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Bobby Dean, who was first set to face Rhys Townsend, then Cayle Murray, will now be taking on debuting female superstar Sabrina in singles, intergender action.

The phone lines are lighting up as management has announced major changes to the Ring King pay per view as the final card has been released.

The Chamber match, which has always been established as having six superstars start in pods, with one opening randomly every few minutes has been announced to now start with two superstars in the ring, and all six pods full. The pods will open every five minutes. One of eight participating superstars will walk out as the draft captain for Wrestleshow, while another for Victory.

The inaugural Ace in the Hole match was announced as an eight person ladder match. It is now being advertised as a ten person ladder match.

Kendrix and Zhalia Fears, whom both were initially advertised for The Chamber match are now seen as being announced for the Ace in the Hole match.

Team Danger will also defend their titles for the first time as they take on the team of Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison.


Match 1

Team Danger vs. Marie Van Claudio/Amy Harrison

Intergender Tag Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

UTA Tag Team Championship

UTA Tag Team Championship Match

The two friends, Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison, team up to take on the new UTA Tag Team Champions, Team Danger, for the title.


Match 2

The Chamber

8 Superstar Elimination Chamber

The Chamber returns in 2015 with a very special added stipulation. Two will start while 6 others are in pods. Every five minutes a new pod opens.

The final two people will compete for a chance to become a captain for a post Ring King show draft. The winner of the match will have the first pick with the runner up gaining the second.

The first pick winner will get to choose whether they are representing Wrestleshow or Victory.

1. Colton Thorpe
2. Crimson Lord
3. Cayle Murray
4. Sanctus
5. Eric Dane
6. Bronson Box
7. Cecilworth Farthington
8. Will Haynes or Abdul bin Hussain (Loser at WS 43)


Match 3

Ace in the Hole

10 Superstar Ladder Match

10 superstars will enter the ring in this exciting new ladder match. The winner will be the person who is able to successfully climb the ladder and claim the Ace in the Hole briefcase which will give them a chance to cash in for an UTA World Championship title shot anytime in the next year.

1. Lew Smith
2. Chris Hopper
3. Sean Jackson
4. The Second Coming
5. Mikey Unlikely
6. John Sektor
7. Zhalia Fears
8. Kendrix
9. Will Haynes or Abdul bin Hussain (Winner at WS 43)
10. CBR or Alex Beckman (Loser at WS 43)


Match 4

Ron Hall vs. James Wingate

Steel Cage Match - No Time Limit

James Wingate returns to the ring as he takes on Hall of Fame member, Ron Hall, inside of a Steel Cage. Will The Southern Rebel be able to overcome the boss, or will fall to yet another Matt Fury?


Main Event

2015 Ring King Winner vs. UTA World Champion

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

UTA World Championship

UTA World Championship Match

The UTA World Champion defends his championship against the 2015 Ring King. Will the person who went through the brackets to prove themselves the top guy be able to capture the top prize?



Card Subject to Change