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Sanctus passes by Colton Thorpe hours before Wrestleshow takes place.

The shot opens on the loading docks of the Staples Center, particularly the collage of UTA Superstars that adorn the company trailers. Further along a trail of grey smoke dances in the air as Colton Thorpe rests against the large concrete frame of the bay door, smoking. ‘The White Knight’, Sanctus, walks into scene, the cameras follow behind as he walks up the large pathway to enter the building. Before he can cross the large threshold, a stunned Thorpe cuts his path off.

Thorpe: Woah woah...wait a gosh darn minute’re actually here?

Slinging the hockey bag from his shoulder, the XL Luchador let’s a scowl creep across his lips. He takes a moment before turning to answer Colt’s greeting, hoping that if he waited, maybe it would all just be some bad dream.

Sanctus: I feel like you are fishing for some sort of, the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, type line. But, seriously, why is this any surprise?

Thorpe: Well...I’m going to try and put this delicately...I thought you packed your bags and went to finish what Dane started last Wrestleshow.

Sanctus: And exactly do you think Eric Dane started in D.C.?

Thorpe: Gender reassignment surgery. I mean, he pretty much stripped you of any manhood you possessed, so I figured you decided to finish the job…

After a brief stare down, Sanctus lets out a small, unimpressed laugh/sigh. Reaching down, he grabs the strap to his bag, and tosses it over his shoulder with the intention of walking away. For a second time, his progress into the building is halted, except this time it is due to Colt clutching onto the strap, forcing Sanctus face him.

Sanctus: Huh, I was wondering when we were going to get to this. I saw what you tried to pull with Murray last week.

Colt can’t help but smile thinking about the ill-fated drinking session he tried to share with Cayle Murray on Victory.

Thorpe: Oh no, it isn’t like that at all. I just wanted to wish you luck, I hear that Boxer is equally as vicious as Dane.

Colt releases his grip on the bags strap, leaning back against the wall. Pulling his cigarette to his mouth, a deep inhale is followed by the release of a cloud of smoke that litters Sanctus’ breathing air.

Thorpe: And make sure to keep your head on a swivel. Some of the people in this joint man, you wouldn’t believe...