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Tuesday Night Insomnia V

9 Aug 2009

Macon Coliseum, Macon, Georgia (seats 9,252)

Sebastian Ashe vs. T-Money

The pyro`s go off in every direction. The stage is lit up with fireworks, and arena erupts into cheers as Tuesday Night Insomnia hits the Air. The Deftones are on the stage performing LIVE! The famous rock band from California are jamming the new Insomnia theme song, Fire Engine Number 9! The crowd cheering different remarks about Drafts, and anything else possibly related to Dream Wrestling. The camera`s cut to Chase Sin and Busta Capps sitting at the announcers table. The spanish announcers, are at a table to the right of them as they begin to speak...

Sin: Welcome Everyone to Tuesday Night Insomnia. We are just days away from Bashed in the USA! We have four great matches lined up for tonight! As you could see someone booked The Deftones for tonights show. Wonder if this is a ploy by Polowy to get at Crimson seeing as that happens to be his favorite band, and singers of his theme?

Capps: Nah, he just likes them too... Tonight we will witness a tag team leaving Dream Wrestling for maybe forever. Commish Polowy hasn`t arrived at the arena here tonight. He still has full control and last week Crimson may have cost him a loss with his distraction. Last time we saw Tommy Crimson he was in a hospital bed. He is scheduled to have a match at the big PPV.

Sin: Next week we will be taking a week off, so there will be no Insomnia, but be prepared for our big return the next week! We have such a huge Pay Per View scheduled that we are taking off for Insomnia. T-MONEY!!!!

"Underground by Eminem hits the PA as T-Money walks to the ring. Before he gets half way down the ramp and before the referee is even in the ring, Ashe runs up behind him and throws him into the side of the ring, Money hits back first. He falls to one knee and begins holding his back in pain as Ashe moves in. He grabs his arm and slings him into the metal steps.

Sin: Damnit Capps, the bell hasn`t even rang yet!


Ashe is growing crazy as the crowd boo`s both of the men beyond belief. One of the fans in the front row throws his folding chair at the two. Ashe see`s it in time to duck, Money is hit between the eyes with it. While Security wrestles the fan to the ground to remove him, Ashe rolls T-Money into the ring and begins and follows close behind.

Capps: Did you see that?!?!

Sin: How couldn`t I, Asshole? I am sitting right beside you!

Ashe attempts to pick up T-Money but catches a lowblow and hits his knee`s. T-Money gets to his feet, and starts to punch Ashe in the face. The referee finally rings the bell, and the match is now offically starting. T-Money is still holding Ashe`s head while he is dropping punches on the top of his skull. He finally wraps Ashe`s head and drops for a DDT. Money brings Ashe to his feet and drops him with another DDT. He finally goes for a pin...


Capps: Damn he nearly got him right there...

Sin: Yeah but the crowd obviously isn`t helping either guy here. Both of these men are hated with a passion.

Capps: Yeah. No Shit...

Ashe is slowly getting to his feet as T-Money argues with the referee about the count. Ashe trips up Money and begins to stomp on his chest. Ashe is stomping away on T-Money, and Money looks for the ropes and the referee isn`t intervening. T-Money now angry beyond belief reaches up and yanks down Ashe`s tights. As a reflex Ashe reaches down to cover himself, as Money stands up and deliver`s The Stardom! Money then falls on Ashe for a pin...



Sin: That was the greatest shit I have ever seen. As dirty as it was you have to enjoy how creative it actually was. Awesome win for T-Money! We will be back right after this commercial break!

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Doozer's state of health...

An instant _POP_ from the DREAM faithful energizes the arena as Insomnia’s Silva Sin is shown standing next to two beloved icons in the federation past and present; The Dooze and The Dude. The cameras zoom in almost to the point where only the three of them can be seen, from about the waist up. Sin brings the microphone in his right hand up to his mouth and turns slightly toward Doozer,

"Well first I’d like to say it’s a pleasure."

Wearing his good ole Superman t-shirt, the DREAM legend nods his head and rolls his eyes. He doesn’t seem too thrilled to be standing next to his manager, or ex-manager, or who-the-hell-knows-by-now. However, thinking the comment also applies to him, The Dude pipes up,

"Pleasure’s all mine, Sin. I mean, it’s always a good thing to get some lime-light, ya know? Well, you wouldn’t know. You’re definitely not COOL enough."

The Dooze jabs his left elbow into the side of his accomplice. The Dude doubles over in pain and gasps to catch his lost breath. Silva brings the microphone back to his mouth,

"I guess not."

Sin clears his throat and brings the conversation back where he wanted it,

"So, Doozer... there’s been a lot of talk about you and-"

With that much said, The Dooze swiftly grabs the mic from Sin and decides to speak up, looking into the camera,

"Look… I need all my fans to know this."

He pauses to let the fans cheer,

"... First and foremost, I DO NOT get nightmares anymore."

Confusion coats Silva Sin’s face. Doozer continues,

"I’ll fight any clown I need to prove it. As if Cody Brews isn’t enough…"

The crowd, confused as well, subdues as Sin cautiously reaches back for his microphone and pulls it back,

"Not... quite where I was going, but okay. I was referring more to the rumors that The Dude and Wha-"

Again the mic is snatched by The Dooze,

"Wham-Man, you were going to say?"

Doozer redirects his focus from Sin and back to the camera, with a smirk on his face.

"How does the great fan-base of DREAM like the new name?"

A roar from the audience in approval of Whamford Jameson's new nickname, but for Sin the confusion returns. Doozer answers his own question to save time,

"Yeah, I knew you'd love it."

The DREAMy gaze leaves the wrestler's eyes as he decides it's finally time to get down to business.

"Anyway yeah, I guess there’s an obvious reason you’re standing here interviewing me tonight. It sure as hell isn’t about my match against Toady Brews, either."

A crowd pop from the improvised, insulting nickname for Doozer's opponent tonight.

The Dude, now finally back and standing upright again, suddenly stares off, toward something outside the reach of the cameras, wide-eyed. Doozer notices this out of the corner of his vision and sighs, then keeps talking,

"Well… I got some bad news."

The buzzing crowd is dead silent for the first time since Doozer appeared on the big screen. Could DREAMs only active Hall of Famer be out of action for a back to back week? Why is The Dude so happy? He leans in toward the microphone,

"It’s awesome news!"

The cameras pan out to investigate what could possibly be warranting The Dude’s expression of pure delight in this somber moment. Doozer, his head hung and facing the ground, mumbles into the mic,

"I got Cancer…"

Almost immediately after the words are voiced, Cancer Jiles appears in the background of the still zooming-out scene… arms-crossed, nodding his head, and his shit-eating grin that Doozer hates most.

Scene fades.

Cody Brews vs. Doozer

Capps: This Doozer guy just seems a bit unleveled to me...

Sin: I think Doozer is one of the best wrestlers on the Dream Roster in my opinion.

Capps: I know one thing Brews has had a string of bad luck in the last few weeks and things are not looking up for him here, Sin.

Sin: Yeah, tonight he wrestles a legend of in Doozer. Speaking of Brews..

The fans in attendance rise to their feet as "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring begins to emanate from the public announce system speakers. White and green strobe lights flash at the top of the entrance ramp as 'Kid Danger' Cody Brews steps from behind the curtain. He lifts his hands for only a moment before sprinting towards ringside and sliding under the bottom ring rope. After rolling to one knee and pointing down at the ring, he stands ready to fight.

Sin: I don`t know Capps, he looks ready to go.

Doozer emerges from the entranceway as bold voice blares through the arena, singing "When you walked, through the door, it was clear to me... You're the one they adore, who they came to see..." as a remixed version of Eminem's 'We Made You' plays through the sound system. The pop from the crowd quickly swamps the words of the song as Doozer stops at the top of the ramp. Above him, the words "The Man" flash across the mega-screen as the fans scream, "The Man!". Then, even louder, they bellow, "The Myth!" right as the screen reads so. Lastly, "The Legend" echoes through the arena when those pair replace the last on screen.
Doozer, smiling at his fans all around the arena, nods his head under that trademark, official Boston cap he always wears backwards. Elbows at each side, he bends his arms up so his hands come up on both sides of the Superman logo on his t-shirt. Looking like a basketball star after scoring a clutch basket, he pinches his Superman t-shirt and pulls it out from his body, showing off the logo. As he emphatically lets go of the shirt red, blue and gold fireworks blast off the ramp to his sides. The fans start,


The wrestling star struts down to the ring, swerving between both sides of the ramp to catch the hands of his fans. He encircles the entire ring, connecting with as many hands as he can. Doozer then rolls into the ring and is quickly up to his feet. He climbs one of the turnbuckles. He pinches his shirts again, showing the Superman logo to his fans who pop back with a huge cheer. He jumps off and walks to the turnbuckle diagonal to him. He does the same to another large pop from the crowd.

The referee walks to the middle of the ring, and checks the two men. Doozer and Brews circle each other, and the veteran that is Doozer waits for Brews to attack or make a mistake. Brews goes for a takedown, and Doozer hits him on the back, sending him to the mat. He then grapples Brews from overhead, and finally gets a hold around his neck. He brings him down to his knee`s. Finally Brews reaches out and grabs the ropes.

Sin: Brews finally reaches the ropes! Shew I didn`t think he was getting anywhere there for a minute.

Capps: I just hate that son of a bitch...

Sin: Who?

Capps: Doozer...

Brews is allowed to his feet while the referee puts The Dooz in a corner. Brews using this as an opportunity, rushes Doozer. He goes for a splash, but Doozer ducks out of the way, and Brews takes out the referee. Brews turns around to face Doozer and gets a scoop slam! Doozer the walks around Brews taunting him and pumping up the crowd. "DOOOOOZERRR!", erupts throughout the crowd.
Sin: I love this guy, I can`t see what you could not like about him. He just feeds off the crowd man, he`s awesome.

Capps: Gay.

Cody gets halfway to his feet, and gets a bulldog from Doozer. Doozer goes for a quick roll up pin!

..... ..... .....

The crowd is still counting and gets almost to five before Doozer breaks the pin, and looks for the referee. He grabs his head with both hands in frustration seeing the ref is still down from earlier. Brews takes advantage of Doozer while he is attempting to get the ref to come to. He dropkicks him in the back of the skull bringing him down hard. The jar from the mat brings the referee to, and he begins to move rubbing his now sore head. Doozer fell on flat on his stomach, and Brews gets to his feet slowly and sits on Dooze`s back for the camel clutch!

Capps: Damn, HE WILL TAP!

Sin: Naw, not The Dooze....

Doozer is holding the ropes, but Brews does not release the hold. Doozer begins shaking the bottom rope in his grasp attempting to pull himself closer to it. Finally the referee breaks the move after getting to his feet. Brews allows Doozer to get to one knee before charging him again. Doozer senses the attack and headbutt`s backwards as hard as he can.
He catches Brews in the nose, and it begins to bleed badly.

Capps: Damn!

The referee gets in for a closer look at Brews nose which is now bleeding very badly. The mat is being covered in blood before the ref can make the decision to stop the match, Brews charges Dooze and he flips Brews over his back. He then does a leg drop and rolls around until he reaches his feet in a smooth motion. All the blood breaks out a "Holy Shit!" chant. Doozer climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Brews to get to his feet. He takes flight, and gets a shoulder block from the top rope off!


Capps: He shouldn`t do that, nooo...

Doozer is now in full control of this match and is on the attack. He stands Brews up and throws him into the ropes, KNEE SMASH!

Sin: BOOM!

Capps: Shut up, Sin...

Doozer german suplexes Brews and he nearly flies out of the ring. Doozer baseball slides towards Brews and catches him in the face! His nose is now bleeding even worse than before. The referee is about to stop the match until Brews screams he is fine. As he stands to his feet, he is met with yet another Knee Smash from Doozer. He is out on his feet, when Doozer gets him with a heel stomp, THE ABUSER! PIN!

1.........2...........3.!!!!!!!DING DING DING!

Capps: Damnit...Asshole...

Sin: He has done it! Doozer never disappoints. It wasn`t many weeks ago he nearly defeated the World Champion. That finishing move is deadly! What a great match, you have to love it. The Doozer win our second match of the evening. He`s definately one of my favorites. We`ll be back after we pay some bills!

Performing on Insomnia, TONIGHT!

The Big Show

'The Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl' Tessa Martin paces back and forth. She's dressed and ready to go for her big match for the DWF Women's title.

The door to her dressing room opens up. Dawn McGill strides in.

Tessa: "It's about time."

Dawn: "Um...sorry."

Four men dressed in black paramilitary uniforms follow. Tessa's eyes widen.

Tessa: "Dawn?"

Dawn: "It's okay. They're from Puerto De Macoris.

Tessa: "Puerto De Macoris?

Dawn: "Yeah. Generalissimo Tomas's guards. They're supposed to keep an eye on me until the Bunkhouse Brawl he entered me in."

Tessa (completely confused): "Huh?"

Dawn: "Oh...never mind. It's a long story."

Tessa: "O-kay."

Dawn: "What's the situation?"

Tessa: "Mike Polowy's the referee. I've got Tina Davis and Lora KirK for the Women's title tonight."

Dawn: "Okay. One of these things aren't quite like the other?"

Tessa: "Are you ready?"

Dawn: "Let's go."

Tessa and Dawn high five.

At once, the four paramilitary men draw their weapons and point them at Tessa.


The four look confused...and even hurt.

Dawn: "NOW!"

The four sheepishly lower their weapons.

Dawn: "She's my's okay. You...stay here. I...go out and watch her..."

Dawn points to Tessa.

Dawn: "...wrestle. Then we leave...okay?"

The four men nod.

Dawn: "Good. You stay here no matter what...unless Mike Polowy cheap shots Tess or myself. Then you can come in guns blazing."

Man #1: "Mike Poloo-who?"

Dawn: "Um, right. On second thought, you all just stay put until I get back."

Mexican Express vs USXF

Capps: Welcome back to Insomnia, folks. We have had quite a show so far, and still no Commish Polowy.

Sin: I find that odd myself. Last week he was the first face we saw on Insomnia and this week he hasn`t been here. He has had a tough last few weeks though. Last week on Insomnia he suffered his first loss and lost his coveted Women`s title to Lora Kirk.

Capps: This next match has stipulations beyond belief. The loser of this tag team match leaves Dream. Earlier this week USXF shot a promo at they`re apartment expressing they`re feelings toward this matchup. This is not the first meeting between these two tag teams.

Sin: Yeah they where in a huge 6 man tag team match right here on Insomnia, just a few weeks ago.

"Born in the USA" hits the arena as the fans begin to cheer. Lady America walks to the ring along with Shaun XF. The two walk to the ring, slapping hands with fans down the ramp as they walk. Some of the fans along the side are booing, and soon Lady America realizes why. She slaps hands with one fan who holds on to her. Shaun XF just mere feet in front of her does the same. They look up and its The Mexican Express! Tito bashes America in the head, causing her to hit the ramp. Shaun XF and Phoenix begin swapping blows immediately. XF drags Phoenix over the security barrier, and begins punching him in the top of the head. Lady America is trying to get to her feet while Tito continues his assault on her. The referee who was in the ring is now on the ramp directing the two teams toward the ring. Tito holding America by the hair, rolls her in the ring and gives chase. The referee rings the bell as Shaun and Phoenix continue to fight outside the ring. They have made they`re way to the top of the ramp now.

Capps: I love the way this match has started!

Sin: What a load of shit, they were hiding in the crowd to get ahead in this match. They are fighting for they`re lives!

Capps: Yeah Sin they are! They are fighting for they`re wrestling lives!

Sin: No Doubt...

Inside the ring, Lady America hurricarana`s Tito, bringing him down. She jumps on his chest and uses both her balled fist to beat him in the chest and rib area. Tito easily throws her off of him, and then rolls over on her returning the favor. Outside the ring, Phoenix is now in control of Shaun XF, throwing him into the security barrier. He bounces off, and Pheonix uses the barrier to lift himself up, just to fall back down hard, using his knee to the back of Shaun XF`s head.

Sin: Damn what a move.

Capps: I don`t see a Mexican Express early retirement anytime soon...

Sin: It`s not over yet, Capps...

Lady America after giving Tito a tilt a whirl! Is now back in control of the match. She climbs the top rope, and slaps her elbow to a roar of cheers. She jumps off the top turnbuckle and Tito moves at the last minute. She hits the mat, hard and Tito hits the ropes going for a knee drop, but is tripped up from Shaun XF now on the apron! Tito turns and back hands Shaun XF, knocking him nearly off the apron completely. Phoenix finishes what he started, but dropkicking Shaun`s knee`s out from under him. He tumbles off the apron, and hits his head before he lands. Phoenix is catching his breath as Shaun wobbily stands to his feet, SPEAR! Phoenix hits the spear driving Shaun into the Announcers table.

Capps: BOOM!

Sin: You said it....

Lady America goes for a pin after a quick roll up pin!


Tito kicksout and the recoil from it, tosses Lady America completely off of him. Shaun finally gets to his feet as Phoenix goes for yet another spear, but XF counters it with a huge DDT! Phoenix hit the concrete just missing the soft mat. He is out, and XF looks in the ring watching Lady America trying to hold her own againt Tito. Tito picks her up in a torture rack and begins bouncing around the ring. Showing the crowd`s his strength that he doesn`t need to pick up America like this. He stands in the middle of the ring, and the referee checks Lady America`s hand. It drops once...It Drops twice...The referee picks up her hand to drop it a third time, when suddenly Tito is bulldogged from the top turnbuckle from Shaun XF! Tito gets to his feet in a hurry, yelling for Phoenix to get up...Suddenly XF uses a spinning wheel kick, and causes Tito to turn right into a PATRIOT MISSLE!

Shaun XF falls ontop of Tito for the PIN!





Capps: No Stupid! Shaun wasn`t the legal man, anyone paying any attention would know that! There were no tags the entire match!

Sin: I don`t know what your talking about. No More Mexican Express, Goodddbye! CYA! Pack your shit, GET EM! *Wink*

Capps: This is a goddamn greek tragedy! We`ll be back after this, ah shit you know what I mean...

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Lora Kirk vs Tina Davis vs Tessa Martin

Sin: Welcome back folks, it is time for our Main Event of the night! Last week we say Lora Kirk win the Women`s Championship from Mike Polowy in a cage match. Her foot hitting the floor a split second before Polowy`s.

Capps: It was a great match, only Polowy was cheated. Simply cheated. I love that man...

Sin: Uhh, anyway it was a great match and Fair. We now have our Main Event. This will be a three way match, with our very own Commish of Dream being the special guest referee if he is here yet.

Tessa Martin makes her way down the ramo holding her signature pizza box. "Are You Ready" by AC/DC blasting throughout the arena. The crowd is cheering her name as he sits the pizza box on the announcers table in front of Capps.

Sin: She looks prepared, Capps.

Capps: She is smokin` hott...

Tina Davis slides out from underneath the ring! Martin is still standing in front of the announcers table waving to the crowd, as Davis runs at her, with a steel chair!


Sin screaming out causes Tessa to turn to see her attacker. Before she is leveled with the chair, she picks her pizza box back up, clocking Davis with it. The stop sign inside dings as the recoil from shattering the skull of Tina Davis. Martin looks at Davis down, and scratches her head briefly before getting an idea. Martin drags her into the ring, she is deadweight being knocked out like she was. Before Martin can get a pin the referee has to be present and she apparently forgot about Polowy being the ref for this match. "Closer to Home" hits as Kirk runs down the ramp and hop`s up on the apon and slides over the ropes. She dives at Martin bringing her down. Kirk follows up with a snap elbow drop. She gets a neck wrench on Martin, locking it on from behind. Martin uses every bit of strategy with this move. Davis has been took out of the match completely, and is still knocked out cold!

Capps: Davis is out of this match and Polowy isn`t here so far...There is noone to referee this match. Polowy is slacking as a Commish right now, even I have to admit that.

Martin and Kirk roll around the ring, Kirk still wearing her Women`s title around her waist. Martin headbutts Kirk in the head over and over. She finally gets the upperhand and stands to her feet taking off Kirk`s Dream Women`s Championship, right off her waist. She begins lashing out at Kirk with her own belt!

Sin: Damn, Capps you know that has to sting!

Capps: Ah she had this coming for cheating last week...

Sin: She didn`t cheat, fucker...

Kirk grabs the belt from Martin as she swings it. "Yes Please" by Muse hit`s the Arena as both women look toward the entrance. Mike Polowy walks out into the entrance. He looks to his left and see`s The Deftones who are not performing now but recently walked back out for the end of the show. The look on Polowy`s face says he did not book them for Insomnia tonight. He brushes that thought off and struts to the ring wearing a striped referee shirt with the sleeves cut out. The women in the ring have already gone back to fighting again. They have dropped the belt and are now rolling around the ring slapping, headbutting and even some biting. Lora Kirk rips the top of Martin off, leaving her with just a bra. This takes Polowy back as he just made it to the steps. Martin without thinking rips off the shirt of Kirk who is now sitting on her. Kirk doesn`t even attempt to cover, picks Martin up in the form of a choke hold to her feet. Martin kicks begins to knee her in the breasts attempting to break the hold. Polowy breaks the hold, throwing both women to the mat.

Sin: That bastard thinks this is all just a joke. He runs this shit now though, nothing we can do...

Capps: Yeah, bow down Bitch!

Polowy smiles at the women as they both contemplate going after him. He points to his shirt, and whispers, "Wrestle". They focus back on each other, and Kirk finally gets her Hip Toss off, and before she can be off Lora`s Embrace, Martin counters with a hurricarana. It takes every bit of strength in her legs to pull the move off. Martin goes for a pin! Polowy gets on the mat slowly and counts...


Martin looks at Polowy with anger filled eyes. Polowy just smiles at her as she gets down on Lora holding her down with her knee. She finally uses her strength to throw Tessa off. Kirk comes at Martin with a big BOOT! Martin hits the mat, and Lora goes for the Lora Embrace! MISS! Martin rolls out of the way, and Kirk misses!


Sin: Yeah that doesn`t happen!

Kirk and Tessa are now up on they`re feet toe to toe fighting with bottoms and just bra`s on now. Polowy watches this in disbelief, and is now sitting in the corner of the ring appearing almost bored. Tessa throws Kirk into the ropes, and gets her with Sidewalk Slam! Martin jumps up and climbs the to the top turnbuckle! She takes flight! Shooting Star Press!


Capps: Luck, she`s still a cunt...

Kirk gets back to her feet wobbily and Tessa follows up holding her ribs with a cartwheel kick! Polowy is watching but doesn`t notice that someone slide the pizza box in the ring. Capps goes back and sits down from apparently sliding the box in the ring. Tessa turns and see`s the box sitting on the mat, and picks it up while Lora comes closer, BOOM! PIZZA CUTTER!!! Kirk hits the mat, and Tessa rolls her up...

1...................................................................................................2...................................................*Polowy Yawns...*.....................3!!!

Polowy after the long drawn out count finally hits, THREE!

Capps: Tessa Martin, ruled the Women`s division in PCW, and now she`s making her name ring throught Dream!

Sin: She just defeated the Women`s Champion!

Martin is on the turnbuckle raising her hands high. Polowy swiftly snatches her off the top of the turnbuckle by her hair. He stands her up, MIKE EFFECT!

Capps: YES! YES!

Sin: Damnit, you son of a bitch!

Welcome to My Show...

Polowy looks down at Kirk and Martin and laughs as he turns to leave the ring. Suddenly, The Deftones still on the stage hit the opening notes to "Headup". Polowy is obviously pissed off over this, and is in the ring screaming for them to stop. He doesn`t pay much to the crowd cheering all around, thinking it is for the band. Tommy Crimson comes out on the stage and Polowy`s eyes widen. Crimson is wearing his famous baggy jeans and black "Fury"wrestling boots. He walks toward the ring, slapping hands with Chino Moreno, lead singer of Deftones on his way. Polowy smiles as behind Crimson, Level One and Jak Nemesis run after Crimson. He looks behind him at what Polowy see`s and ducks as Nemesis tries to take him out.

Sixx AM`s "Courtesy Call" hits the system, and this gets Level One`s attention immediately. Travis Williams and Chris Bladez charge down the ramp. Polowy doesn`t pay much attention and goes in to assault Lora Kirk. Kirk is helpless knocked out as Level One and Williams are now fighting they`re way back up the stage, while Bladez and Nemesis are fighting just outside the ring. Crimson slides in the ring holding a mic, and begins to speak into the microphone. Before he can speak, Mike Polowy drop kicks him without even paying much attention to him. He goes back to Kirk, and props her up in the corner to begin kicking away. Crimson is getting back to his feet running his head from the devastating kick. He helps Tessa up, and out of the ring, as she hands him something. He picks up the mic with his other hand, holding whatever Tessa handed him in the other...

Crimson: Polowy, Insomnia is mine.

Polowy swings back around and to get Crimson again. Crimson sticks something in his face that has blood on it. The object sticks to his face, with one swift movement, Crimson gets off a BUZZKILL! Polowy hits the mat, hard. Crimson checks on Kirk to make sure she is alright, handing her, her title.

The camera pans in to show what is on Polowy`s face. The object that Tessa handed Crimson was a Tampon she was using. The gross out effect, defeated the Mike Effect this night. The scene fades to black to Crimson standing over Polowy, just looking down at him...