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30th September 2011 - Action Packed - From in Fort Worth, TX

The new LPW logo flashes across the screen and the scene cuts to the LPW ring where Edward Roth is standing.

Roth: Ladies and gentleman…the first ever Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

“Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine hits the speakers and the fans immediately begin to jeer. Steve Solex steps out from the back in his all black suit and with the LPW Championship draped over his shoulder. He takes a moment to soak up the reaction from the crowd before taking the title and lifting it in the air, somehow forcing the fans to loathe him more. A slight smirk crosses his face as he returns the title and begins walking down to the ring. He casually climbs up and in, taking the microphone out of Roth’s hand and turning to address the crowd.

Solex: You know, I have to be honest…I’m a little disappointed. You’d think that being the first ever Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion there would be a little more celebration. Where’s my ceremony? Where is my confetti? How about a nice cake? Maybe not being “in” with the boss means I don’t get such treatment. Or maybe, just maybe it is reflection of just how little doubt this promotion had in me. After all, it was a far gone conclusion that I would be the Champion after Instant Classic.

The fans boo again.

Solex: Let’s just face it, having me as the champ is the best thing this company could have hoped for. The moment I got this gold the investors have flocked to LPW. We got a new logo, fancy new setup for the shows, even a brand new webpage. All of this…because of me.

The audience continues jeering with disgust.

Solex: But I want all of you to know, I will most certainly be a fighting champion. I will take on all comers and will no doubt meet my contractual obligation to defend the title once every 60 days. I…

Solex turns his attention to someone in the audience.

Solex: I’m sorry, did you say something? Hold on a second…

Steve places the title on the mat and then climbs out of the ring, going over to the fan in question.

Solex: I believe you were trying to say something…

Steve holds the mic in front of the fan.

Fan: I said…you suck!

Steve brings the mic back up to his face and has a slight smirk.

Solex: Yeah…that’s what I thought you said. Normally I would kick your ass, but seeing as I now represent this company I’ll…oops…

As Solex says “oops” he knocks a drink out of the fans hand.

Solex: Looks like you spilled your drink. That must suck. But at least you’ll have a nice little story to tell all your friends.

The fan just stares at Steve, clearly annoyed by his actions.

Solex: You look a little angry, like you want to punch in the face. Well why don’t you? Go ahead, take a shot. You don’t have to worry about security or anything. Come on, give me your best shot.

Steve sticks his chin out and the fan looks around for a second before putting a punch right to the jaw of Solex. Steve stumbles back a bit and security begins rushing towards him. Solex lets loose a smile and motions for security to stay away.

Solex: Not bad, you’ve got some balls on you…but you just made the biggest mistake of your life!

Solex throws the mic down and grabs hold of the fan, pulling him over the barricade and over to ringside. Steve then throws the fan into the ring before removing his suit jacket and following in. The fan is still lying on the mat and Solex stalks around him, a trickle of blood on the side of his lip. Steve’s eyes go large as the fan kips up to his feet. Solex tries to clothesline the fan, but the fan manages to duck the move and hits the ropes to gain a little momentum. Off the rebound and just as Solex turns around the fan connects with a flying forearm that sends Solex to the canvas. The fan then mounts Steve and throws down a series of punches. The fan springs to his feet and the fans in the arena go crazy for him. The fan soaks in the cheers before going back to Solex. Then the fan hits the mat. Solex had taken the brand new LPW Championship title and slammed it into the skull of the fan. Steve kicks at the fan a few times and then begins to leave the ring. As he heads up the ramp a group of security and medical staff tend to the fan. The scene then cuts to the announce team, neither of which quite sure what to say.

Ash: Well…I guess that is one way to start the post Instant Classic edition of Action Packed. Nevertheless, we are live on our new night, with a new set, and brand new champions!

Henson: We have some great new champions, like the man you just saw, Steve Solex. The new Internet champion, Roscoe Shame, isn’t so bad either. Then you have the “fake” and “undeserving” Tag Team champions, Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers.

Ash: It’ll be interesting to see how things shape up heading into our next iPPV, Fallout in 8 weeks.

Henson: As long as justice is served in regard to Sagrado Excelente, I’ll be happy.

Ash: Would you get over that?

Henson: Never! They were clearly and blatantly screwed by a vindictive boss.

Me, Myself, and I

Ash: Well maybe this will make you a bit a happier, we're heading backstage for an interview with "The Scorpion".

The scenec cuts backstage where "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens is standing with a microphone in hand.

Scorpion: Apparently LPW officials have decided that Ms. Summers is no longer to interview me. Since they have no one else to interview me, I've decided to do it myself.

Later tonight you are in the Main Event and are facing Shayne Adams. Adams is a man who has been distracted and borderline depressed these last few weeks. What are your thoughts?

I'm in the Main Event because I draw in the ratings. Not only am I the most controversial figure in this company, I am their biggest star as well. So the Main Event is only natural to have the best wrestler in the world is it not?

Great point, Scorpion. What are your thoughts on Shayne and his recent emotional downward spiral lately?

It's pretty pathetic if you ask me. I mean he is bitching and moaning because he has lost. Hell, I've lost plenty of times and you don't hear me complaining about it.

Well he has been distracted by one Horatio Graves.

Who the hell cares? He should be focusing on me and me alone. Graves isn't his opponent this week, I am! He can deal with Horatio after I'm done kicking his ass tonight.

So you are saying if a guy wanted to consume your girl's flesh you wouldn't be scared?

No because she is not around and another reason is I know she can take care of herself. Plus, me and Horatio have an understanding and that is if he doesn't interfere in my match I would personally deliver Rachelle to him.

You can't possibly be serious?

Why not? Just trying to help a friend get a date with a beautiful woman.

Because she is taken all ready.

That didn't stop her from riding the Stinger Express a few nights ago now did it?

Of course...

The camera cuts mid sentence and heads back to the announce table.

Henson: What a great man...

Ash: Yeah, he's wondering. A scholar too, clearly.

Henson: I agree...but I don't follow...

Ash: Our shows are online only...there are no ratings...

TJ (w/ Rocky Awesome) vs. Bottomless

The two large men start the match off by going right after each other. They exchange a series of punches and it is TJ who gains the advantage. He manages to beat Bottomless back into a corner and continues his assault. TJ halts for a moment to take a few instructions for Rocky Awesome at ringside, which gives Bottomless the chance to rake the eyes. Bottomless then goes on the attack with a series of strikes of his own. Bottomless connects with an atomic drop followed by a back rake that. With TJ on the ground Bottomless lurks around him, delivering powerful stomps and kicks.

TJ tries to get up to his feet but is met with a short double axe handle from the massive arms of Bottomless. Bottomless lets out an animalistic scream and removes his single strap from his shoulder, showing that he now means business. Out of the corner of his eye, however, he sees Rocky Awesome climbing up onto the ring apron. He immediately turns his attention to Rocky which gives TJ the chance to get up to his feet. Awesome puts his hands up, motioning that he doesn’t want any of Bottomless and then jumps back down to ringside. As soon as Bottomless turns around he is greeted with a massive clothesline. The power of TJ proves to be enough to take Bottomless off his feet.

TJ mounts the large man and begins unloading vicious punches to his face, taking off some of his face paint. The referee pulls TJ away for using the closed fist but TJ pushes him away. Bottomless begins to stir but is laid back out by a drive by style boot to the face from TJ. TJ then postures up motioning that the end is near and begging for Bottomless to get to his feet so he can deliver his Texan Spear. Just as Bottomless is in position a loud “CRACK” is heard, followed by the ring bell. TJ is flat on the mat, Rocky Awesome standing above him with a chair in hand. Rocky then smashes the chair over the head of Bottomless, ensuring he doesn’t get involved. The referee is furious and tries to take the chair away but Rocky pushes him down. Awesome then begins smashing the chair against the back of the grounded TJ, forcing him to lay motionless. Rocky, having finished up, throws the chair down on the back of TJ’s head, flips him off, and then exits the ring as officials rush to the aid of both TJ and Bottomless.

Roth: The winner of the match via disqualification..."The Natural"...TJ!

Ash: What the hell just happened here?

Henson: It looks to me like Rocky Awesome just bashed some skulls with a chair. Weren't you watching?

Ash: Yes...but why would he turn on his partner like that?

Henson: Maybe he ate the last donut?

Back on Track

We are in the locker room of Shayne Adams. He and Rachelle sit side-by-side on a wooden bench, merchandise on the wall behind them.

Adams: That's right Rachelle. I'm getting it back under control. No more blind rage, no more charging to the ring and windmilling my opponent. No. Focused Shayne Adams is back. The man who steamrollered his way through LPW in his first few matches. The man who took the main event spot of the very first show here and raised the roof! The man who, in another mindframe, would be the first LPW Champion! But that's for another day. Solex, I haven't forgotten about you, but I've got other fish to fry. Scott Stevens, The Scorpion himself. The man who, in his first appearance in the company, lost a frickin' dark match! The man whose only win has come against some nobody. The man who claims to have bedded every woman here in Legacy Pro Wrestling...

Adams laughs, turning to Rachelle, who sits expressionless.

Adams: Sorry man, but there's just no way. Admittedly, I'm not exactly clued up on the Comic-Con scene, but what I do know is that guys who hang around them re-enacting Star Trek scenes aren't exactly considered 'chick magnets'. Still, it's your delusion. If you want to keep living in it, I won't stop you. Just be aware that claims like yours are like Christmas cracker jokes to me; mildly amusing for a moment, then totally forgotten. Don't for a minute think I'm paying them any heed. Anyway, good luck tonight Tiberius.

Adams makes the Vulcan hand gesture.

Adams: Live long and prosper...

Adams breaks down laughing as we go back to ringside.

Henson: What's a Christmas cracker?

Excalibur vs. Shaun Collins

Excalibur def. Shaun Collins

OOC: Due to some miscommunication, this match didn't get written. In order to get the show up on time this will be left blank and I'll do my best to get something up for it over the weekend. I thought the match was being written and therefore didn't have time to get it done today. I'm extremely sorry.

An Unexpected Gift

Ash: I'm getting word that Mr. Hardt is in his office and apparently has been in a long meeting with someone.

Henson: Hopefully it's Sagrado Excelente's lawyers...

The scene cuts backstage to just outside the office of Mason Hardt. After a few moments the door opens and and the fan who was in the altercation with Steve Solex earlier in the evening begins walking out before being stopped by Hardt.

Hardt: Dan, just remember, I can't just give you a shot at the Champ. If you want that, you've going to have to earn it.

The fan nods and then walks off, passing Shelly Summers who is on route to Mason Hardt.

Summers: Mr. Hardt, would you mind commenting on what just happened?

Hardt: I suppose I can spare the time Shelly. Turns out that the "fan" is a fully trained professional wrestler, and happens to be someone I've been interested in. Figured this was the perfect opportunity to make a pitch and bring him on board. I'll have to thank Solex for the hard sell.

Summers: Wow, that is unexpected but great news. While I have you, would you mind shedding some light on how things look going forward?

Hardt: I suppose I can do that. First, let me formally apologize to Sagrado Excelente. I let personal issues get in the way of business and did something I shouldn't have. Because of that I will be awarding Sagrado Excelente a Tag Team title shot at Fallout against Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers.

I'd also like to offcially announce Sebastian Moore as the top contender for the Internet Championship and he will also be getting his shot at Fallout.

Summers: That is great news all around. Any idea on plans for our new LPW Champion, Steve Solex?

Hardt: There is no doubt that our LPW Champion will be defending the title at Fallout, but whether or not that is Steve Solex remains to be seen.

Summers: I'm sorry Mr. Hardt, I'm not sure I follow...

Hardt: Our very willing Champion will be headline our next Action Packed, when he puts his title on the line against the man who just won in the Co-Main Event...Excalibur!

Summers: That is a great Main Event and I'm sure Excalibur will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your time Mr. Hardt. Back to you guys...

The scense cuts back to ringside.

Ash: Talk about a win-win situation. I don't think you can even complain about the announcements made.

Henson: I have to admit, Hardt is doing what is right by way of Sagrado Excelente by giving them the chance to get their titles back.

Shayne Adams (w/ Rachelle) vs. Scott Stevens

Ash: Speaking of titles, it is time for our Main Event which features two men who came up short in their own title opportunities at Instant Classic.

“Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and the lights fade to blue. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he waits for his opponent.

Henson: How does this guy keeping getting Main Event matches?

Ash: He's the model of consistency here in LPW. He's been here from the beginning and always delivered.

Henson: Always delivered? He just lost a match because he couldn't keep his head in the game!

A mash-up of "I Stand Alone" and "Amazing" hits the speakers and the fans erupt. Some cheer the the Texas native, but the cheers are quickly drowned out by a chorus of boo's. "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens steps out with an "all business" look on his face, immediately heading down towards the ring.

Henson: Now here is a real model of consistency.

Ash: Sure, I guess being 2-2 in LPW is consistent.

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening. The match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. To my left, accompanied by Rachelle, standing in at 5 feet 10 inches, and weighing in at 218 pounds; fighting out of Edinburgh, Scotland…SHAYNE ADAMS!

And to my right, standing in at 6 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 256 pounds; fighting out of Houston, Texas…"The Scorpion"...SCOTT STEVENS!

Henson: Here we go Stevens, here we go!

The two men stare each other down for a brief moment before Adams puts his hand in the air, signaling that he wants a test of strength. “The Scorpion” has a good laugh at the gesture but is happy to oblige. The moment Stevens puts his hand up Shayne Adams changes levels and shoots a single, grabbing the leg of Scott, catching him off guard, and forcing him down to the canvas.

Ash: Looks like Adams has his head on straight so far in this match.

Henson: That was cheap...and dirty!

Ash: You're just mad he outsmarted "The Scorpion".

Henson: Impossible. He just used dirty and underhanded tactics. Classless.

Ash: Really? After everything Stevens has done.

Henson: Don't you have a match to call?

Adams immediately begins attacking the legs of the much larger Scott Stevens, trying his best to neutralize his power. Adams then begins putting on a technical clinic, going from an armbar, to a hammerlock chinlock combo, to a dragon sleeper, all in an effort to wear down his opponent. Adams then monkey rolls over the front of Stevens and is again back at the legs. As he goes to grab them he is pushed back, allowing Stevens to get back to his feet. “The Scorpion” comes charging in, hoping to catch Adams off guard, but Stevens is the one who gets caught. A well times dropped toehold drapes Stevens over the second rope. Taking notice of the situation, Shayne Adams springs to his feet, springboards off of the adjacent ropes, flies over the turnbuckle and grabs the back of Scott’s head. The momentum jerks “The Scorpion’s” neck against the rope as Adams hits the ground outside the ring. Stevens is launched backwards following the move and immediately begins clutching at his throat.

Ash: Tremendous tactical aggression from Shayne Adams so far.

Henson: He'll just do something to screw it up. It's what he does.

Ash: He's lost one match and that is to our current champion.

Henson: Enough of your logic!

Stevens begins tugging at the referee and pointing to his throat as Adams begins climbing back up to the ring apron. Shayne Adams, staying on the offensive, springboards himself, getting tremendous height as he delivers a crossbody. The move connects, but not on the intended target as Stevens jerked the referee in the line of fire to protect himself. Still clutching at his throat, Stevens gets up to his feet as Adams realizes what has just happened. Shayne then gets blindsided by and running elbow shot to the side of the head. Stevens then slides out of the ring near Rachelle, who is quick to get away. Stevens smiles and then proceeds to grab a chair from ringside and throws it into the ring.

Henson: Now this is more like it!

Ash: Are you serious? You were just raving about Shayne Adams being dirty!

Henson: This isn't dirty, it's smart. The ref is out, take advantage. Duh...

“The Scorpion” crawls back into the ring and picks up the chair in just enough time to take swing at the now standing Shayne Adams. Adams manages to duck and the chair hits nothing but air. Shayne then manages to jerk the chair out of the hands of Stevens, just as the ref begins to rise to his feet. Seeing this, Scott immediately drops to the mat like a bag of bricks and lays motionless. The ref awakes to see Shayne standing over Stevens with the chair in his hand and begins to question him. Shayne drops the chair and tries to explain the situation.

Henson: Ring the bell! That cheat Shayne Adams hit Stevens with a chair!

Ash: He did no such thing. Scott Stevens continues to show why he has the ability to turn his own home state against him.

Henson: Lies! I saw him!

Ash: You are beyond ridiculous...

Out of nowhere the lights dim and the image on the large tron changes. The text on the screen reads “Mason Grant Presents” and then that fades away to more text “A Marquee Production”. The text fades away and the replay of Stevens’ flop is shown in three different angles. The video then fades to a black screen with the word “fin” in the center. As the lights come back up you can see a clearly agitated Scott Stevens, now sitting up. The referee motions that the match will continue and Adams immediately hits a running dropkick to the face of Stevens.

Ash: Justice is served.

Henson: Shut up!

Ash: What, can't handle seeing Stevens have to fight fair?

Henson: I can't hear you. Lalalalalalalala...

The referee throws the chair out of the ring as Adams is once again on the attack of the lower body of Stevens. Shayne drives his own knee into the side of Scott’s knee repeatedly, resembling a hammer driving a nail. Adams stops and allows Stevens to clutch at his knee. Shayne does this to set himself up to deliver a face cracking shining wizard. Stevens is on the mat, motionless. Sensing victory Shayne jumps up to the top turnbuckle, but the laughing starts. The laughing isn’t coming from the PA system this time, it is heard ringside. Shayne quickly turns his attention to Rachelle who is being pulled away by a man in a trench coat. Shayne jumps to the floor and rushes at the man, turning him around. It is a man in clown makeup, but it isn’t Horatio Graves. Just then Adams is blindsided by someone jumping out of the crowd. This man is Graves.

Ash: Ring the bell ref!

Henson: Looks like he is a little preoccupied with a clearly injured Stevens. That is far more important than this altercation.

Ash: Altercation? He's being assaulted!

Meanwhile, inside the ring Stevens has returned to consciousness. Seeing the how things were about the transpire, Stevens quickly got the attention of the referee by pointing down to his knee. Stevens manages to hold the attention of the ref, keeping his back to the action happening outside the ring. Back to ringside, Graves continues a vicious assault on Adams while security takes Rachelle away to safety. Graves picks up Adams and delivers a Grave Bomb on the mat outside, putting Adams out cold.

Ash: Someone has to put a stop to this!

Henson: I think Graves just did...

Graves manages to pull the dead weight up and slide it into the ring just before Stevens lets the referee return his attention to Adams. Scott manages to pull himself up to his feet, albeit with a slight limp, and then drags Adams to the center of the ring. “The Scorpion” locks in Arachnophobia on his helpless opponent. Adams, still out, cannot tap and so the referee has to check to see if the match needs stopped. He lifts the arm up three times and all three times seeing the lifeless arm fall back to the mat. The referee is forced to call for the bell.

Roth: The winner of this match by way of submission..."The Scorpion"...SCOTT STEVENS!

Henson: Woohoo!

Ash: You've got to be kidding me!

With that the scene fades out to the LPW logo and then to black.

Quick Results

Ian Carlisle def. "Beautiful" Boddy Dean

Steve Rodgers def. "The Antichrist" Horatio Graves

TJ [w/ Rocky Awesome] def. Bottomless

Excalibur def. Shaun Collins

"The Scorpion" Scott Stevens def. Shayne Adams [w/ Rachelle]