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Jamie Sawyers voice over:
In part one of my exclusive sit down interview, Ron Hall addressed the remarks of James Wingate when it came to the business history of the UTA. 

Jamie: We all heard Mr. Wingate's side of the story on Late Night. Would you care to comment?

Ron: It is true that in 2004 me, Jason Blackfront, Scott Bloodwell, Matt Wingate Sr., and Todd Minshew purchased the UTA from the estate of Eddie Peterson Sr.

Ron: (later in the interview) from there on, the five of us, Greg, Scott, Todd, Chuck and me were running the UTA. (Fast forward to another clip) From 2004 until 2009, we ran the UTA. 

Ron also revealed this exclusive bombshell:  Jamie: What about you? Do you have any interest left in the company?

Ron: smiles coyly and looks at Jamie tellingly: I do.  I did the same thing Todd did. I sold half of my interest back to his father in 2009 but I've still got ten percent of the UTA in a trust my family has control over. I've been a silent partner in the UTA since Wingate started running his shows.

We now join into part two: Jamie: Are you surprised at some of Wingate's questionable behavior?

Ron: Shaking his head as he answers, Nope.

Jamie Sawyers who's a little surprised by how calmly and easily Ron answered the question: You're... You're not surprised by Mr. Wingate's recent behavior?
Ron: Why should I be? The better question here is, how could I be? He's just like his dad.
Jamie: You mean he takes after his dad?
Ron annoyed that Jamie isn't getting the hint: Noooo... I mean when I look at little Mattie 
Jamie interrupts: You mean James.
Ron as he leans closer to Sawyers: No. I meant what I said. When I look at little Mattie Wingate, it's like looking at his old man from the early days of the UTA. He's practically a carbon copy of him. Looks like him, sounds like him, acts just like him.
Jamie not quite sure what that remark meant: What do you mean by acts like him?
Ron as he leans back into the chair and folds his hands together: There are plenty of people who looked like heroes to the world on the outside but are full of shit and lousy human beings on the inside. Matt Sr. was one of them.
Jamie taken aback by how Hall is speaking of Wingate Sr.: Ron that's a little harsh.
Ron looks at Jamie amused: Is it? When I first came to the UTA, it was nothing more than a glorified vanity project, dedicated to exalting the virtues of Matt Fury, his buddies and whoever was working with him at that point.  His boy Tre Taylor was a piece of work too.
They had a talented guy like Spectre buried on the mid card. Two guys, namely Mr. Fantastic and myself were deemed "vanilla midgets" and "too small" to ever main event.  We were all there to be sacrificed to their egos and released after we had served our purpose.
Jamie: So how did the three of you survive then?
Ron laughs at the obvious: Easy, we got over. They wanted to rest on their laurels, we put in the work. They expected the fans to swallow what they gave them, we tried to give the fans what they wanted. The fans took notice of us and they were the reason we became indispensable.
Jamie: It's no secret you and Sr. didn't always see eye to eye on business. Is it possible there are hard feelings from that.
Ron an annoyed look crosses his face and deliberately: No shit Sherlock. 
He was always about what was best for him and the hell with everyone else. The fans wanted me to become the next face of the company so to speak, he didn't want to do business. I was "too bland" "a flavor of the month" When it was time for him to pass the torch to Spectre, Spectre had to literally kill him in the ring to take it from him! Accident or not!
Ron stops and struggles to regain himself
Listen, I know I'm hard headed and stubborn. I can be difficult to deal with and I have this annoying habit of wanting business to be done right but when it came time, I've done what was needed to make it better as a whole. It never was, and never will be about me. The day it is is the day I need to get out of wrestling period.
Jamie:  Did you ever talk with Matt Sr. about it?
Ron shakes his head: No. I had to chase him all the way to Japan just to get him in the ring for a match. Even when we all tried working together to run the UTA it was still all about him and what he wanted.
Jamie: So what do you see in James that reminds you of his father?
Ron: When I look at Mattie, I see a lot of the same traits I saw in his dad.  The conceit, his willingness to use people up and discard them when they outlive their usefulness. His dad flaunted being an asshole just like he does. There's that unwillingness to listen unless he can take credit for it because everything needs to be about him. The talking out of both sides of his mouth and the huge ego. Then again, the way he was raised, i guess it shouldn't be a shock.
Jamie: What do you mean?
Ron: Matt Sr. was more interested in being Mattie's buddy instead of his parent. He was one of those types who didn't want to spank because it might teach him to hit back... He was waiting for Junior to grow up on his own.  He just wanted to let Mattie Jr. express himself!  In short, you can imagine what kind of spoiled little brat he was.
Jamie: So you didn't agree with his parenting...
Ron facepalms himself and gives Sawyers a look over his glasses that screams "Are you seriously that dense?"
Ron: Listen, did you ever wonder why Sr. was off Tv as much as he was? It could be the hottest feud, the deepest storyline and we were always having to explain why he wasn't around to help carry it? Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, his little buddy was always in trouble and Daddy dearest had to go save him instead of letting him grow up and take responsibility for himself? Did it possibly dawn on you that Todd, I mean Spectre's only crime might have actually been telling the truth?
Jamie changes the topic in a haste:  You said on Wrestleshow that he asked you to join him and Dynasty on several beat downs of wrestlers such as Spectre and Madman Szlinzki. That's a pretty strong accusation Ron and a lot of fans are pretty skeptical. Do you have any proof?
Ron calmly pulls out his phone and enters a code.  He turns it to Sawyers.
Ron: Who's number is that?
Jamie's eyes get big: That's Mr. Wingate's private number.
Ron: Read the message, not out loud, but go ahead and read it.
Jamie's lips silently move and his eyes get big as if he can't believe this.
Jamie: Ron, why haven't you shared this with anyone?! 
Ron who smiles like he has the trump card in his hand: Timing is everything Jamie. Timing is everything.