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We open this pre-taped segment displaying a full body shot of UTA interviewer, Jamie Sawyers, sitting in a chair.

Sawyers: Welcome to this; an insightful look into the controversial career of ‘The Loose Cannon’ Suicidal Skylar Montgomery who is set to debut here in United Toughness Alliance in just three weeks.  The names and faces of the superstars talking about SkyMont have been disguised. Without further ado, we present to you – ‘Suicidal Skylar Montgomery: Portrait of a Pariah’.

Cut to a 2-seat interview scenario. In one chair sits Sawyers and in the other chair is someone hidden in the shadows so nobody can see his face; but we can just about make out a cowboy hat on his head.

??? : Well I first encountered Skylar Montgomery earlier this year.

Sawyers: But you’d heard of him before?

???: Course I heard, hoss. I heard about his antics in PRIME. I’ve heard how he sucks in the ring and how the only thing that stinks worse than his ability to wrestle is his backstage attitude. So yeah, I’ve heard alot, hoss.

We cut to another interview scenario. This time the person sitting in the shadows is noticeably larger than the one before and, even in the dark, we can make out those hulking blue steroid-veins.

???: I’ve been aware of Suicidal Skylar Montgomery since his JUST Wrestling days, when he first started calling me out. But he wasn’t calling me out to fight me, he was calling me out to be his bodyguard or something. He called me ‘his protector’ or some creepy stuff like that. Type of thing that makes me not want to meet him in person. That’s why I got Legacy of Champions to turn down his tryout.

We cut to another interview scenario. This time Jamie is joined by a mystery woman.

???:  I was in Red Line Wrestling with Skylar Montgomery. He was fired for  turning up to shows late and he seemed to be under the influence of something all the time. I remember I had to work a match with that liability; I had to literally drag his body around the ring, he was so doped up on whatever the hell it is he mixes the prescription valium the courts have ordered him to take with. In the end he had to be carried out on a stretcher... and it was only a 3 minute match!

The words ‘The Mikey and Bobby incident’ fade onto the screen and then fade out, before we cut back to the mystery cowboy.

???: He wannid to hit ME with one of them lighttubes, I was like hell naw, hoss. I don’t care how whiskey-bent and hell-bound I got, there was no way I was stepping into the ring with that insane lunatic! He was tryna set up a match... a hardcore match or some sorta crazy gimmicky stipulation he had hatched up... between me and him for a small promotion ran by Castor Strife. But there was no way I was signing that contract. I heard he was doing some things down in RAGE Wrestling so I checked it out and it was just so barbaric and... and.. raw.  Next thing I hear a rumour that he hit 2 UTA representatives over the head with lighttubes and I just thank little lord baby jesus it wasn’t me. SkyMont’s just so self-destructive and unpredictable he went and started a war between RAGE Wrestling and UTA and didn’t even win.

We cut to the mystery muscle man.

Sawyers: Was it an act of war?

???: Heh, no it wasn’t an act of war, the kid just wanted to hit something with a lighttube. He tried in his Legacy of Champions tryout and failed. Quite frankly, I’m actually shocked that UTA has signed this guy themselves after that whole scandal. Don’t know what’s going through those guys’ heads to be honest.

We cut to the mystery women.

???: Why UTA have signed him to a contract is beyond me. He is a trainwreck in the ring and has serious mental issues that urgently need addressing before he can even consider competing professionally again.

Cut back to the mystery cowboy.

???: He’s untrained and a hazard in the ring. It’s only a matter of time before he seriously hurts himself or someone else and UTA are sickeningly irresponsible for hiring this hoss!

The shot then cuts back to Jamie Sawyers sitting alone staring directly into the camera.

Sawyers:  Well it seems these guys have few kind words for The SkyMonster. Let’s see how the WrestleZone reacts to him in 3 weeks time.