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Friday Night Refund l

18 Sep 2009

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California (seats 9,100)



Cage The Elephants’ "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" plays, as clips of superstars of DREAM starts to show as the Friday Night Refund logo appears on the screen. Lucien Walker stands in a studio type of area, in front of a camera.

Lucien Walker – "A new era in DREAM is in full effect! With crowning of a new DREAM World Heavyweight Champion, the roster split, and the first showing of Refund. DREAM is on the right track to take over the world of wrestling as we know it! I am Lucien Walker; you may call me Lucien or Mr. Walker! Tonight I have put together the best damn show possible for this show. While the other guys take a night off to talk DRAFT! I am here, bringing you the best for your Refund!

Tonight, I have setup a three part interview with Mike Polowy. Polowy sat down with my newest employee, Ethan Bush, to talk about anything and everything! It is one you will not want to miss!

We will take a look at the past week or two in DREAM, including the Bashed in the USA results, the Draft, and the new cards.

Then, for a special treat! I have a triple threat KEEP THE CHANGE RULES match setup. This match includes the returning Chris Bladez, newly signed Adrien Cochrane, and a man who is looking to get a contract in DREAM, Ethan Howard.

Sit back, buckle up! THIS IS REFUND!"

Cash or Charge?

Next Shows...


The DREAM Championship returns from retirement. With Doozer holding the title when DREAM closed, how will it play out on Slaughter?!

Lust vs. Michael Byrd
Lucky Draw Singles Regular Match

Cancer Jiles vs. Dark vs. Mike Polowy vs. Nathan Paradine vs. Lust vs. Mike Hunt
War Gamez Tag Style Elimination Match

Level-One vs. T.J. Parker vs. Jak Nemesis vs. Elvis hunt vs. T-Money
War Gamez Tag Style Elimination Match

Match #1 Winner vs. Last 2 from Match #2 vs. Last 2 from Match #3
War Gamez Tag Style Elimination Match

Last 2 from Match #4
Semi-Final Singles Regular Match

Doozer vs Match #5 Winner
DREAM Championship Match



Chris Bladez vs. Tommy Crimson
(If Bladez wins, gets title shot of his choosing of World, Tag Team, even Womens)

Lora Kirk(c) vs. Tessa Martin
Dream Women`s Championship Match

USXF vs. Brothers of Prophecy
Dream Tag Team Championships Match

Lupin Cy vs. Malcolm Dred-King vs. Casey Pierro-Zabotel
Dream World Heavyweight title Number One Contenders Batteroyal Match
*Opponent must be thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the outside*

Travis Williams vs. Adrien Cochrane
Dream World Heavyweight Championship Match

Card Subject to Change***

InsOmnIaCs Side Notes

Travis Williams will be in the building to defend his title for the first time since defeating Level One.

All titles are ON THE LINE!!!

Commish Crimson will make his State of the Address for the future of Insomnia!

So much more ACTION! TUNE IN TUESDAY AT 11 PM for the best Uncensored Action in E-wrestling!

Two Cents With Mike Polowy Part 1

Ethan Bush - Welcome to The Two Cents, I am your host, Ethan Bush. Today I am joined by DREAM superstar Mike Polowy. Mike, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today!

Mike Polowy - Ethan Bush. With a name like that you must get more pussy than Ghandi on Indian Idol.

Ethan Bush - I do what can Mike, and who I can. HaHaHa...I am pretty sure you know exactly why I have accepted your offer to do this interview, right?

Mike Polowy - The same reason every dirt sheet has been blowing up my cell this week, Bushy. Politics, tampons, and the life support for the Women's Division being pulled out by a beluga whale.

Ethan Bush - Exactly in some points, but I would sum it up by, YOUR SIDE, YOUR TWO CENTS!

Mike Polowy - I'd watch that excitement level, man. Holy hell.

Ethan Bush - HaHaHa, So Mike, I can recall your history from sVo, to HOSTILITY, and now DREAM. What makes the Polowy before me, different from the ones of those eras?

Mike Polowy - Man, you waste no time letting me burn bridges. This is the easiest question I'll answer this week. The Sanctioned Violence Organization was the Mike Polowy show, man. It led to a lot of bullshit and double crossing backstage, because people couldn't handle the heat, but I was carrying the torch for as long as they'd let me run with it. It was home. I was focused, I was technically sound, and once Kelly Flawless stepped foot into that place, we were just this mass of untouchable. But then a few bad eggs ruined the omelet, and it just became a cesspool. Debt. Filth. Bad haircuts and boring World Champions. Gah. Hostility was trying real hard to compete with us at the time, and we had a good history between the two companies. But the Mike Polowy who signed with Hostility wasn't the same guy who worked for Page or Moretti back in the sVo. I don't think I ever really had that focus, and to be honest, the place was run like garbage. Still is, really. I had a lot going on personally, which kept my head out of the game, but also I think Hostility tried really hard to make sure I knew that I was never going to run on top. I still poke my nose backstage every once in a blue moon to see how in the hell everyone is doing, but to be honest they've ruined so many money drawing feuds and potentially record breaking matches for me that I just kind of gave up. So there's the sob story, I can piss off my former employers and guarantee that I never find employment their way again. Not that Moretti and Page are doing much these days anyway. After I broke contract with the Talon show, DREAM really caught my eye. Garbage set up, garbage talent, and a fan base that made me look like a fucking supermodel. So what's the difference? Well to be honest, I just answered your question without answering it at all, so let me take the short shot. sVo Mike Polowy was a beast, but was a little too eyes on the prize for my tastes. Mike Polowy in Hostility had the attitude, but never the potential. I was too busy worrying about the politics to just get out there and destroy. The man you see before you today? This is what happens when pure talent just stops giving a shit. I should be rocking the World Title Division right now, giving my all against guys like Jak, Doozer, and L1, but I just can't be bothered. Jak and Level-One are my buddies, why ruin their run on top? And The Dooze? Come on. He's a fucking tool but the guy is hilarious. I can't hate on The Dooze. I'm happy kicking snatches and destroying ovaries, baby. So maybe that's the short answer. The man talking to you today is happy, possibly for the first time.

Ethan Bush - I will speak on names more in a later part Mike. I want to take a stab at the HOSTILITY bit you wrote. There are several wrestlers in DREAM that have been apart of HOSTILITY. Why do you think this is?

Mike Polowy - Because Hostility is the fucking Titanic, man. A big, shiny iceberg of bad management and bad decisions. I jumped ship, and I never looked back. Fortunately, the guys bringing that place down are gonna cling to that thing forever, screaming their "NEVER LET GO, JACK!" until the place is bankrupt. Half the time, they don't even honor their ticket sales. Shows are just disappearing.

Ethan Bush - So I guess I can state that bad management and backstage politics led to your departure from HOSTILITY...Would that be a short form of what you are stating?

Mike Polowy - Pretty much. There was a lot of personal bullshit in there too, but for the most part I just couldn't fathom the fact that I was wrestling championship matches against the bookers. It was a little defeating.

Ethan Bush - Well let's jump stages Mike, and you've got DREAM. You recently was dethrone as King of the Queens. Is this actually a blessing for a man of your status? If Level-One can hold onto the world strap...It would only be fair that the fans get that dream match. Mike Polowy and Level-One. Any agreeing or states on these topics?

Mike Polowy - A blessing in disguise? Are you high? What happened to me at Bashed was a fucking disgrace, man. I brought more fame and prestige to the Women's Division than any wrestler, male or female, in DREAM history. And I manned up and I admitted to failing that drug test. What did they do? Barred me from the fucking division. Fuck them, fuck their politics, and fuck their title belt. I hope Chubbs McFatAss chokes on a belt stud when she's jonesing for a Reese's Peices or something. As for Level-One? Do I see myself headed that route? Well obviously it's crossed both our minds. But DREAM hasn't earned that match yet. DREAM has not yet proven that it can handle two of the three most talented men in the world putting on that kind of show.

Ethan Bush - You said two, who is the third?

Mike Polowy - Jak Nemesis, baby. That kid has talent. Not as much as me... but that goes without saying.

Ethan Bush - You state Jak, but there are many of people inside the ranks and in those fans who would not agree with Jak being a top name in DREAM. Are they mistaken, or are you Mike?

Mike Polowy - Did you just ask me if I was wrong? Are you retarded? If I say Jak Nemesis is one of the best, then he's one of the best. Yeah, he might be the weakest leg on the stool, but it's still the best fucking stool in the bar.

Ethan Bush - I know it will be put to that test, with new tag teams hitting the scene, you two will be tested more now then before! What are you thoughts on the team of Cancer Jiles and Doozer? They are gunning for you and Jak! Cancer Jiles is a tool. Doozer SOUNDS like some kind of power tool. They should wear Home Depot aprons to the ring. Doozer is a guy I'd like to step into the ring with. Mr. Cool is a guy I'd like to punch in the throat. Why does that guy even have a head? He's just.. a waste of space.

Ethan Bush - However, Cancer has defeated Jak, and many believe that Doozer will give you a run. Are they a threat?

Mike Polowy - "I put anthrax in this letter" is a threat. The Dooze and The Cooze are two guys trying to make an impact in a division they don't belong in. Doozer was really something back when electricity was new... and CJ might be something once his balls drop. But this is just a case of the Golden Girl and the Powerpuff Girl trying to make a few bucks off my good name.

Ethan Bush - HaHaHa, I must admit Mike you are one funny guy! Part two still to come!

Blue Light Special

Lucien Walker – "At Bashed in the USA…DREAM had a new era to stand in and start. Travis Williams defeated Level-One in a submission match. Something that seemed like it would never end, because neither man wanted to give up. In a tragic turn of event, Level-One forced his body to fade in the submission lock of Travis. Thus giving DREAM their newest World Champion!

In other news, USXF has surpassed the bad days in their career as they managed to become the new DREAM Tag Team Champions. Minus the missing Mike Polowy, they are the team to beat! Jak gave his all in a fight he could not win. Interesting note, how will Mike and Jak get along after Jak was left hanging all alone?

Adrien Cochrane made an impressive debut when he defeated Cody Brews. It looks as if Cody Brews will be taking some much need time off to deal with personal issues in his life. We here at DREAM wish him the best and hope to see him back soon!

Nathan Paradine also looked impressive, as he defeated Chris Bladez in a highly talked about match. The younger and stronger Paradine used confusion to gain his victory, but it showcases that he really wants wins!

Doozer managed to defeat T-Money, to become the number one contender to the World Championship. However, Lupin Cy is looking to step in that position. The Draft may iron out any confusion that is between this subject and rather Travis is going to be on both brands, or just one! Doozer would love to take out Travis Williams, and take his fame and fortune all at once!

Lora Kirk retained her championship, and made a statement by attacking The Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl Tessa Martin after Mike Polowy was unable to show for his match with Martin, giving her a count out victory and banning Polowy from the Women’s division forever!

Tommy Crimson defeated Mark Zylbert to gain the number one draft pick for the upcoming draft. If he can be picked, look for Tommy to snag the DREAM World Champion Travis Williams with his pick!

BR Ellis defeated Malcolm Dred King with help from the returning Dark. With the returns of Dark and Lupin Cy, DWF is looking to be in full force!

In an Anarchy Rules match, Cancer Jiles managed to defeat CPZ to retain his Anarchy, I mean COOL Championship. This match saw everything, including a BATHROOM SINK! In interesting news, Cancer received honorable acknowledgement for best hair after a match!

This has been the Blue Light Special, with a look at Bashed in the USA!

Two Cents With Mike Polowy Part 2

Ethan Bush - Welcome back to Part 2 of TWO CENTS, I am your host Ethan Bush and I am joined with Mike Polowy. Thank you once again Mike.

Mike Polowy - Sure thing, Ethan.

Ethan Bush - Mike, Bashed in the USA provided the world with surprises! Any thoughts you would like to share with us?

Mike Polowy - Well, unfortunately, my TiVo was full so I didn't get the whole pay-per-view saved... and I'd give you the firsthand account, but it seems I was a little busy being threatened with SUMMARY FUCKING EXECUTION by some retard coconut picker with his balls hanging out. I swear to God if I ever meet Ashton Kutcher again, I'm gonna summarily execute his geriatric wife and sodomize her autistic children. I disappear from one major DWF event and my camp loses the World and Tag Team titles in one night. I'm fucking disappointed.

Ethan Bush - Will you and Jak go after those tag straps again? Or, are you going to venture off on a solo only career?

Mike Polowy - Well first off, my attorneys are currently investigating the outcome to the tag team match at Bashed to begin with, after what seemed like an awful short three count. There may have been some backstage politics at work there. But you have to remember that the tag team straps were never a goal of myself or Jak's... just something that fell into our laps. If the opportunity comes up again, we'll kick ass where we need to kick ass. If not? Well, Level-One isn't holding the big strap anymore... seems like someplace I'd like to be.

Ethan Bush - Good point Mike! Travis Williams and you have history. From his involvement in the death of your brother in sVo's final days, to HOSTILITY, and now DREAM. Would you love that one chance to rip his accomplishment from his wicked fingers?

Mike Polowy - Oh hey, I forgot I've worked with Travis Williams before. It's so hard to watch the opening matches when you're preparing for a main event... I set him on fire once, I think. He's the guy at the top of the mountain right now. I'd like to be the next guy on top of the mountain... and probably the last.

Ethan Bush -Mike, you assisted your brother in kidnapping his kid. Howard Banks almost had his career ended for his aid in the event, Ross, your brother, is dead...You are the last man in that line! So you speak of forgetting, but I know you remember aiding Ross and Banks in the kidnapping! Does this concern you any?

Mike Polowy - Jesus, did they promote you to SVU yet, man-who-apparently-co-signed-a-loan-for-Travis-Williams-at-some-point? We all do stupid things when we're kids...

Ethan Bush - But you kidnapped the man's son. The actions of you three caused the man to lose custody of his son! Are you sorry at all?

Mike Polowy - I'm sorry, did I accidentally wear my "I Have A Working Conscience" pin today? Silly me. I'm surprised CPS didn't show up six months earlier to take the kid simply for having a father who's personal career highlight was "being on the same show as Mike Polowy".

Ethan Bush - Okay all short jabs towards our new champion to the side. A showdown between you two would be one that a lot would love to see. If you got the chance, the real question is Mike! CAN YOU BEAT HIM?

Mike Polowy - Can I beat him? Are you fucking joking me? I don't even know how to answer that question without slapping you across the mouth or hitting you with a rolled up newspaper. Let me put it this way... I can beat anyone. Simple as that.

Ethan Bush - Okay let's move on pass Travis, look at Crimson...The man who runs Insomnia. It is not a surprise to anyone that there is BAD BLOOD between you two. Care to inform us of the issues here?

Mike Polowy - Tommy Crimson is an idiot. His outdated ideas have no place in DREAM, and his stupid, gimmicky bullshit is not only NOT entertaining, but actually offends even me. Kicking a bitch in the vagina is funny... glory holes and used tampons are distasteful. The next time I see Tommy Crimson, it's probably going to be the LAST time.

Ethan Bush - Do you consider your feelings towards Tommy Crimson hatred, or a strong dislike?

Mike Polowy - I'd call it indifference. The guy is a tool, but I can't say I care enough about him to have any feelings of dislike. He's like the homeless.

Ethan Bush - So with the roster split coming Mike...Slaughter is where you want to go. In your opinions, who will Insomnia pick first and who will Slaughter pick first?

Mike Polowy - Well obviously I'm gonna be everyone's first pick. But that aside, Insomnia is probably gonna crawl for Travis Williams since he's the new World Champion. I mean, as temporary as that might be. Slaughter will obviously follow up with me or one of my crew.

Ethan Bush - So you are stating you want the number one Slaughter Draft Pick?

Mike Polowy - I don't care if I have to float to Slaughter on a giant ass tractor tire... I've been on Insomnia for the last several weeks and I feel I'd do just about anything to get off that island of fail.

Ethan Bush - Do you think with the roster split, that one show will gain more attention?

Mike Polowy - Let me put it this way... the production values and the management are going to have a lot to do with show success here. Insomnia is going to be 2009's version of Thunder.

Ethan Bush - Will you be disappointed if Insomnia conquers Slaughter? Via fans, reviews, and overall performance?

Mike Polowy - Disappointed? I wouldn't say that. It'd be awful hard to be disappointed with all those pigs flying around, and I might be a little busy trying to recover from being struck by lightning twice in the same spot on top of my lottery winnings while demons ice skate around my carcass.

Ethan Bush - Okay you have made your point Mike...But do not count out Insomnia before the game ever starts. I will be one of those interested in seeing what happens after!

Mike Polowy - In other news, this ship is unsinkable, and that iceberg looks very small. Next question, fanboy.

Ethan Bush - Well Mike, this ends Part 2...Next part will be Word Association Game!

Exact Change

Alexis Turner – Today is what we call an UPROAR! We had the first ever draft in DREAM, as Tommy Crimson and Mark Zylbert! At Bashed in the USA, Crimson used a low blow to capitalize on Zylbert to gain the first pick of the draft! Drum roll please…

Travis Williams


WOW! The draft kicks off with two of the biggest names in DREAM today. Next week, I will try to get an interview with both number one picks!

Lupin Cy


Insomnia’s picks are!
* Lupin Cy
* Travis Williams
* Casey Pierro-Zabotel
* Malcolm Dred-King
* Adrien Cochrane
* B.R. Ellis
* Chris Bladez
* Shaun XF (USXF)
* Lady America (USXF)
* Billy Wilson (Brothers of Prophecy)
* Bob Wilson (Brothers of Prophecy)
* Ethan Howard
* Lora KirK
* Tessa Martin
* Tina Davis

And Slaughter’s picks are!
# Doozer
# Cancer Jiles
# Level-One
# Dark
# Mike Polowy
# T.J. Parker
# Jak Nemesis
# Nathan Paradine
# T-Money
# Cody Brews (Currently Inactive)
# Damien King
# Elvis Hunt
# Lust
# Mike Hunt

Two Cents With Mike Polowy Part 3

Ethan Bush - Welcome back to The Two Cents, I am Ethan Bush and I joined with Mike Polowy. We are going to play the shoot or be shot game of Word Association. Mike, I give you a name of something, and you give me a word or two word reply...Are you ready?!

Mike Polowy - Yes I am.

Mike Polowy - Oh wait, three words. Yes am.

Ethan Bush - HAHAHA Mike! HOSTILITY?

Mike Polowy - Titanic.

Ethan Bush - Jame Milenko?

Mike Polowy - Thomas Andrews.

Ethan Bush - Axel Ross

Mike Polowy - Hero.

Ethan Bush - sVo?

Mike Polowy - Valhalla

Ethan Bush - Tommy Crimson?

Mike Polowy - Vagisil

Ethan Bush - Project: Violence?

Mike Polowy - Still Champion.

Ethan Bush - Travis Williams?

Mike Polowy - Marked man.

Ethan Bush - Level-One?

Mike Polowy - Brother.

Ethan Bush - Howard Banks?

Mike Polowy - Who?

Ethan Bush - Mark Zylbert?

Mike Polowy - Genius.

Ethan Bush - Peter Gilmour?


Ethan Bush - DREAM?

Mike Polowy - Middle class.

Ethan Bush - Cancer Jiles?

Mike Polowy - Mr Tool

Ethan Bush - Doozer?

Mike Polowy - Loozer

Ethan Bush - Women in Wrestling?

Mike Polowy - Ha. Ha.

Ethan Bush - Talon?

Mike Polowy - Iceberg.

Ethan Bush - Morretti?

Mike Polowy - All business.

Ethan Bush - Slaughter?

Mike Polowy - Dominance.

Ethan Bush - Insomnia?

Mike Polowy - Yawn

Ethan Bush - USXF?

Mike Polowy - Fluke victories.

Ethan Bush - Lora Kirk?

Mike Polowy - Fatass.

Ethan Bush - One last one Mike...PYSCHO STEVO?

Mike Polowy - MostBoring PromosEver

Mike Polowy - Overrated Douchebag

Mike Polowy - Fucking Tool

Mike Polowy - Paper Champion

Mike Polowy - Federation Destroyer

Ethan Bush - Well Mike, any last thing you would like to add before we call it a wrap?

Number One...

Sin: CRIMSON! Someone said you were here. Have you GOT A MINUTE!?!

Crimson: Yeah, I have a minute. I was on my way to the Draft, brother. What is it you need?

Sin: Well I know you just heard those awful comments made by Polowy, and you won your match at Bashed! What are your thoughts on this whirlwind you have been on these past few weeks?

Crimson: First of all thank you, Sin. Winning at Bashed was something I had to do for our show to continue. Mark Zylbert thinks he is a tyrant and defeating him had to be done. Getting the first draft pick is not privledge, its an honor.

Sin: What about Polowy`s comments?

Crimson: About what? Riding a tractor tire? Haha, what a faggot. In his childlike Michael Jackson Mind, he pretends that we want him on our show. I rallied to make sure he would not be an Insomniac. He is bad for ratings for not wanting to work with others. I heard him talking about wanting a World title shot, goodluck with that on Slaughter.

Sin: Is that some kind of hint at your first pick, Sir?

Crimson: Im not giving anything away right now. Just know that as long as I have say over it, Polowy might as well stick to the Women`s division for right now. He can`t even hold onto that title, so I think Dream`s heavyweight crown is...well...a Dream. You know what he, L1, and Nemesis remind me of?

Sin: What is that?

Crimson: The Golden Girls.

Sin: HaHa...

Crimson: Naw Really, think about that for a minute. They`re getting older, not really cut of for this kind of life anymore. Least but not last, just they`re just f*cking bitches. Polowy needs to realize this is a business and not his play pen. He could be the greatest wrestler in the World if he could see other`s vision and not just his own. He`s not worth my time, in my league, or anything else for that matter. That`s the last that fag`s name will come out of my mouth. Anymore questions?

Sin: Well, I can see there is love loss there. I just had to get your thoughts on his comments and getting the number one pick. Goodluck Crimson, anything else you would like to add?

Crimson: Yeah, the first Insomnia back. Every title on Insomnia except one will be on the line. It will be our greatest show to date. One more thing those matches our crew called at the Bashed, I noticed were some of the highest rated. Congrats on that Sin. I have to go, I have a Draft to attend.

Adrien Cochrane vs Chris Bladez vs "Suicide Messiah" Ethan Howard

Ethan Bush: Right now Lucien, we have the main event and first match of Refund, as Chris Bladez, Adrien Cochrane, and Ethan Howard battles in some Keep the Change Stipulation match you invited. Explain the rules Lucien…

Lucien Walker: Simple, the first man to score a pin or submission will win ten thousand dollars in cash, given up by yours truly, Lucien Walker…When we have that guy, the other two will compete, and the one to score a pin or submission will win ten thousand quarters, which is 2500 dollars, but all in unroll quarters.

Ethan Bush: Any rules?

Lucien Walker: The only rule is, there are none! I do not give a damn if they shoot one another, blow each other up, or simply play by the rules. Just score a win, and that is all I care about!

Alexis Turner: Introduce first, from New Orleans…Weighing in at two-hundred and seven pounds…ADRIEN COCHRANE!

The arena lights dim as the quick guitar intro from "Last One to Die" kicks into full force. Once the third line of the verse echoes from the arena, Adrien Cochrane comes out from behind the curtain with cheers from the fans. He hops to the ring as the chorus blares throughout the arena.

"We got right
You got it wrong
We're still around
Last one to die
We're going up
You're going down
We're still around
Last one to die!"

Adrien slides into the ring as the music fades and the lights return to full brightness.

Alexis Turner: Now, introducing one of his opponents…From Hell, Michigan. Weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-one pounds…THE SUICIDE MESSIAH ETHAN HOWARD!


Echoes out across the arena, as the lights flicker, until a red light arena takes stage.

He's Just Your
Suicide Messiah

Echoes again, as the massive metal sounds of Black Label Society's "Suicide Messiah" starts to ring across the arena. Ethan Howard comes out in a long black robe, like the one Jesus wore and a crown of barbed wire around his head.

He walks to the ring, where he walks up the steps, and steps inside the ring. He slowly removes the crown, and hangs it around the ring post. He removes his robe handing it off to ringside.

Alexis Turner: Finally, their opponent…From Beverly Hills, California…Weighing in at two-hundred and forty-four pounds…THE SHARPEST MAN ALIVE CHRIS BLADEZ!

The lights turn out in the arena. Smoke starts to pour out from the entrance. "Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage Against the Machine starts to play over the arena. Finally fireworks start to go off from inside the smoke. Blue and gold lights start flashing as Chris Bladez makes his way out from the back. The crowd goes into a frenzy, they start to chant C4..C4..C4! Bladez points out to the crowd before he makes his way down to the ring. Fireworks go off again this time in the shape of birds and one thousand shoot of in sets of ten with each step Bladez makes down the ramp. Bladez slides under the ropes and walks over to one of the ring poster and looks out over the crowd again pointing. The music slowly starts to fade out as another blast this time from above the ring as blue and gold sparks drop from the ceiling. The lights goes back to normal and Bladez hops off the ring post.

Lucien Walker: I am fucking excited to see how this turns out!

Ethan Bush: Hey Lucien, you cannot cuss man…

Lucien Walker: Hmm, we have no television deal, we are a web ran show. If you let your children watch this, you should probably contact Child Protection Services to come and take your kids!



Chris quickly rushes in at Ethan, and gives him a major boot to the side of his face, knocking him completely out of the ring. Chris and Adrien circle the ring and step into to a collar and elbow tie up. They struggle with each other for a second, until Adrien quickly goes for the headlock, locking it tight on Chris. The referee is right there checking Chris, so is not anywhere close to giving it up.

Lucien Walker: Ah come on now…If I wanted old school wrestling, I would have booked Snoozer to be on this show!

Ethan Howard: Come on Lucien, Doozer is one helluva wrestler and a future champion, as well as a hall of famer!

Lucien Walker: A headlock is not exactly excitement…Doozer is only exciting when he is cracking on Cancer Jiles!

Ethan Bush: Well, we all know he really sucks!

Chris slings Adrien to the ropes, but Ethan grabs the legs of Adrien and tripping him. Ethan grabs the legs and pulls him completely out the ring as he lands face first on the mat covering the concrete. Ethan starts to massively stomp Adrien as the fans boo him nonstop. Chris takes a moment to let his opponents fight, knowing his can sneak in for a win.

Ethan Bush: Adrien has to remember that it’s two opponents and not just one. If he focuses on just one, he will lose this contest both times around!

Lucien Walker: The Messiah of the Suicide kind is really stomping his way into DREAM!

Ethan Bush: Where did you get this guy?

Lucien Walker: He recently worked for HOSTILITY, asked for his release and waited out his ninety days no compete clause. As soon as it was up, he contacted ME!

Ethan grabs Adrien up, and picks him up in a slamming position. He presses him high in the air and drops him face first on the apron of the ring. Ethan grabs him up again, and slings him back into the ring. Ethan starts up on the apron, and Chris gives a baseball slide into the face of Ethan, knocking him off the apron and back first into the security rail. Chris rolls Adrien over away from the ropes, and hooks both legs. The referee rushes in, sliding!




Lucien Walker: The veteran is showing his ring skills, almost grabbing a victory as he attempts to capitalize off Ethan’s hard work!

Ethan Bush: You cannot blame him. The age factor does not allow him to hang with some of the crazy stuff Ethan and Adrien can do all night long.

Chris calls for someone from the back, as Syd Manson runs down to ringside with a briefcase in his hands. He slides it into Chris, as Adrien starts to get to his feet. Chris nails Adrien with the case, busting it open. Chris quickly decides to cover Adrien as the blood starts to leak from the steel case nailing his forehead. He hooks a leg, and forces the face of Adrien to the side.




Chris rolls out the ring, as Alexis hands him the stack of hundreds and Bladez and Manson make a b line for the entrance ramp.

Alexis Turner: The winner of the ten thousand, CHRIS BLADEZ!

Ethan Bush: Chris manages to pick up the major win, but whatever is in that case still sits in the ring!

Lucien Walker: If I know Chris, it was something that goes BOOM!

Ethan starts to climb back into the ring, as Adrien starts to get up. Ethan and Adrien stand to their feet in the center of the ring. They lock up, collar and elbow tie up. Ethan pushes Adrien back into the corner. Ethan starts to back off, but throws in a hard kick to the midsection area of Adrien. Ethan takes a moment to smile, but Adrien grabs the long hair of Ethan, and throws him into the corner. Adrien throws a kick of his own, followed by a shoulder to the midsection.

Lucien Walker: We will see what these two ate before this match soon, if this gut shot keep being thrown by both of these men.

Ethan Bush: Adrien looks to be getting a second wind, after tasting his own blood.

Ethan falls to the canvas as Adrien wipes the blood from his eye to prevent an issue. Adrien walks over to the briefcase that he opens up. Adrien grabs out the explosive that sat inside of it. He lays it on the canvas and waits for the fans to approve, and they do! Adrien grabs up Ethan, and lifts him on his shoulder. Ethan gives an elbow and another, as Adrien drops him. Ethan grabs Adrien and lifts him up on his shoulders in a torture rack position. Adrien swings around and The Adrien Cutter away from the explosives. Adrien rolls him over as the referee slides in.




Alexis Turner hands off to the referee the bag full of quarters as he hands it to a tired Adrien Cochrane.

Alexis Turner: The winner of the second match, ADRIEN COCHRANE!

Lucien Walker: DAMN!

Ethan Bush: What one hell of a way to end the match. Double counter into the Adrien Cutter!

Lucien Walker: I wanted to see someone get blown up!

Ethan Bush: Maybe next week Lucien!

Lucien Walker: And with that…There is your damn money back! I am Lucien, he is Ethan and we are outta here!