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Action Packed #1 - August 3rd, 2011

Live from Austin, TX!

The Legacy Pro Wrestling logo flashes across the screen as “Downfall” by TRUSTcompany begins to play, accompanied by a video package featuring several LPW stars. The video transitions to the arena where the fans are going crazy for the first every Legacy Pro Wrestling show. The music begins to fade and the camera cuts to a shot of the LPW commentary team.

Ash: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Legacy Pro Wrestling! My name is Danny Ash and my broadcast partner here is Rick Henson. We're extremely happy to be the voices for LPW for all of you and look forward to being a part of the excitement.

Henson: Don't get their hopes up Ash; we all know that I'm going to be carrying this team until Mr. Hardt finds a suitable replacement for you.

Ash: It's going to be like this Rick?

Henson: Like what? Me being entertaining and honest and you being worthless? Most likely.

Remember This Face

"I'll make you famous .."

As the immortal words of Emilio Estevez echo through the arena, they are quickly replaced by the dimming of the lights, and the opening chords to Puddle of Mudd's "Famous". The crowd cheers, as the curtains whip open, and out steps the man who dreams of his name in lights, "The Marquee" Mason Grant, sans his gorgeous valet, Emmy. Grant hasn't yet dressed to compete, still wearing his baggy shorts, and black converse sneakers. He pauses for a moment, showing off his bright blue t-shirt, with a faded emblem of Captain America across the chest. The cocky smirk crosses his lips, as he tips his sunglasses forward just enough to eye the crowd, before making his way down to the ring, giving high fives to the fans who reach out far enough. As he gets close to the ring, he pauses briefly, pulling a pen from his shorts pocket, and signing a poster for one young fan in attendance. After messing his hair, Grant heads for the ring steps, taking each one slowly and deliberately. As he steps between the ropes, “The Marquee” picks up a microphone that happens to be waiting on the apron, before heading to his customary corner. Instead of draping himself, however, Grant climbs up high enough to sit on the top turnbuckle, as he listens to the crowd chant his name. Finally, as the thousands in attendance begin to die down, Grant raises the microphone to his lips.

The Marquee: Wow, what an amazing reception, thank you. Now I know what everybody is thinking ... why is "The Marquee" in the ring right now, when he's going to be stealing the show later on tonight? Well, I will tell you. This, right here, is history ... we stand on the edge of greatness, and you are all a part of it. This is the dawn of a new age in professional wrestling. This is where legends are made, where legacies thrive ... this is LPW!

Pauses as the united crowd begins to chant El! Pe! Dubya, El! Pe! Dubya!

The Marquee: And those of you who know who I am will know I can never pass up an opportunity to be in the spotlight. So I thought to myself, 'Self ... who should be the first voice the LPW audience hears?' And of course, I figured it should be the voice of "The Marquee" Mason Grant!

Pauses once more, as the crowd changes their chant to Mar-quee, Mar-quee! Grant hops down from his perch, and begins walking the center of the ring, soaking in the crowd's adoration.

The Marquee: Thank you folks, but I'm not here just to hear my name. It is nice, though. No, I'm here for another goal, one near and dear to my heart. “Like Gone With The Wind” and “Apollo 13”, I am here for gold. And anyone in that locker room who tells you different is a liar, or insane. And I've seen the locker room, folks, and a lot of those muppets back there are definitely insane. But I digress ... what I'm here to say is that I want a shot. I want an opportunity. I want to prove myself as the cinematic classic I can be in this ring, and ultimately win the award every wrestler dreams of. I want to be LPW champion! And there's one man here who can make that hap-

Mason Grant is interrupted by the sounds of “Thickfreakness” by The Black Keys, and as blue and white lights swarm the entrance way, the crowd roars as owner Mason Hardt steps onto the stage. Dressed to the nines in a stylish navy suit, Hardt strolls down to the ring, one hand in his pocket, and his free hand swinging a microphone.

The Marquee: Just the man I was looking for!

Hardt climbs the steps, and steps between the ropes, before shaking hands with Grant, who has already extended his arm in greeting.

Hardt: A pleasure. Nice name, by the way.

The Marquee: Thanks boss. Anyway...

Hardt: Anyway, you were just about to thank these people, and head back to the locker room to get ready, weren't you?

The Marquee: Well, yeah, but...

Hardt: Good, I'm glad to hear that. Mason Grant everybody!

Mason Hardt extends his arm outwards, pointing towards the ramp way, as the Marquee looks a bit perplexed. The crowd cheers as Grant steps out of the ring, and hops to the floor, before backpedaling his way up towards the entrance way, as Mason Hardt eyes his departure.

Hardt: I had intended to start the show to take care of a few ‘house keeping” things. I even had a mic waiting for me. That's professional wrestling for you, I guess. I'd like to still echo the sentiments already expressed and say, welcome. I grew up a wrestling fan and remained one throughout my adulthood. I left a very lucrative profession in order to start this company because I, like so many of you, had grown tired of what was being shown on television. I'm tired of sports entertainment and I'm tired of rehashing the past. I want professional wrestling and everything that it encompasses.

But none of you are here to listen to me talk about... well me. Furthermore, that's just bad business. As I said, I have a bit of ‘house keeping' to get out of the way that will hopefully answer some of the questions I've been getting on Twitter.

As you just saw with Mason Grant, the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship has been a major talking point as of late. People want to know why we aren't crowning a champion tonight, when we will crown a champion, and who gets the shot. To answer the first question, it doesn't make business sense to crown a champion at your first show. We need time to properly analyze the talent and they need time to gain your admiration.

Next up we have the when. Legacy Pro Wrestling will be crowning its first champion at our very first iPPV on September, 7th! That iPPV will, very fittingly I think, be called Instant Classic. And that is exactly what it will be and that is what will be at stake. The wrestling who can say that they were the first LPW Champion will undoubtedly be an Instant Classic.

That just leaves us with the who. The answer to this one is simple; it is in the hands of the wrestlers. Here at LPW we will follow a ranking system. The rankings are based on how much you win and how many you string together. The more of each, the high up you are. These rankings will determine who is a legitimate contender to the LPW title and plans will be made accordingly. For the Championship match at Instant Classic, the wrestlers with the most points after the August 24th Action Packed will fight to crown the very first Champion.

This goes out to everyone in the back. No excuses, no complaints, do your job, do it well, and you'll find that you're competing for the one thing you've all dreamed about for your entire lives, the Championship. Thank you all and enjoy the show.

“Thickfreakness” again plays as Mason Hardt begins to exit the ring. As he makes his way back up the ramp and to the back he takes time to shake hands with the fans in attendance, looking like an expert politician.

Ash: What a way to start a show! Hell, what a way to start a promotion!

Henson: Calm down you giddy little girl. It was huge news to be sure, but no reason to pee yourself. I just hope all those guys in the pack listened.

Ash: They certainly better.

Jim Surge vs. Shaun Collins

The first ever Legacy Pro Wrestling match gets under way. The two competitors circle each other around the ring before Surge stops and begins clapping, inciting the crowd to do the same. The two men lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up but Surge tosses Collins into the corner and begins to smash his head into the turnbuckle. With Collins on the ground, Surge goes for an elbow drop but Collins rolls out of the way. “The One” quickly grabs a side headlock. As Surge tries to escape, Collins switches to a rear chinlock. Surge pushes himself to all fours and slips out behind Collins. “Boise Jim” delivers a sharp forearm to the back then clubs Shaun across the shoulders. Collins falls to the mat where he is hit by a vicious double axe handle.

Jim picks Collins up but is caught by surprise by a standing arm bar. As Surge tries to escape he meets a forearm to the face. Collins takes the opportunity to drive his knee into the gut of Surge. Collins goes for a neckbreaker but Surge turns and tries for a German suplex but Collins wraps his leg around Jim's, halting the progress. The two face off and begin to exchange punches. Surge takes the advantage and hits a gut kick. Jim heaves Shaun up for a powerbomb but is forced to release when Collins rakes the eyes. Quick DDT from Collins followed by a pin.


Shaun takes a few seconds to complain to the official before going for Surge. He brings Surge to his feet and whips him into the ropes. The two men meet in the center of the ring in what looks like a train wreck! Each man hit their signature clotheslines, the Western Lariat from Surge and the Clothesline From Hell from Collins! The referee begins to make the 10 count. The count stops when Collins manages to throw an arm over Surge.

No! Kickout!

The frustration is clearly visible on the face of Collins as he gets up to his feet, bringing Jim with him. Collins puts Surge's head between his legs and begins to lift him up for a piledriver. Surge managers to adjust his balance and get his feet back on the mat. Collins tries again but this time Surge lifts him up on his shoulders. He makes an adjustment and drops Shaun down with The Boise Driver!


Roth: The winner of the match by pinfall, JIM SURGE!

Ash: What an excellent way to kick off Legacy Pro Wrestling.

Henson: If you say so...

Ash: These two men gave it their all out there and damn near took each other's head off.

Henson: If only.

It's Good to be Mr. Wrestling

A video package begins playing in the arena and on the live feed. You see a masked man surrounded by a couple of very attractive young ladies. The women paw at the masked man sitting upon his pink velvet chair.

MRW8: Right now I am thinking of a ring. Not a pink ring, not the branch of mathematics known as ring theory, and not even a ring made of gold carried by a furry midget into the depths of Mordor. No, even with these beautiful half-naked women who smell just incredible and are about to tear through my clothing and answer every prayer a man could possibly have... I'm still thinking of a wrestling ring.

The girls shove their ample chests into his face.

MRW8: Still thinking of it.

They nibble at his ears.

MRW8: Still thinking of it.

The one rubs his mask slowly, while the other one licks the end of a cigar and begins to light it.

MRW8: Yeap, wrestling is still number one thing on my mind.

The one girl stops rubbing his head and brings up a frosty mug of beer while the other one places the cigar into the mouth of Mr. Wrestling VIII. He tags a long drag of it and exhales smoke rings.

MRW8: And that's why I'm Mr. Wrestling, and you're not.

The feed cuts and we are taken back ringside to the announce team, who are speechless.

Bottomless vs. Sagrado Asistente (w/ Sara Morales)

Bottomless is standing in the ring, waiting for his opponent and the start of the match. “Sagrado Excelente" blasts over the PA as some in the crowd begin to boo; quickly Sagrado Asistente, Guerrero Excelente, and Sara Morales come from the back. Sara has a microphone in her hand, the group abruptly stops at the beginning of the entry way. Both men are wearing jeans and a collar shirt. Morales, who is also dressed in street clothes quickly raises the microphone to her lips as she smiles towards Bottomless in the ring.

Morales: ...On second thought...Bottomless we all came to agreement that you aren't worth our time. Sagrado Excelente did not come to Legacy Pro Wrestling to waste time in pointless singles competition; tag team wrestling is where you find the best athletic competition. So can take your fat overweight gut back to Whole Foods and enjoy your life.

The crowd boos as Morales turns towards the camera and looks directly into it.

Morales: This is to you Mason Hardt...Sagrado Excelente is a tag team. We expect you to find a team to take up an open offer to face us in the ring in two weeks on Action Packed...Come on Mason, give these American rednecks what they want....

The crowd boos even louder.

Morales: ...And find some real tag teams!

The group begin heading to the back, some fans even throwing garbage in their general direction. Bottomless stands in the ring confused.

Roth: The winner of this match via forfeit, BOTTOMLESS!

Ash: What the hell just happened here?

Henson: Looks like Sagrado Excelente only do what they want. I think I might like these guys.

Ash: I can't imagine this is going to sit well with Mr. Hardt.

Henson: You never know Ash, he could be happy that someone on this roster is showing some spine.

Senseless vs. TJ

Senseless immediately goes in for an arm wringer. He turns it into an Irish Whip. A dropkick from Senseless misses its mark. TJ tries to take advantage with an elbow drop but Senseless rolls out of the way. With TJ on the ground Senseless quickly hits a dropkick to the thigh. TJ grabs his leg giving Senseless time to bounce off the ropes and connect with a leg drop. In complete control Senseless takes his offense back to the legs of TJ with a DDT of the leg. TJ clutches at his leg but manages to just get out of way of a Senseless standing moonsault.

Hobbling, TJ begins to go on the attack by kicking the back of his opponent. As Senseless rolls to his stomach TJ drops an elbow to his back. "The Bad Man" stalks Senseless waiting for him to get up. Before he can, however, TJ drops a double axe handle to his back. TJ clutches at his leg again as anger rushes across his face. He begins to slam Senseless' face into the mat several times. TJ then puts his knee on the back of Senseless' head and shifts all of his weight over, crushing Senseless' face. TJ drags Senseless top his feet and immediately puts him in a side headlock. He releases the hold just so he can kick Senseless in the stomach. Senseless doubles over in pain, leaving the opportunity for TJ to try to club him in the back. Senseless rolls out of the way though, sparing himself at the last moment.

Almost immediately Senseless dropkicks the bad leg out from under TJ, sending him down to the mat in pain. Senseless begins to kick at the leg, trying his best to weaken it even more. Senseless straightens out TJ's leg and gets ready to drop a knee on it but gets kicked away with TJ's free leg. TJ struggles to his feet and begins swinging for the fences at Senseless, connecting with a few sizeable shots. TJ knocks Senseless to the ground with a short arm clothesline. He then puts his boot right on the throat of Senseless and begins choking him. The referee pulls TJ off and takes some verbal abuse for his troubles. As TJ goes back in for more he is caught by surprise by a spinning heel kick. Senseless gets in position; his feet on the back of TJ's legs, and leans back clutching TJ's head. The surfboard stretch is locked in tight adding more stress to the already injured leg.

TJ somehow manages to escape! Senseless immediately goes back after the leg but gets stopped by another kick to the face. TJ gets to his feet and nearly takes Senseless' head off with a clothesline. "The Bad Man" shows just how bad he can be as he begins choking Senseless again, this time with his hands. The referee again admonishes TJ, forcing him to release the hold. TJ releases and Senseless rolls out to the side apron. TJ gets in the face of the referee again with the ref warning him not to do anything stupid. TJ turns his attention back to Senseless who is now standing on the apron. Senseless kicks between the ropes, knocking TJ's bad leg out from under him. Senseless then springboards over with a knee to the injured leg! Senseless goes for the pin.

Kick out!

Senseless gets up and begins to head for the top turnbuckle. The referee is checking on TJ who is pointing to his injured leg. TJ then pushes the ref back into the ropes, crotching Senseless on the turnbuckle. TJ uses the ropes to pull himself up and limps his way to Senseless. With his opponent doubled over on the ropes TJ hit a thunderous European uppercut. TJ somehow manages to climb up to the second rope and get hold of Senseless. "The Bad Man" lifts Senseless up, holding him vertical for a few seconds, and then snaps him down with a super brain buster! The body of Senseless instantly goes limp and TJ covers.


Frustrated TJ tries immediately for another pin.


TJ sits up and runs his hands over his face. TJ mounts Senseless and begins to reign down punches with both hands. TJ picks Senseless up and whips him into the opposing corner hard enough that Senseless stumbles back towards the center of the ring. TJ begins to charge at him but just before he gets there his leg give out and he falls to the mat. Senseless quickly capitalizes on the situation and hits a seated dropkick to the face of TJ. Senseless hops to his feet and analyzes the situation. A sadistic smile hits his face and he immediately goes after the legs of TJ. Senseless wraps TJ's legs around his own and then snaps over with The Edge of Reason! The pain is clearly too much for TJ's already injured leg and he is forced to submit!

Roth: The winner of this match via submission, SENSELESS!

Ash: Impressive win for Senseless there, taking out the stronger and larger man.

Henson: He fought cheap. Going after a man's leg like that. You should be praising TJ for being able to go for as long as he did.

Ash: No question that TJ showed a lot of heart out there, but you can't discredit Senseless because of his game plan.

Henson: Sure I can... in fact I just did!

Ash: I can't believe I'm going to have to go through this ever show... Anyways, ladies and gentlemen I'm getting word from the back that LPW President Mason Hardt is backstage with Shelly Summers.

Just Bad Business

The camera cuts backstage where you see Shelly standing in the interview area with Hardt.

Summers: I'm joined backstage by Mr. Mason Hardt, who has requested this time to make an announcement. Mr. Hardt?

Hardt: Thank you Shelly. It appears as if some of the members of the LPW roster think that they can call all the shots around here. Sorry to say, that isn't how things are going to work. You see, I'm a business man at heart and everything I do, I do it for business. So, Sagrado Asistente, if I book you in a singles match there is a reason. When you decide to mess with business and refuse to participate, it messes with my plans.

You see, we all have to pull our own weight around here to make this thing work. If someone on the roster isn't doing their part, it's bad for business. Just like with any business, if someone is doing something counterproductive, there are consequences. Don't worry; I'm not going to fire you... yet. We have a contract with each other and I'm willing to get the most out of that contract. So I'm going to give you, your partner, and your manager the next show off to re-evaluate your position. After that, I'll consider booking you in a tag team match.

Summers: Certainly some strong words Mr. Hardt. Speaking of tag teams, the division is rather weak right now. What is the status of the division?

Hardt: It is a priority and something we're working on. Our roster grows nearly every day which presents us with more opportunities for teams. Over the history of professional wrestling, a lot of the best tag teams were singles wrestlers put together. It doesn't always work, but that is the nature of the beast.

Summers: Are you saying that some of the singles competitors could be teaming up in the future?

Hardt: Count on it. We're going to talk with each worker individually and gauge their interest. We want our tag team division to be as competitive and entertaining as our singles division, it's just going to take some work.

Summers: Thank you Mr. Hardt, now back you guys at ringside.

Henson: So I was wrong...

Ash: I'm sure you'll get use to it Rick. Mr. Hardt made it a point to let everyone know who was in charge.

Henson: More importantly, he's letting the world know that tag team wrestling will be a vital part of Legacy Pro Wrestling.

Ed McBaine vs. "The Antichist" Horatio Graves

Horatio Graves goes on the offensive immediately, slamming his fist into the face of Ed McBaine. Ed takes the blow and smiles. Graves goes for another punch but it is countered into an arm wringer from McBaine. Ed drives the point of his elbow into the shoulder of "The Antichrist" and then tosses him into the corner. Ed begins climbs to the second rope, positioning himself to reign down punches to the skull of Horatio. As he punches the crowd counts. McBaine alters the speed of his punches and lets loose a smile, intentionally disrupting the crowd's counting. Just before the 10th punch Graves takes advantage with a unique offensive maneuver, head butting Ed in the groin. With Ed doubled over, Graves connects with a hard kick to the face. Ed hits the mat and Horatio follows up quickly with a dropkick to the side of the head. Graves wastes little time and follows up with a running stomp to the face of Ed. Graves then goes for a more straight forward attack, kneeling down beside McBaine and throwing as many punches as he can.

Graves bounces up to his feet and lets out a primal scream. Ed begins using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Seeing this Graves rushes at him and hits a dropkick that forces Ed to flip over the ropes and down to the ringside area. Horatio's eyes light up and he rushes towards the ropes. With a little help from the top rope he launches himself into the air and lands on McBaine with a senton.
Graves grabs a chair and immediately Jim McBaine gets the attention of the referee to inform him. Unfortunately it provides enough distraction for Graves to crush it against the chest of McBaine. With the damage done and Jim no longer protesting, the referee continues his count.


The evil beneath the paint of Graves is clearly visible as he begins slamming Ed's head on the thin padding.


Graves rolls in the ring, intending to wait out a count out victory.


As 9 is sung out by the ref Ed miraculously slides into the ring. "The Antichrist" is waiting for him to stand, even begging him. As Ed gets up to his feet he is hit with a spinning back kick. Graves takes a moment to shout something at Jim to set him off. Jim hops up on the apron and again the attention of the ref is turned from the action. Horatio reaches into his tights and pulls out...a fork! He begins to jab the fork into the head of Ed McBaine and blood begins to trickle down his face. Just before the ref turns back to the action Horatio tosses the fork out of the ring.

The ref questions the blood on the face of McBaine but Graves motions that it was due to a punch. Ed has the wherewithal to roll out to ringside, hoping to regain his senses. Graves takes notice and immediately climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Horatio leaps off looking for a shooting star splash but finds nothing but the ground!


Graves writhes in pain as Ed wipes blood from his eyes. The sight of his own blood angers him and he immediately begins pounding away on Graves.


McBaine props "The Antichrist" up against the guardrail, takes a few steps back, and the rushes in with a clothesline that sends Horatio into the fans. McBaine takes a moment to high five one of the lucky front row fans.


Ed motions for the fans to hurl Graves back over the railing and they are happy to oblige. The ref continues the count, getting close to counting both men out.


McBaine grabs Horatio and lifts him above his head. He then gorilla presses him between the ropes INTO the ring.


Ed begins making his way back into the ring just as Horatio begins to get to his feet. Ed measures up a shot but before he can unload he is hit with a kick to the gut. Graves swiftly hits a DDT. Instead of pinning Horatio heads to where Jim McBaine is and begins shouting at him. When Horatio finally turns back around he finds himself in the grasp of Ed. McBaine whips Graves into the corner and rushes in like a bull before nearly decapitating Graves with the Stagger Kick! Graves comes out of the corner like a zombie and Ed takes advantage. He lifts Graves up and bounces him out of the turnbuckle before planting him in the middle of the ring with the Final Downfall! The pin is made.


Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall, ED McBAINE!

Ash: That was certainly an interesting match!

Henson: At least it wasn't all armbars and toe locks.

Ash: What's wrong with armbars?

Henson: You mean besides the part where they suck and are boring?

"The Marquee" Mason Grant (w/ Emmy) vs. Rocky Awesome

Quick roll up off the bat from Mason Grant!


 Awesome gets back to his feet only to be met with a Mason Grant dropkick. Grant sizes Rocky up and drops a leg across his neck. "The Marquee" picks up his opponent but Awesome shrugs him off. A solid kick to the gut of Mason from Rocky. Awesome immediately follows up with a sharp forearm to the head of Grant. Awesome shows the lengths he is willing to go to win by cracking his own skull against Mason's.

Both men seem a little shaken by the move and by the time Rocky is able to follow up, Mason gets away. A lighting fast side headlock takedown from Grant. He continues the hold on the mat, tugging at the head of Rocky Awesome. Mason Grant lets loose of the hold but quickly transitions to the legs of Rocky Awesome. Grant picks up one of Rocky's legs and begins kicking it. Grant then lets loose a little wink and flips forward while still holding onto the leg. Awesome quickly grabs his leg in pain. Mason takes the opportunity to cover Rocky.


Grant immediately goes from the pin to another side headlock, keeping Rocky grounded. Grant brings Rocky back to his feet just to take him back down with a snapmare. With Rocky seated on the mat Grant bounces off the ropes. Mason looks for The Autograph but Rocky Awesome manages to get out of the way just in time!

Rocky is back to his feet and Grant is in the process of getting up after missing his move. Awesome sizes him up and nails a vicious punch right to the jaw of Grant. Mason begins to stagger from the shot and Rocky connects with another vicious shot. "The Marquee" looks out on his feet as another solid punch is landed, this time putting Grant to the mat. Rocky seizes the moment and locks his opponent in a camel clutch. You can clearly see the pain on the face of Mason Grant as Rocky pulls at his head.

Rocky lets go, freeing an arm to begin pounding on the side of Mason's head. Grant manages to grab hold of the ankle of Awesome, presenting the opportunity for him to slip out the back. As Rocky turns around he is greeted with a dropkick to the face. Grant drops a knee to the arm of Awesome. Mason Grant takes a moment to play to the fans and that's all Rocky needed to get back into the match. He catches Grant off guard, throwing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. With Grant still stuck in the corner Rocky follows up with a flurry of punches to the back of him. The ref tries to get Awesome to take it out of the corner, but is shrugged off. Awesome rushes in, looking to splash Grant in the corner, but Mason moves at the last possible second and Rocky goes face first into the corner. Mason bounces of the ropes and nails Rocky with a forearm shot. Quick pin from Grant.


Mason wastes little time, dropping Rocky with a DDT as soon as he gets to his feet. Another pinning attempt.

No! Kickout!

Grant begins to pick Rocky up but drops down to the mat following a low blow. Awesome gets to his feet and shakes the cobwebs out before motioning for Grant to stand. The moment "The Marquee" stands he is sent crashing back down with a clothesline! Rocky unleashes some furious soccer style kicks to Grant and then screams at some nearby fans. Rocky looks for a big elbow but he wasted too much time with the fans, allowing Grant to recover enough to get out of the way. Grant rushes at Awesome looking for a clothesline but Rocky counters with a snapping powerslam pin.


Rocky pounds the mat and gets up to his feet, motioning to the crowd that "it is over". He picks Mason up and puts them on his shoulders. Mason manages to struggles free, however, and slides down the back of Awesome. He quickly grabs Rocky's head and swings him around. Closing Credits! Mason makes the cover. 1...2...3!

Roth: The winner of this match by pinfall, “The Marquee”... MASON GRANT!

Ash: I don't know about you Henson, but I'd say that co-Main Event definitely lived up to expectations!

Henson: It could have been worse, I'll give you that much.

Tyler Blackhart vs. Shayne Adams (w/ Rachelle)

Ash: I've been waiting for this for two weeks, the first Main Event of Legacy Pro Wrestling. Are you excited Rick?

Henson: Listen, I don't get all giddy like you for this stuff. I watch and I comment. The moment something truly gets me out of my seat, I'll give you a $100.

Ash: Make the check out to Danny Ash.

“Uprising” by Muse begins to play as Tyler Blackhart walks out onto the entrance ramp. He completely ignores the crowd and wastes very little time getting to the ring.

Henson: That was... lackluster.

Ash: Maybe he just means business.

Henson: Or maybe he doesn't care.

“Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and the lights fade to blue. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he stares across the ring at Tyler Blackhart.

Henson: Now that is more like an entrance, still lame though.

Edward Roth stands in the middle of the ring with microphone in hand.

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening. The match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. Standing to my left, standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 275 pounds; fighting out of Christchurch, New Zealand... TYLER BLACKHART!

And to my right, accompanied by Rachelle, standing in at 5 feet 10 inches, and weighing in at 218 pounds; fighting out of Edinburgh, Scotland... SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: Here we go folks! Let it be known that the first ever Main Event features participants from different parts of the world.

The bell ring and Tyler Blackhart starts the match by putting his forearm into the face of Shayne Adams. He follows up with a well placed kick to the stomach of Adams. A high knee from Tyler puts Shayne on the canvas.

Ash: Tyler Blackhart is starting this match out with a vengeance.

Henson: Brilliant observation. Of course he is! This is the Main Event of the first ever Action Packed event. Did you think he was going to come out here and talk Adams into having a tea party?

Ash: I was just commenting on the fire he is showing us so far.

Henson: And I was just commenting on how stupid you are.

Blackhart looks to size up a kneedrop but Adams manages to get out of the way just in time. Shayne hits a series of punches that sends Tyler against the ropes. Shayne comes in with a European uppercut but Blackhart ducks behind! A quick rollup from Tyler.


Ash: A surprising pinning attempt from Tyler Blackhart almost stole this match!

Henson: You've got to admit, Danny, Tyler Blackhart has started this match off with a vengeance.

Ash: That's what I just said!

Henson: Yeah, but I said it better.

Blackhart immediately gets Shayne back on the ground with a side headlock takedown. Tyler rolls his opponent and locks him in a hammerlock, showing off his technical wrestling prowess. Blackhart manages to use the hold to get Adams back to his feet. The hold is still locked in and Tyler hits a vicious forearm shot to the back of Adams' head. Blackhart turns the hammerlock into an arm wringer and then the arm wringer into a side headlock.

Henson: Wow, this is boring.

Ash: An impressive display of technical wrestling bores you?

Henson: Almost as much as you do.

Ash: This is Legacy Pro Wrestling, not Legacy Sports Entertainment. These fans came to see wrestling and THIS is wrestling.

Henson: I'm pretty sure boring is interchangeable with wrestling in everything you just said.

Another side headlock takedown from Blackhart, who clearly wants to dictate the pace of this match. Out of nowhere Adams kicks his legs up, grabbing the free arm of Blackhart and rolls him over with a crucifix pin!


Ash: The second near finish of this contest, both coming off of reversals!

Henson: Yep.

Ash: Is that it? All you can add is "yep".

Henson: Yep.

Ash: Seriously?

Henson: When they do something worth my commentary, I'll provide it. Until then...

Ash: Yep?

Henson: Yep.

Adams begins to show some of his technical ability, bringing Blackhart down with an arm drag. In the blink of an eye the arm drag is turned into a cross armbar. Tyler reacts quickly, stacking Adams up on his shoulders to relieve the pressure on his arm. Almost immediately Shayne manages to turn the armbar into a triangle choke, cinching it in tight.

Ash: Shayne Adams showing that he has trained in some Brazilian Jib Jets.

Henson: Bah! I thought you said this was "wrestling"? I don't want to see this mixed martial arts crap.

Ash: This is modern wrestling Rick. Wrestlers today are trained in a plethora of disciplines, all of which giving them a better chance to win.

Henson: Screw that. I want rope shaking, big boots, and legdrops for the win!

Blackhart uses every bit of power he can to lift Adams up and slam him down with a powerbomb. Shayne is dazed and has no choice but to let go of the hold. Both men are flat on the canvas, Blackhart having nearly been choked out and Adams being slammed on his head. The referee begins making a 10 count.


Both men begin to show signs of life.


Both men are tugging at the ropes, trying their best to get to their feet.


At the last possible moment they both get up, each slumped in opposite corners staring at each other. Adams rushes towards Blackhart but manages to get turned inside out by a clothesline for his efforts! Tyler follows up by continually ramming his knee into the arm of Adams.

Ash: Smart thinking on the part of Tyler Blackhart. An injured arm coupled with the size advantage he has over Adams may severely limit him offensive ability.

Henson: See, now you see it like I see. Shayne Adams' work in this match has been offensive.

Ash: That's not what I meant...

Henson: Shush, I fed you a compliment so bask in it and don't ruin the moment.

Blackhart again looks to drive the knee but Shayne gets out of the way. Adams showing that he still has life in him springs to his feet. He takes a running dash at Blackhart, who is just getting vertical, and delivers a pictures perfect dropkick. Shayne is immediately back up to his feet. He rushes towards the ropes and springboards off with a moonsault for the pin.


Ash: Shayne Adams showing his speed now and almost pulled out the victory.

Henson: I still don't like the guy, but I'd rather see that than them arm wrestle on the canvas for 10 more minutes.

Shayne picks Blackhart up and whips him into the corner. No! Blackhart reverses and it is Adams who goes into the corner. Blackhart follows in with a thunderous clothesline. Tyler lifts Shayne up and plants him on the top turnbuckle. He begins to climb up but is stopped by a few Shayne Adams punches. Blackhart staggers and falls off the second rope, landing on his feet. Adams positions himself on the top turnbuckle and leaps off. He flips over Blackhart but manages to grab his legs and roll him over with a leaping sunset flip!


Ash: What is it going to take for one of these men to win this match!?

Henson: My guess is some actual pro wrestling moves. Like I said earlier, ropes shakes, big boots, legdrops.

Shayne wastes little time, bringing Tyler back up to his feet. Adams gets a front headlock and begins trying to lift Blackhart up. Tyler struggles and is able to stop the implant DDT. Instead Tyler adjusts to a belly-to-belly position. He flips Shayne over his head but somehow Shayne manages to spin through it and land flat on his feet!

Ash: Unbelievable cat-like move by Shayne Adams!

Henson: Sure, now he does something impressive. Where was this when the match started?

Blackhart turns around to see that Adams is standing and charges in. Shayne catches him with a drop toe hold that leaves him draped over the second rope. Adams looks at Blackhart and then to the nearest turnbuckle. He bounces off the opposite ropes and uses Blackhart as a springboard, pouncing to the top turnbuckle. The force bounces Blackhart down on his back. Adams makes an adjustment so that he is now facing forward. He corkscrews off and hits The Grapevine. He's on top of Blackhart and the ref begins to count.


Roth: The winner by pinfall...SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: What an amazing sequence of moves from Shayne Adams. He is showing why he was in the Main Event tonight. Rick, after a performance like that I have to imagine we'll be seeing him in many more.

Henson: God...I hope not.

Ash: That's all from us this week, we hope to have you all back on August 17th for more Action Packed!

The scene fades out to the LPW logo.