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August 1, 2015

Orlando, Florida

WrestleZone Studio




The set comes to life with two chairs facing each other, a table in the middle. With a Wrestle UTA banner acting as a backdrop, the camera begins to pan inward as Marshall Owens and Sean Jackson steps into the shot. Making their way towards their respective chairs, Marshall to the left and Sean to the right, they both sit down at the same time. Of course, both are extremely well dressed for the occasion.

What occasion you ask?

Once the camera focuses squarely on the face of Marshall Owens, the answer to that question begins.

Owens: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marshall Owens and for the first time since Black Horizon, my client Sean Jackson has agreed to speak here at the WrestleZone."

Sean nods his head as the camera focuses on him briefly, before switching back to Marshall.

Owens: "But that's mainly because none of you Ungratefuls are here to interrupt him. He can say what's on his mind, without being interrupted by a bunch of people who wouldn't know the difference between a wrist lock and a wrist watch."

While speaking, Marshall can't help but use his hands with every word spoken. You can tell he's excited about doing this sit down with his client, an opportunity to clear the air and to keep him from completely exploding and possibly tearing Dynasty apart.

Owens: "Isn't that right Sean?"

Again, the camera shifts to Sean Jackson and again his nods his head. Then just as Marshall begins to speak, the camera shifts back.

Owens: "Okay, so let's get started."

Minor pause.

Owens: "Ever since the day after Black Horizon, you haven't spoken a single word on UTA television. It has caused some to believe there's friction within the group, and even worse, that you are leaving Dynasty because of a problem with your best friend La Flam..."

Jackson: "Have you already forgotten Marshall?"

The interruption prompts Marshall to stop speaking and the camera to shift back to the Mental Rapist.

Jackson: "I told you that we weren't going to discuss La Flama Blanca, and I meant it."

Sensing the name La Flama Blanca is still a sore spot, he re-words that last statement.

Owens: "I meant no disrespect Sean, but please go ahead and tell the Ungratefuls that Sean Jackson isn't leaving Dynasty, that the group is still stronger than ever."

Now the camera has panned back a bit where both men can be seen in the same shot, due to the moment of dead air that has now filled the room. Yes, for Marshall Owens it has gotten a tad uncomfortable.

Owens: "Sean?"

More dead air.

Owens: "Sean?"

A slight smile begins to form on the face of Sean Jackson as the dead air begins to mingle with Marshall's desperation for an answer.

Jackson: "Now Marshall, why would I leave Dynasty? After all, Claude and myself are the longest tenured members of the group, so if anyone was to leave..."

Looking up at the ceiling, he brings his hand up and begins to stroke his chin. You can tell he wants to finish his thought, but to do so would probably give Marshall a heart attack. So he doesn't.

Jackson: "Well, I'll just leave it at that."

Quickly, Marshall takes that as a clear signal to skip forward and he does exactly that.

Owens: "Okay, moving on."

The sound of relief is unmistakable.

Owens: "Tomorrow night, right here in the WrestleZone, you and Kendrix will do battle with Rhys Townsend in a handicap match. If there was a single message you could send his way, what would it be?"

Effectively, Marshall was able to kill two birds with one stone. Getting the conversation off of LFB and onto Townsend, enabled Sean to concentrate on unity rather than division.

Jackson: "That's easy Marshall, Rhys Townsend should have followed his partner's lead and walked out when he had the chance. Hell, he should have tucked tail and ran the moment Kendrix and I were announced as the opponents. But since he didn't, I guess I have to take it as being stupid on his part. Or better yet, that he's trying to send Kendrix and myself a message."

As his upper lip curls, Marshall tilts his head ever so slightly as if there's merit to Sean's remark. Why wouldn't Rhys bow out, or better yet get a partner? If there was a way to spin this to Dynasty's favor, Marshall would be all over it. After all, unity in Dynasty WAS best for business.

Owens: "Well, he IS going it alone. So a rationale thinking person would have to say that Mr. Townsend fails to respect either of you."

Ah yes, good ole reliable manipulation.

Owens: "That he even believes himself to be better than you."

The response is immediate.

Jackson: "If he truly believes that, then he will be deserving of every bit of punishment we dish out to him. If he truly believes he can survive against us, then God bless him because we're going to hit him with everything in our arsenal."

As he leans forward ever so slightly, there is a twinkle in his eyes. There is a sound of pleasure in his voice as he gets to describe the intent.

Jackson: "Matter of fact, it is going to be fun watching Rhys get frustrated. At how there won't be anyone to tag in as Kendrix and I go in and out at will. To know he won't be able to rest, won't be able to escape. All because Samuel Owens, his tag team partner, abandoned him."

Marshall, ever the opportunist, uses this to work back to the unity of Dynasty.

Owens: "Speaking of tag team partners who AREN'T named Rhys Townsend or Samuel Owens. How are you and Kendrix?"

Leaning back in his seat, Sean nods his head ever so slightly. Here is the chance to poke Rhys, and he's not going to pass it up.

Jackson: "We're doing fine. When we saw Ground Zero as our opponents, we were estatic. Who would pass up on a chance to show a couple of pretenders what a real tag team looks like?"

The facial expression from Marshall already gives the answer, but just in case the Ungratefuls were confused, in comes the verbal response.

Owens: "Nobody that I know, and definitely not any two members from Dynasty. But that has always been the difference between Dynasty and every one else. When things started getting hairy last year, when James Wingate was making things tougher and tougher on Perfection, Claude, and yourself...."

Yes, a history lesson folks. James Wingate was the real reason Dynasty formed last year and it all started with the Spectre.

Owens: "You guys fought back by forming the most dominant group in Wrestle UTA history. A group that has outlasted The Shoot Kings, The Spawn, and now those guys from...."

Sean holds his hand up while a look of indifference forms on his face. He knew right where Marshall was going and had every intention on cutting him off, right then and there.

Jackson: "Whoa, let me stop you there. What makes Dynasty different from everyone else is our dynamics, our ability to adapt and overcome every obstacle placed in front of us...."

He takes a deep breath, slowly letting it out.

Jackson: "Which includes those Machine guys John Sektor and Cecilworth Farthington."

Marshall gets a confused look on his face. There is a few second of dead air before he raises a finger and attempts an addition.

Owens: "I believe you forgot someone Sean."

Jackson: "I did?"

Marshall nods.

Owens: "Yes, yes you did."

Now why would the former world champion discard anyone from an interview? He fakes concern at the oversight, and equally fakes the dance at discovering who was forgotten.

Jackson: "Marshall, Scott Stevens is not a member of the Machine."

A juvenile rolling of the eyes follows.

Jackson: "He may have come over from Chicago, and he may have been a product of it's hype machine. But that's the extent to his involvement with that group. The same could have been said for Rhys Townsend, but after tomorrow night, he's going to be in a different part of the country...just like Samuel Owens."

As an intelligent person, Marshall finally catches on to what's taking place with his client. He can either play along with the game, or he can risk things going south again. He chooses the smart play.

Owens: "So you consider Sektor and Farthington as the only obstacles in the Machine?"

Jackson: "Well, Sektor is the Legacy Champion and Farthington has upwards of $18 to throw around. So yeah, they are obstacles for now. But just like any speed bump, they are a mild nuisance that doesn't take much to get over. Which means by the time Ring King gets here, they may be in the same boat as Samuel Owens and Rhys Townsend.

Owens: "And where is that Sean?"

Sean smiles, he doesn't even try to hide it.

Jackson: "Running scared from Dynasty. The REAL Dynasty. The REAL Dynasty that consists of...."

In a rush, Marshall shoots up from his seat and his face takes up the entire camera. He even speaks loudly to drown out the words coming out of Sean Jackson's mouth.

Owens: "Well, that's all the time we have folks. Thanks Sean, it was a real pleasure. Kill it, kill it."