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The final bell rings, as Alex lets go of the hold and collapses like a corpse in the center of the ring. The Machine is still keeping Dynasty at bay outside the ring, where they are collective having an absolute fit at Alex Beckman’s flash victory and the backfiring of their plans!

Blackfront: She’s done it! Alex Beckman has done it! The Ring King tournament is over, and Alex Beckman is ten and oh! SHE’S FACING LA FLAMA BLANCA AT RING KING!

Ace: I think I’m gonna be sick…

One by one, beginning with Mike Best, the collective members of The Machine get into the ring to help Alex to her feet. Their eyes never leaving Dynasty, the four members of The Machine celebrate inside of the ring, holding up Alex’s uninjured arm and looking absolutely thrilled that Alexandra has done it here tonight.

Outside the ring, the UTA World Champion isn’t stomping his feet, or throwing a fit. His eyes glazed over, he’s got the thousand yard stare of a man who is staring at the inevitable-- he will face Alex Beckman at Ring King, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Alex stares back.

Machine and Dynasty, in a stand-off that will end with only one true UTA World Champion.

UTA Monday Night Wrestleshow comes to an end.

However, the fun just begins as The Best Around begins to play over the sound system. From the abck we see Bobby Dean coming down in his scooter. The fans are going crazy.

He passes by Dynasty who are heading back up the ramp and hits ring side. Bobby turns right and drives around the ring as his music continues to play, The Machine watching him.

As he comes to a halt, Bobby moves off of his scooter. The fans cheer loudly. He walks up the steps and across the apron, entering the ring as his music fades.

Bobby is handed a microphone by the referee. He raises it up.

Dean: Congratulations Becky!

Alex Beckman doesn't look amused.

Dean: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you're not the Ring King.

Mike Best steps forward. Bobby Dean places a finger up.

Dean: Hold on. Let me explain.

Still holding the finger up, he continues.

Dean: My first match never took place. There for... I'M STILL IN THIS!

The fans roar. Beckman just puffs up her lips and nods her head before reaching out and barely grabbing his finger. Bobby drops to his knees, screaming and pleading for her to let go.

All of The Machine look at him like he's an idiot.


Alex lets go of his finger, mind you that she didn't have a very tight grip on. Bobby shoves it in his mouth sucking on it as Go to Sleep Bitch comes back up over the sound system and the fans  clap and cheer as they begin to leave.