Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Eric Dane has a tactical answer to The Machine's machinations!

In more exciting Ring King news Eric Dane, representing himself and his partners Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer (BKA Team Danger), has taken to the airwaves to publically counter Mike Best's "tactical switch" of Cecilworth Farthington and John Sektor. The following is Dane's official statement:

"Seeing that The Machine seem to have somehow manifested booking powers over their matches in UTA, I've decided to play my own hand and substitute Tyrone Walker into the Chamber Match for myself, and for my part I'll be filling in for Ty as 1/2 of the defending Tag Team Champions along with Steve Greer in Team Danger's title defense against Maria Van Claudio and Amy Harrison.

This is for sure a tactical counter-punch to the Machine's move. Considering that Tyrone Walker has already shown that he's got the kryptonite to John Sektor and the fact that Stevie could beat those two anorexic children if all I gave him for a partner was my knee brace, I feel like this is the most appropriate move for Team Danger to make at this time."

As usual, I decided to do a little fact checking and it turns out that absolutely nothing Eric Dane said had a shred of truth to it. Mr. Wingate refused to make a statement, but privately told me his thoughts on Mr. Dane and his "proposed changes" to the Ring King card. Let me just tell you, it was a doozy. After getting word that I'd outed his sham, Dane had the following to say:

"Ha! Just kidding! Sektor's a dead man when he steps into that Chamber with me. As a matter of fact, if the "Gold Standard" had a set of b---- dangling between his legs he'd put that Legacy Title of his on the line to the man who eliminates him from that Chamber Match. That way not only can I keep The Machine from having a say-so in the future of the UTA's roster landscape, I can add that pretty new belt to my collection of dusty old ones!"

Well, there you have it. Was this all a ploy to draw out the Legacy Champion? Maybe. Chances are it's just another example of The Only Star working his particular brand of magic to get into the head of one of his more dangerous opponents come Ring King.

Keep it locked here for any more news on this as it develops and everything that comes up in the UTAverse between now and the Ring King pay-per-view extravaganza!