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"Now, broadcast LIVE on Best Studios with limited commercial interruption, Matthews Wrestling Medias presents a TRUE eWrestling event.  Welcome to Opening Day! Prepare to FEEL THE RUSH! This is ADRENALINE!"


As the ring comes into focus in the center of the arena, the roar of the red-hot crowd is further enticed by a pyrotechnic display on the stage, up around the screen and then down the ramp to the ring where the ring posts send screaming sparkles into the air. A few very loud explosions rock the building at its very foundations before the cameras go into full-panning motion.

A sea of TRUE "t" shirts, "TeamHAVOC Crash" shirts, "Trailor Park Prodigy" shirts mixed with foam fingers, classic IAWF toys depicting Stormm, Glyn Speight and Marcus Cane as well as the homemade signs and posters! Fans showing support for all of the TRUE superstars holding signs stating, "Shock`N Rolla Here To Show Ya!" to "Brace For The Force Of Nature!" and "Jessica Will You Marry Me?"

The cameras continue to pan from all angles getting shots the gathering inside this sports venue before converging on the ringside area, the commentator's table, where TRUE's play-by-play wizard Austin McGreghor and former wrestling star turned witty quip-man Ernie Turner anxiously await kicking off the show.

Austin McGreghor - Welcome everyone to the SOLD-OUT US Bank Arena! We are LIVE in Cincinnati, Ohio with seventeen-thousand, five-hundred and fifty-six fans for "Adrenaline: Opening Day"! You are tuned in to the premiere event right here on Best Studios! I am Austin McGreghor alongside my broadcast partner, the very confident and very brash, Ernie Turner.

Ernie Turner - "Confident and brash?" I've told you a tribimillion times Mick-G, you can call me "The Virtuoso" because when it comes to this business, I have seen it all; I have heard it all and I have done it all.

Austin McGreghor - That is indeed what you continue to tell me.

Ernie Turner - So, you have been paying attention, you're just a...

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 12 STONES!"

Eric Weaver rips the arena up with the opening riffs of "Adrenaline" before joined by the heart pounding drum hits of Aaron Gainer and then bassist Will Reed. As the song gets the crowd going, Paul McCoy cuts into the first verse, Adrenaline is truly on the air as the theme song it rocked out live by 12 Stones. Obviously, the song reworked to have a quicker pacing tempo as it builds into the chorus where the crowd literally loses control! The band shakes the stage through the entire song, including a juiced up instrumental before leaving everyone in the building with their hearts beating faster.

Austin McGreghor - That was a very special performance of the Adrenaline theme song by 12 Stones, courtesy of Executive Music Group. Be sure to pick up their new album "Beneath the Scars" and check out "Worlds Collide", the official theme of November's Super-Card TRINITY!

Austin McGreghor - Lets not look past WrestleFest and we definitely cannot look past tonight! This premiere show, featuring three very high-stake matches going into WrestleFest on September 14!

Ernie Turner - That's right and I tell you what, if it weren't for this busted knee...


Turner is once again interrupted as a classic brass and percussion version of "Rule Britannia" echoes throughout the arena. From behind the curtain steps out the first of many former Matthews Wrestling Medias stars sure to appear tonight, 2012 Hall of Fame inductee, "The British Bad Ass" Simon Ward.

Ernie Turner - Seriously, you cut me off for this guy?

Austin McGreghor - Ernie, be respectful, he was the second ever signing to a Matthews Wrestling Medias promotion and first ever International Champion.

Ernie Turner - Good for him, but come on, how long ago was that?

Like Turner, most of the fans do not recognize the suited former star as he saunters down the ramp and around the ring to join McGreghor and Turner at the broadcast table.

Simon Ward - S'appening Gents, ow do?

Ernie Turner - What? Was that even English?

Austin McGreghor - Seriously Ernie.

As the music fades, Ward takes a seat at the opposite end of the table from McGreghor and fits his headset. Turner, completely appalled and bothered to be stuck between McGreghor and Ward, scoots his chair all the way back against the crowd barrier.

Ernie Turner - Tell me you aren't staying out here this entire show...

Austin McGreghor - Mr. Ward, forgive my broadcast partner, I am glad to have a man of your expertise and experience at the table; especially on a night like tonight! Thank you for joining us.

Simon Ward - Not a problem mate, couldn't stay away really with all this good wrestling been advertised, had to come and take a front row seat. Can't be arsed by this daft 'apeth. Not tonight anyway.

Ernie Turner - What did you... what did he...

Austin McGreghor - Certainly not. Not with all of the action that is about to unfold... right here... tonight!

Simon Ward - Abso-bloody-lutely!

Ernie Turner - I'm not going to understand half of this shi...


Austin McGreghor - Tonight, we have three matches and every one of them of super-card caliber importance, starting with the triple-threat match for the TRUE Television Championship!

Simon Ward - I tell ya, that Jessica Harmony is a bit of a dish, right?

Ernie Turner - I don't know about all of that, but she is very sexy and I'm hoping she wins this thing and we see a lot more of her.

Austin McGreghor - She is a very good looking young lady and has a lot of potential to win this thing, but she's not in there alone, let's not forget about "Mr. Controversy" Timothy Hunt and Mr. Rottentreats.

Ernie Turner - Okay McG, so who's your favorite in this thing.

Austin McGreghor - I won't go picking anyone over the other, any of these fine athletes tonight has a chance of leaving here tonight with the TRUE Television Championship!

Ernie Turner - Okay, so do you have a favorite in the battle royal?

Austin McGreghor - I don't pick favorites Ernie, but I am anxiously awaiting the return of such stars as Stormm and "The Grandmaster".

Ernie Turner - Ain't he one of your limey friends there Simon?

Simon Ward - Yeah, Glyn and I go way back. It's good to see the man still has it after all these years.

Ernie Turner - You mean, hasn't flaked out like a few other people have, right?

Austin McGreghor - Moving on! I am also very interested in seeing how these new faces will fair.

Ernie Turner - Such as?

Austin McGreghor - Brad Jackson for instance, he's been focused on this match and not as loud and boisterous as some of the other competitors since he was announced to be participating.

Ernie Turner - You talking about my boy Chance Von Crank? That's my pick to win it. Hell, I have him going all the way, regardless of how the brackets are set up.

Simon Ward - Aye up, we shouldn't forget the eliminations are setting up a tournament for WrestleFest, you know?

Ernie Turner - Yeah, that's what I just said, if you cared to listen.

Austin McGreghor - That's right. Two competitors will start; we already know that Stormm is the first man to enter the battle royal due to his...

Ernie Turner - ...thinking he is better than everyone else and ditching out on the Trailor Park Prodigy on the radio show a few weeks back.

Simon Ward - Don't be a wanker. He was by the side of his wife. Her mum just passed.

Ernie Turner - No excuse.

Austin McGreghor - Sometimes I don't believe how low you will actually stoop...

Ernie Turner - ...any way...

Austin McGreghor - Yes, any way, two competitors will start and at a minute and a half into the match another competitor will enter and then every thirty seconds after that another will enter until all ten competitors have made their entry into the match.

Simon Ward - A competitor can be eliminated at any time after they have fully entered the ring via any manner.

Ernie Turner - To be eliminated though, you have to go over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor, right?

Austin McGreghor - That's right. After the first two eliminations, eliminations thereafter are seeded into a single-elimination tournament at WrestleFest where the winner will become the first ever TRUE Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of the World!

Ernie Turner - So, the third elimination is the eighth seed and so on where the winner of tonight's battle royal is the number one seed?

Austin McGreghor - I'm guessing if you can get it, the watching world will as well.

Simon Ward - Smashing! That's puttin' it to him.

Austin McGreghor - Then we get to the Main Event!

Simon Ward - This is the one I came to see if I'm to be completely honest.

Ernie Turner - Yeah, well who asked you?

Austin McGreghor - A match that is the better of a decade in the making will see two former IAWF Champions go at it one last time here in TRUE before they each hang up the boots for good.

Ernie Turner - What? Our main event is between two guys on their way out? Seriously?

Simon Ward - Don't be daft. These two blokes have had years of up and down the road. It wears on ya.

Austin McGreghor - They said it would only happen in a Matthews Wrestling Medias promotion and tonight it is! Chris Gil and Quinn Masters will tear the house down as they go out slamming and suplexing right here, tonight!

Simon Ward - I never seen a more hated man in this business than The Machine and if anyone hated him the most, it would have to be Quinn Masters. This match is worth the money all in itself.

Austin McGreghor - Kicking things off though, with Simon's presence here at ringside, Stormm and Glyn Speight in the battle royal and Chris Gil in the main event, TRUE honors stars of Matthews Wrestling Medias' past as they are inducted with five other announced names and this very special announcement.


A video, highlighting the career of Joseph Remington Matthews (or Joe 2 Kool), plays. It covers more than two decades, from his start in the Texas Wrestling League through his Tag and Television title reigns in Supreme Wrestling Federation. His time with $oldout Wrestling and PRIME is touched on. A majority of the video is focused on his time at the helm of the InterAction Wrestling Federation.


Austin McGreghor - The late Joseph Remington Matthews; that is the man that started it all, creator of the InterAction Wrestling Federation and Matthews Wrestling Medias.

Simon Ward - Including your boss mate and his little sister.

Ernie Turner - I don't know why you insist on bringing her up, I got over her a long time ag...


Turner is cut off for the third time of the evening as the opening riffs and drum beats of Joe Lynn Turner's cover of "Back In Black" brings the crowd to their feet in anticipation. As the guitar screams out over the cheers, TRUE's Owner steps out from behind the curtain.

Austin McGreghor - Here comes the MAN IN BLACK!

Ernie Turner - Did he pay you to say that or something? Damn.

From the black Oxfords and stylish black suit, to the silver-tinted shades over the coffin nail pursed in his kisser, Johnny Matthews stands in all of his glory atop the TRUE ramp looking down on the amassing he has brought to Cincinnati. Flipping ashes about, he excites the fans throwing his arms in the air and telling them to get louder.

Ernie Turner - What he can't hear these idiots? Is he deaf or something?

From one end of the stage, inciting the crowd to the other to do the same before returning to the center of the stage and, in Matthews fashion, throws his right hand behind him inviting his lovely wife from behind the curtain to join him. Stace steps out onto the stage, in all her exquisite glory, to catcalls and whistles, but Johnny isn't quite done.

Simon Ward - Oh my; to be a Matthews, right?

With his wife on his right arm, he once again reaches back for the curtain, this time with his left hand. This time it's his little sister that steps from behind the curtain, joining her brother and sister-in-law as they make their way to the ring.

Austin McGreghor - Hey Ernie, there's Lindsay Matthews.

Simon Ward - Michaels now ain't she? Married Stormm didn't she?

Ernie Turner - You can't say, "There's your brother-in-law." Or, "Your sister looks lovely."

Simon Ward - Stace is your sister? Older or younger?

Ernie Turner - Younger.

Simon Ward - Your mum saved the looks for her then.

Johnny escorts both Stace and Lindsay to the ring and each up the steps, following his sister up. Sitting on the second rope, pushing it down under his weight, he pushes the top rope up with his left hand and holds his burning cigarette away from the ladies with the right as they enter. Once his sister and wife are in the ring, the Marlboro returns to his pucker and he ducks in behind them. While the crowd chants, "THANK YOU JOHNNY!" the three take it all in from the center of the ring.

Austin McGreghor - What a feeling this must be for that man.

The ladies remain in the center of the ring, the emotion getting the better of the youngest as she wipes away a few tears. Johnny takes to pacing each corner, jumping up on the second turnbuckle and bowing in respect to the crowd before being handed a microphone from the ringside crew.

Johnny Matthews - You know, I just want to thank Simon Ward.

Ernie Turner - That should make you feel good about yourself.

Johnny Matthews - I want to thank Stormangel, Jason Willard, Chris Gil, Ian English, Spider, Marcus Cane, Stormm, Glyn Speight and everyone else my sister and I grew up with as extended family. Whether you were inducted this year or your time is soon to come, thank you for allowing us to be your extended family.

Johnny comforts his sister with a hand on her shoulder as he continues.

Johnny Matthews - I want to thank our Dad! Though I was convinced as a child that he lived at the airport, I want to thank him for allowing us to be born, raised and grown in this business because there is absolutely nothing like it.

Johnny steps away, leaving Stace to hold Lindsay up as the crowd continues to cheer her brother's speech.

Johnny Matthews - I want to thank Brad Jackson, Jessica Harmony, Chance Von Crank and everyone else willing to take a chance with TRUE and perform here for you tonight!

Returning to his sister's side to offer her a shoulder, Matthews continues.

Johnny Matthews - Most importantly, we want to thank each and every one of you! Whether you are here in the building or watching at home, thank you for making this night something we will never forget because tonight, regardless of who wins or loses and regardless of who takes home the rights to what, none of it is possible without you and we are very aware of that. So, from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you very much!

The "THANK YOU JOHNNY!" chants return, drowning out whatever he has to say next so he allows them to chant and cheer for a moment before throwing his free arm up and simmering them a bit.

Johnny Matthews - It feels good to stand in my own ring, my own building and my own promotion. It feels good to stand here in front of you without the hair gunk standing my bleached hair all on end. It feels great to have no need for some silly bar gimmick behind me. I stand here before you a man clean of demons, washed of past failures, ready to deliver a show like you have never seen.

Ernie Turner - He's not some "born-again" type now is he?

Simon Ward - I will knock your bloody head right off yer shoulders if you speak out like that again.

Johnny Matthews - I can't promise you anything more than these talented athletes and performers can deliver. I can promise that I went to the ends of this earth, looking in every corner and every circle to bring you only the best.

Austin McGreghor - He did indeed recruit for months before finally settling on the performers that you will see tonight.

Johnny Matthews - I have a lot of faith in the performances that you will see tonight. There will likely be a lot of blood, sweat and tears staining this ring by the end of the night. There will be dreams attained and egos broken. I promise you, you will be out of your chairs; both engaged and entertained, as you will be anxious and anticipating what might happen next. These are the only things I know to be tried and tested. These are things you will come to know to be... TRUE!

With that, Johnny, Stace and Lindsay all exit the ring to a rowdy chorus of cheer from the fans. As the go up the ramp, the "THANK YOU JOHNNY!" chants return. At the top of the ramp, the owner takes a bow and then, with his sister on his right arm and wife on the left, they disappear behind the curtain.

Austin McGreghor - Up next folks, we will crown our Television Champion, but first a look at TRUE's resident Juggalo and a commercial break.


The masked Mr. Rottentreats approaches the front of the US Bank arena on a large multi colored tricycle scanning the line waiting to get in. He spots hatchet gear and a crew of Juggalos with their faces painted, with his mask design. As he approaches them he ignites a chant of "FAM-UH-LEE" and they turn to see Treats casually cruising up on them. They excitedly shout "Whoop whoop!" as Treats brakes in front of them, jumps off the trike and turns towards the camera.

Mr. Rottentreats '?Fresh ass ride, is it not? TRUE launch is upon us ninjas and ninjettes! And the family is in full effect tonight, brudda. For those of you that don't recognize this amazing mask cranium piece. I'm that scrubby muthafacko that's been struggling on the indy scene for piss poor pay days and a case of Faygo. NO MORE! I HAVE ARRIVED! Big arenas, and long lines can only mean one thing. Mr. Rottentreats has got a brand new bag babay!

He retrieves an orange and white striped bag from the basket dangling from the handle bars of the tricycle and slings it over his shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats - And let me tell you, I've got treats for everyone, Handcuffs and a riding crop for that spray tanned bimbo. A dog collar and leash for that yappy Pomeranian, and Faygo just for this so called Mr. Controversy's nugget! Truth be told, I can win this match without all this, but the higher ups made it a No DQ, and everyone knows, Ol Mr. Rottentreats comes prepared when the situation arises. Now, I know when I walk out of here, covered in Faygo from my victory celebration, and that precious gold title wrapped snuggly around my waist the internet wrestling nerds are gonna hit the message boards harder than they hit their mothers refrigerators, bad mouthing me and probably slandering my late father's good name for creating such a miscreant... However if you don't like it, you can take your ass to the back of the "FUCK OFF" line. And trust, that line gets longer with ever step I take towards a successful career. After tonight, I imagine it'll be wrapped around the building! Let the era of the TRUE JUGGALO BEGIN!




Jessica Harmony vs. Timothy Hunt vs. Mr. Rottentreats

As the feed returns, the cameras zoom from the nosebleed section, hovering over the rowdy fans as they share a common contempt for the main having just entered the ring. "Survive" by Lacuna Coil plays over the jeers of the crowd as Timothy Hunt enters the ring. He warms up, running the ropes a few times and then takes a corner for his self. As the music slowly fades, the vivaciously sultry Kaycee Jay takes to the center of the ring to announce TRUE's first match.

Kaycee Jay - Ladies and gentlemen, this very first match, is scheduled for one-fall! It is a triple-threat match for the TRUE Television Championship!

Ernie Turner - I'm pretty sure she's mistaken; this was billed as a fatal four-way for months.

Austin McGreghor - If you paid attention to the TRUE website this morning, you would have known that one of the competitors was removed from the match.

Kaycee Jay - Introducing first, currently in the ring, from Honolulu, Hawaii... TIMOTHY HUNT!

Austin McGreghor - Like him or not; here is a guy just entering his prime, an excellent technician for his age, which a lot of the industry buzzed as the favorite to win this match.

Ernie Turner - Listen McG, it's this simple, he's not a clown and his not a girl. That is why he is the favorite to win this match.

Kaycee Jay - And his opponent...

Ayumi Hamasaki's "Evolution" hits the speakers exciting the crowd, especially the guys in the crowd. Pink clad, from her boots to her highlights, Jessica Harmony steps out from behind the curtain with purpose. She makes no haste, paying zero attention to the catcalls and whistles, as she makes her way straight to the ring.

Kaycee Jay - ...she is TRUE's only active Bombshell, from Seattle, Washington... JESSICA HARMONY!

Simon Ward - You know, they keep saying that this fit bird is "the only active bombshell". I happen to know for a fact that she is not.

Austin McGreghor - Yes indeed, there is another young lady in the battle royal here tonight that has taken great exception to the claim as well.

Ernie Turner - Please tell me you aren't talking about Michaela Lei...

Austin McGreghor - Chaela Leigh, yes.

Kaycee Jay - ...and their opponent...

The house lights die out as the bass to Insane Clown Posse's "Kickin Kickin" drops. A spotlight bounces around the arena to the bass in search of Mr. Rottentreats. Finally, he's located amongst a crew of Juggalos just chilling and enjoying the show.

"Why must you challenge me?!"

"It's spite! I was born a ninja warrior, and I have to prove myself to all ninjas, that I'm the best around!"

The camera zooms in on Mr. Rottentreats with his head down, showing off the large white, with black trim hatchet man atop his orange top hat.

"Then you've got to defeat me first!"

He rises to his feet throwing up the "Wicked Clown" hand sign above his head revealing his white Hatchetman hockey jersey with orange and black trim.

"Hmm, sure.."

As the chorus kicks in he jumps back up on to his seat and a random Juggalo hands him his orange and white "bag of treats". He reaches inside and retrieves a 2-liter of Faygo. He pops the top off with his baseball glove covered hand and corks the bottle with his middle finger and shakes it up. He turns around in the seat he's standing on then sprays the Juggalos with the Faygo to their enjoyment and the disdain of the other fans in the vicinity.

Ernie Turner - What the hell?! That is GREAT! He just sprayed those fans with...

Kaycee Jay - ...from The Carnival Grounds, he is TRUE's resident Juggalo... MR. ROTTENTREATS!

Mr. Rottentreats trades daps with as many Juggalos as possible before jumping off his seat and slinging his bag of treats over his right shoulder. As he makes his way down the arena steps through the crowd he slaps the occasional fans hand as he bobs his head to the bass.

Simon Ward - I have never understood this "community".

Upon reaching the guard rail he motions everyone to clear a path and stand back as if he's going to jump over the guard rail. Then he simply walks up to it and straddles it, throwing up the "Wicked Clown" once more. Still bobbing his head to the beat, he takes it all in for a few seconds before scaling the ring steps. He wipes his boots on the apron, dropping his bag of treats in his corner and then springboards over the top rope and into the ring.

Ernie Turner - It could be truly said that the clown has some spring in his step. Too soon?

He removes his top hat, allowing his dread locks to fall into place then places it beside his bag of treats. After scanning the first few rows for more Juggalos, he removes his custom Faygo soaked Jersey revealing a plethora of scars on his upper body and tosses it in their direction. Then he rips his white tear away pants off showing off his orange wrestling trunks with white hatchetmen all around the waist band, with orange wrestling boots to match. He folds up his tear away pants and places them inside his top hat, then stretches in his corner, awaiting the bell.

Austin McGreghor - TRUE Official Ronald Hamilton showing the competitors the Television Championship belt.

Having shown all three competitors TRUE's Television Championship belt, Hamilton hands it to Kaycee Jay and she exits the ring to the time keepers table. The referee makes sure each contender is in a corner before calling for the bell.

Austin McGreghor - TRUE's first match is underway folks, here we go!

Oblivious to the existence of Timothy Hunt, Mr. Rottentreats and Jessica Harmony meet in the center of the ring, Harmony poking Treats in the chest as she looks up to yell at him. Treats hesitates momentarily before deciding to plant his finger in the center of Harmony's... chest and giving her some business of his own. Hamony palm slaps Treats in his chest shouting more ecstatically. Again, Treats only briefly hesitates before palm smacking her atop her... chest.

Ernie Turner - Great, we get to watch a slapfest between the clown and the girl.

With his hands on his hips and a smug look on his face, Hunt watches until he can stand no more. Approaching he attempts to get the attention of Treats with a right to his jaw. Treats' head is snapped around, but he keeps his composure, taking a moment to collect his self and rub his jaw. Meanwhile, Hunt shoves Harmony, she slaps him and he pie faces her. As Harmony stumbles backward, Treats attacks with some punches. Harmony is soon to join in and they back Hunt to the ropes before launching him across the ring and dropping him with a double back elbow.

Austin McGreghor - I guess Timothy Hunt was tired of being ignored...

Ernie Turner - ...Yeah, but now he's facing a double team.

Again, Harmony double palm shoves Treats who staggers, but pulls forward to return the favor. While Harmony and Treats share another exchange, Hunt finds his feet and rushes them. They pause long enough to catch him with a double hip toss. Hunt bounces off the mat hard yet quickly finds his feet and turns his back against the ropes. Treats and Harmony double clothesline him out, over the top rope.

Ernie Turner - Oh please, now what are they going to do with the only real wrestler on the outside of the ring?

Treats quickly underhooks Harmony's left arm, but can't get the right before she sweeps his leg out from under him. He goes down on his back and she flips through, bridging for the pin.

1 ...

Hamilton only gets a one-count before Treats is out and meets Harmony as they both return to their feet. Harmony grabs Treats' arm and attempts to whip him across the ring, but Treat's over powers and sends her in the other direction. Treats telegraphs a back body drop and Harmony takes the advantage, going for a roll-up!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Trying to get the win here early!

2 ... ...

Simon Ward - Very smart.

Ernie Turner - Not going to happen though.

Harmony is up and Hamilton insists it was only a two. Treats, having had enough, puts a boot to the young lady's midsection and then pops her with a European uppercut then a second with the casted arm that puts her on the mat. Treats goes to the ropes and is tripped up by Hunt from the outside. Hunt bounds to the apron and then springboards up and over the top rope, splashing down on Treats head and shoulders.

Simon Ward - What a move!

Hunt rushes at Harmony, brushing away her drop kick and turns, catching Treats with a swinging neck breaker as the Juggalo was rushing in. Treats crawls to the corner as Hunt returns his attention to Harmony. A quick kick, then he pulls her up by her hair and pushes her back into the corner; a stinging chop, before pulling her out of the corner by the back of her neck to the center of the ring; a stiff forearm and he rockets her into the opposite corner of Treats, following her in with a splash.

Ernie Turner - See, I told you. Timothy Hunt will control this thing.

Hunt launches Harmony across the ring, into the opposite corner because Treats got out of the way. Harmony goes right up the turnbuckles as Treats comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Hunt ducks and catches Treats in a side slam. Hunt is back up and notices Harmony perched on the top rope. Hunt rushes in and Harmony leapfrogs from the second turnbuckle sending Hunt into the corner at his full speed. She hops back, delivering a back elbow right to his face and then sets him up for a bulldog. As Treats fumbles to his feet, bent forward, she comes off with the bulldog on Hunt and a leg drop on the back of Treats' head. Harmony is quick to get a lateral press on Hunt as she hooks his near leg for the count.

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Look at the young lady from Seattle go!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

Kicking out, Hunt pulls himself to the ropes and Harmony makes a quick cover on Treats, leaning against him with her back and hooking both of his legs.

1 ...

Simon Ward - That's right lass, if you can't get one...

Austin McGreghor - Again, Mr. Rottentreats kicks out!

All three find their vertical base as Harmony is up first, followed by Treats as she plants a closed fist into the top of his nugget. Hunt is up behind her, she hits Treats again before Hunt drags her backward by the back of her tights. She jars him with a back elbow then throws a right at Treats. This continues through three sessions, back elbow to Hunt and right cross to Treats, before she goes for a kick. Treats catches it and spins her all the way around into a belly to back, overhead suplex by Hunt. Harmony floats over and lands on her feet. Both Treats and Hunt come in for a clothesline, which she ducks and takes off for the ropes. On the return, she ducks a double elbow attempt, flips and uses the ropes to spring her backward delivering a double elbow of her own. She hooks Treats leg again!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - A springing cartwheel off of the ropes into a double elbow!

2 ... ...

Simon Ward - Just a two-count!

Treats rolls to the edge of the ring while Harmony finds her feet. On the opposite side of the ring, Hunt is holding the ropes to keep his self up. Harmony rushes and Hunt drops, pulling the top rope as he falls sending Harmony crashing to the mats on the outside. Treats attempts to blindside Hunt with a clothesline, but Hunt catches him coming in and goes for a cross face, unable to get the arm secure before Treats rolled through it. Treats sweeps Hunt's legs from under him and holds his ankles high and wide. The crowd fully support his idea as they stamp and clap in approval.

Simon Ward - What exactly is a Juggalo anyway?

Ernie Turner - Seriously, you went there?

Hunt fights off the stomping of his... midsection and kicks Treats away. Treats quickly tries for it again and is kicked away once more, harder and he rocks the corner back first. Hunt is back up and hobbles to the opposite corner. Treats crosses the ring, full steam, and Hunt leaps over him. Treats again hits the corner and comes out into a swift kick to the gut. Hunt grabs the left arm and pulls Treats in for a side suplex. Treats fights it off and lifts Hunt up onto his shoulders, Death Valley driver set up. Hunt gets his top half free and goes down Treats' back to the mat. He pulls Treats down from behind and gets a sunset flip from below.

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - NO!

Treats kicks out and muscles Hunt over, pinning him down with his shoulders on the inside of Hunt's knees as he pushes forward.

1 ...

Ernie Turner - Another cover!

Hunt pulls Treats in and flips him back down with a second sunset flip from below.

1 ...

Simon Ward - Back and forth, who's going to get the upper hand here?

2 ... ...

A strong kickout literally sends Treats up and over Hunt into a bridging position with the inside of Hunt's knees secured under his arms.

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Both of these men want that championship so badly!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - Another two count!

Simon Ward - A couple of close ones there and this tart is just now back to the apron of the ring.

Both men are up, Treats a little quicker and this allows him to double Hunt over with a swift kick to the gut. Treats jerks Hunt in, positioning Hunt's head between his knees. Harmony scales to the top turnbuckle of the closest corner as Treats struggles to lift Hunt. As Treats leans in once more, all the way over Hunt, she launches with a drop kick knocking both opponents to the ground. She hooks the near leg of Treats!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - He kicked out!

Harmony helps Hunt find his feet only to help him through the top and middle rope, returning the favor as he is dumped to the outside hard. Forearm shot to the jaw of Treats followed by a chop that reddens his chest and a clubbing shot to the back of his head as he clinches his chest. Harmony pushes Treats against the ropes and goes to whip him across; Treats reverses, drops to one knee and stings her with a shot to the midsection as she returns. Treats to the ropes and locks on the Cravate, dropping Harmony with the Cravate Buster! Quick pin with both of his opponent's legs hooked tight.

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - That could be it!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - There's no way TRUE can start out crowning a clown as it's first champion in it's first match! No way!

3 ... NO! Hamilton tells Treats it was only a two-count!

Treats is back up, Harmony is slow to find her feet and Hunt is on the apron using the ropes to pull and then hold himself up. Treats clubs Harmony across the back of her neck and then rushes the ropes to blast Hunt back down to the floor. Jerking Harmony by the arm, Treats rocks her with a high knee to her chest. Keeping an eye on Hunt as he stirs back to the apron, Treats picks Harmony up over his shoulders and then attempts to press her over his head. Harmony averts getting tossed into Hunt, dropping down behind Treats. She plants both feet between Treats' shoulder blades and he ends up taking Hunt out. Both men crash to the mats below.

Austin McGreghor - That was not looking good there for a moment for Jessica Harmony.

Against Hamilton's orders, Harmony steps out onto the apron. As her opponents groggily find their feet she turns her back to them and attempts to spring up onto the second rope. Both Hunt and Treats grab a leg and pull sending her to the apron in the splits. Not what the guys were thinking would happen, unfazed, she springs back up unaffected and finishes the move, hitting a springboard moonsault from the second rope out onto the floor. The crowd goes wild for the move, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"

Simon Ward - Guess those blokes were thinking, "If it were me... this might hurt".

Ernie Turner - Where did she come out with that move?

Austin McGreghor - On top.

Simon Ward - Though it doesn't look that way at all. With all three contenders out here on the floor in front of us it looks like a multi-car pileup doesn't it?

Austin McGreghor - I apologize folks, but we have to take a commercial.


As the feed returns, Harmony has rolled back into the ring, though she is still down and not doing much. On the outside, Treats throws a forearm that is reciprocated, Hunt delivers a chop which is reciprocated and Treats goes to throw a right, but Hunt sends a quicker knee into Treats guts. A quick kick allows Hunt to snatch Treats up and charge the ring post. Treats drops down at the last second and pushes Hunt into it hard. Hunt bounces off the post and goes down hard into the solid crowd barrier.

Austin McGreghor - Ronald Hamilton has done a great job of allowing the action to play out here.

Simon Ward - Yes and now he has to check on this man here. He struck that post pretty hard.

Treats slides in under the bottom rope. He picks Harmony up only to punch her in the top of her head. He pushes her against the ropes and sends her across the ring. Harmony holds on to the top rope to send her boot into the mush of Treats as he bends over, assumingly going for a back body drop. Harmony runs past Treats, going to the well, she goes for the springing cartwheel against the ropes, but Treats catches her and again it's the Cravate! Knee, knee and a flipping neck breaker out of the Cravate! Treats hooks her up.

1 ...

Simon Ward - What a show I tell you!

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - She kicked out!

Treats, taking exception to Hamilton's count and Hamilton maintains his call.

Ernie Turner - All you have to do is count to three you moron.

Austin McGreghor - I thought you were against the clown winning?

Ernie Turner - I am just interpreting his expression.

As both Treats and Harmony get back up, Hunt is once again on the ring apron. Hunt comes into the ring between the middle and bottom ropes. Harmony sends two vicious shots into Treats' face, backing him up against the ropes. She turns and rushes the opposite ropes, returning flipping up out of a power bomb setup and over Treats' shoulders dropping down behind the Juggalo. She tries pulling him down with her legs, but he is able to remain standing until catching Hunt with a belly to belly overhead suplex as Hunt rushed him.

Simon Ward - She just wasn't able to power him over there.

Treats is back up and locked on to Harmony's legs. They struggle back and forth for several seconds as the fans cheer and root him on! He's finally able to turn her and get the hold on, the scorpion death lock! Hamilton checks, Harmony says no, Hunt rushes in and Treats releases the hold just in time to capture Hunt in the Cravate! Hunt is taken down with the Cravate count down and Treats stays on him, locking him up in an elevated Boston crab, keeping his knee on Hunt's neck.

Austin McGreghor - He calls this one the CARNIVAL CRAB!

Hamilton checks on Hunt. Hunt says no as he reaches for the ropes with no avail. Harmony nurses her legs and back as Treats keeps the hold cinched in tight. Harmony realizes the situation and finds the energy to locate her feet. She breaks the hold, kicking Treats off of Hunt and pulls Treats into a forearm shot, followed by another and yet another before pushing him off the ropes. Treats reverses and Harmony goes to the ropes, returning into an attempted sidewalk slam, but she floats over with her momentum. With Treats hooked in an inverted headlock, Harmony ducks an oncoming clothesline from Hunt, delivering an inverted-DDT to Treats.

Simon Ward - One move after another this dish amazes me.

She kips up in time to catch Hunt with a hip toss down onto Treats as Hunt was coming in for the attack again. A quick hook on Treats!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Only here folks. Only in TRUE!

2 ... ...

Treats kicks out and rolls to the edge of the ring as Hunt and Harmony find their feet simultaneously. Hunt goes for a clothesline, which Harmony ducks with a Matrix like move. Back up and onto the shoulders of a dazed and confused Hunt, Harmony takes him down with a hurricanranna. Harmony calls for VICIOUS HARMONY and locks on the figure-4 leg lock!

Austin McGreghor - She could have him right here!

Simon Ward - Middle of the ring!

Hamilton checks on Hunt as Harmony bridges back, applying more pressure. Treats goes to the apron and then scales the turnbuckles. Air Juggalo takes off and lands hard as Treats mushroom stomps Harmony's stomach, needless to say, breaking the hold.

Simon Ward - These blokes do know they are in there with a bird right?

Ernie Turner - If you're asking if they are aware that she is a girl, I'm pretty sure of it.

Austin McGreghor - TRUE is professional wrestling without weight or gender limits.

Treats goes to the opposite corner and fights to pull himself up; Hunt rolls to the ropes and struggles to find his feet; Harmony goes to the opposite ropes and wills herself to a vertical base as well. All three charge, all three with the same idea and all three take each other out with a triple clothesline. Hamilton can't count as all three writhe on the floor. Once more all three are back up and standing toe to toe to toe in the center of the ring. A triangle exchange of rights and lefts dwindles to Treats giving Hunt a shot, Hunt Harmony and Harmony returns to Treats. Each shot sends each competitor against the ropes and they use the momentum to deliver their own. Treats gut checks Hunt with a knee breaking the cycle and then short-arm clotheslines Harmony using the casted arm.

Ernie Turner - OH! He just opened her up with that cast!

Treats goes to his corner, and his bag of treats, pulling out a bottle of Faygo. He pops the top off of it, takes a quick swig before capping it with his thumb and giving it a shake. As Hunt comes in totally unaware, Treats turns and uncorks the bottle drenching Hunt in Faygo! The crowd explodes as Treats sends Hunt into the ropes and comes off the opposite side, Hunt ducks on the first pass and Treats leapfrogs on the second pass. On the third crossing Treats yells out, "LOOK UP!" The entire arena, including Timothy Hunt and Donald Hamilton look up and miss Treats slapping Hunt across his neck. Infuriated, Hunt throws Treats to the ropes and attempts the same "LOOK UP!" No one looks but Hunt and Treats lights him up again.

Ernie Turner - Seriously? Who in their right mind would have...

Treats doubles Hunt over with a kick and throws the "Wicked Clown" sign before hooking both arms, a double underhook back breaker, WELCOME 2 THE CARNIVAL MUTHAFACKO! Treats shouts "WHOOP! WHOOP!" Quick lateral press!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Mr. Rottentreats has done it!

2 ... ...

Simon Ward - Jessica Harmony still not moving over here in the corner.

3 ... NO! Again, Hamilton is explaining he only counted to two.

Hunt rolls outside of the ring and Treats returns to his fun bag of... treats! Pulling out a fuzzy pair of pink handcuffs he holds them high for all to see. The crowd gets behind the idea as he points to Harmony, then the handcuffs and then the ropes. Further enticing them he does this a second and third time. Hamilton fails to talk him out of it and Harmony doesn't put up much of a fight until it's too late and she is handcuffed to the turnbuckle of the second rope.

Ernie Turner - This is totally uncalled for!

Rifling his bag of treats once more, the Juggalo pulls out an eight-inch... Hamilton immediately takes it from him and then, very embarrassed, drops it and kicks it out of the ring. It doesn't faze Treats though as he is back to digging and this time he retrieves a riding crop! Hamilton allows it as he doesn't look to anxious to take anything else away that is pulled out of this bag of tricks! Again, Treats turns to the red hot crowd, who again, are behind him one-hundred and ten percent!

Ernie Turner - You can't be serious! I know this is no count-outs and no disqualification, but what about taste? Do we have none of that either?

Treats stalks Harmony, now fully aware of the situation and very unable to remove herself from it. He slides up to her, running the riding crop up her leg as he gets nose to nose with her. Done with the torment, he flips her over into a spanking position and raises the riding crop high over his head. Quickly, and with much force, he brings the treat down stopping suddenly, before making contact. Harmony's whole body jerks as she...

Ernie Turner - Did he just say, "Two for flinching!"?

Treats cracks her twice on her buttocks with the riding crop before being blindsided by Hunt. With a missile drop kick, coast to coast, Hunt was able to surprise Treats and knock the Juggalo out onto the floor. Unable to pin Harmony or free her to enable himself to do so, he's left in the ring only a moment before Treats is back up on the outside of the ring. Hunt comes off of the far ropes, crossing the entire ring before launching himself up and over the top rope with a suicide dive that sends both him and Treats into the crowd barrier. The fans eat the move up as the, "THIS IS AWESOME!" chants echo throughout the arena.

Simon Ward - I tell you what gents, I'm going to help free that bird.

While Treats and Hunt remain motionless for several minutes on the outside of the ring, inside the ring, Hamilton is afraid to open the bag of treats to find the keys to the handcuffs.

Ernie Turner - Yeah. Why don't you do that.

Ward approaches the apron and, using the riding crop, pokes the bag. No movement, so he uses the spanking instrument to open the bag and peek inside. He quickly spots and then retrieves the keys. Handing them to Hamilton, the Hall of Fame inductee is spun around by Treats and pushed against the apron, scolded for getting into the bag. From behind, Hunt shoves Treats into the wily old veteran and, almost instantaneous, Ward hits the Bad Ass British Slam on the outside.

Ernie Turner - HA! This is great. This old dude just slammed a clown after freeing a girl from handcuffs in the corner and we are still in our first match, for the Television Championship!

Hunt slides in under the bottom rope, but Harmony is ready and waiting. He rushes her and she catches him solid. Side Russian leg sweep; or, what she calls, the CROSS INTO HARMONY! Hunt is quickly jerked back up as she swings around behind him and props him up for the REBEL YELL! A quick sitting pin with the right leg hooked!

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Glam Slam! This one is over!

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - No! No! No! Not a girl!

3 ... ... ...

Hamilton calls for the bell! Harmony near collapses in the ring exhausted, but finds the motivation to reach her feet as "Evolution" by Ayumi Hamasaki hits the speakers once more.


Austin McGreghor - She did it! Jessica Harmony is the first TRUE Television Champion!

As Hunt rolls out of the ring on one side and Treats grabs his bag of treats on the other, Hamilton awards the TRUE Television Championship belt to Harmony. Hunt goes up the ramp as Treats hops the barrier and disappears into the crowd. Ward returns to the broadcast table and adjusts his self. Harmony continues to celebrate with her newly obtained belt I the ring while Hunt is blindsided on the ramp by Jakob Alexander.

Austin McGreghor - While our broadcast colleague gets himself back together and Jessica Harmony celebrates, we are going to take a quick commercial break!



The feed returns, focused on tonight's broadcast team; TRUE's broadcast duo of Austin McGreghor and Ernie Turner alongside a disheveled Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame inductee, "British Bad Ass" Simon Ward.

Austin McGreghor - Welcome back folks! For those just joining us, we have just crowned the first-ever TRUE Television Champion, Jessica Harmony!

Ernie Turner - Yeah, we awarded a title win to a girl, BUT our broadcast partner tonight, Simon Ward, got involved saving us from crowning a clown.

Simon Ward - That gal... she... she earned it and the clown... he... he deserved exactly what he received.

Austin McGreghor - While Jessica Harmony celebrated in the ring, Timothy Hunt was attacked by Jakob Alexander on the ramp.

Ernie Turner - Yeah, wasn't he supposed to be...

Austin McGreghor - Folks, I'm being told that we have to go to crowd, something is happening inside the luxury box of TRUE Owner, Johnny Matthews.

The feed switches, opening inside of a luxury box high above the ring. Stace Matthews is entertaining a few friends of the business type while Matthews is pacing, flicking ashes about as he talks on his cellular.

Johnny Matthews - That's right, Mr. Rottentreats will challenge Jessica Harmony for the TRUE Television title at WrestleFest, right here on September 14th!

Austin McGreghor - The first Television Title match is signed! At WrestleFest Jessica Harmony will take on the one on one challenge of Mr. Rottentreats!

Johnny Matthews - Yes, that's right as well. If Jakob Alexander is able to compete at WrestleFest, he will take on Timothy Hunt and... this match will be a number one contender for the TRUE Television Championship!

Ernie Turner - Does that mean that the winner of Timothy Hunt versus Jakob Alexander will face the Television Champion, beit Jessica Harmony or Mr. Rottentreats on the following show?

Matthews notices the camera pushes it out of the box, closing the door and leaving Turner's question unanswered. Back down to the broadcast team on the arena floor, Ward is still dusting his self off, visually disgusted.

Austin McGreghor - All we can do at this point is assume that to be right until further confirmation can be made.



The crowd finds their feet in anticipation of the upcoming announcement.

Kaycee Jay - This next match is an over the top rope battle royal! The rules are simple; two men will have ninety seconds to begin the match before a third entrant enters. After that, another competitor will enter the match every sixty seconds.

Austin McGreghor - All but the first, these entrants are at random.

Kaycee Jay - Eliminations can occur at any time that a competitor has entered the ring, placing both feet in the ropes, and then being thrown over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor!

Ernie Turner - Yeah, we all know who "so bravely" volunteered for that number one spot.

Kaycee Jay - Eliminations three through nine will seed the upcoming WrestleFest Championship Tournament with the winner of this battle royal taking the number one seed!

Simon Ward - There's nothing wrong with standing up and doing the right thing.

Ernie Turner - Said the guy that just slammed a clown. Ugh...


The arena lights dim down to a gentle glow and the sound of pouring rain fills the arena to the brim. Hardly containing themselves already, the fans start to rise to their feet as a sudden bright flash of orange lights flood the crowd before a deafening crash of thunder rattles the foundation and leaves the arena in darkness. The pre-chorus rift to "Crash" by Decyfer Down instigates a small riot amongst those in attendance as orange flashes, like lightning, illuminate the way for the Force of Nature, and Justin Michaels appears through the curtain and onto the stage.


Kaycee Jay - Introducing at this time, a 2012 Inductee into the Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame and the last reigning IAWF Champion...

Playing to the cheers of the fans from atop the ramp, Justin marches back and forth, with what looks to be the former IAWF Championship belt in his hand, recognizing all the support before turning his attention back to the ring, and starts to make his way towards the squared circle.


Kaycee Jay - He is the man who volunteered to enter the Opening Day Battle Royal first! From Kansas City, Kansas, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-two pounds...

Having made it to ringside with his lovely wife at his side, Stormm patrols around to the opposite side of the ring and gives a less than genuine salute towards the commentator team, more specifically, Ernie Turner, before grabbing a microphone and hopping up onto the ring apron.


Kaycee Jay - Accompanied by Lindsay Michaels, he is professional wrestling's Force of Nature... JUSTIN "STORMM" MICHAELS!

Justin climbs through the ropes and immediately scales the nearest turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. The flash bulbs surge throughout the arena as the orange lights brighten back to the venue's usual lighting. Justin hops down from the corner as his music fades out, but the overwhelming applause does not. He tries to bring the microphone to his lips to speak but the crowd has yet to stop showing support for the Force of Nature.

Ernie Turner - For everyone's sake, let's hope this Stormm Warning expires sooner than later!

Simon Ward - What are you more jealous of, Justin getting the girl of your dreams, or him being one of the men that all these people came here to see?

Ernie Turner - Neither, so zip your lip!

After nearly a minute of nothing but straight roof raising cheers, the crowd starts to settle down enough for Justin to address the people before the match.

Justin Michaels - First of all, I'd just like to say how glad I am that Bert let Ernie leave Sesame Street to come commentate tonight!

Tossing the old IAWF title belt over his left shoulder, Justin glances back over at the commentator's booth to see Ernie remove his gaze from the lovely Lindsay Michaels to give Stormm a death glare.

Justin Michaels - Now then, some of you may or may not recognize this beautiful hunk of cow hide and metal dangling over my shoulder. But given the amount of orange flooding the arena here tonight, I'd guess most of you have a pretty damn good idea what it is that I'm holding! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the InterAction Wrestling Federation Championship belt; a belt that I won ten years ago and never lost before the place I called home shut down.

Scattered cheers continue to pour in, especially with the mention of the IAWF, a federation that surely paved the way for what TRUE will certainly become in the present.

Justin Michaels - So here we are a decade later, FINALLY with another MWM federation to call home, and let's be honest, a lot has changed over the last ten years. I'm a little older, I've gotten married, love ones have been lost, business has been conducted, and lives have been lived. But I come out here tonight, moments before proving to EACH and EVERY one of you that have stood by me since my career started twelve years ago that I've still got what it takes, to tell you one thing!

The crowd starts to get amped up a little more as Stormm's excitement level begins to escalate as well.

Ernie Turner - I hope it's to tell us he's actually retiring!

Austin McGreghor - I don't see that happening, and even if that were the case, maybe he can come take your job!

Justin Michaels - Starting tonight at the TRUE launch! Adrenaline: Opening Day! I'm entering at number one into the battle royal for the sake of NEVER having another doubt in my mind. NEVER wondering what might have been! NEVER asking "What if" again! What if IAWF had never closed? It's doesn't matter anymore, because tonight, right here in Cincinnati, at the inaugural event for a federation that's going to set the bar higher than any other before it has set; the Force of Nature is going to stop asking "What if", and start telling you "What happens when"!

Stormm's affirmation generates an ear popping applause from the fans as he starts to pace around the ring.

Justin Michaels - What happens when Stormm crashes into the battle royal as the first entrant? He gives 9 competitors something to REALLY think about for the next two weeks going into WrestleFest!

The MWM Hall of Famer turns and faces the other side of the arena as the crowd continues to get more and more pumped up.

Justin Michaels - What happens when the Force of Nature crashes into WrestleFest, just three matches away from the World Heavyweight Championship? Three sets of shoulders get pinned to the mat for the One, Two Three! And I raise that sixteen pound belt above my head proving who THE man in TRUE really is!

More and more fans start to find their feet having sat down earlier after Stormm made his way to the ring. The noise level still continues to rise.

Ernie Turner - What happen when this man shuts up?

Austin McGreghor - Why don't you get into the ring and ask him?

Justin Michaels - And what happens when I CRASH into Adrenaline in four weeks as your FIRST EVER TRUE World Heavyweight Champion? I relieve everyone of any doubts, and can start to look in no other direction but forward!

Dropping the microphone, Justin climbs out of the ring and circles around the ringside area exchanging some words with excited fans in the first row, shaking some hands, and what looks to be a signature in Sharpie on some woman's chest before turning around with a cringed smile and shrugging his shoulders towards his wife, Lindsay, who rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Ernie Turner - I think she might need some comforting after that exchange!

Austin McGreghor - Hold your breath, and see how long it takes her to come over here and ask you to comfort her!

Making his way back towards the commentators booth just comes across a fan in his late teens, maybe early to mid-twenties, who has lifted his new Stormm "CRASH" t-shirt to reveal an old Stormm shirt from his days in IAWF that looks to be autographed as well. Justin shakes hands with the young man, and even gets Lindsay to come over for them all to get a picture together. However, the Force of Nature then gives this lucky die-hard fan a souvenir he'll never forget as he lifts the old IAWF title belt off of his shoulder, and places it over the fans shoulder, before slapping the medallion on the belt and pointing at the young man as if to say "here you go"!

Austin McGreghor - I don't care what beef you have or have had with this man over the years Ernie, in my book, he's as big of a class act as you are going to find in TRUE. In all of professional wrestling even!

Ernie Turner - I... He's... But...

Austin McGregor - You can't be the best color-man in the biz without commentating like that!

Stormm then hops back into the ring having addressed the people of the MWM universe for the first time in a decade, and waits to see who the first of nine other competitors he gets to face in World Heavyweight Championship tournament qualifying battle royal. Lindsay then takes a seat next to Austin at the commentators' desk as she settles in for the match.



Kaycee Jay - And now, the man who drew number-two...

"Epic" by Faith No More hits the speakers as the fans hit their feet welcoming "The Working Class Warrior" Mark Devereaux to the arena.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Dearborn, Michigan, weighing in at two-hundred and forty-seven pounds... MARK DEVEREAUX!

Devereaux wastes no time, rushing the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. Quickly, Devereaux is up and standing opposite of Michaels. The referees on the outside, in force, and wrestlers on the inside all wait for Kaycee to exit the ring.

Austin McGreghor - Alright fans, two favorites here will start things off!

Senior Official Eldon Hamilton calls for the bell and the battle royal begins with Stormm and Devereaux measuring one another as they come chest to chest in the center of the ring. An exchange of words as Devereaux informs Stormm, respect or not, he will be winning the battle royal. Stormm nods and says otherwise and the two bump fists before stepping back from one another. The parting is brief as they slam together in a collar and elbow tie up.

Ernie Turner - I seriously thought that they were just going to start making out. Seriously...

Fighting for the advantage that neither man finds, they again briefly part before slamming back together. The struggle sees Devereaux locked up in a side headlock by the Hall of Fame member, but Devereaux pushes Stormm off and into the ropes. Stormm returns, ducking a clothesline and Devereaux goes to the opposite ropes. They cross-cross the center of the ring, Devereaux stepping over Stormm who dropped to the mat. Quickly, they exchange again, this time with the same idea, as both men throw an arm for a clothesline.

Simon Ward - I've not been in many, but I know I never won any battle royals from the mat.

They are neither down longer than Ward can finish his sentence; both back up and tied up with one another again. As Stormm goes to wrench an arm, Devereaux reverses and hammer locks Stormm's wrist behind his back. Stormm twists and ducks under, reversing the hammer lock, cinching it in hard. Devereaux finds a way out, with precarious use of the turnbuckles in the corner, floating up and over Stormm's head. Devereaux catches an inverted headlock on the way over and drops Stormm with an inverted-DDT. A quick and very irrelevant pin as Devereaux loses track in the moment. Stormm kicks out as he would in any other match.

Simon Ward - That ain't going to do it fellow.

Devereaux is up a blink before Stormm and launches him across the ring with an Irish whip. Stormm clutches the top rope, stopping him from returning into Devereaux's drop kick. Devereaux bounces off of the mat hard as Stormm comes to snatch him up. Too early to attempt a rest hold, Devereaux is quick to fight out of a rear chin lock. A shoving exchange ensues and Stormm breaks the rhythm, taking Devereaux's left wrist, pushing him into the ropes behind him and then rockets him across the ring. Devereaux is caught in a press on the return, but gets free before any damage and behind Stormm. He pushes Stormm forward, attempting to use the ropes as a means to flip the legend, but Stormm again holds onto the top rope and Devereaux rolls back to his feet without his opponent.

Ernie Turner - How long before another guy comes out here and stomps these two?

Austin McGreghor - About another fifteen seconds, if you could just be patient; watch the Casio up there.

As Devereaux is back up, Stormm rushes, attempting a Thesz press that Devereaux simply pushes off. Stormm goes down hard and Devereaux plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd before returning to the task at hand. Helping Stormm back up, Devereaux pushes him into the corner and delivers a chop as the fans begin to count down from ten! Devereax gets the first two, Stormm reverses for eight through six; Devereaux switches again for five and four. Stormm pushes Devereaux to the center of the ring and they each trade three and two with one going across the chest of Mark Devereaux.

Austin McGreghor - The buzzer sounds!

Saliva's "Bad Ass" hits the speakers and Bryan Parker, with his identical twin brother Brandon just behind him, comes through the curtain and makes his way to the ring. The Parker Brothers go to each side, distracting the two in the ring. As they come to the broadcast table, from each side of the ring, Senior Official Hamilton checks the wrist tape of each. Finding the identifier, he allows Bryan to slide into the ring under the bottom rope.

Ernie Turner - So, they put a red dot on his wrist tape?

Austin McGreghor - They have to make sure that Brandon does not get involved.

Parker immediately gets involved, turning the center of the ring into a triangle of swapped lefts and big rights. With a few closed fists and elbows he is able to get the upper hand, doubling Devereaux over with a kick to the stomach and sending Stormm to the mat with a short-arm clothesline. Parker goes to the ropes and drops Devereaux with a bulldog before leaping up onto the second rung of the far corner. He informs the fans in the front row of how great he is; doesn't end up selling the idea to them, so he hops back down.

Simon Ward - I think they are booing you throughout the arena mate.

Parker goes to Devereaux, picking him up and punching him in the mouth. He backs him into the opposite corner in which Stormm has taken rest and wrenches his arm only to kick him in the knee. Two more shots to the face and he is joined by Stormm. Both Stormm and Parker toss Devereaux to the opposite corner. Parker whips Stormm in with an avalanche splash and Stormm quickly moves as Parker rushes in, full steam, with a clothesline.

Ernie Turner - OH!

Austin McGreghor - He could have taken his head off there.

Devereaux crumples up in the corner as Stormm goes to one side of the ring, closest to his wife and Parker goes to the near side of the ring, talking to his brother over the top rope. They meet in the center of the ring and decide it best to keep a good thing going so they again go to work on Devereaux. The ten count is on as the next competitor is ready to make their way to the ring. While the crowd counts, Stormm and Parker attempt to push Devereaux over the top rope. Devereaux seemingly has a new affection for the ropes as he wraps and clings to them for dear life.

Simon Ward - There's the buzzer, who is it?

"Undead" hits the speakers and the fans immediately drown out the Hollywood Undead theme with jeers. Chaela Leigh, in a drab red singlet that boldly states, across her broad shoulders, "HOW it's DONE" in flaming letters, steps out onto the ramp and makes her way to the ring. Devereaux is saved by the "awe" factor, as in "awe, what the...", as both Parker and Stormm stand in total disbelief of the six-foot three-inch Amazon approaching the ring.

Ernie Turner - What in the hell is that?

Simon Ward - If that's a woman, I'm a Saint.

Austin McGreghor - We all know that is not the case, but we have been told that she is indeed a woman. Show some respect.

Inside the ring, Stormm and Parker play a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" which Stormm loses. Again, he has to glance at his wife, seemingly to say, "You know the dirty deeds of the business." Stormm holds the ropes open for Chaela Leigh, but she doesn't take the bait; instead, she circles around the ring and enters on the opposite side. While neither man look up to her, they are both taken aback by the fact they are looking pretty much eye to eye with her.

Austin McGreghor - Again folks, in TRUE, there are no gender or weight restrictions when it comes to the Television and World championships.

Another round of the popular hand game and Parker begrudgingly loses. He rushes the fourth entrant into the battle royal with a clothesline that fails to even jar his opponent. He shrugs to Stormm and they both rush into a double clothesline. Chaela snatches both men up by the backs of their necks and attempts to bang their heads together. They block and then attempt to take her off of her feet with a double hip toss that she blocks. Eventually, the noggins of Parker and Stormm are introduced to one another and they both fall to the mat; over sell.

Ernie Turner - I can't believe this is happening. I mean come on!

Chaela drags Parker back up and drops him with an atomic drop, he hops and hobbles turning himself around into a second, this time inverted, atomic drop before Chaela really does a number, spiking his head off of the mat with a DDT. Devereaux is up and he and Stormm are now looking from opposite sides of the ring at Miss Unrelated. While Parker consuls his self in the far corner, Devereaux is the first to rush in taking a clothesline for his efforts. Stormm hesitates long enough to see the result and ducks the attempt at his head.

Simon Ward - Whoa! Close one!

Ernie Turner - You know I heard that she is really related to...

Austin McGreghor - ...she's not.

Stormm surprises Chaela from behind as he spins her around and sends her into the, no he doesn't as she puts on the breaks and fires him into the far corner with authority. She follows him in, but he quickly leaps up onto the second rung and FINALLY takes her down with a flying clothesline against her momentum. Stormm rolls through and Devereaux is up. He and Stormm pull the beastly woman to her feet and push her hard against the ropes behind her for added momentum as they send her across the ring. Parker capitalizes, pulling the top rope down and hooking her... crotch as she goes over the top and crashes out into the floor.

Austin McGreghor - That's HOW it's done folks. Just like that!

Simon Ward - Yes Sir. Take the big bad monster and topple it!

Ernie Turner - Seriously? Had it not been for quick thinking on the part of Bryan Parker, she could have probably won.


In all of the excitement of Chaela's elimination, the crowd notices the clock and starts counting down. Back inside of the ring, Stormm and Devereaux are back at it as "Lies" by Evanescence ushers Brad Jackson from backstage area.  At ring side, the referees are busy with Chaela Leigh, all six of them having to restrain her from returning to the ring. Parker rolls out holding his taped wrist to his stomach, wetting it with his sweat. He pushes it against his brother's leaving a faint red dot on both. Brandon dives in under the bottom rope and lights up Stormm from behind, knocking him down. He is quick to find his feet and fires two rights into the face of Devereaux.

Ernie Turner - What is Brad Jackson doing?

Whether he was measuring his opponents or calculating his attack, Jackson slowly takes a walk around the entire ring, picking his spot. As soon as Brandon Parker dropped Devereaux with a swinging neck breaker off of the ropes, Jackson entered the match. Low blow from behind, Brandon stumbled turning into a haymaker and then was quickly pressed over the grizzled veteran's head. Jackson pressed, tossing Brandon into the air and caught him on his drop with a punch to the gut before he bounced off of the mat; chest first.

Austin McGreghor - The Mechanical Animal is here and no one is safe!

Ernie Turner - And he's obviously not all that smart! With that man over his head like that, why not toss him out of the ring?

Jackson goes to work on Devereaux next, tossing him to the ropes and turning him inside out with a running lariat. Back up and bringing Devereaux up with him, a quick T-bone suplex bounces the Working Class Warrior off the mat. Stormm is up and meets Jackson in the middle of the ring. The two ring generals share some unpleasant exchanges before Jackson throws a right. Stormm blocks and has a right of his own blocked in kind. Clearly, not getting anywhere with this, they lock up. Jackson slyly plants a knee enabling him to hoist Stormm up, stalling for several moments allowing the blood to rush down into Stormm's head before dropping back with a vertical suplex!

Austin McGreghor - Devereaux is up!

As Jackson rolls to his knees and pushes his self to his feet, Devereaux knocks him down with a running drop kick. With Jackson down, Devereaux grabs a leg and flips forward with a stump puller. On the opposite side of the ring from Stormm, Bryan pulls Brandon out under the bottom rope and goes to slide into the ring. Official Ace Tanner catches him and grabs his arm, finding the dot he allows Bryan back into the ring. Parker snatches Devereaux and they pair off in the corner while Stormm and Jackson gather themselves and go to the opposite corner. Devereaux gets the upper hand with Parker slamming him hard against the corner while Stormm and Jackson continue to out wrestle each other transitioning from a hold to a lock to a hold and back again.

Austin McGreghor - What a match here folks and we are just halfway through the entrants!

In one corner, Parker turns the momentum to his favor while in the other Jackson manages to do the same. Unable to push their paired opponents out over the top rope, Parker delivers a swift kick and Jackson lights Stormm up with a knife edge chop. Both Parker and Jackson go to whip Devereaux and Stormm from the corner and are both reversed and wind up colliding with each other in the center of the ring. Jackson stumbles backward into Devereaux and Parker into a reverse head lock by Stormm, dual inverted side suplexes! All four are down! The crowd goes crazy as again they begin to count.

Ernie Turner - And we are about to cross the halfway point!

"Born Entertainer" by Veruca Salt hits the speakers and Landon Divine wastes absolutely no time getting to the ring, leaving the beautiful Lucy several steps behind him. As Jackson collects himself on the ropes, Landon immediately grabs him and pulls him out into the center of the ring, clubbing forearm across the back of the neck. Divine takes to stomping and kicking Devereaux using the top rope for added momentum. Divine pulls Devereaux up and sends him across the ring. He comes off the opposite and the two meet, Devereaux on the receiving end of a running high knee. Meanwhile, Parker catches his breath in a corner and Stormm has pushed Jackson back into a corner.

Simon Ward - I like the way all of these guys move, especially Landon Divine, he's really picked up the pace here.

Parker joins Divine in the center of the ring as they take to stomping Devereaux. Jackson is hoisted up onto the top turnbuckle and Stormm attempts a superplex, but it's blocked. Again, Stormm tries pulling Jackson off of the top and again he fails, this second time Jackson shoves him off and he collides with the stomping fury in the center of the ring. Jackson stumbles and falls to the ring apron. Brandon Parker attempts to pull him off, but he wraps his self into the ropes and works his way back in under the bottom rope. Divine, still the freshest, is the first to recover from the four-body pileup in the center of the ring.

Austin McGreghor - Landon Divine the first man up, but Brad Jackson is quickly behind him.

Divine hooks Jackson up and gets a set of European uppercuts before a German suplex. Divine again back up and this time he goes to work on Parker, bringing him to his feet only to quickly drop him with a standing drop kick. Playing into his own hype and quickly building momentum, he jerks Devereaux up off of the mat and set him up for a suplex only to have the power shift and ends up the victim of an exploder suplex. Now, it's Devereaux who is the only man standing and he doesn't let up. Devereaux pulls Parker up and pushes him against the ropes, wrenching Parker's arm up and across his shoulders. As the crowd begins another count down, Parker is flipped hard into a sidewinder suplex. Stormm, having found his feet is poised behind the confident Devereaux. As the crowd reaches one and Devereaux turns around into a super kick that could have knocked all of his teeth out, Volbeat's "A Warrior's Call" introduces the fans to Brandon "Ace" Aldridge!

Austin McGreghor - Here is a frequent "Where Are They Now?" feature from his college days in Denver, Colorado!

Ernie Turner - Is that a fact?

Simon Ward - Appears to me the answer is simple, he is here in TRUE about to enter a battle royal.

Ernie Turner - Are you serious? Do you have to be out here?

Ace is quick to get in the ring and even the pairings. Divine and Devereaux take to a corner, Jackson and Stormm take to a corner and Ace pulls Parker up from off of the mat. Stormm plants a shoulder into the midsection of Jackson once, twice and a third time for good measure. Divine and Devereaux both try pushing one another out of the ring with neither getting a decisive advantage. With five guys gassed and Ace taking pot shots on each of them the "LET'S GO STORMM" and "COME ON MARK!" chants begin to echo throughout the arena.

Austin McGreghor - Folks, as much as it pains me to say it, we have to take a commercial break!


As the feed returns some life has been breathed back into the battle royal and the six men are steady pacing one another. Ace still has the most get up and go and a clear upper hand with Parker while Devereaux and Jackson are trading blows and Stormm is trying to push Divine out.

Austin McGreghor - Talk about returning right on time, there's the buzzer and number eight is about to enter the match!

The fans absolutely explode as Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" could mean only ONE MAN and it is THE MAN... "Grandmaster" Glyn Speight explodes through the curtain and rushes the ring. Immediately, Speight and Jackson are going at it, trading punches and the Grandmaster is clearly getting the better of this exchange. He puts Jackson on the mat with a combination of shots and stands up just in time to dispatch an oncoming Bryan Parker out and over the top rope.


Brandon is quick to rush to the aid of his twin and they argue an absolute moot point with the official that Speight had used Bryan's tights. Nevertheless, the officials demand that the Parker Brothers return to the locker room. Speight, having turned his back on his first attack, turns back around catching a haymaker from a now standing Mechanical Animal! Jackson hoists Speight up over his head, press slam, only this time in the right direction as he throws Speight out into the crowd barrier.

Austin McGreghor - OH MAN!

Simon Ward - I was really hoping that he was going to win this thing!

Ernie Turner - That's right, you two are frienemies or something, right?


As quickly as he had eliminated Speight, Jackson was now fighting to stay in the ring himself as Devereaux and Stormm tried very hard to push him out. Jackson got some rib shots in on Devereaux causing him to powder off and Stormm caught a mule kick causing him to grab at his manliness and collapse to the mat. Jackson freed his self of the ropes and turned around only to catch a running clothesline from Ace Aldridge that sent him tumbling backward, over the top rope and out to the floor!


Ernie Turner - No eliminations for several minutes and then "The Icon" enters and we get three off the bat, including the so-called "Icon".

Simon Ward - We are back to two-pair, one of the players an Ace.

Ernie Turner - Please, just stop! STOP FREAKING TALKING!

Ace and Stormm go to the ropes while Divine and Devereaux go to a corner. Stormm is whipped across the ring and gets dropped hard on the return by a clothesline. Ace lifts Stormm back up and dispatches him once more, this time to the near corner. Devereaux has Divine teetering on the top rope and gets an assist as Ace attempts to whip Stormm, but it's reversed and Ace is hurled into the situation on the other side jarring Divine loose and knocking him down to the apron. Devereaux pushes Divine off of the apron with his feet, using the middle rope to his advantage. The crowd counts down the entrance of one of two remaining competitors!


Austin McGreghor - Stormm and Mark Devereaux were the first two in this thing and we are about to see the first of the last two to enter!

A load hammer cocking noise is heard followed by a gun blast booms over the arena.

Ernie Turner - Winner, right here, I am calling it now!


As the fans boo the entrance of TRUE's self-proclaimed franchise, inside the ring Devereaux and Stormm have Ace clinging for dear life momentarily. In an act of, "how about we all get him", they stop their attempt to eliminate Aldridge helping him back in the ring as Chance Von Crank saunters to the ring. Not expecting his reception at all, he's RELUCTANT to enter the ring where all three men are in position to attack. Von Crank wastes several minutes on the outside jaw-jacking with the fans before Senior Official Hamilton takes exception and demands that he enter the ring.

Ernie Turner - Come on, this isn't right. He's got no chance with them waiting on him like that.

Austin McGreghor - Every man for himself, meaning every man makes his own decision. These three have decided to work together for the moment.

Simon Ward - Now the clock doesn't start for the next entry until he has completely entered the ring, correct?

Austin McGreghor - That is correct. Somewhere in the back Scott Stevens has got to be chopping at the bit to get into this thing and the Trailer Park Prodigy is simply prolonging the wait.

Von Crank has absolutely no interest entering the ring as the three entrants now become aware that they are each one glancing at one another. Senior Official Hamilton interrupts Von Crank's jaw jacking with a fan in the front row to demand he enter the ring. Von Crank simply shoves him away, but this is the Hall of Fame Senior Official of Matthews Wrestling Medias, he DEMANDS that Chance get in the ring. Von Crank answers, a resounding, "NO!" as he levels the fifty-eight year old referee then proceeds to put the boots to him.


Stormm leads the chase as Ace and Devereaux follow, exiting the ring under the bottom rope. Von Crank is slick and gets by Devereaux. Now they are following him up the ramp, all three closing in as, without music or introduction, Scott Stevens steps through the curtain behind the unsuspecting Chance Von Crank. When Devereaux, Stormm and Ace all head back for the ring, Von Crank appears confused until tapped on the shoulder. He turns around to find the Scorpion! DISCUSS CLOTHESLINE! Von Crank is bounced hard off of the steel girders of the ramp.

Ernie Turner - He shouldn't be out here yet!

Stevens pulls Von Crank to his feet and drags him down the ramp to the ring. He tosses him in and goes to dive in with him, but Ronald Hamilton stops him telling him he has to wait the full sixty seconds. Stevens argues, but gives in as he sees the damage in the ring. Pacing impatiently on the outside of the ring he waits and watches.

Austin McGreghor - They are picking him apart!

Stormm, Ace and Devereaux take shots on Von Crank, swapping him like a sparring bag. Several unbearable seconds for both Von Crank and Stevens pass as one is beat from pillar to post and the other anxiously awaits the buzzer to get in the ring. Von Crank is thrown to the ropes and Stevens trips him up from the outside. Stormm jerks him up and fires him into a standing clothesline from Ace as Devereaux comes off of the ropes and drops a fist. Stormm picks him up again and the threesome attempt to muscle him over the top rope. As Von Crank struggles to stay in the ring, wrapping his feet, knees and elbows into the ropes, the buzzer sounds.

Austin McGreghor - Stevens is in!

Immediately, Stevens is on the attack, only it's not Von Crank that he's zoned in on. Devereaux is jerked away from the attempt to eliminate Von Crank as Stevens goes to work on him. Saved by the Scorpion, Von Crank is able to keep himself from being eliminated, sliding back into the ring through the legs of Ace. While Devereaux suffers a barrage of strikes and dropped with an implant DDT, Stormm doesn't allow Von Crank to get very far. Stormm pulls Von Crank up to take a thumb in the eye and have his head bounced off of Von Crank's knee.

Ernie Turner - Look out!

Von Crank doesn't catch Ace coming in and takes a clothesline. Stormm goes to the corner, nursing his head. In the meanwhile, Devereaux clutched to the ropes trying to stay in the ring as Stevens tried pushing him out over the top rope. Ace rips Von Crank up and, holding onto his left wrist, drops him again with a short-arm clothesline and again once more before throwing him to the ropes toward Stormm who ducked, pulling the top rope as he fell. Von Crank quickly reversed and Ace was on his way across the ring instead. Up and over Ace went to the outside.

Austin McGreghor - Stormm intended that for Chance Von Crank, no doubt about it!

Ernie Turner - And then there were four!

Devereaux kept himself from being eliminated and as the final four, the top seeds in the tournament regardless of their eliminations, each took to a corner.


The chants echo throughout the arena as the foursome measure each other up. Stormm and Von Crank remain in opposite corners as Stevens and Devereaux come out to the center of the ring. Stevens reaches to grab Devereaux, Devereaux swats his hand. Devereaux kicks at Stevens, Stevens dodges. They shoot at each other, Stevens ducks the collar and elbow, slipping around behind Devereaux with a hammer lock. Devereaux throws his loose arm over Stevens' head and reverses the hold into a side headlock. Stevens gets out of the headlock and Devereaux gets a fireman's carry, still holding on to Stevens' head. Stevens breaks loose, locking Devereaux's head into a leg scissors. Devereaux is quick to get out and both men quickly find their feet.

Ernie Turner - I just realized, we are down to the first two to enter and the last two to enter.

They circle each other once more while Stormm and Von Crank remain at bay. Again, Devereaux goes for a tie up and Stevens ducks it, straight to the ankle this time though, sweeping Devereaux off of his feet. Stevens fights to get an ankle lock and Devereaux fights against it. Eventually, the hold is on as Stevens steps on the foot of Devereaux's free leg and cranks the ankle of the captured foot. Devereaux gets his stomped foot free, rolls to his stomach to relieve the pressure and then continues over onto his back dropping Stevens with a drop toe hold. Devereaux locks the top of Stevens' foot against his shoulder, applying pressure. Stevens goes to the ropes closest to the corner Von Crank is occupying.

Austin McGreghor - The referees aren't going to break the hold in this match.

Ernie Turner - No, but the Trailer Park Prodigy will!

Von Crank kicks Devereaux away and pursues him to the center of the ring. They circle, sort of, Von Crank RELUCTANT to put his back to Stormm, before Von Crank invites Devereaux for a test of strength only to kick him in the gut as he gets a grip on his fingers. Von Crank clubs Devereaux in the shoulders and pushes him into the corner. Devereaux slumps down against the turnbuckles as Von Crank comes in landing some big stomps and quick kicks. Von Crank pulls Devereaux from the corner by his wrist to the center of the ring and wrenches his arm several times. Devereaux rolls through and then cartwheels free before planting both boots into the center of Von Crank's chest; standing drop kick.

Austin McGreghor - What a show of sportsmanship as Stormm and The Scorpion remain in their corners.

Ernie Turner - Stevens is being smart. Stormm is being lazy!

Simon Ward - How so?

Devereaux goes to send Von Crank into an empty corner, but Von Crank reverses.  Devereaux goes to float over, expecting Von Crank to be there. He is aware enough to catch him coming in with a reverse mule kick. Stevens has seen enough and surprises Devereaux, rushing in and launching him over the top rope by the back of his neck with a handful of tights. Devereaux trys grabbing the ropes, but can't keep himself from going up and over to fold up on the floor at ringside.


While Stevens bad mouthed Devereaux, Stormm got the crowd going, lining up directly behind The Scorpion. Stevens dusted his hands, flipped Devereaux a one-finger salute and waved him good-bye only to turn around into a rushing clothesline by the MWM Hall of Fame star!


Ernie Turner - And just like that, we are down to two!

Stormm immediately goes for the approval of the fans as he is now in the ring with Chance Von Crank... alone! Forearm and Stormm pushes Von Crank to the ropes, sending him across, telegraphed back body drop and Von Crank kicks Stormm in the face. Both exhausted at this point, Von Crank bounces of the ropes and uses the momentum to clothesline Stormm. Von Crank points to the far side and yells, "NOW I'M GOING TO DUMP HIM!" Stormm on his knees in the center of the ring and Von Crank hammers on him from above and then kicks him in the chest from below.

Austin McGreghor - Stormm has got to be spent at this point!

Another kick and two rights to the side of Stormm's face before Von Crank drags him up. Fisherman's suplex and Stormm is bounced off of the mat. The crowd incensed as they cheer and chant for their hero. They shake the arena, stamping, clapping and slapping of their chairs and the crowd barrier up front.

Austin McGreghor - It's very clear who the fans want to see win here!

Ernie Turner - Yeah, but he's been in there longer than Von Crank, he's tired and it's not going to happen!

Stormm taps into the energy of the sold-out crowd and the lefts and rights that Von Crank is landing seemingly have no effect as even Stormm's wife on the outside gets into the cheering, slapping the ring apron in support of her husband. Stormm continues to reach deep inside, brushing off the next couple of shots and then delivering a forearm of his own. Stormm sweeps Von Crank's feet from beneath him and monkey flips him into the corner. Right hand then a clothesline and another, then with a handful of mullet Stormm sends the crowd over the edge pointing out and over the top rope. Knuckles full of mullet and the other hand full of tights, Stormm tosses Von Crank over the top rope and to the floor!


As "Crash" by Decyfer Down hits the speakers, Lindsay Michaels rushes into the ring and into the waiting arms of her husband.


Austin McGreghor - He did exactly what he said he would do! He started this battle royal and he fought to the very end! Now he has to prove in the tournament that he has what it takes against three other contenders to capture the TRUE Heavyweight Championship of the World!

Ernie Turner - And it all starts with your pal there Simon!

Austin McGreghor - That's correct, the two Matthews Wrestling Medias stars here in TRUE will lock up in the first round of the tournament as Speight was the third elimination from this match!

The brackets are displayed on the TRUE-Vision showing the lineup, top to bottom, starting with Justin "Stormm" Michaels vs. "Grandmaster" Glyn Speight, Mark Devereaux vs. Ace Aldridge, Scott Stevens vs. Landon Divine and Chance Von Crank vs. Brad Jackson!

Austin McGreghor - Every one of them high caliber matches, but that first one, that is one for a decade!

Ernie Turner - I still can't believe he won this thing!

Austin McGreghor - I have been told that we are going to take our final commercial break and return with our main event!

As the feed cuts to commercial, high above the arena, both Johnny and Stace Matthews can be seen from their luxury box applauding their brother-in-law's victory.


Austin McGreghor - Fans, it is now time for the main event and I tell you, what an event it has been thus far! The excitement level in this building is at a fevering pitch!

Ernie Turner - I don't know why, but I'm going to agree with you. I am just about amped out!

Simon Ward - Mates, I have worked the road with both of these men about to make history right here and now. I have to tell you, they have got to be both excited and very nervous coming into this thing.



"Lady's Man" Quinn Masters vs. Machine Chris Gil

Kaycee Jay - Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

As the arena lighting blacks out over the crowd and the spotlights return their focus to the ring, every fan in attendance finds their feet in anticipation. The trademark feet stamping, chair slapping and barrier thumping shakes the US Bank arena once more.

Kaycee Jay - This is a match TEN YEARS in the making featuring two former InterAction Wrestling Federation Champions, a current member of the Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame and, I am proud to announce, a 2013 inductee!

"Thank you Masters!" and "Thank you Gil!" chants alternate from all sides of the arena.

Austin McGreghor - The fans showing their appreciation for the ONLY TWO superstars to have ever been in EVERY single Matthews Wrestling Medias promotion!

Kaycee Jay - Introducing first...

Kaycee pauses to allow the crowd to settle and the opening riffs of Switchfoot's "Meant to Live" tear through the arena. The stage lighting darkens and a hooded figure steps out onto the stage.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Hollywood, California, he weighed in this morning at an even two-hundred and fifty pounds, he is a former IAWF Champion and member of the Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame...

The figure on the stage shakes his head and arms, slightly bouncing in place as he warms up for his introduction.


The stage suddenly lights up as the drums hit revealing the figure to be Chris Gil, arms outstretched with a dazzling pyrotechnic display behind him. Cloaked by the black suede hooded jacket, a red stripe down on the right arm leading to a bottle of water he is gripping tightly, he starts toward the ring.

Austin McGreghor - This is it folks! Here comes The Machine!

Simon Ward - You know, if I didn't know better, I'd never guess it's been ten years. This cat looks fantastic!

At the foot of the ramp, Gil stops and glares from beneath the hood into the ring before taking a long slow drink from the bottle and tossing it into the front row. With a burst of power, he launches himself under the bottom rope and slides halfway across the ring before pulling his feet under him and returning to a vertical position. Marching to the nearest turnbuckle, he leaps to straddle the middle turnbuckle and atomizes the water into the air from beneath the hood. He jerks the hood off of his head revealing long black pony tail and iron jaw of the MACHINE!

Ernie Turner - Did he have to do that? I'm going to have to get checked after the show now. Disgusting!

Gil bad mouths the fans in the front row, pointing and laughing at a few at ringside as they give him a return piece of their minds. He brushes them off, drops down and takes his jacket off as he crosses the ring, headed for the opposite turnbuckle. He finds the second rung once again and rouses a few more fans before dropping his jacket down to the ring crew.

Ernie Turner - You see, THIS is what this business needs! Trust me, whatever he is telling these hooligans, he'll back it up tonight. Just watch.

Brushing these fans off as he did the others, he rips away his tear-away pants and tosses those to ringside before slapping each side of his face and dropping down to concentrate his attention on Kaycee Jay and her next announcement.

Austin McGreghor - Alright, there's one and we have one to go before the bell sounds for the first TRUE Main Event!

Gil continues to warm up, working his neck, shoulders and wrists, as he paces behind Kaycee Jay. She attempts to allow the crowd to simmer, but Gil returns to provoking a group of fans, leaning over the top rope shouting at them.

Austin McGreghor - Did he just tell them that they had paid to see him?

Ernie Turner - Yeah, he also told them to return to the nose-bleeds where they belong.

Simon Ward - That's Chris Gil!

As Gil continues to antagonize, the fans start chanting "WE WANT MASTERS!" Gil motions like he is going to step through the ropes, but has his attention quickly jerked to the stage as a look of complete shock consumes his face and the crowd absolutely erupts!


Every fan in the building finishes the Cypress Hill opening, "DON'T YOU KNOW I'M LOCO!"

Kaycee Jay - Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time, the special guest referee for tonight's main event! He is a former IAWF Champion and a member of this year's Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame.

Gil goes ballistic as the crowd completely drowns out the introduction.


Austin McGreghor - The look on Chris Gil's face right now, so hard to describe, he looks like he has seen a ghost!

Ernie Turner - Damned right and rightfully so, Cane isn't even supposed to be here!

Cane explodes through the curtain to a chorus of cheers, sporting an expression of determination and focus over the TRUE Official polo shirt, which he's ripped the sleeves from. Paying no mind to the fans until he gets to ringside, he rounds the ring to the left blindly slapping hands with everyone in the front row as his stare remains fixated on Gil inside the ring.

Simon Ward - This Yank has handed me my ass on more than one occasion, you better believe this match is going to be right down the middle.

Ernie Turner - I don't know how you can even say that. Look at how he is staring down Chris Gil right now.

Austin McGreghor - Yeah, but keep in mind, if he were to be a fan of any former IAWF star, I don't think it would be either man in this match tonight.

Cane continues his stride around the ring until he returns to the foot of the ramp. He only motions to slide in the ring prompting Gil to prematurely pounce, showing his intentions. Cane wisely goes to the steps and levels the playing field coming eye to eye with Gil over the top rope. Cane and Gil share some heated words before Gil backs off and allows Cane to enter the ring. Gil drops out of the ring opposite where Cane enters and paces back and forth at ringside.

Austin McGreghor - I thought we might see this thing explode, but it looks like Gil is going to allow Cane to work this crowd into an excited frenzy!

Cane goes to each corner, jumping up on the second turnbuckles and working the crowd as the chorus kicks in for the last time. The entire arena screams along with the words as the US Bank arena goes insane in the membrane.


The song fades out, the arena remaining at full on boil as Kaycee Jay takes center ring once more. Cane paces around her waving his hands up and down keeping the crowd in pitch. Gil remains at ringside, keeping opposite of Cane and jaw-jacking the fans as he passes.

Kaycee Jay - ...AND HIS OPPONENT...

"ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!" followed by a pyrotechnic "X" on the stage and Saliva's "Survival of the Sickest" rocks the arena as everyone's attention is once more returned to the entrance.

Kaycee Jay - ...from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds, he is the first announced inductee of the 2013 Matthews Wrestling Medias Hall of Fame...

Gil slides into the ring and Cane points him into a corner to await his opponent.

Kaycee Jay - ...he is the "Greatest of All Time" QUINN MASTERS!

With a beautiful stunner on each arm, the lady's man steps through the curtain and absorbs the cheers with a huge grin. The ladies join him as he steps into history and starts down the ramp.

Ernie Turner - Some pigs have all the luck.

Simon Ward - This guy was always surrounded by beautiful women.

Austin McGreghor - It appears some things never change.

At the foot of the ramp he gives a peck on the cheek to each of his gorgeous companions and they each return to the backstage area on opposite sides of the ramp. Masters makes his way around the ring, going to the right, smacking hands with the fans at ringside. He even stops to talk to a few, including a group that Gil had shared words with earlier.

Simon Ward - You have to wonder what he's telling these fans he's going to do here tonight.

Ernie Turner - No, I don't. He can tell them whatever he wants. He's going to lose, plain and simple.

Gil leans over the top rope shouting obscenities at Masters and Masters demands that Cane pull him back into the ring so that he can enter. As Cane literally pulls Gil to the opposite side of the ring, Kaycee Jay ducks through the ropes and Masters assists her from the apron, with a hand on each of her hips, lowering her to the floor and leaves her at ringside with a peck on the cheek. Masters bounds to the apron and walks from one post to the other taunting Gil. He stops midway in his return and wipes the soles of his boots on the apron before leaping in over the top rope.

Austin McGreghor - After all we have seen here tonight, this is the one many of these long time fans came to Cincinnati to see!

While Cane keeps Gil at bay Masters takes to the center of the ring, absorbing the cheers as he flexes and poses for the flash bulbs. Gil attempts to blindside Masters, but Cane is on him and keeps him against the ropes. Cane shouts at Masters motioning him to the opposite corner as the music fades out.

Ernie Turner - Like you really have to check him? He's never cheated in his entire career.

Simon Ward - What?! Have you never watched a Chris Gil match?

Cane checks Gil over from his wrist tape to his boots and then demands that he remain in the corner. Crossing the ring, Cane pushes Masters into the opposite corner and checks him over as well. With both competitors checked and the fans' anticipation boiling over, Cane takes the center of the ring and, after nodding to both Masters and Gil, calls for the bell.

Austin McGreghor - HERE WE GO!

Both men come to the center of the ring; chest to chest and nose to nose, swapping a heated exchange of words. Gil bad mouths Masters and Masters makes fun of Gil's long hair drawn back into a pony tail. Gil rolls his eyes and points out the fact that, unlike his opponent, he doesn't need a picture of himself on his tights. Cane splits them up and they each go back into opposite corners. Cane informs each that this isn't a debate.

Austin McGreghor - You have to wonder, after all this time, just what exactly these two have to say to one another.

Ernie Turner - No I don't. All I need to know is how soon Chris Gil is going to end this.

Simon Ward - You got some where to be mate?

Ernie Turner - As if that were any of your business.

Circling each other several times, closing the distance of the ring with each pass, they clash and lock up. Gil gets a side headlock and Masters pushes him off against the ropes. Gil returns with a stiff shoulder tackle, jarring Masters to the canvas. Masters rolls to the near ropes as Gil goes to the second turnbuckle of the farthest corner of his opponent to bad mouth the fans Masters was friendly with before the match.

Simon Ward - There's no need for that.

Gil drops down off of the turnbuckle and is met in the center of the ring once more as the fists fly; an exchange of rights and lefts broken up when Gil pushes Masters against the ropes and, using the momentum, goes to shoot him across the ring. Masters reverses and Gil comes off of the opposite ropes into an arm drag which Masters transitions into an arm wrench. Gil reverses the hold and takes a closed right hand in the mouth.

Ernie Turner - Come on Ref; that was a blatant closed fist!

As Gil collects himself in the corner, Cane admonishes Masters for the closed fist punch. Cane goes to check on Gil who pushes him aside and a shoving contest ensues. Masters gestures that Gil can kiss the left cheek of his ass and takes a stiff shove into the corner. With no hesitation, Masters charges back. They lock up again, pushing and pulling on one another until they are back in the middle of the ring. In a test of power, Gil gets the advantage and takes a wing. Winding Masters' arm several times, Gil adds further punishment by jerking downward on the wrenched arm of his opponent.

Austin McGreghor - He could pull Quinn Masters' shoulder right out of the socket!

Ernie Turner - I think that is his intention there Captain Obv...

Masters tries pushing Gil off with no success, but gets the move reversed when Gil goes to crank it once more. He pulls Gil in for a headlock take down. Cane is quickly in position, but there's no count as Gil brings his shoulder up near instantly. Unable to get loose of the headlock, Gil goes prone on the mat and Masters cinches in. Gil is admonished by Cane for attempting to get out of the hold with a couple of knuckles of Masters' hair. Eventually, Gil pushes them back to a vertical position, but Masters is unrelenting. Gil shoves Masters toward the corner. Masters steps up each turnbuckle and comes over the top, returning Gil to the mat with a side headlock takedown.

Simon Ward - Hold on to him Quinn!

Ernie Turner - Don't blow your load you limey bastard, he's not going to beat Chris Gil with a headlock.

Gil again rolls to his stomach and Masters keeps the hold on tight. A minute, maybe two and they are pushed once more to their feet. Again, Gil goes to the hair and pulls Masters from behind. Gil gets out of the hold sending Masters to the ropes, but catches a shoulder tackle of his own that sends him back to the mat. Masters comes off of the ropes stepping over Gil on the first pass, but Gil is up quick and Masters catches a back elbow on the return. Masters goes down hard, but in his daze, finds his knees. Gil quickly flaunts once more to the fans in the front row before using the ropes to thrust an axe handle blow to the back of his opponent's head. Then quickly drops an elbow into the center of Masters' back followed by another and then a third.

Ernie Turner - See, now he is finding his groove.

Gil jerks Masters up by the hair and sends him to the ropes. Masters is bounced off of the mat with a hip toss so hard that he is immediately back to his feet and almost instantaneously bounced a second and third time. Cane stays on Gil as he again jerks Masters up by the hair and drags him across the ring only to snapmare him over into a seated position. Masters rolls to Gil's left, reversing the momentum into a seated sleeper hold.

Austin McGreghor - What a reversal!

Ernie Turner - Yeah, but again, there's no one on this planet that can make Chris Gil tap out!

Simon Ward - I believe that's why they call him Machine.

Austin McGreghor - You know, both of these men trained our boss, Johnny Matthews back in the IAWF days.

Ernie Turner - No and frankly, I don't care.

Masters leans on Gil sinking in the sleeper. Gil fights to find his feet. Once up, Masters can't hold the sleeper, but does maintain a standing side headlock. Cane swats Gil's hand from Masters' hair once, twice, but not a third time as Gil once again uses Masters hair to pull him to the ropes and break the hold. Masters is rocketed across the ring and ducks a clothesline to return with another shoulder tackle that sends Gil down. Masters steps over, Gil leap frogs on the return and then catches Masters in midair as he attempted to do the same this exchange. Masters gets the receiving end of an inverted atomic drop and then gets clotheslined hard over the top rope and out of the ring.

Ernie Turner - Well there went his chances with those ladies later on this evening!

Masters remains motionless as Cane has no choice but to count.

1 ...

The crowd stamps, claps and cheers for Masters to get up as Cane continues to count.

2 ... ...


Against Cane's orders, Gil goes to the outside, restarting the count.

1 ...

As Gil gets to the floor Masters finds his feet only to take a trio of hard knife-edge chops.

2 ... ...

Master is irish-whipped hard into the apron.


Gil bounces Masters' head off of the apron.


Gil rolls back into the ring and breaks the count. He leans out over the top rope and pulls Masters up onto the apron. Gils sets Masters up for a suplex, but Masters floats over and lands on his feet behind him. Masters rolls Gil up!

1 ...

2 ... ...

Austin McGreghor - NO!

Gil kicks out, finds his feet and rushes into a drop toe hold. Masters quickly latches on with an STF. Gil battles free, breaking his leg lose and then dragging Masters the short distance across the mat until he can reach the ropes. Cane orders the hold be broke, but Masters holds out for a four count. Gil quickly rolls to the outside, favoring his left shoulder. He paces half way up the ramp as Cane begins to count him out.

1 ...

Gil, in no hurry to rush back into the ring where Masters is primed and waiting, tongue lashes some fans along the ramp.

2 ... ...

Masters sits on the middle rope inviting Gil back in, but Gil continues around the ring to the other side.


Climbing the rings steps, Gil demands that Cane back Masters up so that he can enter the ring.


Once in the ring, Gil offers up a test of strength. Masters refuses and then hesitates and then is goaded into it by Gil's mockery. With a good grip on the right hand, Gil challenges Masters to test the left as well. As soon as Masters had both hands locked up, Gil kicked him in the stomach several times until Masters was on his knees and Gil had firm control of the test of strength. Cane asks several times if Masters wants to quit. The fans stamping and chanting somehow helps Masters lift himself to his vertical base and he delivers some quick gut kicks of his own.

Simon Ward - These fans strongly behind the Lady's Man!

Masters breaks the hold and sends Gil across the ring to the ropes. Gil returns and is taken way off of his feet with a very high back body drop. As the fans go nuts, Masters makes a quick cover and Cane is down for the count.

1 ...

Austin McGreghor - Could he?

2 ... ...

Ernie Turner - NO!

Masters comes off the ropes to drop an elbow, but nobody there.

Ernie Turner - It doesn't get any closer than that!

Gil does the exact same thing as he drives his elbow into nothing but canvas.

Simon Ward - Oh? I have a few pounds to say that Masters is just a shy quicker.

Masters with an arm wrench that takes Gil right back down on his stomach, but Masters doesn't let up holding onto the arm bar. Cane drops to check and Gil refuses to give telling the guest official to shut the hell up. Gil pushes back up once again and shoves Masters off and into the ropes. Gil ducks a clothesline, Masters steps over, Gil with a leap frog and Masters ducks a back elbow. Each pass getting faster until Gil gets a Thesz press, tackling Masters hard. Machine opens up a barrage of strikes with his fists and elbows.

Ernie Turner - That will teach this entertainer to try and out-quick a professional wrestler!

Gil relents and paces the ring as Cane admonishes the closed fists. Gil again mounts Masters and draws back to deliver another fury, but Masters catches Gil's arm with his legs and rolls him over into a pin.

1 ...

2 ... ...

The crowd is crazy as Gil pulls through and then pushes against Masters' legs pinning him down!

1 ...

Masters turns up the crowd even louder, flipping Gil over, finding a sunset position from his back!

1 ...

2 ... ...

The crowd at full throat, but booing very loudly as Gil once again kicks out and flips over Masters for a bridging pin attempt!

Simon Ward - One!

Ernie Turner - TWO!

Austin McGreghor - WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

Marcus Cane is jerked out of the ring before making the three-count. As the cameras scurry for an angle, it's revealed that Chance Von Crank had interrupted the count.

Austin McGreghor - What is he doing out here?

Von Crank stomps the Hall of Fame guest referee before diving in under the bottom rope and hitting Gil with a clothesline. He jerks Masters up off of the mat and stuns him with the Shock-N-Rolla'??! Gil is back up and Von Crank has catches him quick with a snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends him to the mat hard and out under the bottom rope! Returning his attention to Masters, he lifts him in a pump handle fashion and falls to a seated position, RazzleDazzleR'??!

Austin McGreghor - For goodness sakes, there's no call for this!

Ernie Turner - That's why he is the number two seed in the...

Just as Von Crank demands the microphone from ringside, the thunder rolls! The crowd hit their feet as the Force of Nature steps through the curtain. In no rush to attack an expecting adversary, Stormm allows Von Crank time to speak.

Chance Von Crank - I tell you what there Stormm, why don't you just run on down here and like the rest of these has-beens, I put you out of all of these people's misery?

Stormm continues slowly down the ramp, provoking Von Crank to step closer to the ropes and holding his attention from the INSANE guest referee's return to the ring.

Chance Von Crank - That's right, come on down here and let the new take out the old.

Austin McGreghor - He has no idea what is waiting directly behind...

Stormm motions like he's going to rush the ring causing Von Crank to step backward into a belly to back suplex from Cane. Cane jerks Von Crank up off of the mat and locks in for the double underhook DDT, but Von Crank drops to his knees breaking the grip. Von Crank rolls out of the ring and jumps the barrier and exits through the crowd, leaving Marcus Cane inside the ring with the wrecked bodies of Quinn Masters and Chris Gil, while Justin "Stormm" Michaels stands on the ramp the number one seed going into the WrestleFest Championship Tournament! Cane demands a microphone from ringside.

Simon Ward - I've seen this man frustrated. I've seen him angry. I can tell you now that his is a level of enraged the likes I have NEVER seen!

Marcus Cane - I tell you what Trailer Park whatever it is you call yourself, you may have ruined this match, but in two weeks, that won't be the case at all! If... and that's a very BIG IF you make it into the finals of the WrestleFest Championship Tournament be prepared to come face to face with "INSANE" MARCUS CANE!

Everyone in the arena, including the number one seed shares a look of confusion. The crowd doesn't care, all the heard was that Marcus Cane will be at WrestleFest!

Marcus Cane - CANE BRINGS THE PAIN! I also bring JUSTICE! At WrestleFest, in the final of the Championship Tournament, I will don the stripes once more and award the IAW... TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD to the winner and I hope as much as you will by the end, that it's not you!

Austin McGreghor - Ladies and gentlemen, we are absolutely out of time. For Simon Ward and Ernie Turner, I am Austin McGreghor and we will see you in two weeks at WrestleFest!