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Action Packed #2 - August 17th, 2011

Live from San Antonio, TX!

The Legacy Pro Wrestling logo flashes across the screen as "Downfall" by TRUSTcompany begins to play, accompanied by a video package featuring several LPW stars. The video transitions to the arena where the fans erupt, awaiting even more action. The camera then cuts to the commentary team of Danny Ash and Rick Henson.

Ash: Welcome back to Legacy Pro Wrestling and Action Packed! Tonight looks to be a huge night as the race for the LPW Championship continues. Every match is a potential title eliminator.

Henson: Plus we finally get some tag team action, though only one of the team is a REAL tag team.

Ash: Well we....

Where We Belong

Danny Ash is interrupted as "Sagrado Excelente Instrumental" plays over the PA system. The crowd begins to boo slightly, remembering who came out to this music just two weeks before. They more-so remember what Sagrado Excelente had to say. Sara Morales is the first one from the back wearing a tight black shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Her brown hair flows behind her head as she walks towards the ring. Behind her is the tag team of Sagrado Excelente; Sagrado Asistente also wears blue jeans. He wears a black, green, and white collared shirt as well to go along with a silver necklace. His mask covers up his face and he stands with his hands on his hips and looks out towards the crowd, his tag team partner Guerrero Excelente also wears blue jeans and and a white collared shirt to go along with his mask and a gold necklace. He points out to the booing crowd before the three make their way towards the ring.

Henson: Look what we have here. The three members of the Legacy roster that actually have the stones to speak their mind. Now this is how you start a show!

Ash: Look where that got them, they're already on Mason Hardt's bad side. You heard what he had to say about them, he could have fired them!

Henson: He knows better than to fire talent like this.

Sara walks up the steel steps, the members of Sagrado Excelente sit on the middle rope facing the entry way with their arms folded. Instead of stepping between the ropes, Sara quickly places her feet on either of their shoulders and does a forward roll over the top rope into the ring. She rolls onto her stomach at the opposite end of the ring and looks seductively at the camera, the fans react to the athletic display.

Ash: Wellthat was impressive. I guess that's what the message boards were raving about.

Henson: Sara is a complete athlete; this is the best put together team I've seen in a long time!

Sagrado and Guerrero quickly step into the ring and climb adjacent turnbuckles and raise their hands to the crowd that greats the young team with boos. They quickly jump down as Sara gets a microphone from ringside, the music quickly dies down.

Sara: Before we get started, I would like to say something to the beloved Owner of Legacy Pro Wrestling, Mason Hardt...

Ash: Here we go...

Sara looks directly at the camera.

Sara: Stay in the back, we aren't like "Goldilocks" Mason Grant. We would have no problem throwing you out of here ourselves.

Henson: Wowstrong words.

Sara then motions towards the crowd.

Sara: All we heard and read the past two weeks is about how our egos are getting too big for our own good, that we disrespected Bottomless. This was all over Lucha Libre message boards, something about how we don't have a right to feel "entitled" to anything or that we have to "earn" our place in Legacy.

Sara turns around and looks at Guerrero and Sagrado as the crowd cheers; the two masked Luchadores shrug their shoulders.

Sara: I'll let everyone in this arena and everyone watching at home know that we are the best tag team in the world! The entire world! We don't have to prove anything to anyone; there aren't any two wrestlers in the back that can defeat us in a match.

The crowd boos the cockiness of, "Cunning" Sara Morales. She hands the microphone to the "Luchadore of a Thousand Holds" Sagrado Asistente; the crowd continues to boo as he raises the microphone to his lips. He quickly drops his hands, seemingly frustrated at the continued booing.

Sagrado: You stupid Texas rednecks are proof that true class can only be found south of the American border!

Massive heat for that one, Guerrero and Morales clap and nod their heads.

Sagrado: As Sara said, Sagrado Excelente is the best tag team in the world. As soon as it got out that we signed to Legacy Pro Wrestling, all other tag teams have refused to come here and face us. They know that they can't hold up in the ring against us, they know they don't have the speed or technique to compete. They know everything that each and every one of you knows....

Sagrado motions his hand to the crowd.

Sagrado: They know that nobody can level up to our excellence!

The crowd boos again as Sagrado hands the microphone off to, "Mexico's Best Kept Secret" Guerrero Excelente. Guerrero laughs briefly; he ignores the booing crowd and begins to speak.

Guerrero: I have only a little something to say to Mason Hardt, we don't fear you. You may thank you run things around here, but once the tag team titles are around our waste you'll quickly understand that you're only good for signing your name on our checks....

The crowd boos as we can see a smirk through Guerrero's mask.

Guerrero: I hope you do find a tag team to face us, just make sure you put us in the main event...

Where we belong!

Guerrero smiles as he drops the microphone, Sagrado Excelente's music begins to blast over the PA as the crowd boos the young tag team. Guerrero and Sagrado hold the ropes open for Sara as she leaves the ring; they quickly follow her out, being sure to ignore the crowd as they make their way to the back.

Ash: You have to believe that Mr. Hardt will have something to say about these comments.

Henson: So what. He's a businessman and he knows that these guys are great for business.

Putting the 'Ex' in Solex

Ash: We're being told that Shelly Summers is backstage with one of the newest members of the LPW roster.

The scene opens with a zoomed in shot of the name plate of the locker room. It reads "Excalibur". The camera then pans around and the reporter Shelly holds the mic up and begins to speak to the television audience.

Summers: We are here outside of Excalibur's locker room. We're going to try and get word from him just before his debut match and see if he has any comments on Steve Solex.

The reporter gives two polite knocks on the door, a rugged old man yells loud enough to be picked up by the camera.

Man: Come in!

Shelly politely opens the door and finds Excalibur in the corner with a hood over his head and ear piece playing music from his iPod. He's getting his hand taped as the Shelly approaches.

Summers: Excalibur, so nice to see you again, let me

Excalibur cuts her off as he removes the ear piece. He smiles up at her for a second.

Excalibur: Sorry about that Shell, I missed everything you said.

She laughs as she then continues.

Summers: No problem. Here we are tonight just moments before your big match with Steve Solex and your debut here in LPW, what are your feelings?

The man continues wrapping his hands tightly Excalibur watches him closely as he speaks to Shelly.

Excalibur: Debut match, check. Steve Solex, check. I've been running the whole thing in my head all day, I couldn't sleep last night. It's weird because I feel so great right now. Am I nervous? You bet. That's just how it goes. Once I step through them ropes all butterflies fly away.

Summers: Did you see Solex's latest promo of you? He had some choice words.

Excalibur: Same old guy, I mean he is the self appointed champ right?

Summers: He did suggest you to refer to him as that.

Excalibur: Well, if that's the case he must have Mr. Hardt in his back pocket. That's the only way that would ever become a reality. This guy, he just rubs me the wrong way. I mean, I get it Steve, you're a jack ass. That typical guy in high school who gets no loving, then once he makes a name for himself he uses women like crazy just to boost his own ego and self insecurity. Real, real classy. Tiger Woods ring a bell? Look, rather I like Solex or not doesn't really matter. I've got a job to do tonight and if I liked him or not, I'd beat him just the same!

One hand completes the wrapping and he makes a black E over it to signify it's done. Excalibur holds his other hand up.

Summers: Do you have a strategy tonight?

Excalibur: Look Shelly, I have a plan. It's not in my best interest to disclose that to you though. I can only say that if things go my way, I think I'll really please the crowd. I didn't fly here to lose and I damn sure don't want to fly home all busted up.

Summers: You made some comments about wanting to be the face of the company. This seems to have gotten people talking. What do you have to say about that?

Excalibur: I'm glad I did it! Plain and simple, I want people to target me. It really doesn't matter; when I beat Solex I want him at his best. When I beat the "one" I want him at his best. My comments have some exciting opportunities coming my way. I haven't had the chance to see what works out though; I know if I win, big things are head like very soon. Endorsements, shows, etc.

Summers: Â Thank you for the quick interview Excalibur! I really appreciate it!

With that said the other hand is finished wrapped an X is written over that. He looks to Shelly and speaks softly.

Excalibur: No Shell, thank you! Take care, and call me later. Me and a few of the boys are going to go out after the show. Feel free for you and the crew to join us. Till then!

Excalibur rises up and makes his way to the camera. He holds up his fists and puts them together. It reads "Ex" he smirks really big as the camera fades. He appears completely confident.

Forces of Power vs. TJ & Rocky Awesome

Ash: It certainly looks like Excalibur is ready to go. And I hope you all are ready to go, because it is time for some Tag Team action!

Henson: I see what you did there.

Jim and TJ start the match out. Jim immediately shows his power delivering a crushing suplex. Jim works the back of TJ with grounded elbows and stomps, keeping the match firmly in his control. A well timed reversal sees TJ take advantage of the action. TJ uses his brawling ability and slugs it out with Jim. An attempted bodyslam of Jim fails and TJ loses his momentum. Jim makes a fist bump tag to Ed who begins to follow Jim's gameplan and work on the back of TJ with clubbing shots. Another tag out from the McBaine's gets Jim back in the match. TJ manages to sneak an unseen low blow in, allowing him to tag out to Rocky. Awesome comes out swinging, throwing wild punches to wear down the big Jim McBaine. Jim staggers from the shots and finally goes down following a clothesline. Ed shouts encouragement from the corner but it does little to help him as Rocky continues his assault.

Rocky lets up for just a moment, allowing Jim to create space. As Awesome comes back for more he is met with a boot. This allows Jim to make the hot tag out to Ed. Ed comes out immediately with a series of clotheslines to Awesome. Ed whips Awesome into the ropes and hits a back body drop.

Ed is the blindsided by TJ. Ed never saw TJ slap the back of Awesome, tagging himself in! TJ immediately goes to work with stomps on the downed McBaine. TJ focuses his shots on the wound Ed had received at the previous Action Packed and blood begins to flow. TJ tags out to Awesome. Ed gets back into the match, pushing Rocky away as he tried to pick him up. Ed begins fighting like a man possessed. Punches, forearms, and clotheslines galore.

The fire finally burns out and Ed tags out to Jim. Jim begins to cut off the ring and keeps Awesome as close to the McBaine corner as possible. The two then methodically pick apart Rocky, tagging in and out to stay as fresh as possible. Jim is the legal man and Rocky is on the mat, a beaten man. He lifts Rocky up on his shoulders and begins trying to break him in half with the Spinal Tap.

TJ rushes in, however, and breaks up the move before Awesome has time to submit. Rocky crashes to the mat and Ed invites himself into the ring. The two men begin to back down TJ who suddenly doesn't look as brave. TJ motions that he is getting out of the ring and back to the apron. As he begins to do so he doesn't notice that the McBaine's are bouncing off the ropes and coming back at him.

They both hit TJ with a modified version of the Flash Force, sending him flying to the ground below. They immediately turn their attention to Awesome. Jim hoists him up with a gutwrench powerbomb and slams him down to the mat while Ed delivers a neckbreaker, taking Rocky out with the Powerbreaker for the win.

Roth: The winners of the match via pinfall, FORCES OF POWER!

Ash: Impressive showing by the Forces of Power. Sagrado Excelente may have that competition they were asking fore.

Henson: Please, these guys couldn't touch Sagrado Excelente.

Ash: Hopefully we'll get to find that out in the near future. For now, though, we'd like to revearl the results from our prelimary matches earlier tonight.

Henson: These matches will count towards the official LPW rankings and while those of you streaming us on the web didn't get to see them, we want to update you.

Ash: That's right Rick. We saw Sebastian Moore defeat "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens in a highly entertaining back and forth match.

Henson: Shaun Collins got his first win of his LPW career by defeating both Robert Starr and Scott Rambo after he pinned the latter.

Ash: The final prelim saw Jett Mason defeat Tyler Blackhart and Bottomless when he pinned Blackhart following a move he calls Jett Lag.

Moore Cheap Pops

The opening strains of Muse's "Assassin" reverberate around the San Antonio arena that is completely dark, save for a lone strobing spot.

Ash: What do you know, one of the men who fought earlier tonight is on his way out.

Henson: As if on queue.

As the song gets heavier all the lights go nuts as Sebastian Moore emerges from the back, dressed in a tailored-but-loose white shirt and black slacks. He carries a burlap sack as he jogs towards the ring, gurning all the way. Moore exchanges high-fives with any fans who vaguely recognize him, before he collects a mic from the timekeeper and rolls into the ring.

Moore: Good evening.

Moore's trademark deadpan intro pops the part of the crowd who remember his earlier work.

Moore: My name is Sebastian Moore, and I am thrilled to be standing here in this fine city of San Antonio, Texas...

The crowd erupts at the sound of the city's name.

Moore: I make my LPW debut. Yes, I missed the first week, but I'm here for the second, I will be here for every show after this. For those of you who are with me in this beautiful arena...

The crowd again make themselves heard.

Moore: you will have already seen me in action against that pompous oaf Scott Stevens. For those of you watching this on the LPW website, I suggest you check out the match video when it inevitably makes its way onto the internet, because, and I don't like to blow my own horn, it was a pretty darn good match. Am I right San Antonio?

The cheering from the audience is nearly deafening as Moore plays to them.

Moore: But that's not the main reason I'm out here. I promise that I'll kick arse like that every week and leave my loyal fans begging for Moore, but that's not exactly why I'm standing before you right now. No, I've got some loose ends to tie up. Concerning this...

Moore pauses, and lifts the glimmering XWA World Heavyweight Championship from it's sack. He gives it a whistful glance before continuing.

Moore: Now, the chances are, the last time those of you with good enough taste to watch XWA saw me on your TV or computer screens, or, indeed, in the flesh, I was carrying this title. And indeed, I earnt it. And I never lost it. When XWA went under, this fine title was left in my keeping. And I had half a mind to come out here with the belt on my shoulder, use it as proof that I am better than everyone else on this roster, and demand my spot in the inaugural LPW Championship match at Instant Classic.

The crowd boo uncertainly.

Moore: But, my friends, thankfully I was not rash; thankfully I thought it through. I thought to myself, what would my loyal fans who watched me battle the evil Nazi Bartons and the psychopathic Kevin Blaine think if I came out here with a sense of entitlement and demanded something I hadn't earned? Why, I'd be a hypocrite "“ I often criticize my opponents of living on past glories "“ and I'd also be a class A tosser.

The live crowd have a giggle as Moore girns at them.

Moore: So I'm out here to show that, though I may be a World Champion, I've not changed one jot. I'll earn my shot at the LPW Championship, and until I win it, you will not see me parading this title around this company ever again.

Moore drops the belt back into the sack and drops it at his feet.

Moore: Hopefully, though, it won't be too long until I can come out here with that belt again and display it as proudly as I deserve too. Because you all know that I am a legitimate hybrid athlete; one of the greatest talents to grace this industry ever, and you all want Moore... and you know it!

"Assassin" hits as Moore lifts the sack into the air and we are sent backstage.

Why So Serious?

Shayne Adams is talking to an LPW official. He is visibly agitated, worried for the safety of his manager due to the words of "The Antichrist" Horatio Graves.

Adams: Look, all I'm asking is that you can give her some protection out there! You've seen that madman, you've heard what he says, I mean, that's grounds for police involvement, never mind a little extra security!

Official: I'm sorry Mr. Adams, but rules are rules, if Rachelle goes out there, she goes out there alone.

Adams grabs the official by the collar and shoves him up against the wall.

Adams: Listen smart-ass! What kind of two-bit wrestling promotion recklessly endangers its competitors by letting them loose with a psycho?! Graves should be in an institution, not an arena! Can't you see that?!

The official nervously stammers.

Official: L..l...look, s...s...sir, I real...really can't do about it. O...only M...M...Mason Har...Hardt can make th...that kind of

Adams drops the official, who falls to the ground before scrambling away.

Adams: Then perhaps it's time to pay Mr. Hardt a visit...

Shayne Adams walks away as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Excalibur vs. Steve Solex

Ash: That's an interesting development. Mr. Hardt's a reasonable man, I'm sure he can do something to accomodate Rachelle.

Henson: If something happens to her, it's Shayne Adams' fault and no one elses. You want to bring eye candy out to the ring? You're just begging for something to happen.

Ash: I don't agree with that at all.

Henson: Who cares what you think, we have a match to call.

The match begins with a slow and methodical pace, each wrestler feeling out the other. Excalibur keeps his range, attacking Solex with punches and kicks to stay out of suplex range. A wild punch misses its mark and allows Solex to take over the match following a lightning fast German suplex. Solex focuses his attention on the back and shoulder area of his opponent. Solex locks Excalibur in the Camel Clutch, wrenching back on his head. Excalibur manages to free himself and get back up to his feet. He charges at Solex but a perfectly executed tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Solex causes Excalibur to writhe in pain. Excalibur immediately rolls out of the ring and Steve follows suit. Solex goes in to grab Excalibur but is met with a European uppercut that sends him stumbling backwards. Excalibur begins to throw everything he's got at Solex, keeping him off balance. He lifts Solex up and then rams his back into the ring post before rolling him back in the ring. Excalibur begins into the ring as Solex rolls around in pain. Excalibur picks him up and lifts him in the air with a vertical suplex. Solex manages to knee Excalibur in the head while being stalled, forcing Excalibur to release the move. As soon as Solex's feet touch the mat he snaps his hips and delivers the SolexPlex out of nowhere for the victory.

Roth: The winner of the match via pinfall, STEVE SOLEX!

Henson: I like this guy. On the brink of defeat and hits his finisher our of nowhere.

Ash: I may not like how he carries himself, but I have to agree that Steve Solex looked very good tonight. But so did Excalibur.

Henson: Who? The guy that lost? Yeah, sure.

Ash: He had control of the match and just got caught, could have easily gone the other way.

Henson: But it didn't.

The First Strike

Ash: (sigh) Right now, I'm told that our very own Shelly Summers has something for us. Shelly?

The scene flips to the locker room area, where Shelly Summers stands, mic in hand, in front of a large black door, with the word "Marquee" written on the nameplate. She pauses for a moment, waiting for her cue, before inhaling to begin.

Summers: Thank you, Danny. I am hopeful to get a word with "The Marquee" Mason Grant, before he heads out to the ring to take on Mr. Wrestling VIII. Not only about his upcoming match, but the budding rivalry between himself and

Before Shelly can finish her statement, the door behind her cracks open, and the sound of Emmy, "The Marquee's" manager, can be heard clear as day.

Emmy: Remember, luv, this man has wrestled all over the world. Be ready to adapt.

Marquee: Yeah, I know, I know.

Emmy: I'm serious, focus. You get what you settle for, yeah? Settle for a victory, then.

Marquee: Did you just drop some Thelma and Louise on me?

Emmy smirks, as the Marquee, now fully revealed in the doorway, smiles and shakes his head. He's dressed for competition, wearing his trademark sunglasses, "I'll make you famous ..." t-shirt, and a pair of black tights, with "Marquee" written diagonally down the sides in silver. Emmy, conversely, in wearing a blue blouse, and long black skirt, along with some killer heels. Her hair is braided this evening, dusting her right shoulder, and ever present are her oval framed librarian glasses.

Marquee: Never cease to amaze me, Em. I'll

Grant notices Shelly standing patiently in his doorway.

Marquee: Hey! You're LPW's Shelly Summers, aren't you? Such an honor to finally meet you. How are you?

Summers: I'm doing all right. I was hoping to get a few words before your match?

Marquee: Well, they aren't playing my song yet. Sure, what'cha need?

Summers: Any final thoughts heading into your match with Mr. Wrestling VIII?

Marquee: Final thoughts? To be honest, Shell can I call you Shell? To be honest, Shell, all of my thoughts are focused on Mr. Wrestling VIII. They have to be, he's a tough competitor. Problem is, so am I, and I've said from day one that nothing would keep me from attaining a shot at the LPW title. Can't very well prove my worth if I head out there and bomb, now can I?

Summers: I totally understand. One more thing, before you go?

Marquee: An autograph? No need to feel embarrassed, I get asked all the time.

Grant pulls the trusty pen from his boot, and quickly looks around for something to sign, as Miss Summers shakes her head.

Summers: No, I meant I was curious about the friction between yourself and "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens.

Emmy: Let's just go, luv.

"The Marquee" pauses for a moment, before sliding the pen back in his boot. He seems to take the time to compose himself, before slowly opening his mouth to speak. However, it's not his voice that the people hear.

Stevens: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue curtain jerker? I know it happens when people are in the presence of greatness such as myself.

"The Scorpion" appears next to Emmy, his face a mask of lust and aggression. He's sporting a $10,000 Armani suit, black with red pinstripes down it. While he fixes his "Scorpion emblem" cuff links and the camera gets blinded by the diamonds in Scorpion's custom made Rolex dubbed The Scorp-X. He smirks while looking Emmy up and down. Scorpion then takes off his black sunglasses and puts them into his suit jacket pocket. We see his crimson red eyes lusting over Emmy, and he scratches his beard a few times before he speaks.

Stevens: Hey baby. Why don't you leave this loser and come to Scorpion so you and I know...get it on.

Emmy recoils in disgust, as Shelly Summers seems to drift from the confrontation. Quickly, Mason Grant steps in front of Emmy, protecting her from the toxic predator.

Marquee: You need to just turn your ass around, and walk away, before something bad happens to you, Stevens. You have an issue with me, you take it up with me, out there, but you leave Emmy the hell alone, got it?

Stevens: Emmy. Babe. When you're ready to leave the reefer, smoking retard give your World Champion a ring. Until then, use this to remember me by.

Scott Stevens smacks Emmy on her round behind.

Stevens: Very nice indeed.

Security filters in at this point, as Grant, fired up, tries to lunge at the Venomous One, while Emmy, a mix of shock and horror, dives behind "The Marquee". Stevens, however, slowly backs away, his arms raised, and a sadistic smile across his lips.

Marquee: Your time is coming, Stevens! You hear me, you son of a bitch? I will get my hands on you!

As security gets a handle on the situation, trying to keep a fired up Mason Grant in check, and hearing the sadistic laughter of "The Scorpion" in the darkness, the scene quickly cuts back to ringside, where Rick Henson and Danny Ash watched everything unfold, along with the San Antonio crowd.

Necessary Precautions

Henson: I have a piece of advice for anyone interested in signing with LPW. Don't bring a manager. People will just want to eat them or screw them.

Ash: Sooner or later Mr. Hardt is going to have to do something about this. I'm sure there was some sexual harassment issue there somewhere.

Henson: Like I said earlier, you want to have eye candy then you have to be prepared for things like this.

Ash: I'm getting word that our cameras have spotted Shayne Adams heading for Mr. Hardt's office.

The camera cuts to backstage and we see a door labelled 'Mason Hardt'. As the camera zooms out, Shayne Adams appears and knocks on the door. We hear a voice from inside the door shout 'Enter'. Adams opens the door and enters a simple office with a filing cabinet in one corner, plants scattered around and several pieces of LPW merchandise posted on the walls. Mason Hardt sits at a desk at the far end of the room staring into his laptop.

Hardt: Yes? What can I do for you?

Adams: Look, Mr. Hardt, I appreciate the opportunity you've given me here in LPW, but how can you employ a madman like Graves?

Hardt: With all...

Adams: Not finished. Don't think of this as Shayne Adams chickening out of a match, it's not. However, he says he's going to 'consume the flesh of my angel'! How the hell can she do her job when he says things like that?!

Hardt: If you'd just...

Adams: Still not finished. All I want is a little security at ringside, just to keep her safe ok? Look, I don't ask for much, but I think Graves demands a little extra attention.

Hardt: Done now?

Adams nods.

Hardt: I'm guessing you didn't see what just happened? Security is a little preocuppied right now.

Adams: But...

Hardt: Not finished. I'll do what I can for Rachelle, Shayne. The last thing I need is something happening to her on a live web stream, it would be horrible for business. Go out there tonight, do your job, and I give you my word that I won't let him hurt her. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a business to run.

Adams gently nods and exits the door as the scene cuts back to the announce desk.

"The Marquee" Mason Grant (w/ Emmy) vs. Mr. Wrestling VIII

Ash: Looks like Mr. Hardt has agreed to supply extra protection for Rachelle tonight.

Henson: A waste of resources if you ask me.

Ash: I wonder if Mason Grant should have asked for some for Emmy...

Henson: We're about to find out.

Grant is the aggressor as the match kicks off, delivering several strikes. He eventually takes the match to the mat, keeping the pace of the match slow. Mr. Wrestling shows his skill in getting back to his feet and stealing the momentum. Mr. Wrestling attacks, pressing Grant back into the turnbuckle. A vicious superplex has Grant flat on the canvas. #8 begins showing his balanced style, picking apart Mason with holds and submissions.

The match gets back standing and the two go at each other, countering each move as it comes and leaving the two staring in a stale mate. They lock up just long enough for Grant to take over the match with a forearm smash. Both men twirl around the ring, as Mason has an airplane spin head scissor.

The move leaves Mr. Wrestling down and Mason stumbling about the ring dizzily. Once he has his composure he hits the Autograph and the crowd erupts. The cheers get the better of Mason and he acknowledges the audience. When Grant goes to follow up it is too late and #8 takes advantage.

The fans boo loudly as Mr. Wrestling delivers a stiff Samoan Drop. He motions for the crowd to continue the jeers before he begins to stomp on the face of Grant. #8 points to the top rope and begins to climb. He waits for Grant to get to his feet before hitting a flying body press. It nearly finishes Grant, but he manages to get a shoulder up. Mason catches Mr. Wrestling off guard with an enziguri.

Grant uses the opportunity to go in for the kill, delivering the Closing Credits for the win.

Ash: Another victory for "The Marquee"!

Henson: Unfortunately.

Getting Stung

As "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd plays, suddenly, the arena darkens. Mason Grant's music fades into a mash up of "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack, and "Amazing" by Kanye West, while the Tron flickers to life. It doesn't take long for the image on the screen to reveal itself as the door of "The Marquee's" locker room. The door slowly opens, and inside, everything is in shambles. The table is overturned, chairs strewn about the room, clothes tossed along the floor. In the middle of the floor, a grey t-shirt, which reads "Big Kahuna Burger" along with a tantalizing image of a hamburger on the chest, lays spread out with a large, black scorpion crawling across the center of it. Behind the scorpion, spraypainted on the back wall of the locker room, reads "You feel that sting, big boy, huh? - Pulp Fiction" After a long pause to read the words, the Tron darkens once more, Scott Steven's music shuts off, and the lights rise, leaving the crowd to murmur about what's happening.

Ash: Looks like Scott Stevens wasn't finished delivering his message to Mason Grant.

Henson: What do you expect? You disrespect someone like "The Scorpion" and you're bound to get...stung.

Enraged, "the Marquee" hops out of the ring, not even waiting for his gorgeous valet, as he storms up the ramp. The fans cheer for Grant, as he seems to be muttering to himself about what he just saw. As he reaches the top of the ramp way, Mason Grant throws open the curtain, and begins to step behind it, when just as quickly, he is dropped to his knees, before he flies backwards onto the metal grating. The capacity crowd sits stunned, as "The Scorpion" emerges onto the stage, mic in hand, and a cocky smirk crossing his lips.

Stevens: The price is wrong, bitch! You know, from Happy Gilmore.

And with that quip, Stevens winks at Emmy, as she rushes to her client's side, before "the Venomous One" disappears through the curtain once more. Emmy tries to revive Grant, as the camera pans back to the announcers sitting ringside.

Ash: This is getting out of control!

Henson: I say this is getting good! Finally people are starting to show why they are here. No one came to LPW to play nice, they came to win titles at all costs and elevate their stock.

Ash: This is uncalled for. It's cowardly is what it is.

Henson: Did you just call Scott Stevens a coward? We're good friends, I'm going to text him what you said.

Ash: Please don't...

Beer Me

A crowded bar is shown as Ed and Jim McBaine are at the front while some of the drunks and rowdy Texans take their autograph or try talking to them. A big black bodyguard shows up.

Bodyguard: I'm going to have to ask you all to leave these gentlemen alone. They're here to rest after their match.

Ed shifts his weight in his seat.

Ed: Thanks, Wayne.

The bodyguard turns to them.

Wayne: No problem, fellas. Thanks for signing that autograph for my sister.

Jim then pipes up.

Jim: Heh, what's her name again?

Wayne: Shirley. She's a big fan which is weird since you guys have only wrestled one match in Texas so far.

Ed: Well, we get that a lot. Once you're on a show it's almost like you get special treatment. But back about Shirley, she wanted to give Jim her panties, right?

Ed asks while puffing on his cigar and Wayne looks uncomfortable.

Wayne: Yeah but you guys are used to it right?

Ed puts out the cigar.

Ed: Yeah sort of.

Then all of a sudden a big pack of the room heads over to another section of the bar. All the brothers see is a white hat and a guy saying "Howdy" to everyone.

Jim: Hey Ed, isn't that Jim Surge over there?

Ed: Huh?

Ed stammers after being in a daze.

Jim: Dude, were you in dreamland again. Seriously Edmeister, you got to let it go.

Ed: I can't. Betty and I had a lot in common. I guess I already feel a little homesick for her.

Jim: Well, I'm not one to give advice but she held us back remember?

Ed nods in agreement even though he still has a slight daze and shifts his weight towards the bar mirror, watching the backs the bartenders shift around fetching beers and Jack Daniels. Suddenly, a vibration is overheard and Ed checks his cellphone: "Betty calling"

Ed: Well, whaddaya know?

Ed shows Jim, who screens the call for him.

Jim: Let it go, NOW!

He sternly looks into Ed's eyes as they both light up another cigar and Ed travels again into dreamland. The scene then goes back ringside.

Henson: Ha! That's the team you said was competition for Sagrado Excelente? Give me a break!

Ash: There is nothing wrong about enjoying a little r & r after a win. By the way, how many wins does Sagrado Excelente have in LPW?

Henson: I don't much care for statistics.

Shayne Adams (w/ Rachelle) vs. "The Antichrist" Horatio Graves

Ash: That's what I thought Anyways, ladies and gentlemen is Co-Main Event time. I just hope that Mr. Hardt is able to do like he said and protect Rachelle.

Henson: You already know my feelings on the situation. I say ban all managers from ringside.

Ash: What about Sara Morales?

Henson: She can stay, she can take care of herself.

The bell rings and Shayne can't help but keep an eye on Rachelle. This allows Graves to go on the attack. Graves delivers blow after blow, punches, kicks, headbutts, and foot stomps. Once Adams is on the ground the attack continues as Graves pounds away at his skull. Graves doesn't let up, maintaining control of the match. Horatio creates just a bit of space so that Shayne thinks he can do something but it was just to lure him in to an intense kick to the head. Horatio mounts Adams and then screams at the ref while pointing to Rachelle on the outside. The ref walks over to her, allowing Graves to pull an object out of his trunks, just like last time. This time, however, it is a screwdriver and not a fork. Horatio relentlessly drives it into the head of Adams, busting him open. With perfect timing Graves tosses the weapon just before the ref returns his attention to the action. With Adams down, Graves turns his attention to Rachelle. He begins to creep to where she is but the ref cuts him off. When Horatio turns around he catches a glimpse of a charging Shayne Adams. Graves sidesteps Adams and gives a little push, forcing him to go over the ropes and to the outside. Horatio rushes towards the opposite ropes and bounces off, gaining momentum. As he returns he flies out of the ring with a suicide dive, crushing Shayne's bottom against the barricade.


It takes a moment for Graves to get back to his feet. He immediately grabs a chair and begins to stalk Adams.


Graves raises the chair up but Rachelle grabs it from behind. Horatio turns his attention and a sick smile crosses his face. He begins to approach her as she backs away.


Horatio doesn't notice that Shayne is back up to his feet. Shayne grabs him from behind and throws him back into the ring, but Graves springs back to his feet. As Shayne enters the ring he is nailed with a spinning back kick. Adams wobbles as Horatio takes his thumb and slices it across his own neck. He kicks Shayne in the gut and then sets him up in a powerbomb position. Graves lifts him up and then slams him to the mat with the Grave Bomb. As soon as the move hits Horatio's head jerks in the direction of Rachelle yet again. He quickly exits the ring and Rachelle begins to walk backwards up the ramp, her hands up begging him to leave her alone.


As Rachelle heads up the ramp a group of security guards begin to walk down it. As they pass her they form a wall so that Graves can't get through.


Graves begins attacking the guards, doing his best to get to Rachelle. But there are too many of them.


Graves falls to the ground and the guards hold him there, trying to detain him. Graves begins laughing manically as the ref continues the count.


The ref motions for the bell as a bloodied and battered Shayne Adams is flat on his back in the middle of the ring.

Roth: The winner of the match via countout, SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: It looks like Shayne won the fight, but lost the war tonight. The good news is that Mason Hardt kept to his word and kept Rachelle out of harms way.

Henson: That's bull! Graves lost the match because of outside interference!

Ash: Were you watching the same match as me? He willingly left the match to go after Rachelle. He could have easily pinned Adams.

Henson: It's all her fault! If she wasn't out here then it would have been a non-issue.

State of LPW Address

"Thickfreakness" hits the speakers and the audience erupts. After a few moments LPW Owner, Mason Hardt, steps out. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, allowing time for Graves to be carried away and Shayne Adams to remove himself from the ring. As he gets down to ringside he is handed a microphone and then climbs into the ring. The music dies down as he stands in the center of the ring.

Hardt: Helluva show so far, huh?

The crowd cheers.

Hardt: Not exactly how I thought things would go tonight, but that's business. I've come out here tonight because it seems like I have a lot to address. It seems like everyone wants to call me out these days. They do it on the internet in videos, blogs, hell they even do it right here on my own show. One of these people has certainly made his presence known tonight and that person is Scott Stevens. You see, Mr. Stevens likes to tell me what he deserves and what accolades the past has brought him. It had me thinking. Maybe I didn't pay him enough respect with his first match. Maybe I should have catered to him more. So I tell myself, if "The Scorpion" comes to San Antonio tonight and handles his business, he'll be fast tracked to a Championship eliminator. What's he do? Mr. I deserve it all? He loses. Then it occurs to me, I was right all along. No one in LPW deserves anything, you earn it. You want to be Mr. LPW? Prove it. You want a shot at the title? Beat everyone else. That's just how things are done in LPW.

The crowd begins an El-Pe-Dubya chant.

Hardt: And then you have my good friends Sagrado Excelente. At the last Action Packed they didn't want to show up for a match they were scheduled for. Today, they show up despite me giving them the night off. But there is some truth to what they say. They are a great team, otherwise I wouldn't have signed them. They do deserves tag team competition, it is what I promised them. Hell, I'll even give them the Main Event on our next show.

The crowd begins to boo.

Hardt: Hold on a second. I'm talking about the Main Event of the preliminaries. A wise man once said, you don't cross the boss. There is some good news with the match, however. If they manage to win, they'll have to opportunity to face the Forces of Power at Instant Classic for the LPW Tag Team Championships. There will another tag team match that night on the main card and the winner of that will also have the opportunity at the titles. Now, I had to get a little creative and make a few teams of my own, but I am extremely confident in the groups I've put together. This triple threat tag team title match at Instant Classic means a lot to the promotion and our tag team division, so it will be the Co-Main Event.

More cheers are heard from the audience.

Hardt: Now that we got that out of the way, there is another issue people have been on and on about. The Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship. Obviously nothing is set in stone yet, as our Main Event tonight will play a huge role in how things proceed. But I can say that after the next Action Packed, there will be two top contenders and those two men will compete for the title in the Main Event of Instant Classic. Be sure to keep an eye on our official Instant Classic page on our website to stay up to date. Thank you all, and enjoy the Main Event!

"Thickfreakness" against beings to play and Mason Hardt tosses the mic out of the ring. He slowlys climbs out of the ring and heads back up the ramp.

State of LPW Address

Henson: How dare he! How can he have the greatest tag team in the history of ever on the prelims?

Ash: I told you it was a bad idea. As he said, don't cross the boss.

Henson: I tell you what it is, he's descriminating. It's because they're Mexican!

Ash: Are you suggesting that Mason Hardt is racist? Do you really want to claim that? how about this Main Event?

Ash: That's what I thought. Onto the match, this should be a good one.

Henson: Both these men are sitting at the doorstep of a potential shot at the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship. This is high stakes tonight.

Ash: They have to look at this like a playoff game, win or go home.

Four quarter sticks of dynamite explode as Garth Brooks' "Good Ride Cowboy" comes over the arena speakers. Slowly ambling out of the back is the big cowboy, Jim Surge, in his white cowboy hat and dark red trunks and boots. Surge stops at the top of the rampway to take in some cheers, and makes his way down to ringside by engaging the fans along the guard railing - slapping them high-five, posing for someone to take a photo with their cell phone, and even taking a bite of a young girl's popcorn. Once he gets to the ring he tosses his hat into the crowd to one final pop before wiping the smile off his face and concentrating completely on the matter at hand. The crowd cools down a bit after nearly being in sing-along-mode during Surge's entrance.

Henson: I may not be a big Jim Surge fan, but THAT is how you make an entrance.

Ash: I have to agree with you Rick; the fans here love Jim Surge. Especially those three in the front row.

The lights dim as a spotlight moves slowly to the entranceway. Children's laughter fills the arena before it turns to screams of terror and then Verne Langdon's "Carnival of Souls" begins to play as Senseless steps out onto the ramp, staring straight ahead smiling. He heads to the ring, stopping halfway down and slowly turns to the crowd with his head tilted to one side, widening his eyes laughing to himself. He slides into the ring and sits on the bottom turnbuckle with a fixed gaze at the referee.

Henson: Spooky

Ash: You aren't kidding

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening. This match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. To my left, standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 270 pounds; fighting out of Boise, IdahoJIM SURGE!

The crowd again erupts for Jim.

Roth: To my right, standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 217 pounds; from Life in ImaginationSENSELESS!

Senseless gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Ash: Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the second Main Event in our short history.

Henson: I think they know that at this point.

The two men circle around, sizing each other up before making a move. As they meet in the center it is Jim Surge who takes advantage by hitting Senseless with a stiff forearm shot. Surge follows up with a straight kick right to the gut of Senseless. With his opponent doubles over Jim grabs an arm and cranks on it. Senseless frees himself with a rake of the eyes. Immediately Surge lets go and smartly gets out of the ring to regain his composure and sight. Surge begins trying to climb back in the ring but Senseless won't have it. Senseless hits a dropkick to the legs forcing Surge off the apron and cracking his chin on the way down. Surge stumbles to his feet in just enough time to be hit with a springboard crossbody. No! Surge manages to catch him and delivers a fallaway slam that sends Senseless into the barricade!

Henson: Looks like Jim's fan club has the best seats in the house right now!

Ash: They are definitely getting their money's worth, that's for sure.

Henson: I wonder if Jim charges extra for doing moves right in from of them?

Ash: It isn't about the money to him, Rick, so I doubt it.

Henson: I would.

Surge climbs back in the ring, waiting on his opponent or victory as the ref counts.




Senseless gets up to his feet and is face to face with the Jim Surge Fan Club and a pro Jim Surge sign. He rips the sign out of one of the fans' hand.



Senseless stares at the sign and begins speaking to if for a moment before ripping it in two and throwing it to the ground.



Henson: he's talking to a sign? This guy is certifiably mad.

Ash: You're just now figuring that one out? He needs to get back in the ring, we've already seen one countout tonight, no need for another.

Immediately Senseless turns his attention to Surge and the ring. Senseless slides in and Surge looks to take advantage. Senseless shows his speed and manages to roll away from the lunging Jim Surge and sweeps his legs out from under him. Senseless springs up to his feet and quickly hits a senton. Back up to his feet again Senseless springboards off the ropes and looks to connect with a legdrop. Surge manages to roll out of the way and Senseless crashes to the mat. Jim capitalizes and grabs a grounded side headlock, looking to slow down the pace and negate Senseless' speed. Surge uses the hold to bring Senseless up to his feet before tossing him into the corner. Surge delivers several solid punches to the body of Senseless. Jim gives the crowd a thumbs up and they erupt with applause.

Henson: Clearly Jim comes out to the wrong Garth Brooks song.

Ash: What do you mean?

Henson: He should come out to "Shameless" because that's what he is.

Jim begins ramming his shoulder into the stomach of Senseless until he collapses to the mat. Surge pulls him out of the corner by the leg before dropping an elbow to his knee. Jim continues the assault on the leg by yanking and pulling at it before dropping another elbow to the knee. Jim gets back up to his feet, looking to issue more damage, but is kicked in the thigh by Senseless. The kick gives Senseless enough time to get back up to his feet. He takes a swing at Surge but misses, allowing Jim to catch him and deliver a reverse atomic drop. As Senseless turns around following the shot he is greeted with a haymaker. Jim comes in for more but is caught off guard with a drop toehold. Senseless immediately goes on the attack by kicking and stomping at the legs of Jim Surge. Senseless grabs an STF that leaves Jim screaming in pain.

Ash: This could be it folks!

Henson: From the looks of it, I'd say Surge isn't ready to quit. He is what some commentators would call "a hoss".

Surge uses every bit of strength he has to drag himself towards the ropes, forcing a break. As Jim gingerly gets to his feet he is met with scathing knife edge chops. Senseless feints another chop but instead delivers a ripping leg kick to the outside of Jim's now weakened knee. Jim falls down to one knee, clutching his leg. Senseless steps back and begins running towards him with a head of steam. Senseless connects with a perfectly placed shining wizard that puts Surge flat on the mat. Senseless springboards off the ropes and hits a dropkick directly to the hurt leg of Surge. Fixated on Jim's leg, Senseless begins relentlessly driving his own knee into it. Feeling the momentum on his side Senseless goes to the high risk zone, climbing the turnbuckle. He leaps on and lands flush on Jim's leg with his knees. Surge screams in pain as Senseless goes for the pin.




Ash: That's it, it's over!



Henson: Talk about kicking out at the last possible millisecond.

Ash: Jim Surge refuses to lose!

Senseless gets back to his feet and steps out onto the ring apron, motioning for Jim to stand. Jim slowly gets to his feet, keeping all pressure off his injured leg. Senseless springboards over but is met half way and turned inside out by a perfectly timed Western Lariat! Jim uses everything he has left to make the pin.







Ash: Jim Surge wins!



Henson: This match is intense. They're putting everything on the line the opportunity to call themselves Champion.

Surge puts his face in his hands, unable to believe that didn't get the job done. He uses the ropes as leverage and pulls himself up to his feet and hobbles over to Senseless. He slowly drags Senseless up to his feet and begins to place him on his shoulders. His leg is too weak unfortunately and he is forced to drop Senseless, unable to deliver the Boise Driver. Senseless uses the opportunity to hit a quick DDT to Surge and then immediately goes to the legs. He begins to position Jim's legs for The Edge of Reason. Surge tries to fight it off the best he can. The hold is locked in! Jim claws at the ropes but is too far away. He extends his hand and prepares to tap.

Henson: Will this be it?

Ash: He's too far from the ropes. Senseless is going to win this match!

No he refuses! He reaches back and rakes the eyes of Senseless, forcing him to release the hold. Both men manage to get to their feet, Jim Surge using every bit of reserved strength he has left in his body. Senseless charges in and Jim catches him! He's on the shouldersBOISE DRIVER! The pin!




Henson: What a match! That got me out of my seat!

Ash: I agree, what a way to end the show. By the way, make that check out to Danny Ash...

Henson: What?

The scene fades out to the LPW logo as the show ends.