Ash: This is madness!

Henson: Madness? This is SHREEEEEEEVEPORT!

Solex takes a moment to admire his work, but he clearly isn’t finished yet. He walks over to the time keeper and demands the chair he is sitting on. The time keeper, in no position to object, stands up and steps aside, allowing Steve to take the chair. On his way back over to Excalibur, Solex preps the chair for use by folding it up. Somehow the heart and courage of Excalibur pushes through the pain and he begins pulling himself up to his feet. He does this just in time to take a chair shot straight to the head, crumpling him back down to the ground. It doesn’t take long for the blood to start flowing from his head and all over the ring side area. Solex lurks over him, holding the chair overhead with the top of it pointing straight down to Ex. Out of nowhere “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by The Offspring blasts over the speakers and the fans begins cheering as Dangerous Dan comes rushing down the ring ramp.

Ash: It’s Dangerous Dan! The fan Solex got into it with during the last Action Packed!

Henson: You mean the fan that assaulted Solex and should be in jail instead of given an LPW contract!

Solex turns around just in time to see Dangerous Dan leap onto the barricade and then jump off. Dan puts Solex down with the flying clothesline from off the barricade. Dan bounces back to his feet and the fans jump to theirs. Dan pulls Solex up and slides him into the ring before waving his arms towards the entrance area. As he does a team of trainers and medics rush down and Dan climbs into the ring. The medical crew begins tending to Excalibur as Dan tends to Solex. Dangerous Dan hovers around Solex just waiting to pounce. Solex begins climbing to his feet and Dan looks to deliver a superkick, but Solex manages to step out of its way and to the side of Dan. In the blink of an eye Dan somehow manages to plant himself and nail Solex with a superkick, using the opposite leg this time!

Ash: The ENDD is Near! Complete with two D’s!

Henson: Leave it to this guy to make double D’s a bad thing…

Dan immediately points to the top rope and the crowd goes crazy. He quickly scales the turnbuckle and stalls, taking in the moment and staring down Solex. Then he leaps off and hits The ENDD, much to the delight of the crowd. It takes a moment but Dan gets up to his feet and poses for the fans as the scene fades to the LPW logo and then to black.

Quick Results

Dangerous Dan def. Rocky Awesome

Dutch def. Ian Carlisle

Jett Mason def. Guerrero Excelente

Jim Surge def. Roscoe Shame for the LPW Internet Championship

Excalibur vs. Steve Solex ended in a No Contest