Posted by Rumor Man Stan

My little birds caught up with the Bombastic Bronson Box today in an attempt to get the oft elusive UTA superstars take on the recent move by the Machine’s Mike Best in relation to the upcoming Elimination Chamber match. Our asking the question was his first hearing of the news so his remarks were about as upfront and candid as they possibly could be.

“Best thinks he’s being cute. I’m sure he delivered this news to you lot like it was some sort of checkmate, did he? I bloody WELCOME the opportunity to rake that fo[redacted] orange tw[redacted] face across the unforgiving steel of that chamber, boy’o. Sektor… Farthington. Cogs in the Machine. Swap ‘em out, replace ‘em… break ‘em.”

When cornered about Dane’s offer from Wrestleshow, Bronson’s answer was… well, unnerving.

“I think it’s bloody obvious by this point that I have a serious issue with authority. I barely know this Wingate fella’ and I ALREADY dislike him immensely. So needless to say Eric Dane and I have had a somewhat complicated relationship over the years, him being my employer elsewhere for… what is it Eric, six? Seven years? More? Aye. Long time.”

“As much as I take a true exuberant joy in making Eric Dane and anyone associated with Team  fo[redacted] Danger’s personal and professional life a living breathing pulsating corpse strewn hellscape... those men represent my bloody CAREER, lads. I’ve gone to war with those men. I’ve bled and battled those men all over the bloody GLOBE. Eric Dane, as much as he’s been a constant rival, knows how Bronson Box ticks almost as well as I do. So Eric? I accept your offer… let’s tear down the bloody Machine. Sektor, Best, Beckman, Wingate… the whole fo[redacted] disgustin’ lot of ‘em.”

So going into the most violent and unpredictable match on the UTA calendar, two of the most unhinged, brutal superstars to ever grace a UTA ring are officially on the same page. Honestly? If this reporter was John Sektor or any of the other competitors unlucky enough to find themselves in the Chamber at Ring King, I’d get my affairs in order before hand.

It’s going to be a loooong night, boys.