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The scene cuts the parking lot, where we see the fans all rallied against the wooden barricades, set up by security. The guards stand close, to ensure no one crosses the borders. A few stage hands pass by, as well as a wrestler or two.

The fans get anxious each time a vehicle approaches the arena. Awaiting the arrival of their favorite stars. Hoping just to catch a glimpse of a candid moment.

Suddenly, everyones favorite Jamaican, Lisil Jackson is seen walking into the screen. He smiles looking at all the fans.

L. Jackson: Eyyyyyy ma bruddas!!!!

Lisil Jackson suddenly takes off his fedora and turns it upside down in his hand.

L. Jackson: Donate to dee Betta Must Come charity!!!! I don’t care what ya got! Five Cents or Five Dollas! It doesn’t matta! Ya will be blessed with good will if ya donate now! Bring a betta tomorrow now!

Jackson says as fans start to put money into Lisil Jackson’s fedora. He continues to walk down the line, many fans shout out, or try to touch Lisil.

Jackson, is side stepping, trying to collect all of the very eager donations. Distracted, Lisil bumps right into Mikey Unlikely, who is on his way into the building.

Mikey drops his gym bag from his shoulder to the ground. It lands on one of his Jordan AJ Future low tops. Mikey pulls his foot back, before shooting Jackson an angry look.

Unlikely: What in the hell are you doing? Watch where you are going! These kicks cost more than all the money in that hat, and then some.

Lisil Jackson looks at Mikey and laughs.

L. Jackson: Eyyyy brudda instead of pentin up all dat hate why don’t ya do dee right ting and donate now to dee Betta Must Come charity!

Unlikely dramatically looks Lisil up and down.

Unlikely: What makes you think I, Mikey Unlikely, would donate to your worthless charity? I’ve already donated to all my favorite charities this year. Like “Millionaires Money Protection”, “Helping the Boobless”, and “The Organ Donation”.

Lisil spreads his arms wide, and smiles, ready to embrace Mikey.

L. Jackson: Eyyyy mon!  You a organ donor!?

Mikey nods veraciously.

Unlikely: Yes, its a wonderful charity  that donates organs, pianos, and keyboards, to those who are vocally challenged, and tone deaf.

Lisil Jackson face palms shaking his head.

L. Jackson: Brudda ma charity is to build up Jamaica! Bring new housin! New education! New opportunity to ma people! Make tomorrow a betta day!

Lisil Jackson slowly extends his upsidedown fedora. Unlikely raises one eyebrow, then shakes his head.

Unlikely: Why would I help build Jamaica, When I live in America? You crazy though?

Lisil Jackson sighs.

L. Jackson: Because brudda we need ta stop tinkin about ourself! We need ta tink bout othas! Ya do good ta get good! Sure ya live here in dee United States but ya see instead of spendin money on dose shoes ya coulda spent it on somethin worthwhile!

Mikey takes a half step away from Lisil, and looks anxiously towards the arena entrance.

Unlikely: Ha! Stop thinking about myself? Thats a good one, look. I earned this money, I deserve this money, and I'm certainly not going to be handing it out to some third world country, who can’t pay their own bills.

Lisil’s smile immediately fades.

L. Jackson: Aight mon! I see how it is! But rememba dis Mikey… Bad karma is a very very nasty ting! And when it comes ta collect from ya! Rememba dis moment!

Unlikely scoffs, and walks away. Before muttering under his breath.

Unlikely: What a caribbean jerk!

Lisil Jackson shakes his head.

L. Jackson: Jordans…. Pumas are betta anyway bumbaclot!