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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #19 "Premontions" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "December 12, 2010 - Asbury Park, NJ " on the bottom right of the screen.




The show opens as we see Kelly Calloway standing in front of a white brick wall with a microphone in hand.

Kelly Calloway: "Wrestling fans, welcome to WARPED Live! #19 - Premonitions, as we are just one show removed from the biggest show yet for WARPED, our 20th show which is entitled "The Not So Silent Night"."

The camera pans back to show two men next to her. PKA - with a black Nirvana t-shirt on, then next to him is Crowbar who stands holding his new "Employee of the Month" plaque firmly next to his body, and the Evolution Championship over his shoulder.

Kelly Calloway: "I am joined here by two members of a newly formed faction here in WARPED - PKA, and Crowbar."

PKA pulls the microphone in to speak, giving Kelly an angry look.

PKA: "First of all doll, you introduce us properly. I am the Ultraviolent Perfectionist, PKA, and this man is your Number One Seed in this company, the Employee of the God Damn Month, and THE OFFICIAL Evolution Champion, Crowbar."

Kelly Calloway: "Well there is no confirmation on whether he is the "official" Evolu-"

PKA: "He. Is."

PKA stares a hole into Kelly, and she quivers.

PKA: "Now, we were supposed to be here as a group, a combined force, a trio of terror or whatever you want to call us. The Movement has been formed yet... we're absent one member - the man who I have been touting as the next World Champion for quite some time. Now I will say this - I'm sure Korrupt has a very good reason for not being here, but hey buddy, wouldn't ya at least send me a text, an email, a twitter? Something! Anyway."

PKA takes a breath, and shakes his head.

PKA: "Crowbar and myself are here tonight to take care of business on behalf of The Movement. He'll take care of Grendel and show the world that he is the true Evolution Champion, and I'll take care of SwitchBlade and show him what FnX is all about."

PKA steps back and Crowbar steps in to talk.

Crowbar: "That was a slightly insulting intro there, Kelly. I'd expect more, aren't you meant to be a professional? I can see you got the looks but obviously not the brains."

Crowbar chuckles

Crowbar: "I AM the Evolution Champion, there is no question about it. I earned this title and damned if i'm going to let some whiny interviewer try to tell me otherwise. By the way P, i think i saw Korrupt chatting up Sanders earlier so...who knows."

Crowbar eyes Kelly for insinuating that he's not the champion.

Crowbar: "So Grendel again tonight....sigh. Just another speedbump in The Movements way, just like Switchblade, its like a fuckin' car park; so many speedbumps, and too much traffic. So much talent to mow over, so little time. Just like old Grendel and his "Family" we keep hearing about...I really would like to meet these idiots, show them how The Movement does business, don't you agree boss?"

Crowbar looks at PKA.

PKA: "You see, Kelly? THAT is how a champion, a TRUE champion speaks. Good job, man."

PKA extends his hand and Crowbar accepts; they shake.

Kelly Calloway: "Well as far as I know, Korrupt is scheduled to be here tonight for a contract signing for the 3-Way World Championship Match at The Not So Silent Night... but you say you haven't heard from him?"

PKA: "What are you, stupid? Are you TRYING to piss me off? Seriously. You are the stupidest bitch I've spoken to.. this week. Everything is fine, you hear me? FINE."

Kelly Calloway: "All right, then. Thank you PKA. Now Crowbar, not only are you the..*she looks at PKA* Evolution Champion, but you're the number 1 ranked talent here in WARPED, and the Employee of the Month plaque there proves it. This entitles you to a title shot of your choosing in the next 30 days. Have you made up your mind as to what you might go for?"

Crowbar: "Haha, ah Kelly, do you really think i'm going to give away my plans? Maybe i'll go for the Evolution Title...oh wait.....god, P was right, you are an idiot"

Crowbar shakes his head. Kelly's head drops, looking down at the floor, shaking her head. She looks up as Crowbar continues.

Crowbar: "Old GrendelGrundy, buddy, this belt right here..."

Crowbar taps the Evolution Championship

Crowbar: "Thats mine, it will never be yours again, and believe me when i tell you, you'll suffer the same fate that Malik Logan did....Now i know everyone goes "oh you stole this move blahblah"...maybe, but i perfected it, and believe me when i say, it can be lethal. You'll find out just how lethal it can be when a pathetic attempt, try to take this title back. You've got no hope in hell, and The Movement will just add you to our list of casualties"

Kelly Calloway: "What happened to Malik Logan anyway?"

Crowbar and PKA look at each other and smile

Crowbar: "Thats a surprise, we even filmed it! Maybe later we'll show it off. I'm told its compelling footage."

PKA crosses his arms and smiles.

Crowbar: "Lets just say, he won't be coming around for a while"

PKA steps into the picture.

PKA: "Had enough of asking stupid questions? You sicken me."

Kelly backs off as PKA obviously looks pissed and she doesn't want to antagonize him or Crowbar any further. PKA and Crowbar look at her with disgust as they walk off out of scene. Kelly hesitates, but brings the microphone back up to speak, looking to the camera.

Kelly Calloway: "Well, a very testing interview, that was. It seems that The Movement might already be having problems, but we have to wait to find out what's really going on I suppose. They mentioned a video, and I'm told that we have that for you now. Let's go to the footage."

Kelly nods at the camera and we fade out to a WARPED Logo.



We then see footage that followed WARPEDLive! #18 "Move Along" where we see Crowbar and Jess walking down a hallway. Text scrolls on the bottom of the screen..
Following WARPEDLive! #18 "Move Along", Crowbar and Jess were walking down a hallway towards the exit when Crowbar was brutally attacked by a man weilding a steel pipe - Malik Logan - who was seeking revenge on Crowbar. The following footage was filmed after production of the DVD was complete...

The scene fades in as we see Malik Logan getting out of his car in a parking lot of a hotel. The video is shakey and being shot from far away, and from the looks of it, hidden behind a bush or tree.

It's dark out. Malik Logan pushes the keys button and his alarm blips on the car to let him know he's activated it. Logan puts his hands in his pockets as he walks toward the hotel but suddenly a car screeches in front of him and stops and out jumps two men - PKA and Korrupt - and they begin beating down Logan, who tries to fight back. The camera man now runs up to catch the action as PKA goes back into the car and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and puts them on as Korrupt holds Logan up and PKA then cracks Logan in the face with them. Crowbar then gets out of the car, holding his midsection and obviously in pain, but he's very pissed too. PKA shouts for Korrupt to get back into the car and he gets in the drivers seat while PKA and holds Logan for Crowbar. Logan is busted open and Crowbar slaps him in the face, then grabs his head and drives it right through Logan's car window! The alarm goes off and the two men, along with the person holding the camera, rush back into the car they drove up in and speed off.

Text scrolls over the bottom of the screen.

Due to the extent of the attack on Malik Logan he will likely be out of action for an undetermined amount of time.




We go back stage where we once again see Kelly Calloway wandering around with a microphone as if looking for somebody. She rounds the corner and we see Jeremy Filth and his manager, Christopher Moranis leaning against the wall smoking cigarettes and shooting the breeze with some stagehands.

Kelly Calloway: Excuse me Mr. Filth?

Jeremy looks over at Kelly as the stagehands walk off camera.

Jeremy Filth: Sup?

Kelly looks annoyed.

Kelly Calloway: We had an interview scheduled, remember?

Jeremy looks confused then it dawns on him. He gets up off the wall and stomps his cigarette out on the ground before looking at Kelly.

Jeremy Filth: Oh yeah. Must’ve slipped my mind, sorry. You wanna do it now?

Kelly Calloway: Yeah.

Kelly holds the microphone towards Jeremy.

Kelly Calloway: Mr. Filth despite your impressive performances as of late here in Warped you seemed to have hit a snag when it comes to Mr. Santana. Even last week after you picked up the win over him he assaulted you prompting Seth Owens to rush to the ring make the save. What are your thoughts about the circumstances?

Jeremy Filth: Circumstances? What fuckin’ circumstances? I proved last week that face to face Chad ain’t got shit on me and I’m pretty sure that even he knows this. That’s why he keeps attacking from behind instead of coming at me head on and getting his ass whipped again. As for the whole Seth thing I’m thankful. Seth’s a cool kid. His music may be a bit soft but he’s still cool. You can bet your ass that I’m going to be watching his match tonight and if Santana tries to pull the same kind of cowardly bullshit he likes to pull on me I’m going be on him like white on rice. Anything else?

Kelly Calloway: No that’s all.

Kelly turns away when suddenly Chris gets up off the wall and yanks the microphone from Kelly’s hands. Kelly looks stunned as Chris brings the microphone to his lips.

Christopher Moranis: Before you leave I have one last thing to add. My client and I would like to issue an open challenge to Chad Santana for The Not So Silent Night. Chad any match you want you’ve got. Just hop on your mule and send us the papers and we’ll sign on the dotted line. We want blood mother fucker the question here is do you got the cajones to give it to us?

Chris hands the microphone back to Kelly.

Kelly Calloway: Okay then. We’ve not only gotten Jeremy’s thoughts but also an open challenge. Looks like you folks are in for a hell of a show. Let's go to the ring now as Jeremy Filth is about to take on Rico Calle in our opening contest!

Cut to black.


Singles Match
Jeremy Filth vs. Rico Calle

We head to the ring where Randy Long stands with a mic in his hand!

Randy Long: "Asbury Park, New Jersey, welcome to WARPED Live! #19 - Premonitions!"

The crowd pops.

Randy Long: "We have a jam packed night of action set so let's kick it off right now! The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

The Streets "Blinded By The Lights" plays..

Randy Long: "Making his way to the ring - from New York City, weighing in at 165 pounds, "Mean Street" Rico Calle!"

The music plays as Rico Calle pushes the curtain out of the way and covers his eyes, pauses, then removes his hands, bringing them out, and he takes a look at the fans who cheer him on. "Lights are blinding my eyes..." is heard over the sound system. He smiles as he gets up to his feet and runs down toward the ring and slides in. Rico spins and puts his arms out and the fans continue to cheer and applaud. He requests the microphone from Randy and its handed over to him.

Rico Calle: "Asbury Park what's up!!!"

The crowd pops. Rico Calle smiles and climbs the turnbuckle, shakes his long hair and raises his arms in the air as they take pictures. He smiles and hops down and continues. Someone from ringside shouts 'R-Truth sucks!' and gets a laugh from Rico and the crowd.

Rico Calle: "Nah I ain't gonna do a Ron Killings promo don't worry. What's up man though for real? I'm glad WARPED is up here in my territory in the Northeast, that's what's up. Tonight, I got Jeremy Filth."

The crowd pops for Filth's name!

Rico Calle: "That's right, he's big and bad, and a helluva wrestler. He's got his own issues right now with that Ese' Santana but holmes, I sure hope ya focused tonight. I hear you layin' down open challenges to Chad and that's fine and dandy but what bout ya boy right here? Tonight - focus on me, cause Lil' Rico ain't backin' down and lil Rico ain't slowin' down at all! My last name means STREET if ya didn't know, and I come from the mean streets of NYC baby where it's all about respect. I gots made respect for ya dawg but watch out because if ya ain't careful you'll find yourself on a Highway to Hell!"

Rico tosses the mic back to Randy who continues his job...

Randy Long: "And his opponent..."

"Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll" by Saliva hits..

Randy Long: "From Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 296 pounds, he is Jeremy..Filth!"

The music hits and Jeremy emerges from bursts through the curtain head banging and thrashing to his music. He makes his way down the ramp playing to the crowd before entering the ring. He continues to play to the crowd until the bell rings.

Ding ding!

We then hear the voices of our commentary team at ringside - Tony D and Kris Red.

Tony D: "Well here we go, the opening bout in our final stop before The Not So Silent Night. Welcome Kris."

Kris Red: "What it do Tony D, what it do... I'm excited for tonight's show, and my fingers are crossed that my insurance is going to pay for all of that damage on my Mustang that Crowbar caused."

Tony D: "You still haven't heard back from that?"

Kris Red: "It's a conspiracy, I swear..."

Both men come out to middle of the ring touch and do a fit bump and then start circling each other. Rico shoots in and gets a leg of Jeremy then slides up and locks in an arm wrench and then hits a arm drag. Jeremy is quick to pop to his feet and charges at Rico and which Rico see’s him coming and throws another arm drag at Jeremy sending the big man to the other side of the ring. Again Jeremy pops to his feet, but stays in place and nods to Rico and Rico nods back to him.

Tony D: "A little back and forth action now between the young newcomer Rico Calle, which Calle apparently means 'street' Kris.. we found that out tonight.. and his opponent Jeremy Filth. Filth, meaning well, filth."

Kris Red: "I swear you get more clever every time I sit next to you. Oh wait, no that's corny, wrong C word."

They start to circling again and Rico goes to shoot in again but Jeremy caught him and in a side headlock. Jeremy tightens the head lock and you can see Rico squirm in pain Rico tries to push Jeremy off towards the ropes, but Jeremy has the headlock in to tight. Jeremy throws a right hand in to the top of Rico’s head the shot stuns Rico enough that Jeremy sends him in to the ropes and Jeremy sets to throw a large lariat at the returning Rico. Rico see’s Jeremy setting up for that and on the rebound off the ropes ducks Jeremy’s lariats.

Tony D: "Rico Calle is utilizing his speed here and dodging those horrifying lariats!"

Jeremy Filth quickly turns around to see that Rico has launched himself off the other ropes and is now flying at him. Jeremy quickly throws a right foot at Rico’s mid section making him double over..and slides in and hits powerful DDT.

Tony D: "DDT from Jeremy Filth and that's gonna put a stop to the quick one."

Filth gets back on to his feet and grabs the stunned Rico by the head lifting him up, and then Irish whips him in to the closest corner. Jeremy throws his hand in the air and yells to the crowd the cheer back for him then he charges in at the prone Rico in the corner. Rico gets enough sense back to see the big man charging at him and rolls out of the way at the right time Jeremy crashes in to the corner and stumbles back out. Rico Calle is like a cat back to his feet and then jumps up and gives Jeremy a spinning heel kick that drops the big guy.

Kris Red: "Kiiiiiiick~!"

Tony D: "A nice spinning heel kick from Rico Calle there and Jeremy Filth goes down!"

Seeing that Jeremy is down Rico in a single bound gets to the top rope at the top Rico leaps off in a quick moonsault and then rolls though and off of Jeremy and then springs to his feet and throws his arms and the crowd pops. Jeremy starts to sit noticing that Rico has his back to him and slowly gets to his feet Rico turns and sees that Jeremy is not down yet and he runs at the injured Jeremy. Jeremy has some strength still in him and quickly scopes up Rico in to a power slam that slams Rico down to the mat.

Tony D: "Ooh what a powerslam!"

Kris Red: "It's funny we talk a lot about Rico and his speed and he is by far one of the fastest guys in WARPED today but that right there by Jeremy Filth was quick thinking and actions the way he snapped that powerslam."

Jeremy sits next the flattened Rico as he gets his thoughts together the crowd is loving the fast action and are showing their love for both gladiators in the ring. Jeremy gets and again grabs Rico by the head and leads him to his feet. The crowd is cheering both men.

Tony D: "And the crowd is firmly behind both men here tonight in our opening contest which is, quite frankly, awesome!"

Jeremy raises a hand and then sends himself in to the rope on the rebound he throws a massive clothesline at the dazed Rico - it hits with a monstrous smack. The force of the clothsline sends Rico in to a flip and he hits the ground hard.

Kris Red: "Rico has been dodging those lariats all match long but he didn't dodge that one. Tough break, kid."

The big man Jeremy filth makes his way to the downed Rico, but Rico starts to get his sense back and notices that he is making his way to him. As Jeremy reaches down Rico springs on him like a snakes and rolls him up in a small package. The ref drops to his stomach and start to count with his hand smacking the mat..1..…2…..KICK OUT! The ref pops up and throws his hands in the air showing that he only made it to two.

Tony D: "A two count!"

Both men spring to their feet.. Rico throws a right and Jeremy blocks with his left and then send his right at Rico. Blocking Jeremy’s right with his own left hand both men look to be in a stalemate. Rico smiles and with his fast feet he kicks Jeremy in the gut. Jeremy bends and Rico sends himself in to the rope to build some speed, and then in a flash Rico is flying at Jeremy with a spinning wheel kick that hits its mark and sends Jeremy thudding to his back. With a quickness Rico hops and in a single bound makes it to the top rope he gives the crowd a shout and they cheer back at him as he launches himself off the rope and hits a frog splash on to the prone Jeremy. Again the ref drops and starts to count..1...2.....3!!!


Rico looks shocked and again the ref jumps holding his hands with two fingers showing everybody again that he only made to two. Rico brings Jeremy Filth up to his feet and grabs him for an Inverted DDT and then drops Filth onto a knee! Rico covers... hooks the leg... 1.... 2.... kick out!!

Tony D: "This match is intense and it could go either way here!!"

Rico brings Jeremy to his feet and goes for an irish whip but Filth puts on the breaks and goes for a clothesline, but Rico ducks.. jumping back kick - Jeremy blocks it! Rico drops to the mat.. Jeremy grabs Rico by the head and Rico counters into a jawbreaker. Rico hits the ropes and leaps with a crossbody at Jeremy Filth but gets caught! Fallaway Slam! Filth gets to his feet as Rico rolls under the bottom rope onto the apron. He gets to his feet and Jeremy grabs him by the head and flips him into the ring! Rico gets to his feet as Jeremy taunts to the crowd and they cheer. Rico gets up and Jeremy sets him up for a vertical suplex.. he lifts him into the air.. and stalls!

Tony D: "Jeremy Filth going for the Head Trip, the Stalling Brainbuster!"

He holds him in the air.. then drops him down onto his head!

Kris Red: "Brainbustahhhhh~!"

Filth goes into the cover... 1... 2... 3 !!!

Kris Red: "It's OVA!"

The bell sounds, and the fans cheer!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Jeremy Filth!"

"Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll" by Saliva plays as Filth gets to his feet and has his arm raised in victory. He then looks down at Rico and holds his hand out and helps Rico up and shakes his hand and the crowd cheers for both men. Rico drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring as Filth climbs the turnbuckle to showboat as the scene fades out to a WARPED logo...



The scene changes with a WARPED Wrestling logo in the corner and "Monthly Top 5" graphic. Text appears on the screen as techno music plays in the background.

WARPED would like to congratulate those who made the Monthly Top Five and all that they have accomplished.

#5 - Chad Santana

#4 - Craig Cohen

#3 - Jeremy Filth

#2 - World Champion, SwitchBlade

#1 - Crowbar

Crowbar is our Employee of the Month and has earned a title shot of his choosing in the next 30 days. Will Crowbar take the opportunity to go for the gold? Who will make the Top 5 next month? Visit for more information.

The music fades out and the scene fades to the WARPED logo.



"Stranglehold" crunches out over the PA system, and the Asbury Park crowd goes wild as Cameron MacNichol walks through the curtains, dressed in denim jeans and a dirty, beat-up Bruce Springsteen t-shirt. He slaps hands with fans on the way down the ramp, and then slides into the ring. After a few moments of soaking up the fans' cheers, Cameron calls for a microphone. As the fans calm down, Cameron raises the microphone to his mouth.

Cameron Macnichol: "Good evening, Asbury Park!"

The fans pop loudly, and Cameron gives them a wide smile.

Cameron MacNichol: "For the past few months, ever since I started here at Warped, I've had my hands full with Rusty Red. Run-ins here, sneak attacks there. But Rusty really crossed the line a few weeks ago when he kidnapped my sister Dyan. Because our parents died when she was just a little girl, I've essentially had to raise her myself. Di is my life, and I want her back. So Rusty, get your ass out here now."

After waiting for several moments, "Spoilin' for a Fight" by AC/DC blares over the PA system. Fans stand up and boo as Rusty Red makes his way out from the back in his usual wrestling attire. As he gets closer to the ring, he pulls out a microphone.

Rusty Red: "You want to come out here and make accusations, Cameron. Maybe I did take your sister. Maybe I didn't."

He gives him a smirk look as MacNichol is upset even more so!

Cameron MacNichol: "You can deny it all you want, Rusty, but Di's kidnapping has your name written all over it. So I propose next week at Not So Silent Night, you and I step into the ring one last time. I win, I get Dyan back, no questions asked."

Rusty tilts his head, making sure what he heard was correct.

Rusty Red: "So you're telling me, that you want one more go with me? Well then that's fine by me. Because quite frankly... you and your sister, YOU ARE BORING ME!"

He pauses, and Cameron clenches his fist.

Rusty Red:"If you win, I'll gladly return Dyan, but... BUT when I win, and believe me I will... I want you, out of WARPED... FOR GOOD!"

Cameron considers Rusty's request.

Cameron MacNichol: "All right, you're on. But with such large stakes on the line, a normal match won't do. I challenge you, right here and right now, to a Last Man Standing match. Then, and ONLY then, will you take my career!"

The fans erupt into loud cheers as Cameron MacNichol stares at Rusty Red, who stares back. Red drops the mic and shakes his head, agreeing to the stipulations.

Tony D: "It's a career vs. hero match. Who will walk away at The Not So Silent Night as the winner?"



The scene fades in to see Craig Cohen standing next to WARPED Reporter Austin Sanders. Cohen holds a Menorah in his hand and looks quite pleased with himself.

Austin Sanders: "I am standing here with Craig Cohen who has requested this time to speak to the fans of WARPED Wrestling. Craig, what's on your mind?"

Craig Cohen: "First of all, don't you ever forget to tell the fans who I am - the CHOSEN JEW - Craig Cohen - Double C - the biggest newest acquisition in this company, and don't forget - your number 4 in the Top 5 rankings. I requested this time because I want to put everyone in WARPED Wrestling on notice - that Craig Cohen is not just a fly by night talent here in the company. I am here to stay. In my first month I managed to make it into the Top 5, and look at all I've done."

He looks to the side at his Menorah and smiles. It is slightly bent from all of the times he's beat people up with it.

Craig Cohen: "November was just the beginning, and trust me, there are many more Menorah made punishments on the way. This is a new month, and it all kicks off with yours truly teaming up with Rusty Red to take on Cameron MacNichol and... oh wait, newsflash, his partner no-showed. The Midnighter won't be here. Oh, sorry Cameron. Happy Hanukkah, and good luck."

Craig walks off and we hear from the background "NUMBER FOUR, DOUBLE C BABY!" and Austin chuckles as the scene fades to the WARPED logo.


Grudge Match
Seth Owens vs. Chad Santana

We head back to the ring now where Randy Long stands ready to introduce the next match.

Randy Long: "The following contest is a grudge match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing in at 219 pounds - The Lucha Libre Gangsta, Chad Santana!"

The sound of "Deep Cover" by Dr. Dre plays as everyone turns toward the ring entrance area. The lyrics are heard: "Tonight's the night I get in some shit, (Yeah) Deep cover on the incognito tip" and out walks Chad Santana in baggy, sagging shorts, a sports jersey, and a bandana on his head. He throws up hand signs and screams out in Spanish as he makes his way toward the ring. Santana flips off fans and tells them to keep their hands away from him before he rolls into the ring. He slaps his chest twice with his left hand then raises it into the air with his hand formed into a gun. He pulls the microphone from Randy Long and his music dies down.

Chad Santana:
"I'll speak this truth slow and easy,
so all ya bitches n' hoes can hear me.
This is my state, my hometown area,
But I hear ya boos, and I don't blame ya.
Ya'll be female dogs here in Asbury Park,
Bitches with no bite, all bark.
Cheer for the skinny jean twink, see if I care,
Cuz I'm Chad Santana - The Lucha Libre Gangsta!
I'll slap him silly and move on to N Y C.
It'll be me and Jeremy Filth, ya boy pickin' up the 1- 2- 3!


Santana poses with his arms crossed and he nods his head as the fans give off a mixed reaction. Suddenly "5-4-3-2-1" by Thursday begins to play and out from behind the curtain on his BMX bike rides Seth Owens, wearing his tight skinny jeans, black tanktop and orange/yellow/white/black plaid unbuttoned shirt. He rides down toward the ring and parks the bike, getting off and putting the kickstand out. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, holding his arms out, his hands wide open, chin high and eyes closed. He hops down and stands in his corner.

The bell sounds.

Tony D: "Chad Santana had a few choice words for everyone here, Seth Owens, and Jeremy Filth just a few moments ago and it's clear that he isn't a fan of Asbury Park, or those two gentlemen."

Kris Red: "Ya think? And I suppose he's accepted the challenge by Jeremy Filth for The Not So Silent Night. Let's see how he does against Seth Owens first tonight though."

Owens and Santana circle each other and tie up. Both struggle for control, but neither can get the advantage over the other, so they break the hold and circle each other again. Owens goes behind with a waistlock, which Santana reverses into an armdrag. Owens gets to his feet and Santana takes him down with another armdrag, this time holding it with an armbar on the mat. Owens nips up and stomps on Santana before he can rise, then grabs his arm and spins it then sits on it. Santana grabs Owens by his hair and pulls him back in a school boy 1..kick out by Owens. Both get to their feet and Santana locks in a headlock but Owens pushes him into the ropes and Santana comes back. Owens takes him down with an armdrag into a fujiwara armbar. Santana nips up and they both rise to a vertical base. Santana quickly grabs Owens with a side headlock, and Owens tries to send him off the ropes but Santana holds on. Owens tries again and Santana still holds on tight. Owens tries a third time and sends Santana running.. Santana bounces off the ropes and Owens leapfrogs over Santana as he runs under.. Santana off the ropes and Owens spins around.. Santana dropkicks Owens right in his chest!

Kris Red: "Now THIS is what I love! Look at that wrestling, Tony D!"

Tony D: "Chad Santana with the big dropkick to the chest of Seth Owens to finish off the back and forth wrestling clinic they put on. Amazing skills by both men."

They both get up and tie up in the center of the ring, and Santana takes Owens into the corner and lights him up with some knife edge chops, the crowd WOOOing at every chop. Santana then grabs the left arm of Owens and tries to irish whip him to the opposite corner but Owens reverses and sends Santana running. Santana jumps up onto the top buckle but Owens quickly runs and scales the ropes; he kicks Santana right in his back, crotching him on the top buckle.

Kris Red: "The skinny jean hipster with a kickster!"

Tony D: "And a crotchster on the top ropester.."

Kris Red: "...don't, Tony D, Don't."

Santana falls back in a tree of woe and Owens runs to the opposite corner. He then runs and baseball slides Santana right in his face! Santana falls to the mat, chest first, and struggles to get up. Owens picks him to his feet and tries for a slam but Santana falls behind him, landing on his feet, and pushes Owens into the ropes. Owens bounces off, and Santana kicks him in the gu and pokes him in the eye. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a swinging neckbreaker and connects. Santana makes the cover 1...2...

Tony D: "And a kickout at 2! And how about that poke to the eye from Chad Santana? He's always gotta take the easy way.."

Kris Red: "The guy knows what he's doing, though."

Chad Santana showboats to the crowd grabbing his crotch over the body of Seth Owens as the fans boo. He flips the crowd off.

Kris Red: "I just can't get over how this New Jersey crowd is somehow hating on their home state boy, but he didn't exactly say the best of things about them. So, it's understandable."

Santana now picks Owens up and tries for an irish whip but Owens reverses with a clothesline and the fans cheer! Owens picks Santana up and nails him with a back body drop. Owens brings Santana to his feet and brings him to the corner then chops away.. Santana reverses a chop and lays in the punches over and over again. Owens gets out of the way of one and wales away at Santana with forearm shots repeatedly. Santana reverses with a high knee to the face of Owens. Santana brings Owens to the middle of the ring and snap suplexes him.

Tony D: "Cover! One..Two..Kickout."

Kris Red: "That was close!"

Santana picks Owens to his feet and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Santana tries for a tilt a whirl slam but Owens lands on his feet. Santana picks Owens up in a fireman carry and drops Owens over the top rope! Owens lands hard, and Santana baseball slides into him when he gets up. Santana picks Owens up on the outside and tries to send him into the barricade but Owens kicks him in the gut and slams him into the top of it. Owens kicks Santana repeatedly all around his ribs and attempts to suplex Santana onto the floor but Santana jabs him in his gut and brings him around the ring near the entrance. Santana kicks Owens in his gut and tries for a suplex onto the floor but Owens jabs him in his gut and tries to powerbomb Santana but Santana backdrops Owens!

Kris Red: "Oh you know that hurt."

Santana looks over at the BMX bike and kicks off the kickstand and as Owens gets to his feet Santana pushes the bike toward him but Owens sidesteps it and watches it crash. Santana now charges at Owens and clocks him in the back of the head and then rolls him into the ring and slides in.. cover.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Santana gets to his feet and picks up Owens. Irish whip by Santana.. Owens bounces off the ropes and slides under Santana's legs. He stands up, Santana turns around, and Owens tries for a spinning heel kick but Santana ducks it. Santana tries for a superkick but Owens grabs his foot and spins him around.. Santana tries for a clothesline but Owens ducks and runs under the arm.. both men turn to each other and Owens jumps on Santana's shoulders, spins 180, and falls back with an inverted hurricanrana! Tony D: "Inverted Rana by Owens!"

Kris Red: "These guys are just going back and forth!"

Tony D: "And the cover! One.. Two annnd noo! Kick out."

Kris Red: "The Lucha Libre Gangsta ain't goin' down that easily!"

Owens picks Santana to his feet and tries for an irish whip but Santana reverses and sends Owens into the corner. Santana runs and tries for a monkey flip but Owens counters and places Santana up top. Owens climbs up but Santana slaps him in the face and pushes him down, then grabs his head and pushes off, nailing a Tornado DDT! He covers! 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "A kick out at TWO after the Tornado DDT from Santana!"

Santana picks up Owens and talks some trash to him and then slaps him in the face as the crowd boos and cheers for "Owens! Owens! Owens!" repeatedly. Santana flips the crowd off yet again and then whips Owens into the corner.. and then follows through with a Running Forearm Smash! He backs up as Owens stumbles forward and Santana lifts him up and drives him to the mat with a Sitout Spinebuster! He holds the cover.. 1... 2... ropebreak! Owens grabs the bottom rope and Santana is pissed. He pulls Owens away from the ropes by his legs and steps over him but Owens reaches up and gets the small package 1... 2... 3!! kick out!!!

Tony D: "Was it three? Was it??? Noo!! Santana almost got caught there."

Both men get to their feet and Santana looks a little loopy as he spins around, looking for Owens, and goes for a clothesline, but Seth ducks it and Owens hits a Gutwrench Suplex in the middle of the ring! He then steadies himself and leaps into the air and hits a Standing 450 Splash!

Kris Red: "Amazing move!"

Tony D: "And the cover! One.. Two.. Thrrrrnoooo!! Kickout!"

Owens brings Santana to his feet as the fans are on their feet. Owens lifts Santana up in the air going for the Michinoku Driver but Santana slides out and quickly escapes to the ringside area as the fans boo. Santana grabs a steel chair and slides it into the ring and follows in as the referee grabs the chair and goes to put it away.

Kris Red: "The chair is brought in and the ref's taking it on out.."

Owens and Santana go to lock up but Santana drops to his knees and hits a low blow!

Tony D: "Oh what a cheap way out!!"

Owens grabs his crotch and the referee didn't see it. Santana then hits the Inverted Facelock, 3/4 Turn Neckbreaker and covers as the ref slides into position.

Kris Red: "The Regulator!"

Cover! 1... 2... 3!!! The bell sounds!

Tony D: "That's it, Santana steals the match!"

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Chad Sannntana!"

"Deep Cover" plays as Santana pushes himself up off the mat with a cocky smile on his face as the crowd boos. The referee raises his arm in victory and Santana pulls his arm away. He climbs the turnbuckle and the fans boo and he once again gives them the double bird. He hops over the ropes and jumps off the barricade to the floor. Santana picks up the BMX bike and gets on it, waving to Seth in the ring who is in a lot of pain but sees what's going on. Santana takes off with the bike, riding it up the aisle and to the back as Owens gets to his feet in the ring.



We fade backstage where we see the President of WARPED Wrestling, Joey Matthew, in a room that seems to be his office. He's seated behind a desk and looks to be writing something down in a notepad when there's a knock at the door.

Joey Matthew: "Come in."

Joey looks up and in walks PKA, who seems a bit shocked to see the President of the company here.

PKA: "Joeyyy..."

PKA shuts the door and walks up to the desk.

Joey Matthew: "Please, have a seat."

Joey motions to the chair and PKA sits down, leaning back, crossing his arms.

PKA: "Soo.. what brings you here?"

Joey Matthew: "This is my company?"

PKA: "When was the last time you were here, Joey? You said you'd be here at the last show, and you didn't show up. I left you a voicemail and everything, and I didn't hear back. What is it with people not responding to my messages these days?"

Joey Matthew: "Look, Peeks, you know exactly why I haven't been here. We talked about it when I started WARPED that I wouldn't get overly involved in things here on-camera.. but let me ask you this - what makes you think you can act like you run this place when I'm not here?"

PKA grins.

PKA: "Because I'm Patrick Kay F'n Anthony.. that's why. Oh, and I own a part of this company. When, by the way, did you plan on mentioning that to anyone?"

Joey Matthew: "Who owns what here doesn't matter. You didn't sign on as staff, you signed on as a TALENT to wrestle."

PKA: "Right, but if I didn't put in my Netlink-earned money into this company, you wouldn't have had enough money to even do this in the first place."

Joey Matthew: "Be that as it may - I am still the majority owner here. But I will say that you haven't entirely abused your ranking. That situation with Grendel and Crowbar at the last show, I'm with you."

PKA scoffs. He's shocked.

PKA: "Wait, what?"

Joey Matthew: "The things Grendel has done behind the scenes lately have obviously effected his in-ring work, and he basically got destroyed by Crowbar. I'll acknowledge Crowbar as the official Evolution Champion."

PKA: "I knew you were a smart man, Joey."

Joey Matthew: "That I am, which is why I'm also fining you, Crowbar, and Korrupt your pay for tonight due to your uncalled for actions after the last show."

PKA kicks the chair out from him and stands up quickly, putting his arms out.

PKA: "What in the hell?!"

Joey Matthew: "Calm your ass down. You know damn good and well that Malik Logan was one of our top draws and you've put him out of action, you and your 'Movement' .. take the fine, or I take the title back from Crowbar."

PKA hesitates. He puts his hands on his hips, and shifts his head to the side, looking down at the floor. He looks up at the ceiling, then at Joey. He nods.

Joey Matthew: "Good. Now, if you don't mind, I'm expecting somebody else here momentarily."

PKA sighs, and turns around, just as there's a knock at the door. PKA looks back at Joey then at the door and opens it up. In walks Seth Owens. PKA looks him up and down, then pushes his way past through the doorway. Seth looks back at PKA then at Joey, and Joey motions for him to come in. Seth comes in and picks up the chair and has a seat.

Joey Matthew: "Seth. I want to first say I'm sorry for your loss."

Seth Owens: "Thanks, boss."

Joey looks to the camera man.

Joey Matthew: "A little privacy, please..."

The camera man puts the camera down and makes his way toward the door and the scene stops. Fade to the logo...


Handicap Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. Craig Cohen & Rusty Red

We head back to the ring with Randy Long standing tall!

Randy Long: "The next match was originally scheduled to be a tag team match, but a message was sent in earlier today by the publicist of The Midnighter that he would not be able to make it tonight. However, the match WILL go on as a 2 on 1 handicap match!"

He pauses as the fans boo for The Midnighter not being here tonight.

Randy Long: "Introducing first... from Red Oak, Texas, and weighing in at 255 pounds, he is "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red!"

"Spolin' For A Fight" by AC/DC plays in the background. The fans come to their feet and watch the entrance way as none other than "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red comes out from the back. He is wearing his torn up blue jeans with a cowboy hat on and cowboy boots. As he makes his way out the crowd is making a lot of mixed noise. He steps up onto the ring apron and enters the ring through the ropes.

Randy Long: "And his partner.. from Sacramento, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the self-proclaimed "Chosen Jew" Craig Cohen!"

The lights go out and "So What'cha Want?" hits the PA System and out comes Craig Cohen. He holds in his left hand a black Menorah and holds it in the air as the fans boo. Cohen makes his way down the aisle and slides into the ring. He goes to the middle of the ropes and steps up on them, holding the Menorah high into the air with a smile on his face as the fans boo the man who calls himself "The Chosen Jew". He walks up to Rusty Red in the corner and the two exchange some inaudible words as Randy Long concludes the announcing.

Randy Long: "And their opponent.. from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds - The Dirty Mac, Cameron MacNichol!"

As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain. He sees the two men in the ring and shakes his head and continues his way down the aisle. He slides under the bottom rope and looks on. Just then Craig Cohen and Rusty Red double clothesline Cameron MacNichol! The referee sounds for the bell to ring!! They whip him into the ropes and he comes back and as they were going for a double back drop he kicks Rusty in the face taking him out and then plants Cohen with a DDT!

Tony D: "And here we go! Cameron MacNichol didn't expect to have to go it alone tonight but he's gonna do what he can!"

Rusty Red is up and charges MacNichol, he goes for a clothesline but he takes him down with a trip and then bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. He covers Red 1.. Cohen breaks it up. They grab him and both start to chop him across his chest one after the other.

Kris Red: "This match has no structure!"

They whip him into the ropes and as he comes back they double hip toss him and he rolls out of the ring!! He goes to the baracade for a breather. The referee tries to get Cohen or Red out of the ring and for one to stay in the corner! Red gets out onto the apron while Cohen motions for MacNichol to get back in the ring! Cameron looks out at the fans who cheer him on. He gets up on the apron and tells Cohen to stay back.. but without anyone noticing, Rusty Red got off the apron and now pulls the legs out from MacNichol and his face crashes onto the apron!

Tony D: "This is just out of control. Cameron MacNichol shouldn't go through with this he is outnumbered!"

Kris Red: "Blame The Midnighter.. he no showed this event, Tony D."

Rusty pushes MacNichol into the ring and MacNichol gets up and starts to fight back though with a few jabs to midsection of Craig Cohen who is right there.. He then runs to the ropes and Rusty reaches in and grabs his foot, causing him to almost fall. MacNichol yells for Red to back the hell off and Cohen grabs MacNichol and spins him around but MacNichol delivers a hard right hand, taking Cohen down. Cohen back up.. MacNichol with a clothesline.. Cohen up.. another clothesline! Rusty Red slides into the ring and charges, but MacNichol hits a SPEAR! He stands up and says COME ON!! as the fans cheer him on. Both men get to their feet and he charges at them for a double cloteshline but they counter into a double arm takedown with each one grabbing one of his arms and flipping him over! Cohen then grabs him as does Rusty Red and they hit a double belly to back suplex. The Chosen Jew, Craig Cohen picks Cameron MaCNichol up and goes for the Pedigree but MacNichol backdrops him to the mat!!

Tony D: "MacNichol counters the C4~!"

Rusty Red charges MacNichol and he ducks... hits the ropes and comes back with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL~!

Kris Red: "Rusty Red's head almost flew off his shoulders!!"

Tony D: "Cameron is mounting a comeback!"

Cohen throws a right hand but MacNichol counters and executes one of his own, kicks Cohen in the gut and hits a Jumping Piledriver! Rusty Red pushes himself up off the mat and is groggy and MacNichol comes up behind and locks in the Cobra Clutch!

Tony D: "The Stranglehold is locked in!!"

Rusty reaches for the ropes but Cameron swings him around, keeping the hold locked on as tight as he can, and Rusty starts to fade. He drops to one knee, and MacNichol keeps the hold locked in. The referee raises Rusty's hand.. it drops. He raises the hand again.. drops. And a third time.. the hand drops. That's it! The ref calls for the bell! Ding ding!

Randy Long: "The winner of the match as a result of a submission - Cameron MacNichol!!"

The crowd cheers as "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent plays over the PA System.

Kris Red: "What a come back by The Dirty Mac!"

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol looked to be out and somehow he overcame the odds in this handicap match."

Kris Red: "Not only that, but he won the match by making Rusty Red pass out!"

Tony D: "The Stranglehold was the deciding factor. Can he do that at The Not So Silent Night and get his sister back, or will he be on his way out of WARPED after a loss from The Wanted Man? Fans you must get your ticket to The Not So Silent Night in New York City!!"

MacNichol stands tall as Rusty Red is out in the ring and Craig Cohen is nearby on the mat slowly recovering. He smiles and looks down at Red saying 'just wait until next week!' and he exits the ring as we fade to the WARPED logo.



Scene opens out in the parking as a long black limo pulls up to the building where the show is going to happen and Kelly Calloway is making her way to meet Grendel.

Kelly : Thomas or Grundy or Grendel can I aget a word with you?

Grendel: Anything for you Kelly.

Kelly shivers a little bit as Grendel stares at her with menace in his eyes.

Kelly: With your actions a few weeks ago and the actions of PKA and his movement there seems to be a lot of tension what are your thoughts are the mess you seem to have helped make here in WARPED.

Grendel: Kelly when I looked at you , you shivered why is that do I scare you or maybe disgust you.

Kelly :A little of both.

Grendel: A little of both well isn’t that cute well Kelly let’s just say this that I feel WARPED needs a better class of bad guy, and after tonight and after the big supershow WARPED will have its better class of bad guys. So unless there is anything else or you would like to say or maybe you would like to see the inside of a shallow grave I suggest you go get a interview with that crazy psycho tough guy Alan wrench.

Kelly: Crowbar his name is Crowbar.

Grendel: What, oh yeah I knew it was some kind of tool well any ways go get his last words cause tonight it will be the last time anybody see’s him alive.

End scene.


Evolution Championship - Singles Match
Crowbar(c) vs. Grendel

To the ring where Randy Long stands!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Evolution Championship! Introducing the challenger, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - Grendel!!"

As "A Shogun Named" by Clutch hits, Grendel comes running out of from behind the curtain. The fans boo. He stops mid stage throws up both arms then jumps up and down a few times the runs to ring.

Kris Red: "Worst. Entrance. Ever."

"Voices" by Rev Theory hits the speakers as Crowbar slowly walks out to boos from the crowd as he holds the Evolution Title on his shoulder and the Employee of the Month plaque in his hand.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, he is the #1 Ranked Wrestler in WARPED Wrestling and the NEW Evolution Champion, Crowbar!!"

He stops and looks at the ring and begins to grab his head. He heads towards the ring eyeing off fans with an angry look on his face. He steps into the ring and eyes off the referee before pounding his fists angrily into the turnbuckle and holding up his plaque in one hand and the belt in the other. He hands them over to the referee and the ref holds up the Evolution Title showing it to the world.

Tony D: "That's what it's all about.. the Evolution Championship."

The ref hands the belts off to Randy Long who takes them to ringside with him and puts hem on the wooden announce table. The ref calls for the bell!

Ding ding!

Kris Red: "All right let's do this!"

Crowbar and Grendel run at each other and lock up. The bell rings as the two men fight for position in the ring. Grendel manages to get the upper hand and quickly gets behind Crowbar. Grendel flings Crowbar behind him with a vicious release German suplex. Crowbar crashes off the mat and tries to get on his feet, but is slammed into the corner by Grendel. Grendel relentlessly throws blows into the ribs of Crowbar. Crowbar tries to defend, but Grendel won’t stop. Crowbar finally is forced to thumb Grendel’s eye. Grendel gets caught off guard and takes a few steps back, and Crowbar charges in and kicks Grendel in the gut. Grendel doubles over and Crowbar positions him and plants him with a pile driver. Crowbar, still feeling the affects of the rampage of Grendel, is slow to the cover. He finally hooks a leg.. 1... 2... kick out!

Kris Red: "Wow. It's safe to say these two aren't very fond of one another...”

Crowbar gets up and begins putting the boots down on Grendel. The new Evolution Champ bounces off the ropes and goes for a running leg drop, but Grendel narrowly rolls out of the way. Crowbar and Grendel spring to their feet and trade monstrous blows back and forth. The crowd goes insane as each man keeps punishing the other. Crowbar throws a knee into Grendel’s gut. He backs him into a corner but Grendel smiles and returns the thumb to the eye. Crowbar is also caught off guard. Crowbar takes a step back and Grendel charges in and splatters him on the mat with a spinebuster.

Tony D: "Spiiiiinebuster!"

Grendel goes for the cover! 1.... 2.... kick out!

Tony D: “Holy hell, this is crazy! I knew this would be a good match, but I didn’t know it’d be this fast pace and rough!”

Kris Red: "The Evolution Title is on the line and these men hate each other - of course its going to be like this!"

Grendel yells something at the ref but stays focused on Crowbar, brining him up. Grendel picks him up for a vertical suplex and Crowbar hangs.... and hangs... and hangs until Grendel finally drops him to the mat. Grendel moves to Crowbar’s legs and grabs both feet. Grendel drops a knee right into the inner thigh of Crowbar, barely missing his crotch. Crowbar screams and grabs the inside of his leg. Grendel plants a few boots into Crowbar’s gut. Grendel picks Crowbar up and whips him into the ropes, goes for a clothesline, but Crowbar ducks and slides out of the ring. Grendel turns around, rather confused. Crowbar has slid under the ring where no one can see him.

Tony D: “What is Crowbar doing?”

Kris Red: "Maybe going for a weapon. I'm sure he misses the old FnX Matches he had.."

Tony D: "He's hiding!"

Grendel begins looking over the ropes where Crowbar has slid out. Crowbar pops out from the other side of the ring with a kendo stick in hand. Crowbar waits until the ref jumps out of the ring to look for him and charges in, nailing Grendel with the kendo stick. Grendel hits the ground and Crowbar smacks Grendel twice more before chunking the kendo stick into the crowd.

Kris Red: "I am an f'n psychic!"

The ref pops up seconds later and slides into the rins. Crowbar covers.1... 2... Kick out by Grendel!

Tony D: "Crowbar almost stole the win there!"

Kris Red: "Stole?.. or decisively picked up the victory?!!?!?"

Crowbar smirks and picks Grendel up. A familar music hits the PA. Crowbar looks towards the ramp.

"Hang Me Up to Dry" by Cold War Kids plays.. Crowbar raises an eyebrow.

Kris Red: "What's this..?"

Out steps PKA with something shiny in his hand. Crowbar looks on.. Grendel drops to one knee, still feeling he effects of the Kendo stick. PKA slides a pair of brass knuckles on his hand as he strolls on down toward the ring.

Tony D: "What is PKA doing here?"

Kris Red: "I got it. He's going to turn on Crowbar and help Grendel win the title."

Tony D: "I wouldn't put it past him.. PKA is in it entirely for himself and can't make up his mind."

Kris Red: "Hey you watch it!"

Crowbar looks on as the music dies down and PKA waves. Grendel comes up behind him and rolls him into a small package. 1... 2... 3!!!!!! nnnnno~! Crowbar barely kicks out!

Kris Red: "PKA almost cost Crowbar the match there!"

PKA puts his hands on his head and his jaw drops. He mouths 'oops...' and continues his way toward the ring.

Crowbar is shocked that he almost lost. Grendel whips him into the ropes and viciously begins choking him. PKA runs up to the corner where Grendel is choking Crowbar.

PKA: "Employee of the Month - attack him!!!"

Crowbar tries to ignore PKA. The ref finally breaks the choke. Grendel begins kneeing the ribs of Crowbar. PKA continues to yell at Crowbar as Grendel punishes him.

Tony D: "PKA seems to be a distraction to Crowbar.. he must stop screaming!"

Crowbar’s face grows infuriated. Crowbar throws Grendel into the corner. He begins landing hard punches to Grendel’s chin.

PKA: "That's right, ya son of a bitch!"

Crowbar makes a mistake and looks over at PKA. Grendel pushes Crowbar away and charges him hitting him with a desperation spear. Grendel connects, but can’t get up himself. The ref starts a 10 count.

Tony D: "Both men are down here.. "

Kris Red: "Who will make it up in time!"


PKA cheers on from ringside, slapping the apron.

Both men begin to stir...

PKA: "Crowbar Number One! Crowbar Number One!"


Kris Red: "God PKA what is wrong with you!"

Both men get to their feet and Grendel knees Crowbar in the gut, hits the ropes and comes back with The Monster Lariat~!

Tony D: "The Monster Lariat connects! You know what's next!"

PKA screams out 'NO NO!!' as Grendel brings Crowbar to his feet to set him up for The Sweet Relief! Grendel gets him up in the lifted Chicken Wing and PKA slides into the ring, brass knuckles in hand! He goes to hit Grendel as the referee yells at him to get out of the ring!!

Tony D: "PKA is in the ring! Get him out get him out!"

Grendel looks at PKA and releases Crowbar and PKA smiles.. Grendel looks confused. PKA holds up his index finger and says 'hold up...' and holds the brass knucks out and.. drops them! Meanwhile Crowbar gets to his feet..

Tony D: "What is this?!"

Kris Red: "I TOLD YOU!!!"

PKA then hits a SUPERKICK~! on Crowbar, taking him out! Grendel smiles as PKA says 'take him..'

Tony D: "PKA just Superkicked Crowbar! What is going on!?!"

As Grendel drops down and covers Crowbar, he is shocked that the bell suddenly sounds.

Tony D: "Wait, what?"

Grendel looks up from atop Crowbar as the referee is waving his arms and speaking to Randy Long. Grendel looks at PKA, who leans up against the turnbuckle scratching his neck, looking around like he has no idea what just happened. Grendel stands up and the referee walks up to him and tries to restrain him.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner as a result of a Disqualification - Grendel!"

Grendel smiles and raises his arms in the air..

Randy Long: "But still your Evolution Champion - Crowbar!"

Grendel's face drops. He looks at Crowbar on the mat, then at PKA, and PKA smiles and waves. Grendel charges at PKA but the referee tries to hold him back.

Tony D: "Grendel wins via DQ but Crowbar is the champ! What is going on?!"

PKA hops out of the ring and grabs the Evolution Title and EOTM plaque of Crowbar's and Grendel lays out the referee. PKA grabs Crowbar by the arms and drags him out of the ring and slaps him around a bit as he comes to.. and PKA has a smile on his face. He puts the belt over Crowbar's shoulder as Crowbar and PKA make their escape up the aisle.

Kris Red: "Oh my God it was a master plan! PKA attacked Crowbar.. Grendel wins the match... but NOT the title! This is.. well by God PKA is a genius!"

PKA and Crowbar shake hands on the stage and PKA raises Crowbar's arm in victory, as he rubs his chin from the superkick with his free hand. Grendel shakes the ropes and is PISSED in the ring as PKA and Crowbar make their way through the curtain.



The scene then fades back in to the arena. We go to Tony D who is solo at ringside.

Tony D: Next up, we have the official contract signing for the main event of Warped 20. My partner Kris Red is already in the ring, and he’ll be the one maintaining order in the ring. Good luck, buddy. You’ll need it!

The camera cuts back to the ring where we see Kris Red standing at the center. A wooden table with three microphones, the contract, and three chairs is set up next to him.

Kris Red: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re just about ready to get the contract signing for the Warped 20 main event underway! All three men have agreed to not lay a finger on each other tonight, but personally, I hope they tear each other apart!

The crowd cheers for the potential fight.

Kris Red: Now let’s get this going and have our three combatants come down to the ring. Gentlemen…

Kris waits for the three guys to come out. A familiar song starts to play

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers?
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes?

The lights go down and "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. The crowd boos him like crazy, but he couldn’t care less.

He charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards Kris Red and grins at him. Kris looks nervous, but tries for a handshake. Korrupt decides to do things his way and lunges to bite at Kris’s face. Kris backs away, and Korrupt can’t help but laugh. Feeling satisfied, Korrupt grabs a chair and sits down at the table. Kris shakes off the freakiness.

Kris Red: Uhh…good to have you, Korrupt. Now for the next guy we ha-

The Rough Ryder: Good to see they let me come out after mini-Treats at least. I still can’t comprehend why, title or not, they are having SwitchBlade come out last considering we all know ALL of you came to see ME!

The fans boo as The Rough Ryder accompanied by Jessica Reyes make their way to the ring. Ryder is shirtless, wearing only jeans and his shoes, and of course carrying his steel chair. He slides into the ring and looks across the table at Korrupt who stares a whole through Ryder.

The Rough Ryder: You take your eyes off me you side show before I end you right now.

Korrupt stands up and goes forehead to forehead with Ryder across the table before Kris breaks them up. Korrupt sits back down and Ryder kicks the placed chair out of his way, putting down the one he carries, and sitting down.

Kris Red: Woah woah woah, let’s not start breaking down already! Ryder, a pleasure as always. And now for our world champion, the one and only…SwitchBlade!

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. The world title is draped over his shoulder. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He goes over to Kris and shakes his hand, then waves to the fans once more. Both Korrupt and Ryder eye SwitchBlade, but don’t say anything. SwitchBlade stares back at them, points at the belt, and places it on the table. He then has a seat in the chair at the far end of the table and waits for things to begin.

Kris Red: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your top three of Warped Wrestling!

The crowd has a mixture of cheers and boos. Ryder gestures for Kris to wrap things up already.

Kris Red: Alright, alright, I know you guys want to get this over with, so here’s how it’ll go. All you have to do is sign your name at the bottom line of the contract, and then you’re free to speak your mind about your opponents. Let’s TRY to keep things civil, alright?

All three men look at one another knowing for a fact that they couldn’t promise anything. Korrupt looks ready to punch SwitchBlade this very second. But before he can, Kris slides the contract to him.

Kris Red: Korrupt, you’re first. Just sign right here please.

Korrupt picks up his mic first.

Korrupt: Well, well, welly, well...WELL. Look what we have here: We've got a washed up orangutan in Ryder...and a sooner to be ex-champion Switchy Mcfly. WELL...I'll be honest with you all here tonight. Right now...if it weren't for this stupid piece of paper...I could lunge over this table and beat both of your faces in with this chair.

The fans boo as Korrupt frowns at them, he rolls his eyes.

Korrupt: Now, I want to let you both know that, me being out here...should be a sign as to how bad....I want to destroy both of you at the same time. Think of it as a...hardcore threesome in one of those pornos. That's what I want; I want to have that orgasm of pleasure...when I smear my hands all over my body...with your warm blood...

Korrupt shivers a little, he flinches and blinks.

Korrupt: Oops, got a little boner two really need to understand that you don't belong here. The Top Three in Warped...really, what the fuck has RYDER done to be in the top three category except latch onto Switchy's crotch for a title shot?? Answer me that Kris...?!

Kris shrugs his shoulders in a nervous motion. Korrupt licks his lips in a patient manner and sighs, mocking Kris by shrugging his shoulders too. SwitchBlade and Ryder both contemplate getting out of their seat and beating Korrupt to a pulp, but the moment passes and Korrupt continues.

Korrupt: That's right, NOTHING. So why is it that we have to have this contract signing WITH Ryder in it? Hell why is Switchblade champion?! Want to know WHY folks? Because it's all a plot to shut me up. Well I won't shut up because I know the truth, and soon I'll exploit it...!!! And each...and EVERY one of you...will know what I mean...WHEN...the time comes. Now hand me the fucking pen...

He leans for the pen and signs his signature quickly. He throws the pen on the table as the crowd boos him. He flicks them off with an arrogant eye roll and waits for the others.

Kris Red: Thank you, Korrupt. Interesting choice of words as always. Now for you, Mr. Ryder. Just sign right there.

Ryder grabs the contract and sighs, looking it over.

SwitchBlade: Looks like Ryder has better things to do then be down here.

The Rough Ryder: As a matter of fact I do. Why, does it surprise you my world doesn’t revolve solely around you like WARPED does?

SwitchBlade: No. I am pleasantly surprised however that you decided to show up here tonight.

Ryder stands up, as does Switchy and they go face to face. Korrupt just sits back with a smirk.

Kris Red: GUYS! PLEASE! Just sit down and please sign the contract…

Ryder sits down and signs the contract, shoving it forward when he’s done.

Kris Red: Very good. And now it’s time for our champion to sign. SwitchBlade, if you will.

SwitchBlade takes the contract with pleasure, and looks it over carefully. This irks both Korrupt and Ryder who just want this to end already. Finally, SwitchBlade goes to the last page of the contract and picks up the pen. But before signing, he grabs a mic.

SwitchBlade: Before I sign this, and make the match official, I just want to say one last thing. After we finish up here, I get to step into the realm of “FnX” for the first time against PKA. Let me tell you, it won't be pleasant I'm sure. But I will know what to expect fromour match at Warped 20, and I can guarantee each and every one of you that I will walk out of The Not So Silent Night STILL your WARPED World Heavyweight Champion. Ryder might not respect me. Korrupt may even want to kill me. But even they have to admit that when the facts are on the table, and if past events prove anything, it’s that I am a fighting champion, and I will not go down so easily—

The Rough Ryder: ZZZZZZZZZZZ….

Ryder, in an attempt to mock SwitchBlade, starts snoring loudly, then snaps himself “awake”.

The Rough Ryder: Huh? Wha? Did I miss something? Oh, are you finally done ranting SwitchBlade? Some of us want to go home after the show.

SwitchBlade glares at Ryder before finally signing the contract. Kris takes the contract with pleasure.

Kris Red: Very good. Looks like everything is in order. Folks, our Warped 20 main event is official!

Korrupt: FINALLY! I thought these two would never shut up. Seriously, SwitchBlade’s rant was about as exciting as a kid in a coma.

SwitchBlade gets up from his seat and kicks his chair aside. Korrupt gets up as well and brings his hands to his cheeks.

Korrupt: Uh oh. Did I hit a nerve? Is Switchy gonna cry?!

Ryder is up as well by this point. He looks at both SwitchBlade and Korrupt, waiting to see which of the two will break the contract agreement first.

SwitchBlade: Say that again. I dare you. Say something about Claire ONE MORE TIME!

Korrupt: Now now Switchy, I know you’re sensitive about the subject, so let me just say that something positive could’ve come from this. Maybe good ol’ Grendel gave little Claire a bit of pleasure before her pain. I mean she had to blossom into a women at some poi—

SwitchBlade, having heard enough, lunges at Korrupt and tackles him down to the floor. Kris backtracks it out of the ring as the two men pummel at one another. Ryder, not wanting to be out of the limelight, grabs SwitchBlade and pulls him apart from Korrupt. He holds out both arms to keep them separate.

The Rough Ryder: Woah woah WOAH! GUYS! GUYS! STOP!

SwitchBlade and Korrupt pause and look at Ryder.

The Rough Ryder: Now look…it’s obvious that you two both have mental issues, so how about you both leave the ring and hug it out in therapy while a REAL man—

SwitchBlade and Korrupt both get the same idea and attack Ryder at the same time. The table gets knocked over as the three main eventers throw punches and kicks at each other to the delight of the fans.

Tony D: My God, they won’t stop! We need security down here!

Right as he says it, a few Warped security guards and other backstage officials come running down to the ring. They slide inside and pull the three men apart from one another. Ryder gets pushed into one corner while SwitchBlade and Korrupt are separated on the opposite side of the ring. All three men fight the guards to try and get at each other, but the numbers game eventually keeps them at bay. After a couple minutes Korrupt is the first man taken out of the ring, and appropriately enough, has the most people holding him down. As he leaves Ryder is soon escorted out. SwitchBlade is next to go, but the champ assures the guards that he’s okay to leave on his own. As he does, he exits onto the apron, and surprisingly leaps right on top of Ryder knocking him down along with the people holding him. SwitchBlade is about ready to lay a flurry of punches when Korrupt comes running out from the back and kicks SwitchBlade in the head violently. Once again the guards come running at the three and try holding them back. Ryder gets a free punch at Korrupt before he’s held back.

Tony D: I’ve never seen anything like this in Warped. These men can’t be held back!

Kris Red: I’m just glad I’m back here now, and not stuck with those three.

Tony D: How the hell are they going to wait until Warped 20?!

The camera cuts out as all three men are eventually taken behind the curtain.



The scene fades in on an unfamiliar face, in an unfamiliar room.

Man: "Hello WARPED. My name, is "The Abstract"..James Silkk."

He sits back and smiles.

Silkk: "Don't let my reputation, or my alliances supersede me. I've chosen this very company to make MY mark on the professional wrestling scene. You're looking at pro wrestlings future. The Young Modern of the First Family of Pro Wrestling. You're looking at the Abstract, the Picaso of Pro Wrestling. The man-destined for the WARPED World Championship. "

He sits back once more, and takes a sip of water.

Silkk: "My time is now…and even without The First Family by my side-I will show the world that I am here for a reason. WARPED, you'll either get me…or you won't."

He smirks again, as we cut to static.


Main Event - FnX Match
SwitchBlade vs. PKA w/Crowbar

The scene now flips back to the ring area where everyone has cleared out and Randy Long stands in the ring ready to announce our main event!

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event and it is a FnX Division match-up!"

The fans cheer.

"Hang Me Up To Dry" by Cold War Kids begins to play and the fans boo...The arena goes dark and the spotlight shines on the entrance stage, with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights.

Randy Long: "Introducing first - from Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 201 pounds, "Grade A" P..K..A!"

From the entrance comes PKA, clothed in black boots, black, baggy jeans, a white tank top wife beater, and a black leather jacket over that. He also wears a black hat, faced backwards, with a long, silver chain around his neck. PKA stops on the stage and holds both arms in the air, fists touching, before dropping them to his side and continuing down the ramp. He looks lost, depressed, unhappy, as he walks down the ramp. PKA reaches the steps and walks up, then heads up onto the turnbuckle, and holds both arms out in a crucifix. He surveys the crowd with a look of sorrow on his face, before hopping into the ring from the turnbuckle. He takes off his hat, chain, and leather jacket, and hands it over to the referee who takes it to ringside, and he then leans up against the corner.

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play and the fans begin to cheer!

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - he is the World Heavyweight Champion - SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans and looks across at PKA who waves at him sarcastically.

Tony D: "And here we are - main event time. After that chaotic contract signing, I'm sure SwitchBlade is happy he didn't get too roughed up."

Kris Red: "No kidding. SwitchBlade wanted a preview of the kind of match he's in for at The Not So Silent Night when he defends his title in a Barb Wire match, and PKA stepped up to the plate."

Tony D: "PKA of course a man who calls himself the Ultraviolent Perfectionist and says he feeds off of the pain of others but mostly his own pain.. kinda sick if you ask me."

Kris Red: "No doubt about that.. and while SwitchBlade hasn't been in many FnX style matches..ever..he has the history of that brutal Cage match months and months ago against The Rough Ryder that some call the best match ever in WARPED. So we'll see how both men does tonight as we finish off Premonitions."

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds! Both SwitchBlade and PKA make their way to the center of the ring quickly, and lock up! SwitchBlade pushes PKA away. He immediately pops right back up and they tie up in the middle of the ring. SwitchBlade pushes PKA back and he rolls backward, and to his feet. PKA locks up with SwitchBlade and yet again SwitchBlade shoves him away, but PKA stays on his feet and gets pushed into the corner turnbuckle. PKA looks to go to the well one more time as he charges in for a lock up with SwitchBlade! But instead PKA slides between SwitchBlade's legs surprising the champion and then dropkicks him in his back, sending the World Champion through the middle and top rope and to the floor!

Tony D: "PKA was relentless and it finally worked for him!"

Kris Red: "PKA is a smart man, Tony D. There's no doubt about that."

SwitchBlade gets to his feet on the floor and PKA slides under the bottom rope, but SwitchBlade slides into the ring before PKA can stop him. PKA points up at SwitchBlade as he stands in the ring laughing at him. The fans laugh as PKA tells them to shut up and looks a little frustrated! PKA hops up on the apron and slowly makes his way into the ring as SwitchBlade awaits.

Tony D: "PKA kinda got outsmarted there by SwitchBlade but he's not letting that discourage him."

They go in for a lock up but SwitchBlade knees PKA in his gut and tosses him through the middle and top rope! PKA lands on his feet on the floor as SwitchBlade gets out.. and PKA slides into the ring! PKA raises his arms in the air and points down at SwitchBlade laughing, and SwitchBlade flips him off!

Kris Red: "PKA repays Switchy there with a little game of cat and mouse but SwitchBlade does not like that one bit."

SwitchBlade gets onto the apron and enters the ring through the ropes, and PKA is there to deliver some hard shots to his back. The World Champion tries to push PKA away but PKA counters into an armdrag. SwitchBlade gets up and PKA takes him down with a dropkick. SwitchBlade up again and PKA snaps up onto his shoulders and nails the rana! SwitchBlade is sent face-first into the corner middle buckle. PKA brings SwitchBlade to his feet and lifts him up onto the top buckle. The Ultraviolent Perfectionist PKA climbs up, possibly setting up for a belly to back suplex from the top! But SwitchBlade elbows PKA enough to where he drops down. SwitchBlade turns himself around and PKA climbs back up, and slaps the spit out of SwitchBlade's face. In return, SwitchBlade headbutts PKA to take him off the buckle again. SwitchBlade hops down and PKA charges at him with a knee to the gut. PKA grabs the head of SwitchBlade, backs up, and runs to the buckle, pushes off, and hits a swinging DDT! PKA covers..`1... 2... kick out! Kick out with power by SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "Swinging DDT only gets him two!"

Kris Red: "You've got to love the persistence of PKA. He just kept coming at SwitchBlade!"

Tony D: "He's going to have to. SwitchBlade is the World Champion! But PKA, if he uses his speed to his advantage, can really one-up SwitchBlade in numerous occasions if the opportunity arises. Plus, this is FnX - it's PKA's territory, and uncharted waters for the Champ."

SwitchBlade rolls out of the ring as PKA gets up on the other side of the ring after that powerful kick out. SwitchBlade reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. PKA then comes out of nowhere, cartwheel in the ring into a somersault over - he lands on the shoulders of SwitchBlade and hits the hurricanrana!

Kris Red: "The Passing Grade! He even cleared the table in that one, and that right there is a key reason why PKA is the leader of The Movement. He has skill, no doubt about it."


Tony D: "No kidding and the crowd is suprisingly applauding that move, despite their hatred for PKA."

The fans do show their respect for that amazing move by PKA as he rises to his feet and raises his arms into the air but then spits on SwitchBlade! They react with boos as the fans dislike his sign of disrespect there!

Tony D: "Ah, good ol' PKA.."

PKA picks SwitchBlade up and goes for the irish whip and sends SwitchBlade into the barricade back-first. PKA brings SwitchBlade to his feet and hits a hard chop followed by a forearm shot to the head. PKA backs up and then runs back at SwitchBlade and hits a big shoulder block into the stomach of SwitchBlade, also driving his back into the barricade some more! PKA brings SwitchBlade to the ring and rolls him in before reaching under the apron for some weapons. He pulls out another table and pushes it under the bottom rope. PKA slides in and picks up the table. SwitchBlade begins getting to his feet so PKA drops the table and stomps at SwitchBlade. He picks SwitchBlade up and sets him up for a suplex but SwitchBlade blocks it, hooking his foot around PKA's, then executes a snap suplex of his own! The fans cheer for SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "PKA might've wasted too much time on the outside of the ring, and it gave SwitchBlade more time to recover."

SwitchBlade now picks up the table PKA brought in and sets it upright against the corner. He makes sure its going to stay then turns his attention back to PKA who is there waiting and boots SwitchBlade in the midsection. PKA with an irish whip but its countered as SwitchBlade sends PKA right for the table but PKA puts on the breaks and hits a back elbow on SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade stumbles forward to the middle of the ring, and then turns around just in time for PKA to run with a step up Enziguri! PKA covers.. 1.. 2.. Kick out.

Tony D: "A Two count for PKA."

PKA then rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the apron, holding the top rope, waiting for SwitchBlade to rise up. He does so, and PKA springboards off and goes for the Springboard Flipping Neckbreaker but SwitchBlade drops down to the mat and PKA crashes. PKA is slow to his feet and SwitchBlade pulls him in quickly with a schoolboy! 1... 2.... kick out!

Kris Red: "PKA was going for a Springboard Buff Blockbuster or something I think.. that didn't work out so well.."

Tony D: "SwitchBlade tried to immediately capitalize and THAT is why he is the man with the World Title in WARPED - he's very instinctive."

SwitchBlade then rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from one of the ringside crew members and gets back into the ring with it. SwitchBlade sets the chair up close to the ropes but in the middle of the ring. He picks up PKA turns him around and locks in a reverse waistlock, as if to go for a German Suplex into the chair! SwitchBlade executes the move - and PKA flips out of it, just barely clearing the chair! He stumbles back into the ropes and SwitchBlade stumbles back toward the chair. PKA steps forward, around the chair, grabs the head of SwitchBlade and hits a Reverse Falling DDT onto the chair!PKA pushes the chair away and rolls SwitchBlade onto his back and covers..1.... 2.... 3! Noo!! Kick out!

Tony D: "No!! Only two!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade kicked out but you know that had to hurt!"

PKA looks at the referee and can't believe that wasn't a three count victory! PKA was so close there and wishes that was enough to put the Champ away! PKA gets to his feet and brings SwitchBlade up as well. He kicks SwitchBlade in his gut three times, and hits a forearm shot to the face, and another, and another..backing SwitchBlade into the corner opposite of the table that's set up in the ring. PKA points to the table and goes for the irish whip but SwitchBlade holds the top buckle, not letting go. PKA kicks his arm off the buckle and goes for the irish whip and this time SwitchBlade is sent toward the table but he drops down to one knee. He holds his head as he turns around and gets to his feet, and finds that PKA is running straight for him but look out.. SwitchBlade grabs PKA by his right arm and lifts him into the air with high elevation to which PKA yells out 'OH SHIT!' before going through the table off the hip toss!

Tony D: "PKA goes through the table!"

Kris Red: "What a friggin' hip toss!!"

"Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit~!"

SwitchBlade pulls PKA from the rubble and covers.. 1... 2... 3... noooooo~! 2.9023299999!!

Kris Red: "How the hell did he kick out?!"

Tony D: "I can't believe it either but the official is signaling that it was only a two count but by just that much!!"

SwitchBlade looks around the ring for what else he can use. He tries bringing PKA to his feet but his body is limp! SwitchBlade toys with him, pulling him across the ring by his left leg. SwitchBlade lifts PKA up and lets him drop and begins getting confident that its only a matter of time until this one is over! SwitchBlade grabs PKA around the waist and lifts him up, placing him between his legs and pointing to the outside where the table is!

Tony D: "Uh oh, SwitchBlade wants to powerbomb PKA onto that table!"

But PKA counters into a hurricanrana, sending SwitchBlade crashing down through the table!



Kris Red: "What a counter by PKA as SwitchBlade is sent crashing through the table at ringside!"

Tony D: "I can't believe we just saw our World Champion go through a table thanks to PKA! This is an outrage."

The crowd is pumped up, stomping the floor, the steps, everything around where they are seated. PKA is very slow in getting to his feet. He stands up, and looks to almost fall backward but gets held up by the ropes. He looks out at the crowd as they chant "You Suck! You Suck!" repeatedly. PKA shakes his head and reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles!

Tony D: "Those knucks he had earlier!! There they are!"

PKA drops out of the ring as the fans now chant for SwitchBlade to get to his feet. PKA reaches down and brings SwitchBlade to his feet, and Switchy is wobbly. PKA pushes him into the ring and climbs the apron..slowly. PKA looks on as SwitchBlade pushes himself up to his feet. PKA laughs slightly, and grins. He points to SwitchBlade in the ring and looks out to his left and says 'how bout that?' as the fans continue to clap for SwitchBlade and chant his name.

Tony D: "PKA is perhaps impressed that SwitchBlade is getting to his feet?"

Kris Red: "I don't know but he's definitely wasting time."

PKA gets into the ring as SwitchBlade stands there, ready to go. PKA holds his right fist up, the fist with the brass knuckles on them, and he clenches his fist tightly. PKA looks at the knucks, then at SwitchBlade.. PKA grabs the back of his head, still in pain from the hip toss into the table from earlier. He sighs, and backs up, and goes through the ropes and down to the floor. SwitchBlade holds his hands out, as PKA begins applauding while he backs up past the broken table and up the aisle way. He smiles, and gives the thumbs up to SwitchBlade. Suddenly from the curtain comes Crowbar... then Korrupt... as the two men join PKA at his side. PKA puts his arms on each of their shoulders and says a few words to them. The three men then stare at the ring where SwitchBlade stands, and SwitchBlade stares back.

Fade. To. Black.